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A two-stage water-gas shift reactor model to obtain desired synthesis gas characteristics with adjustable reactor parameters [Sentez gazi elde etmek için kontrol edilebilir reaktör parametrelerine baǧli geliştirilen iki aşamali bir su gazi yönlendirme reaktörü modeli]

Source: Journal of the Faculty of Engineering and Architecture of Gazi University | Year: 2013 | Volume: 28 | Issue: 2

Gazi University
Biyikoglu A. and Uysal B.Z.
TOBB University of Economics and Technology
Ozbayoglu A.M. and Kasnakoglu C.
Akdeniz University
Gungor A.

Keywords: |
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A cascaded model is proposed for SYNGAS refinement. The first stage has a bypass outlet to transfer some SYNGAS to the output. Also, both stages have adjustable steam inputs controlling the amount of steam supply to both reactors separately; hence SYNGAS characteristics at the output can take the desired form. Satisfying the constraints of H2/CO ratio at reactor exit was emphasized. SYNGAS composition fed into the first stage characterizes the overall behavior. Hence, the structured model has the capability to refine any SYNGAS composition by identifying the proper process parameters of a given coal type for desired SYNGAS properties. The model was tested with three different coal types, and in each case the best bypass values and steam ratios were obtained.

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Gazi University
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Akdeniz University
Near 5K references

TOBB University of Economics and Technology
Approx. 10 references related to coal gasification