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Huang Y.,Zhongshan Power Supply Bureau | Liu D.-N.,North China Electrical Power University | Su X.,Zhongshan Power Supply Bureau | Liu L.,North China Electrical Power University
2017 2nd IEEE International Conference on Cloud Computing and Big Data Analysis, ICCCBDA 2017 | Year: 2017

There has been a defining problem of early warning threshold in power project investment, the accuracy and timeliness of early warning also can not be guaranteed. This paper is based on the optimal segmentation theory, combined with the actual situation of power project investment, splits historical engineering data optimally so as to determine the better segment number and give the early warning interval. The optimal partition theory can meet the requirements of the prior control in the pre planning decision stage, avoid the lag of cost management, at the same time, timely warning results makes a good bedding for correcting the investment deviation. © 2017 IEEE.

Luo B.-B.,Zhongshan Power Supply Bureau | Xiao Q.,Heyuan Power Supply Bureau | Wang C.-X.,China Electric Power Research Institute
China International Conference on Electricity Distribution, CICED | Year: 2016

This paper analysis a mal-operation event of power converse protection. By deeply analyzing the link between time and mal-operation of power converse protection from theoretical analysis and protective logic, it sums up behaviors of 220 kV line protection tripping behavior under power converse situation, concludes that the reason for mal-operation is power converse protective logic can not adapt to the fault fast removal of the operating conditions. This article presents three measures to these problems. The application results prove the effectiveness of these methods. © 2016 IEEE.

Chen B.,Wuhan University of Technology | Chen Z.-W.,Wuhan University of Technology | Chen Z.-W.,Xiamen University | Wang G.-J.,Zhongshan Power Supply Bureau | Xie W.-P.,Wuhan University of Technology
Scientific World Journal | Year: 2014

The sudden stiffness reduction in a structure may cause the signal discontinuity in the acceleration responses close to the damage location at the damage time instant. To this end, the damage detection on sudden stiffness reduction of building structures has been actively investigated in this study. The signal discontinuity of the structural acceleration responses of an example building is extracted based on the discrete wavelet transform. It is proved that the variation of the first level detail coefficients of the wavelet transform at damage instant is linearly proportional to the magnitude of the stiffness reduction. A new damage index is proposed and implemented to detect the damage time instant, location, and severity of a structure due to a sudden change of structural stiffness. Numerical simulation using a five-story shear building under different types of excitation is carried out to assess the effectiveness and reliability of the proposed damage index for the building at different damage levels. The sensitivity of the damage index to the intensity and frequency range of measurement noise is also investigated. The made observations demonstrate that the proposed damage index can accurately identify the sudden damage events if the noise intensity is limited. © 2014 Bo Chen et al.

Chen B.,Wuhan University of Technology | Sun Y.-Z.,Zhongyuan University of Technology | Wang G.-J.,Zhongshan Power Supply Bureau | Duan L.-Y.,Wuhan University of Technology
Mathematical Problems in Engineering | Year: 2014

This paper aims to carry out the condition assessment on solar radiation model and thermal loading of bridges. A modification factor is developed to change the distribution of solar intensities during a whole day. In addition, a new solar radiation model for civil engineering structures is proposed to consider the shelter effects induced by cloud, mountains, and surrounding structures. The heat transfer analysis of bridge components is conducted to calculate the temperature distributions based on the proposed new solar radiation model. By assuming that the temperature along the bridge longitudinal direction is constant, one typical bridge segment is specially studied. Fine finite element models of deck plates and corrugate sheets are constructed to examine the temperature distributions and thermal loading of bridge components. The feasibility and validity of the proposed solar radiation model are investigated through detailed numerical simulation and parametric study. The numerical results are compared with the field measurement data obtained from the long-term monitoring system of the bridge and they shows a very good agreement in terms of temperature distribution in different time instants and in different seasons. The real application verifies effectiveness and validity of the proposed solar radiation and heat transfer analysis. © 2014 Bo Chen et al.

Wu Y.,Zhongshan Power Supply Bureau | Chen B.,Wuhan University of Technology | Ruan H.,Wuhan University of Technology | Wang G.,Zhongshan Power Supply Bureau | Nie W.,Zhongshan Power Supply Bureau
Yanshilixue Yu Gongcheng Xuebao/Chinese Journal of Rock Mechanics and Engineering | Year: 2016

The hillsides under the transmission towers have the characteristics including little investigation information and no supporting measures. Stability of the hillsides under transmission towers is one of the important factors for the normal operation of transmission lines. The stability evaluation of hillsides is realized based on an improved attribute recognition model. Firstly, according to influence factors of hillsides' instability in a certain area, hillside angle, landform, vegetation development characteristics, rock mass and soil characteristics, incident angle of rainfall, weathering and degree of human activity are selected as the stability evaluation indicators of hillsides. The comprehensive empowering method is used to determine the weight of the evaluation indicators. Then the single index attribute measurement functions of the highest level and second highest level in the grading criteria are analyzed and presented in detail to be more formal so that all attribute measurement functions are rigorously constructed to compute attribute measurement of single index. Finally, the stability identification and classification of hillsides under the transmission towers are recognized by Grey Relational Analysis. This method is applied to the hillsides under the transmission towers in Zhongshan, and the assessment results do agree well with the results of the practical condition, so as to provide an effective method for the stability evaluation of hillside under the transmission tower. © 2016, Science Press. All right reserved.

Zhang Y.,Guangdong Key Laboratory of Clean Energy Technology | Xu T.,Guangdong Key Laboratory of Clean Energy Technology | Xu L.,Guangdong Key Laboratory of Clean Energy Technology | Liang J.,Zhongshan Power Supply Bureau
Dianli Xitong Zidonghua/Automation of Electric Power Systems | Year: 2010

To solve the multi-objective coordinated problem of transmission networks planning, an optimal planning model is presented, in which the multi-objective function consists of the minimum investment cost, minimum operation and maintenance cost, minimum flexibility expected expense and minimum social welfare expense. The flexibility expected expense of adapting to the uncertain future is taken into account in the optimal model and is presented from the uncertain scenarios of load growth and power networks emergency. By analyzing the constraint degrees between evaluation factors of each objective function by use of the analytic hierarchy process (AHP), the judgment matrix is built to set each objective function's weight in the mathematical model. The application of the model is validated by network expansion planning on an 18-bus system. © 2010 State Grid Electric Power Research Institute Press.

Zhang Y.,Guangdong Key Laboratory of Clean Energy Technology | Li Q.,Guangdong Key Laboratory of Clean Energy Technology | Liang J.,Zhongshan Power Supply Bureau
Dianwang Jishu/Power System Technology | Year: 2011

A mathematical model for distribution network adopting 220/20 kV voltage series is built, and relational expression of substation investment, network loss cost and annual cost of network investment is derived. The spirit-wear theory is led in to analyze the invisible value run-off on distribution network adopting old voltage series. By means of comparing the annual cost of power network adopting new and old voltage series, the rational investment decision-making for distribution network renovation can be drawn up. The techno-economies of three voltage series, namely 220/110/10 kV, 220/110/20 kV and 220/20 kV, adopted for newly built distribution network and for the renovation existing distribution network are anlayzed, thus it is suggested that the 220/20 kV voltage series should be applied to the power supply for newly built areas; for existing distribution nework, when its being operated period is longer than 15 years and the its load density is higher than 33 MW/km2, it is suitable to renovate the existing distribution network from adopting old voltage series 220/110/10 kV to adopting 220/20 kV voltage sereis and satisfied economic benefit can be attained.

Zhang Y.,South China University of Technology | Shi H.,South China University of Technology | Zhai W.,South China University of Technology | He C.,Zhongshan Power Supply Bureau
Dianwang Jishu/Power System Technology | Year: 2011

Using gray comprehensive relationship, the strong relation factors correlated with line loss are extracted, then a network line loss prediction model based on portfolio of GM (1, 1) and GM (1, N) is built. The variation of network loss rate is influenced by multi factors, thus the modeling parameters are optimally selected by following manner: through multi gray comprehensive relationship analysis the network loss data is preprocessed, then the weight-varying of judgment matrix is performed by analytic hierarchy process (AHP), finally the modeling parameters of GM (1, N) are optimally selected according to the comprehensive relationship of weighted combination. In combinatorial optimization firstly the GM (1, 1) model is used to pre-evaluate values of modeling parameters; then these values are substituted into GM (1, N) model to carry out accurate prediction of line loss rate. Results of calculation example show that for being naturally developed power network, the prediction performance of the proposed combinatorial model is stable and the prediction results are accurate. The proposed combinatorial model is suitable to medium-and long-term line loss rate prediction.

Fang L.-H.,Zhongshan Power Supply Bureau | Hu Z.-J.,Hubei Engineering University
Dianwang Jishu/Power System Technology | Year: 2010

A new method for live line measurement of zero-sequence parameters for transmission line containing T-connection line with mutual inductance is proposed. The principle and mathematical model of the proposed method are presented in detail, and the operation mode of transmission line with mutual inductance during live line measurement is given. There are two key techniques in the proposed method, i.e., to acquire the zero-sequence current to be measured and to use Global Positioning System (GPS) as the synchronous signal for the measurement carried out at different place simultaneously. In this paper, the composition of live line measuring device and digital simulation results are given. Finally, the live line measurement process of two 110 kV transmission line containing T-connection lines with mutual inductance, which belong to Zhongshan power network in Guangdong province, China, by the proposed method are described, the live line measurement results are given and compared with the measured results by interference method and the value from empirical estimation. Results from both simulation and on-site live line measurement show that the proposed live line measurement method is feasible, and its measurement accuracy can satisfactorily meet the requirements of engineering measurement.

Hong Y.-W.,Zhongshan Power Supply Bureau
Dianli Xitong Baohu yu Kongzhi/Power System Protection and Control | Year: 2010

This paper introduces the universal methods of the current and voltage data acquisition in digital protection system, analyzes the drawbacks of the invalid data latching mechanism at the present stage, which may lead to protection failure. Aiming at this problem, a solution of matching the channel data to the corresponding ptotection is provided by researching the data frame format of IEC60044-8. Taking an actual project as an example, through introducing the above methods and analyzing the problems existing in the invalid data latching mechanism, a new latching mechanism aiming at digital busbar protection, transformer protection, line protection is presented, which can solve the problem about all kinds of anti-mislock invalid data issues in digital substation protection perfectly, and ensure the reliability of protection.

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