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Qu X.,Hunan University | Liu G.,Hunan University | Duan S.,Hunan University | Yang J.,Zhuzhou Lince Group Co.
Journal of Computational Design and Engineering | Year: 2016

A kind of modified epoxy resin sheet molding compounds of the impeller has been designed. Through the test, the non-metal impeller has a better environmental aging performance, but must do the waterproof processing design. In order to improve the stability of the impeller vibration design, the influence of uncertainty factors is considered, and a multi-objective robust optimization method is proposed to reduce the weight of the impeller. Firstly, based on the fluid-structure interaction,the analysis model of the impeller vibration is constructed. Secondly, the optimal approximate model of the impeller is constructed by using the Latin hypercube and radial basis function, and the fitting and optimization accuracy of the approximate model is improved by increasing the sample points. Finally, the micro multi-objective genetic algorithm is applied to the robust optimization of approximate model, and the Monte Carlo simulation and Sobol sampling techniques are used for reliability analysis. By comparing the results of the deterministic, different sigma levels and different materials, the multi-objective optimization of the SMC molding impeller can meet the requirements of engineering stability and lightweight. And the effectiveness of the proposed multi-objective robust optimization method is verified by the error analysis. After the SMC molding and the robust optimization of the impeller, the optimized rate reached 42.5%, which greatly improved the economic benefit, and greatly reduce the vibration of the ventilation system. © 2016 Society of CAD/CAM Engineers

Chen X.,Hunan Railway Professional Technology College | Zeng H.,Zhuzhou Lince Group Co. | Li Z.,Wuhan University of Technology
Applied Mechanics and Materials | Year: 2010

Rolling bearings are widely used in various areas including aircraft, mining, manufacturing, and agriculture, etc. The breakdowns of the rotational machinery resulted from the rolling bearing failures account for 30%. It is therefore imperative to monitor the rolling bearing conditions in time in order to prevent the malfunctions of the plants. In the present paper is described a fault detection and diagnosis technique for rolling bearing multi-faults based on wavelet-principle component analysis (PCA) and fuzzy k-nearest neighbor (FKNN). In the diagnosis process, the wavelet analysis was firstly employed to decompose the vibration data of the rolling bearings under eight different operating conditions, and for each sample its energy of each sub-band was calculated to obtain the original feature space. Then, the PCA was used to reduce the dimensionality of the original feature vector and hence the most important features could be gotten. Lastly, the FKNN algorithm was employed in the pattern recognition to identify the conditions of the bearings of interest. The experimental results suggest that the sensitive fault features can be extracted efficiently after the wavelet-PCA processing, and the proposed diagnostic system is effective for the rolling bearing multi-fault diagnosis. In addition, the proposed method can achieve higher performance than that without PCA with respect to the classification rate. © (2010) Trans Tech Publications, Switzerland.

Qu X.,Hunan University | Han X.,Hunan University | Bi R.,Hunan University | Tan Y.,Zhuzhou Lince Group Co.
Zhongguo Jixie Gongcheng/China Mechanical Engineering | Year: 2015

In order to reduce the weight of impeller, a multi-objective genetic optimization method and process of the impeller of rail axial fan was established by analyzing the impeller of the numerical calculation method and constructing Kriging model. The numerical calculation method was established by the reverse analysis model and mesh density accuracy. The sampling space of impeller was obtained by Latin hypercube experimental design model. Kriging model of impeller with sufficient accuracy could replace the numerical analysis. The sensitivity of the main technical parameters of the force on the impeller structure was analyzed by the method and the most influential parameters on the impeller structural stress were identified. The weight of impeller is reduced by 31.7% by optimization and save the cost of materials. The maximum stress value is also changed from the initial 21.5 MPa to 16.5 MPa, which effectively improve the mechanical performance of the impeller. After optimization, dynamic and static experiments were used to the impeller by the slip ring electric and dynamic and static strain testing system, and the impeller rotating machinery equipment and the technology of testing plan was designed. Experimental results and calculation results are very close and the dynamic stress is relatively small, so the impeller has a good mechanics and vibration performance, and has high value in engineering applications. ©, 2015, China Mechanical Engineering Magazine Office. All right reserved.

Hou Z.,Central South University | Hou Z.,Zhuzhou Lince Group Co. | Xiong W.,Hunan University | Lu L.,Hunan University | And 3 more authors.
Jixie Gongcheng Xuebao/Journal of Mechanical Engineering | Year: 2016

Hydrostatic spindles are core components of precision machine tools, which have been widespread used in mechanical engineering. As the main factor of hydrostatic spindle rotational error, the influence of the journal shape error on rotational error has not been revealed clearly. The error models of grinding of the shaft neck are analyzed and simplified. The equilibrium position of the spindle, considering the influence of the roundness error and cylindrical error, is received by use of the moving mesh method. The trajectory of a spindle from the concentric position to forming rotational error is simulated when the concavo or convex of the shape error in turn passed by the position of the minimum oil film thickness. The roundness error causing the spindle to form a rotational error is found, which is concerned with the frequency and amplitude of the journal shape error. The influence of the shape error of the journal on the hydrostatic spindle is revealed finally. The results of theoretical and experimental test are compared. The theoretical value is around 75.2% of the experience. The results of theoretical calculation and the research method proposed have important theoretical significance and engineering reference value. © 2016 Journal of Mechanical Engineering.

Qu X.,Hunan University | Qu X.,Zhuzhou Lince Group Co. | Han X.,Hunan University | Zhang D.,Hunan University | Yang J.,Zhuzhou Lince Group Co.
Tiedao Xuebao/Journal of the China Railway Society | Year: 2016

The impeller of high speed train ventilation cooling system, when it works, is affected by the dynamic load of the air flow and the structure of the vibration response, in addition to the static load of the centrifugal force, gravity and impact. At present, the dynamic stress of the impeller is mainly analyzed by the fluid solid coupling method, while the research on the structural vibration response of the impeller is rarely performed. In this paper, the static and dynamic stress of the impeller was analyzed by using the fluid-solid coupling method. The modal frequency of the impeller was analyzed by using the structural vibration response. Compared with the low frequency, high frequency and frequency doubling of aerodynamic force, the impeller did not generate aerodynamic resonance. As a result, its dynamic stress was mainly generated by aerodynamic load. A conclusion from the analysis of structure response is that the resonance of the impeller blade displacement direction was mainly axial direction. With the increase of the damping ratio, the impeller vibration velocity amplitude became smaller. But when the damping ratio reached a greater value, the vibration velocity response frequency of the blade changed accordingly. Aerodynamic resonance generated by the new vibration response frequency when the damping increased should be considered. Finally, the static and dynamic stress of the impeller was tested by the experimental method of the electrical lead sli Pring. The analysis and experimental results were consistent. © 2016, Science Press. All right reserved.

Xiong W.,Hunan University | Hou Z.,Hunan University | Hou Z.,Zhuzhou Lince Group Co. | Lu L.,Hunan University
Jixie Gongcheng Xuebao/Journal of Mechanical Engineering | Year: 2014

Hydrostatic spindles are core components of high precision machine tools, which have been widespread used in mechanical engineering, but the mechanism of rotation error has not been revealed clearly. According to current documents and models, the transient processes of the spindle from an equilibrium position to a dynamical orbit could not be simulated quantitatively. The intrinsic relationship among the disturbance factors, the position, the flow and the oil film force could not be revealed, as resulted in that the mechanism of the rotational error motion of hydrostatic spindle could not be described exactly. The dynamic model of the rotation error motion of hydrostatic spindles is established. Three methods, which are full process moving mesh method, equilibrium position & moving mesh method, and equilibrium position & simplified formula method, are used to quantitatively calculate the trajectory of a spindle from the concentric position to forming rotational error. The inherent laws among the disturbance factor, total force, the flow and the position are discovered. The rotation error is evaluated by using of the Least squares method. By studying the influence of these three calculation methods on the rotary centre position and rotary error, the reasons that results in calculation difference are found. The method which combines the moving mesh method and the simplified formula to calculate the rotary accuracy of hydrostatic spindle are verified to be efficient and pinpoint. © 2014 Journal of Mechanical Engineering.

Yin S.-X.,Zhuzhou Lince Group Co. | Hong M.-Q.,Hunan Automotive Engineering Vocational College
Zhuzao/Foundry | Year: 2014

Reasonable planning in-gating system, and setting up heat insulating feeder over the top of the hot spot of the bearing room to exhaust and feed during the casting design of the axle box. Except this, using chill to adjust hot spot at the bearing room and the bolt hole which connecting the traction motor, then to reduce the solidification time of these molten iron, avoiding the graphite to grow into the coarse graphite or degradated spheroidization, so to ensure that the spheroidization and graphite grade of the axle box casting to reach the requirements of the design standard.

Zhu D.,China Three Gorges University | Zhan T.,China Three Gorges University | Zhan T.,Zhuzhou Lince Group Co. | Zhang Y.,China Three Gorges University | And 3 more authors.
Nongye Jixie Xuebao/Transactions of the Chinese Society for Agricultural Machinery | Year: 2015

In order to solve the problem of multi-objective size optimization of truss structures with stress constraints, a multi-objective optimization algorithm with multi-neighborhood was proposed. Based on the Euclidean distance between individuals, the population was divided into multi-neighborhood to form several niche populations. A number of individuals were assigned to each cell as neighborhood by the proposed algorithm. The individuals were only allowed interacting with each other within its neighborhood and generating offspring. The influence of different sizes of neighbors on the performance was analyzed through simulation experiments. The test results on 18 benchmarks revealed that the proposed algorithm outperformed some state-of-the-art algorithm in terms of covered area and diversity, which showed good uniformity and diversity. The obtained Pareto front showed good uniformity and diversity when solving the classic multi-objective optimization problem of 25-bar truss structure. The algorithm showed good performance in program design, solution space and generality and so on, which was very simple, practical and suitable for engineering practice. ©, 2015, Chinese Society of Agricultural Machinery. All right reserved.

Song Y.,Hunan Railway Professional Technology College | Zeng H.,Zhuzhou Lince Group Co.
Proceedings - PACCS 2011: 2011 3rd Pacific-Asia Conference on Circuits, Communications and System | Year: 2011

The reasonable conductor section is an important content of grid planning, which could help the energy-saving and conservation. Three conductor section selection methods, including the conductor economical current density method, the fever condition method and the voltage loss condition method, are described in this paper. The compared result of an calculation example shows the conductor section chose by economical current density method is too larger than other methods. Hence, a new optimization method of conductor section selection is designed, and the calculation result testified its correctness and effectiveness. © 2011 IEEE.

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