Zhengzhou, China
Zhengzhou, China

Zhengzhou University , colloquially known in Chinese as Zhèngdà is a public university located in Zhengzhou, Henan, People's Republic of China.It has the largest area of any university in China at 4,328,688 square meters. Wikipedia.

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Zhou H.,Zhengzhou University | Yuan J.,Zhengzhou University
Proceedings of 2016 IEEE Advanced Information Management, Communicates, Electronic and Automation Control Conference, IMCEC 2016 | Year: 2016

Modern computer is lack of the counter to record the reboot times. However a reboot counter is a valuable primitive for system security. In this paper, we propose a method to build reboot counter which is tamper-resistant. To the end, a reboot counter is divided into many shares with threshold secret sharing, and these shares hide dispersedly in the disk. To protect these shares, the addresses of these shares are produced on the seed which is protected by TPM. Furthermore, our reboot counter is developed without a trusted running OS. Our discussion shows that an adversary fails to obtain the security shares and tamper the reboot counter. © 2016 IEEE.

Yang Z.,Zhengzhou University | Liu Z.,Zhengzhou University
Nonlinearity | Year: 2017

The paper investigates the well-posedness and the longtime dynamics of the quasilinear wave equations with structural damping and supercritical nonlinearities:Utt-δu+(-δ)αut -∇( ∇ u/√1+|∇u|2)+g(u)=f(x), with < α < 1. The main results are concerned with the quasilinear term -∇( ∇ u/√1+|∇u|2) and the nonlinearities g(u) with supercritical growth. Under the rather mild conditions, the well-posedness and the existence of the global and exponential attractors (rather than the weak ones) are established in natural energy space. These results show that even for the supercritical nonlinearities, the regularity and the longtime dynamics of the solutionsof the mentioned equations are of the characteristics of the parabolic equations because of the effectiveness of the structural damping. © 2017 IOP Publishing Ltd & London Mathematical Society.

Wang L.,Henan University | Song T.,Zhengzhou University
Proceedings - 2016 IEEE International Conference on Smart Cloud, SmartCloud 2016 | Year: 2016

Due to the widespread use of cloud platforms the issues of safety and security have become a focus of attention within academia and industry. This article describes an elliptic curve cryptography digital signature system based on the proposed model described. The greatly improved algorithm presents a modular inversion digital signature method achieves greater efficiency, but more importantly, ensures data transmission security through prevention of signature forgery. These digital signature authentication protocols and algorithms ensure increased security of data on cloud platforms, while also improving the practicality of use. © 2016 IEEE.

Yan D.,Zhengzhou University | Wang W.,Harbin Medical University
Journal of Central South University (Medical Sciences) | Year: 2016

Objective: To explore the role of the special AT rich sequence binding protein-1 (SATB1) and ribonucleotide reductase M2 (RRM2) in enhancing malignant progression of non-Hodgkin lymphoma (NHL). Methods: A total of 42 NHL and 42 chronic lymphadenitis patients were recruited. The protein expressions of SATB1 and RRM2 in cervical lymph nodes were determined by Western blot. After overexpression of SATB1, siSATB1 or siRRM2, the mRNA levels of SATB1 and RRM2 in cells were analyzed via RT-PCR, the cell proliferation was evaluated via MTT and EdU assays, while the migration and invasion of cells were assessed by transwell assays. Results: Compared with chronic lymphadenitis, the expressions of SATB1 and RRM2 in NHL patients were up-regulated. There was positive correlation between SATB1 and RRM2 in NHL patients. RRM2 mRNA level was up-regulated after transfection of SATB1 and down-regulated after transfection of siSATB 1. Overexpression of SATB 1 increased tumor cell proliferation, migration and invasion, while knockdown of RRM2 reversed those phenomena.Conclusion: SATB 1 functions as an oncogene and promotes tumor cell proliferation, migration and invasion by up-regulation of RRM2 in NHL.

Guan W.-J.,Zhengzhou University | Yang G.-J.,Zhengzhou University
European Review for Medical and Pharmacological Sciences | Year: 2016

OBJECTIVE: We investigated the significance of a change in retinol binding protein (RBP4) levels in the plasma of patients with coronary heart disease complicated with hyperlipidemia. PATIENTS AND METHODS: 66 cases of coronary heart disease (CHD) patients in Cardiovascular Department of our Hospital from December 2014 to December 2015 were selected. Based on the diagnostic criteria of hyperinsulinemia, patients were divided into a CHD Group with 35 cases and a CHD-Hyperinsulinemia Group (CHD-H group) with 31 cases. 35 healthy adults who had a physical examination in our hospital medical center during the same period were selected as the control group. RESULTS: Changes in fasting plasma glucose (FPG), uric acid (UA), high sensitive C-reactive protein (hs-CRP), free fatty acid (FFA), triglyceride (TG), total cholesterol (TC), low-density lipoprotein cholesterol (LDL-C), high-density lipoprotein cholesterol (HDL-C), insulin, RBP4 and HOMA-IR were measured in the plasma of the subjects of the 3 groups, and the correlation of RBP4 levels and other indicators were analyzed. UA, hs-CRP, TG and HDL-C in the CHD group and the CHD-H group were significantly higher than those in the control group (p<0.05), in which the UA level of CHD-H group was higher than that of CHD group (p<0.05). The level of LDL-C in CHD group was higher than that in control group (p<0.05); FIns, 2h PIns, HOMA-IR and RBP4 of CHD-H group were significantly higher than those of the control group and CHD group (p<0.05); 2h PIns and HOMA-IR are independent related factors of RBP4. CONCLUSIONS: The level of BRP4 in plasma of CHD patients with high insulin was increased. BRP4 was also found to participate in the occurrence of insulin resistance, which may indicate its role as a potential biomarker which identifies cases of insulin resistance of CHD patients and is worth further study.

Zhang Z.,Zhengzhou University | Pi C.,Zhengzhou University | Tong H.,Henan Textiles Quality Testing and Inspecting Institutes | Cui X.,Zhengzhou University | Wu Y.,Zhengzhou University
Organic Letters | Year: 2017

An efficient and regioselective alkenylation of azaheterocycle N-oxides with alkenes catalyzed by iodine under metal- and external oxidant-free reaction conditions has been developed. A variety of (E)-2-styrylazaheterocycles have been produced in moderate to excellent yields. The mechanistic exploration indicated that the N-oxide group played dual roles as both the directing group and an internal oxidant in this catalytic cycle. © 2017 American Chemical Society.

Wen S.,Zhengzhou University | Huang L.,North China University of Water Conservancy and Electric Power
Mathematical Methods in the Applied Sciences | Year: 2017

In this paper, we consider the non-autonomous Navier-Stokes equations with discontinuous initial data. We prove the global existence of solutions, the decay rate of density, and the equilibrium state of solutions. © 2017 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.

Lin L.,Zhengzhou University | Hu C.,Zhengzhou University | Wu Z.,Zhengzhou University
Communications in Computer and Information Science | Year: 2017

Flood hazard is one of the most common natural hazard in plain urban area. The location chosen for the study is Zhengzhou city, provincial capital, China. The model incorporates four factors: rainstorm with increased frequency and intensity, land subsidence, density of population, impermeable land surface, land use change. In this study, the coupling of geographical information system (GIS) and the analytical hierarchy process (AHP) were used, GIS analysis urban flood hazard vulnerability based on the underlying change and AHP was used in order to calculate the weighting values of each factor. A hazard map, based on the historical data in the past ten years, was obtained by spatial analysis technology. The hazard map was compared with the actual flood area, and good coincidence was found between them. The flood hazard assessment method presented here is meaningful for the local government to improve flood risk management and protecting environment. © Springer Nature Singapore Pte Ltd. 2017.

Xu Y.,Beijing Institute of Technology | Xu Y.,Zhengzhou University | Mao J.,CAS Zhengzhou Research Institute | Qing H.,Beijing Institute of Technology
Tobacco Science and Technology | Year: 2017

To investigate potential mechanism of nicotine dependence and evaluate the monoamine neurotransmitter metabolism caused by nicotine as a function of time, online microdialysis sampling coupled with high performance liquid chromatography and electrochemical detector was developed and applied to determine the contents of dopamine (DA), 3, 4-dihydroxyphenyl acetic acid (DOPAC), homovanillic acid (HVA), serotonin (5-HT) and 5-hydroxylindole acetic acid (5-HIAA) in the brain striatum of live rats after nicotine injection. Striatum dialysates were collected every 15 min at a flow rate of 2.0 μL/min and separated immediately on a HS F5 column under the gradient elution condition. The results showed that the linear range of the method were from 0.2 to 500.0 ng/mL, the recoveries ranged from 86.2% to 105.9%, while the intra-day and inter-day precisions were no more than 9.7%. In vitro microdialysate recoveries of DA, DOPAC, HVA, 5-HT and 5-HIAA ranged from 25.3% to 28.3%. After intraperitoneal injection of nicotine at a rate of 2.0 mg/ kg, the release of DA and 5-HT in brain striatum of rat did not increase continuously, while the release of HVA and 5-HIAA rose significantly. The method is simple, fast, sensitive and suitable for the dynamic analysis of monoamine neurotransmitters in brain of live animal administrated by nicotine via digestion. © 2017, Editorial Office of Tobacco Science and Technology. All right reserved.

Yang C.,Zhengzhou University | Yang R.,Zhengzhou University
International Journal of Simulation: Systems, Science and Technology | Year: 2016

Information technology is widely used in supply chain management. In this paper, information is used to build coal enterprise logistics information platform based on supply chains. After reviewing related research, a supply chain structure for coal enterprises is proposed, and a logistics network system is developed. The functional requirements of coal enterprise logistics information platform are detailed and, using construction principles and objectives, a framework is put forward. The platform includes core enterprise, upstream enterprise and downstream enterprise subsystems. By means of this platform, every node of the coal enterprise in the supply chain can: i) share information, ii) reduce "bullwhip effect", iii) increase supply chain operating efficiency, iv) realize the maximum supply chain profit, v) enhance the core competitiveness, and v) reduce cost. © 2016, UK Simulation Society. All rights reserved.

Wang J.,Zhengzhou University | Song Y.-F.,Zhengzhou University | Ma T.-L.,Zhengzhou University
Computational intelligence and neuroscience | Year: 2017

Kernel extreme learning machine (KELM) is a novel feedforward neural network, which is widely used in classification problems. To some extent, it solves the existing problems of the invalid nodes and the large computational complexity in ELM. However, the traditional KELM classifier usually has a low test accuracy when it faces multiclass classification problems. In order to solve the above problem, a new classifier, Mexican Hat wavelet KELM classifier, is proposed in this paper. The proposed classifier successfully improves the training accuracy and reduces the training time in the multiclass classification problems. Moreover, the validity of the Mexican Hat wavelet as a kernel function of ELM is rigorously proved. Experimental results on different data sets show that the performance of the proposed classifier is significantly superior to the compared classifiers.

Gao Y.,Zhengzhou University | Yuan J.,Zhengzhou University
Discrete Optimization | Year: 2017

We consider the Pareto-scheduling with bi-criteria on a single machine in which each task has a positional due index. Two bi-criteria problems are considered: (a) Pareto-scheduling with two agents A and B for minimizing the total completion time of A-tasks and a maximum cost of B-tasks with precedence constraints. (b) Pareto-scheduling under precedence constraints for minimizing two maximum costs of tasks. We show in this paper that the two problems are both solvable in polynomial time. The second result also implies that the Pareto-scheduling under precedence constraints for minimizing two agents' maximum costs is solvable in polynomial time. © 2017 Elsevier B.V.

Wang Q.,Zhengzhou University | Zhang W.,Zhengzhou University | Hao S.,Zhengzhou University
Cell Cycle | Year: 2017

Recent studies reported that long non-coding RNA (lncRNA) might play critical roles in regulating chemo-resistant of multiple types of cancer. This study aimed to investigate whether long non-coding RNA CCAT1 was involved in Paclitaxel resistance in nasopharyngeal carcinoma (NPC). qRT-PCR was used for testing the expression of CCAT1, miR-181a and CPEB2 in tumor tissues and NPC cancers. NPC cells were transfected with siRNAs to suppress the mRNA level of CCAT1 in NPC cells. MTT assays and flow cytometry analysis were used to assess the sensitivity of paclitaxel in NPC cells. Luciferase reporter assays were used to examine the interaction of CCAT1 or CPEB2 to miR-181a. Our findings revealed that the upregulated CCAT1 results in significantly enhancing paclitaxel resistance in nasopharyngeal cancer cells. Bioinformatics analysis and luciferase reporter assay indicated that the upregulated CCAT1 sponges miR-181a in NPC cells. Furthermore, RNA immuno-precipitation assays showed that miR-181a could directly bind to CCAT1 mRNA in NPC cells. We restored miR-181a in NPC cells, and found restoration of miR-181a re-sensitized the NPC cells to paclitaxel in vitro. In addition, our results also showed that miR-181a was a modulator of paclitaxel sensitivity due to its regulative effect on cell apoptosis via targeting CPEB2 in NPC cells. Taken together, lncRNA CCAT1 regulates the sensitivity of paclitaxel in NPC cells via miR-181a/CPEB2 axis. © 2017 Taylor & Francis

Gu L.-B.,Zhengzhou University | Liu X.-N.,Zhengzhou University | Liu H.-M.,Henan University of Technology | Pang H.-L.,Zhengzhou University | Qin G.-Y.,Zhengzhou University
Molecules | Year: 2017

In this study, the subcritical butane extraction process of fenugreek seed oil was optimized using response surface methodology with a Box-Behnken design. The optimum conditions for extracted oil from fenugreek seed was as follows: extraction temperature of 43.24 °C, extraction time of 32.80 min, and particle size of 0.26 mm. No significant differences were found between the experimental and predicted values. The physical and chemical properties of the oil showed that the oil could be used as edible oil. Fatty acid composition of oils obtained by subcritical butane under the optimum conditions and by accelerated solvent extraction showed negligible difference. The oils were rich in linoleic acid (42.71%-42.80%), linolenic acid (26.03%-26.15%), and oleic acid (14.24%-14.40%). The results revealed that the proposed method was feasible, and this essay shows the way to exploit fenugreek seeds by subcritical butane extraction under the scope of edible oils. © 2017 by the authors; licensee MDPI, Basel, Switzerland.

Chai Y.,Zhengzhou University | Xu J.,Zhengzhou University | Yan B.,Zhengzhou University
Oncology Reports | Year: 2017

Baicalein, a naturally occurring flavonoid isolated from the roots of Scutellaria baicalensis, is historically and widely used as anti-inflammatory and anticancer therapy. Nevertheless, the anti-metastatic effect and underlying molecular mechanisms of baicalein on colorectal carcinoma (CRC) remain unclear. The aim of the present study was, therefore, to invastigate the anti-metastatic activity of baicalein and related mechanism(s) on CRC cells. In this study, we observed that baicalein treatment inhibited proliferation, as well as migration and invasion of HT-29 and DLD1 cells. Baicalein decreased the expression of the matrix metalloproteinases-2 (MMP-2) and MMP-9 in a dose-dependent manner. Also, baicalein treatment significantly reduced phosphorylation of extracellular signal regulated kinases (ERK). Furthermore, in DLD1 cells, MEK1 overexpression partially blocked the anti-metastatic effects of baicalein. Combined treatment with an ERK inhibitor (U0126) and baicalein led to the synergistic reduction of MMP-2/9 expression; and the invasive capabilities of DLD1 cells were also inhibited markedy. Finally, intragastric administration of baicalein inhibited CRC xenograft growth in vivo and suppressed the phosphorylation of ERK and the expression of MMP-2/9 in tumor tissues. Consequently, baicalein suppresses CRC cell invasion via inhibition of the ERK signaling pathways, indicating that baicalein is a potential agent for CRC treatment.

Yu Y.W.,Zhengzhou University
Zhonghua yi xue za zhi | Year: 2016

OBJECTIVE: To evaluate the effect of β-blockers in patients with septic shock.METHODS: PubMed, EMBASE, Cochrane central registration of controlled trials, CNKI and Wanfang Data were searched to identify relevant studies from inception to October 2015.Statistical analysis was performed using STATA 12.0.The random effects model was used due to wide clinical variability across the trials.RESULTS: After application of the inclusion criteria, 7 trials with 392 patients were included, involving 3 randomized controlled trials (RCT) and 4 quasi-experiments.The results of the meta-analysis for the quasi-experiments showed that compared with baseline, heart rates (standardized mean difference (SMD)=-2.51, 95%CI: -4.32--0.70, P=0.007) and lactate levels (SMD=-0.34, 95%CI: -0.67--0.02, P=0.039) significantly decreased, while no significant differences were seen for mean arterial pressure (SMD=0.01, 95%CI: -0.42-0.44, P=0.969), cardiac index (SMD=-0.35, 95%CI: -1.15-0.44, P=0.385) or norepinephrine requirements (SMD=-0.06, 95%CI: -0.38-0.27, P=0.726) after 24-hour therapy. Among randomized controlled trials, β-blockers, compared with standard care, was associated with reductions in heart rates (P<0.001) , 28-day mortality (RR=0.60, 95%CI: 0.48-0.75, P<0.001) and troponin I levels (P<0.001). While no differences were found between the two groups in other hemodynamic and cardiac function variables, such as mean arterial pressure, cardiac index or stroke volume index (P>0.05).CONCLUSIONS: The currently available evidence indicates that the use of β-blockers is associated with a significant decrease in heart rate, troponin I levels and 28-day mortality in patients with septic shock, while mean arterial pressure, cardiac index and stroke volume index might remain unchanged.Large scale, muti-center RCTs need to be carried out to confirm the effects of β-blockers in patients with septic shock.

Zhang L.,Zhengzhou University | Lee C.S.,Kun Shan University | Zhang R.,Zhengzhou University | Chen L.,CAS Institute of Remote Sensing
Atmospheric Environment | Year: 2017

Tropospheric NO2 and SO2 concentrations are of great importance with regard to air quality, atmospheric chemistry, and climate change. Due to lack of surface monitoring stations, this study analyzes long term trend of NO2 and SO2 levels (2005–2014), retrieved from Ozone Monitoring Instrument (OMI) board on the NASA's Aura satellite, in an important region of China – Henan Province. Henan Province, located in North China Plain, has encountered serious air pollution problems including extremely high PM2.5 concentrations and as one of the most polluted region in China. The satellite spatial images clearly show that high levels of both NO2 and SO2 are concentrated in north and northeastern regions with much lower levels observed in other parts of Henan. Both pollutants exhibit the highest levels in winter with the least in summer/spring. The temporal trend analysis based on moving average of deseasonalized and decyclic data indicates that for NO2, there is a continuous increasing pattern from 2005 to 2011 at 6.4% per year, thereafter, it shows a decreasing trend (10.6% per year). As for SO2, the increasing trend is about 16% per year from 2005 to 2007 with decreasing rate 7% per year from 2007 to 2014. The economic development with incredible annual 11% GDP growth in Henan is responsible for increasing levels of NO2 and SO2. The observed decreasing SO2 level starting in 2007 is due to reduced SO2 emission, utilization of flue gas desulfurization (FGD) devices and to some extent, in preparation of Beijing 2008 Olympic Games. On the other hand, increasing vehicle numbers (155% from 2006 to 2012) and coal consumption (37% during the same span), along with the lack of denitration process for removing flue/exhaust gas NOx are responsible for increasing NO2 trend until 2011. The ratio of SO2/NO2 started decreasing in 2007 and dropped significantly from 2011 to 2013 indicating good performance of FGD and ever increasing NOx contribution from mobile sources. Unlike those observed in developed countries (US, EU and Japan) where a decreasing trend for both SO2 and NO2 has been observed since 1990s, the observed upward and downward trend found in Henan is similar to those found in North China Plain and other parts of China. The spatial and temporal trend analyses of SO2 and NO2 in four other regions in Henan further indicate a similar trend to those observed in Henan Province, albeit with different increasing and decreasing rate. The results provide regulatory agency to develop action plans to combat air pollution problem in general and SO2 and NO2 problems in particular in Henan. The implications of our findings and recommendations for decision makers are discussed in the paper. © 2016

Zhang L.,Zhengzhou University
Revista Tecnica de la Facultad de Ingenieria Universidad del Zulia | Year: 2016

In order to improve the camouflage performance of digital camouflage textures, a digital camouflage design algorithm based on template combinatorial optimization is proposed to overcome the shortcomings of digital camouflage. Firstly, according to the common digital camouflage textures, the digital camouflage template library is constructed, and then the main color is extracted from the background image as the basis to determine the camouflage color of the designed digital camouflage. Then, based on the camouflage pattern of digital camouflage, a new distribution algorithm of spot templates based on greedy algorithm is proposed. At last, the digital camouflage pattern is generated by the patch pattern distribution optimization algorithm based on greedy algorithm. The simulation results show that the digital camouflage design algorithm based on template combination optimization is more camouflage than the common digital camouflage textures.

Chen Z.,Zhengzhou University | Li C.,Jingdezhen University
Sensor Letters | Year: 2017

The aim of this study is to scientifically design sneakers for athletes to avoid the negative effects of uncomfortable sneakers and thus improve their sports training level as well as training performance. On the basis of polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) sensing materials, PVDF sensors on the robot foot were designed and foot pressure data were detected. The detailed results showed that PVDF sensors had good performances. The PVDF sensors on the robot foot could effectively distinguish different materials, body weights and exercise modes as well as judge the fitness, which provided powerful data support and help for the scientific design of athletes' sneakers. Copyright © 2017 American Scientific Publishers All rights reserved.

OBJECTIVE: To observe the effects of functional electrical stimulation(FES) based on normal gait pattern on walking function in subjects with recovery of stroke.METHODS: From December 2010 to January 2013, 58 patients with recovery of stroke were recruited from the Rehabilitation Medicine Departments of Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hospital and the Guangdong Provincial Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital. And the Minimize software was used to divide them randomly into 1 of the 3 groups: four-channel FES group (n=29), single-channel FES group (n=15) and placebo electrical group (n=14) at the rate of 2∶1∶1. All received standardized rehabilitation program. The four-channel FES group received four-channel FES treatment based on normal gait pattern, the single-channel FES group received single-channel FES treatment, the placebo electrical group received the same electrical stimulation as the four-channel FES group, but without current output when stimulating. Stimulation lasted for 30 min/d, 1 session / d, 5 d/w for 3 weeks. All subjects in the three groups received Fugl-Meyer Assessment scale (FMA), Berg Balance scale (BBS), gait speed during a 10-meter walking test, muscle co-activation index (CI) of the lower extremity during walking and the Modified Barthel index (MBI) assessments before and after 3 weeks treatment.RESULTS: Before treatment, the FMA, BBS and gait speed during a 10-meter walking test of the four-channel FES group were (23.0±2.2), (31±71) and (0.23±0.10), respectively. After 3 weeks treatment, the scores were improved to (28.4±1.5), (42±6)and(0.43±0.09), respectively. And the FMA, BBS and gait speed during a 10-meter walking test of the ingle-channel FES group increased from (21.9±3.4), (31±6) and (0.24±0.09) to (26.6±1.8), (38±5) and (0.34±0.08), respectively. The placebo electrical group increased from (23.6±3.0), (33±5) and (0.25±0.09) respectively to (26.0±2.4), (36±4) and (0.29±0.08). And the FMA, BBS and gait speed during a 10-meter walking test of the three groups were significantly higher than those in pre-treatment (P<0.05), and the scores in four-channel FES group were significantly higher than the single-channel group and the placebo electrical group's (P<0.05). The MBI score of the three groups were all improved, but it didn't show difference among the three groups (P>0.05). The results of surface electromyography showed significant decrease in CI of quadriceps / hamstring of the 3 groups, and the four-channel FES group had more significant decrease than the other two groups (P<0.05).CONCLUSION: Functional electrical stimulation based on normal gait pattern could improve walking function in subjects with recovery of stroke.

Wang S.,Zhengzhou University
Zhonghua yi xue za zhi | Year: 2016

OBJECTIVE: To investigate the imaging features of Erdheim-Chester.METHODS: A total of 7 patients with ECD confirmed by pathology were analyzed retrospectively.And the DR(n=5), CT(n=6, 3 patients underwent enhanced scan), MR(n=4, 2 patients underwent enhanced scan) and SPECT (n=3) features were observed.RESULTS: Among 7 cases of ECD, four cases of DR images showed luffa cystic changes.Five cases of CT images showed bone dissolved, four showed peripheral localized sclerosis, one showed symmetric sclerosis, No enhancement was found on CT scan.Four cases of MR images, three occurred as long T1 and long T2 signal, one occurred as short T1 and long T2 signal, and inhomogeneous enhancement.One case in soft tissue occurred as long T1 and long T2 signal, and inhomogeneous enhancement.Three cases of SPECT images were characterized by radioactive nuclide concentration of diseased region.CONCLUSION: When ECD lesions located in capitulum and metaphysis, most images of DR and CT show bone dissolved and peripheral localized sclerosis; MRI findings are complicated, the reason might be different proportion of mature and immature lipid components.SPECT would be a kind of effective measure of finding hidden lesion and monitoring curative effect.

Liu Q.,Zhengzhou University
Zhonghua wei zhong bing ji jiu yi xue | Year: 2016

OBJECTIVE: To evaluate the effect of noninvasive ventilation (NIV) on hypercapnic encephalopathy syndrome (HES) induced by acute exacerbation of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (AECOPD).METHODS: An extensive search of related literature from the PubMed, EMBASE, Cochrane library, CNKI and Wanfang databases up to January 2015 was performed. Randomized controlled trials (RCTs) and case control studies regarding comparison of the effect of NIV and conventional mechanical ventilation (CMV) on the HES were collected. Critical appraisal skills program (CASP) was adopted to assess the quality of the studies. Data including mortality, trachea intubation rate, duration of mechanical ventilation and complication rate were collected, and Meta-analysis was performed by RevMan 5.3.RESULTS: Finally, 6 studies were included with 225 subjects, among whom 112 were in NIV group and 113 in CMV group, and the average Kelly-Matthay score was 3. Compared with CMV group, the mortality [20.5% (23/112) vs. 32.7% (37/113), risk ratio (RR) = 0.63, 95% confidential interval (95%CI) = 0.40-0.98, P = 0.04], intubation rate [35.7% (40/112) vs. 100.0% (113/113), RR = 0.38, 95%CI = 0.26-0.55, P < 0.000?01], incidence of ventilation related complications [26.2% (21/80) vs. 50.6% (42/83), RR = 0.52, 95%CI = 0.34-0.79, P = 0.002] in NIV group were significantly decreased, and the duration of mechanical ventilation was significantly shortened [days: 7.1 vs. 16.2, standard mean difference (SMD) = -0.93, 95%CI = -1.39 to -0.46, P < 0.000?1].CONCLUSIONS: NIV could significantly lower the mortality rate, intubation rate, and complications in the treatment of HES induced by AECOPD under close monitoring.

OBJECTIVE: To investigate the relationship between the expression of immunoglobulin heavy chain binding protein (Bip) and calreticulin (CRT) and metastasis in hepatocellular carcinoma.METHODS: Western blot and RT-qPCR were used to detect the expression of Bip and CRT in normal hepatic cells and hepatocellular carcinoma cells. 43 cases of hepatocellular carcinoma tissues were collected from the First Affiliated Hospital of Zhengzhou University between June 2014 and May 2015, Western blot and immunohistochemistry assay were used to detect the expression of Bip and CRT in hepatocellular carcinoma tissues, adjacent non-cancer tissues, 5 cases adjacent liver hemangioma tissues and the clinical significance was also analyzed.RESULTS: The expression of Bip and CRT in hepatocellular carcinoma cells and hepatocellular carcinoma tissues was higher than normal hepatic cells and adjacent non-cancer tissues and also adjacent liver hemangioma tissues. The positive rate of Bip and CRT were 86.0%(37/43) and 65.1%(28/43) in 43 hepatocellular carcinoma tissues, which was significantly higher than those adjacent non-cancer tissues and adjacent liver hemangioma tissues (P<0.05). The positive rate of Bip and CRT in metastatic cancer tissues were 100%(19/19), 84.2%(16/19), respectively, which was significantly higher than those non-metastatic cancer tissues 75.0%(18/24), 50.0%(12/24) respectively (P<0.05). The expression of Bip and CRT was positively correlated (r=0.382, P<0.05). The positive rate and relative expression of Bip were correlated with TNM stage, metastasis in hepatocellular carcinoma tissues (P<0.05), while the positive rate and relative expression of CRT were correlated with metastasis in hepatocellular carcinoma tissues (P<0.05).CONCLUSIONS: The expression of Bip and CRT is correlation with metastasis in hepatocellular carcinoma.

OBJECTIVE: To investigate the frequency of and risk factors for re-bleeding in obscure gastrointestinal bleeding (OGIB) patients who had negative findings in capsule endoscopy (CE).METHODS: Patients with OGIB referred for CE to the First Affiliated Hospital of Zhengzhou University between January 2011 and December 2012 were identified.Follow-up data were obtained via medical records review, telephone interviews or follow-up clinic visits in order to establish the rate of re-bleeding and identify the risk factors associated with re-bleeding among patients with negative CE findings.RESULTS: A total of 198 patients were included in this study, of whom 196 patients completed the follow-up, with a mean (±SD) follow-up of (16.1±5.3) months. In the 196 patients, 94 had negative CE findings and did not receive any further specific treatment for OGIB. Re-bleeding episodes were observed in 32 of the 94 patients (34.0%), and the cumulative re-bleeding rates at 6, 12, 18, and 24 months in follow-up were 3.2%, 6.4%, 20.2%, 34.0%, respectively. There was no statistically significant difference in re-bleeding rate between patients with positive CE findings and patients with negative CE findings (23.7% vs 34.0%, P=0.246). Diabetes mellitus (HR=3.250, 95%CI: 1.296-8.154, P=0.012), minimum hemoglobin levels ≤80 g/L before CE (HR=0.397, 95%CI: 0.172-0.917, P=0.031), and continued use of aspirin after CE (HR=4.915, 95%CI: 1.887-12.800, P=0.001) were independent risk factors for re-bleeding among OGIB patients with negative CE findings.CONCLUSIONS: Considering the high risk of re-bleeding, close follow-ups are needed for OGIB patients with negative CE findings.Repeated CE or other investigations (enteroscopy and CT enterography) within 12-24 months are recommended for the OGIB patients with negative findings in initial CE investigation who have risk factors for re-bleeding.

Lan C.,Zhengzhou University
Zhonghua wei zhong bing ji jiu yi xue | Year: 2016

OBJECTIVE: To explore the value of serum microRNA-155-5p and -133a-3p (miR-155-5p and miR-133a-3p) expression for the diagnosis and prognosis evaluation of sepsis.METHODS: A prospective observational study was conducted. 105 sepsis patients admitted to emergency intensive care unit (EICU) of the First Affiliated Hospital of Zhengzhou University from January 2015 to January 2016 were enrolled. They were divided into three groups according to the severity: 35 patients with sepsis, 35 with severe sepsis, and 35 with septic shock. At the same time, 35 healthy persons were selected as the control group. According to the prognosis, the patients were divided into improved group (n = 70) and in-hospital death group (n = 35). The clinical data of all the subjects were collected. The mRNA expressions of miR-155-5p and miR-133a-3p were determined by reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR). The receiver-operating characteristic curve (ROC) was plotted to evaluate their clinical value for the diagnosis and prognosis of sepsis. The binary logistic regression was used to analyze the risk factors affecting the prognosis of sepsis patients.RESULTS: (1) The mRNA expressions of serum miR-155-5p and miR-133a-3p were gradually increased with the aggravation of sepsis. The mRNA expression of miR-155-5p (2-ΔCt) in sepsis, severe sepsis, sepsis shock groups was 1.89±0.48, 2.21±0.41, 2.79±0.73 (F = 23.737, P = 0.000), and the mRNA expression of miR-133a-3p (2(-ΔCt)) was 1.38±0.31, 1.74±0.65, 2.08±0.47, respectively (F = 27.710, P = 0.000). It was shown by ROC curve analysis that the area under the ROC curve (AUC) of serum miR-155-5p and miR-133a-3p for the diagnosis of sepsis was 0.855 [95% confidence interval (95%CI) = 0.761-0.949] and 0.769 (95%CI = 0.666-0.872) respectively. The cut-off value of miR-155-5p for the diagnosis of sepsis was 1.64, the sensitivity was 85.3%, and specificity was 80.6%. While the cut-off value of miR-133a-3p was 0.82, the sensitivity and specificity were 97.9% and 54.8% respectively. (2) Compared with improved group, the patients of in-hospital death group were more serious, and procalcitonin (PCT), C-reactive protein (CRP), D-dimer, lactic acid (Lac), sequential organ failure assessment (SOFA) score, acute physiology and chronic health evaluation II (APACHE II) score, and the mRNA expressions of miR-155-5p and miR-133a-3p were significantly increased (all P < 0.05). While there was no statistically significant difference in gender, age, white blood cells (WBC), serum creatinine (SCr) between the two groups (all P > 0.05). It was shown by binary logistic regression analysis that Lac [odds ratio (OR) = 0.514, 95%CI = 0.260-0.893, P = 0.024], sepsis severity (OR = 0.039, 95%CI = 0.023-2.955, P = 0.016), SOFA score (OR = 0.668, 95%CI = 0.474-0.825, P = 0.001), serum miR-155-5p expression (OR = 0.117, 95%CI = 0.020-0.530, P = 0.007) were the risk factors affecting the prognosis of patients with sepsis.CONCLUSIONS: The expression of serum miR-155-5p and miR-133a-3p may be used as specific indicators for the diagnosis of sepsis. And the expression of miR-155-5p can be used as independent impact factor for the estimation of sepsis prognosis.

Zhao Y.,Zhengzhou University | Zhao C.,Zhengzhou University
Hangkong Xuebao/Acta Aeronautica et Astronautica Sinica | Year: 2017

To solve the joint estimation of time difference of arrival (TDOA) and frequency difference of arrival (FDOA) in passive location system, where the true value of the reference signal is unknown, a novel maximum likelihood (ML) estimator of TDOA and FDOA is constructed. Then importance sampling (IS) method is applied to find the maximum of likelihood function by generating the samples of TDOA and FDOA. Unlike the cross ambiguity function (CAF) algorithm or the expectation maximization (EM) algorithm, the proposed algorithm can estimate the TDOA and FDOA of non-integer multiple of the sampling interval and has no dependence on the initial estimate. The Cramer Rao lower bound (CRLB) is also derived. Simulation results show that the proposed algorithm outperforms the CAF and EM algorithm with higher accuracy and moderate computational complexity, and approaches the CRLB for different SNR conditions. © 2017, Press of Chinese Journal of Aeronautics. All right reserved.

Gao Y.Z.,Zhengzhou University
Zhonghua wai ke za zhi [Chinese journal of surgery] | Year: 2016

Objective: To explore clinical results of posterior debridement combined with atlantoaxial fusion for upper cervical Tuberculosis. Methods: From March 2007 to April 2012, 8 patients with upper cervical Tuberculosis underwent posterior debridement combined with atlantoaxial fusion in our hospital were selected for retrospective analysis. 3 cases were males and 5 females, aged 29-65 (43.5±13.2) years. According to the pedicle destruction, using different screws (pedicle screw or laminar screw) fixation.In the preoperative and final follow-up, Japanese Orthopaedic Association score (JOA) and neck disability index (NDI) were used to evaluate neurological function and calculate improvement rate JOA score. At final follow-up, clinical efficacy was evaluated by Odom's grade. situation of internal fixation, fusion of upper cervical were assessed by imaging examination. During follow-up, complications were documented and analyzed. Results: Postoperatively 12 months, all bony fusion were achieved. Tuberculosis were reached clinical cure in 12-18 months. The JOA score increased from 10.5±2.0 preoperatively to 15.6 ±1.1 in final follow-up(P<0.05), and the NDI decreased from 29.9 ± 6.2 preoperatively to 8.6±1.6 (P<0.05). At last follow-up, according to Odom's standard, excellent were obtained in 6 cases (75.0%), good 1 cases (12.5%) and ordinary 1 case (12.5%). No severe complications was documented during follow-up. Conclusions: The treatment of posterior debridement combine with atlantoaxial fusion, and structure grafting and local anti-Tuberculosis drug using intraoperative, not only could obtain reliable clinical efficacy, completely removal of lesions, but also obtain strong stability, which plays an important role in the treatment of cervical tuberculosis.

OBJECTIVE: To analyze magnetic resonance images of the posterior cranial fossa tumors, and evaluate the texture characteristics of three kinds of children's posterior cranial fossa tumors by support vector machine (SVM).METHODS: From May 2008 to August 2015, a total of 76 patients with children's posterior cranial fossa tumors in First Affiliated Hospital of Zhengzhou University were retrospectively analyzed, texture analysis was performed on the three types of tumors.RESULTS: The 5 texture parameters extracted from the gray level co-occurrence matrix had at least 3 parameters which had statistically significant difference between the two different classes of data sets (P<0.05). For all kinds of data sets, the variance parameters of gray value of ROI region had statistically significant differences.The accuracy rate of SVM test in the remarkable difference of the ependymomas and medulloblastomas, the ependymomas and astrocytomas and the medulloblastomas and astrocytomas was 86.15%±4.16%, 73.63%±5.82% and 74.32%±5.85%, respectively.CONCLUSION: The analysis of texture features can provide more quantitative information which could provide a new thought and method for the differential diagnosis of tumors in the posterior cranial fossa.

Geng X.,Zhengzhou University | Zeng X.,Zhengzhou University
Theoretical and Mathematical Physics(Russian Federation) | Year: 2017

We develop a method for constructing algebro-geometric solutions of the Blaszak–Marciniak (BM) lattice hierarchy based on the theory of trigonal curves. We first derive the BM lattice hierarchy associated with a discrete (3×3)-matrix spectral problem using Lenard recurrence relations. Using the characteristic polynomial of the Lax matrix for the BM lattice hierarchy, we introduce a trigonal curve with two infinite points, which we use to establish the associated Dubrovin-type equations. We then study the asymptotic properties of the algebraic function carrying the data of the divisor and the Baker–Akhiezer function near the two infinite points on the trigonal curve. We finally obtain algebro-geometric solutions of the entire BM lattice hierarchy in terms of the Riemann theta function. © 2017, Pleiades Publishing, Ltd.

Metastasis is the principal cause of cancer death and occurs through multiple, complex processes. Epithelial to mesenchymal transition (EMT) is an important process during embryonic development and has also been hypothesized to exhibit a significant role in cancer cell invasion and metastasis. MicroRNAs (miRNAs) are a class of widespread noncoding RNAs. In recent years, many studies have shown that miRNAs could influence the signaling pathways and downstream events that define EMT on a molecular level. However, the exact role and mechanisms of miR-145 in EMT of osteosarcoma (OS) was unknown. In the present study, miR-145 was downregulated in OS tissues and cell lines and it was shown that miR-145 expression was closely correlated with advanced tumor progression in patients of OS. In addition, miR-145 upregulation by miR-145 agomir significantly inhibited MG63 cells invasion and migration ability. MiR-145 was reported to be able to inhibit EMT in cancers. Following the examination of changes in cell epithelial and mesenchymal markers, it was found that upregulation of miR-145 strongly reversed EMT in MG63 cells. Meanwhile, the expression of Snail, a strong E-cadherin transcription repressor was also attenuated by miR-145 agomir. Furthermore, the decreased EMT and invasion and metastasis caused by miR-145 agomir could be restored by Snail siRNA. In conclusion, the results demonstrated that miR-145 could mediate EMT by targeting Snail and miR-145 might be a novel EMT regulating transcription factor that involved in the progression of OS. The specific drugs targeting miR-145-mediated EMT process might be new promising cancer therapies.Cancer Gene Therapy advance online publication, 10 February 2017; doi:10.1038/cgt.2017.1. © 2017 Nature America, Inc., part of Springer Nature.

Ba Y.,Zhengzhou University
Journal of occupational and environmental medicine | Year: 2016

OBJECTIVE: The study aims to explore the associations between various occupations and thyroid cancer risk.METHODS: A population-based, case-control study involving 462 histologically confirmed incident cases and 498 controls was conducted in Connecticut in 2010 to 2011.RESULTS: A significantly increased risk of thyroid cancer, particularly papillary microcarcinoma, was observed for those working as the health care practitioners and technical workers, health diagnosing and treating practitioners, and registered nurses. Those working in building and grounds cleaning, maintenance occupations, pest control, retail sales, and customer service also had increased risk for papillary thyroid cancer. Subjects who worked as cooks, janitors, cleaners, and customer service representatives were at an increased risk of papillary thyroid cancer with tumor size more than 1 cm.CONCLUSION: Certain occupations were associated with an increased risk of thyroid cancer, with some tumor size and subtype specificity.

Gao D.,Zhengzhou University | Gao D.,Henan University | Zhang L.,Zhengzhou University | Zhang L.,Concordia University at Montréal | Nokken M.,Concordia University at Montréal
Cement and Concrete Composites | Year: 2017

Recycled coarse aggregate (RCA) concrete has attracted more and more attention worldwide in recent years due to the exhaustion of natural coarse aggregate and environmental pollution from construction and demolition waste in civil engineering. In this study, experiments were carried out on over 100 specimens to investigate the mechanical properties and failure mode of concrete with different volume content of steel fibers (0%, 0.5%, 1%, 1.5%, and 2%) and different RCA replacement ratio (0%, 30%, 50% and 100%) under direct shear load. The results show that addition of steel fibers can effectively improve the shear strength and shear toughness of RCA concrete. For a given compressive strength, the RCA replacement ratio has negligible impact on shear strength, but shear deformation and toughness increase as RCA replacement ratio reaches above a ‘limiting value’. A shear strength formula for steel fiber reinforced RCA concrete (SFRCAC) based on compressive strength and characteristic coefficient of steel fiber has been put forward. © 2017 Elsevier Ltd

Li B.,Zhengzhou University | Xuan H.,Zhengzhou University
Kongzhi yu Juece/Control and Decision | Year: 2017

The dynamic program(DP) model of the stochastic dynamic fleet scheduling with station operation coordination is established. The dynamic program model is respectively transformed into the reconstruction model with single decomposition control parameters(RM-SDCP) and the reconstruction model with double decomposition control parameters(RM-DDCP). The single variable function correlation model and double variable function correlation model are obtained. The acquisition approaches of decomposition control parameters are given. Finally, the simulation and experiment study show that the RM-SDCP and the RM-DDCP can obtain higher quality solutions than the traditional DP model. The simulation experiments verity that the overall performance of the RM-DDCP is better than that of the RM-SDCP. © 2017, Editorial Office of Control and Decision. All right reserved.

Ma J.,Zhengzhou University | Zhang H.,Zhengzhou University | He B.,Zhengzhou University
Proceedings of SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering | Year: 2017

The particle swarm optimization algorithm to improve the control precision, and has great application value training neural network and fuzzy system control fields etc.The traditional particle swarm algorithm is used for the training of feed forward neural networks,the search efficiency is low, and easy to fall into local convergence.An improved particle swarm optimization algorithm is proposed based on error back propagation gradient descent. Particle swarm optimization for Solving Least Squares Problems to meme group, the particles in the fitness ranking, optimization problem of the overall consideration, the error back propagation gradient descent training BP neural network, particle to update the velocity and position according to their individual optimal and global optimization, make the particles more to the social optimal learning and less to its optimal learning, it can avoid the particles fall into local optimum, by using gradient information can accelerate the PSO local search ability, improve the multi beam particle swarm depth zero less trajectory information search efficiency, the realization of improved particle swarm optimization algorithm. Simulation results show that the algorithm in the initial stage of rapid convergence to the global optimal solution can be near to the global optimal solution and keep close to the trend, the algorithm has faster convergence speed and search performance in the same running time, it can improve the convergence speed of the algorithm, especially the later search efficiency. © 2017 SPIE.

Wu J.,Zhengzhou University | Zhang M.,Zhengzhou University | Liu D.,Zhengzhou University
Oncotarget | Year: 2017

The Bruton tyrosine kinase (BTK) inhibitor, ibrutinib, has been approved for the treatment of chronic lymphocytic leukemia, mantle cell lymphoma, and Waldenstrom's macroglobulinemia. Acquired resistance to ibrutinib due to BTK C481S mutation has been reported. Mutations in PLCγ2 can also mediate resistance to ibrutinib. Untoward effects due to off-target effects are also disadvantages of ibrutinib. More selective and potent BTK inhibitors (ACP-196, ONO/GS-4059, BGB-3111, CC-292) are being investigated. This review summarized the preclinical research and clinical data of ONO/GS-4059.

Bo S.,Zhengzhou University | Jing Y.,Zhengzhou University
International Journal of Pattern Recognition and Artificial Intelligence | Year: 2017

One-class extraction from remotely sensed imagery is researched with multi-class classifiers in this paper. With two supervised multi-class classifiers, Bayesian classifier and nearest neighbor classifier, we firstly analyzed the effect of the data distribution partitioning on one-class extraction from the remote sensing images. The data distribution partitioning refers to the way that the data set is partitioned before classification. As a parametric method, the Bayesian classifier achieved good classification performance when the data distribution was partitioned appropriately. While as a nonparametric method, the NN classifier did not require a detailed partitioning of the data distribution. For simplicity, the data set can be partitioned into two classes, the class of interest and the remainder, to extract the specific class. With appropriate partitioning of the data set, the specific class of interest was well extracted from remotely sensed imagery in the experiments. This study will be helpful for one-class extraction from remote sensing imagery with multi-class classifiers. It provides a way to improve the one-class classification from the aspect of data distribution partitioning. © 2017 World Scientific Publishing Company

Wang G.,Zhengzhou University
CIE 2016: 46th International Conferences on Computers and Industrial Engineering | Year: 2016

Reliability has always been considered to be one of the most important characteristics of a product. There is a strong need for design of experiments (DOE) that allow practitioners to identify the factors which affect lifetime significantly. In this article, we consider how to improve reliability through the use of designed experiments based on Weibull distribution with a non-constant shape parameter. We illustrate our proposed method through one real experiment contained censoring. Analysis results show that the misspecification of a constant shape parameter can lead to misidentify spurious effects.

Li Z.,Zhengzhou University | Dong X.,Zhengzhou University
CIE 2016: 46th International Conferences on Computers and Industrial Engineering | Year: 2016

To improve the sensitivity of statistical process control while reducing costs for process monitoring, the economic design of autoregressive moving average process with Variable Sampling Intervals (VSI ARMA) was discussed. Markov chain was used to calculate the average time to signal (ATS). Using genetic algorithm to search for the optimal combination of seven parameters of VSI ARMA model made the cost of economic model at unit time to be minimum at the same time. The results of a numerical example adopted in an actual case indicate that the loss cost of VSI ARMA control charts is consistently lower than that of the FSI scheme. In addition, the sensitivity analysis of the cost parameters of the model was carried out, which provide theoretical basis for enterprise to reduce cost while enhance productivity effect.

Shang Z.,Zhengzhou University | Li M.,Zhengzhou University
Proceedings - 2016 9th International Symposium on Computational Intelligence and Design, ISCID 2016 | Year: 2017

As an effective dimensionality reduction method, feature selection can remove the irrelevant variables and increase the accuracy in machine learning. In this paper, a feature selection method based on grouped sorting is proposed to solve the problem of high-dimensional data processing. As in this work, feature grouping is firstly carried out with the redundancy between the features as the group criteria and then we sort the features in each group by the classifying capacity. Finally we select the feature of the front rank in each group to constitute a new feature space. Through this, the redundant and irrelevant features are removed. We test the proposed method in numerical experiments on several data sets by different typical classifiers. The experimental results suggest that the method is effective. © 2016 IEEE.

Shang Z.,Zhengzhou University | Li M.,Zhengzhou University
Proceedings - 2016 9th International Symposium on Computational Intelligence and Design, ISCID 2016 | Year: 2017

Texture analysis is an important research content in pattern recognition and computer vision, and we can get important information from the image through it. As an important method in feature extraction and classification, texture analysis has a very wide range of applications in the field of scientific research and engineering technology. In order to solve the problem of image classification, feature extraction and selection are combined in texture analysis. Different methods of texture analysis are used to extract texture features and a texture feature selection method based on grouped sorting is proposed in this paper. As in that work, 42 different texture feature parameters are extracted and efficient less ones are selected by the proposed method to be used in the classification. The proposed method is tested in numerical experiments on the texture database and real tumor data set. The experimental results suggest that the method is effective. © 2016 IEEE.

Zhang D.,Zhengzhou University | Zhao Y.,Zhengzhou University
2016 14th International Conference on Control, Automation, Robotics and Vision, ICARCV 2016 | Year: 2016

Considering time-delay networked control systems with packet dropout and limited communication, the fault detection is studied via delta operator. Depicting the model of data losses as Bernoulli distribution and exploiting limited output channels for data transmission, an H∞ fault detection filter and a residual generator are developed on the basis of the state observer. Then, sufficient conditions for the residual systems to be asymptotically stable and ensure the H∞ performance index are given in terms of Lyapunov functional technique and linear matrix inequalities (LMIs) approach in delta domain. The designed filter can ensure that the residual signal is sensitive to failures. Finally, the applicability of the presented method is demonstrated by a simulation example. © 2016 IEEE.

Huang M.,Carleton University | Ma Y.,Zhengzhou University
2016 IEEE 55th Conference on Decision and Control, CDC 2016 | Year: 2016

This paper considers mean field games in a multi-agent Markov decision process (MDP) framework. Each player has a continuum state and binary action. By active control, a player can bring its state to a resetting point. All players are coupled through their cost functions. The structural property of the individual strategies is characterized in terms of threshold policies when the mean field game admits a solution. We further introduce a stationary equation system of the mean field game and provide numerical solutions. © 2016 IEEE.

Bai N.,Zhengzhou University
Blood Coagulation and Fibrinolysis | Year: 2017

Defects in the coagulation factor VIII gene cause haemophilia A, which is the most common X-linked recessive bleeding disorder. In total, 45 affected families were investigated to elucidate the factor VIII gene mutation spectrum. The families were subjected to clinical, biochemical, and molecular analyses. Inverse-shifting PCR was first applied to severe haemophilia A patients to identify inversions in introns 22 and 1. Then, next-generation sequencing was performed to detect mutations in inversion-negative patients with severe haemophilia A and moderate–mild haemophilia A patients. Finally, multiplex ligation-dependent probe amplification was utilized to identify rare cases with large fragment duplications or deletions in the factor VIII gene. In total, 41 mutations were identified, 19 of which (c.24C>A, c.49T>C, c.170_171delTT, c.533T>C, c.1126delG, c.1495delA, c.1660A>C, c.1736A>G, c.2711-2712insAATCT, c.3077C>G, c.3846delA, c.4238C>G, c.4349delG, c.4828G>C, c.5821A>C, c.6190C>T, c.6656T>C, c.6902T>G, and c.1904-2A>T) were novel and 80% (44/55) of the pathogenic mutations fell into the categories of missense (43.6%), nonsense (16.36%), frameshift (14.55%), and splice (5.45%) mutations. Additionally, 10 (18.18%) patients displayed inversions in intron 22 or 1 and one case (1.82%) exhibited a 3059-bp large fragment deletion in factor VIII. This study aimed to provide insight contributing to the genetic diagnosis of haemophilia A and to fill gaps in the factor VIII mutation spectrum in northern China. Copyright © 2017 YEAR Wolters Kluwer Health, Inc. All rights reserved.

Zhang H.,Zhengzhou University | Ma J.,Zhengzhou University
Proceedings of SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering | Year: 2017

Space moving object recognition and tracking is an important research topic in computer vision. It has broad application prospects in space exploration, detection of traffic flow, military field, automatic control and other fields. This paper aims to propose a new space target recognition algorithm, and use this algorithm to identify the motion trajectory simulation of a certain object in the universe. © 2017 SPIE.

Zhai L.-N.,Zhengzhou University | Wang J.,Zhengzhou University
World Chinese Journal of Digestology | Year: 2017

Gastrointestinal amyloidosis is a rare clinical entity. Here we report such a case in a 64-year-old woman who presented with periumbilical pain for half a year. Endoscopic examination revealed multiple red or yellow elevations in the gastrointestinal mucosa. Pathological biopsy revealed chronic mucosal inflammation with amyloidosis of the lamina propria. Congo red staining yielded a positive result. The patient was finally diagnosed with gastrointestinal amyloidosis. © The Author(s) 2017. Published by Baishideng Publishing Group Inc. All rights reserved.

Guo R.,Zhengzhou University | Xia Y.,Anhui University of Science and Technology | Xu Y.,Anhui University of Science and Technology
Journal of Computational Physics | Year: 2017

The goal of this paper is to develop a novel semi-implicit spectral deferred correction (SDC) time marching method. The method can be used in a large class of problems, especially for highly nonlinear ordinary differential equations (ODEs) without easily separating of stiff and non-stiff components, which is more general and efficient comparing with traditional semi-implicit SDC methods. The proposed semi-implicit SDC method is based on low order time integration methods and corrected iteratively. The order of accuracy is increased for each additional iteration. And we also explore its local truncation error analytically. This SDC method is intended to be combined with the method of lines, which provides a flexible framework to develop high order semi-implicit time marching methods for nonlinear partial differential equations (PDEs). In this paper we mainly focus on the applications of the nonlinear PDEs with higher order spatial derivatives, e.g. convection diffusion equation, the surface diffusion and Willmore flow of graphs, the Cahn–Hilliard equation, the Cahn–Hilliard–Brinkman system and the phase field crystal equation. Coupled with the local discontinuous Galerkin (LDG) spatial discretization, the fully discrete schemes are all high order accurate in both space and time, and stable numerically with the time step proportional to the spatial mesh size. Numerical experiments are carried out to illustrate the accuracy and capability of the proposed semi-implicit SDC method. © 2017 Elsevier Inc.

Zhu J.,Zhengzhou University | Tong L.,Zhengzhou University
Renewable Energy | Year: 2017

The vernacular architecture of cave dwelling is known for its use of local building materials and traditional heating system (Yaokang) for a comfortable indoor environment. However, it has not been proved by a quantitative evaluation study so far. A seven days short-term on-site monitoring was thus conducted in winter for evaluating the thermal performance and heating potential of Yaokang. Experimental results and Kang heating potential coefficient (KPC) proposed here indicate that the average heat emission per unit area of the Yaokang is between 45 and 80 W/m2, giving energy saving of around 59.4% for cave dwelling in cold area of China. Additionally, to assess the long-term thermal response characteristic of underground cave dwellings, a two-years continuous remote monitoring was carried out. And the monitoring results show that the indoor air temperature of cave dwellings ranges from 9 °C to 17.4 °C in winter and from 22.8 °C to 26.7 °C in summer. Conclusions drawn from this study lay a theoretical basis for low energy building design. © 2017 Elsevier Ltd

Li L.,Zhengzhou University | Wang Z.,Zhengzhou University
Acta Physica Polonica A | Year: 2017

We analyze thickness-shear vibrations of an at-cut quartz plate with elliptical electrodes. The electrodes are essentially optimal in the sense of Mindlin in that they approximately satisfy the criterion for the Bechmann number in every direction. The scalar differential equation derived by Tiersten and Smythe is used which allows us to obtain the overtone modes in addition to the fundamental modes.

Zhang Y.,Zhengzhou University | Pang J.,State Key Laboratory of Mathematical Engineering and Advance Computing
Proceedings - 2016 International Conference on Cyber-Enabled Distributed Computing and Knowledge Discovery, CyberC 2016 | Year: 2016

With the development of reverse engineering, the software industry has suffered a great loss from the software piracy and malicious attack for a long time. What is ridiculous is that code obfuscation techniques that originate from malware can hide specific function of a program from malicious analysis and is frequently employed to mitigate this risk. However, while most of today's obfuscation methods are language embedded and depend on the target architecture, we propose a method of compile-Time obfuscation and further present a prototype implementation based on the LLVM compiler infrastructure. Furthermore, the significantly progress in code analysis such as static analysis and dynamic analysis has made the former obfuscation methods ineffective. Thus, in our implementation, we aim at making reverse engineering considerably harder and improving the resistance against both static disassembling tools and dynamic reverse engineering at a reasonable performance loss. © 2016 IEEE.

Guo S.,Zhengzhou University | Yu S.,Soochow University of China
2016 IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Biomimetics, ROBIO 2016 | Year: 2016

in this paper the sparse A∗ algorithm (SAS) has been studied from the aspect of handling local traps. Firstly, SAS is briefly introduced and differences between the standard A∗ algorithm and SAS has been analyzed. The comparison shows that SAS is serious deficient in dealing with local traps, however it is very important for SAS to work in practical applications. Thirdly, a method to measure local traps is proposed. Based on this method, the efficiency of using different step lengths has been studied. Forth, a combined strategy to improve the performance of SAS is proposed, two simulation closed to real applications have proven the effectiveness of the proposed strategy. © 2016 IEEE.

News Article | May 5, 2017
Site: en.prnasia.com

WUXI, China, May 6, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- The final round of the 2017 ASC Student Supercomputer Challenge (ASC17) ended in Wuxi. Tsinghua University stood out from 20 teams from around the world after a fierce one-week competition, becoming grand champion and winning the prize. As the world's largest supercomputing competition, ASC17 received applications from 230 universities around the world, 20 of which got through to the final round held this week at the National Supercomputing Center in Wuxi after the qualifying rounds. During the final round, the university student teams were required to independently design a supercomputing system under the precondition of a limited 3000W power consumption. They also had to operate and optimize standard international benchmark tests and a variety of cutting-edge scientific and engineering applications including AI-based transport prediction, genetic assembly, and material science. Moreover, they were required to complete high-resolution maritime simulation on the world's fastest supercomputer, "Sunway TaihuLight". The grand champion, team Tsinghua University, completed deep parallel optimization of the high-resolution maritime data simulation mode MASNUM on TaihuLight, expanding the original program up to 10,000 cores and speeding up the program by 392 times. This helped the Tsinghua University team win the e Prize award. MASNUM was nominated in 2016 for the Gordon Bell Prize, the top international prize in the supercomputing applications field. The runner-up, Beihang University, gave an outstanding performance in the popular AI field. After constructing a supercomputing system which received massive training based on past big data of transportation provided by Baidu, their self-developed excellent deep neural network model yielded the most accurate prediction of road conditions during the morning peak. The first-time finalist, Weifang University team, constructed a highly optimized advanced heterogeneous supercomputing system with Inspur's supercomputing server, and ran the international HPL benchmark test, setting a new world record of 31.7 TFLOPS for float-point computing speed. The team turned out to be the biggest surprise of the event and won the award for best computing performance. Moreover, Ural Federal University, National Tsing Hua University, Northwestern Polytechnical University and Shanghai Jiao Tong University won the application innovation award. The popular choice award was shared by Saint-Petersburg State University and Zhengzhou University. "It is great to see the presence of global teams in this event," Jack Dongarra, the Chairman of the ASC Expert Committee, founder of the TOP500 list that ranks the 500 most powerful supercomputer systems in the world, and professor at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory of the United States and the University of Tennessee, said in an interview. "This event inspired students to gain advanced scientific knowledge. TaihuLight is an amazing platform for this event. Just imagine the interconnected computation of everyone's computer in a gymnasium housing 100,000 persons, and TaihuLight's capacity is 100 times of such a gym. This is something none of the teams will ever be able to experience again." According to Wang Endong, initiator of the ASC competition, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, and the chief scientist of Inspur Group, the rapid development of AI at the moment is significantly changing human society. At the core of such development are computing, data and algorithms. With this trend, supercomputers will become an important infrastructure for intelligent society in the future, and their speed of development and standards will be closely related to social development, improvement in livelihood, and progress of civilization. ASC competition is always committed to cultivating future-oriented, inter-disciplinary supercomputing talents to extend the benefits to the greater population. ASC17 is jointly organized by the Asian Supercomputing Community, Inspur Group, the National Supercomputing Center in Wuxi, and Zhengzhou University. Initiated by China, the ASC supercomputing challenge aims to be the platform to promote exchanges among young supercomputing talent from different countries and regions, as well as to groom young talent. It also aims to be the key driving force in promoting technological and industrial innovations by improving the standards in supercomputing applications and research. To view the original version on PR Newswire, visit:http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/tsinghua-university-won-asc17-championship-big-time-300452166.html

News Article | May 5, 2017
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The grand champion, team Tsinghua University, completed deep parallel optimization of the high-resolution maritime data simulation mode MASNUM on TaihuLight, expanding the original program up to 10,000 cores and speeding up the program by 392 times. This helped the Tsinghua University team win the e Prize award. MASNUM was nominated in 2016 for the Gordon Bell Prize, the top international prize in the supercomputing applications field. The runner-up, Beihang University, gave an outstanding performance in the popular AI field. After constructing a supercomputing system which received massive training based on past big data of transportation provided by Baidu, their self-developed excellent deep neural network model yielded the most accurate prediction of road conditions during the morning peak. The first-time finalist, Weifang University team, constructed a highly optimized advanced heterogeneous supercomputing system with Inspur's supercomputing server, and ran the international HPL benchmark test, setting a new world record of 31.7 TFLOPS for float-point computing speed. The team turned out to be the biggest surprise of the event and won the award for best computing performance. Moreover, Ural Federal University, National Tsing Hua University, Northwestern Polytechnical University and Shanghai Jiao Tong University won the application innovation award. The popular choice award was shared by Saint-Petersburg State University and Zhengzhou University. "It is great to see the presence of global teams in this event," Jack Dongarra, the Chairman of the ASC Expert Committee, founder of the TOP500 list that ranks the 500 most powerful supercomputer systems in the world, and professor at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory of the United States and the University of Tennessee, said in an interview. "This event inspired students to gain advanced scientific knowledge. TaihuLight is an amazing platform for this event. Just imagine the interconnected computation of everyone's computer in a gymnasium housing 100,000 persons, and TaihuLight's capacity is 100 times of such a gym. This is something none of the teams will ever be able to experience again." According to Wang Endong, initiator of the ASC competition, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, and the chief scientist of Inspur Group, the rapid development of AI at the moment is significantly changing human society. At the core of such development are computing, data and algorithms. With this trend, supercomputers will become an important infrastructure for intelligent society in the future, and their speed of development and standards will be closely related to social development, improvement in livelihood, and progress of civilization. ASC competition is always committed to cultivating future-oriented, inter-disciplinary supercomputing talents to extend the benefits to the greater population. ASC17 is jointly organized by the Asian Supercomputing Community, Inspur Group, the National Supercomputing Center in Wuxi, and Zhengzhou University. Initiated by China, the ASC supercomputing challenge aims to be the platform to promote exchanges among young supercomputing talent from different countries and regions, as well as to groom young talent. It also aims to be the key driving force in promoting technological and industrial innovations by improving the standards in supercomputing applications and research. To view the original version on PR Newswire, visit:http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/tsinghua-university-won-asc17-championship-big-time-300452166.html

Zhu X.-L.,Zhengzhou University | Wang Y.,Nanyang Technological University | Du X.,Shanghai University
Optimal Control Applications and Methods | Year: 2014

This paper studies the problem of stability analysis for continuous-time systems with two additive time-varying delay components. By taking the independence and the variation of the additive delay components into consideration, more general type of Lyapunov functionals are defined. Together with a tighter estimation of the upper bound of the cross-product terms derived from the derivatives of the Lyapunov functionals, less conservative delay-dependent stability criteria are established in terms of LMIs. Combining with a reciprocally convex combination technique, the newly obtained stability conditions are also less complex. Two numerical examples are given to illustrate the effectiveness and the significant improvement of the proposed method. © 2013 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.

Dang Y.,Peking University | Dang Y.,Zhengzhou University | Zhang C.,Peking University | Zhu Y.,Zhengzhou University
Clinical Interventions in Aging | Year: 2015

In the developed world, age-related macular degeneration (AMD) is one of the major causes of irreversible blindness in the elderly. Although management of neovascular AMD (wet AMD) has dramatically progressed, there is still no effective treatment for nonneovascular AMD (dry AMD), which is characterized by retinal pigment epithelial (RPE) cell death (or dysfunction) and microenvironmental disruption in the retina. Therefore, RPE replacement and microenvironmental regulation represent viable treatments for dry AMD. Recent advances in cell biology have demonstrated that RPE cells can be easily generated from several cell types (pluripotent stem cells, multipotent stem cells, or even somatic cells) by spontaneous differentiation, coculturing, defined factors or cell reprogramming, respectively. Additionally, in vivo studies also showed that the restoration of visual function could be obtained by transplanting functional RPE cells into the subretinal space of recipient. More importantly, clinical trials approved by the US government have shown promising prospects in RPE transplantation. However, key issues such as implantation techniques, immune rejection, and xeno-free techniques are still needed to be further investigated. This review will summarize recent advances in cell transplantation for dry AMD. The obstacles and prospects in this field will also be discussed. © 2015 Dang et al.

Weng S.,Guangdong University of Technology | Chu S.-C.,University of South Australia | Cai N.,Guangdong University of Technology | Zhan R.,Zhengzhou University
Journal of Information Hiding and Multimedia Signal Processing | Year: 2013

By employing invariant relation between the mean value of the first (n - 1) pixels and the last one pixel (also called the remaining pixel) for every image block containing n pixels, a new reversible watermark scheme capable of mostly carrying 2n-3 bits into one n-sized image block in a single embedding process is presented in this paper. First, the mean value of the first (n - 1) pixel is calculated. Next, the difference value between the last one pixel and this obtained mean value is applied to distinguish which classification (i.e., smooth or complex sub-block) any sub-block belongs to. Consequently, it is determined to embed (n - 2) bits or 2(n - 2) bits into each sub-block according to its final classification results. And meanwhile, the mean value is reapplied to predict this last one pixel. 1-bit watermark is embedded into this last one pixel in accordance with the magnitude of prediction-error value. By multi-employing invariability of the mean value of (n-1) pixels, the embedding rate can approach to (2 - 3/n) bpp (bit per pixel) for a single embedding process. Meanwhile, the embedding distortion is greatly controlled by embedding more bits into smooth image blocks and fewer bits into the other blocks with complex texture. Experimental results reveal the proposed scheme is effective. © 2013.

Yan Y.,Zhengzhou University | Yan Y.,Nanjing Southeast University | Meng Q.,National University of Singapore | Wang S.,National University of Singapore | Guo X.,Nanjing Southeast University
Transportation Research Part C: Emerging Technologies | Year: 2012

The time control point strategy is often adopted by bus operators in China and Singapore to provide more reliable transit service. It is thus important to design a schedule, in which bus drivers should devote their efforts to catch up a scheduled arrival time at a predetermined time control point on a bus route because passengers can definitely benefit from a reliable bus route schedule. This paper first proposes a novel reliable bus route schedule design problem by taking into account the bus travel time uncertainty and the bus drivers' schedule recovery efforts. It proceeds to develop a robust optimization model for the proposed problem, which aims to minimize the sum of the expected value of the random schedule deviation and its variability multiplied by a weighting value. A Monte Carlo simulation based solution method is subsequently designed to solve the robust optimization model. Finally, a numerical example based on a real bus route in Suzhou city of China is carried out to demonstrate the strength of the robust optimization model. We find that the optimal scheduled travel time (or slack time) depends on bus drivers' schedule recovery behavior and on decision makers' scheduling philosophies. © 2012 Elsevier Ltd.

Xie X.,Huazhong University of Science and Technology | Yue D.,Huazhong University of Science and Technology | Yue D.,Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications | Zhu X.,Zhengzhou University
IEEE Transactions on Fuzzy Systems | Year: 2014

This paper is concerned with further studies on the control synthesis of discrete-time nonlinear systems in the Takagi - Sugeno (T-S) fuzzy form. To do this, a novel slack variable technique is presented by developing some useful matrix equalities, which are homogenous polynomially parameter-dependent on both the current-time normalized fuzzy weighting functions and the past-time normalized fuzzy weighting functions. Under the framework of homogenous matrix polynomials, the algebraic properties of both the current-time normalized fuzzy weighting functions and the past-time normalized fuzzy weighting functions are collected for the first time into sets of united collection matrices. Consequently, the relaxation quality of control synthesis of discrete-time T-S fuzzy systems is improved, i.e., the convergence of asymptotically necessary and sufficient stabilization conditions is further sped up. Finally, a numerical example is provided to illustrate the effectiveness of the proposed result. © 1993-2012 IEEE.

Ren J.L.,Zhengzhou University | Chen C.,Zhengzhou University | Liu Z.Y.,Shanghai University | Li R.,Beihang University | Wang G.,Shanghai University
Physical Review B - Condensed Matter and Materials Physics | Year: 2012

Changes in intermittent serrated flow behavior during plastic deformation of Zr 64.13Cu 15.75Ni 10.12Al 10, a representative glassy metal with characteristic ductility, in response to variant strain rates and temperatures were examined. The influence of strain rates and environmental temperatures on the stress-time sequence of the plastic strain regime was investigated using comprehensive dynamical, statistical, and multifractal analyses. Three distinct spatiotemporal dynamical regimes were explored. Under small strain rates or high temperatures, the time-stress sequence exhibited a chaotic behavior. Conversely, under large strain rates or low temperatures, a transition to the self-organized critical state was observed. In addition to chaotic time series and statistical analysis, multifractal analysis was also applied to study the crossover between these two unique plastic dynamic transitions. This plastic dynamical behavior was elucidated based on the interactions between shear avalanches in the glassy metal. © 2012 American Physical Society.

Wang F.,Zhengzhou University
Shuili Fadian Xuebao/Journal of Hydroelectric Engineering | Year: 2012

In this paper, an optimal model is developed to simulate the year-end water level of a multi-year regulating storage reservoir in a cascade reservoirs system. This model considers power market environments and long-term scheduling of power generation, and is solved with a co-evolution differential evolution algorithm. Its effectiveness and reliability are verified through an application to the Wujiang cascade reservoirs. This study provides a theoretical basis for calculation of optimal scheduling of the cascade reservoirs in power market environments.

Bai Y.-F.,Zhengzhou University | Xu T.-B.,Zhengzhou University | Luong J.H.T.,University College Cork | Cui H.-F.,Zhengzhou University
Analytical Chemistry | Year: 2014

A planar boron-doped diamond (BDD) electrode was treated with KOH and functionalized with 3-aminopropyltriethoxysilane (APTES) to serve as a biosensing platform for biomolecule immobilization with glucose oxidase (GOx) as a test model. The free amino groups of GOx and APTES were cross-linked by glutaraldehyde (X), a bifunctional chemical to form a stable enzyme layer (GOx-X-APTES) on BDD. Micrographs obtained by scanning electron microscopy revealed that a mesoporous structure uniformly covered the BDD surface. Cyclic voltammetry of GOx immobilized showed a pair of well-defined redox peaks in neutral phosphate buffer solution, corresponding to the direct electron transfer of GOx. The apparent heterogeneous electron transfer rate constant of the immobilized GOx was estimated to be 8.85 ± 0.47 s-1, considerably higher than the literature reported values. The determination of glucose was carried out by amperometry at -0.40 V, and the developed biosensor showed good reproducibility and stability with a detection limit of 20 μM. Both ascorbic and uric acids at normal physiological conditions did not provoke any signals. The dynamic range of glucose detection was further extended by covering the enzyme electrode with a thin Nafion layer. The Nafion/GOx-X-APTES/ BDD biosensor showed excellent stability, a detection limit of 30 μM, a linear range between 35 μM and 8 mM, and a dynamic range up to 14 mM. Such analytical performances were compared favorably with other complicated sensing schemes using nanomaterials, redox polymers, and nanowires. The APTES-functionalized BDD could be easily extended to immobilize other redox enzymes or proteins of interests. © 2014 American Chemical Society.

Li Y.,Zhengzhou University | Li Y.,University of Oslo | Zhou Y.,University of Oslo | Danbolt N.C.,University of Oslo
Journal of Histochemistry and Cytochemistry | Year: 2012

Glutamate transporters (GLT-1, GLAST, EAAC1) limit the actions of excitatory amino acids. Because a disturbed transporter operation can cause or aggravate neurological diseases, transporters are of considerable neuropathological interest. Human samples, however, are seldom obtained fresh. Here, we used mice brains to study how fast glutamate transporters are degraded after death. Immunoblots showed that terminal GLT-1 epitopes (within residues 1-26 and 518-573) had mostly disappeared after 24 hr. GLAST termini (1-25 and 522-543) degraded slightly slower. In contrast, epitopes within central parts of GLT-1 (493-508) and the EAAC1 C-terminus (510-523) were readily detectable after 72 hr. The decline in immunoreactivity of the GLT-1 and GLAST termini was also seen in tissue sections, but proteolysis did not happen synchronously in all cells. At 24 hr, scattered cells remained strongly immunopositive, while the majority of cells were completely immunonegative. GLAST and GLT-1 co-localized in neocortical tissue, but at 12 hr, many GLAST-positive cells had lost the GLT-1 termini. The uneven disappearance of labeling was not observed with the antibodies to GLT-1 residues 493-508. The immunoreactivity to this epitope correlated better with the reported glutamate uptake activity. Thus, postmortem delay may affect epitopes differently, possibly causing erroneous conclusions about relative expression levels. © The Author(s) 2012.

Ding J.,Zhengzhou University
2012 International Conference on Systems and Informatics, ICSAI 2012 | Year: 2012

The SLA auto-management technology is an emerging research field and it is important for the construction of next generation computing environment under the background of SOA and cloud computing. In this paper, we at first review 28 recent works focused on SLA management and analyze the requirements of SLA auto-management, and then we define a complete lifecycle for SLA auto-management, and discuss details of every stage in that lifecycle, at last, we propose a research agenda towards the establishment of SLA contract for service compositions. © 2012 IEEE.

Zhang J.,Zhengzhou University | Critchley L.A.H.,Chinese University of Hong Kong | Huang L.,Peking University
British Journal of Anaesthesia | Year: 2015

Background Different mathematical approaches are used to calculate arterial pulse pressure wave analysis (PPWA) cardiac output. The CardioQ-Combi is a research oesophageal Doppler (COODM) monitor that includes these five fundamental PPWA algorithms. We compared these PPWA cardiac output readings to COODM and suprasternal USCOM Doppler (COUS) over a range of cardiac output values induced by dopamine infusion in patients undergoing major surgery. USCOM acted as a control. Methods Serial sets of cardiac output data were recorded at regular intervals as cardiac output increased. Formulae included: cardiac output calculated form systemic vascular resistance (COMAP), pulse pressure (COPP), Liljestrand-Zander formula (COLZ), alternating current power (COAC) and systolic area with Kouchoukos correction (COSA). The reference method for comparisons was COODM. Statistical methods included: Scatter plots (correlation), Bland-Altman (agreement) and concordance (trending) and polar (trending). Results From 20 patients 255 sets of cardiac output comparative data were collected. Mean cardiac output for each method ranged between 5.0 and 5.5 litre min-1. For comparisons between COUS and the five PPWA algorithms with COODM: Correlation was best with COUS (R2=0.81) followed by COLZ (R2=0.72). Bias ranged between 0.1 and 0.5 litre min-1. Percentage error was lowest with COUS (26.4%) followed by COLZ (35.2%), others (40.7 to 56.3%). Concordance was best with COUS (92%), followed by COLZ (71%), others (64 to 66%). Polar analysis (mean(standard deviation)) were best with COUS (-2.7 (21.1)), followed by COLZ (+4.7 (26.6). Conclusions The Liljestrand-Zander PPWA formula was most reliable compared with oesophageal Doppler in major surgical patients under general anaesthesia, but not better than USCOM. © 2015 The Author.

Kuo H.-Y.,National Chiao Tung University | Pan E.,Zhengzhou University
Journal of Applied Physics | Year: 2011

Rayleigh's formalism is generalized for the evaluation of the effective material properties in multicoated circular fibrous multiferroic composites. The derived solution is applied to the special three-phase composite in which coated fibers are embedded in a matrix. For composites made of piezoelectric (BaTiO3) and piezomagnetic (CoFe2O4 or Terfenol-D) phases, we find that the magnetoelectric effect in the composite made of CoFe2O4 coated BaTiO3 in matrix Terfenol-D is five times larger than that in the composite made of BaTiO 3 coated Terfenol-D in matrix CoFe2O4. Furthermore, in each case, with appropriate coating to the circular fiber, the magnetoelectric effect in the coated composites can be enhanced by more than one order of magnitude as compared to the corresponding noncoating composite. © 2011 American Institute of Physics.

Tian F.,Zhengzhou University | Yourek G.,DL Biotech United States | Shi X.,Shanghai University | Yang Y.,Shanghai University
Biochimica et Biophysica Acta - Reviews on Cancer | Year: 2014

Wilms tumor recapitulates the development of the kidney and represents a unique opportunity to understand the relationship between normal and tumor development. This has been illustrated by the findings that mutations of Wnt/β-catenin pathway-related WT1, β-catenin, and WTX together account for about one-third of Wilms tumor cases. While intense efforts are being made to explore the genetic basis of the other two-thirds of tumor cases, it is worth noting that, epigenetic changes, particularly the loss of imprinting of the DNA region encoding the major fetal growth factor IGF2, which results in its biallelic over-expression, are closely associated with the development of many Wilms tumors. Recent investigations also revealed that mutations of Drosha and Dicer, the RNases required for miRNA generation, and Dis3L2, the 3'-5' exonuclease that normally degrades miRNAs and mRNAs, could cause predisposition to Wilms tumors, demonstrating that miRNA can play a pivotal role in Wilms tumor development. Interestingly, Lin28, a direct target of miRNA let-7 and potent regulator of stem cell self-renewal and differentiation, is significantly elevated in some Wilms tumors, and enforced expression of Lin28 during kidney development could induce Wilms tumor. With the success in establishing mice nephroblastoma models through over-expressing IGF2 and deleting WT1, and advances in understanding the ENU-induced rat model, we are now able to explore the molecular and cellular mechanisms induced by these genetic, epigenetic, and miRNA alterations in animal models to understand the development of Wilms tumor. These animal models may also serve as valuable systems to assess new treatment targets and strategies for Wilms tumor. © 2014 Elsevier B.V.

Zhang L.,Peking University | Zhang W.-H.,Zhengzhou University | Wang P.-Y.,Peking University
Obesity Facts | Year: 2011

Objective: This study aims to estimate the up-to-date prevalence of overweight/obesity in the suburban area of Beijing, China, and its associations with hypertension, diabetes, dyslipidemia, and metabolic syndrome (MetS). Methods: A cross-sectional survey in 19,003 suburban adults was carried out in Beijing, 2007. Overweight and obesity class 1, 2, and 3 were defined as a body mass index (BMI) of 25.0-29.9, 30.0-34.9, 35.0-39.9, and ≥ 40 kg/m 2, respectively. Results: The age-standardized prevalence of overweight/obesity was 31.9% in the study. With increasing BMI, the prevalence of hypertension, diabetes, dyslipidemia, and MetS also increased. With normal body weight as reference, the adjusted odds ratio (95% confidence interval) of hypertension for overweight and obesity class 1-3 was 2.5 (2.2-2.7), 3.1 (2.8-3.4), 3.6 (3.1-4.3), and 4.5 (4.0-5.2), respectively. The same trend was observed for diabetes and MetS. For dyslipidemia, however, participants with obesity class 2 had the highest odds ratio. Conclusion: The prevalence of hypertension, diabetes, dyslipidemia, and MetS increases with increasing BMI. Overweight/obesity is an important risk factor for these diseases. To reduce the social burden of these obesity-related diseases, effective strategies for the prevention of overweight/obesity should be implemented. Copyright © 2011 S. Karger AG, Basel.

Xu H.W.,Shanghai University | Xu H.W.,Shanghai JiaoTong University | Yu S.Q.,Zhengzhou University | Mei C.L.,Zhengzhou University | Li M.H.,Shanghai University
Stroke | Year: 2011

Background and Purpose-The association of autosomal-dominant polycystic kidney disease (ADPKD) with intracranial aneurysm (ICAN) is well known but little is known about the characteristics of ICAN in ADPKD. The purpose of this study was to investigate the prevalence and characteristics of ICAN in ADPKD. Methods-We screened 355 patients with ADPKD (mean age, 46.5±13.2 years; range, 7 to 87 years) with 3-dimensional time-of-flight MR angiography. Size, location, and morphology of aneurysms were assessed. The prevalence and characteristics of ICAN in patients with ADPKD were evaluated. Patients with ICAN found by MR angiography and moderate renal function subsequently were recommended to undergo digital subtraction angiography for comparison. Results-The prevalence of ICAN in ADPKD was 12.4% (95% CI, 8.95% to 15.82%) with an equal gender distribution. The prevalence increased as age increased, reaching a peak value of 23.3% (95% CI, 16.85 to 29.75%) in the 60- to 69-year age group. The prevalence of ICAN in patients with ADPKD with a positive family history of hemorrhagic stroke or ICAN was higher than patients with ADPKD lacking such family history (relative risk, 1.968; 95% CI, 1.57 to 2.67). The mean diameter of ICAN was 3.85±3.25 mm. The most frequent site of ICAN was the internal carotid artery. The result of digital subtraction angiography of 15 patients with 18 ICANs and moderate renal function corresponded to the detection of MR angiography. Conclusion-The characteristics of ICAN in patients with ADPKD were different from some previous reports. Systematic screening of ICAN with 3-dimensional time-of-flight MR angiography is recommended for patients with ADPKD, particularly for adult patients (±30 years) or patients with a positive family history of hemorrhagic stroke or ICAN. © 2010 American Heart Association, Inc.

Hou L.,China Pharmaceutical University | Hou L.,Zhengzhou University | Yao J.,China Pharmaceutical University | Zhou J.,China Pharmaceutical University | Zhang Q.,Peking University
Biomaterials | Year: 2012

Amphiphilic low molecular weight heparin-all-trans-retinoid acid (LHR) conjugate, as a drug carrier for cancer therapy, was found to have markedly low toxicity and to form self-assembled nanoparticles for simultaneous delivery of paclitaxel (PTX) and all-trans-retinoid acid (ATRA) in our previous study. In the present study, PTX-loaded LHR nanoparticles were prepared and demonstrated a spherical shape with particle size of 108.9 nm. Cellular uptake analysis suggested rapid internalization and nuclear transport of LHR nanoparticles. In order to investigate the dynamic behaviors and targeting ability of LHR nanoparticles on tumor-bearing mice, near-infrared fluorescent (NIFR) dye DiR was encapsulated into the nanoparticles for ex vivo optical imaging. The results indicated that LHR nanoparticles could enhance the targeting and residence time in tumor site. Furthermore, in vivo biodistribution study also showed that the area under the plasma concentration time curve (AUC (0→inf)) values of PTX and ATRA for PTX-loaded LHR nanoparticles in tumor were 1.56 and 1.62-fold higher than those for PTX plus ATRA solution. Finally, PTX-loaded LHR nanoparticles demonstrated greater tumor growth inhibition effect in vivo without unexpected side effects, compared to PTX solution and PTX plus ATRA solution. These results suggest that PTX-loaded LHR nanoparticles can be considered as promising targeted delivery system for combination cancer chemotherapy to improve therapeutic efficacy and minimize adverse effects. © 2012 Elsevier Ltd.

Cheng P.-S.,Chinese University of Hong Kong | Marivel S.,Chinese University of Hong Kong | Zang S.-Q.,Zhengzhou University | Mak T.C.W.,Chinese University of Hong Kong
Crystal Growth and Design | Year: 2012

Nine silver(I) complexes bearing the phenylethynide ligand and different ancillary anions, namely, double salts AgC≡CPh•AgNO 3 (1), 2AgC≡CPh•AgNO 3 (2), [Ag 5(C≡CPh) 4(DMSO) 2]X [X = BF 4 (3A), ClO 4 (3B), PF 6 (3C), AsF 6 (3D), SbF 6 (3E)], 2AgC≡CPh•5AgO 2CCF 3•4DMSO (4), and a triple salt 10AgC≡CPh•2AgOTf•AgNO 3•3DMSO (5), have been synthesized and shown to possess coordination frameworks that are assembled with the supramolecular synthon Ph-C≡C⊃Ag n (n = 3, 4, 5). Different argentophilic layers are found in nitrate complexes 1 and 2, which are crystallized from water and mixed water/DMSO, respectively. Difficulty was encountered in growing quality crystals of complexes 3A-3E, 4, and 5 bearing weakly coordinating anions, but DMSO proved to be a good solvent for crystallization by functioning as a coligand. The isostructural compounds 3A-3E exhibit the same type of pseudohexagonal packing of infinite silver columns, with the ancillary anionic component filling the intervening space and linking adjacent columns via weak hydrogen bonds. Three-dimensional supramolecular frameworks based on similar packing of silver chains and columns, respectively, are found in double salt 4 and triple salt 5. © 2012 American Chemical Society.

He D.,Wuhan University | Wang D.,Peking University | Wu S.,Zhengzhou University
Information Technology and Control | Year: 2013

Recently, Chen et al. [B. Chen, W. Kuo, L. Wuu, A secure password-based remote user authentication scheme without smart cards, Information Technology and Control 41(1) (2012) 53-59] proposed a secure password-based remote user authentication scheme without smart cards and claimed that their scheme could withstand various attacks. Although Chen et al.'s scheme has many benefits, we find that it is vulnerable to the device stolen attack and the privileged insider attack. We also find that their scheme does not support perfect forward secrecy and no key control. Therefore, we propose an improved scheme to overcome weaknesses and maintain the benefits of the original scheme.

Alvarez M.,University of California at Davis | Sun K.,University of California at Davis | Sun K.,Zhengzhou University | Murphy W.J.,University of California at Davis
Blood | Year: 2016

Natural killer (NK) cells exist as subsets based on expression of inhibitory receptors that recognize major histocompatibility complex I (MHCI) molecules. NK cell subsets bearing MHCI binding receptors for self-MHCI have been termedas "licensed" and exhibitahigher ability to respond to stimuli. In the context of bone marrow transplantation (BMT), host licensed-NK (L-NK) cells have also been demonstrated to be responsible for the acute rejection of allogeneic and MHCI-deficient BM cells (BMCs)in mice after lethal irradiation. However, the role of recipient unlicensed-NK (U-NK) cells has not been well established with regard to allogeneic BMC resistance. After NK cell stimulation, the prior depletion of host L-NK cells resulted in a marked increase of donor engraftment compared with the untreated group. Surprisingly, this increased donor engraftment was reduced after total host NK cell depletion, indicating that U-NK cells can actually promote donor allogeneic BMC engraftment. Furthermore, direct coculture of U-NK cells with allogeneic but not syngeneic BMCs resulted in increased colonyforming unit cell growth in vitro, which was at least partially mediated by granulocyte macrophage colony-stimulating factor (GM-CSF) production. These data demonstrate that host NK cell subsets exert markedly different roles in allogeneic BMC engraftment where host L- and U-NK cells reject or promote donor allogeneic BMC engraftment, respectively. © 2016 by The American Society of Hematology.

Liang Z.,Zhengzhou University | Xue W.,Shanghai University | Lin K.,Shanghai University | Gong H.,Shanghai University
Organic Letters | Year: 2014

Methylation of unactivated alkyl halides and acid chlorides under Ni-catalyzed reductive coupling conditions led to efficient formation of methylated alkanes and ketones using methyl p-methyl tosylate as the methylation reagent. Moderate to excellent coupling yields as well as excellent functional group tolerance were observed under the present mild and easy-to-operate reaction conditions. © 2014 American Chemical Society.

Zhengzhou University | Date: 2010-04-21

The present invention provides 2-fluorine-4-substituted-nucleoside analogues or their pro-drugs or 5-phosphate esters (including the pro-drugs of the 5-phosphate esters), preparation methods and uses thereof. The compounds have the general formula as follows:_(3), CH, N_(3), CCH;R = H, F;X = F, OH, NH_(2);Y = H, CH_(3), F, OH, NH_(2) The compounds are used in the synthesis of drugs for the treatment of virus infection, especially for the treatment of HBV, HCV or HIV infection.

Copper-mediated selective mono- or diaryloxylation of benzamides has been achieved by using 2-aminopyridine 1-oxide as a new and removable N,O-bidentate directing group. The reaction system shows a broad substrate scope and provides a straightforward way for the synthesis of mono- and diaryloxylated benzoic acids. © 2014 American Chemical Society.

News Article | December 8, 2016
Site: www.eurekalert.org

A diet rich in magnesium may reduce the risk of diseases including coronary heart disease, stroke and type-2 diabetes according to a new meta-analysis published in the open access journal BMC Medicine. This analysis of the evidence on dietary magnesium and health outcomes is the largest to date, involving data from more than one million people across nine countries. The researchers, from Zhejiang University and Zhengzhou University in China, found that people in the highest category of dietary magnesium consumption had a 10% lower risk of coronary heart disease, 12% lower risk of stroke and a 26% lower risk of type-2 diabetes compared to those in the lowest category. Their results also indicate that an extra 100mg per day of dietary magnesium could also reduce risk of stroke by 7% and type-2 diabetes by 19%. Dr Fudi Wang, lead author from the School of Public Health at Zhejiang University, said: "Low levels of magnesium in the body have been associated with a range of diseases but no conclusive evidence has been put forward on the link between dietary magnesium and health risks. Our meta-analysis provides the most up-to-date evidence supporting a link between the role of magnesium in food and reducing the risk of disease." Dr Wang added: "The current health guidelines recommend a magnesium intake of around 300mg per day for men and 270mg per day for women. Despite this, magnesium deficiency is relatively common, affecting between 2.5% and 15% of the general population. Our findings will be important for informing the public and policy makers on dietary guidelines to reduce magnesium deficiency related health risks." Magnesium is vital for human health and normal biological functions including glucose metabolism, protein production and synthesis of nucleic acids such as DNA. Diet is the main source of magnesium as the element can be found in foods such as spices, nuts, beans, cocoa, whole grains and green leafy vegetables. In this analysis, data from 40 epidemiological studies covering a period from 1999 to 2016 were used to investigate associations between dietary magnesium and various diseases. In all the studies, levels of dietary magnesium were determined using a self-reported food frequency questionnaire or a 24-hour dietary recall. As the levels of magnesium used to define categories varied widely between the studies, the researchers performed a dose-response analysis for the effect of each 100mg per day increase of dietary magnesium. This meta-analysis involves observational studies meaning that it is not possible to rule out the effect of other biological or lifestyle factors influencing the results. It is also not possible to determine if magnesium is directly responsible for reducing disease risk. However, the large size of this analysis provides robust data that were stable when adjusting for gender and study location. The authors state that their findings reinforce the notion that increased consumption of magnesium rich foods could be beneficial for overall health. 1. Research article: Dietary magnesium intake and risk of cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, and allcause mortality: A dose-response meta-analysis of prospective cohort studies Fudi Wang et al. BMC Medicine 2016 During embargo period please contact Matthew Lam for the full article. After the embargo lifts, the article will be available at the journal website here: https:/ Please name the journal in any story you write. If you are writing for the web, please link to the article. All articles are available free of charge, according to BioMed Central's open access policy. 2. With an ethos of transparency and accessibility, BMC Medicine is an open access, open peer-reviewed general medical journal publishing outstanding and influential research in all areas of clinical practice, translational medicine, public health, policy, and general topics of interest to the biomedical research community. As the flagship medical journal of the BMC series, we also publish stimulating debates and reviews as well as unique forum articles and concise tutorials. 3. BioMed Central is an STM (Science, Technology and Medicine) publisher which has pioneered the open access publishing model. All peer-reviewed research articles published by BioMed Central are made immediately and freely accessible online, and are licensed to allow redistribution and reuse. BioMed Central is part of Springer Nature, a major new force in scientific, scholarly, professional and educational publishing, created in May 2015 through the combination of Nature Publishing Group, Palgrave Macmillan, Macmillan Education and Springer Science+Business Media. http://www.

Qin Q.,Zhengzhou University | Qin Q.,Zhongyuan University of Technology | Zhang R.,Zhengzhou University | Zhang R.,Zhengzhou Institute of Aeronautical Industry Management
Electrochimica Acta | Year: 2013

The conical nanotube structure of polyaniline (PANI) was facilely synthesized on indium tin oxide (ITO) conducting polyethylene terephthalate (PET) substrates via electrochemical polymerization method. The tubular morphology of PANI was confirmed by SEM and TEM images. It was observed that one side of PANI conical nanotube was a sharp closed tip, and the other was a circular open tube. In addition, the nanosheets, nanofibers and nanorods of PANI were observed by SEM with polymerization potentials varying from 2.0 V to 2.6 V. The resulting materials were also characterized by four-probe instrument, FTIR, cyclic voltammetry, and photoelectric measurement. Then the results showed that the optimal efficiency of dye sensitized solar cell (DSSC) with flexible PANI/ITO-PET counter electrode at 2.4 V reached to 0.86%, owing to the unique conical nanotube structure, excellent photoelectric property and high electrochemical activity of this PANI electrode. Therefore, the PANI/ITO-PET electrode can be applied as promising flexible electrode materials for DSSCs. © 2012 Elsevier Ltd. All Rights Reserved.

Xu D.,Zhengzhou University | Xu Q.,Zhengzhou University | Wang K.,Zhengzhou University | Chen J.,University of Wollongong | Chen Z.,Zhengzhou University
ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces | Year: 2014

A hierarchical high-performance electrode with nanoacanthine-style polyaniline (PANI) deposited onto a carbon nanofiber/graphene oxide (CNF/GO) template was successfully prepared via an in situ polymerization process. The morphology analysis shows that introducing one-dimensional (1D) CNF could significantly decrease/inhibit the staking of laminated GO to form an open-porous CNF/GO architecture. Followed with in situ facial deposition of PANI, the as-synthesized PANI modified CNF/GO exhibits three-dimensional (3D) hierarchical layered nanoarchitecture, which favors the diffusion of the electrolyte ions into the inner region of active materials. The hierarchical free-standing electrodes were directly fabricated into sandwich structured supercapacitors using 1 M H2SO4 as the electrolyte showing a significant specific capacitance of 450.2 F/g at the voltage scan rate of 10 mV/s. The electrochemical properties of the hierarchical structure can be further improved by a reduction procedure of GO before the deposition of PANI. © 2013 American Chemical Society.

Cai Y.,Japan international Research Center for Agricultural science | Yang J.,Hainan University | Pang H.,Zhengzhou University | Kitahara M.,RIKEN
International Journal of Systematic and Evolutionary Microbiology | Year: 2011

Three strains of lactic acid bacteria, designated NJ 317 T, NJ 414 and NJ 415, were isolated from the outer leaves of Chinese cabbages (Brassica rapa L. var. glabra Regel) and characterized taxonomically. The strains were Gram-reaction-positive, catalase-negative, facultatively anaerobic cocci that did not produce gas from glucose and formed L-lactic acid. The major fatty acids were C 18:1ω9c, C 16:0, C 14:0 and summed feature 10. Morphological, physiological and phylogenetic data indicated that the strains belonged to the genus Lactococcus. These strains shared similar phenotypic characteristics and exhibited DNA relatedness values>96.6%to each other, indicating that they represent a single species. The DNA G+C contents of the three strains were 42.1- 42.5 mol%. 16S rRNA gene sequences of the novel strains were determined and aligned with those of other species of the genus Lactococcus. On the basis of phylogenetic analysis the three strains grouped with other members of the genus Lactococcus. Lactococcus lactis and Lactococcus garvieae were the most closely related species, sharing a sequence similarity value of 94.4% with the three strains. Ribotyping patterns, however, revealed that these strains were well-separated from reference strains of species of the genus Lactococcus and DNA-DNA hybridization studies indicated that the novel strains had low levels (<20.2%) of DNA relatedness with reference strains of L. lactis, L. garvieae and other type strains of previously described species, showing that they represent a different species. Based on this evidence, strains NJ 317 T, NJ 414 and NJ 415 represent a novel species of the genus Lactococcus, for which the name Lactococcus fujiensis sp. nov. is proposed. The type strain is NJ 317 T (=JCM16395 T =CGMCC 1.10453 T). © 2011 IUMS.

Wang Z.,Zhengzhou University | Wang H.,North China University of Water Conservancy and Electric Power | Liu J.,Zhengzhou University | Zhang Y.,Zhengzhou University
Desalination | Year: 2014

Polyethersulfone ultrafiltration hybrid membrane containing halloysite nanotubes grafted with 2-methacryloyloxyethyl phosphorylcholine (HNTs-MPC) was prepared via phase inversion method for the purpose of enhancing the antifouling property of the membrane. HNTs-MPC were synthesized by chemical modification of HNTs with MPC via reverse atom transfer radical polymerization (RATRP). The performance and morphology of the membranes were characterized by water contact angle and SEM. The hybrid membrane was shown to be more hydrophilic with a higher pure water flux. The thickness of the thin separating layer on the top tended to decrease with the addition of HNTs-MPC. The BSA adsorption experiment indicated that the adsorption amounts of bovine serum albumin (BSA) on the membrane were dramatically decreased. BSA ultrafiltration experiment also showed that the antifouling ability of the membrane with the addition of HNTs-MPC was better than the pure PES membrane. Meanwhile, the long term ultrafiltration experiment showed that the hybrid membrane had an ideal stability. © 2014 Elsevier B.V.

Wang J.,Zhengzhou University | Yuan B.,Zhengzhou University | Yuan B.,North China University of Water Conservancy and Electric Power | Fan C.,Zhengzhou University | And 4 more authors.
Optics Express | Year: 2013

A novel planar plasmonic metamaterial for electromagnetically induced transparency and slow light characteristic is presented in this paper, which consists of nanoring and nanorod compound structures. Two bright modes in the metamaterial are induced by the electric dipole resonance inside nanoring and nanorod, respectively. The coupling between two bright modes introduces transparency window and large group index. By adjusting the geometric parameters of metamaterial structure, the transmittance of EIT window at 385 THz is about 60%, and the corresponding group index and Q factor can reach up to 1.2 × 103 and 97, respectively, which has an important application in slow-light device, active plasmonic switch, SERS and optical sensing. © 2013 Optical Society of America.

Mills K.T.,Tulane University | Xu Y.,Tulane University | Xu Y.,Shanghai JiaoTong University | Zhang W.,Zhengzhou University | And 5 more authors.
Kidney International | Year: 2015

Chronic kidney disease (CKD) is a major risk factor for end-stage renal disease, cardiovascular disease, and premature death. Here we estimated the global prevalence and absolute burden of CKD in 2010 by pooling data from population-based studies. We searched MEDLINE (January 1990 to December 2014), International Society of Nephrology Global Outreach Program-funded projects, and bibliographies of retrieved articles and selected 33 studies reporting gender- and age-specific prevalence of CKD in representative population samples. The age-standardized global prevalence of CKD stages 1-5 in adults aged 20 and older was 10.4% in men (95% confidence interval 9.3-11.9%) and 11.8% in women (11.2-12.6%). This consisted of 8.6% in men (7.3-9.8%) and 9.6% in women (7.7-11.1%) in high-income countries, and 10.6% in men (9.4-13.1%) and 12.5% in women (11.8-14.0%) in low- and middle-income countries. The total number of adults with CKD was 225.7 million (205.7-257.4 million) men and 271.8 million (258.0-293.7 million) women. This consisted of 48.3 million (42.3-53.3 million) men and 61.7 million (50.4-69.9 million) women in high-income countries, and 177.4 million (159.2-215.9 million) men and 210.1 million (200.8-231.7 million) women in low- and middle-income countries. Thus, CKD is an important global-health challenge, especially in low- and middle-income countries. National and international efforts for prevention, detection, and treatment of CKD are needed to reduce its morbidity and mortality worldwide. © 2015 International Society of Nephrology.

Zhao B.,Zhengzhou University | Shao G.,Zhengzhou University | Fan B.,Zhengzhou University | Zhao W.,Zhengzhou University | And 2 more authors.
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics | Year: 2014

In this work, amorphous TiO2 and SiO2-coated Ni composite microspheres were successfully prepared by a two-step method. The phase purity, morphology, and structure of composite microspheres are characterized by X-ray diffraction (XRD), field emission scanning electron microscopy (FESEM), energy dispersive X-ray spectroscopy (EDS), thermogravimetric analysis (TGA), and transmission electron microscopy (TEM). Due to the presence of the insulator SiO2 shell, the core-shell Ni-SiO2 composite microspheres exhibit better antioxidation capability than that of pure Ni microspheres. The core-shell Ni-SiO2 composite microspheres show the best microwave absorption properties than those of pure Ni microspheres and Ni-TiO2 composites. For Ni-SiO2 composite microspheres, an optimal reflection loss (RL) as low as -40.0 dB (99.99% absorption) was observed at 12.6 GHz with an absorber thickness of only 1.5 mm. The effective absorption (below -10 dB, 90% microwave absorption) bandwidth can be adjusted between 3.1 GHz and 14.4 GHz by tuning the absorber thickness in the range of 1.5-4.5 mm. The excellent microwave absorption abilities of Ni-SiO2 composite microspheres are attributed to a higher attenuation constant, Debye relaxation, interface polarization of the core-shell structure and synergistic effects between high dielectric loss and high magnetic loss. This journal is © the Owner Societies.

Hejun Y.,Anyang University, South Korea | Zheng Y.,Zhengzhou University
Journal of Convergence Information Technology | Year: 2012

H ∞ Mean-square Exponentially Stable Control problem of uncertain networked control systems with stochastic network induced delay and data packet dropout is concerned in this paper. The stochastic delay and data packet dropout are viewed as equivalent delay which is viewed as a binary switching sequence satisfying interval Bernoulli distribution. Then a new networked control systems model is obtained. Based on the Lyapunov stability theory, and with the linear matrix inequality approach, a sufficient condition is presented to design the H ∞ controller which make the networked control systems be mean-square exponentially stable. A numerical example is provided to demonstrate the validity of the proposed design approach.

Fu J.,Zhengzhou University | Xu Q.,Zhengzhou University | Chen J.,Zhengzhou University | Chen Z.,Zhengzhou University | And 2 more authors.
Chemical Communications | Year: 2010

Uniform carbon spheres with hollow core and porous shell structures were controllably fabricated through carbonizing fine core/shell particles of polystyrene/cross-linked poly(cyclotriphosphazene-co-4,4′- sulfonyldiphenol), obtained by a simple template approach. © 2010 The Royal Society of Chemistry.

Chang Z.-L.,Zhengzhou University | Li D.-D.,Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications
IEICE Transactions on Fundamentals of Electronics, Communications and Computer Sciences | Year: 2014

In this paper, one new class of quaternary generalized cyclotomic sequences with the period 2pq over F4 is established. The linear complexity of proposed sequences with the period 2pq is determined. The results show that such sequences have high linear complexity. Copyright © 2014 The Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers.

Wang Z.,Zhengzhou University | Huang X.,Shanghai JiaoTong University | Zheng Q.,Shanghai JiaoTong University
ANZ Journal of Surgery | Year: 2012

Background: Conventional laparoscopic cholecystectomy (CLC) is now accepted as the gold standard surgical treatment for gallbladder stone disease. Single-incision laparoscopic technology has recently been introduced into laparoscopic clinical practice in order to reduce the invasiveness of this procedure. A meta-analysis of randomized clinical trials (RCTs) was performed to compare single-incision laparoscopic cholecystectomy (SICL) and CLC. Methods: Medline, Embase, ISI Web of Knowledge CPCI-S and the Cochrane Library were searched and the methodological quality of the included trials was evaluated. Outcomes evaluated were adverse events, conversion rate, post-operative hospital stay, blood loss, post-operative pain, total wound length, operative time and wound satisfaction score. Results were pooled in meta-analyses as odds ratio and weighted mean differences (WMD). Results: Five RCTs on 264 patients qualified for the meta-analysis, 139 being allocated to SILC and 125 to CLC. There was no significant difference between SICL and CLC for adverse events, conversion rate, post-operative hospital stay, blood loss, post-operative pain and total wound length; however, operative time was significantly longer in SICL than in CLC (WMD 7.72 (95% confidence interval (CI): 1.38-14.07)min; P = 0.02, χ2 P = 0.02, I2 = 69%). Furthermore, wound satisfaction score was significantly higher in SICL than in CLC (WMD 1.40 (95% CI: 1.19-1.61)min; P < 0.00001, χ2 P = 0.19, I2 = 42%). Conclusion: SILC may be superior to CLC in terms of cosmetic outcome, but not in operative time. Currently, SILC is a safe procedure for proper patients in experienced surgeons. © 2012 The Authors. ANZ Journal of Surgery © 2012 Royal Australasian College of Surgeons.

Wu S.,Zhengzhou University | Wu S.,University of Chinese Academy of Sciences | Pu Q.,Tongji University | Wang S.,Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications | He D.,Wuhan University
Information Sciences | Year: 2012

We revisit the communication-efficient three-party password authenticated key exchange protocol recently proposed by Chang et al. We show it is insecure against partition attacks, whereby the adversary can guess the correct password off-line. Thereafter we propose an enhanced protocol that can resist the attack described and yet is quite efficient. Furthermore, we prove its security in a widely accepted model. © 2012 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

Wang J.,Zhengzhou University | Fan C.,Zhengzhou University | He J.,Zhengzhou University | Ding P.,Zhengzhou Institute of Aeronautical Industry Management | And 2 more authors.
Optics Express | Year: 2013

Double Fano resonant characteristics are investigated in planar plasmonic structure by embedding a metallic nanorod in symmetric Ushaped split ring resonators, which are caused by a strong interplay between a broad bright mode and narrow dark modes. The bright mode is resulted from the nanorod electric dipole resonance while the dark modes originate from the magnetic dipole induced by LC resonances. The overlapped dual Fano resonances can be decomposed to two separate ones by adjusting the coupling length between the nanorod and U-shaped split ring resonators. Fano resonances in the designed structure exhibit high refractive-index sensing sensitivity and figure of merit, which have potential applications in single or double-wavelength sensing in the near-infrared region. © 2013 Optical Society of America.

Wang C.-H.,Zhengzhou University | Liu M.,Henan Jiaozuo Teachers College | Niu Y.-Y.,Zhengzhou University
Inorganica Chimica Acta | Year: 2015

Cation-templated self-assembly of 1,n-bis(4-methylpyridine)alkane cations (n = 3-7) with CuSCN was studied and a series of new polymeric thiocyanate frameworks were obtained: {(bmpp)[Cu2Br2(SCN)2]}n (1), {(bmpt)[Cu2(SCN)4]}n (2), {(bmppt)[Cu2(SCN)4]}n (3), {(bmph)[Cu4(SCN)6]}n (4), {(bmphp)[Cu2(SCN)4]}n (5), (n = 3, bmpp; n = 4, bmpt; n = 5, bmppt; n = 6, bmph; n = 7, bmphp). The structures consist of 1-2D frameworks with the dications trapped within host network cavities. Compounds 1, 2, 3 and 5 possess the infinite two-dimensional polypseudorotaxane anion networks. Compound 4 has a novel 1D chain structure which looks like lotus root. The results demonstrate that the side chain of methyl substituent plays an important role in the fabrication of polypseudorotaxane structures. Furthermore, solid UV-Vis spectra, photoluminescence and photocatalytic properties at ambient temperature were also investigated. © 2015 Elsevier B.V.

Wan Y.-D.,Zhengzhou University | Sun T.-W.,Zhengzhou University | Liu Z.-Q.,Zhengzhou University | Zhang S.-G.,Zhengzhou University | And 2 more authors.
Chest | Year: 2016

BACKGROUND: Corticosteroids are an option in the treatment of community-Acquired pneumonia (CAP). However, the benefits and adverse effects of corticosteroids, especially in severe CAP, have not been well assessed. METHODS: PubMed, Embase, and Cochrane library databases from inception to May 2015 were searched. Randomized controlled trials (RCTs) and cohort studies that evaluated use of corticosteroids in adult patients with CAP were included. The quality of outcomes was evaluated using Grading of Recommendations Assessment, Development and Evaluation methodology. The Mantel-Haenszel method with random-effects modeling was used to calculate pooled relative risks (RRs) and 95% CIs. RESULTS: Nine eligible RCTs (1,667 patients) and six cohort studies (4,095 patients) were identified. The mean corticosteroid dose and treatment duration were 30 mg/day methylprednisolone for 7 days. Corticosteroids did not have a statistically significant effect on mortality (RR, 0.72; 95% CI, 0.43-1.21; evidence rank, low) in patients with CAP and patients with severe CAP (RCTs: RR, 0.72; 95% CI, 0.43-1.21; evidence rank, low; cohort studies: RR, 1.00; 95% CI, 0.86-1.17 ). Corticosteroids treatment was associated with a decreased risk of ARDS (RR, 0.21; 95% CI, 0.08-0.59) and may reduce lengths of hospital and ICU stay, duration of IV antibiotic treatment, and time to clinical stability. Corticosteroids were not associated with increased rates of adverse events. CONCLUSIONS: Short-Term treatment with corticosteroids is safe and may reduce the risk of ARDS, shortening the length of the disease in patients with CAP. Copyright © 2016 American College of Chest Physicians. Published by Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

Li G.-N.,Zhengzhou University | Li G.-N.,National Taiwan University | He X.-G.,Shanghai JiaoTong University | He X.-G.,National Taiwan University | He X.-G.,National Tsing Hua University
Physics Letters, Section B: Nuclear, Elementary Particle and High-Energy Physics | Year: 2015

We study a class of models for neutrino mass matrix in Type-II seesaw with A4 family symmetry. The resulting neutrino mass matrix can be naturally made to respect a μ-τ exchange plus CP conjugate symmetry (GLS) with the CP violating phase δ and the mixing angle θ23 predicted to be ±π/2 and π/4, respectively. When GLS is explicitly broken by complex Yukawa couplings, the model predictions for δ and θ23 can be significantly modified. Should future experiments indeed determine θ23 and δCP away from the GLS limit values, one then had to consider models with broken GLS. We study several simple scenarios to show how the modifications arise when GLS is broken and how future experiments can test this class of models. © 2015 The Authors.

Huang W.L.,Zhengzhou Institute of Aeronautical Industry Management | Cheng Z.X.,Zhengzhou University
IEEE Transactions on Dielectrics and Electrical Insulation | Year: 2010

Flashover occurring under repetitive pulsed voltage perhaps may not happen at the first pulse of applied repetitive pulses. Thus, studies of flashover stressing time (FST) are important to comprehend the flashover mechanism under nanosecond-pulsed voltage. In our experiments, the pulsed power source was SPG200, based on semiconductor opening switch (SOS). Solid dielectrics employed were polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) and polyamide 1010, and liquid dielectric was transformer oil. The dispersion of FST was statistically large at invariable or variable voltage amplitude and frequency of repetitive pulses. Furthermore, the dispersion of FST decreased, and concurrently, the odds of that flashover arising at the first pulse of repetitive pulses increased, with the increase in the voltage amplitude of repetitive pulses whose frequency was invariably retained. The flashover tended to occur at the tail of the pulse waveform, and the mean value of FST was found to gradually reduce. Moreover, the extent of reduction was prominently decreased after about 200 Hz, when the pulse frequency increased, which simultaneously restricted the variation of the voltage amplitude of the applied repetitive pulses. Thus, it was demonstrated that longer FST is the ultimate factor, which induces lower flashover field strength under repetitive nanosecond pulses. © 2010 IEEE.

Suijun W.,Zhengzhou University | Zhen Y.,Shanghai JiaoTong University | Ying G.,Zhengzhou University | Yanfang W.,Zhengzhou University
Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications | Year: 2014

Glucose-stimulated insulin secretion (GSIS) is essential for the control of metabolic fuel homeostasis and its impairment is a key element in the failure of β-cells in type 2 diabetes. Trans-caryophyllene (TC), an important constituent of the essential oil of several species of plants, has been reported to activate the type 2 cannabinoid receptor (CB2R). The effects of TC on GSIS are still unknown. Our results demonstrate that administration of TC in MIN6 cells promotes GSIS in a dose dependent manner. However, inhibition of CB2R by a specific inhibitor or specific RNA interference abolished the effects of TC on GSIS, which suggests that the effects of TC on GSIS are dependent on activation of CB2R. Further study demonstrated that treatment with TC leads to the activation of small G protein Arf6 as well as Rac1 and Cdc42. Importantly, Arf6 silencing abolished the effects of TC on GSIS, which suggests that Arf6 participates in mediating the effects of TC on GSIS. We conclude from these data that TC has a novel role in regulating GSIS in pancreatic β-cells. © 2014 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

Chang Z.,Zhengzhou University | Wen Q.,Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications
Chinese Journal of Electronics | Year: 2011

New properties and methods about the linear complexity and the k-error linear complexity of binary 2n-periodic sequences are provided. Using Games-Chan algorithm and new method, we give some new results about k-error linear complexity, and the method to count the number of critical error sequences is also provided.

Gao F.,Anyang University, China | Yuan Z.,Zhengzhou University | Yuan F.,Anyang University, China
Advances in Information Sciences and Service Sciences | Year: 2011

This paper investigates the finite-time control problem for networked control systems (NCSs) with time-varying delays. The finite-time controller via state feedback is proposed to guarantee the finitetime boundedness and finite-time stabilization of the resulting closed loop system for all admissible disturbances and unknown time-delays. Based on Lyapunov stability theory, sufficient conditions that ensure finite-time performance of networked control systems are derived. The control criterion is formulated in the form of linear matrix inequalities and the designed finite-time stabilization controller is described as a feasibility one. The presented results are extended to networked control systems. With time-varying delay. Numerical example illustrates the feasibility of the developed approaches.

Shi D.,Zhengzhou University | Wang C.,North China University of Water Conservancy and Electric Power
International Journal of Computer Mathematics | Year: 2011

The main aim of this paper is to develop a new low-order non-conforming mixed finite-element method to solve the second-order elliptic problems on rectangular meshes. The convergence analysis is presented and the optimal error estimates are derived with the lowest regularity of the exact solution. Numerical results which coincide with our theoretical analysis show that this element indeed has very good convergence behaviour. © 2011 Taylor & Francis.

Lv P.,Zhengzhou University | Lin X.Z.,Shanghai JiaoTong University | Chen K.,Zhengzhou University | Gao J.,Zhengzhou University
European Radiology | Year: 2012

Objective To assess image quality and diagnostic accuracy of monochromatic imaging from spectral CT in patients with small HCC (≤3 cm). Methods Twenty-seven patients with 31 HCC underwent spectral CT to generate conventional 140-kVp polychromatic images (group A) and monochromatic images with energy levels from 40 to 140 keV (group B) during the late arterial phase (LAP) and the portal venous phase (PVP). Two-sample t tests compared the tumour-to-liver contrastto- noise ratio (CNR) and mean image noise. Lesion detection for LAP, reader confidence and readers' subjective evaluations of image quality were recorded. Results Highest CNRs in group B were distributed at 40, 50 and 70 keV. Higher CNR values and lesion conspicuity scores (LCS) were obtained in group B than in group A (CNR 3.36± 2.07 vs. 1.47±0.89 in LAP; 2.29±2.26 vs. 1.58±1.75 in PVP; LCS 2.82, 2.84, 2.63 and 2.53 at 40-70 keV, respectively, vs. 1.95) (P<0.001). Lowest image noise for group B was at 70 keV, resulting in higher image quality than that in group A (4.70 vs. 4.07; P<0.001). Conclusion Monochromatic energy levels of 40-70 keV can increase detectability in small HCC and this increase might not result in image quality degradation. © European Society of Radiology 2012.

Chen Q.-J.,Zhengzhou University | Zhang M.-Z.,Zhengzhou University | Wang L.-X.,Charles Sturt University
Cellular Physiology and Biochemistry | Year: 2010

Aims: The ginsenoside Rg3 (Rg3) inhibits xenograft growth and angiogenesis in tumors mainly via down-regulates VEGF expression. This study was designed to investigate the mechanisms by which Rg3 down-regulates VEGF expression. Methods: MTT assay was performed to investigate the effect of Rg3 on the growth of human esophageal carcinoma cell line Eca-109 and 786-0 cells under normoxic and hypoxic conditions. ELISA was used to detect VEGF protein secreted by the cells under normoxic and hypoxic conditions. Real-time quantitative reverse transcriptase polymerase chain reaction and Western blotting were used to detect gene expression and protein synthesis. Results: Rg3 inhibited Eca-109 and 786-0 cell proliferation and induced a significant reduction in VEGF mRNA under hypoxia conditions. Rg3 treatment inhibited hypoxia-induced expression HIF-1α, COX-2 and NF-κB under normoxic and hypoxic conditions. Treatment with Rg3 reduced the hypoxia-induced phosphorylation of STAT3 in a dose-dependent manner in the both cell lines. Rg3 treatment also inhibited the phosphorylation of ERK1/2 and JNK induced by hypoxia. Conclusions: Rg3 targets hypoxia-induced multiple signaling pathways to down-regulate VEGF expression in cancer cells. These actions may contribute to the overall efficacy of Rg3 against tumor angiogenesis and growth. Copyright © 2010 S. Karger AG, Basel.

Deng D.,Luoyang Normal University | Liu L.,Anyang University, China | Ji B.-M.,Luoyang Normal University | Yin G.,Luoyang Normal University | And 2 more authors.
Crystal Growth and Design | Year: 2012

Solvothermal reactions of Pb(Ac) 2 with a new flexible 1,3-bis(4-pyridyl-3-cyano)propane (1, BPCP) ligand under different synthesis conditions via an in situ ligand transformation reaction produced three true coordination polymorphs, namely, [PbL 2-] n (for 2 and 3) and [Pb 3L 2- 3] n (4), as well as their polymorphic framework [(Pb 2L 2-)·2H 2O] n (5) (H 2L = 1,3-bis(4-pyridyl-3-carboxyl) propane). These compounds were characterized by elemental analysis, IR, TG, PXRD, and single-crystal X-ray diffraction. In these compounds, the L 2-ligand exhibits different coordination conformations and modes tuned by different synthesis conditions, including reaction temperature, cooling rate, and additive, and constructs various architectures by bridging a variety of building units. Polymorphs 2 and 3 display a 3D framework with 1D channels built up from dinuclear ringlike [Pb 2L 2- 2] units and dinuclear semi-ring-like [Pb 2L 2-] units, respectively. Polymorph 4 also features a 3D architecture constructed from dinuclear ringlike [Pb 2L 2- 2] units interlinked by the L 2- ligand. Interestingly, the framework of 4 is big enough to allow the other net to penetrate to form a 2-fold interpenetrating framework with a trinodal (3,6,10)-connected topology with a point symbol of (4 3)(4 4·6 10·8)(4 8·6 24·8 9·10 4). For 5, there exists two kinds of dinuclear ringlike [Pb 2L 2- 2] units. These [Pb 2L 2- 2] units are interconnected by Pb atoms to afford a 2D undulant network that is further connected by the hydrogen-bonding interactions and weak interactions to afford a 3D supramolecular network. In addition, the photoluminescence properties of 1-5 and the H 2L ligand in the solid state at room temperature were also investigated. © 2012 American Chemical Society.

Wang Y.,Tsinghua University | Wang Y.,Pacific Northwest National Laboratory | Li Z.,Pacific Northwest National Laboratory | Li Z.,Zhengzhou University | And 5 more authors.
Analytical Chemistry | Year: 2013

Nucleotides, for example, adenosine-5′-triphosphate (ATP) and guanosine-5′-triphosphate (GTP), are primary energy resources for numerous reactions in organisms including microtubule assembly, insulin secretion, ion channel regulation, and so on. In order to advance our understanding of the production and consumption of nucleoside triphosphates, a versatile sensing platform for simultaneous visualization of ATP, GTP, adenosine derivates, and guanosine derivates in living cells has been built up in the present work based on graphene oxide nanosheets (GO-nS) and DNA/RNA aptamers. Taking advantage of the robust fluorescence quenching ability, unique adsorption for single-strand DNA/RNA probes, and efficient intracellular transport capacity of GO-nS, selective and sensitive visualization of multiple nucleoside triphosphates in living cells is successfully realized with the designed aptamer/GO-nS sensing platform. Moreover, GO-nS displays good biocompatibility to living cells and high protecting ability for DNA/RNA probes from enzymatic cleavage. These results demonstrate that the aptamers/GO-nS-based sensing platform is capable of selective, simultaneous, and in situ detection of multiple nucleotides, which hold a great potential for analyzing other biomolecules in living cells. © 2013 American Chemical Society.

Dong W.,Zhengzhou University | Wang L.,Zhengzhou University | Shen R.,Shanghai JiaoTong University
Digestive Diseases and Sciences | Year: 2013

Background: Our previous study has shown that MYO5B is downregulated in gastric cancer. However, the mechanism by which the expression of MYO5B was inhibited remains unknown. Methods: Inspection of the human MYO5B locus uncovered a large and dense CpG island within the 5′ region of this gene. Methylation-specific PCR (MSP) and bisulfite sequencing (BSP) were used for determination of MYO5B promoter methylation in gastric cancer cell lines and gastric cancer samples. Involvement of histone H3 methylation in those cell lines were examined by ChIP assay. Results: The densely methylated MYO5B promoter region was confirmed by MSP and BSP. Enhanced gene expression was detected when the cells were treated with the DNA-demethylating agent 5-aza-2′-deoxycytidine (DAC) and trichostatin A (TSA), a histone deacetylase inhibitor. Knockdown of MYO5B expression in gastric cancer cells expressing endogenous MYO5B inhibits HGF-stimulated MET degradation, concomitant with sustained c-MET levels and signaling. Conclusion: The results of our study showed for the first time that MYO5B is epigenetically silenced in gastric cancer cells by aberrant DNA methylation and histone modification. Inactivation of MYO5B expression in gastric cancer cells expressing endogenous MYO5B inhibits HGF-stimulated MET degradation, concomitant with sustained c-MET levels and signaling. © 2013 Springer Science+Business Media New York.

Xing Y.,Anyang University, South Korea | Liu D.,Zhengzhou University | Zhang L.-P.,Anyang University, South Korea
Desalination | Year: 2010

Ethylenediaminetetraacetic dianhydride (EDTAD) modified sugarcane bagasse (SB) was prepared, and characterized by Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy (FTIR). Due to the presence of a large number of carboxyl groups, the adsorption capacity of the EDTAD-modified SB (EDTAD-SB) for Methylene Blue (MB) showed a significant increase compared with SB. The maximum adsorption capacity was 115.3mgg -1 for MB, according to the Langmuir equation. Kinetic studies showed better correlation coefficients for a pseudo-second-order kinetic model, confirming that the sorption rate was controlled by a chemisorption process. Photocatalytic regeneration of spent EDTAD-SB using UV/TiO 2 is effective. Further, the regenerated EDTAD-SB exhibits 85% efficiency for subsequent adsorption cycle with MB aqueous solutions. © 2010 Elsevier B.V.

Yao H.,Anyang University, China | Yuan Z.,Zhengzhou University
International Journal of Advancements in Computing Technology | Year: 2012

The problem of exponential stability control for nonlinear stochastic networked control systems is considered in this paper. A model of nonlinear networked control systems with stochastic delays is derived by using the T-S method. The networked induced delays are assumed to satisfy some stochastic characteristics. Corresponding to the probability of the delays taking value in different interval, a stochastic variable satisfying Bernoulli distribution is introduced. With the Lyapunov stability theorem, a exponential stability condition and a state feedback controller design method are given. All the conditions are expressed in terms of LMI. Finally, a numerical example is given to demonstrate the validity of the results.

Guo H.,Zhengzhou University | Li Q.,Shanghai JiaoTong University | Li W.,Zhengzhou University | Zheng T.,Zhengzhou University | And 2 more authors.
Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry | Year: 2014

MicroRNAs play critical roles in the development and progression of non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC). miR-96 acts as an oncogene in some malignancies, while its role in NSCLC is unclear. Here, we validated that miR-96 was significantly increased in both human NSCLC tissues and cell lines. Inhibition of miR-96 expression remarkably reduced cell proliferation, colony formation, migration, and invasion of NSCLC cells. Reversion-inducing-cysteine- rich protein with kazal motifs (RECK) was identified as a target of miR-96 in NSCLC cells. In addition, the expression of RECK was found to be negatively correlated with the expression of miR-96 in NSCLC tissues. Our data suggest that miR-96 might promote the growth and motility of NSCLC cells partially by targeting RECK. © 2014 Springer Science+Business Media New York.

Yuzhu W.,North China University of Water Conservancy and Electric Power | Shubin W.,Zhengzhou University | Yinxia W.,North China University of Water Conservancy and Electric Power
Acta Mathematica Scientia | Year: 2012

In this article, regularity criteria for the 3D magnetohydrodynamic equations are investigated. Some sufficient integrability conditions on two components or the gradient of two components of u + B and u - B in Morrey-Campanato spaces are obtained. © 2012 Wuhan Institute of Physics and Mathematics.

Akinleye A.,New York Medical College | Iragavarapu C.,New York Medical College | Furqan M.,University of Iowa | Cang S.,Zhengzhou University | Liu D.,Zhengzhou University
Oncotarget | Year: 2015

Pancreatic cancer is relatively insensitive to conventional chemotherapy. Therefore, novel agents targeting dysregulated pathways (MAPK/ERK, EGFR, TGF-β, HEDGEHOG, NOTCH, IGF, PARP, PI3K/AKT, RAS, and Src) are being explored in clinical trials as monotherapy or in combination with cytotoxic chemotherapy. This review summarizes the most recent advances with the targeted therapies in the treatment of patients with advanced pancreatic cancer.

Qin Y.-L.,Nanjing Southeast University | Wang F.,Dalian Medical University | Li T.-X.,Zhengzhou University | Ding W.,Nanjing Southeast University | And 3 more authors.
Journal of the American College of Cardiology | Year: 2016

Background Thoracic endovascular aortic repair (TEVAR) has been used in patients with uncomplicated type B acute aortic dissection (B-AAD) to reduce late morbidity and mortality. The outcomes of comparisons between TEVAR and best medical treatment (BMT) on patients with uncomplicated type B-AAD are inconsistent in the published reports. Objectives This study sought to further clarify the early and long-term (11-year) outcomes of TEVAR in patients with uncomplicated type B-AAD compared with those with BMT treatment. Methods Between February 2003 and August 2014, 338 patients with uncomplicated type B-AAD were retrospectively identified in 3 tertiary medical centers. Information about baseline characteristics was collected from medical records. Images were retrieved from the imaging archiving system, and the thrombosis status of the false lumen and extent of the dissection were evaluated via computed tomography angiography. Early and late outcomes were recorded and analyzed. Results TEVAR procedures were performed on 184 patients (TEVAR group) and BMT for 154 patients (BMT group). Early events and 30-day mortality were not significantly different between the 2 groups. Patients receiving BMT had significantly higher aortic-related adverse events compared with those in the TEVAR group (p = 0.025). All-cause mortality with TEVAR was significantly lower than that of BMT (p = 0.01). Conclusions This study confirmed the feasibility of TEVAR for uncomplicated type B aortic dissection in the acute setting with fewer aortic-related adverse events and a lower mortality rate compared with BMT. © 2016 American College of Cardiology Foundation

Chen J.Y.,Zhengzhou University | Heyliger P.R.,Colorado State University-Pueblo | Pan E.,Zhengzhou University | Pan E.,University of Akron
Journal of Sound and Vibration | Year: 2014

In this paper, we study the free vibration of multilayered magneto-electro-elastic plates under combined clamped/free lateral boundary conditions using a semi-analytical discrete-layer approach. More specifically, we use piecewise continuous approximations for the field variables in the thickness direction and continuous polynomial approximations for those within the plane of the plate. Group theory is further used to isolate the nature of the vibrational modes to reduce the computational cost. As numerical examples, two cases of the lateral boundary conditions combined with the clamped and free edges are considered. The non-dimensional frequencies and mode shapes of elastic displacements, electric and magnetic potentials are presented. Our numerical results clearly illustrate the effect of the stacking sequences and magneto-electric coupling on the frequencies and mode shapes of the anisotropic magneto-electro-elastic plate, and should be useful in future vibration study and design of multilayered magneto-electro-elastic plates. © 2014 Elsevier Ltd.

Zeng R.-C.,Shandong University of Science and Technology | Zeng R.-C.,CAS Shenyang Institute of Metal Research | Hu Y.,Shandong University of Science and Technology | Guan S.-K.,Zhengzhou University | And 2 more authors.
Corrosion Science | Year: 2014

The effects of anions in saline solutions on the corrosion behaviour of magnesium alloy AZ31 were investigated using hydrogen evolution, pH and potentiodynamic measurements. The results demonstrated that adding bicarbonate and sulphate ions to saline solution accelerated the corrosion, whereas hydrogen phosphate and dihydrogen phosphate retarded the corrosion and decreased the open-circuit potentials. A model involving the magnesium hydroxide and magnesium carbonate film formation mechanism was proposed. The change in the solution pH over time did not reflect the corrosion rates of the magnesium alloys due to the influence of anions. © 2014 Elsevier Ltd.

Yan H.-S.,Nanjing Southeast University | Xue C.-G.,Nanjing Southeast University | Xue C.-G.,Zhengzhou University
Expert Systems with Applications | Year: 2012

This paper deals with an approach to the automatic construction and optimization of the knowledge mesh (KM) based on the user's function requirements. Once a KM multiple set operation expression is obtained, a new KM can be inferred from the expression by the developed KM-based inference engine and transformed into its corresponding KMS (knowledgeable manufacturing system) software automatically by the developed automatic program construction software so as to realize the self-reconfiguration of the KMS. Thus, the automatic construction and optimization of a KM multiple set operation expression is equivalent to the automatic construction and optimization of its corresponding KM and KMS software. To explore the automatic construction and optimization of the new KM by the user's function requirements, an automatic construction procedure of a KM aiming at the user's maximum function-satisfaction is proposed. Firstly, the fuzzy function-satisfaction degree relationships of the users' requirements for the KM functions are defined, and so are the multiple fuzzy function-satisfaction degrees of the relationships. Secondly, operations (union, intersection and minus) on both fuzzy and multiple fuzzy function-satisfaction degrees are proposed and clarified, along with the proof that there exists a one-to-one mapping between the KM multiple set operation expression and the KM-function-satisfaction degree expression. Then, the optimization model of the KM multiple set operation expression is constructed and proved to be very NP-hard. And finally, the KM multiple set operation expression is optimized by the hybrid genetic-tabu algorithm, with the steps of the KM's automatic construction presented in detail as well. Based upon the above, the KM's automatic construction and optimization are illustrated by an actual KM example which corresponds to the management information system (MIS) software used in a vehicle body plant. The proposed approach proves to be very effective. © 2011 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

Zhang C.,Peking Union Medical College | Yuan Y.,Zhengzhou Health School | Qiu C.,Guang Dong Food and Drug Vocational College | Zhang W.,Zhengzhou University
Obesity Surgery | Year: 2014

Literature search was performed for bariatric surgery from inception to September 2013, in which the effects of laparoscopic Roux-en-Y gastric bypass (LRYGB) and laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy (LSG) on body mass index (BMI), percentage of excess weight loss (EWL%), and diabetes mellitus (DM) were compared 2 years post-surgery. A total of 9,756 cases of bariatric surgery from 16 studies were analyzed. Patients receiving LRYGB had significantly lower BMI and higher EWL% compared with those receiving LSG (BMI mean difference (MD)=-1.38, 95 % confidence interval (CI)=-1.72 to -1.03; EWL% MD=5.06, 95 % CI=0.24 to 9.89). Improvement rate of DM was of no difference between the two types of bariatric surgeries (RR=1.05, 95 % CI=0.90 to 1.23). LRYGB had better long-term effect on body weight, while both LRYGB and LSG showed similar effects on DM. © 2014 Springer Science+Business Media.

Guan W.,China Agricultural University | Li Z.,China Agricultural University | Zhang H.,China Agricultural University | Hong H.,Zhengzhou University | And 3 more authors.
Journal of Chromatography A | Year: 2013

Amine modified graphene is successfully synthesized via a one-pot solvothermal reaction between graphene oxide and ammonia water, methylamine or n-butyl amine. The presence of amine groups in graphene is identified by Fourier-transform infrared spectrometry, X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy and an X-ray diffractometer. The ability of amine modified graphene to cleanup fatty acids and other interfering substances from acetonitrile extracts of oil crops has been evaluated. It is found that the resulting CH3NH-G exhibits the best performance in interfering substances removal. Meanwhile, a multi-residue method is validated on 28 representative pesticide residues in four oil crops (rapeseed, peanut, sesame seeds and soybean). This method is based on modified QuEChERS sample preparation with CH3NH-G as reversed-dispersive solid phase extraction material and liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry. Use of matrix-matched standards provides acceptable results for most pesticides with overall average recoveries between 70.5 and 100% and consistent RSDs<13%, except for pymetrozine, thidiazuron and diuron. In any case, this method still meets the 0.1-8.3μg/kg detection limit needs for most pesticides and may be used for qualitative screening applications, in which any identified pesticides can be quantified and confirmed by a more intensive method that achieves >70% recovery. © 2013 Elsevier B.V.

Liu Z.,Monash University | Yan Y.,Zhengzhou University | Yan Y.,Nanjing Southeast University | Qu X.,Griffith University | Zhang Y.,Nanjing Southeast University
Transportation Research Part C: Emerging Technologies | Year: 2013

When a bus is late and behind schedule, the stop-skipping scheme allows the bus vehicle to skip one or more stops to reduce its travel time. The deadheading problem is a special case of the stop-skipping problem, allowing a bus vehicle to skip stops between the dispatching terminal point and a designated stop. At the planning level, the optimal operating plans for these two schemes should be tackled for the benefits of bus operator as well as passengers. This paper aims to propose a methodology for this objective. Thus, three objectives are first proposed to reflect the benefits of bus operator and/or passengers, including minimizing the total waiting time, total in-vehicle travel time and total operating cost. Then, assuming random bus travel time, the stop-skipping is formulated as an optimization model minimizing the weighted sum of the three objectives. The deadheading problem can be formulated via the same minimization model further adding several new constraints. Then, a Genetic Algorithm Incorporating Monte Carlo Simulation is proposed to solve the optimization model. As validated by a numerical example, the proposed algorithm can obtain a satisfactory solution close to the global optimum. © 2013 Elsevier Ltd.

An X.,New York Blood Center | An X.,Zhengzhou University | Schulz V.P.,Yale University | Li J.,New York Blood Center | And 8 more authors.
Blood | Year: 2014

We recently developed fluorescence-activated cell sorting (FACS)-based methods to purify morphologically and functionally discrete populations of cells, each representing specific stages of terminal erythroid differentiation. We used these techniques to obtain pure populations of both human and murine erythroblasts at distinct developmental stages. RNA was prepared from these cells and subjected to RNA sequencing analyses, creating unbiased, stage-specific transcriptomes. Tight clustering of transcriptomes from differing stages, even between biologically different replicates, validated the utility of the FACS-based assays. Bioinformatic analyses revealed that there were marked differences between differentiation stages, with both shared and dissimilar gene expression profiles defining each stage within transcriptional space. There were vast temporal changes in gene expression across the differentiation stages, with each stage exhibiting unique transcriptomes. Clustering and network analyses revealed that varying stage-specific patterns of expression observed across differentiation were enriched for genes of differing function. Numerous differences were present between human and murine transcriptomes, with significant variation in the global patterns of gene expression. These data provide a significant resource for studies of normal and perturbed erythropoiesis, allowing a deeper understanding of mechanisms of erythroid development in various inherited and acquired erythroid disorders. © 2014 by The American Society of Hematology.

Gyekis J.P.,Pennsylvania State University | Yu W.,Peking Union Medical College | Dong S.,Zhengzhou University | Wang H.,Shandong University | And 3 more authors.
American Journal of Medical Genetics, Part B: Neuropsychiatric Genetics | Year: 2013

Major depressive disorder (MDD) is a complex psychiatric condition with strong genetic predisposition. The association of MDD with genetic polymorphisms, such as Val66Met (rs6265), in the brain derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF), have been reported in many studies and the results were conflicting. In this study, we performed a systematic literature search and conducted random-effects meta-analysis to evaluate genetic variants in BDNF with MDD. A gene-based analysis was also conducted to investigate the cumulative effects of genetic polymorphisms in BDNF. A total of 28 studies from 26 published articles were included in our analysis. Meta-analysis yielded an estimated odds ratio (OR) of 0.96 (95% CI: 0.89-1.05; P=0.402) for Val66Met (rs6265), 0.83 (95% CI: 0.67-1.04; P=0.103) for 11757C/G, 1.16 (95% CI: 0.74-1.82; P=0.527) for 270T/C, 1.03 (95% CI: 0.18-5.75; P=0.974) for 712A/G and 0.98 (95% CI: 0.85-1.14; P=0.831) for rs988748. The gene-based analysis indicated that BDNF is not associated with MDD (P>0.21). Our updated meta- and novel gene-based analyses provide no evidence of the association of BDNF with major depression. © 2012 Wiley Periodicals, Inc.

Akinleye A.,New York Medical College | Chen Y.,New York Medical College | Chen Y.,Xiamen University | Mukhi N.,New York Medical College | And 3 more authors.
Journal of Hematology and Oncology | Year: 2013

Small molecule inhibitors targeting dysregulated pathways (RAS/RAF/MEK, PI3K/AKT/mTOR, JAK/STAT) have significantly improved clinical outcomes in cancer patients. Recently Bruton's tyrosine kinase (BTK), a crucial terminal kinase enzyme in the B-cell antigen receptor (BCR) signaling pathway, has emerged as an attractive target for therapeutic intervention in human malignancies and autoimmune disorders. Ibrutinib, a novel first-in-human BTK-inhibitor, has demonstrated clinical effectiveness and tolerability in early clinical trials and has progressed into phase III trials. However, additional research is necessary to identify the optimal dosing schedule, as well as patients most likely to benefit from BTK inhibition. This review summarizes preclinical and clinical development of ibrutinib and other novel BTK inhibitors (GDC-0834, CGI-560, CGI-1746, HM-71224, CC-292, and ONO-4059, CNX-774, LFM-A13) in the treatment of B-cell malignancies and autoimmune disorders. © 2013 Akinleye et al.; licensee BioMed Central Ltd.

Das A.,New York Medical College | Liu D.,New York Medical College | Liu D.,Zhengzhou University
Experimental Hematology and Oncology | Year: 2015

Target specific oral anticoagulants (dabigatran, rivaroxaban, apixaban, and edoxaban) are changing the landscape of anticoagulation. The major drawback is the absence of an effective antidote for severe bleedings and/or prior to procedures. Currently there are a few promising antidotes undergoing clinical trials. This review summarized the latest development in idarucizumab, andexanet alpha and PER977. © 2015 Das and Liu.

Akinleye A.,New York Medical College | Avvaru P.,New York Medical College | Furqan M.,New York Medical College | Song Y.,Zhengzhou University | And 2 more authors.
Journal of Hematology and Oncology | Year: 2013

Phosphatidylinositol 3-kinases (PI3Ks) are lipid kinases that regulate diverse cellular processes including proliferation, adhesion, survival, and motility. Dysregulated PI3K pathway signaling occurs in one-third of human tumors. Aberrantly activated PI3K signaling also confers sensitivity and resistance to conventional therapies. PI3K has been recognized as an attractive molecular target for novel anti-cancer molecules. In the last few years, several classes of potent and selective small molecule PI3K inhibitors have been developed, and at least fifteen compounds have progressed into clinical trials as new anticancer drugs. Among these, idelalisib has advanced to phase III trials in patients with advanced indolent non-Hodgkin's lymphoma and mantle cell lymphoma. In this review, we summarized the major molecules of PI3K signaling pathway, and discussed the preclinical models and clinical trials of potent small-molecule PI3K inhibitors. © 2013 Akinleye et al.; licensee BioMed Central Ltd.

Zuo W.,Peking Union Medical College | Zhang W.,Zhengzhou University | Han N.,Peking Union Medical College | Chen N.-H.,Peking Union Medical College
CNS Neuroscience and Therapeutics | Year: 2015

Summary: Aims: Compound IMM-H004 (7-hydroxy-5-methoxy-4-methyl-3-[4-methylpiperazin-1-yl]-2H-chromen-2-one) is a new synthetic derivative of coumarin, and previous studies showed that it exhibited antioxidant and neuroprotective roles in focal cerebral ischemia. However, we know little about the compound's function in transient global ischemia. This study is to investigate whether compound IMM-H004 can protect against transient global ischemic injury. Methods: Four-vessel occlusion (4VO) rat model was induced for a 20-min occlusion and different times of reperfusion to mimic transient global cerebral ischemia. IMM-H004 (3, 6, 9 mg/kg) or Edaravone (6 mg/kg) was administered after 30 min of reperfusion. Morris water maze tests were used to estimate the ability of spatial learning and memory. Nissl staining, TUNEL assay and Immunoblot for Bax/Bcl-2 and activated caspase-3 were used to detect hippocampal neuron injury. Immunoblot for PSD-95 and synapsin 1, and electron microscopy were used to observe synaptic function. Results: Compared with vehicle group, IMM-H004 significantly improved the spatial learning performance and exhibited less CA1 neurons loss. The expressions of Bax/Bcl-2 and activated caspase-3 were decreased. IMM-H004 also ameliorated synaptic structure, decreased PSD-95 and increased synapsin 1 expression. Conclusion: These findings suggested that IMM-H004 exerted neuroprotective role in global ischemia by reducing apoptosis and maintaining the integrity of synaptic structure. © 2015 John Wiley & Sons Ltd.

Cang S.,Henan Province Peoples Hospital | Iragavarapu C.,New York Medical College | Savooji J.,New York Medical College | Song Y.,Zhengzhou University | Liu D.,Zhengzhou University
Journal of Hematology and Oncology | Year: 2015

With the advent of new agents targeting CD20, Bruton's tyrosine kinase, and phosphoinositol-3 kinase for chronic lymphoid leukemia (CLL), more treatment options exist than ever before. B-cell lymphoma-2 (BCL-2) plays a major role in cellular apoptosis and is a druggable target. Small molecule inhibitors of BCL-2 are in active clinical studies. ABT-199 (venetoclax, RG7601, GDC-0199) has been granted breakthrough designation by FDA for relapsed or refractory CLL with 17p deletion. In this review, we summarized the latest clinical development of ABT-199/venetoclax and other novel agents targeting the BCL-2 proteins. © 2015 Cang et al.

Ma M.-L.,Zhengzhou University | Qin J.-H.,Zhengzhou University | Ji C.,Zhengzhou University | Xu H.,Zhengzhou University | And 5 more authors.
Journal of Materials Chemistry C | Year: 2014

A novel porous metal-organic framework, {[Zn2(L)·H 2O]·3H2O·3DMAc·NH2(CH 3)2}n (Zn(ii)-MOF), was synthesized under solvothermal conditions using a flexible multicarboxylic acid (H5L = 3,5-bis(1-methoxy-3,5-benzene dicarboxylic acid)benzoic acid). Zn(ii)-MOF contains 1D nanotubular channels of 13.8 Å × 16.4 Å and exhibits a rare 5-connected vbk net with a Schläfli symbol of {4 5.65} topology. Notably, Zn(ii)-MOF can adsorb toluidine blue fast and effectively, and trap lanthanide ions such as Eu3+ and Tb3+ to sensitize their emissions in the solid state through a Ln3+-exchanged approach. Furthermore, we successfully obtained white light emitting materials. © 2013 The Royal Society of Chemistry.

Wang F.,Zhengzhou University | Wang F.,Monash University
Nuclear Physics B | Year: 2011

In the GmSUGRA scenario with the higher-dimensional operators containing the GUT Higgs fields, we systematically studied the supersymmetry breaking scalar masses, SM fermion Yukawa coupling terms, and trilinear soft terms in the E6 SUSY GUT model where the gauge symmetry is broken down to the SO(10)×U(1) gauge symmetry, SU(3)C×SU(3)L×SU(3)R gauge symmetry, SU(6)×SU(2)a (a=L,R,X) gauge symmetry, flipped SU(5) gauge symmetry etc. In addition, we considered the scalar and gaugino mass relations, which can be preserved from the GUT scale to the electroweak scale under one-loop RGE running, in the SU(3)C×SU(3)L×SU(3)R model arising from the E6 model. With such relations, we may distinguish the mSUGRA and GmSUGRA scenarios if we can measure the supersymmetric particle spectrum at the LHC and ILC. © 2011 Elsevier B.V.

High-Tech, Zhengzhou Granlen Pharmatech Ltd. and Zhengzhou University | Date: 2013-07-17

The present invention relates to the field of pharmacochemistry. Disclosed are fluorinated and azido-substituted pyrimidine nucleoside derivatives, and preparation methods and uses thereof. The structural formula is as shown (I). These compounds can be used for preparing medicaments for treating diseases such as tumors and viral infections, and can be used separately or in combination with other medicaments. The compounds also have effective activity against diseases such as tumors and viral infections, while having few side effects, and thus have potential application value.

Yang Z.,Jilin University | Fang X.,Jilin University | Pei X.,Zhengzhou University | Li H.,Zhengzhou University
Genetic Testing and Molecular Biomarkers | Year: 2013

Inherited functional single-nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) in DNA repair genes may influence the capability of DNA repair and contribute to the risk of breast cancer. We therefore performed a case-control study to investigate the association of three in excision repair cross-complimentary group 1 (ERCC1) and three in xeroderma pigmentosum complementation group F (XPF) with the risk of breast cancer. Genotyping of ERCC1 (rs2298881, rs3212986, and rs11615) and XPF (rs2276465, rs6498486, and rs2276466) was performed in a 384-well plate format on the MassARRAY® platform. Odds ratios and their corresponding 95% confidence intervals were used to assess the effect of each SNP on breast cancer risk. The ERCC1 rs11615 variant A/A genotype was associated with increased breast cancer risk in codominant, dominant, and recessive models, and XPF rs6498486 variant C/C genotype carriers have a significantly increased breast cancer risk in codominant, dominant, and recessive models. Individuals with both the ERCC1 rs11615 A allele and XPF rs6498486 C allele had a heavy increased risk of breast cancer compared to double wild-type homozygotes. The present study shows that the ERCC1 rs11615 and XPF rs6498486 polymorphisms are associated with breast cancer risk in a Chinese population. Further large-scale studies are required to elucidate whether these ERCC1 and XPF SNPs interact with environmental factors in the development of breast cancer. © Copyright 2013, Mary Ann Liebert, Inc. 2013.

Jia H.,Zhengzhou University | Jia H.,Zhengzhou Kindergarten Teachers College | Li Y.,Zhengzhou University | Xiong Z.,Zhengzhou University | And 2 more authors.
Dalton Transactions | Year: 2014

Five metal-organic frameworks, namely, [Mn3(H 2DMPhIDC)2(HDMPhIDC)2(bpp)]n (H 3DMPhIDC = 2-(3,4-dimethylphenyl)-1H-imidazole-4,5-dicarboxylic acid, bpp = 1,3-di(4-pyridyl)propane) (1), [Pb4(DMPhIDC) 2(OH)2]n (2), [Cd(HDMPhIDC)(en)]n (en = ethylenediamine) (3), [Cu3(HDMPhIDC)3(Py) 3]n (Py = pyridine) (4) and {[Zn2(HDMPhIDC) 2(Phen)2]2·H2O}n (Phen = 1,10-phenanthroline) (5) have been hydro(solvo)thermally synthesized and structurally characterized by single-crystal X-ray diffraction, elemental and thermal analyses and IR spectra. Polymer 1 displays a 3D noninterpenetrated framework with 1D open channels. Polymer 2 exhibits a stepped (4,4,4,4,6,6)-connect 2D topology. Polymer 3 is a left-handed helix chain. Polymers 4 and 5 arrange the 3D supramolecular networks containing a 1D corrugated chain via π⋯π stacking or hydrogen bond interactions. In these MOFs, the imidazole dicarboxylate ligand shows various coordination modes and strong coordination ability. Furthermore, the solid-state luminescent properties of the polymers have also been discussed. © 2014 The Royal Society of Chemistry.

Wang F.,Zhengzhou University | Wang F.,CAS Institute of Theoretical Physics
Nuclear Physics B | Year: 2014

We calculate the gravitational contributions to φ4 theory with general Rξ gauge-fixing choice and find that the result is gauge independent. Based on weak coupling expansion of gravity and ignoring the possible higher dimensional operators from "integrating out" the impact of gravity, we study the impacts of gravitational effects on vacuum stability. New contributions to the beta function of scalar quartic coupling λ by gravitational effects can modify the RGE running of λ near the Planck scale. Numerical calculations show that the lower bound of higgs mass requiring absolutely vacuum stability can be relaxed for almost 0.6 to 0.8 GeV depending on the choice of top quark mass. © 2014 The Authors.

Kobakhidze A.,University of Sydney | Wang F.,Zhengzhou University | Wu L.,Nanjing Normal University | Wu L.,University of Sydney | And 3 more authors.
Physics Letters, Section B: Nuclear, Elementary Particle and High-Energy Physics | Year: 2016

The top and bottom seesaw model, which extends the top seesaw in order to accommodate a 125 GeV Higgs boson, predicts vector-like top/bottom partners and these partners can be bounded to form several neutral and charged singlet composite scalars by some new strong dynamics. In this letter, we use such a singlet scalar to interpret the 750 GeV diphoton resonance. This singlet scalar is dominantly produced through the gluon fusion process induced by the partners and its diphoton decay is induced by both the partners and the charged singlet scalars. We show that this scenario can readily account for the observed 750 GeV diphoton signal under the current LHC constraints. Further, this scenario predicts some other phenomenology, such as a strong correlation between the decays to γγ, Zγ and ZZ, a three-photon signal from the associate production of a singlet scalar and a photon, as well as some signals from the partner cascade decays. These signals may jointly allow for a test of this framework in future 100 TeV hadron collider and ILC experiments. © 2016 The Authors.

Wang F.,Zhengzhou University | Wang F.,CAS Institute of Theoretical Physics | Wu L.,University of Sydney | Yang J.M.,CAS Institute of Theoretical Physics | And 2 more authors.
Physics Letters, Section B: Nuclear, Elementary Particle and High-Energy Physics | Year: 2016

We propose to interpret the 750 GeV diphoton excess in deflected anomaly mediation supersymmetry breaking scenarios, which can naturally predict couplings between a singlet field and vector-like messengers. The CP-even scalar component (S) of the singlet field can serve as the 750 GeV resonance. The messenger scale, which is of order the gravitino scale, can be as light as Fφ~O(10) TeV when the messenger species NF and the deflection parameter d are moderately large. Such messengers can induce the large loop decay process S→γγ. Our results show that such a scenario can successfully accommodate the 125 GeV Higgs boson, the 750 GeV diphoton excess and the muon g-2 without conflicting with the LHC constraints. We also comment on the possible explanations in the gauge mediation supersymmetry breaking scenario. © 2016 The Author(s).

Zhang L.,Tsinghua University | Zhang L.,Zhengzhou University | Li C.,Tsinghua University | Liu A.,Tsinghua University | Shi G.,Tsinghua University
Journal of Materials Chemistry | Year: 2012

Graphene oxide/polypyrene (GO/PPr) composite films were prepared by electrochemical co-deposition of GO and PPr from the organic electrolyte of propylene carbonate (PC). The effects of the GO content in the electrolyte and the deposition charge density on the formation of GO/PPr composite films were studied. Blending with GO improved the mechanical properties of the powdery PPr and gave the composite a continuous and porous morphology with an uninterrupted conducting phase. A chemoresistor-type vapor sensor based on the GO/PPr composite film demonstrated a fast, linear and reversible response to toluene with a high normalized sensitivity of 9.87 × 10 -4 ppm -1. The mechanism of sensing the organic vapors with the GO/PPr composite film was also discussed. © The Royal Society of Chemistry 2012.

Wang F.,Zhengzhou University | Wang F.,CAS Institute of Theoretical Physics | Wang W.,Beijing University of Technology | Wang W.,CAS Institute of Theoretical Physics | Yang J.M.,CAS Institute of Theoretical Physics
European Physical Journal C | Year: 2014

We recalculate the two-loop beta functions for three gauge couplings taking into account all low energy threshold corrections in split supersymmetry (split-SUSY) which assumes a very high scalar mass scale (Formula presented.). We find that in split-SUSY with a gaugino mass unification assumption and with a large (Formula presented.) the gauge coupling unification requires a lower bound on the gaugino mass. Combined with the constraints from the dark matter relic density and direct detection limits, we find that split-SUSY is very restricted and for dark matter mass below 1 TeV the allowed parameter space can be fully covered by XENON-1T(2017). © 2014, The Author(s).

Liu Y.,Zhengzhou University | Li J.,Zhengzhou University of Light Industry | Ding Q.,Tsinghua University | Chu B.,University of Oxford
International Journal of Electrical Power and Energy Systems | Year: 2012

Using the Hamiltonian function method, this paper investigates the coordinated control of the synchronous generator and static var compensator (SVC) in power systems with constant power loads. First, via a proper variable transformation and pre-feedback control, the dissipative Hamiltonian realization of the power system is completed. Then, based on the obtained dissipative Hamiltonian realization, an energy-based coordinated stabilization controller is constructed. The guaranteed L 2 performance property of the closed loop system is analyzed as well. Simulation results indicate that the proposed coordinated control scheme can effectively improve both the transient stability and voltage regulation performance of the power system. © 2012 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

Kong K.L.,University of Hong Kong | Kwong D.L.W.,University of Hong Kong | Chan T.H.-M.,University of Hong Kong | Law S.Y.-K.,University of Hong Kong | And 5 more authors.
Gut | Year: 2012

Background: To understand the involvement of micro- RNA (miRNA) in the development and progression of oesophageal squamous cell carcinoma (ESCC), miRNA profiles were compared between tumour and corresponding non-tumour tissues. Methods: miRCURY LNA array was used to generate miRNA expressing profile. Real-time quantitative PCR was applied to detectthe expression of miR-375 in ESCC samples and its correlation with insulin-like growth factor 1 receptor (IGF1R). Methylation-specific PCR was used to study the methylation status in the promoter region of miR-375. The tumour-suppressive effect of miR-375 was determined by both in-vitro and in-vivo assays. Results: The downregulation of miR-375 was frequently detected in primary ESCC, which was significantly correlated with advanced stage (p=0.003), distant metastasis (p<0.0001), poor overall survival (p=0.048) and disease-free survival (p=0.0006). Promoter methylation of miR-375 was detected in 26 of 45 (57.8%) ESCC specimens. Functional assays demonstrated that miR-375 could inhibit clonogenicity, cell motility, cell proliferation, tumour formation and metastasis in mice. Further study showed that miR-375 could interact with the 39-untranslated region of IGF1R and downregulate its expression. In clinical specimens, the expression of IGF1R was also negatively correlated with miR-375 expression (p=0.008). Conclusions: This study demonstrates that miR-375 has a strong tumour-suppressive effect through inhibiting the expression of IGF1R. The downregulation of miR-375, which is mainly caused by promoter methylation, is one of the molecular mechanisms involved in the development and progression of ESCC.

Lu Q.-F.,Zhengzhou University | Xie J.-J.,CAS Lanzhou Institute of Modern Physics | Xie J.-J.,Lanzhou University | Xie J.-J.,CAS Institute of Theoretical Physics | Li D.-M.,Zhengzhou University
Physical Review C - Nuclear Physics | Year: 2014

Nucleon pole contribution in the pp→ppK+K- reaction below the threshold of the production of the φ meson is studied within the effective Lagrangian approach. It is assumed that the K-p final state originates from the decay of the hyperons Λ(1115) and Λ(1405). In addition to the pp final state interaction (FSI) parametrized using the Jost function, we have also considered the K+K- FSI with the techniques of the chiral unitary approach, where the scalar mesons f0(980) and a0(980) were dynamically generated. Hence, the contributions from scalar mesons f0(980) and a0(980) occur through the K+K- FSI. It is shown that the available experimental data are well reproduced, especially the total cross sections and the invariant mass distributions of pp and K+K-. Furthermore, different forms of the couplings (pseudoscalar and pseudovector) for the πNN interaction and different strengths for the proton-proton FSI are also investigated. It is found that the contributions from hyperons Λ(1115) and Λ(1405) are different between these two kinds of couplings. On the other hand, the effects of the proton-proton FSI can be adjusted by the cutoff parameters used in the form factors. © 2014 American Physical Society.

Liu Y.,Zhengzhou University | Cai Q.,Tsinghua University | Li H.,Tsinghua University | Zhang J.,Zhengzhou University
Journal of Applied Polymer Science | Year: 2013

A novel synthesis route for mesoporous carbon (MC) nanosheets were developed using halloysite nanotubes (HNTs), a type of natural clay that is structurally and chemically similar to mineral kaolinite, as inorganic matrix and using polypyrrole (PPy) as carbon precursor by a template-like method. First, PPy/HNT hybrids were prepared by in situ oxidative polymerization. Carbon (C)/HNT hybrids were further obtained by pyrolysis of the PPy/HNT hybrids. MC was obtained after the removal of inorganic template by hydrochloric acid/hydrofluoric acid mixture at the end. Both the C/HNT and the MC were characterized by Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy analysis, X-ray diffraction, Raman spectra measurement, and high-resolution transmission electron microscopy. The MC was also characterized with specific surface area (BET). The results showed that the MC obtained was almost amorphous carbon. The increase in the ratio of [HNTs template]/[pyrrole monomer] led to an increase in the BET-specific surface area. © 2012 Wiley Periodicals, Inc.

Wang F.,Zhengzhou University | Wang F.,CAS Institute of Theoretical Physics
Physics Letters, Section B: Nuclear, Elementary Particle and High-Energy Physics | Year: 2015

We propose to introduce general messenger-matter interactions in the deflected anomaly mediated SUSY breaking scenario. The most general form for the resulting soft parameters is derived. New interference terms between the GMSB type and AMSB type contributions are the unique feature of this scenario. Messenger-matter interactions involving sleptons can be used to solve the tachyonic slepton problem and naturally lead to positive slepton masses regardless of the sign of deflection parameter. Besides, due to the new contributions, large |At| that will not trigger color-breaking stop VEV are also possible in this scenario, thus can easily give the 125 GeV higgs which was discovered by LHC. This type of deflected AMSB scenario need very few messenger species, thus can avoid possible non-perturbative gauge couplings below the GUT scale (or Landau pole below the Planck scale). © 2015 The Author.

Wang F.,Zhengzhou University | Wang F.,CAS Institute of Theoretical Physics | Wang W.,Beijing University of Technology | Yang J.M.,CAS Institute of Theoretical Physics
Journal of High Energy Physics | Year: 2015

Abstract: From generalized gravity mediation we build a SUGRA scenario in which the gluino is much heavier than the electroweak gauginos at the GUT scale. We find that such a non-universal gaugino scenario with very heavy gluino at the GUT scale can be naturally obtained with proper high dimensional operators in the framework of SU(5) GUT. Then, due to the effects of heavy gluino, at the weak scale all colored sparticles are heavy while the uncolored sparticles are light, which can explain the Brookhaven muon g − 2 measurement while satisfying the collider constraints (both the 125 GeV Higgs mass and the direct search limits of sparticles) and dark matter requirements. We also find that, in order to explain the muon g − 2 measurement, the neutralino dark matter is lighter than 200 GeV in our scenario, which can be mostly covered by the future Xenon1T experiment. © 2015, The Author(s).

Wang F.,Zhengzhou University | Wang F.,CAS Institute of Theoretical Physics | Wang W.,Beijing University of Technology | Yang J.M.,CAS Institute of Theoretical Physics
Journal of High Energy Physics | Year: 2015

Abstract: We propose to split the sparticle spectrum from the hierarchy between the GUT scale and the Planck scale. A split supersymmetric model, which gives non-universal gaugino masses, is built with proper high dimensional operators in the framework of SO(10) GUT. Based on a calculation of two-loop beta functions for gauge couplings (taking into account all weak scale threshold corrections), we check the gauge coupling unification and dark matter constraints (relic density and direct detections). We find that our scenario can achieve the gauge coupling unification and satisfy the dark matter constraints in some part of parameter space. We also examine the sensitivity of the future XENON1T experiment and find that the currently allowed parameter space in our scenario can be covered for a neutralino dark matter below about 1.0 TeV. © 2015, The Author(s).

Zhang B.-J.,Central Hospital of Xinxiang City | Gong H.-Y.,Xinxiang Medical University | Zheng F.,Xinxiang Medical University | Liu D.-J.,Zhengzhou University | Liu H.-X.,Henan Provincial Chest Hospital
International Journal of Clinical and Experimental Pathology | Year: 2014

Introduction: MicroRNAs (miRNAs) are noncoding RNAs that regulate multiple cellular processes during cancer progression. MiR-335 has recently been identified to be involved in tumorigenesis of several cancers such as ovarian cancer and gastric cancer. However, the regulation of miR-335 in esophageal squamous cell carcinoma (ESCC) has not been reported yet. Methods: Expression of miR-335 in tumor and their normal matched tissues was determined by quantitative real-time PCR in 67 ESCC patients and its association with overall survival of patients was analyzed by statistical analysis. Results: The expression level of miR-335 was reduced in malignant tissue samples in comparison to normal matched tissue (P < 0.05). It was also proved that miR-335 expression was associated with ESCC histological grade, lymph node metastasis, tumor stage and clinical stage (P < 0.05). In addition, the Kaplan-Meier survival curves revealed that low miR-335 expression was associated with poor prognosis in ESCC patients. Multivariate analysis showed that miR-335 expression was an independent prognostic marker of overall survival of ESCC patients. Conclusions: The study proves for the first time that miR-335 is down regulated in a majority of ESCC patients. Our results indicate that miR-335 expression is an independent prognostic factor for patients with esophageal cancer, which might be a potential valuable biomarker for ESCC.

Fan Y.,Zhengzhou University | Liu Y.,Zhengzhou University | Cai Q.,Tsinghua University | Zhang J.,Zhengzhou University
Synthetic Metals | Year: 2012

PPy (polypyrrole)/CTAB (cetyltrimethylammonium bromide) intercalated graphene sheets nanocomposites (PPy/CGN) were prepared via in situ oxidative polymerization of pyrrole in the presence of CTAB intercalated graphene. The morphology and structure of samples were investigated by FE-SEM (field-emission scanning microscope), TEM (transmitting electron microscopy), UV-vis (ultraviolet and visible spectrum), FT-IR (Fourier transform infrared spectrum), XRD (X-ray diffraction), TGA (thermogravimetric analysis), and four-probe electrical conductivity measurements. The results showed that for the PPy/CGN nanocomposites, the disordered structure of CGN disappeared and CGN existed in the form of individual graphene sheet or stacked layers in PPy matrix. The graphene serves as a support material for nano-sized PPy particles. The CGN covered with PPy nanoparticles were confirmed by FE-SEM and TEM. The electrical conductivity of the PPy/CGN nanocomposite achieved 12.06 S/cm for the PPy/CGN-5 sample. © 2012 Elsevier B.V.

Wang J.,Tsinghua University | Li H.,CAS Institute of Genetics and Developmental Biology | Han Z.,Tsinghua University | Zhang H.,Tsinghua University | And 5 more authors.
Nature | Year: 2015

Phytosulfokine (PSK) is a disulfated pentapeptide that has a ubiquitous role in plant growth and development. PSK is perceived by its receptor PSKR, a leucine-rich repeat receptor kinase (LRR-RK). The mechanisms underlying the recognition of PSK, the activation of PSKR and the identity of the components downstream of the initial binding remain elusive. Here we report the crystal structures of the extracellular LRR domain of PSKR in free, PSK-and co-receptor-bound forms. The structures reveal that PSK interacts mainly with a β-strand from the island domain of PSKR, forming an anti-β-sheet. The two sulfate moieties of PSK interact directly with PSKR, sensitizing PSKR recognition of PSK. Supported by biochemical, structural and genetic evidence, PSK binding enhances PSKR heterodimerization with the somatic embryogenesis receptor-like kinases (SERKs). However, PSK is not directly involved in PSKR-SERK interaction but stabilizes PSKR island domain for recruitment of a SERK. Our data reveal the structural basis for PSKR recognition of PSK and allosteric activation of PSKR by PSK, opening up new avenues for the design of PSKR-specific small molecules. © 2015 Macmillan Publishers Limited.

Zhang S.,Zhengzhou University | Kan Q.-C.,Zhengzhou University | Xu Y.,Zhengzhou University | Zhang G.-X.,Thomas Jefferson University | Zhu L.,Zhengzhou University
Mediators of Inflammation | Year: 2013

Dysfunction of the blood-brain barrier (BBB) is a primary characteristic of experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis (EAE), an experimental model of multiple sclerosis (MS). Matrine (MAT), a quinolizidine alkaloid derived from the herb Radix Sophorae Flave, has been recently found to suppress clinical EAE and CNS inflammation. However, whether this effect of MAT is through protecting the integrity and function of the BBB is not known. In the present study, we show that MAT treatment had a therapeutic effect comparable to dexamethasone (DEX) in EAE rats, with reduced Evans Blue extravasation, increased expression of collagen IV, the major component of the basement membrane, and the structure of tight junction (TJ) adaptor protein Zonula occludens-1 (ZO-1). Furthermore, MAT treatment attenuated expression of matrix metalloproteinase-9 and -2 (MMP-9/-2), while it increased the expression of tissue inhibitors of metalloproteinase-1 and -2 (TIMP-1/-2). Our findings demonstrate that MAT reduces BBB leakage by strengthening basement membrane, inhibiting activities of MMP-2 and -9, and upregulating their inhibitors. Taken together, our results identify a novel mechanism underlying the effect of MAT, a natural compound that could be a novel therapy for MS. © 2013 Su Zhang et al.

Fan J.,Wuhan University of Technology | Fan J.,Zhengzhou University | Zhao L.,Wuhan University of Technology | Yu J.,Wuhan University of Technology | Liu G.,CAS National Center for Nanoscience and Technology
Nanoscale | Year: 2012

TiO 2-based composite nanotubes, based on an in situ template dissolution method, were one-step fabricated in a mixed aqueous solution of ammonium hexafluorotitanate and boric acid using ZnO nanorods as templates, and then the samples were calcined at different temperatures. The photocatalytic activity of the samples was evaluated by photocatalytic decoloration of Methyl Orange (MO) aqueous solution at ambient temperature under UV light. The results showed that the prepared sample possessed nanoscale tubular morphology with a wall thickness of ca. 30-50 nm, inner diameters of ca. 50-150 nm and lengths of ca. 400-2000 nm. The calcined samples exhibited excellent stabilization of the anatase phase in a wide temperature range of 300-800 °C. The un-calcined and calcined samples possessed hierarchically macro-mesoporous structures. The sample calcined at 600 °C exhibited the highest photocatalytic activity, corresponding to the maximal formation rate of OH on the photocatalyst. This is attributed to the improvement of anatase TiO 2 crystallization, the formation of multi-phase structures including anatase, cubic Zn 2TiO 4, hexagonal ZnTiO 3 and cubic ZnTiO 3, and the presence of hierarchically macro-mesoporous structures. This journal is © 2012 The Royal Society of Chemistry.

Zhao W.-M.,Zhengzhou University | Chen X.-L.,Zhengzhou University | Yuan J.-W.,Henan University of Technology | Qu L.-B.,Henan University of Technology | And 3 more authors.
Chemical Communications | Year: 2014

A novel and efficient silver catalyzed decarboxylative direct C2-alkylation of benzothiazoles with carboxylic acids for the synthesis of 2-alkyl benzothiazoles was developed. © 2014 The Royal Society of Chemistry.

Zhang F.,Zhengzhou University | Wang L.,Zhengzhou University | Zhang C.,Zhengzhou University | Zhao Y.,Zhengzhou University | Zhao Y.,Xiamen University
Chemical Communications | Year: 2014

1,2-Dideoxy-2-C-diphenylphosphinylglycopyranosides were first synthesized by the novel Mn(ii)-air promoted reaction of diphenylphosphine oxide with various glycals in high yields with excellent regio- and stereoselectivities, which was clarified as a radical addition reaction controlled by the oxygen of vinyl ether. © 2014 The Royal Society of Chemistry.

Li Z.,Nanchang Hangkong University | Liu W.,Zhengzhou University | Yi X.,Henan Mechanical Electrical Secondary School
Jixie Gongcheng Xuebao/Journal of Mechanical Engineering | Year: 2011

Combining the features of both local mean decomposition(LMD) and blind source separation, an underdetermined blind source separation method based on local mean decomposition is proposed. In this method, the observed signals are decomposed into a series of production functions(PF) by the LMD method, these PF and original observed signals then constitute new observed signals, and they undergo whitening process and joint approximate diagonalization, thus obtaining the estimate of source signals. This method can effectively overcome the deficiencies in the traditional mechanical fault source separation method, i.e. the traditional method is restricted to nongaussian, stationary and mutually independent source signals, and the number of observations is assumed to be more than the number of sources. The simulation result shows that the proposed method is effective, and obtains more satisfactory separation quality than the traditional blind source separation method based on time-frequency distribution, it can effectively process the underdetermined blind source separation of non-stationary signal mixtures. Finally the proposed method is applied to the separation of mixed faults of rolling bearing, and the result further verifies its effectivity. © 2011 Journal of Mechanical Engineering.

Yang F.,Central China Normal University | Yang F.,Wuhan Textile University | Yan N.-N.,Central China Normal University | Huang S.,Central China Normal University | And 3 more authors.
Journal of Physical Chemistry C | Year: 2012

Zn-doped CdS nanoarchitectures with different Zn content are synthesized by a simple hydrothermal method with water as the only solvent. The prepared samples are characterized by X-ray powder diffraction, scanning electron microscopy, UV-vis diffuse reflectance spectra, Brunauer-Emmett-Teller measurement, and X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy, while the photocatalytic activities are tested by photocatalytic degradation of rhodamine-B under visible-light irradiation. The results show that CdS with small amount of Zn doping can lead to an enhanced photocatalytic activity. Zn-doped CdS sample derived at 160 °C for 12 h with the molar ratio of Zn/Cd = 1:10 exhibits the best photocatalytic activity, which is much higher than that of pure CdS. Moreover, there is almost no loss of photocatalytic activity after four cycles of repeated experiments. So, Zn 2+ doping indeed improves the photocatalytic activity and stability of CdS. Theoretical calculation indicates that Zn doping into a CdS crystal lattice can result in the shift of the valence band of CdS to a positive direction. It may lead to its higher oxidative ability than pure CdS, which is important for organic pollutant degradation under visible-light irradiation. Furthermore, the low formation energy for Zn-doped CdS systems demonstrates that the stability of CdS with Zn 2+ doping can be improved. Experimentally and theoretically, this study will be useful for the improvement of photocatalytic activity and stability of CdS through the method of metal ion doping. © 2012 American Chemical Society.

Feng M.,Zhengzhou University | Zhang F.-B.,Zhengzhou University | Deng H.-R.,Sun Yat Sen University
Endocrine | Year: 2013

The polymorphism +49A/G in the cytotoxic T lymphocyte-associated antigen 4 (CTLA-4) gene has been implicated in susceptibility to Hashimoto's thyroiditis (HT), but the findings are not clear-cut. This study aimed to investigate the association between CTLA-4 polymorphisms and HT risk using an updated meta-analysis. A meta-analysis was carried out of 14 previous studies that investigated the CTLA-4 +49A/G polymorphism and HT risk. +49A/G was associated with a significantly increased HT risk in both allele analysis and all genetic models (allele analysis: G vs. A: P < 0.001, OR = 1.379, 95 % CI = 1.244-1.529). Subgroup analysis by ethnicity showed a significantly increased HT risk with the G allele and all other genetic models in the Asian subgroup (P < 0.001). In the Caucasian subgroup, no significant association was detected between the CTLA-4 +49 G allele and HT, or in the genetic model analysis (P = 0.05). This gene-based analysis indicates that the cumulative effect of the +49A/G polymorphism in CTLA-4 is associated with HT in Asians, but appears to have no effect on HT in Caucasians. © 2013 Springer Science+Business Media New York.

Xu J.,Wuhan University of Technology | Wang G.,Wuhan University of Technology | Fan J.,Zhengzhou University | Liu B.,Wuhan University of Technology | And 2 more authors.
Journal of Power Sources | Year: 2014

Dye-sensitized solar cells (DSSCs) were fabricated by using g-C3N4 modified TiO2 nanosheets (CTS) as photoanode materials in this research. A thin layer of g-C3N4 was coated on the surface of TiO2 nanosheets by simply heating the mixture of TiO2 nanosheets and urea, which led to the formation of TiO2@g-C3N4 nanosheet heterostructure. The experimental results showed that the photoelectric conversion efficiency of DSSCs was obviously improved after modified by g-C3N4. The measurements of I-V characteristic indicated that the introduction of g-C3N4 could increase both the open circuit voltage and short-circuit photocurrent density. Along with the analysis of electrochemical impedance spectroscopy, it is considered that the thin layer of g-C3N4 can act as the blocking layer for electron backward recombination with electrolyte, which can be used as the functional material to increase the DSSC performance. © 2014 Elsevier B.V.

Yang X.,Harvard University | Yang X.,Zhengzhou University | Lyer A.K.,Northeastern University | Lyer A.K.,Wayne State University | And 5 more authors.
Scientific Reports | Year: 2015

Development of multidrug resistance (MDR) is an almost universal phenomenon in patients with ovarian cancer, and this severely limits the ultimate success of chemotherapy in the clinic. Overexpression of the MDR1 gene and corresponding P-glycoprotein (Pgp) is one of the best known MDR mechanisms. MDR1 siRNA based strategies were proposed to circumvent MDR, however, systemic, safe, and effective targeted delivery is still a major challenge. Cluster of differentiation 44 (CD44) targeted hyaluronic acid (HA) based nanoparticle has been shown to successfully deliver chemotherapy agents or siRNAs into tumor cells. The goal of this study is to evaluate the ability of HA-PEI/HA-PEG to deliver MDR1 siRNA and the efficacy of the combination of HA-PEI/HA-PEG/MDR1 siRNA with paclitaxel to suppress growth of ovarian cancer. We observed that HA-PEI/HA-PEG nanoparticles can efficiently deliver MDR1 siRNA into MDR ovarian cancer cells, resulting in down-regulation of MDR1 and Pgp expression. Administration of HA-PEI/HA-PEG/MDR1 siRNA nanoparticles followed by paclitaxel treatment induced a significant inhibitory effect on the tumor growth, decreased Pgp expression and increased apoptosis in MDR ovarian cancer mice model. Our findings suggest that CD44 targeted HA-PEI/HA-PEG/MDR1 siRNA nanoparticles can serve as a therapeutic tool with great potentials to circumvent MDR in ovarian cancer. © 2015 Macmillan Publishers Limited.

Lei Y.,Xuchang University | Lei Y.,Zhengzhou University | Jia H.,Xuchang University | He W.,Xuchang University | And 6 more authors.
Journal of the American Chemical Society | Year: 2012

P3HT:Ag2S hybrid solar cells with broad absorption from the UV to NIR band were directly fabricated on ITO glass by using a room temperature, low energy consumption, and low-cost soft-chemical strategy. The resulting Ag2S nanosheet arrays facilitate the construction of a perfect percolation structure with organic P3HT to form ordered bulk heterojunctions (BHJ); without interface modification, the assembled P3HT:Ag2S device exhibits outstanding short-circuit current densities (Jsc) around 20 mA cm-2. At the current stage, the optimized device exhibited a power conversion efficiency of 2.04%. © 2012 American Chemical Society.

Zhan Y.,Zhengzhou University | Zhou X.,Zhengzhou University | Zhou X.,Henan Xinlianxin Chemical Fertilizer Co. | Fu B.,Zhengzhou University | Chen Y.,Zhengzhou University
Journal of Hazardous Materials | Year: 2011

Copper hydroxide nitrate (Cu2(OH)3NO3) was synthesized solvothermally in anhydrous ethanol and characterized by XRD, FTIR, TG-DTA and SEM. The peroxide degradation of an azo dye (Direct Blue 15) on this material was evaluated by examining catalyst loading, initial pH, hydrogen peroxide dosage, initial dye concentration and temperature. The leaching of Cu from the copper hydroxide nitrate during the reaction was also measured. The copper hydroxide nitrate synthesized solvothermally, which was of a novel spherical morphology with complex secondary structures and contained high-dispersed Cu2O impurity, showed good performance for oxidation degradation of the azo dye, especially high catalytic activity, high utilization of hydrogen peroxide and a wide pH range, whereas the copper hydroxide nitrate synthesized by the direct reaction of copper nitrate and sodium hydroxide showed low catalytic activity. © 2011 Elsevier B.V.

Strunk T.,University of Western Australia | Strunk T.,King Edward Memorial Hospital | Inder T.,Washington University in St. Louis | Wang X.,Gothenburg University | And 6 more authors.
The Lancet Infectious Diseases | Year: 2014

Preterm birth and infectious diseases are the most common causes of neonatal and early childhood deaths worldwide. The rates of preterm birth have increased over recent decades and account for 11% of all births worldwide. Preterm infants are at significant risk of severe infection in early life and throughout childhood. Bacteraemia, inflammation, or both during the neonatal period in preterm infants is associated with adverse outcomes, including death, chronic lung disease, and neurodevelopmental impairment. Recent studies suggest that bacteraemia could trigger cerebral injury even without penetration of viable bacteria into the CNS. Here we review available evidence that supports the concept of a strong association between bacteraemia, inflammation, and cerebral injury in preterm infants, with an emphasis on the underlying biological mechanisms, clinical correlates, and translational opportunities. © 2014 Elsevier Ltd.

Li J.,Zhengzhou University | Wang Y.,Jiangnan University | Yu J.,Jiangnan University | Dong R.,Jiangnan University | Qiu H.,Zhengzhou University
Tumor Biology | Year: 2015

We recently found that HOTAIR (HOX antisense intergenic RNA) promotes development and induces radioresistance in cervical cancer. In the present study, we investigated the circulating HOTAIR expression and determined its relationships with the clinicopathological parameters in cervical cancer. The sera samples were obtained from 118 pathological diagnosed cervical cancer patients and 100 normal age-matched women. The expression of HOTAIR was measured by quantitative real time PCR. Patients’ information were collected and analyzed by the SPSS 17.0 software. Compared with normal control, the expression of HOTAIR was significantly upregulated in the sera of cervical cancer patients (P < 0.0001). In addition, elevated HOTAIR was associated with advanced tumor stages (P < 0.0001), adenocarcinoma (P < 0.0001), lymphatic vascular space invasion (P = 0.0065), and lymphatic node metastasis (P = 0.0259). In addition, our follow-up data showed that high HOTAIR was notably correlated with tumor recurrence (P = 0.013) and short overall survival (P = 0.009). Circulating HOTAIR was commonly upregulated and a potent prognostic marker in cervical cancer. © 2014, International Society of Oncology and BioMarkers (ISOBM).

Guo Y.,Zhengzhou University | Guo Y.,Massachusetts General Hospital | Xu F.,Xi'an University of Science and Technology | Xu F.,Xi'an Jiaotong University | And 5 more authors.
Cancer Treatment Reviews | Year: 2012

Interleukin-6 (IL-6) is a multifunctional cytokine which plays an important role in a wide range of biologic activities in different types of cell including tumor cells. IL-6 is involved in the host immune defense mechanism as well as the modulation of growth and differentiation in various malignancies. These effects are mediated by several signaling pathways, in particular the signal transducer and transcription activator 3 (Stat3). There exists abundant evidence demonstrating that deregulated overexpression of IL-6 was associated with tumor progression through inhibition of cancer cell apoptosis, stimulation of angiogenesis, and drug resistance. Clinical studies have revealed that increased serum IL-6 concentrations in patients are associated with advanced tumor stages of various cancers (e.g., multiple myeloma, non-small cell lung carcinoma, colorectal cancer, renal cell carcinoma, prostate cancer, breast cancer and ovarian cancer) and short survival in patients. Therefore, blocking IL-6 signaling is a potential therapeutic strategy for cancer (i.e., anti-IL-6 therapy) characterized by pathological IL-6 overproduction. Preliminary clinical evidence has shown that antibody targeted IL-6 therapy was well tolerated in cancer patients. In this review, we detail the progress of the current understanding of IL-6 signaling pathway in cancer as well as an antibody targeted IL-6 therapy for human cancer. © 2012 Elsevier Ltd.

Liu C.,Zhengzhou University | Liu C.,Rutgers University | Janowski P.A.,Rutgers University | Case D.A.,Rutgers University
Biochimica et Biophysica Acta - General Subjects | Year: 2015

Background: Molecular dynamics simulations can complement experimental measures of structure and dynamics of biomolecules. The quality of such simulations can be tested by comparisons to models refined against experimental crystallographic data. Methods: We report simulations of DNA and RNA duplexes in their crystalline environment. The calculations mimic the conditions for PDB entries 1D23 [d(CGATCGATCG)2] and 1RNA [(UUAUAUAUAUAUAA)2], and contain 8 unit cells, each with 4 copies of the Watson-Crick duplex; this yields in aggregate 64 μs of duplex sampling for DNA and 16 μs for RNA. Results: The duplex structures conform much more closely to the average structure seen in the crystal than do structures extracted from a solution simulation with the same force field. Sequence-dependent variations in helical parameters, and in groove widths, are largely maintained in the crystal structure, but are smoothed out in solution. However, the integrity of the crystal lattice is slowly degraded in both simulations, with the result that the interfaces between chains become heterogeneous. This problem is more severe for the DNA crystal, which has fewer inter-chain hydrogen bond contacts than does the RNA crystal. Conclusions: Crystal simulations using current force fields reproduce many features of observed crystal structures, but suffer from a gradual degradation of the integrity of the crystal lattice. General significance The results offer insights into force-field simulations that test their ability to preserve weak interactions between chains, which will be of importance also in non-crystalline applications that involve binding and recognition. This article is part of a Special Issue entitled Recent developments of molecular dynamics. © 2014 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

Liu R.,Tianjin Medical University | Li J.,Zhengzhou University | Teng Z.,Kaifeng Peoples Hospital | Zhang Z.,Tianjin Medical University | Xu Y.,Tianjin Medical University
PLoS ONE | Year: 2013

MicroRNAs, non-coding 20-22 nucleotide single-stranded RNAs, result in translational repression or degradation and gene silencing of their target genes, and significantly contribute to the regulation of gene expression. In the current study, we report that miR-182 expression was significantly upregulated in prostate cancer tissues and four cell lines, compared to benign prostatic hyperplasia tissues and normal prostatic epithelial (RWPE-1) cells. Ectopic overexpression of miR-182 significantly promotes the proliferation, increases the invasion, promotes the G1/S cell cycle transition and reduces early apotosis of PC-3 cells, while suppression of miR-182 decreased the proliferation and invasion, inhibits the G1/S cell cycle transition and increase early apotosis of PC-3 cells. Additionally, we demonstrated that miR-182 could downregulate expression of NDRG1 by directly targeting the NDRG1 3′-untranslated region. In conclusion, our results suggest that miR-182 plays an important role in the proliferation of human prostate cancer cells by directly suppressing the tumor supressor gene NDRG1. We uncovered a new epigenetic regulation of NDRG1. © 2013 Liu et al.

« Wärtsilä dual-fuel main engines to power 15 barges operating mainly on LNG | Main | Audi testing autonomous driverless transport systems at Ingolstadt plant » Researchers at Zhengzhou University in China have optimized the process parameters for the direct production of hydrogen from raw corn stalks without substrate pretreatment by a mesophilic (growing in moderate temperatures) hydrogen-producing bacterium, Clostridium sartagoforme FZ11, that they had earlier isolated from cow dung compost. The highest yield of 96.2 mL/g of hydrogen was recorded under the optimal conditions of 6.21 g/L urea; 0.19 M phosphate-buffered saline (PBS); and 8.74 mL/L of nutrient solution. Meanwhile, approximately 45% of cellulose and 53% of hemicellulose were degraded in the raw corn stalk during H fermentation, implying that the strain FZ11 can directly convert cellulose and hemicellulose into bio-H without substrate pretreatment. A paper on their work appears in the ACS journal Energy & Fuels. While the production of bio-hydrogen from biomass via fermentation is of interest due to its cleanliness and renewability, the cellulosic feedstock has required pretreatment before fermentation. A variety of pretreatment methods havebeen tried to degrade the cellulosic substrates into soluble sugars for fermentation, including chemical, physical, and biological methods. All of these have issues, the researchers said, such as high cost or the generation of microbial growth inhibitors such as phenol compounds, organic acids, furfurals, and/or 5-hydroxymethyl-furfural. Generally, the pretreatment process for the cellulose hydrolysis step is a process of energy consumption and even has to use some corrosive chemicals (such as acid and alkali) or expensive cellulases as well as specialized equipment, which is recognized as the most expensive approach and rate-determining step in the overall H production process, and accounts for about 20% of the total costs. Therefore, the development of breakthrough approaches, including the integration of low-cost saccharification with fermentation, is crucial for bio-H production from cellulosic substrate, is challenging the scientific community, and will break a new path for utilization of cellulose wastes, having attracted more attention than ever. Among them, one of the strategies for achieving it is to isolate a new strain that can directly use cellulosic feedstock (such as raw corn stalk) to produce H without pretreatment. … In this work, the new strain Clostridium sp. FZ11, which was isolated from a bioreactor feeding raw corn stalk and acclimated compost by microcrystalline cellulose, was employed to produce H from untreated raw corn stalk. To screen the key factors influencing hydrogen production by Clostridium sp. FZ11 from raw corn stalk, the researchers used a Plackett−Burman (PB) design—an approach to optimum multifactorial experiments proposed by R.L. Plackett and J.P. Burman in 1946. On the basis of single-factor experimental results, the research team screened five independent variables—culture temperature, initial pH, urea, phosphate-buffered saline (PBS), and nutrient solution—and one dummy variable in 12 parallel runs. The significant independent variables (urea, PBS, and nutrient solution) and their mutual influences on H production were further explored by the Box−Behnken design (BBD)—experimental designs for response surface methodology, devised by George E. P. Box and Donald Behnken in 1960—and response surface analysis.

Jinhua Z.,Zhengzhou University | Ying C.,University of Manchester
Advanced Materials Research | Year: 2011

In this study a method to deposit a-Si:H-DLC film at room temperature has been explored by CVD. The interface structure of a-Si:H-DLC film and the compositions of DLC film were studied, the adhesion strength of DLC film deposited directly on metal substrates was very poor, there was an almost complete crack at interface between DLC film and metal substrates, the local shedding could also be observed on surface of DLC film. After inserting a-Si:H intermediate material into the interface, the adhesion strength of a-Si:H-DLC film was improved well, the a-Si:H intermediate layer with about 0.2μm thickness was formed, and was very impact. In addition the structures of DLC film mainly were graphite structure with SP2 bonding, and contain a certain amount of diamond structure with SP3 bonding. Load capacity of a-Si:H-DLC film deposited on the metal substrates was also evaluated, as the contact stress (Hertz stress) was less than 544MPa for the film with 1μm-thickness, the failure life was up to 100 million cycles or more by using "ball-on-disk" wear testing machine, therefore it could be used in practice. Changes in load had little effect on friction coefficient. © (2011) Trans Tech Publications, Switzerland.

Xie J.-J.,University of Valencia | Xie J.-J.,Zhengzhou University | Wilkin C.,University College London
Physical Review C - Nuclear Physics | Year: 2010

The total and differential cross sections for associated strangeness production in the pp→pK+K-p and pp→pK +π0Σ0 reactions have been studied in a unified approach using an effective Lagrangian model. It is assumed that both the K-p and π0Σ0 final states originate from the decay of the Λ(1405) that was formed in the production chain pp→p(N*(1535) →K+Λ(1405)). The available experimental data are well reproduced, especially the ratio of the two total cross sections, which is much less sensitive to the particular model of the entrance channel. The significant coupling of the N*(1535) to Λ(1405)K is further evidence for large ss components in the quark wave function of the N *(1535). © 2010 The American Physical Society.

Xie J.,University of Valencia | Xie J.,Zhengzhou University | Nieves J.,University of Valencia
Physical Review C - Nuclear Physics | Year: 2010

We investigate the Λ (1520) photoproduction in the γp → K+Λ (1520) reaction within the effective Lagrangian method near threshold. In addition to the "background" contributions from the contact, t-channel K-exchange, and s-channel nucleon pole terms, which were already considered in previous studies, the contribution from the nucleon resonance N*(2080) (spin-parity JP = 3/2-) is also considered. We show that the inclusion of the nucleon resonance N*(2080) leads to a fairly good description of the new LEPS differential cross-section data, and that these measurements can be used to determine some of the properties of this latter resonance. However, serious discrepancies appear when the predictions of the model are compared to the photon-beam asymmetry,which was also measured by the LEPS Collaboration. © 2010 The American Physical Society.

Wang C.,Texas State University | Hao X.-Q.,Zhengzhou University | Wang M.,Texas State University | Guo C.,University of Georgia | And 8 more authors.
Chemical Science | Year: 2014

Self-assembly of three-dimensional (3-D) architecture using terpyridine (tpy)-based building blocks is challenging and seldom addressed due the fixed geometry (around 180°) of tpy-M(ii)-tpy (M = Ru, Fe, Zn, and Cd) connectivity. Here we describe the self-assembly of 3-D giant metallo-supramolecular cubes using three-armed terpyridine ligands constructed on adamantane with molecular weight up to 18 k and edge length at ∼4.9 nm, which is significantly larger than the sizes of previous metallo-supramolecular cubes. Instead of using metal center as vertices in the commonly used synthetic strategy of 3-D molecular coordination ensembles, these cages [M 12L8] bear 8 ligands as vertices with 12 metal ions on the edges. With a suitable edge length, the giant cubes appear to be the sole product after self-assembly from a variety of possible architectures. The 3-D metallo-supramolecules were characterized and supported by NMR, DOSY, ESI-MS, travelling wave ion mobility-MS and AFM. This journal is © The Royal Society of Chemistry 2014.

Yao L.,Zhengzhou University | Qin J.,Zhengzhou University | Wang A.,Anhui University | Wang H.,University of Manchester
IET Control Theory and Applications | Year: 2013

The purpose of the fault detection and diagnosis of stochastic distribution control systems is to use the measured input and the system output probability density functions (PDFs) to obtain the fault information of the system. In this paper, the rational square-root B-spline model is used to represent the dynamics between the output PDF and the input. This is then followed by the novel design of a non-linear neural network observer-based fault diagnosis (FD) algorithm so as to diagnose the fault in the dynamic part of such systems. Convergency analysis is performed for the error dynamic system raised from the fault detection and diagnosis phase using the Lyapunov stability theorem. Finally, based on the FD information, a new faulttolerant control based on proportional integral tracking control scheme is designed to make the post-fault PDF still track the given distribution. A simulated example is given to illustrate the efficiency of the proposed algorithms. © 2013 The Institution of Engineering and Technology.

Gao N.,Zhengzhou University | Zou D.,Henan Medical College for Staff and Workers | Qiao H.-L.,Zhengzhou University
PLoS ONE | Year: 2013

Some of the components found in herbs may be inhibitors or inducers of cytochrome P450 enzymes, which may therefore result in undesired herb-drug interactions. As a component extracted from Radix Scutellariae, the direct effect of baicalin on cytochrome P450 has not been investigated sufficiently. In this study, we investigated concentration-dependent inhibitory effect of baicalin on the plasma protein binding and metabolism of chlorzoxazone (CZN), a model CYP2E1 probe substrate, in rats in vitro and in vivo. Animal experiment was a randomized, three-period crossover design. Significant changes in pharmacokinetic parameters of CZN such as Cmax, t1/2 and Vd were observed after treatment with baicalin in vivo (P<0.05). Cmax decreased by 25% and 33%, whereas t1/2 increased by 34% and 53%, Vd increased by 37% and 50% in 225 mg/kg and 450 mg/kg baicalin-treated rats, respectively. The AUC and CL of CZN were not affected (P>0.05). Correlation analysis showed that the changes in CZN concentrations and baicalin concentrations were in good correlation (r>0.99). In vitro experiments, baicalin decreased the formation of 6-OH-chlorzoxazone in a concentration-dependent manner and exhibited a competitive inhibition in rat liver microsomes, with a Ki value of 145.8 μM. The values of Cmax/Ki were 20 and 39 after treatment with baicalin (225 and 450 mg/kg), respectively. Protein binding experiments in vivo showed that the plasma free-fraction (fu) of CZN increased 2.6-fold immediately after baicalin treatment (450 mg/kg) and in vitro showed that baicalin (125-2500 mg/L) increased the unbound CZN from 1.63% to 3.58%. The results indicate that pharmacokinetic changes in CZN are induced by inhibitory effect of baicalin on the plasma protein binding of CZN and CYP2E1 activity. © 2013 Gao et al.

Chen F.-X.,Zhengzhou University | Zhao M.-R.,Henan Medical College for Staff and Workers | Liu C.-C.,Zhengzhou University | Peng F.-F.,South China University of Technology | Ren B.-Z.,Zhengzhou University
Journal of Chemical Thermodynamics | Year: 2012

Using a laser monitoring technique, the solubility of diosgenin in ethanol, 1-propanol, 1-butanol, isobutyl alcohol, tert-butanol, 1-pentanol, and iso-octyl alcohol was measured over the temperature range from (290.15 to 330.15) K at atmospheric pressure. Its corresponding (solid + liquid) equilibrium data will provide essential support for industrial design and further theoretical studies. From the experimental results, the solubility of diosgenin in ethanol, 1-propanol, 1-butanol, isobutyl alcohol, tert-butanol, 1-pentanol, and iso-octyl alcohol was found to increase with increasing temperature and decrease with the increase of the polarity of the alcohols solvents. The Apelblat equation, the ideal model and the λh equation were used to correlate the solubility values. The results showed that the three models mentioned above agreed well with the experimental data. © 2012 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

Chen F.-X.,Zhengzhou University | Zhao M.-R.,Henan Medical College for Staff and Workers | Ren B.-Z.,Zhengzhou University | Zhou C.-R.,Zhengzhou University | Peng F.-F.,Zhengzhou University
Journal of Chemical Thermodynamics | Year: 2012

The solubility of diosgenin in methanol, ethanol (95%), isopropanol, acetone, acetic ether, and propyl acetate were measured at temperatures from (295.15 to 330.15) K using the synthetic method by a laser monitoring observation technique at atmospheric pressure. Its corresponding (solid + liquid) equilibrium data will provide essential support for industrial design and further theoretical studies. The solubility data of diosgenin in isopropanol, acetone, ethanol (95%), and acetic ether were correlated with Apelblat equation, and the experimental data of diosgenin in methanol and propyl acetate were also correlated with the λh model. The calculated values were good in agreement with the experimental values. © 2011 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

Liu B.-C.,Xi'an Jiaotong University | Xie J.-J.,Zhengzhou University | Xie J.-J.,University of Valencia
Physical Review C - Nuclear Physics | Year: 2012

We report on a theoretical study of the K -p→ηΛ reaction near threshold by using an effective Lagrangian approach. The role of s-channel Λ(1670), t-channel K *, and u-channel proton pole diagrams are considered. We show that the total cross section data are well reproduced. However, only including the s-wave Λ(1670) state and the background contribution from t and u channels is not enough to describe the bowl structures in the angular distribution of the K -p→ηΛ reaction, which indicates that there should be higher partial waves contributing to this reaction in some energy region. Indeed, if we considered the contributions from a D 03 resonance, we could describe the bowl structures; however, a rather small width (∼2 MeV) of this resonance would be needed. © 2012 American Physical Society.

He X.,Shanghai Normal University | Lu H.,Zhengzhou University
Nanotechnology | Year: 2014

By depositing a graphene layer on the metallic film with subwavelength hole arrays, the tunable extraordinary transmission property based on the metal-dielectrics-graphene (MDG) structure has been investigated in the terahertz (THz) and near-infrared (NIR) regimes. The influences of operation frequency, composed materials, and the Fermi level of the graphene layer have been taken into account. The results show that by varying the Fermi level of the graphene layer, the transmission of the MDG structure can be tuned in a wide range and the modulation depth of the peak value of the transmission can reach more than 50%. But the tunable mechanisms in the THz and NIR regimes are quite different. In the infrared (THz) regime, the graphene behaves like the dielectric (metallic) layer; its dielectric constant decreases (increases) with the increase of Fermi level, resulting in the transmission increasing (decreasing). Compared with the metallic structure, the transmission of the semiconductor structure can also be modulated by using the doping or varying temperature; its peak position can also be changed in a much broader range. The results are very useful to understand the mechanism of the graphene plasmonic devices and to design novel filters, switchers, modulators, and sensors. © 2014 IOP Publishing Ltd.

Wang H.X.,Zhengzhou University | Wang H.X.,Zhengzhou University of Light Industry | Guan S.K.,Zhengzhou University | Wang X.,Zhengzhou University | And 2 more authors.
Acta Biomaterialia | Year: 2010

The key to manufacturing magnesium-based alloys that are suitable as biodegradable orthopaedic implants is how to adjust their degradation rates and mechanical integrity in the physiological environment. In this study, to solve this challenge, a soluble Ca-deficient hydroxyapatite (Ca-def HA) coating was deposited on an Mg-Zn-Ca alloy substrate by pulse eletrodeposition. This deposition can be demonstrated by X-ray diffractometry and energy dispersion spectroscopy analyses, and the Ca/P atomic ratio of as-deposited coating is about 1.33 (within the range from 1.33 to 1.65). By regulating the appropriate pulse amplitude and width, the Ca-def HA coating shows better adhesion to Mg-Zn-Ca alloy, whose lap shear strength is increased to 41.8 ± 2.7 MPa. Potentiodynamic polarization results in Kokubo's simulated body fluid (SBF) indicate that the corrosion potential of Mg alloy increases from -1645 to -1414 mV, while the corrosion current density decreases from 110 to 25 μA/cm 2, which illustrates that the Ca-def HA coating improves the substrate corrosion resistance significantly. Since orthopaedic implants generally serve under conditions of stress corrosion, the mechanical integrity of the Mg-Zn-Ca alloy was measured using the slow strain rate tensile (SSRT) testing technique in SBF. The SSRT results show that the ultimate tensile strength and time of fracture for the coated Mg-Zn-Ca alloy are higher than those of the uncoated one, which is beneficial in supporting fractured bone for a longer time. Thus Mg-Zn-Ca alloy coated with Ca-def HA is be a promising candidate for biodegradable orthopaedic implants, and is worthwhile to further investigate the in vivo degradation behavior. © 2009 Acta Materialia Inc. Published by Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

Zhang O.,Zhengzhou University | Zhang O.,First Hospital Affiliated to Nanyang Medical College | Zhang J.,Zhengzhou University
International Immunopharmacology | Year: 2015

M1 and M2 macrophages are detectable in human atherosclerotic lesions, and M2 macrophages are present at locations distant from the lipid core in more stable zones of the plaque and appear to exert anti-inflammatory properties on M1 macrophages. Peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor (PPAR) γ promotes the differentiation of monocytes into anti-inflammatory M2 macrophages. Although both statins and PPARγ ligands have been reported to protect against the progression of atherosclerosis, no data are currently available regarding the implication of statins in the alternative differentiation of human monocytes. In the present study, we hypothesized that atorvastatin may exert novel effects to prime human monocytes toward an anti-inflammatory alternative M2 phenotype. To this aim, we first found that abundant M2 markers were expressed in human circulating monocytes after atorvastatin treatment. Moreover, atorvastatin was able to induce PPARγ expression and activation in human monocytes in vivo and in vitro, resulting in priming primary human monocytes differentiation into M2 macrophages with a more pronounced paracrine anti-inflammatory activity in M1 macrophages. Additional data with molecular approaches revealed that p38 mitogen-activated protein kinase (MAPK) but not extracellular signal-regulated kinase (ERK) 1/2 activation was involved in atorvastatin-mediated PPARγ activation and enhanced alternative M2 macrophage phenotype. Collectively, our data demonstrated that atorvastatin promotes human monocyte differentiation toward alternative M2 macrophages via p38 MAPK-dependent PPARγ activation. © 2015 Elsevier B.V.

Zhao J.,Zhengzhou University of Light Industry | Zhang F.,Zhengzhou University
Advances in Information Sciences and Service Sciences | Year: 2012

Feature selection is one of the important topics in text classification. However, most of existing feature selection methods are serial and inefficient to be applied to massive text data sets. In this case, a feature selection method based on parallel collaborative evolutionary genetic algorithm is presented. The presented method uses genetic algorithm to select feature subsets and takes advantage of parallel collaborative evolution to enhance time efficiency, so it can quickly acquire the feature subsets which are more representative. The experimental results show that: For accuracy and recall, the presented method is better than three classical methods: Information Gain, x 2 Statistics, Mutual Information; For the consumed time, the presented method with a CPU is inferior than the above mentioned three methods, but the presented method is superior after using the parallel strategy.

Yao L.,Zhengzhou University | Yao L.,Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics | Qin J.,Zhengzhou University | Wang H.,University of Manchester | Jiang B.,Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics
Automatica | Year: 2012

New fault diagnosis (FD) and fault tolerant control (FTC) algorithms for non-Gaussian singular stochastic distribution control (SDC) systems are presented in this paper. Different from general SDC systems, in singular SDC systems, the relationship between the weights and the control input is expressed by a singular state space model, which increases the difficulty in the FD and FTC design. The proposed approach relies on an iterative learning observer (ILO) for fault estimation. The fault may be constant, fast-varying or slow-varying. Based on the estimated fault information, the fault tolerant controller can be designed to make the post-fault probability density function (PDF) still track the given distribution. Simulations are given to show the effectiveness of the proposed FD and FTC algorithms. © 2012 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

Xie J.-J.,University of Valencia | Xie J.-J.,Zhengzhou University | Martinez Torres A.,Kyoto University | Oset E.,University of Valencia
Physical Review C - Nuclear Physics | Year: 2011

We perform a calculation for the three-body NKÍK scattering amplitude by using the fixed-center approximation to the Faddeev equations, taking the interaction between N and KÍ, N and K, and KÍ and K from the chiral unitary approach. The resonant structures show up in the modulus squared of the three-body scattering amplitude and suggest that a NKÍK hadron state can be formed. Our results are in agreement with others obtained in previous theoretical works, which claim a new N* resonance around 1920 MeV with spin-parity JP=1/2+. The existence of these previous works allows us to test the accuracy of the fixed center approximation in the present problem and sets the grounds for possible application in similar problems, as an explorative tool to determine bound or quasibound three-hadron systems. © 2011 American Physical Society.

Xie J.-J.,University of Valencia | Xie J.-J.,Zhengzhou University | Martinez Torres A.,Kyoto University | Oset E.,University of Valencia | Gonzalez P.,University of Valencia
Physical Review C - Nuclear Physics | Year: 2011

From a Faddeev calculation for the π-(Δρ)N5/2 -(1675) system we show the plausible existence of three dynamically generated I(JP)=3/2(5/2+) baryon states below 2.3 GeV, whereas only two resonances, Δ5/2 +(1905) (****) and Δ5/2 +(2000) (**), are cataloged in the Particle Data Book Review. Our results give theoretical support to data analyses extracting two distinctive resonances, Δ5/2 +(1740) and Δ5/2 +(2200), from which the mass of Δ5/2 +(2000)(**) is estimated. We propose that these two resonances should be cataloged instead of Δ5/2 +(2000). This proposal gets further support from the possible assignment of the other baryon states found in the approach in the I=1/2,3/2 with JP=1/2+,3/2+,5/2+ sectors to known baryonic resonances. In particular, Δ1/2 +(1750) (*) is naturally interpreted as a πN1/2 -(1650) bound state. © 2011 American Physical Society.

He L.,Zhengzhou University | He L.,Zhengzhou University of Light Industry | Zheng X.,Zhengzhou University | Xu Q.,Zhengzhou University
Journal of Physical Chemistry B | Year: 2010

We report herein a typical piezoelectric polymer, poly(vinylidene fluoride) (PVDF) to be successfully wrapped on single-walled carbon nanotubes (SWCNTs) using a simple supercritical carbon dioxide (SC CO2) antisolvent-induced polymer epitaxy method. Our study focused on the effect of different solvents on the morphology of PVDF wrapping on SWCNTs. Three organic solvents, dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO), N,N-dimethylformamide (DMF), and N,N-dimethylacetamide (DMAc) were chosen for PVDF. When DMSO was used as solvent, the decorating degree of PVDF on the surface of SWCNTs increases significantly with the increase of SC CO2 pressure, and nanocrystals wrapping on SWCNTs can be observed at high pressure. FTIR and Raman spectra indicated that there exist interactions between SWCNTs and PVDF chains. Whats more, FTIR results also show that there exists a transformation from the β-phase to the α-phase of PVDF in DMSO with the assistance of SC CO2, which is similar to the action of elongation/shear flow field. It indicated that the α-phase is the predominant form occurring on the surface of SWCNTs after treatment with SC CO2. And the helical structure on SWCNTs observed from the TEM image reflected the alternate trans- and gauche-bond conformation of the α-form. When DMF or DMAc was used as the solvent, although nanocrystal wrapping and helical structure was not visible, the samples had more excellent dispersion than that in DMSO. Particularly, for DMF, a typical network structure was observed, which is similar to a spider web. Therefore, this work supplies a clue that the various morphologies of nanohybrid structure can be obtained just by changing the solvent during the treatment process of SC CO2, and accordingly, the tailored nanohybrid structure are promising and important for functional design as a basic component in microfabrication and other fields. © 2010 American Chemical Society.

Duan J.,Tianjin Institute of Urban Construction | Liu R.,Zhengzhou University | Chen T.,Henan Academy of science | Zhang B.,Zhengzhou University | Liu J.,Zhengzhou University
Desalination | Year: 2012

The magnetic composite of Fe 3O 4-halloysite nanotube (HNT) was prepared by chemical precipitation method. The prepared adsorbents were characterized by X-ray diffraction (XRD), transmission electron microscopy (TEM), vibrating sample magnetometer (VSM), and multipoint Brunauer-Emmett-Teller (MBET). The results revealed that Fe 3O 4 particles with diameter of 3-5nm dispersed on the nanotube surface and formed a composite with halloysite. The Fe 3O 4-HNTs composite exhibited fine magnetic property (Ms=8.47emu/g) and could be easily separated from aqueous solution by the application of an external magnetic field. Adsorption results showed that Fe 3O 4-HNTs composite could maintain a high adsorption capacity for methyl violet (MV) when the pH, concentration of metal ion and temperature varied. Adsorption kinetics was best described by the pseudo-second-order model. Equilibrium data fitted well with the Langmuir isotherm. The used Fe 3O 4-HNTs could be regenerated by simple calcinations. The recovered adsorbents could be used again for MV removal and magnetic separation. Because of the excellent adsorption capacity at different conditions, reproducibility and separability, Fe 3O 4-HNTs composite is a promising candidate for removing cationic dye from waste water. © 2012 Elsevier B.V.

Chen X.,Zhengzhou University | Zhu C.,Zhengzhou University | Cui X.,Zhengzhou University | Cui X.,Huaqiao University | Wu Y.,Zhengzhou University
Chemical Communications | Year: 2013

An efficient and direct 2-acetoxylation of quinoline N-oxides via copper(i) catalyzed C-H bond activation has been developed. This transformation was achieved using TBHP as an oxidant in the cross-dehydrogenative coupling (CDC) reaction of quinoline N-oxides with aldehydes, and provided a practical pathway to 2-acyloxyl quinolines. © 2013 The Royal Society of Chemistry.

Cheng Z.,Zhengzhou University | Cheng Z.,Henan Polytechnic University | Ren J.,Zhengzhou University
Nonlinear Analysis: Real World Applications | Year: 2013

This paper is devoted to the existence of harmonic and subharmonic solutions for a damped Duffing equation. Our proofs are based on a twisting theorem due to W.Y. Ding. © 2012 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

Wu Z.,Zhengzhou University | Pi C.,Zhengzhou University | Cui X.,Zhengzhou University | Cui X.,Huaqiao University | And 2 more authors.
Advanced Synthesis and Catalysis | Year: 2013

An efficient and concise one-pot strategy for the direct alkylation of quinoline N-oxides via palladium-catalyzed dual C-H bonds activation has been developed. This methodology provides quinoline-containing heterocyclic molecules in moderate to excellent yields. Copyright © 2013 WILEY-VCH Verlag GmbH & Co. KGaA, Weinheim.

Zhang W.,Zhengzhou University | Zhang W.,University of Minnesota | Truhlar D.G.,University of Minnesota | Tang M.,Zhengzhou University
Journal of Chemical Theory and Computation | Year: 2013

One of the greatest challenges for the theoretical study of transition-metal-containing compounds is the treatment of intrinsically multiconfigurational atoms and molecules, which require a multireference (MR) treatment in wave function theory. The accuracy of density functional theory for such systems is still being explored. Here, we continue that exploration by presenting the predictions of 42 exchange-correlation (xc) functionals of 11 types [local spin density approximation (LSDA), generalized gradient approximation (GGA), nonseparable gradient approximation (NGA), global-hybrid GGA, meta-GGA, meta-NGA, global-hybrid meta-GGA, range-separated hybrid GGA, range-separated hybrid meta-GGA, range-separated hybrid meta-NGA, and DFT augmented with molecular mechanics damped dispersion (DFT-D)]. DFT-D is tested both for Grimme's DFT-D3(BJ) model with Becke-Johnson damping and for ωB97X-D, which has the empirical atom-atom dispersion parametrized by Chai and Head-Gordon. The Hartree-Fock (HF) method has also been included because it can be viewed as a functional with 100% HF exchange and no correlation. These methods are tested against a database including 70 first-transition-row (3d) transition-metal-containing molecules (19 single-reference molecules and 51 MR molecules), all of which have estimated experimental uncertainties equal to or less than 2.0 kcal/mol in the heat of formation. We analyze the accuracy in terms of the atomization energy per bond instead of the enthalpy of formation of the molecule because it allows us to test electronic energies without the possibility of cancellation of errors in electronic energies with errors in vibrational energies. All the density functional and HF wave functions have been optimized to a stable solution, in which the spatial symmetry is allowed to be broken to minimize the energy to a stable solution. We find that τ-HCTHhyb has the smallest mean unsigned error (MUE) in average bond energy, in particular 2.5 kcal/mol, for the full set of 70 molecules, and it also gives the smallest MUE for MR systems. For single-reference systems, MPW1B95 has the best performance, with an MUE of 1.6 kcal/mol. Among local functionals, which are the least expensive, the best performance (MUE = 3.4 kcal/mol) for the total database is achieved by OreLYP. It is observed that adding HF exchange does not guarantee better accuracy for GGAs or for the NGA, but inclusion of the kinetic energy densities can benefit the GGAs and NGA calculations. The metal hydrides and metal oxides are demonstrated to be the most difficult bond types to predict, and CrO3, FeH, CrO, VH, and MnS are found to be the most difficult molecules to predict. The middle transition metals (V, Cr, and Mn) lead to larger errors on average than either the early or late transition metals. © 2013 American Chemical Society.

Wang S.,Zhengzhou University | Zhang B.,Zhengzhou University | Hou Y.,Tianjin Polytechnic University | Du C.,Zhengzhou University | Wu Y.,Zhengzhou University
Journal of Materials Chemistry C | Year: 2013

A highly pure red luminescent heterobimetallic complex [EuZnL(tta) 2(μ-tfa)] (L = N,N′-bis(salicylidene)-2,3-propanediamine, tta = 2-thenoyltrifluoroacetonate, tfa = trifluoroacetate) was synthesized. The EL device with this complex exhibits an inspiring current efficiency of 3.7 cd A-1 at a brightness of 300 cd m-2 and gives a maximum Eu(iii)-based pure red emitting luminance of 1982.5 cd m-2 at 13.8 V. © The Royal Society of Chemistry 2013.

Huang M.,Zhengzhou University | Lv S.,Henan Provincial Institute of Food and Drug Control | Zhou C.,Zhengzhou University
Thermochimica Acta | Year: 2013

The non-isothermal decomposition kinetics of glycine was investigated using analyzer DTG-60. TG experiments were carried out under dynamic nitrogen atmosphere of 30 mL min-1 with heating rates of 10, 14, 18 and 22 K min-1. The kinetic parameters such as activation energy (E), exponential factor (A) and reaction order (n) were evaluated by Flynn-Wall-Ozawa, Doyle, Kissinger and Šatava-Šesták methods. The results show that the non-isothermal decomposition mechanism of glycine corresponds to nucleation and growth, following the Avrami-Erofeev equation with n = 1/3. Moreover, thermodynamic properties of the non-isothermal decomposition process such as the change in the values of enthalpy (ΔH), entropy (ΔS) and Gibbs free energy (ΔG) were calculated. © 2012 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

Yi S.-Y.,Zhengzhou University | Hao Y.-B.,Zhengzhou University | Nan K.-J.,Xi'an Jiaotong University | Fan T.-L.,Zhengzhou University
Cancer Treatment Reviews | Year: 2013

Nowadays, cancer has been a frequent disease, and the first or second most common cause of death worldwide. Despite a better understanding of the biology of cancer cells, the therapy of most cancers has not significantly changed for the past four decades. It is because conventional chemotherapies and/or radiation therapies are usually designed to eradicate highly proliferative cells. Mounting evidence has implicated that cancer is a disease of stem cells. Cancer stem cells (CSC) are often relatively quiescent, and therefore may not be affected by therapies targeting rapidly dividing cells. Like normal stem cells (NSC) residing in a " stem cell niche" that maintains them in a stem-like state, CSC also require a special microenvironment to control their self-renewal and undifferentiated state. The " CSC niche" is likely to be the most crucial target in the treatment of cancer. In this article, we summarize the current knowledge regarding CSC and their niche microenvironments. Understanding of CSC's origin, molecular profile, and interaction with their microenvironments, this could be a paradigm shift in the treatment of cancer, away from targeting the blast cells and towards the targeting of the CSC, thus improving therapeutic outcome. © 2012 Elsevier Ltd.

Zhao L.,Colorado State University | Zhao L.,Zhengzhou University | Sullivan M.N.,Colorado State University | Chase M.,Colorado State University | And 2 more authors.
American Journal of Respiratory Cell and Molecular Biology | Year: 2014

Proliferation of airway smooth muscle cells (ASMCs) contributes to the remodeling and irreversible obstruction of airways during severe asthma, but the mechanisms underlying this disease process are poorly understood. Here we tested the hypothesis that Ca2+ influx through the vanilliod transient receptor potential channel (TRPV) 4 stimulates ASMC proliferation. We found that synthetic and endogenous TRPV4 agonists increase proliferation of primary ASMCs. Furthermore, we demonstrate that Ca2+ influx through individual TRPV4 channels produces Ca2+ microdomains in ASMCs, called "TRPV4 Ca2+ sparklets." We also show that TRPV4 channels colocalize with the Ca2+/calmodulin-dependent protein phosphatase calcineurin in ASMCs. Activated calcineurin dephosphorylates nuclear factor of activated T cells (NFAT) transcription factors cytosolic (c) to allow nuclear translocation and activation of synthetic transcriptional pathways. We show that ASMC proliferation in response to TRPV4 activity is associated with calcineurin-dependent nuclear translocation of the NFATc3 isoform tagged with green florescent protein. Our findings suggest that Ca2+ microdomains created by TRPV4 Ca2+ sparklets activate calcineurin to stimulate nuclear translocation of NFAT and ASMC proliferation. These findings further suggest that inhibition of TRPV4 could diminish asthma-induced airway remodeling. Copyright © 2014 by the American Thoracic Society.

Zhang H.,Zhengzhou University | Cui X.,Zhengzhou University | Cui X.,Huaqiao University | Yao X.,Zhengzhou University | And 3 more authors.
Organic Letters | Year: 2012

N,N-Dimethylaminomethyl ferrocenium could be generated in situ and served as a terminal oxidant for Pd-catalyzed directly dehydrogenative annulations of N,N-dimethylaminomethyl ferrocene and internal alkynes. This procedure utilized the redox activity of ferrocene and avoided adding an oxidant. A series of highly arylated naphthalenes functionalized by ferrocene were obtained in 53-81% yields. © 2012 American Chemical Society.

Dong X.-Y.,Zhengzhou University | Dong X.-Y.,Henan Polytechnic University | Wang R.,Zhengzhou University | Li J.-B.,Zhengzhou University | And 4 more authors.
Chemical Communications | Year: 2013

A new tetranuclear Cu4(μ3-OH)2-based metal-organic framework (MOF) with sulfonate-carboxylate ligands features large hydrophilic channels. This MOF exhibits proton conductivity over 10-3 S cm-1 at 85-100 °C and 98% relative humidity and colossal dielectric constant. © 2013 The Royal Society of Chemistry.

Chen X.,Zhengzhou University | Cui X.,Zhengzhou University | Cui X.,Huaqiao University | Yang F.,Zhengzhou University | Wu Y.,Zhengzhou University
Organic Letters | Year: 2015

An efficient cross-dehydrogenative coupling of quinoline N-oxides and 1,3-azoles has been developed under external oxidant and metal free conditions. The desired products were isolated in good to excellent yields for 26 examples. This methodology provides a practical pathway to biheteroaryls and features high practicality, high efficiency, and environmental friendliness. © 2015 American Chemical Society.

Li Y.,University of Minnesota | Li X.,Zhengzhou University | Dong Z.,University of Minnesota
Biochemistry | Year: 2014

In this work, we investigate the dynamic motions of fatty acid binding protein 4 (FABP4) in the absence and presence of a ligand by explicitly solvated all-atom molecular dynamics simulations. The dynamics of one ligand-free FABP4 and four ligand-bound FABP4s is compared via multiple 1.2 μs simulations. In our simulations, the protein interconverts between the open and closed states. Ligand-free FABP4 prefers the closed state, whereas ligand binding induces a conformational transition to the open state. Coupled with opening and closing of FABP4, the ligand adopts distinct binding modes, which are identified and compared with crystal structures. The concerted dynamics of protein and ligand suggests that there may exist multiple FABP4-ligand binding conformations. Thus, this work provides details about how ligand binding affects the conformational preference of FABP4 and how ligand binding is coupled with a conformational change of FABP4 at an atomic level. © 2014 American Chemical Society.

Liu B.-C.,Xi'an Jiaotong University | Liu B.-C.,Chinese Academy of Sciences | Xie J.-J.,Chinese Academy of Sciences | Xie J.-J.,Zhengzhou University
Physical Review C - Nuclear Physics | Year: 2012

Recently, we reported a theoretical study on the K -p→ηΛ reaction near threshold by using an effective Lagrangian approach. It was found that the description of angular distribution data measured by the Crystal Ball Collaboration needs a D 03 resonance with mass M=1668.5±0.5 MeV and total decay width Γ=1.5±0.5 MeV, which is not the conventional Λ(1690) or other Λ state listed in the Particle Data Group book. In the present work, we study the Λ polarization in the K -p→ηΛ reaction within the same framework. The results show that the existence of this narrow D 03 state is also compatible with current Λ polarization data and that the more accurate Λ polarization data at P K -=735 MeV can offer further evidence for the existence of this resonance. Furthermore, the role of the Λ(1690) resonance in this reaction is also discussed. © 2012 American Physical Society.

Wu Z.,Zhengzhou University | Song H.,Zhengzhou University | Cui X.,Zhengzhou University | Cui X.,Huaqiao University | And 3 more authors.
Organic Letters | Year: 2013

An efficient and concise one-pot protocol to synthesize sulfonylated quinoline N-oxides via copper-catalyzed C-H bond activation has been developed. Commercially available and less expensive aryl sulfonyl chlorides were used as the sulfonylation reagents. Various 2-aryl sulfonyl quinolines were obtained in up to 91% yields in chemo- and regioselective manners. © 2013 American Chemical Society.

Cheng G.,Huaqiao University | Zeng X.,Huaqiao University | Shen J.,Huaqiao University | Wang X.,Huaqiao University | And 2 more authors.
Angewandte Chemie - International Edition | Year: 2013

About specifics: A method for the regiospecific synthesis of the title compounds through an unprecedented Michael addition/deacylative diazo transfer/cyclization sequence has been established. The simple and practical method can be used for the modification of primary amines including chiral α-amines. The process involves the formation three covalent bonds and the cleavage of two covalent bonds (see scheme, Ts=4-toluenesulfonyl). © 2013 WILEY-VCH Verlag GmbH & Co. KGaA, Weinheim.

Chen W.,Wuhan University | Chen W.,Zhengzhou University | Yang Y.,Wuhan University | Shao H.,Wuhan University
Journal of Power Sources | Year: 2011

New applications such as hybrid electric vehicles and power backup require rechargeable batteries to combine high energy density with high charge and discharge rate capability. In this study, the core-shell Ni(OH) 2@CoOOH composite is constructed via a simple cation-exchange route at moderate conditions. X-ray diffraction (XRD), X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS), scanning electron microscopy (SEM) with energy dispersive X-ray (EDX), and inductively coupled plasma (ICP) are used to characterize the resulting Ni(OH)2@CoOOH composites. The Ni(OH)2@CoOOH electrode exhibits high power, higher capacity and longer life cycle when it is chosen as an positive electrode material for rechargeable alkaline MH-Ni battery. The enhanced electrochemical performance is attributed to the seamless combination of the CoOOH shell and the Ni(OH)2 core, avoiding the contact resistance between them at a large current density. It is believed that our methodology provides a simple and environment friendly route to a variety of core-shell materials with different composition and novel function. © 2010 Elsevier B.V.

Huang H.,Zhengzhou University | Li J.,Zhengzhou University | Lescop C.,CNRS Chemistry Institute of Rennes | Duan Z.,Zhengzhou University
Organic Letters | Year: 2011

Herein, a Pd-catalyzed reaction of simple and diverse bromothiophenes with alkynes via regioselective C-S bond activation is reported. This provides a new approach to prepare sulfur-based heterocycles and fulvenes. © 2011 American Chemical Society.

Xie X.-P.,Huazhong University of Science and Technology | Xie X.-P.,Henan Polytechnic University | Zhu X.-L.,Zhengzhou University | Wang Y.-C.,Northeastern University China
Signal Processing | Year: 2014

The problem of stability analysis of 2-D state-space digital filters described by Roesser model with parameter uncertainty is addressed in this paper. The underlying parameter uncertainty is modeled by a convex bounded (polytope type) uncertain domain. By applying both a new parameter-dependent Lyapunov function and a kind of matrix transformation technique, relaxed global asymptotic stability criteria of the 2-D state-space digital filters are proposed in terms of linear matrix inequalities (LMIs), which can be easily solved via standard numerical software. More importantly, the conservatism of the obtained global asymptotic stability criteria could be significantly reduced than existing ones. Finally, a numerical example is provided to illustrate the effectiveness of the proposed approach. © 2013 Elsevier B.V.

He D.,Wuhan University | Zhao W.,Dalian University of Technology | Wu S.,Zhengzhou University
International Journal of Network Security | Year: 2013

To guarantee secure communications in multi-server environment, Lee et al. proposed a dynamic ID-based remote user authentication scheme using smart card. They also demonstrated that their scheme could withstand various attacks. This paper reviews Lee et al.'s scheme and provides a security analysis on it. Our analysis shows that Lee et al. is vulnerable to the impersonation attack, the server spoofing attack, and the off-line password guessing attack.

Zhang W.,Zhengzhou University | Zhang W.,University of Minnesota | Truhlar D.G.,University of Minnesota | Tang M.,Zhengzhou University
Journal of Chemical Theory and Computation | Year: 2014

Vanadium dimer is a notoriously difficult case for Kohn-Sham (KS) density functional theory with currently available approximations to the exchange-correlation (xc) functionals, and many approximate xc functionals yield an exceedingly large error in the calculated bond energy. In this paper, we first test the bond energies estimated by 43 xc functionals and the Hartree-Fock (HF) method. The results further confirm the large errors and show that, with the experimental bond energy being 64.2 kcal/mol, the KS calculations give predictions all over the map with errors ranging from -61.5 to +60.5 kcal/mol, and the HF method performs much worse with an error of -124.4 kcal/mol! The reason for these very large errors is examined in this article by analyzing the atomic and molecular orbital energies calculated by various xc functionals. The results show that the errors in estimates of the bond energy of vanadium dimer can primarily be related to the calculated energy gap between the 4s and 3d z2 atomic orbitals of the vanadium atom and especially to the 3d z2 orbital energy. This interesting relation between the errors in the calculated bond energy and the magnitudes of the single-particle orbital energies provides a constructive alternative to the common but more sterile explanation that it is the static correlation energy due to multicenter left-right correlation that makes the vanadium dimer and many other transition metal compounds so difficult for Kohn-Sham calculations. One of the most important factors in determining the critical atomic orbital energy is the amount of nonlocal HF exchange that is included in the xc functional, but it is still difficult to explain why different local functionals (functionals with no HF exchange) yield quite different results. We conclude that improving calculations of orbital energies of atoms may provide a route to improving the accuracy of theoretical predictions of molecular bond energies for systems containing metal atoms. © 2014 American Chemical Society.

Gong Y.,Wuhan University | Gong Y.,Miami University Ohio | Zhou Q.,Miami University Ohio | Zhou Q.,Zhengzhou University
Geophysical Research Letters | Year: 2011

We report the analysis of the terdiurnal tide in the meridional wind from 90 to 350 km at a low latitude station. Our data is based on nine days of consecutive observation made by the Arecibo incoherent scatter radar during January 14-23, 2010. The terdiurnal tide is observed to be prominent at E-region heights in the first four days (Jan. 14-18) and at the F-region heights in the last five days (Jan. 18-23). The terdiurnal tide is among the two strongest tidal components in both regions. The vertical wavelength of the terdiurnal tide is about 100 km, and 950 km, for the altitude range of 128 to 142 km, and 180 to 320 km, respectively. The F-region terdiurnal tide amplitude is found to be well correlated with the background meridional wind in the lower F-region. Our analysis does not reveal any evidence that non-linear interaction between diurnal and semidiurnal tides is important for the F-region terdiurnal tide. Copyright 2011 by the American Geophysical Union.

He D.,Wuhan University | Wu S.,Zhengzhou University
Wireless Personal Communications | Year: 2013

Recently, Wang and Ma (Wireless Pers Commun, 2012. doi: 10.1007/s11277-011-0456-7) proposed a smart card based authentication scheme for multi-server environment. They also demonstrated that their scheme could overcome various attacks. In this paper, the security of Wang et al.'s scheme is evaluated. Our analysis shows their scheme is vulnerable to the server spoofing attack, the impersonation attack, the privileged insider attack and the off-line password guessing attack. © 2012 Springer Science+Business Media, LLC.

Lu D.,Zhengzhou University | Ma J.,Zhengzhou University | Guo M.,Chinese PLA General Hospital | Guo M.,Johns Hopkins University
Discovery Medicine | Year: 2014

Esophageal squamous cell carcinoma (ESCC) is one of the most malignant diseases and the five year survival rate remains less than 10%. RASSF10 is a newly identified member of the Ras-association family, but the regulation and the function of RASSF10 in ESCC remain unclear. Research methodologies such as methylation specific PCR (MSP), semi-quantitative RT-PCR, immunohistochemistry, Sodium bisulfite sequencing, and colony formation assay were utilized in this investigation. Loss of RASSF10 expression was found in KYSE150 cells and reduced expression was found in KYSE70 and KYSE180 cells. Expression of RASSF10 was found in KYSE140, KYSE450, KYSE510, TE1, TE3, and TE8 cell lines. Complete methylation was found in KYSE30 and KYSE150 cells, partial methylation was found in KYSE70, KYSE180, KYSE510, and TE1, and unmethylation was found in KYSE140, KYSE450, TE3, and TE8. Re-expression or increased expression was induced by 5-Aza-dC treatment. RASSF10 was methylated in 44.3% primary esophageal squamous cell carcinoma. RASSF10 inhibits cell proliferation and induces G2/M phase arrest in esophageal cancer cells. In conclusion: RASSF10 was frequently methylated in human esophageal squamous cell carcinoma and expression of RASSF10 was regulated by promoter region hypermethylation. RASSF10 may serve as a tumor suppressor of esophageal cancer. © Discovery Medicine.

Bai J.,Zhengzhou University | Cui X.,Zhengzhou University | Cui X.,Huaqiao University | Wang H.,Zhengzhou University | Wu Y.,Zhengzhou University
Chemical Communications | Year: 2014

An efficient protocol for copper-catalyzed reductive cross-coupling of aryl sulfonyl chlorides with H-phosphonates has been developed. The various S-aryl phosphorothioates were afforded in up to 86% yield for 20 examples. This protocol features high efficiency, wide functional group tolerance, commercially available aryl sulfonyl chlorides as starting materials and base-free conditions. This journal is © the Partner Organisations 2014.

Bihaqi S.W.,University of Rhode Island | Huang H.,Zhengzhou University | Wu J.,University of Rhode Island | Zawia N.H.,University of Rhode Island
Journal of Alzheimer's Disease | Year: 2011

The beginnings of late onset Alzheimer's disease (LOAD) are still unknown; however, the progressive and latent nature of neurodegeneration suggests that the triggering event occurs earlier in life. Aging primates exposed to lead (Pb) as infants exhibited an overexpression of the amyloid-β protein precursor (AβPP), amyloid-β (Aβ) and enhanced pathologic neurodegeneration. In this study, we measured the latent expression of a wide array of brain-specific genes and explored whether epigenetic pathways mediated such latent molecular and pathological changes. We analyzed the levels of proteins associated with DNA methylation, i.e., DNA methyltransferase 1 (Dnmt1), DNA methyltransferase3a (Dnmt3a), methyl-CpG binding protein-2 (MeCP2) and those involved in histone modifications (acetylated and methylated histones). We monitored the expression profiles of these intermediates across the lifespan and analyzed their levels in 23-year-old primate brains exposed to Pb as infants. Developmental Pb exposure altered the gene expression of the arrayed genes, which were predominately repressed, with fewer upregulated genes. The latent induction and repression of genes was accompanied by a significant decrease in the protein levels of Dnmts, MeCP2, and proteins involved in histone modifications. The attenuation of DNA methylation enzymes is consistent with hypomethylating effects, which promote upregulation of the genes, while the alterations in the histone modifiers are associated with the repression of genes. Hence, we deduce that early life exposure to Pb can reprogram gene expression resulting in both upregulation and down-regulation of genes through alternate epigenetic pathways contributing to an enhancement in neurodegeneration in old age. © 2011-IOS Press and the authors. All rights reserved.

Zhu C.,Zhengzhou University | Yi M.,Zhengzhou University | Wei D.,Zhengzhou University | Chen X.,Zhengzhou University | And 3 more authors.
Organic Letters | Year: 2014

A highly efficient and concise one-pot strategy for the direct amination of quinoline N-oxides via copper-catalyzed dehydrogenative C-N coupling has been developed. The desired products were obtained in good to excellent yields for 22 examples starting from the parent aliphatic amines. This methodology provides a practical pathway to 2-aminoquinolines and features a simple system, high efficiency, environmental friendliness, low reaction temperature, and ligand, additives, base, and external oxidant free conditions. © 2014 American Chemical Society.

Zhong W.,Zhengzhou University | Fan C.G.,Hefei University of Technology | Ji J.,Hefei University of Technology | Yang J.P.,Nanyang Fire Detachment
International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer | Year: 2013

The influence of longitudinal wind on natural ventilation with vertical shaft in a road tunnel fire was investigated numerically by Large Eddy Simulation. The smoke flow characteristics of a road tunnel fire under the combined function of longitudinal wind and stack effect of shaft were analyzed. Results show that the stack effect, plug-holing and boundary layer separation are the dominating factors on the natural ventilation performance. Plug-holing occurs at small longitudinal velocity and causes the reduction of exhaust effect. At high longitudinal velocity, the driving force of smoke exhausting is weak and obvious boundary layer separation occurs, resulting in a poor exhaust capacity. There is a critical value of longitudinal wind velocity, in which a better smoke exhausting effect can be obtained. © 2012 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

Xu Z.,Zhengzhou University | Xu Z.,Henan Polytechnic University | Wang Q.,Henan Polytechnic University | Li H.,Zhengzhou University | And 4 more authors.
Chemical Communications | Year: 2012

[8+12]-metallamacrocycle-based 3D frameworks {[Cu4(pbt) 2(SO4)2(DMF)2(CH3OH)] ·7H2O·DMF}n (1) and [12]-macrocycle 3D {[Cu2(pbt)(SO4)(DMSO)(CH3OH) 2]·5H2O·CH3OH}n (2) have been obtained. Both complexes display antiferromagnetic couplings and high catalytic activity in the oxidative coupling reaction of 1-ethynylbenzene and oxazolidin-2-one. This journal is © 2012 The Royal Society of Chemistry.

Pi C.,Zhengzhou University | Li Y.,Zhengzhou University | Cui X.,Zhengzhou University | Cui X.,Huaqiao University | And 3 more authors.
Chemical Science | Year: 2013

A novel strategy of dehydrogenative Heck reaction controlled by redox process of ferrocene has been developed. Commercially available chiral amino acid as ligand realized asymmetric dehydrogenative Heck reaction, leading to planar-chiral ferrocene derivatives with excellent enantioselectivity and in good to excellent yields (up to 99% ee and 98% yield). © 2013 The Royal Society of Chemistry.

Yang Z.,Henan Normal University | Yang Z.,Henan Key Laboratory of Photovoltaic Materials | Wang Q.,Henan Normal University | Wei S.,Henan Normal University | And 2 more authors.
Journal of Physical Chemistry C | Year: 2010

The interaction of a water molecule with the (111) surfaces of stoichiometric and reduced ceria is investigated using first principle density functional theory with the inclusion of the on-site Coulomb interaction (DFT+U). It is found that on the stoichiometric ceria(111) surface, the water molecule is adsorbed spontaneously through single hydrogen bond configuration. In contrast, on the lightly reduced ceria(111), there exist both molecular adsorption (no-H-bond configuration) and dissociative adsorption (surface hydroxyl) modes. It is obvious that oxygen vacancies can enhance the interaction of water with the substrate. Phase diagrams for stoichiometric and reduced ceria(111) surfaces in equilibrium with water vapor in the complete range of experimentally accessible gas phase condition are calculated and discussed combining the DFT results and thermodynamics data using the ab initio atomistic thermodynamic method. We present a detailed analysis of the stability of the water-ceria system as a function of the ambient conditions, and focus on two important surface processes for water adsorption on the stoichiometric and on the lightly reduced surfaces, respectively. © 2010 American Chemical Society.

Cui J.,Zhengzhou University | Wang Z.Q.,Zhengzhou University | Xu B.L.,Center for Disease Control of Henan Province
Acta Tropica | Year: 2011

The endemic foci of human trichinellosis are mainly located in southwestern China. Seroepidemiological surveys of Trichinella spiralis infection in humans were carried out in 10 out of 34 Provinces/Autonomous Regions/Municipals (P/A/M) of China during 2004-2009. The overall seroprevalence was 3.19% (3198/100,282). The highest seroprevalences were mainly located in western China: 8.43% in Yunnan, 6.37% in Inner Mongolia and 5.35% in Sichuan. The seroprevalence of Trichinella infection in humans was related to the habit of eating meat and differed among nationalities. From 2004 to 2009, 15 outbreaks of human trichinellosis, consisting of 1387 cases and four deaths, were reported in the three southwestern-most P/A of China (nine outbreaks in Yunnan, two in Sichuan and four in Tibet), where ethnic groups routinely eat raw meat. Pork is the predominant source of outbreaks of human trichinellosis in China. Out of 15 outbreaks, 12 (85.71%) were caused by eating raw or undercooked pork, and 2 (13.33%) resulted from the consumption of raw wild boar, suggesting the significance of game meat as a source of infection for human trichinellosis. An outbreak of imported trichinellosis involving 49 cases in Yunnan during December 2006 from Laos is the first recorded outbreak of imported trichinellosis in China, but the source of that outbreak could not be identified. The mandatory inspection of pork should be further strengthened in southwestern China. © 2011.

Zhou Y.,Shangqiu Normal University | Dong H.,Zhengzhou University | Liu L.,Shangqiu Normal University | Li M.,Shangqiu Normal University | And 3 more authors.
Sensors and Actuators, B: Chemical | Year: 2014

A simple and rapid colorimetric sensor for Hg2+ in aqueous solution was developed based on the observation that the detection target, Hg2+, could inhibit the aggregation of gold nanoparticles (AuNPs) induced by 4-mercaptophenylboronic acid (MPBA). Without a potent competitor, MPBA can bind to the AuNPs via Au-S bonds and induces the aggregation of AuNPs by self-dehydration condensation of boronic acid groups, resulting in a visible color change of the AuNPs solution from red to blue. In the presence of Hg 2+, the thiol group of MPBA preferentially binds to Hg2+ and thus MPBA loses the ability to induce aggregation of AuNPs, which is mechanism behind the color change of the solution from blue to red. Our results showed that the absorbance ratio (A520/A690) was linear with the Hg2+ concentration in the range of 0.01-5 μM (R = 0.998). The detection limit of the colorimetric sensor was 8 nM (S/N = 3). The colorimetric changes of the sensor were extremely specific for Hg2+ and no obvious color change was observed when adding other competitive metal ions in parallel. Further promising results from Hg2+ detection in water samples indicated that our newly developed assay might open a new assay avenue for Hg2+ determination. © 2014 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

Zhou Y.,Shangqiu Normal University | Dong H.,Zhengzhou University | Liu L.,Shangqiu Normal University | Liu J.,Shangqiu Normal University | And 2 more authors.
Biosensors and Bioelectronics | Year: 2014

A novel potentiometric approach was described for probing sialic acid (SA) using a poly(anilineboronic acid)/graphene modified glassy carbon (GC) electrode. The proposed electrode was prepared by electrodeposition of reduced graphene oxide (ERGO) at a GC electrode and then coated with a poly(anilineboronic acid) (PABA) film by electropolymerization of its monomer. Principle of SA detection at the PABA/ERGO/GC electrode was ascribed to a reversible and covalent boronic acid-diol binding which was sensitive to the electrochemical potential of the prepared sensor. The graphene layer introduced on the electrode surface was shown to dramatically improve the sensitivity of the sensor response. Under optimum conditions, the proposed sensor exhibited low detection limit of 0.8. μM with a wide linear range of 2. μM-1.38. mM, high stability, good regeneration, and remarkable selectivity. For the analysis of SA in human blood serum, the high accuracy and good recoveries revealed the great potential in the practical applications. © 2014 Elsevier B.V.

Chen X.-Y.,Zhengzhou University | He Q.-Y.,Zhengzhou University | Guo M.-Z.,Chinese PLA General Hospital
World Journal of Gastroenterology | Year: 2012

AIM: To explore epigenetic changes in the gene encoding X chromosome-linked inhibitor of apoptosis-associated factor 1 (XAF1) during esophageal carcinogenesis. METHODS: Methylation status of XAF1 was detected by methylation-specific polymerase chain reaction (MSP) in four esophageal cancer cell lines (KYSE30, KYSE70, BIC1 and partially methylated in TE3 cell lines), nine cases of normal mucosa, 72 cases of primary esophageal cancer and matched adjacent tissue. XAF1 expression was examined by semi-quantitative reverse transcriptional polymerase chain reaction and Western blotting before and after treatment with 5-azadeoxycytidine (5-aza-dc), a demethylating agent. To investigate the correlation of XAF1 expression and methylation status in primary esophageal cancer, immunohistochemistry for XAF1 expression was performed in 32 cases of esophageal cancer and matched adjacent tissue. The association of methylation status and clinicopathological data was analyzed by logistic regression. RESULTS: MSP results were as follows: loss of XAF1 expression was found in three of four esophageal cell lines with promoter region hypermethylation (completely methylated in KYSE30, KYSE70 and BIC1 cell lines and partially in TE3 cells); all nine cases of normal esophageal mucosa were unmethylated; and 54/72 (75.00%) samples from patients with esophageal cancer were methylated, and 25/72 (34.70%) matched adjacent tissues were methylated (75.00% vs 34.70%, χ 2 = 23.5840, P = 0.000). mRNA level of XAF1 measured with semi-quantitative reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction was detectable only in TE3 cells, and no expression was detected in KYSE30, KYSE70 or BIC1 cells. Protein expression was not observed in KYSE30 cells by Western blotting before treatment with 5-aza-dc. After treatment, mRNA level of XAF1 was detectable in KYSE30, KYSE70 and BIC1 cells. Protein expression was detected in KYSE30 after treatment with 5-aza-dc. Immunohistochemistry was performed on 32 cases of esophageal cancer and adjacent tissue, and demonstrated XAF1 in the nucleus and cytoplasm. XAF1 staining was found in 20/32 samples of adjacent normal tissue but was present in only 8/32 samples of esophageal cancer tissue χ 2= 9.143, P = 0.002). XAF1 expression was decreased in cancer samples compared with adjacent tissues. In 32 cases of esophageal cancer, 24/32 samples were methylated, and 8/32 esophageal cancer tissues were unmethylated. XAF1 staining was found in 6/8 samples of unmethylated esophageal cancer and 2/24 samples of methylated esophageal cancer tissue. XAF1 staining was inversely correlated with XAF1 promoter region methylation (Fisher's exact test, P = 0.004). Regarding methylation status and clinicopathological data, no significant differences were found in sex, age, tumor size, tumor stage, or metastasis with respect to methylation of XAF1 for the 72 tissue samples from patients with esophageal cancer. CONCLUSION: XAF1 is frequently methylated in esophageal cancer, and XAF1 expression is regulated by promoter region hypermethylation. © 2012 Baishideng. All rights reserved.

Liu Z.,Zhengzhou University | Gong R.,Brown University
American Journal of Kidney Diseases | Year: 2015

Preventing acute kidney injury (AKI) in high-risk patients following medical interventions is a paramount challenge for clinical practice. Recent data from animal experiments and clinical trials indicate that remote ischemic preconditioning, represented by limb ischemic preconditioning, confers a protective action on the kidney. Ischemic preconditioning is effective in reducing the risk for AKI following cardiovascular interventions and the use of iodinated radiocontrast media. Nevertheless, the underlying mechanisms for this protective effect are elusive. A protective signal is conveyed from the remote site undergoing ischemic preconditioning, such as the limb, to target organs, such as the kidney, by multiple potential communication pathways, which may involve humoral, neuronal, and systemic mechanisms. Diverse transmitting pathways trigger a variety of signaling cascades, including the reperfusion injury salvage kinase and survivor activating factor enhancement pathways, all of which converge on glycogen synthase kinase 3β (GSK3β). Inhibition of GSK3β subsequent to ischemic preconditioning reinforces the Nrf2-mediated antioxidant defense, diminishes the nuclear factor-κB-dependent proinflammatory response, and exerts prosurvival effects ensuing from the desensitized mitochondria permeability transition. Thus, therapeutic targeting of GSK3β by ischemic preconditioning or by pharmacologic preconditioning with existing US Food and Drug Administration-approved drugs having GSK3β-inhibitory activities might represent a pragmatic and cost-effective adjuvant strategy for kidney protection and prophylaxis against AKI. © 2015 National Kidney Foundation, Inc.

Yang G.,University of Puerto Rico at San Juan | Yang G.,Zhengzhou University | Baran P.,University of Puerto Rico at San Juan | Baran P.,Juniata College | And 2 more authors.
Crystal Growth and Design | Year: 2013

The interplay of argentophilic and dipolar (π-acid⋯base) interactions, on one hand, and the presence or absence of interstitial solvent molecules, on the other, determines the supramolecular organization of trinuclear silver-pyrazolato complexes in the solid state. The crystal structures of one gold and six silver metallacyclic complexes of the type [MI(μ-pz*)]3, where pz* are the substituted pyrazolato anions 3,5-Ph2-pz, 3-Me-5-Ph-pz, 4-Br-3,5-Ph 2-pz, 4-Br-3-tBu-pz and 3-(o-Cl-C6H 4)-pz and M = Ag and Au, are discussed in the context of their supramolecular organization. Two silver complexes, for which the π-acid character of their Ag3-faces is maximized by their peripheral electron-withdrawing substituents, show crystal packing dominated by short Ag3⋯Br contacts, the first structural manifestation of supramolecular structure via dipolar interactions involving the tunable π-acidity of the Ag3-face. © 2012 American Chemical Society.

Yang K.,Beijing Institute of Technology | An J.,Beijing Institute of Technology | Bu X.,Beijing Institute of Technology | Sun G.,Zhengzhou University
IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology | Year: 2010

Determining the location of a source from its emissions has gained considerable interest over the past few years. In this paper, by utilizing the time difference of arrival (TDOA) of a signal received at spatially separated sensors, a novel algorithm for source location is proposed. The algorithm is based on the constrained total least-squares (CTLS) technique, and an iterative technique based on Newton's method is utilized to give a numerical solution. By using a perturbation analysis, the bias and covariance of the proposed CTLS algorithm are also derived. Simulation results show that the proposed CTLS algorithm gives sufficient accuracy with lower computational cost, and more importantly, it is more robust to large measurement noise than the compared algorithms. © 2006 IEEE.

Fu W.,Luoyang Normal University | Xu F.,Zhengzhou University | Fu Y.,Luoyang Normal University | Xu C.,Luoyang Normal University | And 2 more authors.
European Journal of Organic Chemistry | Year: 2014

A mild and efficient PhI(OAc)2-mediated trifluoromethylation reaction of N-arylacrylamides with TMSCF3 under metal-free conditions was developed. This method provides convenient access to a variety of useful CF3-containing oxindoles in moderate to good yields. © 2014 Wiley-VCH Verlag GmbH & Co. KGaA, Weinheim.

Lu Q.,Soochow University of China | Lu Q.,Tufts University | Zhu H.,Beijing Institute of Technology | Zhang C.,Soochow University of China | And 3 more authors.
Biomacromolecules | Year: 2012

Silkworms and spiders generate fibers that exhibit high strength and extensibility. The underlying mechanisms involved in processing silk proteins into fiber form remain incompletely understood, resulting in the failure to fully recapitulate the remarkable properties of native fibers in vitro from regenerated silk solutions. In the present study, the extensibility and high strength of regenerated silks were achieved by mimicking the natural spinning process. Conformational transitions inside micelles, followed by aggregation of micelles and their stabilization as they relate to the metastable structure of silk are described. Subsequently, the mechanisms to control the formation of nanofibrous structures were elucidated. The results clarify that the self-assembly of silk in aqueous solution is a thermodynamically driven process where kinetics also play a key role. Four key factors, molecular mobility, charge, hydrophilic interactions, and concentration underlie the process. Adjusting these factors can balance nanostructure and conformational composition, and be used to achieve silk-based materials with properties comparable to native fibers. These mechanisms suggest new directions to design silk-based multifunctional materials. © 2012 American Chemical Society.

Wei D.,Zhengzhou University | Wei D.,University of Kentucky | Lei B.,Northwest University, China | Lei B.,University of Kentucky | And 2 more authors.
Journal of the American Chemical Society | Year: 2012

First-principles quantum mechanical/molecular mechanical free energy calculations have been performed to provide the first detailed computational study on the possible mechanisms for reaction of proteasome with a representative peptide inhibitor, Epoxomicin (EPX). The calculated results reveal that the most favorable reaction pathway consists of five steps. The first is a proton transfer process, activating Thr1-O γ directly by Thr1-N z to form a zwitterionic intermediate. The next step is nucleophilic attack on the carbonyl carbon of EPX by the negatively charged Thr1-O γ atom, followed by a proton transfer from Thr1-N z to the carbonyl oxygen of EPX (third step). Then, Thr1-N z attacks on the carbon of the epoxide group of EPX, accompanied by the epoxide ring-opening (S N2 nucleophilic substitution) such that a zwitterionic morpholino ring is formed between residue Thr1 and EPX. Finally, the product of morpholino ring is generated via another proton transfer. Noteworthy, Thr1-O γ can be activated directly by Thr1-N z to form the zwitterionic intermediate (with a free energy barrier of only 9.9 kcal/mol), and water cannot assist the rate-determining step, which is remarkably different from the previous perception that a water molecule should mediate the activation process. The fourth reaction step has the highest free energy barrier (23.6 kcal/mol) which is reasonably close to the activation free energy (∼21-22 kcal/mol) derived from experimental kinetic data. The obtained novel mechanistic insights should be valuable for not only future rational design of more efficient proteasome inhibitors but also understanding the general reaction mechanism of proteasome with a peptide or protein. © 2012 American Chemical Society.

Wei D.,Zhengzhou University | Wei D.,University of Kentucky | Tang M.,Zhengzhou University | Zhan C.-G.,University of Kentucky
Organic and Biomolecular Chemistry | Year: 2015

In this study, molecular dynamics (MD) simulations and first-principles quantum mechanical/molecular mechanical free energy (QM/MM-FE) calculations have been performed to uncover the fundamental reaction pathway of proteasome with a representative inhibitor syringolin A (SylA). The calculated results reveal that the reaction process consists of three steps. The first step is a proton transfer process, activating Thr1-Oγ directly by Thr1-Nz to form a zwitterionic intermediate. The next step is a nucleophilic attack on the olefin carbon of SylA by the negatively charged Thr1-Oγ atom. The last step is a proton transfer from Thr1-Nz to another olefin carbon of SylA to complete the inhibition reaction process. The calculated free energy profile demonstrates that the second step should be the rate-determining step and has the highest free energy barrier of 24.6 kcal mol-1, which is reasonably close to the activation free energy (∼22.4-23.0 kcal mol-1) derived from the available experimental kinetic data. In addition, our computational results indicate that no water molecule can assist the rate-determining step, since the second step is not involved in a proton transfer process. The obtained mechanistic insights should be valuable for understanding the inhibition process of proteasome by SylA and structurally related inhibitors at a molecular level, and thus provide a solid mechanistic base and valuable clues for future rational design of novel, more potent inhibitors of proteasome. © The Royal Society of Chemistry.

Ma L.-F.,Luoyang Normal University | Li X.-Q.,Luoyang Normal University | Li X.-Q.,Zhengzhou University | Wang L.-Y.,Luoyang Normal University | Hou H.-W.,Zhengzhou University
CrystEngComm | Year: 2011

Four new NiII and CoII complexes, [Ni(5-Br-ip)(bip)(H2O)]n (1), [Ni(5-Br-ip)(bib)] n (2), [Co(5-Br-ip)(bip)]n (3) and [Co(5-Br-ip)(bip)] n (4) (5-Br-H2ip = 5-bromoisophthalic acid, bip = 1,3-bis(imidazol)propane, bib = 1,4-bis(imidazol)butane), have been synthesized and structurally characterized by elemental analysis, IR and single-crystal X-ray diffraction. Complex 1 features a 2D double layer extended by the intermolecular hydrogen bonds between 2D layers. Complex 2 shows a 2-fold interpenetrating 3D → 3D network based on the dinuclear Ni(ii) units. Complexes 3 and 4 can be regarded as supramolecular structural isomers. Isomer 3 possesses a 1D chain structure with binuclear Co units as subunits. Isomer 4 shows a 3D network and can be reduced to a 4-connected net with the (6 5.8) topology. The structural differences indicate that the backbone of the organic N-donor ligands and the nature of the metal ions play important roles in governing the structures of such metal-organic coordination architectures. Moreover, the magnetic properties of complexes 2 and 3 were also studied in 2-300 K. © The Royal Society of Chemistry 2011.

Han X.,Beijing Institute of Technology | Pan E.,Zhengzhou University
Mechanics of Materials | Year: 2012

In this article, we analyze the coupled elastic, electric and magnetic fields produced by an arbitrary three-dimensional dislocation loop in general anisotropic magneto-electro-elastic materials. We first extend the anisotropic elastic formulae of dislocations to the corresponding magneto-electro-elastic material system, including a general line-integration solution and the solution of a straight-line segment of dislocation. We then develop a new line-integral solution for the extended displacement field as well as the extended stress field. Furthermore, we derive analytical expressions for some useful parametric dislocation curves, such as the elliptic arc and straight line. Our solutions contain the piezoelectric, piezomagnetic, and purely anisotropic elastic solutions as special cases. As numerical examples, the fields produced by elliptic, hexagonal and cardioid shape dislocation loops in both piezoelectric crystals and magneto-electro-elastic materials are calculated. The efficiency and accuracy of different integral solutions of dislocation loops are compared and discussed. More important, the coupling magneto-electro-elastic effect is illustrated. It is shown that, due to the coupling among the elastic, electric and magnetic fields, an elastic dislocation, an electric potential discontinuity, or a magnetic potential discontinuity can induce all the elastic, electric and magnetic fields and that the coupling effect could be very strong near the dislocation loop line. © 2012 Elsevier Ltd.

Yu L.,Zhengzhou University | Zhang Y.,Zhengzhou University | Zhang Y.,University of New South Wales | Zhang H.,Zhengzhou University | Liu J.,Zhengzhou University
Desalination | Year: 2015

A positively charged nanomaterial was prepared adopting the graft polymerization of ionic liquid monomers on halloysite nanotubes (HNTs) via reverse atom transfer radical polymerization (RATRP). A novel and facile organic-inorganic hybrid molecular separation membrane was then fabricated by the incorporation of modified HNTs via phase inversion method. This hybrid membrane was investigated in terms of morphology structure, hydrophilicity, thermal, mechanical and electrical properties, and separation performances. The results revealed that the hybrid membranes represented thickened and loosened skin layer, enhanced surface hydrophilicity and water flux, as well as good thermal and mechanical properties. Most importantly, the hybrid membranes showed stabilized rejection for Reactive Black 5 (above 90%) and Reactive Red 49 (80%-90%), whereas the rejection for sorts of salts declined to below 10% indicating a potential molecular separation characteristic for dye desalination. © 2014 Elsevier B.V.

Xing L.,Zhengzhou University | Guo N.,Zhengzhou University | Zhang Y.,Zhengzhou University | Zhang Y.,University of New South Wales | And 2 more authors.
Separation and Purification Technology | Year: 2015

Silica spheres in nanoscale were prepared via sol-gel method and then sodium 4-styrene sulfonate was grafted onto the surfaces of SiO2 (PSS-SiO2) by surface-initiated atom transfer radical polymerization (SI-ATRP). Then, a negatively charged loose SiO2-PSS/polyethersulfone (PES) nanofiltration membrane with high flux was fabricated via phase inversion method. FT-IR and TEM results showed that SiO2 nanoparticles were synthesized and modified successfully. GPC results further proved the "living"/controlled behavior of SI-ATRP. The morphology, hydrophilicity of the membranes were investigated by SEM, static water contact angle and water ratio. The results revealed that the surface hydrophilicity and water permeability of hybrid membranes were greatly improved after adding SiO2-PSS and thus may enhance fouling resistance to a certain extent. The salt permeation and separation of dye/salt mixture of the hybrid membranes were significantly superior to the pure PES membrane, and the order of permeation for different salt solutions was NaCl > MgCl2 > MgSO4 > Na2SO4. When the content of SiO2-PSS was 3.0 wt%, the hybrid membrane showed optimal performance with IEC value of 0.07 mmol/g and pure water flux of 269.5 L m-2 h-1 and the rejections for all types of salts declined to under 11%. The above results indicated that SiO2-PSS incorporated into PES matrix played an important role in enhancing the performance of NF membranes, which may possess a significant impact on the application in dye purification and desalination. © 2015 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

Yu B.,Zhengzhou University | Yu Z.,Southern Medical University | Qi P.-P.,Zhengzhou University | Yu D.-Q.,Zhengzhou University | Liu H.-M.,Zhengzhou University
European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry | Year: 2015

The identification of novel anticancer agents with high efficacy and low toxicity has always been an intriguing topic in medicinal chemistry. The unique structural features of spirooxindoles together with diverse biological activities have made them promising structures in new drug discovery. Among spirooxindoles, CFI-400945 holds its promise as the first potent PLK4 inhibitor, the fumarate of CFI-400945 has entered phase I clinical trials for the treatment of solid tumors. However, questions remain as to whether PLK4 is the only relevant therapeutic target for CFI-400945. To highlight this significant progress of CFI-400945 in last two years, this review centers on the identification from a focused kinase library, structural optimizations and strategies involved, structure-activity relationships, modes of action, target validation, chemical synthesis and, more importantly, the kinase selectivity between PLK4 and other targets. © 2015 Elsevier Masson SAS.

Dong C.Y.,Beijing Institute of Technology | Pan E.,University of Akron | Pan E.,Zhengzhou University
Engineering Analysis with Boundary Elements | Year: 2011

In this paper, a boundary element method (BEM) is proposed to analyze the stress field in nanoinhomogeneities with surface/interface effect. To consider this effect, the continuity conditions along the internal interfaces between the matrix and inhomogeneities are modeled by the well-known GurtinMurdoch constitutive relation. In the numerical analysis, the interface elastic moduli and the geometry of the nanoscale inhomogeneity are varied to show their influence on the induced stress field. The interaction between nanoscale inhomogeneities and the effect of different geometric shapes of inhomogeneities, including ellipse, triangle, and square are also investigated for different interface material parameters. It is shown that the elastic field can be greatly influenced by the interfacial energy and geometry of nanoscale inhomogeneities. The proposed BEM formulation is very general, including the complete GurtinMurdoch model and is further convenient for arbitrary shapes of inhomogeneity. © 2011 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

Zhao B.,Luoyang Normal University | Zhu W.,Zhengzhou University
Chinese Journal of Organic Chemistry | Year: 2014

The main focus of this review is on the supramolecular calixarene-tetrathiafulvalene chemistry. The general aspects of molecular design of calixarene-tetrathiafulvalene systems are reviewed on the attachment of tetrathiafulvalene unit(s) on the calixarene framework through the upper rims or lower rims, and the structually related thiacalixarene and calixpyrroles and so on. This survey is also presented from the view of supamolecular application of calixarene-tetrathiafulvalene systems in electrochemically molecular recognition, ion-mediated electron transfer, molecular assembly, molecular switches and devices etc. © 2014 Chinese Chemical Society & SIOC, CAS

Yan Z.,Zhengzhou University | Zhang Q.,Zhengzhou University | Li W.,Zhengzhou University | Wang J.,Henan Normal University
Journal of Chemical and Engineering Data | Year: 2010

The interactions of glycyl dipeptides (2-[(2-aminoacetyl)amino]acetic acid (commonly known as glycylglycine), 2-[(2-aminoacetyl)amino]-3-methylbutanoic acid (commonly known as glycyl-l-valine), and (2S)-2-[(2-aminoacetyl)amino]-4- methylpentanoic acid (commonly known as glycyl-l-leucine)) with sodium dodecyl sulfate (SDS) as a function of temperature in aqueous solution have been investigated by a combination of density, conductivity, and fluorescence methods. The standard partial molar volume (V2,φo), standard partial molar volumes of transfer for dipeptide from water to aqueous SDS solutions (ΔtVo), partial molar expansibility (Eφo), and Heplers constant have been calculated from density data. Electrical conductivity was used to estimate the critical micellar concentration (cmc) and the thermodynamic parameters of micellization of SDS in aqueous peptide solutions. The change of micropolarity produced by the interaction was monitored by the measurement of emission intensity ratio between the first and the third bands (I1/I3) of pyrene fluorescence. The obtained data have been discussed in light of various interactions operating in the ternary system of peptide, water, and SDS. © 2010 American Chemical Society.

Xia C.,Henan Normal University | Xue B.,Henan Normal University | Wang T.,Henan Normal University | Peng Y.,Henan Normal University | Jia Y.,Zhengzhou University
Applied Physics Letters | Year: 2015

The electronic characteristics of arsenene-graphene van der Waals (vdW) heterostructures are studied by using first-principles methods. The results show that a linear Dirac-like dispersion relation around the Fermi level can be quite well preserved in the vdW heterostructures. Moreover, the p-type Schottky barrier (0.18 eV) to n-type Schottky barrier (0.31 eV) transition occurs when the interlayer distance increases from 2.8 to 4.5 Å, which indicates that the Schottky barrier can be tuned effectively by the interlayer distance in the vdW heterostructures. © 2015 AIP Publishing LLC.

Zhang G.P.,Renmin University of China | Zhang G.P.,Iowa State University | Qin Z.J.,Zhengzhou University
Physics Letters, Section A: General, Atomic and Solid State Physics | Year: 2010

The transport property of zigzag graphene nanoribbon (ZGNR) connected by two normal metal contacts is investigated by Landauer-Buttiker formula combined with transfer matrix method. In addition to even-odd parity, we found that the conductivity is completely determined by the width-to-length ratio. For certain wide ZGNR with even number carbon atoms in the width direction, the conductivity dependence on the length changes from linearly to inversely, when the length approaches the thermodynamic limit, as the transport property is quite different for different aspect of ZGNR. © 2010 Elsevier B.V.

Yu J.,Zhengzhou University | Sun R.,PLA Fourth Military Medical University | Zhao Z.,Chinese PLA General Hospital | Wang Y.,PLA Fourth Military Medical University
International Journal of Biological Macromolecules | Year: 2014

In the present study, the anticancer activity of Auricularia polytricha polysaccharides (APPs) towards A549 human lung cancer cells and its underlying mechanisms were investigated. APPs significantly inhibited the proliferation and DNA synthesis of A549 cells in a concentration-dependent manner. The compound also induced apoptosis in A549 cells by arresting cell cycle progression at the G0/G1 phase. Western blotting assay demonstrated that APPs significantly increased the expression of cyclin-dependent kinase (CDK) inhibitors p53 and p21, whereas the expression of cyclin A, cyclin D, and CDK2 were decreased by treatment with APPs. This apoptotic induction in APPs-treated A549 cells was also associated with the release of cytochrome c from mitochondria to cytosol, which in turn resulted in the activation of caspase-9 and -3, and the cleavage of poly (ADP-ribose) polymerase (PARP). Furthermore, the inhibitory effect of APPs on the growth in BALB/c-nu nude mice bearing A549 cells was also proven. These findings suggested that APPs might be a useful chemotherapeutic agent for lung cancer. © 2014 Elsevier B.V.

Bajaj A.,The Wright Center for Graduate Medical Education | Rathor P.,Zhengzhou University | Sehgal V.,The Common Wealth Medical College | Shetty A.,The Common Wealth Medical College
Heart and Lung: Journal of Acute and Critical Care | Year: 2015

The objective our meta-analysis is to update the evidence on the efficacy of noninvasive ventilation (NIV) compared with conventional oxygen therapy after planned extubation. We did a systematic literature review of database, including Pubmed, EMBASE, and Cochrane. We included randomized controlled trials comparing NIV with conventional oxygen therapy after planned extubation in medical intensive care unit (ICU) in our analysis. The results of our meta-analysis is consistent with the results of previous reviews and show that NIV decreased reintubation rate significantly as compared to conventional oxygen therapy in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and patients at high risk for extubation failure; COPD (RR, 0.33; 95% CI, 0.16-0.69; I2 = 0), high risk (RR, 0.47; 95% CI, 0.32-0.70; I2 = 0). However, in a mixed medical ICU population, there was no statistical difference of reintubation rate between the two groups (RR, 0.66; 95% CI, 0.25-1.73; I2 = 68%). Our study suggests that use of NIV after planned extubation significantly decreases the reintubation rate in COPD patients and patients at high risk for extubation failure, confirming the findings of previous reviews. There is no difference in the reintubation rate between the two groups in the mixed medical ICU population. © 2015 Elsevier Inc..

Zhang G.P.,Renmin University of China | Zhang G.P.,Iowa State University | Qin Z.J.,Zhengzhou University
Chemical Physics Letters | Year: 2011

Our investigation of the transport properties in graphene nanoribbon's (GNR) between quantum wire contact and decoupled chains contact confirms general predictions for the transport through GNR for specific geometries. We found that electron-hole (e-h) symmetry depends sensitively on the contact and interface. For quantum wire contacts, the breaking of e-h symmetry occurs in armchair GNR due to odd-numbered ring at the interface, and at Dirac point the maximal transmission corresponds to the momentum ky=2π33a (a = 0.142 ). The spatial density of states of armchair GNR is shown. Furthermore, the conductance at Dirac point is independent of contacts with dense modes. © 2011 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

Wei D.,Zhengzhou University | Wei D.,University of Kentucky | Huang X.,University of Kentucky | Liu J.,University of Kentucky | And 2 more authors.
Biochemistry | Year: 2013

Possible reaction pathways for papain-catalyzed hydrolysis of N-acetyl-Phe-Gly 4-nitroanilide (APGNA) have been studied by performing pseudobond first-principles quantum mechanical/molecular mechanical-free energy (QM/MM-FE) calculations. The whole hydrolysis process includes two stages: acylation and deacylation. For the acylation stage of the catalytic reaction, we have explored three possible paths (A, B, and C) and the corresponding free energy profiles along the reaction coordinates. It has been demonstrated that the most favorable reaction path in this stage is path B consisting of two reaction steps: the first step is a proton transfer to form a zwitterionic form (i.e., Cys-S-/His-H+ ion-pair), and the second step is the nucleophilic attack on the carboxyl carbon of the substrate accompanied by the dissociation of 4-nitroanilide. The deacylation stage includes the nucleophilic attack of a water molecule on the carboxyl carbon of the substrate and dissociation between the carboxyl carbon of the substrate and the sulfhydryl sulfur of Cys25 side chain. The free energy barriers calculated for the acylation and deacylation stages are 20.0 and 10.7 kcal/mol, respectively. Thus, the acylation is rate-limiting. The overall free energy barrier calculated for papain-catalyzed hydrolysis of APGNA is 20.0 kcal/mol, which is reasonably close to the experimentally derived activation free energy of 17.9 kcal/mol. © 2013 American Chemical Society.

Ding S.-Z.,Zhengzhou University | Ding S.-Z.,University of Kentucky | Zheng P.-Y.,Zhengzhou University
Gut Pathogens | Year: 2012

Helicobacter pylori infection is the major cause of gastric cancer, which remains an important health care challenge. Recent investigation in gastric stem cell or progenitor cell biology has uncovered valuable information in understanding the gastric gland renewal and maintenance of homeostasis, they also provide clues for further defining the mechanisms by which gastric cancer may originate and progress. Lgr5, Villin-promoter, TFF2-mRNA and Mist have recently been identified as gastric stem/progenitor cell markers; their identification enriched our understanding on the gastric stem cell pathobiology during chronic inflammation and metaplasia. In addition, advance in gastric cancer stem cell markers such as CD44, CD90, CD133, Musashi-1 reveal novel information on tumor cell behavior and disease progression implicated for therapeutics. However, two critical questions remain to be of considerable challenges for future exploration; one is how H. pylori or chronic inflammation affects gastric stem cell or their progenitors, which give rise to mucus-, acid-, pepsinogen-, and hormone-secreting cell lineages. Another one is how bacterial infection or inflammation induces oncogenic transformation and propagates into tumors. Focus on the interactions of H. pylori with gastric stem/progenitor cells and their microenvironment will be instrumental to decipher the initiation and origin of gastric cancer. Future studies in these areas will be critical to uncover molecular mechanisms of chronic inflammation-mediated oncogenic transformation and provide options for cancer prevention and intervention. We review recent progress and discuss future research directions in these important research fields. © 2012 Ding and Zheng; licensee BioMed Central Ltd.

Guo Q.,Zhengzhou University | Xu C.,Luoyang Normal University | Zhao B.,Zhengzhou University | Jia Y.,Zhengzhou University | And 2 more authors.
Crystal Growth and Design | Year: 2012

Five interesting interpenetrating networks, namely, [Co(p-bdc)(beb) 0.5] n (1), {[Co(p-bdc)(bmb)] ·H 2O} n (2), {[Co(p-bdc)(bmp)] ·H 2O} n (3), {[Zn(p-bdc)(bmp)] ·H 2O} n (4), and [Zn 2(p-bdc) 2(bmp)(H 2O) 2] n (5) [p-H 2bdc = 1,4-benzenedicarboxylic acid, beb = 1,4-bis(2-ethylbenzimidazol-1-ylmethyl)benzene, bmb = 1,4-bis(2- methylbenzimidazol-1-ylmethyl)benzene, and bmp = 1,5-bis(2-methylbenzimidazol) pentane], have been synthesized by employing mixed ligands of various benzimidazole-based ligands with p-H 2bdc. Complex 1 possesses a 2-fold interpenetrating 3D framework with (4 12·6 3)-pcu topology. Complex 2 exhibits a 3-fold interpenetrating 3D network with 6 6-dia topology, and complex 3 displays a 4-fold interpenetrating 3D diamond network containing Co/bmp left- and right-handed helical chains. Obviously, with the reducing of the steric hindrance of the N-donor ligand, complexes 1-3 show interpenetrating networks from 2-fold to 3-fold and 4-fold. Complex 4 is isostructural to 3 and also forms a 4-connected 3D framework with a diamond topology. Complex 5 features a 3D framework generated by 2D → 3D interpenetration and exhibits (8 2· 10) 2 topology. Our study shows that the steric hindrance changing of ligands can tune the final interpenetrating networks directly. © 2012 American Chemical Society.

Wang X.,Zhengzhou University | Wang X.,University of Delaware
Journal of Applied Mechanics, Transactions ASME | Year: 2010

We investigate the problem of an N-phase elliptical inhomogeneity in plane elasticity. The elliptical inhomogeneity is bonded to the unbounded matrix through the intermediate (N-2) interphases, and the matrix is subjected to remote uniform stresses. We observe that the stress field inside the elliptical inhomogeneity is still uniform when the following two conditions are satisfied: (i) The formed interfaces are (N-1) confocal ellipses, and (ii) the interphases and the matrix possess the same shear modulus but different Poisson's ratios. In Appendixes A and B, we also discuss an arbitrary number of interacting arbitrary shaped inhomogeneities embedded in an infinite matrix, and an N-phase inhomogeneity with (N-1) interfaces of arbitrary shape. Here all the phases comprising the composite possess the same shear modulus but different Poisson's ratios. The results in the main body and in Appendixes A and B are further extended in Appendix C to finite plane strain deformations of compressible hyperelastic harmonic materials. © 2010 by ASME.

Zhu J.,Zhengzhou University | Zhang Y.,Zhengzhou University | Zhang Y.,University of New South Wales | Tian M.,Zhengzhou University | Liu J.,Zhengzhou University
ACS Sustainable Chemistry and Engineering | Year: 2015

A facile and novel method for the fabrication of mixed matrix membranes (MMMs) has been developed, i.e., in situ synthesis of quaternized polyethylenimine (QPEI) soft nanoparticles (SNPs) followed by quaternization with bromoethane in poly(ether sulfone) (PES) casting solution. The resulting composite membranes were constructed via phase inversion method. The influences of SNPs on the morphology and performance of the hybrid membranes were systematically investigated by scanning electron microscopy, dynamic water contact angle, antifouling measurement, etc. The composite membranes exhibited a thin top layer and porous finger-like structure, which were greatly affected by in situ synthesized SNPs. Contact angle and water uptake measurements indicated that the hydrophilicity of hybrid membranes markedly improved in contrast with that of unfilled membrane. Meanwhile, the water flux of the membranes significantly enhanced due to the incorporation of SNPs. The ion-exchange capacity (IEC) value could achieve as high as 0.72 mmol g-1 with an initial PEI content of 1.5 wt %. The salts rejection of MMMs followed the order: MgCl2 > MgSO4 > Na2SO4 > NaCl, confirming that the hybrid membranes were positively charged. Meanwhile, the fouling parameters demonstrated that the composite membranes exhibited a preferable antifouling property. The newly developed membranes demonstrated an impressive prospect for the dye purification due to the high rejection of reactive dyes with a high permeation flux, as well as low multivalent ions retention. The possible separation mechanism of dyes and salts for composite membranes influenced by synthesized SNPs was also proposed in this study. © 2015 American Chemical Society.

Zhao Y.,Zhengzhou University | Zhao Y.,Luoyang Normal University | Deng D.-S.,Luoyang Normal University | Ma L.-F.,Luoyang Normal University | And 3 more authors.
Chemical Communications | Year: 2013

Assembly of 5-nitro-1,2,3-benzenetricarboxylic acid (H3nbta) with CuII in the presence of 1,3-bis(1,2,4-triazol-1-yl)propane (1,3-btp) leads to a new metal-organic framework, [Cu(Hnbta)(1,3-btp)] ·2H2O (A1), which is shown to be an efficient and recyclable heterogeneous catalyst for enamination of β-ketoesters with excellent product yields and selectivity. © 2013 The Royal Society of Chemistry.

Xu X.,Zhengzhou University | Hou J.,University of Reading
Mechanics of Time-Dependent Materials | Year: 2011

Creep and stress relaxation are inherent mechanical behaviors of viscoelastic materials. It is considered that both are different performances of one identical physical phenomenon. The relationship between the decay stress and time during stress relaxation has been derived from the power law equation of the steady-state creep. The model was used to analyse the stress relaxation curves of various different viscoelastic materials (such as pure polycrystalline ice, polymers, foods, bones, metal, animal tissues, etc.). The calculated results using the theoretical model agree with the experimental data very well. Here we show that the new mathematical formula is not only simple but its parameters have the clear physical meanings. It is suitable to materials with a very broad scope and has a strong predictive ability. © 2010 Springer Science+Business Media, B. V.

Guo X.-B.,Zhengzhou University | Guan S.,Zhengzhou University | Fan Y.,Tianjin Huanhu Hospital | Song L.-J.,Zhengzhou University
American Journal of Neuroradiology | Year: 2012

BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE: Cerebral venous thrombosis is a rare entity that can be difficult to manage. Most patients with cerebral sinus thrombosis recover after treatment with heparin, but a subgroup of severe cerebral venous sinus thrombosis has a poor prognosis. Those patients may benefit from intrasinus thrombolysis. The purpose of this research was to carry out a retrospective analysis of patients with severe cerebral venous sinus thrombosis, and to study the safety and efficacy of intrasinus thrombolysis in patients with cerebral venous sinus thrombosis unresponsive to conventional heparin therapy. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Thirty-seven patients with cerebral venous sinus thrombosis who received intrasinus thrombolysis during a 3-year period (January 2007 to December 2009) were included in this study. Urokinase was infused into the sinus via a microcatheter. Data regarding demographic, clinical, and radiologic features were collected. Follow-up data were obtained at 6 months. MRV was repeated to assess the recanalization of the venous sinus. RESULTS: Twenty-seven patients (73%) had good outcome and 7 patients (19%) who were independent for activities of daily life had only mild deficits. One patient survived with severe neurologic deficits and 2 patients died. Complete recanalization of the superior sagittal sinus was seen in 35 patients (97%). At a follow-up of 6 months, 34 patients (92%) were either asymptomatic or had only minor subjective symptoms. CONCLUSIONS: Intrasinus thrombolysis is safe and effective in patients with severe cerebral venous sinus thrombosis. However, the subgroup of patients that is likely to benefit the most from this procedure is not clear from our data. Large randomized controlled trials are required to further clarify this issue.

Yang X.-J.,Zhengzhou University | Yang X.-J.,China University of Mining and Technology | Baleanu D.,Cankaya University | Baleanu D.,King Abdulaziz University | Baleanu D.,Romanian Space Science Institute
Thermal Science | Year: 2013

This paper points out a novel local fractional variational iteration method for processing the local fractional heat conduction equation arising in fractal heat transfer.

Peng J.,Zhengzhou University | Wang J.,Zhengzhou University | Wang Y.,Hunan University
Nonlinear Dynamics | Year: 2011

Abstract A novel robust hybrid tracking control for robotic system is proposed. This hybrid control scheme combines computed torque control (CTC) with neural network, variable structure control (VSC) and nonlinear H8 control methods. It is assumed that the nominal system of robotic system is completely known, which is controlled by using CTC method. Neural network is designed to approximate parameter uncertainties, VSC is used to eliminate the effect of approximation error, and H8 control is employed to achieve a desired robust tracking performance. Based on Lyapunov stability theorem, it can be guaranteed that all signals in closed loop are bounded and a specified H8 tracking performance is achieved by employing the proposed robust hybrid control. The validity of the control scheme is shown by computer simulation of a two-link robotic manipulator. © Springer Science+Business Media B.V. 2010.

Chao C.,Zhengzhou University | Liu J.,Zhengzhou University | Wang J.,Zhengzhou University | Zhang Y.,Zhengzhou University | And 3 more authors.
ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces | Year: 2013

Halloysite nanotubes (HNTs) have been proposed as a potential support to immobilize enzymes. Improving enzyme loading on HNTs is critical to their practical applications. Herein, we reported a simple method on the preparation of high-enzyme-loading support by modification with dopamine on the surface of HNTs. The modified HNTs were characterized by transmission electron microscopy, Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy, and X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy analyses. The results showed that dopamine could self-polymerize to adhere to the surface of HNTs and form a thin active coating. While the prepared hybrid nanotubes were used to immobilize enzyme of laccase, they exhibited high loading ability of 168.8 mg/g support, which was greatly higher than that on the pristine HNTs (11.6 mg/g support). The immobilized laccase could retain more than 90% initial activity after 30 days of storage and the free laccase only 32%. The immobilized laccase could also maintain more than 90% initial activity after five repeated uses. In addition, the immobilized laccase exhibited a rapid degradation rate and high degradation efficiency for removal of phenol compounds. These advantages indicated that the new hybrid material can be used as a low-cost and effective support to immobilize enzymes. © 2013 American Chemical Society.

Tan T.,Beijing University of Chemical Technology | Lu J.,Beijing University of Chemical Technology | Lu J.,Zhengzhou University | Nie K.,Beijing University of Chemical Technology | And 2 more authors.
Biotechnology Advances | Year: 2010

Fatty acid alkyl esters, also called biodiesel, are environmentally friendly and show great potential as an alternative liquid fuel. Biodiesel is produced by transesterification of oils or fats with chemical catalysts or lipase. Immobilized lipase as the biocatalyst draws high attention because that process is "greener". This article reviews the current status of biodiesel production with immobilized lipase, including various lipases, immobilization methods, various feedstocks, lipase inactivation caused by short chain alcohols and large scale industrialization. Adsorption is still the most widely employed method for lipase immobilization. There are two kinds of lipase used most frequently especially for large scale industrialization. One is Candida antartica lipase immobilized on acrylic resin, and the other is Candida sp. 99-125 lipase immobilized on inexpensive textile membranes. However, to further reduce the cost of biodiesel production, new immobilization techniques with higher activity and stability still need to be explored. © 2010 Elsevier Inc.

Zhang J.,Zhengzhou University | Zhao Y.,China Institute of Water Resources and Hydropower Research | Ding Z.,Tianjin Zhongshui Science and Technology Consulting Co.
Water Resources Management | Year: 2014

Rainfall and grain yield are two closely related random variables to be worthy of studying. The meteorological yield explains the influences of weather changes on grain yield. Based on the data series from 1980 to 2006 in Jinghuiqu irrigation district of Shaanxi Province in China, the meteorological yield is achieved from grain yield. Then, the empirical mode decomposition method is applied to analyze fluctuating periods and local features of rainfall and meteorological yield. Meanwhile, the copula method is introduced into describe the joint probability distribution of rainfall and meteorological yield. The studied results show that rainfall and meteorological yield exist vary fluctuation periods with multi-time scales, including 2 to 4 years of short period level, 4 to 6 (or 7) years of middle period level and 19 (or 10 to 11) years of long period level. Using the frank copula method, the bivariate distribution and return period of rainfall and meteorological yield was successfully developed to reveal the encounter risk of their different magnitudes. Finally, similarly with rainfall and meteorological yield, the complex changes and fluctuation periods are also proven to be existed in their joint probability. © 2014 Springer Science+Business Media Dordrecht.

Wang H.,Chinese Academy of science | Wang H.,Zhengzhou University | Yan H.,Chinese Academy of science | Liu Z.,Chinese Academy of science
Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta | Year: 2014

Water samples and modern endogenic (thermogene) travertine calcite deposited on plexiglass substrates in travertine pools and a ramp stream were collected along the Huanglong Ravine, Sichuan, SW China at regular ~10day intervals from early May to early November in 2010, including both wet and dry conditions. Temporal and spatial variations in the δ13C and δ18O values of the modern travertine were examined to understand their potential for paleoclimatic and paleoenvironmental interpretations. It was found that δ13C and δ18O of travertine formed in the ramp stream were low in the warm rainy season and high in the cold dry season. Their positive correlation was mainly due to dilution and rainfall seasonal effects on δ13C and δ18O values, respectively, i.e., low δ13C values were caused by dilution by overland flow with depleted δ13C values and reduced CO2-degassing in the warm rainy season while low δ18O values of travertine were because of low δ18O values of water induced by seasonal variation in oxygen isotopic ratios of rainwater. Meanwhile, kinetic effect on oxygen isotopic fractionation during ramp travertine deposition existed and reduced this positive correlation. In contrast, the δ13C and δ18O values of the pool travertines displayed a converse behavior which was caused mainly by the temperature effect. Low δ18O values and high δ13C values in the warm rainy season were correlated chiefly with the higher water temperatures. Therefore, the δ13C and δ18O values of the travertine may be used for paleo-rainfall or paleotemperature reconstruction respectively. This study demonstrates that endogenic travertine, like epigenic (meteogene) tufa, may be a suitable candidate for high-resolution paleoclimatic and paleoenvironmental reconstructions. However, since travertines deposited under differing hydrodynamic conditions (e.g., pools with still water contrasted to fast flow streams) have different climatic responses, it is necessary to check the depositional facies of fossil travertine samples before they can be used for palaeoclimate (temperature and/or rainfall) reconstruction. © 2013 Elsevier Ltd.

Yu H.,Zhengzhou University | Zhang X.,China Nuclear Power Engineering Co. | Zhang Y.,Zhengzhou University | Liu J.,Zhengzhou University | Zhang H.,Zhengzhou University
Desalination | Year: 2013

SiO2@N-Halamine/polyethersulfone (PES) ultrafiltration membranes were prepared by phase inversion method. The morphology, hydrophilicity, permeation performance, porosity, antifouling and antibacterial properties of the membrane were investigated. FT-IR spectra, TEM and XPS spectra results showed that SiO2 nanoparticles were prepared and modified successfully. SEM images indicated that the cross-section morphology of membrane was influenced by the introduction of SiO2@N-Halamine. The surface hydrophilicity of membranes was significantly improved after adding SiO2@N-Halamine. The filtration results indicated that the permeation properties of the hybrid membranes were significantly superior to the pure PES membrane. The water flux of the hybrid membranes increased with the additional amount of SiO2@N-Halamine increased, when the SiO2@N-Halamine content was 5%, the water flux of the membranes reached the maximum at 384.4L·m-2·h-1. Moreover, the hybrid membranes showed good antifouling and antibacterial properties, which might expand the usage of PES in water treatment and also could make some potential contributions to membrane antifouling. © 2013 Elsevier B.V.

Wang F.,Henan Institute of Engineering | Wang F.,Zhengzhou University | Wu Y.,Henan Institute of Engineering | Lu K.,Henan Institute of Engineering | Ye B.,Zhengzhou University
Electrochimica Acta | Year: 2013

A simple but highly sensitive and selective electrochemical sensor for the determination of serotonin (5-HT) was presented. Pretreated glassy carbon electrode (GCE) as enhancer of electron transfer and C-undecylcalix[4] resorcinarene film as molecular receptor are integrated in the electrochemical sensor system. The electrochemical behavior of 5-HT at the modified electrode had been investigated in pH 7.0 phosphate buffers solutions by cyclic voltammetry, square wave voltammetry and chronocoulometry. Compared with bare GCE, the proposed integrated sensor showed improved analytical performance characteristics in catalytic oxidation of 5-HT. Under the selective conditions, the modified electrode showed a linear voltammetric response for the 5-HT within a concentration range of 1.0 × 10-7 to 1.0 × 10 -5 mol L-1, and a value of 3.0 × 10-8 mol L-1 was calculated for the detection limit. Besides, due to the difference of potentials, the modified electrode exhibited an excellent immunity from dopamine, epinephrine, ascorbic acid and folic acid interference. © 2012 Elsevier Ltd.

Zhao Y.-X.,Swedish Medical Center | Zhao Y.-X.,Zhengzhou University | Shaw A.,Swedish Medical Center | Zeng X.,Swedish Medical Center | And 3 more authors.
ACS Nano | Year: 2012

In the assembly of DNA nanostructures, the specificity of Watson-Crick base pairing is used to control matter at the nanoscale. Using this technology for drug delivery is a promising route toward the magic bullet concept, as it would allow the realization of complex assemblies that co-localize drugs, targeting ligands and other functionalities in one nanostructure. Anthracyclines' mechanism of action in cancer therapy is to intercalate DNA, and since DNA nanotechnology allows for such a high degree of customization, we hypothesized that this would allow us to tune the DNA nanostructures for optimal delivery of the anthracycline doxorubicin (Dox) to human breast cancer cells. We have tested two DNA origami nanostructures on three different breast cancer cell lines (MDA-MB-231, MDA-MB-468, and MCF-7). The different nanostructures were designed to exhibit varying degrees of global twist, leading to different amounts of relaxation in the DNA double-helix structure. By tuning the nanostructure design we are able to (i) tune the encapsulation efficiency and the release rate of the drug and (ii) increase the cytotoxicity and lower the intracellular elimination rate when compared to free Dox. Enhanced apoptosis induced by the delivery system in breast cancer cells was investigated using flow cytometry. The findings indicate that DNA origami nanostructures represent an efficient delivery system for Dox, resulting in high degrees of internalization and increased induction of programmed cell death in breast cancer cells. In addition, by designing the structures to exhibit different degrees of twist, we are able to rationally control and tailor the drug release kinetics. © 2012 American Chemical Society.

Zhang J.,Zhengzhou University | Critchley L.A.H.,Chinese University of Hong Kong
Anesthesiology | Year: 2016

Background: Hypotension is a common side effect of general anesthesia induction, and when severe, it is related to adverse outcomes. Ultrasonography of inferior vena cava (IVC) is a reliable indicator of intravascular volume status. This study investigated whether preoperative ultrasound IVC measurements could predict hypotension after induction of anesthesia. Methods: One hundred four adult patients, conforming to American Society of Anesthesiologists physical status I to III, scheduled for elective surgery after general anesthesia were recruited. Maximum IVC diameter (dIVCmax) and collapsibility index (CI) were measured preoperatively. Before induction, mean blood pressure (MBP) was recorded. After induction, MBP was recorded for 10 min after intubation. Hypotension was defined as greater than 30% decrease in MBP from baseline or MBP less than 60 mmHg. Receiver operating characteristic curve analysis with gray zone approach and regression analyses were used. Results: IVC scanning was unsuccessful in 13.5% of patients. Data from 90 patients were analyzed. After induction, 42 patients developed hypotension. Areas (95% confidence interval) under the curves were 0.90 (0.82 to 0.95) for CI and 0.76 (0.66 to 0.84) for dIVCmax. The optimal cutoff values were 43% for CI and 1.8 cm for dIVCmax. The gray zone for CI was 38 to 43% and included 12% of patients and that for dIVCmax was 1.5 to 2.1 cm and included 59% of patients. After adjusting for other factors, it was found that CI was an independent predictor of hypotension with the odds ratio of 1.17 (1.09 to 1.26). CI was also positively associated with a percentage decrease in MBP (regression coefficient = 0.27). Conclusions: Preoperative ultrasound IVC CI measurement was a reliable predictor of hypotension after induction of general anesthesia, wherein CI greater than 43% was the threshold. © 2015, the American Society of Anesthesiologists, Inc. Wolters Kluwer Health, Inc.

Cao L.-H.,Zhengzhou University | Xu Q.-Q.,Zhengzhou University | Zang S.-Q.,Zhengzhou University | Hou H.-W.,Zhengzhou University | And 2 more authors.
Crystal Growth and Design | Year: 2013

Hydrothermal assembly of ZnII ion, a tripodal ligand with both flexible imidazole and rigid carboxylate groups [HL = 3,5-bis(imidazol-1- ylmethyl)benzoic acid hydrochloride], and rigid bidentate linker 5-iodoisophthalic acid (5-iipa) yields a novel three-dimensional (3D) self-penetrating metal-organic framework [Zn2(L)2(5-iipa)] n (1). Complex 1 exhibits a (62·8)(6 3·8·102) topology that is unprecedented with the rare (10,3)-d (or utp) subnets. In addition, photoluminescence was also performed on 1. © 2013 American Chemical Society.

Li Y.,CAS Fujian Institute of Research on the Structure of Matter | Li Y.,Zhengzhou University | Ju Z.,CAS Fujian Institute of Research on the Structure of Matter | Wu B.,Zhengzhou University | Yuan D.,CAS Fujian Institute of Research on the Structure of Matter
Crystal Growth and Design | Year: 2013

A 2-fold interpenetrated microporous MOF [Ni2(C 2O4)(L)2]n·6nH2O (HL = 4,2′:4″,2′-terpyridine-4′-carboxylic acid) (1) was synthesized and structurally characterized. 1 has obvious 1D channels along the crystallographic a and c axes with a pore size of 5.7 to 6.9 Å. Topological analysis shows that the framework of 1 can be interpreted as a (3,4)-connected net with point symbol (63)(65·8). 1 exhibits high water and thermal stability, which is demonstrated by TGA, PXRD, and VT-PXRD. Additionally, the high temperature structure of 1′ (433 K) undoubtedly demonstrates the stability of the framework. More importantly, 1 shows high selectivities for CO2 over N2, H2, and CH4 at low pressure and 273 K. © 2013 American Chemical Society.

Li W.,Zhengzhou University | Li S.,Zhongyuan University of Technology
International Journal of Systems Science | Year: 2015

We study the online batch scheduling of equal-length jobs on two identical batch machines. Each batch machine can process up to b jobs simultaneously as a batch (where b is called the capacity of the machines). The goal is to determine a schedule that maximises the (weighted) number of early jobs. For the non-preemptive model, we first present an upper bound that depends on the machine capacity b, and then we provide a greedy online algorithm with a competitive ratio of 1/(b + 1). For the preemption-restart model with b = ∞, we first show that no online algorithm has a competitive ratio greater than 0.595, and then we design an online algorithm with a competitive ratio of. © 2013 Taylor and Francis.

Zang S.-Q.,Zhengzhou University | Fan Y.-J.,Zhengzhou University | Li J.-B.,Zhengzhou University | Hou H.-W.,Zhengzhou University | And 2 more authors.
Crystal Growth and Design | Year: 2011

A series of seven divalent coordination polymers based on 5-iodo-isophthalic acid (5-iipa) and ancillary nitrogen ligands (phen = 1,10-phenanthroline, bpe = 1,2-bis(4-pyridyl)ethene, p-bix = 1,4-bis(imidazol-1-ylmethyl)-benzene, m-bix = 1,3-bis(imidazol-1-ylmethyl)- benzene), namely, [Zn2(5-iipa)2(phen)2(H 2O)]n (1), [Zn(5-iipa)(bpe)1.5]n (2), [Cd2(5-iipa)2(phen)2]n (3), [Mn2(5-iipa)2(phen)2]n (4), [Mn 4(5-iipa)4(bpe)4·5H2O] n (5), [Co(5-iipa)(p-bix)]n (6), and [Co(5-iipa)(m-bix)] n (7), have been synthesized. The structure of compound 1 exhibits a double zigzag metal-organic chain, and such chains are further united together to generate a three-dimensional (3D) supramolecular structure through interchain I...π interactions. Compound 2 features interesting 3-fold parallel interpenetrated two-dimensional (2D) → 3D network motifs which are stabilized by interlayer I...π, π ...π, and C-H...π interactions. In isomorphous compounds 3 and 4, the 5-iipa2- ligand acts as a μ3-bridge to connect metal atoms to form a 2D metal-organic layer, and such layers are united together to yield a 3D supramolecular structure through interlayer I...π and C-H...π interactions. In the structures of 5 and 7, the rare 2-fold interpenetrating 3D supramolecular architectures based on I...I interactions or O...I halogen bonding are found, respectively. In compound 6, 3-fold interpenetrated 2D → 3D network motifs based on covalent bonding are expanded to a rare 3D supramolecular structure based on O...I halogen bonding. The above results demonstrate a useful guideline in the crystal engineering of supramolecular architectures in coordination network assembly under the influence of halogen bonding as well as related I...I and I...π interactions. Their thermal analysis, X-ray diffraction, UV-vis absorption spectra, and photoluminescent properties have been investigated as well. © 2011 American Chemical Society.

Zhang X.,Central Hospital of Zhengzhou | Wang H.,Zhengzhou University | Wang J.,Zhengzhou University
Wspolczesna Onkologia | Year: 2013

Aim of the study: To study high mobility group protein B1 (HMGB1) and nuclear transcription factor p65 (NF-?B p65) ex - pression in non-small cell lung cancer and its significance. Material and methods: 106 hospitalized patients with non-small cell lung cancer after thoracic surgery were enrolled; HMGB1 and p65 protein expression was detected by the immunohistochemical method. Semiquantitative expression of HMGB1 and NF-?B p65 was analyzed using Image Pro Plus (IPP) software and statistical analysis. Results: The rate of HMGB1 positive expression in the non-small cell lung cancer protein B1 family was significantly higher than normal tissues (P < 0.05); p65 protein expression in the non-small cell lung carcinoma group was significantly higher than that of normal tissues (P < 0.05). HMGB1 and NF-?B p65 protein expression was significantly higher compared with the non-metastatic group (P < 0.01). HMGB1 and NF-?B p65 protein expression showed a positive correlation (P < 0.05). Conclusions: HMGB1 and NF-?B p65 ex - pression may be related to non-small cell lung cancer metastasis.

Zhao H.,South China University of Technology | Cui Z.,Fujian University of Technology | Wang X.,Zhengzhou University | Turng L.-S.,University of Wisconsin - Madison | Peng X.,South China University of Technology
Composites Part B: Engineering | Year: 2013

The morphology, microstructure, tensile properties, and dynamic mechanical properties of solid and microcellular poly(lactic acid) (PLA)/ polyhydroxybutyrate-valerate (PHBV) blends, as well as PLA/PHBV/clay nanocomposites, together with the thermal and rheological properties of solid PLA/PHBV blends and PLA/PHBV/clay nanocomposites, were investigated. Conventional and microcellular injection-molding processes were used to produce solid and microcellular specimens in the form of ASTM tensile test bars. Nitrogen in the supercritical state was used as the physical blowing agent in the microcellular injection molding experiments. In terms of rheology, the PLA/PHBV blends exhibited a Newtonian fluid behavior, and their nanocomposite counterparts showed a strong shear-thinning behavior, over the full frequency range. An obvious pseudo-solid-like behavior over a wide range of frequencies in the PLA/PHBV/clay nanocomposites suggested a strong interaction between the PLA/PHBV blend and the nanoclay that restricted the relaxation of the polymer chains. PLA/PHBV/clay nanocomposites possess a higher modulus and greater melt strength than PLA/PHBV blends. The addition of nanoclay also decreased the average cell size and increased the cell density of microcellular PLA/PHBV specimens. As a crystalline nucleating agent, nanoclay significantly improved the crystallinity of PHBV in the blend, thus leading to a relatively high modulus for both solid and microcellular specimens. However, the addition of nanoclay had less of an effect on the tensile strength and strain-at-break. © 2013 Elsevier Ltd.

Dong X.-Y.,Zhengzhou University | Li B.,Zhengzhou University | Ma B.-B.,Nanjing University | Li S.-J.,Zhengzhou University | And 7 more authors.
Journal of the American Chemical Society | Year: 2013

A polar homochiral 3D MOF [{Co2(L)(bpe)(H2O)} ·5H2O]n constructed with cobalt(II) and a new ligand N-(1,3-dicarboxy-5-benzyl)-carboxymethylglycine (H4L) accommodates ordered helical water streams in its helical grooves. It provides the first example of switchable ferroelectric and optical behavior through two-step reversible single-crystal to single-crystal transformation (SCSC) upon desorption/adsorption of water spirals and coordinated water molecules, respectively. © 2013 American Chemical Society.

Liang J.J.,Zhengzhou University | Qu B.Y.,Zhongyuan University of Technology
Proceedings of the 2013 IEEE Symposium on Swarm Intelligence, SIS 2013 - 2013 IEEE Symposium Series on Computational Intelligence, SSCI 2013 | Year: 2013

Portfolio optimization problems involve selection of different assets to invest so that the investor is able to maximize the overall return and minimize the overall risk. The complexity of an asset allocation problem increases with the increasing number of assets available for investing. When the number of assets/stocks increase to several hundred, it is difficult for classical method to optimize (construct a good portfolio). In this paper, the Multi-objective Dynamic Multi-Swarm Particle Swarm Optimizer is employed to solve a portfolio optimization problem with 500 assets (stocks). The results obtained by the proposed method are compared several other optimization methods. The experimental results show that this approach is efficient and confirms its potential to solve the large scale portfolio optimization problem. © 2013 IEEE.

Zhang J.,Zhengzhou University | Ho K.-Y.,Raffles Hospital | Wang Y.,Zhengzhou University
British Journal of Anaesthesia | Year: 2011

Multimodal treatment of postoperative pain using adjuncts such as gabapentin is becoming more common. Pregabalin has anti-hyperalgesic properties similar to gabapentin. In this systematic review, we evaluated randomized, controlled trials (RCTs) for the analgesic efficacy and opioid-sparing effect of pregabalin in acute postoperative pain. A systematic search of Medline (1966-2010), the Cochrane Central Register of Controlled Trials (CENTRAL), and Google Scholar was performed. We identified 11 valid RCTs that used pregabalin for acute postoperative pain. Postoperative pain intensity was not reduced by pregabalin. Cumulative opioid consumption at 24 h was significantly decreased with pregabalin. At pregabalin doses of ≥300 mg, there was a reduction of 8.8 mg [weighted mean difference (WMD)]. At pregabalin doses <300 mg, cumulative opioid consumption was even lower (WMD, -13.4 mg). Pregabalin reduced opioid-related adverse effects such as vomiting [risk ratio (RR) 0.73; 95% confidence interval (CI) 0.56-0.95]. However, the risk of visual disturbance was greater (RR 3.29; 95% CI 1.95-5.57). Perioperative pregabalin administration reduced opioid consumption and opioid-related adverse effects after surgery. © The Author [2010]. Published by Oxford University Press on behalf of the British Journal of Anaesthesia. All rights reserved.

Wei W.,Zhengzhou University | Mi L.,Zhongyuan University of Technology | Mi L.,Xuchang University | Gao Y.,Zhengzhou University | And 3 more authors.
Chemistry of Materials | Year: 2014

A novel method to adjust the composition of a material while maintaining its morphology was described in this study. Nickel sulfide, the material investigated in this work, was found to be useful as a high surface area electrode material for supercapacitor applications. First, a nest-like Ni 3S2@NiS composite electrode with 1D nanorod as structural unit was synthesized by simultaneously using Ni foam as template and Ni as a source through a one-step in situ growth method. Co and Se ions, which respectively acted as beneficial cation and anion, were successfully introduced into the nest-like Ni3S2@NiS material, resulting in the formation of Ni3S2@Co9S8 and NiS@NiSe2 composite electrodes with structures similar to those of the parent materials. The material structure was virtually retained and single-crystal-to-single-crystal transformation was achieved in the process. Introducing the cation and anion into the same type of material while maintaining topology could be important for the field of material synthesis and preparation of supercapacitor electrodes. Moreover, the electrochemical properties of these three materials were studied by cyclic voltammetry measurements and galvanostatic charge-discharge tests. The results indicated that the rate performance was improved significantly by ion exchange. In particular, the derived electrode with Se still showed superior oxidation and reduction ability at high scan rate of 10000 mV s-1. In addition, the second charge-discharge specific capacity also increased from 516 F g -1 to 925 F g-1 and 1412 F g-1 at the current density of 0.5 A g-1 and by Co and Se exchange, respectively. This work contributes to the knowledge on electrode materials for supercapacitors and can provide good reference for the fabrication of desired materials. © 2014 American Chemical Society.

Huang L.,Chinese University of Hong Kong | Mo L.,South China Normal University | Li Y.,Zhengzhou University
Journal of Experimental Psychology: Human Perception and Performance | Year: 2012

A large part of the empirical research in the field of visual attention has focused on various concrete paradigms. However, as yet, there has been no clear demonstration of whether or not these paradigms are indeed measuring the same underlying construct. We collected a very large data set (nearly 1.3 million trials) to address this question. We tested 257 participants on nine paradigms: conjunction search, configuration search, counting, tracking, feature access, spatial pattern, response selection, visual short-term memory, and change blindness. A fairly general attention factor was identified. Some of the participants were also tested on eight other paradigms. This general attention factor was found to be correlated with intelligence, visual marking, task switching, mental rotation, and Stroop task. On the other hand, a few paradigms that are very important in the attention literature (attentional capture, consonance-driven orienting, and inhibition of return) were found to be dissociated from this general attention factor. © 2012 American Psychological Association.

Li H.-Y.,Zhengzhou University | Wei Y.-L.,Zhengzhou University | Dong X.-Y.,Zhengzhou University | Zang S.-Q.,Zhengzhou University | And 2 more authors.
Chemistry of Materials | Year: 2015

Tunable inorganic nodes and modifiable organic linkers enable designable functionality to come to fruition in new-type porous hybrid materials, namely metal-organic frameworks (MOFs). By using viologen-functionalized m-benzenedicarboxylate as an organic linker, a terbium-organic framework embedded with asymmetric viologen species has been constructed. The reversible photochromism from bright yellow to dark green is implemented due to the favorable spatial stack of the electron donor and acceptor. The photochromic component of the organic linkers can modulate the luminescence of the tetranuclear terbium cluster under irradiation of UV light, which is defined as photoluminescence switching behavior. The different protonation levels of uncoordinated N atoms with varying pH enable the MOF as a potential fluorescent pH sensor. Thus, multiphotofunctionality, viz. photoluminescence, photochromism as well as the derivate fluorescent response to irradiation and pH have been combined in the Tb-MOF, which is the first example in the viologen-based photochromic hybrid materials. © 2015 American Chemical Society.

Li X.,Zhengzhou University | Zhang W.,Zhongyuan University of Technology
Proceedings - 6th International Conference on Internet Computing for Science and Engineering, ICICSE 2012 | Year: 2012

With more and more attention on the software quality, the test case reuse has become a focus in current research. By integrating knowledge management and software reuse theory, several design guidelines for reusable test cases are identified according to the characteristics of software components. A reusable test case knowledge management model is proposed to support the knowledge reuse based on the ontology representation of reusable test cases in this paper. With the ontology and knowledge management model, test engineers can retrieve and reuse test cases flexibly. © 2012 IEEE.

Chen C.,CAS Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics | Xu J.,CAS Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics | Zhang Q.,CAS Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics | Ma Y.,Missouri University of Science and Technology | And 2 more authors.
Chemical Communications | Year: 2011

A new type of superhydrophobic material, FP-Co-SiO2 was prepared with organic groups immobilized on the surface of the SiO2-based nanocomposite. This material showed much higher catalytic activity for selective oxidation of hydrocarbons than an equivalent hydrophilic catalyst. © 2011 The Royal Society of Chemistry.

Zhai J.,Zhengzhou University | Liu C.-X.,Zhengzhou Peoples Hospital | Tian Z.-R.,Zhengzhou Peoples Hospital | Jiang Q.-H.,Zhengzhou Peoples Hospital | Sun Y.-P.,Zhengzhou University
Biology of Reproduction | Year: 2012

The objective was to explore the effects of metformin on the expression of endometrial glucose transporter 4 (GLUT4) and analyze the related factors of GLUT4 in patients with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). This study included 20 obese patients with PCOS (PCOS group) and 20 obese patients who had infertility caused by oviducal or pelvic factors but had no PCOS (control group). Follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH), luteinizing hormone (LH), estradiol-2 (E2), testosterone (T), fasting serum glucose (FSG), fasting insulin serum (FINS), homeostasis model assessment-insulin resistance (HOMA-IR), and endometrial GLUT4 expression were determined in the two groups. In PCOS group, patients were given 500 mg of metformin three times per day for 3 mo, and then the parameters above were determined again and compared with that before metformin treatment. The parameters above also were compared between PCOS and control groups. The correlation of GLUT4 with its related factors was analyzed. The levels of T, FINS, and HOMA-IR were higher in PCOS group than in the control group (P<0.01). The levels of protein and mRNA of endometrial GLUT4 were lower in the PCOS group than in the control group (P<0.001). The expression of protein and mRNA of endometrial GLUT4 increased after metformin treatment (P<0.001). HOMA-IR was negatively correlated with GLUT4 expression (P=0.027). In patients with PCOS, the levels of protein and mRNA of endometrial GLUT4 were lower compared with that in non-PCOS women, and HOMA-IR was strongly associated with endometrial GLUT4 expression. Metformin may up-regulate endometrial GLUT4 expression to improve endometrial IR. © 2012 by the Society for the Study of Reproduction, Inc.

Zheng J.-L.,Zhengzhou University | Zheng J.-L.,Zheng Zhou HengXing Science and Technology Co. | Kong Y.-P.,Zheng Zhou HengXing Science and Technology Co.
Energy Conversion and Management | Year: 2010

The research presented here is focused primarily on spray combustion of pure fast pyrolysis bio-oil from rice husk. A combustion systems is developed to attain a possibility of firing of the bio-oil in a routine way. The start-up and shut down combustion procedures is established. The bio-oil is properly pretreated and spray combustion properties of pure fast pyrolysis bio-oil are studied. After 40 min combustion become steady and the temperature in the center of the combustion chamber is above 1400 °C. The CO concentration decreases with ER, and below a certain ER, the CO level exponentially increases. The measured NOx concentrations slightly increase at higher ER. Low values of SOx emissions are measured, and as expected these values are very low (<30 ppm). The O2 concentration increases with ER. Bio-oil has the potential to replace diesel and gas for on-site power generation and heating, to be a fuel source for large-scale combustion systems such as furnaces, boilers and gas turbines. © 2009 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

Dong X.-P.,Zhengzhou University | Xie F.-Z.,Henan Province Water Resources No. 2 Engineering Bureau
Yantu Gongcheng Xuebao/Chinese Journal of Geotechnical Engineering | Year: 2013

To explore the nonlinear behavior and the crush history of the segment joint (without packing materials and with bolts) for the segmented tunnel lining under high load level, a simplified analysis model for the segment joint is introduced. The stress distribution and rotation angle of the joint are deduced at different stages of linear rotation, tension-induced opening and compression-induced yielding. In terms of the bending moment-rotation angle curve and the limit bending moment, the results of the analytic solution of the segment joint are verified through the full-scale tests. It is demonstrated that the nonlinear behaviors of segment joint are captured exactly by the model formula, and the analytical solution can be utilized to trace the initiation and development of opening and crush of the segment joint.

Zhu Y.,Zhengzhou University | Wang J.,Zhengzhou University | Qu B.,Zhongyuan University of Technology
International Journal of Electrical Power and Energy Systems | Year: 2014

Due to the increasing deterioration of environmental problem, multi-objective Economic Emission Dispatch (EED) problem has become one of the active research areas in recent years. Meanwhile, the renewable energy such as wind energy is an important approach to reduce pollution emissions, as well as the dependence on fossil fuels. In this paper, a newly developed optimization technique, called Multi-Objective Evolutionary Algorithm based on Decomposition (MOEA/D), has been applied to optimize the cost and emission of wind-thermal power system. MOEA/D provides a simple but efficient framework which decomposes a Multi-objective Optimization Problem (MOP) into a number of scalar optimization subproblems and optimizes them simultaneously. The stochastic nature of wind power is modeled by Weibull probability distribution function and the uncertainty of wind power is considered as system constraints with stochastic variables. To validate the effectiveness of the MOEA/D method, it is first applied to solve the traditional EED problem of standard IEEE 30-bus 6-generator system as the benchmark. Then, the effect of wind power penetration on cost and emission is analyzed by MOEA/D in a 6-generator system and a 40-generator system with wind farms based on the proposed EED model. A comparative analysis with other similar optimization methods reveals that the MOEA/D method is able to generate better performance in terms of both solution quality and computational efficiency. © 2014 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

Zhou Y.,Zhengzhou University | Li Z.-X.,Zhengzhou University | Zang S.-Q.,Zhengzhou University | Zhu Y.-Y.,Zhengzhou University | And 6 more authors.
Organic Letters | Year: 2012

A C 3-symmetric Schiff-base example of the new simple, low cost, highly water soluble, and sensitive turn-on fluorescent Zn 2+ chemosensor is described. The sensor was successfully applied to the detection of intracellular Zn 2+. Moreover, the sensor could also serve as a potential recyclable component in sensing materials. Notably, the color change is so obvious that all of the recycling process can be seen clearly by the naked eye. © 2012 American Chemical Society.

Li B.,Zhengzhou University | Zang S.-Q.,Zhengzhou University | Ji C.,Zhengzhou University | Hou H.-W.,Zhengzhou University | And 2 more authors.
Crystal Growth and Design | Year: 2012

The reactions of 1,1′-biphenyl-2,2′,6,6′-tetracarboxylic acid (H 4bptc), N-containing auxiliary ligand, with different silver(I) salts under hydrothermal or solvent evaporation conditions yielded five unusual complexes with distinct structural features: {[Ag 4(bptc)(bpy) 4(H 2O)]•(H 2O) 12} n (1), {[Ag 1.5(bptc) 0.5(bpy) 1.5]•(NH 4) 0.5•(H 2O) 3} n (2), {[Ag 2(H 2bptc)(bpy) 2]•(H 2O) 2} n (3), {[Ag 2(H 2bptc)(bpy) 2]•(HClO 4)} n (4), and {[Ag(H 2bptc) 0.5(bpe)]•(H 2O) 2} n (5) (bpy = 4,4′-bipyridine, bpe = 1,2-bis(4-pyridyl)ethene). Complexes 1-3 and 5 exhibit two-dimensional (2D) layer, and such layers are further united together to generate three-dimensional supramolecular structure through hydrogen bonding and π••• π interactions, respectively. In complexes 1 and 2, butterfly shaped 16-membered water ring and infinite water tape are obtained, respectively. Both compounds 4 and 5 are 2-fold interpenetrated 3D frameworks. Complex 4 shows channels along the c axis that are occupied by the perchloric acid molecules. Different from robust 4, the 3D supramolecular architecture of 5 is based on the formation of hydrogen bonding between (H 2O) 4 cluster and the adjacent layers. In addition, the thermogravimetric analysis, powder X-ray diffraction (XRD), and photoluminescent behavior of the complexes have also been investigated. © 2012 American Chemical Society.

Zang S.-Q.,Zhengzhou University | Dong M.-M.,Zhengzhou University | Fan Y.-J.,Zhengzhou University | Hou H.-W.,Zhengzhou University | And 2 more authors.
Crystal Growth and Design | Year: 2012

A series of four novel cobaltic coordination polymers based on 5-iodo-isophthalic acid (5-iipa) and 1,1′-(1,4-butanediyl)bis(imidazole) (bbi), namely, [Co(5-iipa)(bbi)•3(H 2O)] n (1), [Co 2(5-iipa) 2(bbi) 2•3(C 2H 6O 2)] n (2), [Co(5-iipa)(bbi)•DMF] n (3) (DMF = N,N′-dimethylformamide), and [Co 2(5-iipa) 2(bbi) 2•2DMAc] n (4) (DMAc = N,N′-dimethylacetamide) have been solvothermally synthesized by using various solvents. Their thermal analysis, XRD and UV-vis absorption spectra have been investigated as well. Structural analyses exhibit that they all form 2D covalent structures based on the intersection of Co-5-iipa and Co-bbi chains, and adjacent layers are parallel and united together to yield a 3D supramolecular structure through interlayer I•••I, I•••π, or C-H•••O interactions, respectively. More interestingly, channels are detected in the architectures, which are mainly occupied by the guest solvent molecules. Compound 1 features a rare 3-fold interpenetrating 3D supramolecular architecture, while compound 2 exhibits an interesting 3-fold parallel interpenetrated two-dimensional (2D) → three-dimensional (3D) network motifs based on I•••I interactions. The adjacent 2D parallel layers in compound 3 deviate from each other with the shift of 3.89 Å along the b or -b axis. Compound 4 shows a double layer structure in which the bbi-Co waving-like ribbon is running along the c-axis. Results demonstrate that both halogen-related interaction and solvent effect play important roles in the assembly of the supramolecular metal-organic networks. © 2012 American Chemical Society.

Wang D.,Zhengzhou University | Wang H.,China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation | Liu L.,Peoples Bank of China
Swarm and Evolutionary Computation | Year: 2016

Effective environment exploration in unknown environment is precondition of constructing the environment map and carrying out other tasks for multi-robot system. Due to its excellent performance, particle swarm optimization (PSO) has been widely used in multi-robot exploration field. To deal with its drawback - easily trapped in local optima, Darwinian PSO (DPSO) optimization is proposed by Tillett et al. [1] with the natural selection function and first used in real world robot exploration by Couceiro et al. [2], forming the robotic DPSO (RDPSO). To increase the algorithm performance and control its convergence rate, fractional calculus is used to replace inertia component in RDPSO for its "memory" ability and forming the fractional order RDPSO (FORDPSO). This paper presents a formal analysis of RDPSO and studies the influence of the coefficients on FORDPSO algorithm. To satisfy the requirement of dynamically changing robots' behaviors during the exploration, fuzzy inferring system is designed to achieve better control coefficients. Experiment results obtained in two complex simulated environments illustrate that biological and sociological inspiration is effective to meet the challenges of multi-robot system application in unknown environment exploration, and the exploration effect of the fuzzy adaptive FORDPSO is better than that of the fixed coefficient FORDPSO. Furthermore, the performance of FORDPSO with different neighborhood topologies are studied and compared with other six PSO variations. All the results demonstrate the effect of the FORDPSO on the multi-robot environment exploration. © 2015 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

Chen Y.,Peoples Hospital of Zhengzhou | Chen Y.,Henan Institute of Science and Technology | Huang L.,First Affiliated Hospital of Xinxiang Medical Colleague | Yu J.,Zhengzhou University
Journal of Dermatology | Year: 2012

Elevated heparanase and matrix metalloproteinase (MMP)-9, frequently found in human cancer, is a major cause of degradation of the extracellular matrix (ECM) and basement membrane (BM), thus facilitating tumor cell migration and invasion. Although a lot of work has been done, the role of heparanase and MMP-9 has not been delineated in skin cancer progression. The purpose of this study was to do such an exploration. To investigate the role of heparanase and MMP-9 in cutaneous malignant melanoma (CMM) development, we performed immunohistochemical analysis to detect the alternation of these two factors in paraffin-embedded biopsy specimens of normal skin, junctional nevi and CMM. It is interesting to note that the expression profile of heparanase and MMP-9 was similar. Contrary to negative staining in normal skin, overexpression of heparanase and cytoplasmic MMP-9 was observed in as many as 70% of CMM, whereas only 10% of the junctional nevi exhibited faint staining (P = 0.0005, P = 0.0000). Considering the lymph node (LN) metastasis, the expression of the two factors is significantly higher in LN-positive lesions than that in LN-negative lesions (P = 0.0295, P = 0.0013). Meanwhile, there was positive correlation between the expression of MMP-9 and heparanase (r = 0.689, P = 0.003). The first expression of MMP-9 and heparanase occurs at benign lesions. However, the significantly increased expression in advanced CMM stages, particularly in LN-positive metastasis lesions, might synergistically contribute to degradation of ECM and BM, therefore promoting carcinogenesis and metastasis. © 2011 Japanese Dermatological Association.

Liu J.,Zhengzhou University | Yuan E.,Zhengzhou University | Lee L.,Central Hospital of Zhengzhou
Clinica Chimica Acta | Year: 2012

Background: Human gestation is a period that requires particular considerations. During this period, the blood of parturient women is in a hypercoagulable state. Therefore, reference ranges based on healthy men or nonpregnant women are not optimal for informing clinical decisions during pregnancy. There are few reports of gestational age-specific reference intervals; therefore, it is essential to explore such reference ranges. Methods: Four analytes, including prothrombin time (PT), thrombin time (TT), activated partial thromboplastin time (APTT) and fibrinogen (Fib), were assayed on an ACL TOP automatic coagulation analyser using plasma samples from 1130 pregnant women. Outliers were excluded from each group. Results: The reference ranges for PT, TT, APTT, and Fib at ≤ 12 weeks' gestation were 8.87-12.23, 11.84-18.00, 27.58-41.87, 2.00-4.23, respectively. At 13-20. weeks' gestation the ranges were 8.37-13.20, 12.00-17.56, 26.26-40.85, 2.35-4.90, respectively. At 21-27. weeks' gestation the ranges were 8.37-12.79, 11.94-17.33, 25.04-40.61, 2.38-5.19, respectively. At 28-35. weeks' gestation the ranges were 8.10-11.90, 12.27-17.56, 23.90-43.34, 2.35-4.90, respectively. At 36-42. weeks' gestation the ranges were 8.50-11.05, 10.08-16.60, 25.59-42.53, 2.48-5.06, respectively. Conclusion: The above-established gestational age-specific reference intervals may assist clinicians in making accurate clinical decisions and can be adopted in other laboratories after further validation. © 2011 Elsevier B.V.

Sun X.-L.,Zhengzhou University | Song W.-C.,Zhengzhou University | Zang S.-Q.,Zhengzhou University | Du C.-X.,Zhengzhou University | And 3 more authors.
Chemical Communications | Year: 2012

The hierarchical assembly of a homochiral triple concentric helical system in a novel 3D metal-organic framework with SHG activity has been observed. The result also provides a better understanding of host-guest chemistry and the process of water transport in biological systems. © 2012 The Royal Society of Chemistry.

Cheng K.,Cedars Sinai Heart Institute | Cheng K.,Moore Research | Cheng K.,University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill | Shen D.,Zhengzhou University | And 6 more authors.
Nature Communications | Year: 2015

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