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Huang A.-M.,South China University of Technology | Huang A.-M.,CSR Zhuzhou Times New Material Technology Co. | Wang X.-P.,South China University of Technology | Jia D.-M.,South China University of Technology
Acta Polymerica Sinica | Year: 2012

Nanocomposites composed of hydrogenated nitrile rubber/magnesium methacrylate/organic montmorillonite ( HNBR/PMgMA/OMT) were prepared by in situ polymerization and mixing intercalation. The structure, morphology and properties of the nanocompostie were investigated by XRD, SEM, TEM, etc. The nano-micro coexistence structure was formed by PMgMA ion clusters and MgMA monomer. MgMA significantly enhanced the properties of HNBR composites. HNBR/PMgMA/OMT nanocomposites have favorable processing, mechanical properties and resistant aging properties in different media. TEM images revealed that MgMA can help OMT in exfoliating and dispersing, while the composition of MgMA/OMT facilitated the peeling and dispersion of OMT. OMT in the vulcanizates formed a microstructure mainly caused by exfoliation and intercalation, and also by the coexistence of de-intercalation and un-intercalation. SEM results indicated that the interface bonding can be significantly improved with a mixing ratio of MgMA/OMT as 20/10, therefore, the tensile strength, elongation at break and permanent deformation reached 30.2 MPa, 520% and 30% ,respectively; meanwhile,the hot air,oil and water resistant properties were also improved apparently. An aging coefficient of 0. 61,0. 63 and 0. 84 was attained after aging at 165T) in air, water and oil,respectively, for 14 days. And the resistant aging property of medium is higher than that of the HNBR composite reinforced by carbon black and MgMA ,respectively. The improvement of aging resistance in different media is mainly due to the better dispersed layer structure of organic montmorillonite. Source

Guo Q.,CSR Zhuzhou Times New Material Technology Co. | Chen Y.,CSR Zhuzhou Times New Material Technology Co. | Tang L.,CSR Zhuzhou Times New Material Technology Co. | Xu M.,CSR Zhuzhou Times New Material Technology Co. | Guo H.,CSR Zhuzhou Times New Material Technology Co.
World Information on Earthquake Engineering | Year: 2012

Large-tonnage-damping-force bi-directional-cylinder viscous fluid dampers was studied experimentally and numerically. Based on the power-law characteristic of silicone oil,the flow pattern of silicone oil was analyzed, the non-Newtonian fluid power-law model ' s influence on the energy dissipation characteristic and the damping force of viscous dampers was discussed, and the calculation formulas were presented. The damping force of the viscous damper samples was simulated by professional CFD software based on the moving mesh technology; Based on comprehensive analysis of results, the experiential design method of large-tonnage-damping-force viscous fluid dampers was finally established. Comparison shows that, the numerical curves are in good agreement with experimental curves, which validates the feasibility of numerical method of preliminary design of the large-tonnage-damping-force bi-directional-cylinder viscous fluid dampers. The numerical method helps to enhance the engineering precision, guide the design, and shorten the development cycle. Source

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