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Zhengzhou, China

Zhengzhou University , colloquially known in Chinese as Zhèngdà is a public university located in Zhengzhou, Henan, People's Republic of China.It has the largest area of any university in China at 4,328,688 square meters. Wikipedia.

Zhao Q.X.,Zhengzhou University
Zhongguo ying yong sheng li xue za zhi = Zhongguo yingyong shenglixue zazhi = Chinese journal of applied physiology | Year: 2010

To explore the expression of GSK-3beta, CDK-5 and PP2A and the regulation of them by Abeta(25-35) and ginsenoside Rb1 after neural stem cells (NSCs) are transformed into neurons. To culture NSCs from the dentate gyrus of newborn rats(24 h) hippocampus in vitro. NSCs of the third passage were induced towards neurons; the expressions of GSK-3beta(pTyr279,216), PP2A and the regulation of them by Abeta(25-35) and ginsenoside Rb1 were tested by the immunofluorescence cytochemical staining after NSCs had been induced for one week; The expressions of GSK-3beta, CDK-5, PP2A and the regulation of them by Abeta(25-35) and ginsenoside Rb1 were detected with RT-PCR. Immunofluorescence cytochemisty showed that neural cells from NSCs which had been differentiated after one week could express GSK-3j (pTyr279,216)and PP2A. Abeta(25-35) could enhance the expression of GSK-3beta(pTyr279,216), meanwhile it also restrained the expression of PP2A. Moreover ginsenoside Rb1 could reverse the affect of Abeta(25-35). RT-PCR found that neural stem cells which had been differentiated after one week could express GSK-3beta, CDK-5, PP2A . The expression of GSK-3beta and CDK-5 rose up and the expression of PP2A weakened when they were treated by Abeta(25-35). However, the effect of Abeta(25-35) was restrained when they were pretreated by ginsenoside Rb1. These observations indicated that NSCs which were cultured and induced in vitro can express GSK-3beta, CDK-5 and PP2A; moreover Abeta(25-35) and ginsenoside Rb1 can regulate the expressions of GSK-3beta, CDK-5 and PP2A. It hints that cells which differentiated from neural stem cells in vitro have protein phosphorylation regulation system of normal cells.

Shi G.,Zhengzhou University
Zhonghua liu xing bing xue za zhi = Zhonghua liuxingbingxue zazhi | Year: 2013

To synthesize relevant data and to analyze the benefit-cost ratio on strategies related to preventing the maternal-infantile transmission of hepatitis B virus infection and to explore the optimal strategy. A decision tree model was constructed according to the strategies of hepatitis B immunization and a Markov model was conducted to simulate the complex disease progress after HBV infection. Parameters in the models were drawn from meta-analysis and information was collected from field study and review of literature. Economic evaluation was performed to calculate costs, benefit, and the benefit-cost ratio. Sensitivity analysis was also conducted and a tornado graph was drawn. In view of the current six possible strategies in preventing maternal-infantile transmission of hepatitis B virus infection, a multi-stage decision tree model was constructed to screen hepatitis B surface antigen (HBsAg) or screen for HBsAg then hepatitis B e antigen (HBeAg). Dose and the number of injections of HBIG and hepatitis B vaccine were taken into consideration in the model. All the strategies were considered to be cost-saving, while the strategy of screening for HBsAg and then offering hepatitis B vaccine of 10 μg×3 for all neonates with hepatitis B immunoglobulin (HBIG) of 100 IU×1 for the neonates born to mothers who tested positive for HBsAg appeared with most cost-saving. In the strategies, the benefit-cost ratio of using 100 IU HBIG was similar to 200 IU HBIG, and one shot of HBIG was superior to two shots. from sensitivity analysis suggested that the rates of immunization and the efficacy of the strategy in preventing maternal-infantile transmission were the main sensitive variables in the model. The passive-active immune-prophylaxis strategy that using 10 μg hepatitis B vaccine combined with 100 IU HBIG seemed to be the optimal strategy in preventing maternal-infantile transmission, while the rates of immunization and the efficacy of the strategy played the key roles in choosing the ideal strategy.

Feng X.,Luoyang Normal University | Ma L.-F.,Luoyang Normal University | Liu L.,Zhengzhou University | Wang L.-Y.,Luoyang Normal University | And 3 more authors.
Crystal Growth and Design | Year: 2013

The combination of lanthanide and zinc nitrates reaction with a rigid 1-H-2-methyl-4,5-imidazole-dicarboxylic acid yields a new zinc complex of Zn(Hmimda)2·2H2O (1) and a family of heteronuclear polymers, namely, {[Ln2Zn2(μ3-Hmimda) 2 (μ3-mimda)2·4H2O] ·mH2O}n, Ln = Sm, m = 2 (2), Ln = Eu, m = 3 (3), Ln = Gd, m = 2 (4), Ln = Tb, m = 3 (5), Ln = Dy, m = 3 (6) (H3mimda = 1H-2-methyl-4,5-imidazole-dicarboxylic acid). Structural analysis shows that complexes 2-6 are isostructural and all crystallize in the monoclinic system, except for a slight disparity for 2. They have an extended nonporous structure constructed from tetraheteronuclear edifices with new framework topology, in which the Ln(III)-Zn square tetranuclear complexes act as the second building unit, which are further interconnected by the Hmimda to afford a two-dimensional corrugated layer. Both compounds 5 and 6 exhibit characteristic fluorescence in the visible region. The variable temperature magnetic investigations indicate that the magnetic interactions are mainly ascribed to depopulation of the Stark levels or possible antiferromagnetic couplings. The Dy(III)-Zn(II) compound exhibits possible ferromagnetic couplings and slow magnetic relaxation behavior of a single-molecule magnet nature. © 2013 American Chemical Society.

To evaluate the effects on pregnancy outcome of freezing time from oocyte retrieval and thawing method for metaphaseII human oocytes vitrification. From Mar 2007 to Mar 2009, the clinical outcome of 30 infertile women undergoing vitrified-thawing oocytes of in vitro fertilization-embryo transfer (IVF-ET) in the Reproductive Medical Center of the First Affiliated Hospital of Zhengzhou University was studied retrospectively, including 21 women with double fallopian tube obstruction and 9 women's husband azoospermia. All infertile women were divided into three groups, including 5 cases in group A (freezing between 4 and 5 hours from oocyte retrieval and conventional thawing method), 9 cases in group B (freezing within 2 hours from retrieval and conventional thawing method) and 16 cases in group C (freezing within 2 hours from retrieval and improved thawing method). The vitrified oocytes were preserved for 2 months to 1 year and thawed for Intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) and embryo transfer. The outcome of IVF and pregnancy were recorded. (1) The rates of oocyte survival was (65 ± 33)% in group B and (72 ± 23)% in group C and the rate of transfer cycle was 9/9 in group B and 16/16 in group C, which were all significantly higher than (16 ± 17)% of oocyte survival and 1/5 of transfer cycle in group A (P = 0.001, 0.021). However, the rate of oocyte survival and transfer cycle between group B and group C did not reach statistical difference (P > 0.05). The rate of implantation and clinical pregnancy of (33 ± 38)% and 9/16 in group C were significantly higher (4 ± 11)% and 1/9 in group B (P = 0.033, 0.040). (2) The mean age of women in group C were (28.6 ± 2.1) in oneself oocyte, (28.0 ± 4.6) in donor oocyte and (28.1 ± 3.4) in donor sperm. The rate of oocyte survival was (73 ± 25)%, (88 ± 10)% and (66 ± 25)%. The rate of fertilization rate was (84.6 ± 0.9)%, (79.3 ± 2.0)% and (82.8 ± 15.0)%. The rate of implantation was (20.0 ± 44.7)%, (33.0 ± 0.1)%, (41.6 ± 41.7)%. The rate of clinical pregnancy was 1/5 in oneself cycles, 3/3 in donor oocyte cycles, 5/8 banked donor sperm cycles in group C. All above clinical parameters were not statistically different (P > 0.05). (3) In group A, one women underwent IVF-ET and no clinical pregnancy was observed. One women pregnancy was terminated at two months in group B. The clinical pregnancies rate of group C was 9/16, late abortion occurred in 1 woman, the other 8 women underwent term pregnancy, including 5 male infants and 4 female infants. All of infants showed normal Karyotype. Live-birth rates per warmed oocyte was 5.9%(8/135). The mean gestational weeks and birth weight of the infants were (39.4 ± 0.9) weeks and (3574 ± 569) g, respectively. Embryo quality and clinical outcome of thawing cycles could be significantly improved when oocyte vitrification was performed within 2 hours from oocyte retrieval and improved thawing method.

Ou L.,Zhengzhou University
Zhonghua nan ke xue = National journal of andrology | Year: 2010

OBJECTIVE: To investigate the effects and clinical pregnancy outcomes of intracytoplasmic sperm insemination (ICSI) with microamount frozen-thawed sperm obtained by percutaneous epididymal sperm aspiration (PESA) or testicular sperm aspiration (TESA) in azoospermia patients. METHODS: We divided 365 azoospermia patients treated by ICSI into an experimental group (n = 123) and a control group (n = 242) , the former with microamount frozen-thawed sperm, and the latter fresh sperm obtained by PESA or TESA. The rates of fertilization, good embryos, clinical pregnancy, miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy and multiple pregnancy were analyzed and compared between the two groups. RESULTS: With PESA, the experimental group showed no statistically significant differences from the control group in the rates of fertilization (75.67% vs 76.49%), good embryos (64.96% vs 66.09%), clinical pregnancy (55.21% vs 57.22%), clinical miscarriage (13.21% vs 12.61%), ectopic pregnancy (3. 77% vs 5.41%) and multiple pregnancy (37.74% vs 37.84%) (P > 0.05); nor with TESA (74.41% vs 76.43%, 64.63% vs 66.35%, 46.81% vs 53.39%, 18.18% vs 14.55%, 4.55% vs 1.82%, 37.74% vs 37.84%, P > 0.05). The revival rate of the frozen-thawed sperm from PESA was 70.07%, not significantly different from that of TESA (62.67%) (P > 0.05). CONCLUSION: ICSI with frozen-thawed micro-amount sperm obtained by PESA or TESA is a safe, economic and effective method for the treatment of azoospermia. The techniques for reviving frozen sperm from PESA or TESA remain to be optimized, and whether these techniques may result in long-term genetic risks in the offspring deserves further investigation.

Yang G.,University of Puerto Rico at San Juan | Yang G.,Zhengzhou University | Baran P.,University of Puerto Rico at San Juan | Baran P.,Juniata College | And 2 more authors.
Crystal Growth and Design | Year: 2013

The interplay of argentophilic and dipolar (π-acid⋯base) interactions, on one hand, and the presence or absence of interstitial solvent molecules, on the other, determines the supramolecular organization of trinuclear silver-pyrazolato complexes in the solid state. The crystal structures of one gold and six silver metallacyclic complexes of the type [MI(μ-pz*)]3, where pz* are the substituted pyrazolato anions 3,5-Ph2-pz, 3-Me-5-Ph-pz, 4-Br-3,5-Ph 2-pz, 4-Br-3-tBu-pz and 3-(o-Cl-C6H 4)-pz and M = Ag and Au, are discussed in the context of their supramolecular organization. Two silver complexes, for which the π-acid character of their Ag3-faces is maximized by their peripheral electron-withdrawing substituents, show crystal packing dominated by short Ag3⋯Br contacts, the first structural manifestation of supramolecular structure via dipolar interactions involving the tunable π-acidity of the Ag3-face. © 2012 American Chemical Society.

Song W.Y.,Zhengzhou University
Zhonghua nan ke xue = National journal of andrology | Year: 2010

OBJECTIVE: To evaluate the clinical application value of oocyte vitrification in failed testicular sperm extraction cycles in non-obstructive azoospermia (NOA) patients. METHODS: We retrospectively analyzed the clinical data of 8 women undergoing oocyte frozen-thawing cycles by vitrification because of failed testicular sperm extraction from their NOA husbands and no banked donor sperm on the day of oocyte retrieval. The oocytes were cryopreserved by vitrification with cryotop and thawed 2 months later. The surviving metaphase II (MII) oocytes were injected with the banked donor sperm of the same blood type as the husbands by intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) for fertilization. The rates of oocyte survival, fertilization, cleavage, good embryos and pregnancy were evaluated. RESULTS: Sixty oocytes were vitrified and 47 (78.3%) survived after thawing, of which 41 MII oocytes underwent ICSI and 33 (80.5%) of them were fertilized. The rates of cleavage and good embryos were 81.8% (27/33) and 59.3% (16/27) respectively. Fifteen of the embryos were transferred to the 8 patients, with 1.9 +/- 0.8 per cycle, of which 5 (33.3%) were confirmed by ultrasound to have been implanted and 5 resulted in clinical pregnancy (62.5%), all singleton without miscarriage. Three normal boys and 1 normal girl were already born, with the pregnancy time of (39 + 4 +/- 0.4) wk and newborn body weight of (3787.5 +/- 513.7) g, respectively. CONCLUSION: Vitrification of oocytes in failed testicular sperm extraction cycles is a promising technique for preserving female fertility, which, with ICSI of banked donor sperm, may result in satisfactory clinical outcomes.

Yang Z.,Henan Normal University | Yang Z.,Henan Key Laboratory of Photovoltaic Materials | Wang Q.,Henan Normal University | Wei S.,Henan Normal University | And 2 more authors.
Journal of Physical Chemistry C | Year: 2010

The interaction of a water molecule with the (111) surfaces of stoichiometric and reduced ceria is investigated using first principle density functional theory with the inclusion of the on-site Coulomb interaction (DFT+U). It is found that on the stoichiometric ceria(111) surface, the water molecule is adsorbed spontaneously through single hydrogen bond configuration. In contrast, on the lightly reduced ceria(111), there exist both molecular adsorption (no-H-bond configuration) and dissociative adsorption (surface hydroxyl) modes. It is obvious that oxygen vacancies can enhance the interaction of water with the substrate. Phase diagrams for stoichiometric and reduced ceria(111) surfaces in equilibrium with water vapor in the complete range of experimentally accessible gas phase condition are calculated and discussed combining the DFT results and thermodynamics data using the ab initio atomistic thermodynamic method. We present a detailed analysis of the stability of the water-ceria system as a function of the ambient conditions, and focus on two important surface processes for water adsorption on the stoichiometric and on the lightly reduced surfaces, respectively. © 2010 American Chemical Society.

Ge H.,Duke University | Ge H.,Zhengzhou University | Cai J.,Duke University | Kelsey C.R.,Duke University | Yin F.-F.,Duke University
International Journal of Radiation Oncology Biology Physics | Year: 2013

Purpose: To quantify uncertainties in delineating an internal target volume (ITV) and to understand how these uncertainties may be individually minimized for stereotactic body radiation therapy (SBRT) of early stage non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC). Methods and Materials: Twenty patients with NSCLC who were undergoing SBRT were imaged with free-breathing 3-dimensional computed tomography (3DCT) and 10-phase 4-dimensional CT (4DCT) for delineating gross tumor volume (GTV)3D and ITV10Phase (ITV3). The maximum intensity projection (MIP) CT was also calculated from 10-phase 4DCT for contouring ITVMIP (ITV1). Then, ITVCOMB (ITV2), ITV 10Phase+GTV3D (ITV4), and ITV10Phase+ITVCOMB (ITV5) were generated by combining ITVMIP and GTV3D, ITV 10phase and GTV3D, and ITV10phase and ITV COMB, respectively. All 6 volumes (GTV3D and ITV1 to ITV5) were delineated in the same lung window by the same radiation oncologist. The percentage of volume difference (PVD) between any 2 different volumes was determined and was correlated to effective tumor diameter (ETD), tumor motion ranges, R3D, and the amplitude variability of the recorded breathing signal (v) to assess their volume variations. Results: The mean (range) tumor motion (RSI, RAP, RML, and R3D) and breathing variability (v) were 7.6 mm (2-18 mm), 4.0 mm (2-8 mm), 3.3 mm (0-7.5 mm), 9.9 mm (4.1-18.7 mm), and 0.17 (0.07-0.37), respectively. The trend of volume variation was GTV3D

Weng S.,Guangdong University of Technology | Chu S.-C.,University of South Australia | Cai N.,Guangdong University of Technology | Zhan R.,Zhengzhou University
Journal of Information Hiding and Multimedia Signal Processing | Year: 2013

By employing invariant relation between the mean value of the first (n - 1) pixels and the last one pixel (also called the remaining pixel) for every image block containing n pixels, a new reversible watermark scheme capable of mostly carrying 2n-3 bits into one n-sized image block in a single embedding process is presented in this paper. First, the mean value of the first (n - 1) pixel is calculated. Next, the difference value between the last one pixel and this obtained mean value is applied to distinguish which classification (i.e., smooth or complex sub-block) any sub-block belongs to. Consequently, it is determined to embed (n - 2) bits or 2(n - 2) bits into each sub-block according to its final classification results. And meanwhile, the mean value is reapplied to predict this last one pixel. 1-bit watermark is embedded into this last one pixel in accordance with the magnitude of prediction-error value. By multi-employing invariability of the mean value of (n-1) pixels, the embedding rate can approach to (2 - 3/n) bpp (bit per pixel) for a single embedding process. Meanwhile, the embedding distortion is greatly controlled by embedding more bits into smooth image blocks and fewer bits into the other blocks with complex texture. Experimental results reveal the proposed scheme is effective. © 2013.

Zhijian Y.,Zhengzhou University
Journal of Mathematical Physics | Year: 2010

The paper studies the existence of the finite-dimensional global attractor and exponential attractor for the dynamical system associated with the Kirchhoff models arising in elasto-plastic flow utt-div{{pipe}∇u{pipe}m-1∇u}-Δut+Δ2u+h(ut)+g(u)=f(x). By using the method of ℓ-trajectories and the operator technique, it proves that under subcritical case, 1≤m

Li Z.,Zhengzhou University
Zhonghua gan zang bing za zhi = Zhonghua ganzangbing zazhi = Chinese journal of hepatology | Year: 2012

To evaluate the clinical efficacy of implanted biliary metallic stents in the management of malignant obstructive jaundice (MOJ). Percutaneous transhepatic cholangiography and stent insertion were performed in 241 consecutive patients to treat malignant biliary obstruction between December 1998 and February 2009. The study end point was patient death. All patients were followed-up until death or until February 2010. The therapeutic efficacy was determined by statistical analysis of life span and pre- and post-operative laboratory indices. All 241 patients were successfully stented. The level of bilirubin descended obviously within four weeks of implantation (P less than 0.05), and the early mortality rate was 4.56% (11/241). Two-hundred-and-two patients were followed-up (range: 8-193 weeks post-transplantation) and showed a median survival of 43.55 weeks. The survival rates at 13, 26, 39 and 52 weeks post-transplantation were 87%, 66%, 56%, and 41%, respectively. The stent patency rates at 13, 26, 39 and 52 weeks post-transplantation were 70%, 46%, 36% and 24%, respectively; the mean stent patency was 27.57 weeks. Cox regression analysis identified the strong predictors of improved survival as an initial bilirubin level of less than 221 mumol/L (P = 0.01) and a stent-induced bilirubin reduction of more than 50% (P = 0.002). Transhepatic metallic biliary stenting is a safe and effective therapeutic intervention for malignant biliary obstruction. Significant periods of survival and palliation of jaundice can be achieved with this method. Hyperbilirubinemia and a stent-induced bilirubin reduction of less than 50% are independent predictive factors for the survival of MOJ patients.

To investigate the inhibitory effect and apoptosis induction on human esophageal carcinoma EC9706 cell by Fufangkushen. The experiment of Fufangkushen was designed into three groups including 25.00 μl/ml group, 6.25 μl/ml group and control group in vitro. The method of MTT was used to evaluate the growth inhibition effects. Proliferating cell nuclear antigen (PCNA) was detected by immunohistochemistry (IHC) in vitro. The morphological changes of cells were observed under inverted microscope. FACS was used to analyze the distribution of cell cycle and apoptosis. The expressions of Bcl-2, Fas and caspase-3 in EC9706 cells were detected by Western blotting. The clone formation in plate was used to test the capacity of cell clone formation. Nude mice experiments were conducted to investigate the tumor inhibition of Fufangkushen in vivo. The mice were divided into 3 groups of 200 μl/d treatment, 25 μl/d treatment and saline control. PCNA and Bcl-2 were detected by IHC. And the apoptotic index was detected by terminal transferase dUTP nick end labeling (TUNEL) on xenograft of nude mice. The proliferative capacities of 25.00 μl/ml group were lower than that of the control group at 48, 72, 96 h respectively (all P < 0.01). IHC showed the PCNA expressions, cell clone formation rate were both lower than that of control group (in 25.00 μl/ml treatment group both P < 0.05). Many apoptotic cells could be observed. And the apoptotic rate was higher in 25.00 μl/ml group than that in the control group ((25.2 ± 7.3)% vs (3.4 ± 1.5)%, P < 0.01). After a treatment of Fufangkushen, the activation of caspase-3 and the Fas were higher ((21.3 ± 4.4)% vs (1.8 ± 0.6)%, (30.2 ± 8.3)% vs (5.4 ± 1.6)%, both P < 0.01), the Bcl-2 were lower (P < 0.01) were observed in vitro. Comparing with the saline control group, the tumor weight in 200 μl/d treatment group were lower ((987 ± 386) vs (1935 ± 838) mg, P < 0.01) and the apoptotic index higher ((33.8 ± 8.7)% vs (5.3 ± 1.4)%, P < 0.01). Fufangkushen can inhibit the proliferation of EC9706 cells and induce the cellular apoptosis. The mechanism of apoptosis is probably associated with the arrest of cell cycle, the up-regulation of Fas, the down-regulation of Bcl-2 and the activation of caspase-3 in ESCC EC9706 cells.

Lin N.,Zhengzhou University
Eurasip Journal on Wireless Communications and Networking | Year: 2016

In order to improve the quality of multimedia communication and mobile users, the work efficiency of the cloud platform, the service-oriented mobile multimedia cooperative storing, and the delivery scheme were proposed based on opportunistic cloud coding and content-centric cloud compression. Firstly, according to the video frame and the multimedia content centric, the multimedia data compression algorithm was established based on time domain and frequency domain, which combined the image pixel scale and the component. Then, the opportunity cloud encoding program was proposed through the distortion scattering and the opportunity to cooperate with the cloud device control. Finally, the real-time transmission and cooperative feedback control of mobile multimedia streaming video content was proposed based on user requirements and service-driven demands. Experimental results show that the proposed scheme can provide high peak signal-to-noise ratio (PSNR) for large scale video frame transmission and keep high consistency and robustness from subjective experience to objective experience. In addition, the proposed scheme can significantly reduce the failure rate and improve the end-to-end communication performance. © 2016, The Author(s).

Zhang L.,Zhengzhou University
Chemical Engineering Transactions | Year: 2015

Mountain torrent disaster warning system is a significant non-engineering flood prevention measure for achieving the goals of flood prevention and disaster reduction in the related small rivers. After analyzing the design principle and objective of the system, we proposed a mountain torrent disaster warning system based on WEB GIS technology and the distributed hydrological model (DHM) of the river basin. The system includes multiple subsystems, namely, system management, 2D/3D Web GIS, rainfall and water information management, mountain torrent disaster prevention and control information management, flood forecasting, mountain flood forecasting and response, flood control project information management, duty and flood control business management, data synchronism, system auto-update and operating condition monitoring. The proposed DHM-based mountain torrent disaster warning system can help the users to master the water and rainfall information in first time, analyze the flood evolution, make the forecasting and display the forecasting results via the terminal. Accordingly, the administrative departments in charge of water conservancy can rapidly issue the mountain torrent forecasting messages and make timely flood-control and rescuing deployments, with the aims of effectively enhancing the timeliness of warning and reducing the induced casualties and property losses. Copyright © 2015, AIDIC Servizi S.r.l.

To observe the impact of adenosine A1 receptor stimulation on extracellular signal-regulated kinase 1/2 (ERK1/2) signal pathways on angiotensin II (AngII) stimulated cardiomyocytes of neonatal rats in vitro. Cardiomyocytes of neonatal rats were cultured in vitro. Cardiomyocytes hypertrophy was induced by AngII (0.1 μmol/L). The antihypertrophic effect of adenosine A1 receptor stimulation via adenosine A1 receptor agonist R-PIA (1 μmol/L) was observed in the presence or absence of ERK1/2 inhibitor 1, 4-Diamino-2, 3-dicyano-1, 4-bis(o-aminophenylmercapto) butadiene (U0126) 1 μmol/L, PKC inhibitor Ro-31-8220 (50 nmol/L), and pertussis toxin (PTX, 5 mg/L). The total protein content was assayed by the method of Lowry. The expression of mRNA of atrial natriuretic peptide (ANP) was determined by RT-PCR. [Ca(2+)]i was measured by confocal microscope using Fluo-3/AM as fluorescent indicator. The relative expression of ERK1/2 was determined by Western blot. Compared with normal control group, AngII induced significant cardiomyocyte hypertrophy. Compared with AngII group, R-PIA significantly inhibited AngII-induced increase of the protein content, cardiomyocytes volume and expression of ERK1/2, calcium ion fluorescence intensity, similar as U0126 and Ro-31-8220. The inhibitory effects on AngII induced cardiomyocytes hypertrophy of R-PIA were lost when preincubated with PTX. Adenosine A1 receptor can inhibit AngII induced cardiomyocyte hypertrophy through downregulating ERK signal pathways and reducing intracellular Ca(2+).

Li Z.,Zhengzhou University
Zhonghua wei chang wai ke za zhi = Chinese journal of gastrointestinal surgery | Year: 2013

To investigate the association of expression of c-kit (marker of interstitial cells of Cajal, ICC) in colon with slow transit constipation (STC) in rats. Slow transit constipation (STC) rat model was induced by intragastric administration of compound diphenoxylate. Western blotting was used to measure the expression of c-kit in colon of STC rats (model group) and normal rats (control group). Gray scale ratio of c-kit to β-actin was used as the relative quantity of c-kit. Fecal quantity per day of STC group was (1.3±0.7) g/100 g, significantly lower than that in normal rats [(1.6±0.9) g/100 g, t=10.798, P<0.05]. In model rats, the time of discharge of the first black fecal was (461.6±150.8) min, significantly longer than that in normal rats [(351.3±119.9) min, t=2.291, P<0.05]. Western blotting revealed that the average values of gray scale ratio of c-kit in proximal colon were 0.277±0.077 and 0.576±0.081 (t=10.719, P<0.05), in distal colon were 0.280±0.075 and 0.571±0.079 (t=10.700, P<0.05) in model group and control group respectively. Down-regulation of c-kit expression in proximal colon and distal colon is associated to the pathogenesis of slow transit constipation in rats.

Wang N.,Zhengzhou University
Zhonghua lao dong wei sheng zhi ye bing za zhi = Zhonghua laodong weisheng zhiyebing zazhi = Chinese journal of industrial hygiene and occupational diseases | Year: 2012

To explore the relationship between the polymorphisms of DNA repair gene XRCC1 and susceptibility to pulmonary cancer. A case-control study of 209 lung cancer patients and 256 control subjects was conducted to investigate the role of XRCC1 gene in lung cancer. Genotyping was performed using PCR based restriction fragment length polymorphism (PCR-RFLP) technique. The frequency (19.1%) of XRCC1-194 Trp/Trp in case group was significantly higher than that (10.9%) in control group (P < 0.05), OR for lung cancer was 2.215 (95% CI: 1.276-3.845). The frequency (6.7%) of XRCC1-280 His/His in case group was significantly higher than that (4.3%) in control group (P < 0.05), OR for lung cancer was 2.46 (95% CI: 1.141-5.304). There was no significant difference for XRCC1-399 Gln/Gln genotype between the two groups. Interaction analysis of gene polymorphisms and environment factors indicated that there was interactions between XRCC1-194 Trp/Trp and XRCC1-280 His/His genotypes and smoking. The risks of lung cancer in smokers with XRCC1-194 Arg/Trp+Trp/Trp and XRCC1-280 His/His+Arg/His were 4.889 (95% CI: 2.828-8.452) and 6.281(95% CI: 3.572-11.046), respectively. These findings supported the hypothesis that the interaction of polymorphisms of XRCC1-194 Trp/Trp, XRCC1-280 His/His with smoking resulted in the increased risk of lung cancer, and the polymorphisms of XRCC and smoking could play an role in development of lung cancer.

Li J.,Zhengzhou University
Zhonghua yu fang yi xue za zhi [Chinese journal of preventive medicine] | Year: 2011

To explore the relationship between the polymorphism of TNF-α gene 308, 238 locus and the susceptibility to pneumoconiosis. Eighteen published case-control studies about TNF-α gene 308, 238 locus polymorphism and pneumoconiosis susceptibility were searched out from sino-foreign databases from January 1994 to December 2010. Meta-analysis was applied on the published research to calculate the pooled OR value (95%CI) and stratified analyze the types and species of pneumoconiosis. Eleven of the published research articles were selected into the analysis, including 10 research focusing on TNF-α gene 308 locus, with 1408 cases and 1639 controls in total. The meta-analysis showed that comparing with Gln/Gln carriers, Arg/Arg, Arg/Gln, Gln/Arg + Arg/Arg carriers were 1.89-fold (95%CI: 1.10 - 3.24), 1.53-fold (95%CI: 1.25 - 1.87), and 1.56-fold (95%CI: 1.28 - 1.90) more susceptible to pneumoconiosis, respectively. The stratified analysis showed that among coal workers, the TNF-α gene 308 locus Arg/Arg, Arg/Gln, Gln/Arg + Arg/Arg carriers were separately 2.29-fold (95%CI: 1.22 - 4.29), 1.56-fold (95%CI: 1.20 - 2.03), 1.64-fold (95%CI: 1.28 - 2.11) more susceptible to pneumoconiosis than Gln/Gln carriers; and among Asian people, the TNF-α gene 308 locus Gln/Arg, Gln/Arg + Arg/Arg carriers were separately 1.58-fold (95%CI: 1.28 - 1.95) and 1.57-fold (95%CI: 1.28 - 1.94) more susceptible to pneumoconiosis than the Gln/Gln carriers. Four case-control research focus on the study of TNF-α gene 238 locus, including 391 cases and 391 controls in total. The analysis showed that comparing with the non-carriers, TNF-α gene 238 locus Arg/Arg, Arg/Gln, Gln/Arg + Arg/Arg carriers were 6.03-fold (95%CI: 1.35 - 26.97), 1.87-fold (95%CI: 1.07 - 3.30) and 2.36-fold (95%CI: 1.37 - 4.07) more susceptible to pneumoconiosis. TNF-α gene 308, 238 locus Arg/Arg, Gln/Arg, Gln/Arg + Arg/Arg carriers are more susceptible to pneumoconiosis.

Yang J.,Zhengzhou University
Carpathian Journal of Food Science and Technology | Year: 2015

This paper aims to study on cultural implications of food labeling translation from the view of advertising aesthetics. Comparing successful and unsuccessful cases at home and abroad based on analysis in the view of advertising aesthetics, the conclusion concludes characteristics and cultural implications of food labeling translation, and features of aesthetic translation.

Yang Y.P.,Zhengzhou University
Beijing da xue xue bao. Yi xue ban = Journal of Peking University. Health sciences | Year: 2013

To study the influence of HPMC as hydrophilic matrix materials and controlled-layer components on the drug release of sustained-release matrix tablets and bilayer tablets. Diltiazem hydrochloride was chosen as the water-soluble model drug to prepare different kinds of matrix tablets and double layer tablets with different formulations, and evaluate how the levels and grades of HPMC affect the drug release in sustained-release tablets and bilayer tablets. HPMC with high viscosity and the amount of 20%-40% could delay the drug release to certain degree, but it was difficult to further slow down the drug release up to 24 h, especially for a water soluble drug. Combining HPMC with 5%-20% of CMC-Na was proven to be an effective way to achieve the 24 h release profile with the water soluble drug. HPMC was also investigated as a component in the double layer tablet as base layer. Drug release was complicated compared with EC as the base layer in the double layer tablet due to the great swelling ability of HPMC. HPMC's larger swilling let it form a big cap to retard the drug release, which could significantly affect the drug release with a large ratio of the base layer to the drug layer; furthermore increasing the quality of 10%-40% of the base layer and the proportion of HPMC could reduce the initial burst release. The grade/level of HPMC and combinations with other matrix materials had a big impact on the drug release. HPMC could be used in the base layer of the double tablet to alternate the drug release profile, and reduce the initial burst release of the double-layer matrix tablet, and potentially change the drug mechanism.

Qi Y.,New York University | Qi Y.,Zhengzhou University | Yang Y.,New York University
Journal of Neuroscience | Year: 2015

It remains largelyunknownwhether andhowhunger states control activity-dependent synaptic plasticity, such as long-term potentiation (LTP) and long-term depression (LTD).Wehere report that both LTP and LTD of excitatory synaptic strength within the appetite control circuits residing in hypothalamic arcuate nucleus (ARC) behave in a manner of hunger states dependence and cell type specificity. For instance, we find that tetanic stimulation induces LTP at orexigenic agouti-related protein (AgRP) neurons in ad libitum fed mice, whereas it induces LTD in food-deprived mice. In an opposite direction, the same induction protocol induces LTD at anorexigenic pro-opiomelanocortin (POMC) neurons in fed mice but weak LTP in deprived mice. Mechanistically, we also find that food deprivation increases the expressions of NR2C/NR2D/NR3-containing NMDA receptors (NMDARs) at AgRP neurons that contribute to the inductions of LTD, whereas it decreases their expressions at POMC neurons. Collectively, our data reveal that hunger states control the directions of activity-dependent synaptic plasticity by switchingNMDAreceptor subpopulations in a cell type-specific manner, providing insights into NMDAR-mediated interactions between energy states and associative memory. © 2015 the authors.

Wang P.,Zhengzhou University
International Journal of Security and its Applications | Year: 2016

Digital image information security, is accompanied by the rapid development of computer network and multimedia technology and the emergence of new problems. In recent years, the image information on the Internet more and more popular, but for some image information relating to personal privacy and national security, we must take the secret transmission mode, the image encryption technology more and more attention, research has important image encryption technology practical significance. Based on MFC and Matlab7.0 development tools, the paper design color image based on coupling chaotic encryption algorithm developed into an application software that fully implements all the performance of the proposed design of the cryptographic algorithm, and a beautiful interface, easy operation intuitive algorithm evaluation function and so on. In this paper, a digital color image encryption algorithm based on chaotic mapping. It was proposed based on color image encryption algorithm disaster and chaos mapping combined color image encryption algorithm based on logistic mapping, and two encryption algorithms performance comparison and analysis. © 2016 SERSC.

Wang J.,Zhengzhou University
Zhonghua wei chang wai ke za zhi = Chinese journal of gastrointestinal surgery | Year: 2016

OBJECTIVE: To screen and identify the serum specific protein markers of patients with gastric cancer by proteomics technology, and to provide more comprehensive serum protein fingerprint model for the early diagnosis of gastric cancer.METHODS: Preoperative and postoperative blood samples were collected from 60 gastric cancer patients. Mass spectrometry (SELDI-TOF-MS) technology was used to detect and screen serum specific proteins in gastric cancer patients(preoperative group, postoperative group, metastasis group), and the result was compared with normal control group. Gel electrophoresis(TRICINE SDS-OAGE) technology was applied in the separation and purification for those different protein. Matrix assisted laser desorption ionization tandem time-of-flight mass spectrometry (MALDI-TOF/TOF) technology was used in the identification for the proteins following separation and purification.RESULT: Mass spectrometry data of preoperative group and normal group resulted in 15 specific m/z peak(P<0.01). SVM screened by a combination of the highest index model Youden get m/z peak at 6 449.1 protein markers. The protein expression of preoperative group was significantly higher than that of normal group(2 299.3±2 029.3 vs. 509.5±168.3, P<0.01). Mass spectrometry data of preoperative group and postoperative group resulted in 6 specific m/z peak(P<0.01). SVM screened by a combination of the highest Youden index model indentified get m/z peak at 6 449.2 protein markers. The protein expression of preoperative group was significantly higher than that of postoperative group(1 247.9±685.0 vs. 476.5±157.8, P<0.01). Mass spectrometry data of preoperative group and metastasis group resulted in 12 specific m/z peak (P<0.01). SVM screened by a combination of the highest Youden index model indentified get m/z peak at 6 448.9 protein markers. The protein expression of metastasis group was higher than that of preoperative group(1 506.9±1 036.5 vs. 649.7±621.0). MALDI-TOF/TOF identified that the protein with m/z peak at 6 449 was Apo CIII(.CONCLUSION: Apo CIII( may be the specific serum protein marker of gastric cancer, which may provide a more comprehensive serum protein fingerprint model for the early diagnosis of gastric cancer and a new way for further research.

Ma Y.,Zhengzhou University
Asian Pacific Journal of Tropical Medicine | Year: 2014

Objective: To explore the changes of lateral geniculate body and visual cortex in monocular strabismus and form deprived amblyopic rat, and visual development plastic stage and visual plasticity in adult rats. Methods: A total of 60 SD rats ages 13 d were randomly divided into A, B, C three groups with 20 in each group, group A was set as the normal control group without any processing, group B was strabismus amblyopic group, using the unilateral extraocular rectus resection to establish the strabismus amblyopia model, group C was monocular form deprivation amblyopia group using unilateral eyelid edge resection + lid suture. At visual developmental early phase (P25), meta phase (P35), late phase (P45) and adult phase (P120), the lateral geniculate body and visual cortex area 17 of five rats in each group were exacted for C-fos Immunocytochemistry. Neuron morphological changes in lateral geniculate body and visual cortex was observed, the positive neurons differences of C-fos expression induced by light stimulation was measured in each group, and the condition of radiation development of P120 amblyopic adult rats was observed. Results: In groups B and C, C-fos positive cells were significantly lower than the control group at P25 (P<0.05), there was no statistical difference of C-fos protein positive cells between group B and group A (P>0.05), C-fos protein positive cells level of group B was significantly lower than that of group A (P<0.05). The binoculus C-fos protein positive cells level of groups B and C were significantly higher than that of control group at P35, P45 and P120 with statistically significant differences (P<0.05). Conclusions: The increasing of C-fos expression in geniculate body and visual cortex neurons of adult amblyopia suggests the visual cortex neurons exist a certain degree of visual plasticity. © 2014 Hainan Medical College.

Qiao B.,Zhengzhou University | Chen Z.,Sun Yat Sen University | Hu F.,Sun Yat Sen University | Tao Q.,Sun Yat Sen University | Lam A.K.,Griffith University
Experimental and Molecular Pathology | Year: 2013

BMI-1 (B lymphoma Mo-MLV insertion region 1 homolog) has been reported to be over-expressed in cell immortalisation and the epithelial-mesenchymal transition (EMT) of cancer cells. The aim of this study is to study the roles of BMI-1 in the human telomerase reverse transcriptase (hTERT)-induced immortalisation and EMT. In this study, hTERT+-OME cells and hTERT+-HaCaT cells were acquired by viral transduction of hTERT to primary cultured oral keratinocytes and HaCaT cells (skin epidermal cells). siRNA transduction was used for the inhibition of BMI-1 expression. RT-PCR and Western blots were performed to detect the expressions of twist, vimentin, BMI-1, hTERT and p16INK4a in these cell lines. EMT was assessed by immunohistochemistry (expressions of cytokertin & vimentin), Western blots (expressions of Twist, vimentin & E-cadherin) and RT-PCR (expression of Twist). The results indicated that hTERT+-OME cells and hTERT+-HaCaT cells underwent EMT spontaneously with high expression of Twist. p16INK4a was silenced in both hTERT-transduced cells but could be detected in HaCaT cells. Moreover, BMI-1 was highly expressed in hTERT+-OME and hTERT+-HaCaT cells but was negative in HaCaT cells. When the expression of BMI-1 was blocked by siRNA transduction, the proliferations of hTERT+-OME and hTERT+-HaCaT cells were inhibited and the mono-spheroid colony formation of these hTERT-transduced cells was decreased. In addition, the expression of p16INK4a was regained while the expressions of EMT markers (twist and vimentin) were down-regulated in these two BMI-1 blocking cell lines. To conclude, this study suggests BMI-1 expression plays a role in hTERT-induced immortalisation and EMT. © 2013 Elsevier Inc.

Ng C.T.,Hong Kong Polytechnic University | Lu L.,Hong Kong Polytechnic University | Lu L.,Zhengzhou University
Journal of Scheduling | Year: 2012

In this paper, we consider the on-line integrated production and outbound distribution scheduling problem to minimize the maximum delivery completion time. All jobs arrive over time, and each job and its processing time become known at its arrival time. The jobs are first processed on a single machine and then delivered by a vehicle to a single customer. The vehicle can deliver at most c jobs to the customer at a time. When preemption is allowed and c > 2, we can provide an on-line algorithm with the best competitive ratio 2 √5+1/2≈ 1.618. When preemption is not allowed, we provide an on-line algorithm which has the best competitive ratio √5+1/2≈ 1.618 for the case c = 1 and has an asymptotic competitive ratio √5+1/2≈1.618 for the case c > 2. © Springer Science+Business Media, LLC 2011.

Wang Q.H.,Zhengzhou University
Energy Education Science and Technology Part A: Energy Science and Research | Year: 2014

At present, the only clinical cure treatment for final-stage kidney disease was kidney transplant. Although the kidney transplant surgical technology itself had been mature, there were still many factors that affected kidney transplantation survival rate, such as: tissue matching, rejection, infection and complications, and so on, while, renal transplantation postoperative infection became one of the most common disease and the main causes of death. Lung infection caused by respiratory tract infection in adult respiratory was the main cause of death in patients with ARDS[1]. Now, we would like to present the nursing experience report of the observation and nursing experience for the renal transplant patients with severe pulmonary infection and ARDS, as follows. © Sila Science. All rights reserved.

Chang Z.,Zhengzhou University | Wen Q.,Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications
Chinese Journal of Electronics | Year: 2011

New properties and methods about the linear complexity and the k-error linear complexity of binary 2n-periodic sequences are provided. Using Games-Chan algorithm and new method, we give some new results about k-error linear complexity, and the method to count the number of critical error sequences is also provided.

Dong C.Y.,Beijing Institute of Technology | Pan E.,University of Akron | Pan E.,Zhengzhou University
Engineering Analysis with Boundary Elements | Year: 2011

In this paper, a boundary element method (BEM) is proposed to analyze the stress field in nanoinhomogeneities with surface/interface effect. To consider this effect, the continuity conditions along the internal interfaces between the matrix and inhomogeneities are modeled by the well-known GurtinMurdoch constitutive relation. In the numerical analysis, the interface elastic moduli and the geometry of the nanoscale inhomogeneity are varied to show their influence on the induced stress field. The interaction between nanoscale inhomogeneities and the effect of different geometric shapes of inhomogeneities, including ellipse, triangle, and square are also investigated for different interface material parameters. It is shown that the elastic field can be greatly influenced by the interfacial energy and geometry of nanoscale inhomogeneities. The proposed BEM formulation is very general, including the complete GurtinMurdoch model and is further convenient for arbitrary shapes of inhomogeneity. © 2011 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

Wu Q.H.,Zhengzhou University
Zhonghua er ke za zhi. Chinese journal of pediatrics | Year: 2012

To analyze the mutation of IL2RG gene in a Chinese family with a birth history of a dead child suspected of X-linked severe combined immunodeficiency (X-SCID), and to perform prenatal diagnosis with DNA sequencing. Blood samples of the parents of the dead child and chorionic villi at gestational age 11 weeks were collected. Eight exons comprising the open reading frame as well as their exon/intron boundaries of IL2RG gene were analyzed by PCR and bi-directional sequencing. A heterozygous nucleotide substitution c.690C > T (R226C) in exon 5 was detected in the mother, but not in the father. In the second pregnancy of the mother, the mutation of R226C was not detected in the male fetus by prenatal diagnosis, and the heterozygous mutation was detected in the female fetus of the third pregnancy. The reliability of the prenatal genetic diagnosis was confirmed by the one-year follow-up after the neonates were born. The mutation of c.690C>T in IL2RG gene may be the pathologic cause of the proband with X-SCID. DNA sequencing combining sex determination is a valid strategy for prenatal diagnosis of X-SCID.

Liu L.,Zhengzhou University
Wei sheng yan jiu = Journal of hygiene research | Year: 2012

In order to gain a simple, accurate, economical and family-used predictor for metabolism syndrome (MS), the predictive power and the cutoff value of waist-to-height ratio (WHtR) were explored. A random cluster sampling was carried out in a county of Henan Province. Questionnaire, physical examination and biochemical tests were admitted to the adult inhabitants. Statistics software MedCalc was used to compare the areas under curve of ROC (AUC) between WHtR and WC on predicting metabolism abnormal components. The cutoff value of WHtR predicting MS was calculated. The characters of false positive and false negative population were analyzed. The AUC of WHtR were larger than WC in most of the metabolism abnormal components, though there was no statistical significance in some metabolic abnormality components. The cutoff value of WHtR was 0.51 in male, 0.52 in female and 0.52 in total. The means of components such as weight, BMI, WC in false positive group were higher than that in false negative group. However, the means of other components were lower. There were 80.78% people who had one metabolic abnormality component. There were 8. 59% people who had two components. The power of WHtR predicting one or more metabolic abnormality components was strong. It is a good predictor for MS. The cutoff value was 0.52.

Wang F.,Zhengzhou University
Shuili Fadian Xuebao/Journal of Hydroelectric Engineering | Year: 2012

In this paper, an optimal model is developed to simulate the year-end water level of a multi-year regulating storage reservoir in a cascade reservoirs system. This model considers power market environments and long-term scheduling of power generation, and is solved with a co-evolution differential evolution algorithm. Its effectiveness and reliability are verified through an application to the Wujiang cascade reservoirs. This study provides a theoretical basis for calculation of optimal scheduling of the cascade reservoirs in power market environments.

Chang Z.-L.,Zhengzhou University | Li D.-D.,Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications
IEICE Transactions on Fundamentals of Electronics, Communications and Computer Sciences | Year: 2014

In this paper, one new class of quaternary generalized cyclotomic sequences with the period 2pq over F4 is established. The linear complexity of proposed sequences with the period 2pq is determined. The results show that such sequences have high linear complexity. Copyright © 2014 The Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers.

Lu T.Y.,Zhengzhou University
Zhonghua zhong liu za zhi [Chinese journal of oncology] | Year: 2010

To investigate the mechanism of apoptosis of EC9706 tumor-bearing nude mice induced by all-trans retinoic acid (ATRA). Human esophageal carcinoma cell line EC9706 cells were inoculated into nude mice to establish the solid tumor model. The tumor models were divided into the following groups: ATRA group, fluorouracil group, the two-drugs combination group, and with an equal volume fraction of solvent as the control group. The nude mice were sacrificed after 10 days of medication. TUNEL staining was used to detect cell apoptosis. RT-PCR was used to detect the expression level of mRNA and immunohistochemistry was used to detect the expression level of protein of caspase-3 and survivin, the apoptosis-related genes in the tumor tissue. The apoptosis rates of the ATRA group, 5-Fu group and ATRA + 5-Fu group were 44.3%, 39.7% and 91.0%, respectively. There was a significant difference in comparison with the control group (0.7%), and the ATRA group had no significant difference compared with that of the fluorouracil group (P > 0.05), but the apoptosis rate of the two-drugs combination group was significantly higher than that in the two single-drug groups (P < 0.05). The average gray value of caspase-3 protein expressed in the control group was 46.12 ± 0.33 and the relative expression of caspase-3 mRNA was 0.14 ± 0.03, both were significantly lower than that in the ATRA group, 5-Fu group and the two-drugs combination group (P < 0.05). The average gray value of survivin protein expressed in the control group was 96.07 ± 0.13 and the relative expression of survivin mRNA was 0.84 ± 0.04, both were significantly higher than those of other groups (P < 0.05). The ATRA group had no significant difference compared with the fluorouracil group (P > 0.05), but the two-drugs combination group was significantly different compared with the single-drug groups (P < 0.05). Apoptosis in the EC9706 tumor cells in nude mice can be induced by ATRA. The mechanism may be related with down-regulation of the level of survivin gene expression and up-regulation of the level of caspase-3 gene expression.

Xie X.,Huazhong University of Science and Technology | Yue D.,Huazhong University of Science and Technology | Yue D.,Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications | Zhu X.,Zhengzhou University
IEEE Transactions on Fuzzy Systems | Year: 2014

This paper is concerned with further studies on the control synthesis of discrete-time nonlinear systems in the Takagi - Sugeno (T-S) fuzzy form. To do this, a novel slack variable technique is presented by developing some useful matrix equalities, which are homogenous polynomially parameter-dependent on both the current-time normalized fuzzy weighting functions and the past-time normalized fuzzy weighting functions. Under the framework of homogenous matrix polynomials, the algebraic properties of both the current-time normalized fuzzy weighting functions and the past-time normalized fuzzy weighting functions are collected for the first time into sets of united collection matrices. Consequently, the relaxation quality of control synthesis of discrete-time T-S fuzzy systems is improved, i.e., the convergence of asymptotically necessary and sufficient stabilization conditions is further sped up. Finally, a numerical example is provided to illustrate the effectiveness of the proposed result. © 1993-2012 IEEE.

Yan Y.,Zhengzhou University | Yan Y.,Nanjing Southeast University | Meng Q.,National University of Singapore | Wang S.,National University of Singapore | Guo X.,Nanjing Southeast University
Transportation Research Part C: Emerging Technologies | Year: 2012

The time control point strategy is often adopted by bus operators in China and Singapore to provide more reliable transit service. It is thus important to design a schedule, in which bus drivers should devote their efforts to catch up a scheduled arrival time at a predetermined time control point on a bus route because passengers can definitely benefit from a reliable bus route schedule. This paper first proposes a novel reliable bus route schedule design problem by taking into account the bus travel time uncertainty and the bus drivers' schedule recovery efforts. It proceeds to develop a robust optimization model for the proposed problem, which aims to minimize the sum of the expected value of the random schedule deviation and its variability multiplied by a weighting value. A Monte Carlo simulation based solution method is subsequently designed to solve the robust optimization model. Finally, a numerical example based on a real bus route in Suzhou city of China is carried out to demonstrate the strength of the robust optimization model. We find that the optimal scheduled travel time (or slack time) depends on bus drivers' schedule recovery behavior and on decision makers' scheduling philosophies. © 2012 Elsevier Ltd.

Zhao W.,Zhengzhou University
Energy Education Science and Technology Part A: Energy Science and Research | Year: 2014

After doing research on fiber image with low quality and the grey prediction model, the grey correlation degree, directed graph and existing edge detection algorithm, this paper proposed a new edge detection algorithm to obtain complete and continuous edge. Proven by the experimental results, the proposed edge detection algorithm can overcome the defects of the conventional edge detection algorithm, such fracture as edge, false edge, etc. © Sila Science. All Rights Reserved.

Objective: To probe into the changes of rat cortex and hippocampus BDNF, TrkB when they are under the chronic restraint stress and the influence of the Chinese herbal compound of Xiaoyaosan, Buzhong Yiqi pill and Guifu Dihuang pill on them. Method: The special restriction bracket was used to restrict them for 7-21 days with 3 hours every day in order to construct the rat restraint stress model. The immunohistochemistry method combined the image analysis was used to detect the influences of traditional Chinese medicine on the changes of rat cortex and BDNF in hippocampus CA1 and TrkB. Results: After the continuous restrain for 7 days and 21 days, the cerebral frontal cortex and the BDNF in hippocampus CA1 of the rats were significantly lower than the control group (P < 0.05, P < 0.01). The 21d model groups were more obvious. After the continuous restrain for 7 days and 21 days, the cerebral frontal cortex and the TrkB in hippocampus CA1 of the rats were significantly higher than the control group (P < 0.05, P < 0.01). All the 3 Chinese herbal compounds can increase the integral absorbance of the cortex BDNF and the positive cell number of BDNF in hippocampus. Xiaoyaosan can decrease the positive cell number of TrkB in hippocampus and cortex integral absorbance of hippocampus TrkB. Buzhong Yiqi Pill and Guifu Dihuang pill can decrease the integral absorbance of TrkB in cortex. Guifu Dihuang pill can decrease the positive cell number of the cortex TrkB. The effect of Xiaoyaosan on increasing the BDNF in cortex and hippocampus is more obvious than that of Buzhong Yiqi pill and Gufu Dihuang pill. Conclusion: The decrease of cortex and BDNF in cortex and hippocampus CA1 participated in the changes of the chronic stress. The Chinese herbal compound with the effects of soothing the liver, invigorating the spleen and tonifying the kidney has the reversal effect to some degree. But the effect of the Xiaoyaosan is stongest, better than Buzhong Yiqi pill and Guifu Dihuang pill. Copyright © 2013 American Scientific Publishers. All rights reserved.

Pu J.,Zhengzhou University
Energy Education Science and Technology Part A: Energy Science and Research | Year: 2014

Information technology is now widely used in the field of education, and accelerates the informationization development of education resources. Hence, it puts forward higher requirements for the Physical Education teaching in Chinese common universities , and teaching resources informationization also has a directly influence to the development of physical education teaching. This paper, firstly, analyses the application value of the teaching resources informationizing in colleges and universities, and then discusses the status quo of resources informationization of physical education teaching in common universities. Finally, the main problems that need to solve are given about the application of modern information technology in the resources informationizing of teaching of physical education in common universities. © Sila Science. All Rights Reserved.

Xu P.,Zhengzhou University
Guti Lixue Xuebao/Acta Mechanica Solida Sinica | Year: 2010

The ratio of length to diameter of a pile is so large that the vibration isolation of incident plane P waves by discontinuous barriers composed of a row of elastic hollow pipe piles can be simplified as a two-dimensional plane problem. The stresses and displacements at the interfaces between piles and soils are considered as continuous, while the inner walls of piles are assumed stress free. The theoretical solutions for vibration isolation are obtained through the expansion method of wave functions and the Grafts addition theorem. The effects of pile thickness, modulus ratio of pile to soil, span between piles and sum number of piles on vibration isolation are studied in detail. A few important conclusions are drawn out from analysis, and they are: (1) the isolation effects increase with decrease in pile thickness and pile span, (2) the isolation effects increase with increase in the modulus ratio of piles to soils in the initial stage, and then, gradually approach constant after the ratio exceeds 500, which illustrates the piles can be regarded as rigid at that time, (3) as the sum number of piles increase, the best isolation areas increase and the position with best isolation effects moves forward, which provide theoretical basis for the design on discontinuous barrier for vibration isolation.

Chao L.,Zhengzhou University
Bing du xue bao = Chinese journal of virology / [bian ji, Bing du xue bao bian ji wei yuan hui] | Year: 2010

This research firstly reported the molecular analysis of ECHO25 (Entric Cytopathic Human Orphanviruses Type 25). To clarify molecular characteristics of the ECHO25 virus isolates in Henan Province and its relationship with the rest of world's isolates,the complete VP1 sequences of the 4 isolates in Henan were successfully amplified by RT-PCR and were compared with other ECHO25 isolates available from GenBank. Compared with the prototype strain JV-4, the nucleotide sequence identity was 79.2%-80.1%, and the amino sequence identity was 89.0%-92.4, the nucleotide sequence identity among the 4 strains isolates in Henan Province was 93.0%-99.0%, the amino sequence identity was 92.4%-97.5%. HN-01 and HN-26 strains had the highest level of homology, the nucleotide homology was 99.0%; All the 4 strains belonged to the B1 genotype.

Niu G.-L.,Zhengzhou University
Lecture Notes in Computer Science (including subseries Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence and Lecture Notes in Bioinformatics) | Year: 2014

The purpose of this paper is to make a comparative analysis of the lexical bundles in the English abstracts of Chinese journals and in those of international periodicals. The most frequently used four-word lexical bundles in the self-made corpus, Chinese-English Parallel Abstract Corpus (CEPAC) [13], were identified and classified structurally and functionally. Results indicate that the lexical bundles in the English abstracts of Chinese journals are structurally incomplete in comparison with those in the texts of international journals. Similarly, in spite of the larger number in type and token, lexical bundles are less varied in form, meaning and function in Chinese journal abstracts. Therefore it is quite necessary to strengthen the richness, diversity and fluency of lexical bundles in Chinese journal English abstracts. © Springer International Publishing Switzerland 2014

This paper aimed to discuss the method, effect and safety of oxygen-driving and atomized Mucosolvan inhalation combined with holistic nursing in the treatment of children severe bronchial pneumonia. Totally 90 children with severe bronchial pneumonia who were treated in our hospital from March 2013 to November 2013 were selected as the research objects. Based on randomized controlled principle, those children were divided into control group, test group I and test group II according to the time to enter the hospital, 30 in each group. Patients in control group was given conventional therapy; test group I was given holistic nursing combined with conventional therapy; test group II was given oxygen-driving and atomized Mucosolvan inhalation combined with holistic nursing on the basis of conventional therapy. After test, the difference of main symptoms in control group, test group I and II was of no statistical significance (P>0.05). Test group II was found with the best curative effect, secondary was test group I and control group was the last. It can be concluded that, oxygen-driving and atomized Mucosolvan inhalation combined with holistic nursing has certain effect in the treatment of children severe bronchial pneumonia and is better than holistic nursing only.

Bian X.Y.,Shanghai University of Electric Power | Tse C.T.,Hong Kong Polytechnic University | Zhang J.F.,Hong Kong Polytechnic University | Wang K.W.,Zhengzhou University
International Journal of Electrical Power and Energy Systems | Year: 2011

This paper presents an application of probabilistic theory to the coordinated design of power system stabilizers (PSSs) and FACTS controllers, taking static VAr system (SVC) as an example. The aim is to enhance the damping of multi electro-mechanical modes in a multimachine system over a large and pre-specified set of operating conditions. In this work, conventional eigenvalue analysis is extended to the probabilistic environment in which the statistical nature of eigenvalues corresponding to different operating conditions is described by their expectations and variances. Probabilistic sensitivity indices (PSIs) are used for robust damping controller site selection and for optimization objective functions. A probabilistic eigenvalue-based objective function is employed for coordinated design of PSS and SVC controller parameters. The effectiveness of the proposed controllers is demonstrated on an 8-machine system. © 2010 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

Yue S.,Zhengzhou University
National Medical Journal of China | Year: 2015

Objective: To explore the computed tomography (CT) features and pathological correlations of primitive neuroectodermal tumor (PNET) of the kidney. Methods: The CT features of 5 cases of pathologically confirmed PNETs were retrospectively reviewed along with a literature review to analyze the CT features and pathological correlations. Results: The age range was 19-78 years. CT image showed solitary mass of heterogeneous density with ill-defined margins. One case had multifocal necrosis. Among 3 cases of cystic changes, there were mural nodule (n = 2) and patchy calcification (n = 1). Four cases showed invasive growth into renal cortex and pelvis with cortical interruption (n = 3) and destruction of renal capsule and invasion into perirenal fat space (n = 1). The tumors were confined to kidney contour with enlarged kidney (n = 3). All 5 cases showed slight heterogenous enhancement in cortico-medullary phase with persistent moderate enhancement (n = 4) and persistent mild enhancement (n = 1) in nephrographic phase. Conclusion: Renal PNET is common in young patients with a high degree of malignancy. CT features include large mass with heterogenous density and poor-defined border confined within renal contour. Necrosis and cystic changes occur commonly with invasive growth. Persistent enhancement is found during nephrographic phase. A definite diagnosis is dependent upon pathological and immunohistochemical examinations. © 2015, Chinese Medical Association. All rights reserved.

Feng Y.,Zhengzhou University
Wei sheng yan jiu = Journal of hygiene research | Year: 2011

To explore the acute toxicity and genotoxicity of inlet and outlet water of a sewage treatment plant in Zhengzhou to provide scientific basis for the safety of sewage reuse. Inlet water, secondary and tertiary processed outlet water were collected from the sewage treatment plant. Acute toxicity and genotoxicity of the inlet and outlet water were detected by luminescent bacteria toxicity test and Vicia faba root tip cell micronucleus test, respectively. The luminosity inhibition rates of luminescent bacteria by inlet water, secondary and tertiary processed outlet water were (33.96 +/- 7.51)%, (14.32 +/- 7.36)% and (7.24 +/- 5.58)%, and the micronucleus rates were (12.67 +/- 2.08) per thousand, (6.33 +/- 1.53) per thousand and (2.67 +/- 0.58) per thousand, respectively. The pollution levels of these three samples were heavy, mild and scarce, respectively. The inhibition rates of luminescent bacteria by the secondary and tertiary processed water were significantly lower than that of inlet water (F = 12.159, P = 0.008). A similar result was observed for micronucleus rate (F = 56.850, P < 0.001). The acute toxicity and genotoxicity of processed water were decreased greatly. However, some potential ecological risks of the processed water still existed for environment.

Zhang J.,Zhengzhou University | Critchley L.A.H.,Chinese University of Hong Kong | Huang L.,Peking University
British Journal of Anaesthesia | Year: 2015

Background Different mathematical approaches are used to calculate arterial pulse pressure wave analysis (PPWA) cardiac output. The CardioQ-Combi is a research oesophageal Doppler (COODM) monitor that includes these five fundamental PPWA algorithms. We compared these PPWA cardiac output readings to COODM and suprasternal USCOM Doppler (COUS) over a range of cardiac output values induced by dopamine infusion in patients undergoing major surgery. USCOM acted as a control. Methods Serial sets of cardiac output data were recorded at regular intervals as cardiac output increased. Formulae included: cardiac output calculated form systemic vascular resistance (COMAP), pulse pressure (COPP), Liljestrand-Zander formula (COLZ), alternating current power (COAC) and systolic area with Kouchoukos correction (COSA). The reference method for comparisons was COODM. Statistical methods included: Scatter plots (correlation), Bland-Altman (agreement) and concordance (trending) and polar (trending). Results From 20 patients 255 sets of cardiac output comparative data were collected. Mean cardiac output for each method ranged between 5.0 and 5.5 litre min-1. For comparisons between COUS and the five PPWA algorithms with COODM: Correlation was best with COUS (R2=0.81) followed by COLZ (R2=0.72). Bias ranged between 0.1 and 0.5 litre min-1. Percentage error was lowest with COUS (26.4%) followed by COLZ (35.2%), others (40.7 to 56.3%). Concordance was best with COUS (92%), followed by COLZ (71%), others (64 to 66%). Polar analysis (mean(standard deviation)) were best with COUS (-2.7 (21.1)), followed by COLZ (+4.7 (26.6). Conclusions The Liljestrand-Zander PPWA formula was most reliable compared with oesophageal Doppler in major surgical patients under general anaesthesia, but not better than USCOM. © 2015 The Author.

Xu Q.-L.,Zhengzhou University
Zhendong yu Chongji/Journal of Vibration and Shock | Year: 2013

The vibration modal shape function expressions of a rectangular plate with 4-free-edges and four corner point supports are composed of two parts including the basic modal shapes of the plate with 4-free-edges and the addition ones caused by the four corner forces. The vibration modal shape functions must satisfy the vibration differential equation and the differential relation between the corner force and the bending deflection. Here, to indicate the bi-directional vibration, each basic modal shape had an alone expression along the two coordinate axes respectively, they had the load-deformation characteristics limited by the relevant edges. The features were the zero shear force and the non-zero amplitude at the relevant free edges and the zero corner forces at the four free corners. The addition modal shapes had to satisfy the differential relation between the corner force and the bending deflection at the four corner points, and the relevant shear force was zero and the relevant amplitude was not zero at the four free edges. The proposed method overcame the theoretical drawbacks of the current solving methods and seemed to be more reasonable.

Objective: To evaluate the effect of high frequency oscillation ventilation (HFOV) vs. conventional mechanical ventilation (CV) on the treatment and prognosis of adult patients with acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS). Methods: Published articles concerning randomized controlled trials (RCTs) about the effect of HFOV vs. CV on the prognosis of adult patients with ARDS published before May 2014 were retrieved from PubMed, EMBase, Cochrane central registry of controlled trials, CNKI and Wanfang Data. The mortality and data of physiological parameters were analyzed with STATA 12.0, and the mortality rate was also analyzed by trial sequential analysis with TSA 0.9, and the line chart was drawn with Microsoft Office Excel 2003. Results: Seven trials with 1 731 patients met the criteria, all of them recorded the physiological parameters data, and mortality rate was mentioned in 6 trials (1 705 patients). Compared with CV, HFOV did not show any statistically significant beneficial effects on mortality [relative risk (RR) = 0.93, 95% confidence interval (95%CI) = 0.70-1.24, P = 0.63], and other clinical outcomes, including survival without mechanical ventilation (RR = 1.05, 95%CI = 0.72-1.54, P = 0.80), survival on mechanical ventilation (RR = 1.23, 95%CI = 0.65-2.35, P = 0.52), or treatment failure (RR = 0.89, 95%CI = 0.50-1.56, P = 0.67). The risk factors of adverse events including hypotension (RR = 0.89, 95%CI = 0.07-10.99, P = 0.93), acidosis (RR = 1.05, 95%CI = 0.43-2.56, P = 0.91), and air leakage from ventilator (RR = 0.74, 95%CI = 0.31-1.80, P = 0.51) were similar. But the physiologic parameters of patients and parameters of ventilator in HFOV group, including oxygenation index, positive end-expiratory pressure, tidal volume, mean airway pressure, arterial pH, partial pressure of arterial carbon dioxide, fraction of inspired oxygen, ratio of partial pressure of arterial oxygen to fraction of inspired oxygen, were better than those in the CV group. Methods adapted from formal interim monitoring boundaries applied to cumulative Meta-analysis showed that the evidence failed by a considerable degree to meet the standards for forgoing studies, and the necessary sample was 3 874 patients. Trial sequential analysis also showed that the accumulated Z-scoredid not cross the traditional boundary (P = 0.05) and interim monitoring boundaries. This result indicated that there was no significant difference between CV and HFOV on mortality before the number of needed sample reached (3 874 cases). We could not get a definitive conclusion with current evidences. Conclusions: Compared with CV, the use of HFOV in ARDS was not associated with a significant reduction in mortality. But the physiologic parameters of patients in HFOV group were better than those in the CV group. More RCTs are needed to draw a definitive conclusion. © 2015, Heilongjiang Institute of Science and Technology Information. All rights reserved.

Wang P.,Zhengzhou University
International Journal of Simulation: Systems, Science and Technology | Year: 2015

With the development of the construction industry, the building interior design intensively appears as a new discipline. As a continuation of the architectural design, interior design is closely associated with people’s daily life (e.g., entertainment and work), which is the soul of architectural design. With an overall consideration of many factors in indoor environment, architectural design aims to pursue the optimal effect of the whole interior environment. In this paper, we propose and theoretically investigate the method of natural environmental factors at the present stage of our country in the indoor environment design. Directly employing the model of entropy theory, we take the indoor air quality (PDA), the indoor thermal environment(PPD), the visual environment(PDL) and the sleep environment(PDN) as the evaluation indexes. We make a comprehensive indoor evaluation of ordinary residential and the environmental ecological technology that derived from the combination of the natural environmental factors and the building interior via the use of Matlab software. Our result shows that the natural environmental factors play an important role in improving the indoor environment where the indoor environmental ecological technology is applied, in addition to the very important practical significance for saving energy and promoting the protection of the ecological environment. © 2015, UK Simulation Society. All rights reserved.

Qi M.,Zhengzhou University
Zhonghua zhong liu za zhi [Chinese journal of oncology] | Year: 2010

To investigate the role and clinicopathological significance of RECK and MMP-2 expressions in esophageal squamous cell carcinoma (ESCC). We collected 57 samples of ESCC tissue and 57 samples of corresponding normal esophageal epithelium tissues in Henan Cancer Hospital. The expression of RECK and MMP-2 was detected with tissue array and immunohistochemistry. Chi-square test and Spearman corrilation analysis were used to analyze the results. The positive rate of MMP-2 protein expression in cancer tissues was 42.1% (24/57), higher than in normal esophageal epithelia 19.3% (11/57), with a significant difference (chi(2) = 6.968, P < 0.05). For ESCC, a difference was not found in MMP-2 expression among patients with different degree of differentiation and different depth of invasion. The expression levels of RECK in ESCC tissues and normal esophageal epithelia were 36.8% (21/57) and 61.4% (35/57), respectively, with a significant difference (chi(2) = 6.879, P < 0.05). For ESCC, the expression level of RECK was not related to the degree of differentiation, depth of invasion and lymph node metastasis (P > 0.05). For ESCC patients, the expression rates of RECK and MMP-2 were not correlated with age or gender. The abnormal expression level of the RECK and MMP-2 protein may play an important role in carcinogenesis of esophageal squamous carcinoma. Decreased expression of RECK and increased expression of MMP-2 may be correlated with the esophageal squamous cell carcinoma development, but there is no connection observed between the expression of MMP-2 and RECK.

Yin G.P.,Zhengzhou University
Zhongguo Zhong yao za zhi = Zhongguo zhongyao zazhi = China journal of Chinese materia medica | Year: 2012

On the basis of a sysmatic survey on literatures, this essay summarized the studies on chemical constituents and pharmacological activity of Curcuma wenyujin. According to statistics, the reports for chemical constituents of the plant were mainly concentrated between 2007 and 2010. So far, totally 82 compounds were reported, including 57 sesquiterpenoids, 6 diterpenoids, 6 monoterpenes and 10 other components. Particularly, 23 compounds were new. Studies on its pharmacological activity covered antitumor, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, hepatoprotective, antioxidant, antithrombotic and antithrombosis. This essay summarized its chemical constituents and pharmacological activity, in order to facilitate its studies, development and utilization.

Liu H.,Zhengzhou University
Acta Oto-Laryngologica | Year: 2012

Conclusion: The clinical presentation and outcome of post-traumatic benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (t-BPPV) are different from those idiopathic BPPV (i-BPPV). It appears that t-BPPV is more difficult to treat than i-BPPV. Objective: To identify the clinical presentation and outcome of t-BPPV. Methods: We reviewed the medical records of 40 patients with BPPV after head injury during the period 20042011. The outcome was compared with the outcome of 46 patients with i-BPPV who were treated over the same period. Results: In all, 55% of patients with t-BPPV had involvement of two or more semicircular canals (SCCs) in comparison with 6.5% of patients with i-BPPV (p < 0.01). Also, 25% of patients with t-BPPV had involvement of bilateral SCCs in comparison with 2% of patients with i-BPPV (p < 0.01). We found that 35% of patients with t-BPPV were free of the symptoms and signs after a single physical repositioning maneuver, in comparison with 84% of patients with i-BPPV (p < 0.001). During a 1-year follow-up, 67% of patients with t-BPPV and 12% of patients with i-BPPV had a recurrent attack (p < 0.001). © 2012 Informa Healthcare.

Hao P.,Zhengzhou University
Wei sheng yan jiu = Journal of hygiene research | Year: 2010

To study of endocrine disturbing effect of fluoride on human hypothalamus-hypophysis-testis axis hormones. Sunying County, Kaifeng City was selected as polluted district which the fluoride in drinking water was 3.89 mg/L, and Shenlilou county was selected as control district which the fluoride was less than 1.0 mg/L. 150 individual lived there more than 5 years were srlected randomly. And investigated by medical examination, then blood and urine sample were collected, and the serum level of gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH), luteinizing hormone (LH), testosterone (T) and estradiol (E2) were measured by RIA method, and the urine level of fluoride were measured. Other than that, the concentration of fluoride in the water, food, soil and air were detected by the standard methods. The concentrations of fluoride in the water, food and soil of the fluoride polluted district were significantly higher than those of control district (P < 0.05), and the concentration fluoride in the air of two district were not found. There was no significant difference of serum level of GnRH between fluoride polluted district and control district (P > 0.05). The serum level of LH in men of fluoride polluted district was significantly higher than that of control group (P < 0.05), and the serum level of T in men of fluoride polluted district was significantly less than that of control group (P < 0.05). There was no significant difference of serum level of LH between fluoride polluted district and control district (P > 0.05), and the serum level of T in women of fluoride polluted district was significantly higher than that of control group (P < 0.05). There was no significant difference of serum level of E2 between fluoride polluted district and control district (P > 0.05). Fluoride could effect hormone levels of each layer of the hypothalamus-hypophysis-testis axis, and show the reproductive endocrine disturbing effects. The reproductive endocrine disturbing effects of male maybe more severe than those of female.

Background:Gastric cancer (GC) is a highly aggressive cancer type associated with significant mortality owing to delayed diagnosis and non-specific symptoms observed in the early stages. Therefore, identification of novel specific GC serum biomarkers for screening purposes is an urgent clinical requirement.Methods:This study recruited a total of 432 serum samples from 296 GC patients split into the mining and testing sets. We aimed to screen for reliable protein biomarkers from matched serum samples based on mass spectrometry, followed by comparison with three representative conventional markers using receiver operating characteristic and survival curve analyses to ascertain their potential values as diagnostic and prognostic biomarkers for GC.Results:We identified an apoC-III fragment with confirmation in an independent test set from a second hospital. We found that the diagnostic ability of this fragment performed better than current standard GC diagnostic biomarkers both individually and in combination in distinguishing patients with GC from healthy individuals. Moreover, we found that this apoC-III protein fragment represents a more robust potential prognostic factor for GC than the three conventional markers.Conclusions:In view of these findings, we suggest that apoC-III protein fragment is a novel diagnostic and prognostic biomarker, a complement to conventional biomarkers in detecting GC.British Journal of Cancer advance online publication 22 March 2016. doi:10.1038/bjc.2016.52 www.bjcancer.com. © 2016 Cancer Research UK

Alvarez M.,University of California at Davis | Sun K.,University of California at Davis | Sun K.,Zhengzhou University | Murphy W.J.,University of California at Davis
Blood | Year: 2016

Natural killer (NK) cells exist as subsets based on expression of inhibitory receptors that recognize major histocompatibility complex I (MHCI) molecules. NK cell subsets bearing MHCI binding receptors for self-MHCI have been termedas "licensed" and exhibitahigher ability to respond to stimuli. In the context of bone marrow transplantation (BMT), host licensed-NK (L-NK) cells have also been demonstrated to be responsible for the acute rejection of allogeneic and MHCI-deficient BM cells (BMCs)in mice after lethal irradiation. However, the role of recipient unlicensed-NK (U-NK) cells has not been well established with regard to allogeneic BMC resistance. After NK cell stimulation, the prior depletion of host L-NK cells resulted in a marked increase of donor engraftment compared with the untreated group. Surprisingly, this increased donor engraftment was reduced after total host NK cell depletion, indicating that U-NK cells can actually promote donor allogeneic BMC engraftment. Furthermore, direct coculture of U-NK cells with allogeneic but not syngeneic BMCs resulted in increased colonyforming unit cell growth in vitro, which was at least partially mediated by granulocyte macrophage colony-stimulating factor (GM-CSF) production. These data demonstrate that host NK cell subsets exert markedly different roles in allogeneic BMC engraftment where host L- and U-NK cells reject or promote donor allogeneic BMC engraftment, respectively. © 2016 by The American Society of Hematology.

Objective: To explore the correlation of IGF-1R expression with clinical features of esophageal squamous cell carcinoma (ESCC) and to investigate the effect of silencing IGF-1R by siRNA on the proliferation of esophageal cancer cell line EC9706 cells. Methods: Immunohistochemistry was used to detect the expresion of IGF-1R in 80 specimens of ESCC and 18 specimens of normal esophageal mucosa. IGF-1R siRNA was transfected into esophageal squamous cell carcinoma EC9706 cells, and the effect of RNAi was assessed by Western blot. The proliferation of EC9706 cells was determined by drawing growth curve, MTT assay and plate colony-forming assay. Results: The total and strong positive rates of IGF-1R expression were 86.3% and 51.3% in ESCC, and 61.1% and 11.1% in normal esophageal epithelium, respectively. The total and strong positive rates of IGF-1R expression in patients with lymph node metastasis were 94.4% and 74.1%, significantly higher than 69.2% and 3.9%, respectively, in those without lymph node metastasis (P <0.01). A significantly higher IGF-1R expression was associated with lower histological grade (P<0.05). The total and strong rates of IGF-1R expression in 39 patients of stages HI and IV were 97.4% and 71.8%, significantly higher than the 75.6% and 31.7%, respectively, in 41 cases of stages I and II (P <0.01). IGF-1R RNAi significantly inhibited IGF-1R expression and the growth of EC9706 cells. The clone formation rate of RNAi-IGF-1R transfected cells was 19.1%, significantly lower than that of 52.3% in non-transfected cells and 49.0% in empty vector-transfected EC9706 cells (P < 0.05). Conclusions: The overexpression of IGF-1R is colerated with lymph node metastasis, differentiation and clinical stage. Down-regulation of IGF-1R can inhibit the proliferation of esophageal cancer EC9706 cells in vitro.

Li G.Q.,Zhengzhou University
Zhonghua yi xue za zhi | Year: 2010

To elucidate the molecular mechanism of norcantharidin (NCTD) in inducing apoptosis of liver cancer cells so as to provide basic rationales for its application in liver cancer treatment. Liver cancer cell lines of SMMC-7721 and BEL-7402 were treated with NCTD. The cell growth inhibition was measured by MTT [3-(4,5-dimethylthiazol-2-yl)-2,5-diphenyltetrazolium bromide] assay, cell death detected by trypan blue exclusion assay and apoptosis examined by Annexin V/PI staining and flow cytometry. The cleavage of caspase-9, -3 and PARP, and the expression of the anti-apoptotic Bcl-2 proteins were analyzed by Western blot. The MTT results showed that, after a treatment with NCTD for 24, 48 and 72 h, the IC50 of NCTD in SMMC-7721 cell line was 12, 6 and 1.6 μg/ml respectively; in BEL-7402, the IC50 10, 4 and 2 μg/ml respectively. Trypan blue exclusion assay showed that NCTD mediated substantial cell death in two cancer cell lines. Apoptosis assay showed that, after a 12 h treatment with 10 μg/ml NCTD, 27% of SMMC-7721 cells were induced to undergo apoptosis, an increment of 20% over the untreated control cells (7%); 30% of BEL-7402 cells became apoptotic, an increment of 22% over the untreated control cells (8%). Western blot analysis showed that NCTD treatment potently induced the activation of caspase-9, -3 and the cleavage of PARP, and markedly down-regulated the expression of Bcl-2, Bcl-X(L) and Mcl-1. NCTD strongly inhibits liver cancer cell growth and potently induces apoptotic cell death in two liver cancer cell lines. The strong anticancer activity of NCTD may be induced through targeting multiple Bcl-2 anti-apoptotic family members.

Gao H.,Zhengzhou University
Jisuanji Yanjiu yu Fazhan/Computer Research and Development | Year: 2012

Key agreement protocols are fundamental to establish communications between two or more parties over an insecure network. Authenticated key agreement protocols not only allow parties to compute the session key but also ensure the authenticity of the involved parties. The design of ID-based authenticated key agreement protocols, which are secure and efficient, remains an open question in the field of ID-based cryptography. In recent years, several ID-based two-party authenticated key agreement protocols have been proposed. However, we discover that these protocols are in fact insecure if the attacker has stronger ability of revealing the ephemeral private keys of parties. In this paper, a new ID-based two-party authenticated key agreement protocol is presented which possesses attribute of PKG forward security. In this protocol, the session key is calculated by the long-term private keys and ephemeral private keys of parties. It is provable secure under q-augmented bilinear Diffie-Hellman exponent (q-ABDHE) assumption in standard model. Analysis shows that the session key is also secure even if the attacker gets the long-term private keys or ephemeral private keys of parties. Compared with other protocols from security and performance, our protocol has a good balance between computational cost and security.

Gong H.T.,Zhengzhou University
Zhongguo shi yan xue ye xue za zhi / Zhongguo bing li sheng li xue hui = Journal of experimental hematology / Chinese Association of Pathophysiology | Year: 2010

The aim of this study was to investigate the effects of gemcitabine(GEM) on apoptosis and c-myc gene expression of HL-60 cells, and feasibility of using GEM in therapy of leukemia. The HL-60 cells were cultured in vitro. The expressions of the c-myc mRNA and C-MYC protein were detected by RT-PCR and Western-blot respectively. The cell apoptosis was analyzed by TUNEL staining. The results showed that after the HL-60 cells were treated with 1.0 microg/ml GEM for 12, 24, 36 and 48 hours, the expression of c-myc mRNA was inhibited to various degree. This inhibitory effect displayed time-dependent manner and the most optimal effective time was 24 hours. Compared GEM group with Ara-C group and blank control group, there were statistical differences (p<0.05). After the HL-60 cells were treated with 1.0 microg/ml GEM for 24, 48, 72 hours, C-MYC protein significantly decreased, and the expression of C-MYC protein reached to lowest level at 48 hours after treating with GEM, and with inhibition rate of 94.16%. Compared GEM group with Ara-C group and blank control group, the differences were significant (p<0.01). There was significant difference between cells treated with GEM for 24, 48 and 72 hours (p<0.01). After the HL-60 cells were treated with 1.0 microg/ml GEM for 24 hours, the apoptotic cells increased obviously. The positive rate was 83.67% in GEM-treated group. Compared GEM group with Ara-C group (positive rate 10.67%) and untreated group (positive rate 3.00%), the differences had statistical significance (p<0.01). It is concluded that GEM can induce the apoptosis and down-regulate c-myc gene expression significantly in HL-60 cells and it may be used as a new therapeutic drug for leukemia.

Liu Y.T.,Zhengzhou University
Bing du xue bao = Chinese journal of virology / [bian ji, Bing du xue bao bian ji wei yuan hui] | Year: 2010

HSV-1, a neurotropic virus, always leads to severe nervous symptoms. It is hard to completely eradicate the latent viruses after conventional therapy so that recurrence is inevitable. ICP is a key regulator for HSV replication and transcription that determines the cytolytic infection or latent state. In search of new anti-virus strategy targeting HSV-1ICP4, two pairs of siRNA were designed, and a recombinant eukaryotic lentiviral expression plasmid pLKO-puro(r)-hU6-siRNA was constructed. Vero cells were transfected with the designed siRNAs by Lipofectamine 2000 and four stable monoclonal cell lines were established by puromycin screening method. The ICP4 expression at mRNA level was detected with real-time PCR, and the HSV-1 replication was measured with TCID50 assay. SiRNA was shown as an effective way to inhibit the expression of ICP4 in monoclonal cell lines. Meanwhile, HSV-1 replication was significantly inhibited when ICP4 was shut down by siRNA. We conclude that siRNA targeting ICP4 attenuates HSV-1 replication. Further more, multi-site siRNAs show stronger inhibitory effect on viral replication, which may be an effective and feasible approach for biological anti-viral drugs.

Zhang Q.,Zhengzhou University
Wei sheng yan jiu = Journal of hygiene research | Year: 2010

To explore the effects on foci formation and wound-healing of NIH3T3 cells, and to provid the experimental evidence of its function. DNA from human lung cells was extracted and amplification of Rap2b gene was done by PCR. Eukaryotic expression vector pcDNA3. 1-Rap2b was constructed and was stable transfected into NIH3T3 cell followed with foci formation assay and wound-healing assay. The number of the foci formation of NIH3T3 cell transfected by eukaryotic expression vector pcDNA3. 1-Rap2b was increased remarkably in foci formation assay (P < 0.01) and NIH3T3 cells transfected by eukaryotic expression vector pcDNA3. 1-Rap2b were quickly heal up in wound-healing assay. The extrinsic expression of Rap2b could transform NIH3T3 cell using foci formation assay and wound-healing assay. Rap2b gene might play an oncogenic role in tumorigenesis.

Pei Y.,Zhengzhou University
Wei sheng yan jiu = Journal of hygiene research | Year: 2010

To explore the effect and potential mechanism of apoptosis in the Eca-9706 cells induced by soyasaponin Bb. Different concentrations of soyasaponin Bb were on the Eca-9706 cell. Cell growth suppression rate was detected by MTT. Apoptotic rate was detected by TUNEL. The expression changes of HDAC1, NF-kappaB, PTEN, cyclin D1, c-met, VEGF or caspase-3 in the SSBb were detected by immunohistochemistry and immunoblotting. Compared with the control group, the growth-inhibition rate and apoptotic rate were increased, the expressions of PTEN, caspase 3 were increased, the expressions of c-met, VEGF, HDAC1, NF-kappaB and cyclin D1 were decreased. SSBb can suppress Eca-9706 cell growth. SSBb can exhibit reverse effects on over expression of c-met, VEGF in Eca-9706 cells. Eca-9706 cell apoptosis can be induced by SSBb through inhibiting HDAC1-NF-kappaB and activating PETEN and caspase-3 signaling pathways.

Analysis of the efficacy and timing of plasma exchange (PE) in the treatment of acute fatty liver of pregnancy (AFLP). The clinical data of 39 cases of AFLP treated with PE from September 2004 to March 2011 include symptoms, physical signs, adverse effects, and all relevant laboratory test results before and after PE. (1) Adverse reactions during PE were generally mild and tolerable, and no patients discontinued treatment due to adverse events; symptoms, physical signs, and liver and kidney functions improved significantly after PE (P<0.05); (2) of the 39 cases treated, 37 were cured, 2 died, with a cure rate of 94.87%; (3) of the 37 cases cured, the sooner a patient received PE the faster the recovery and the fewer number of PEs needed for a complete recovery (P<0.01). Treatment of AFLP by PE is safe and effective, and timely application of PE in the early phase of the disease can effectively halt and reverse the progression of AFLP.

Wu Y.,Zhengzhou University
World Information on Earthquake Engineering | Year: 2013

Strong wind is likely to cause vibration of highrise steel building. Wind tunnel tests were performed on the model of a high-rise steel building with a scale of 1:450, and the dynamic wind force of a highrise steel building was measured by use of the high-frequency balance. Based on the test data and the structural parameters, the wind-induced dynamic response of the highrise building was calculated. Furthermore, in combination with the local meteorological and wind velocity data, the maximal value of the wind-induced vibration inertial force was predicted for a return period interval of 50 years. The result provides a basis of dynamic wind load for the steel building design.

Sang J.,Zhengzhou University
Lin chuang er bi yan hou tou jing wai ke za zhi = Journal of clinical otorhinolaryngology, head, and neck surgery | Year: 2011

To detect the expression of c-myc in the tissue of laryngeal squamous cell carcinoma. RNA interference(RNAi) was employed to inhibit the expression of c-myc in Hep-2 cells and to evaluate the effects of c-myc as a target for gene therapy in laryngeal carcinoma. Immunohistochemistry was used to determine the protein levels of c-myc and Rb in 80 cases of laryngeal squamous cell carcinoma and 30 cases of polyp of vocal cord. Hep-2 cells were transfected with c-myc siRNA, c-myc protein and mRNA levels were detected using Western Blotting and RT-PCR. Cell viability was detected by MTT after the Hep-2 cells were transfected with c-myc siRNA for different times or transfected with different concentrations c-myc siRNA. The sensitivity of Hep-2 cells to 5-Fu transfected with or without c-myc siRNA was evaluated also by MTT. Hep-2 cells were transfected with c-myc siRNA in combination with 5-Fu for 48 h and then analyzed cell apoptosis by flow cytometry. Immunohistochemical analysis showed that c-myc was highly expressed in the tissues of laryngeal squamous cell carcinoma while the expression of Rb was lower. The protein and mRNA levels of c-myc decreased after transfected with c-myc siRNA. The results of MTT showed that the c-myc siRNA inhibited Hep-2 cells growth in a concentration-dependent manner. When transfected with c-myc siRNA(50 nmol/L), the cells were inhibited in a time-dependent manner. Compared with the untransfected cells, the viability of transfected Hep-2 cells was significantly suppressed at the same concentration of 5-Fu (P < 0.05). C-myc siRNA combination with 5-Fu could obviously increase cell apoptosis, even in the low concentration of 5-Fu (P < 0.05). The protein level of C-myc has highly expressed in tumor tissues. C-myc siRNA can effectively inhibit the expression of c-myc and has anti-proliferation effects, increasing the sensitivity of Hep-2 cells to 5-Fu. Therefore,c-myc might be a good target for cancer treatment.

Qin P.-F.,Zhengzhou University
Yantu Lixue/Rock and Soil Mechanics | Year: 2016

Based on the principle of fluid-structure coupling numerical simulation program, PFC2D particles flow, which uses its built-in FISHTANK function library and FISH language, the flow equation and pressure equation of fluid domain have been defined. The process of grouting slurry diffusion in the formation and shape are simulated and calculated. By adjusting the parameter of step and perm in PFC's command stream, grouting effects in different penetration gravels are obtained. Numerical simulation indicates that action modes between serous fluid and ground soil are mutually affected by the grouting pressure; foundation structure will be destroyed as the grouting pressure increases excessively. Stressed states around the drilling hole have been analyzed theoretically. The theoretical results are consistent with the simulation ones. When split grouting action occurs the porosity and strain increase. © 2016, Science Press. All right reserved.

Gu J.,CAS Beijing National Laboratory for Molecular | Zhang H.,CAS Beijing National Laboratory for Molecular | Zhang H.,Zhengzhou University | Yuan G.,CAS Beijing National Laboratory for Molecular | And 2 more authors.
Journal of Chromatography A | Year: 2011

In this work, we prepared a monolithic and surface initiated molecularly imprinted polymeric (MIP) column for HPLC and explored its application for template separation from plant extract. The silica beads (40-60 μm) were coupled with initiator on the surface and then packed in to a stainless steel HPLC column. The pre-polymerization mixture (the template, functional monomer and crosslinker were emodin, acrylamide and divinylbenzene, respectively) was injected into the column and polymerized by thermal initiation. The prepared MIP column exhibited excellent retention capability and large imprinted factor for template (the retention time and imprinted factor for emodin on MIP column were 16.26. min and 7.21, respectively). Moreover, the emodin-molecularly imprinted polymeric column could be applied to separate emodin from alcohol extract of Rheum palmatum L. at semi-preparative scale and 1.2. mg of emodin was obtained in 4 h. © 2011.

Liu X.K.,Zhengzhou University
Zhonghua yi xue za zhi | Year: 2010

OBJECTIVE: To characterize the effect of Prunella vulgaris upon lymphoma cells and its possible mechanisms. METHODS: Raji cells were subjected to different therapeutic schemes: Prunella vulgaris (50 g/L) group, P. vulgaris (50 g/L)+SP600125 (20 micromol/L, JNK inhibitor) (SP600125 group); Raji cells in physiological saline served as the control. MTT assay was used to measure the cellular proliferation. Phosphorylation of JNK, c-Jun and the expressions of Caspase-3 were determined by Western blot. Cell apoptosis was analyzed by FCM. RESULTS: The proliferation rate of cells in the P. vulgaris group (67.32 +/- 1.96)% was significantly lower than that in the other groups (P < 0.05). The phosphorylation of JNK (0.48 +/- 0.03) and the phosphorylation of c-Jun (0.46 +/- 0.04) significantly increased in the P. vulgaris group (P < 0.05) and SP600125 inhibited the phosphorylation of c-Jun (0.43 +/- 0.01). The expression of Caspase-3 in the P. vulgaris group (1.35 +/- 0.07) was higher than that in the other groups. And such an effect could be blocked by SP600125 (0.79 +/- 0.06) (P < 0.05). The rate of cellular apoptosis was the highest in the P. vulgaris group (25.32 +/- 5.27)% (P < 0.05). CONCLUSION: P.vulgaris shows a strong inhibitory effect upon the growth of lymphoma cell line Raji probably through the activation of JNK pathway and caspase channel and then apoptosis.

Ma W.,Zhengzhou University
Zhonghua zhong liu za zhi [Chinese journal of oncology] | Year: 2010

To explore the possibility of use of insulin as a potentiator of 5-Fu to human colon cancer cell lines HCT-8 and HT-29 and study its mechanism. MTT assay was used to examine the inhibition rate of cell growth after treatment with 5-Fu and insulin. Cell cycle was determined by flow cytometry. Insulin showed an enhancing effect on the chemotherapeutic response of 5-Fu when insulin was applied at a dose of exceeding 0.8 mU/ml 0 approximately 8 h before 5-Fu. Within the range of from 0.8 mU/ml to 8 mU/ml, a higher concentration of insulin gave a higher proportion of inhibited cells. But when the insulin concentration exceeds 8 mU/ml, the proportion became stable as that of 8 mU/ml. Insulin increased the percentage of S phase cells and decreased the percentage of G(1) phase cells (P < 0.01). The percentage of S phase cells reached a peak when the cells were treated with insulin for 6 hours. Insulin can enhance the anticancer toxicity of 5-Fu to human colon cancer cell lines HCT-8 and HT-29 cells. Insulin increases the percentage of S phase cells, which may be one of the main mechanisms of insulin-induced enhancement of anticancer response of cancer cells to 5-Fu chemotherapy.

Zhang J.,Zhengzhou University | Critchley L.A.H.,Chinese University of Hong Kong
Anesthesiology | Year: 2016

Background: Hypotension is a common side effect of general anesthesia induction, and when severe, it is related to adverse outcomes. Ultrasonography of inferior vena cava (IVC) is a reliable indicator of intravascular volume status. This study investigated whether preoperative ultrasound IVC measurements could predict hypotension after induction of anesthesia. Methods: One hundred four adult patients, conforming to American Society of Anesthesiologists physical status I to III, scheduled for elective surgery after general anesthesia were recruited. Maximum IVC diameter (dIVCmax) and collapsibility index (CI) were measured preoperatively. Before induction, mean blood pressure (MBP) was recorded. After induction, MBP was recorded for 10 min after intubation. Hypotension was defined as greater than 30% decrease in MBP from baseline or MBP less than 60 mmHg. Receiver operating characteristic curve analysis with gray zone approach and regression analyses were used. Results: IVC scanning was unsuccessful in 13.5% of patients. Data from 90 patients were analyzed. After induction, 42 patients developed hypotension. Areas (95% confidence interval) under the curves were 0.90 (0.82 to 0.95) for CI and 0.76 (0.66 to 0.84) for dIVCmax. The optimal cutoff values were 43% for CI and 1.8 cm for dIVCmax. The gray zone for CI was 38 to 43% and included 12% of patients and that for dIVCmax was 1.5 to 2.1 cm and included 59% of patients. After adjusting for other factors, it was found that CI was an independent predictor of hypotension with the odds ratio of 1.17 (1.09 to 1.26). CI was also positively associated with a percentage decrease in MBP (regression coefficient = 0.27). Conclusions: Preoperative ultrasound IVC CI measurement was a reliable predictor of hypotension after induction of general anesthesia, wherein CI greater than 43% was the threshold. © 2015, the American Society of Anesthesiologists, Inc. Wolters Kluwer Health, Inc.

Li A.,Zhengzhou University
Wei sheng yan jiu = Journal of hygiene research | Year: 2013

To investigate the effect of phthalates exposure from drinking water on children's intelligence and secretion of thyroid hormone. Two villages in S County were selected randomly as polluted area and control area according to the distance from the Shaying river basin. Phthalates including DEP, DBP, DMP, DEHP were measured both in the river water and drinking water using HPLC method. Children aged 8 to 13 years old studying in the village primary school were recruited by cluster sampling (n = 154). The combined Reven Test was used to test children intelligence and ELISA method was used to determined thyroid hormone levels. The concentrations of phthalates (DEP, DBP) were exceeding standards of surface water quality in any of the three sections of the river. Compared to the control area, the concentration of DEP and DBP in drinking water were significant higher in the polluted area than that in control area (P < 0.05). Children from polluted area had significant higher FT4 concentration compared to children from control area (P < 0.05). Intelligence level in children from polluted area was lower than that from control area (P < 0.05). The drinking water has been polluted by Shaying river and thyroid hormones levels of children were affected in the polluted areas. It is necessary to verify if this change is related to the phthalates.

Chang A.,Zhengzhou University
The journal of maternal-fetal & neonatal medicine : the official journal of the European Association of Perinatal Medicine, the Federation of Asia and Oceania Perinatal Societies, the International Society of Perinatal Obstetricians | Year: 2013

Heat shock protein 70 (Hsp70), a highly conserved cellular stress protein, is produced in every organism from bacteria to man. The purpose of this study was to determine the difference in Hsp70 concentrations between term and preterm deliveries. In total, 30 healthy term delivery and 99 preterm delivery (PD) women were recruited, including 46 women with preterm labor and intact membranes (PTL) with or without an intra-amniotic infection (IAI) and 53 women with a preterm premature rupture of membranes (PPROMs) with or without IAI. The Hsp70 levels in the maternal and the umbilical cord sera were tested by an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA); the expression levels of Hsp70 in the placentas were determined by immunoblotting and real-time PCR. In contrast to the expression levels in normal term controls, Hsp70 expression levels were upregulated in PD; similar changes in Hsp70 expression levels were detected in PD maternal and umbilical sera. Patients with IAI were associated with a higher Hsp70 concentration than those without IAI. These results suggest a probable contributing role of altered Hsp70 expression levels in the pathophysiology of PD.

Dong X.-P.,Zhengzhou University
Yantu Gongcheng Xuebao/Chinese Journal of Geotechnical Engineering | Year: 2014

To study the failure mechanism of segmented tunnel lining in the ultimate limit state, 3-rings full-scale tests on a segmented tunnel are performed by applying ovalisation load, and the failure history is analyzed by means of the parameters of failure index of segments and segment joints. The results show that the load bearing state and failure possibility of the component of the tunnel can be traced effectively, and the failure history can be described and explained according to the two parameters. The prediction of the crack and crush of the test tunnel rings can be verified by the observed and measured data obtained from the prototype tests. The failure history of the segment tunnel lining is composed of the crack initiation of segment joints, crack initiation of segments, formation of plastic hinge in segments, yielding of segment joints, development of multiple plastic hinges in segments and loss of the load bearing capacity of the whole rings. The initiation location and development sequence of plastic hinge in segments are influenced and controlled by the critical cross-sections in rings of the segmented tunnel lining.

Yang C.,Zhengzhou University | Zhu C.,Nanjing Normal University
Acta Geodaetica et Cartographica Sinica | Year: 2011

As the invariant function for some of the transform has non-denatured, a robust on the watermarking algorithm geometric transformations for geo-spatial vector data is proposed. Firstly, the conception and characteristic of invariant function were presented. Secondly, an invariant robust function to rotation, scaling and translation was proposed and proved, then based on the obtained invariant function, by embedding watermark into the geometric invariant, a watermarking algorithm for geo-spatial vector data was proposed. Finally, experiments on the proposed watermarking algorithm were performed. The experiments show that the proposed algorithm is robust and could resist attacks such as compressing, adding, deleting, clipping, translating, rotating, scaling and complex attacks composited of above.

Zhou T.,Zhengzhou University
International journal of nanomedicine | Year: 2011

The purpose of this study was to investigate the in vitro and in vivo characteristics of a new tumor-targeted nanosized delivery carrier for antisense oligonucleotide (ASON). Polyethylenimine (PEI) was used to condense ASON to form nanosized complexes (PEI/ASON), which were then modified using asparagine-glycine-arginine (NGR) peptide to obtain a tumor-targeted nanosized delivery carrier (NGR/PEI/ASON). The conditions required to form PEI/ASON were investigated. A linear correlation between the natural logarithm of the N/P ratio (PEI to ASON) and the zeta potential of the PEI/ASON complexes was found, ranging from 1.5 to 5.0. The pH of the solution strongly influenced the zeta potential of the PEI/ASON complexes. PEI/ASON and NGR/PEI/ASON were stable in RPMI-1640 culture medium in the presence of Dextran 70. Incorporation of ASON into PEI/ASON and NGR/PEI/ASON complexes prevented degradation of ASON by DNase I. Both ASON/PEI and NGR/PEI/ASON complexes enhanced the uptake of ASON by EC9706 cells in vitro. In vivo, NGR/PEI/ASON complexes had the ability to target tumor tissues effectively.

Objective: To analyze the correlation between the concentration of plasma cell free DNA (cfDNA) of patients with lung cancer or esophageal cancer and clinical features, and to assess the coincidence rate of the EGFR/KRAS mutations between the cfDNA and tumor tissue DNA. Methods: A total of 30 cases lung cancer and esophageal cancer (including 15 lung cancer, 15 esophageal cancer) were enrolled in this study. The tumor tissue and plasma sample of patients were collected. The tumor tissue DNA and plasma cfDNA were extracted. The KGFR/KRAS mutations of the tumor tissue DNA and plasma cfDNA were detected by fluorescence PCR. Results: The concentration of cfDNA of patients with lung cancer (5. 0 ± 1. 4) μ.g/L. and esophageal cancer (7. 0 ±0. 8) μg/L were positively correlated with tumor size (r = 0. 574, P=0. 01). There was no significant correlation between the concentration of cfDNA and TNM stage of tumor, gender, and age of patients. There was no EGFR/KRAS gene mutations in tumor tissue DNA and plasma cfDNA of esophageal cancer. A total of 6 tumor tissue samples of lung cancer patients were detected FGFR mutation, and 1 tumor tissue sample was detected KRAS mutation. Meanwhile, 4 plasma cfDNA samples of lung cancer patients were detected EGFR mutation, and 1 plasma cfDNA sample was detected KRAS mutation. Conclusion: The concentration of cfDNA of patients with lung cancer and esophageal cancer was positively correlated with tumor burden. There was high coincidence rate of the EGFR/KRAS mutations between the cfDNA and tumor tissue DNA.

Hennig A.K.,University of Washington | Peng G.-H.,University of Washington | Peng G.-H.,Zhengzhou University | Chen S.,University of Washington
PLoS ONE | Year: 2013

Rod and cone photoreceptor neurons in the mammalian retina possess specialized cellular architecture and functional features for converting light to a neuronal signal. Establishing and maintaining these characteristics requires appropriate expression of a specific set of genes, which is tightly regulated by a network of photoreceptor transcription factors centered on the cone-rod homeobox protein CRX. CRX recruits transcription coactivators p300 and CBP to acetylate promoter-bound histones and activate transcription of target genes. To further elucidate the role of these two coactivators, we conditionally knocked out Ep300 and/or CrebBP in differentiating rods or cones, using opsin-driven Cre recombinase. Knockout of either factor alone exerted minimal effects, but loss of both factors severely disrupted target cell morphology and function: the unique nuclear chromatin organization seen in mouse rods was reversed, accompanied by redistribution of nuclear territories associated with repressive and active histone marks. Transcription of many genes including CRX targets was severely impaired, correlating with reduced histone H3/H4 acetylation (the products of p300/CBP) on target gene promoters. Interestingly, the presence of a single wild-type allele of either coactivator prevented many of these defects, with Ep300 more effective than Cbp. These results suggest that p300 and CBP play essential roles in maintaining photoreceptor-specific structure, function and gene expression. © 2013 Hennig et al.

Single-walled carbon nanotubes (SWNT) are poorly soluble in water, so their applications are limited. Therefore, aqueous solutions of SWNT, designed by noncovalent functionalization and without toxicity, are required for biomedical applications. In this study, we conjugated docetaxel with SWNT via π-π accumulation and used a surfactant to functionalize SWNT noncovalently. The SWNT were then conjugated with docetaxel (DTX-SWNT) and linked with NGR (Asn-Gly-Arg) peptide, which targets tumor angiogenesis, to obtain a water-soluble and tumor-targeting SWNT-NGR-DTX drug delivery system. SWNT-NGR-DTX showed higher efficacy than docetaxel in suppressing tumor growth in a cultured PC3 cell line in vitro and in a murine S180 cancer model. Tumor volumes in the S180 mouse model decreased considerably under near-infrared radiation compared with the control group. The SWNT-NGR-DTX drug delivery system may be promising for high treatment efficacy with minimal side effects in future cancer therapy.

Wang P.,Zhengzhou University
Gongcheng Lixue/Engineering Mechanics | Year: 2012

In recent years the research on surface-initiated longitudinal cracking along wheelpath (or Top-Down Cracking) has become a hot topic in the field of pavement damage focused by international asphalt pavement engineering. Because the traditional load mode involves only the vertical surface load with uniform tire pressure, the load is applied at only one position and no effort is made to distinguish between tire patterns. The tradition method cannot explain the mechanism of the Top-Down Cracking (TDC). In order to discuss the mechanism of TDC, a 3D finite element model of semi-rigid pavement structure is established and the finite element software ABAQUS is used. The analysis shows that maximum shear stress appears in the surface of pavement, and is located the edge of wheel path in the form of the longitudinal cracks. Maximum shear stress is beyond the shear strength of asphalt binder. So it is thought to be the major reason leading to Top-Down Cracks. Heavy vehicles with no matter the vertical pattern tire or the transverse pattern tire will do great damage to the pavement surface. Heavy vehicles with the vertical pattern tire will cause greater damage to the pavement surface than those with the transverse pattern tire. Different forms of tire patterns, which lead to different forms of the cracks, have different influence on the pavement. The tire with the transverse pattern will be easier to generate the oblique cracks.

Liang S.,Zhengzhou University
Zhonghua liu xing bing xue za zhi = Zhonghua liuxingbingxue zazhi | Year: 2010

To investigate the direct, indirect and intangible costs due to hepatitis B-related diseases and to explore main factors associated with the costs in Shenzhen. Cluster sampling for cases collected consecutively during the study period was administrated. Subjects were selected from eligible hepatitis B-related patients. By pre-trained professional investigators, health economics-related information was collected, using a structured questionnaire. Hospitalization expenses were obtained through hospital records after the patients were discharged from hospital. Total economic burden of hepatitis B-related patients would involve direct, indirect and intangible costs. Direct costs were further divided into direct medical costs and direct nonmedical costs. Human Capital Approach was employed to measure the indirect costs both on patients and the caregivers in 1-year time span. Willing to pay method was used to estimate the intangible costs. Multiple linear stepwise regression models were conducted to determine the factors linked to the economic burden. On average, the total annual cost of per patient with hepatitis B-related diseases was 81 590.23 RMB Yuan. Among which, direct, indirect and intangible costs were 30 914.79 Yuan (account for 37.9%), 15 258.01 Yuan (18.7%), 35 417.43 Yuan (43.4%), respectively. The total annual costs per patient for hepatocellular carcinoma, severe hepatitis B, decompensated cirrhosis, compensated cirrhosis, chronic hepatitis B and acute hepatitis B were 194 858.40 Yuan, 144 549.20 Yuan, 120 333.60 Yuan, 79 528.81 Yuan, 66 282.46 Yuan and 39 286.81 Yuan, respectively. The ratio of direct to indirect costs based on the base-case estimation foot add to 2.0:1, increased from hepato-cellular carcinoma (0.7:1) to compensated cirrhosis (3.5:1), followed by acute hepatitis B (3.3:1), severe hepatitis B (2.8:1), decompensate cirrhosis (2.3:1) and chronic hepatitis B (2.2:1). Direct medical costs were more than direct nonmedical. Ratio between the sum total was 16:1. The proportions of total annual cost per patient with hepatitis B-related diseases accounted for annual patient income were 285.3%, and 75.4% for annual household income. Furthermore, proportions of direct costs accounted for annual patient income and annual household income were 108.1% and 28.6%. The total annual indirect cost per person was 8123.38 Yuan for patients of all hepatitis B-related diseases, while 7134.63 Yuan for caregivers. Corresponding work-loss days were 55.74 days for patients and 19.83 days for caregivers. Based on multiple linear stepwise regression analysis, age of patients was a common influencing factor to all kinds of costs. Other factors were as follows: complicated with other diseases, antiviral medication, monthly household income and self-medications. The economic burden of hepatitis B-related diseases was substantial for patients and their families. All costs tended to increase with the severity of disease. The direct costs were larger than the indirect costs. And the direct medical costs were more than the direct ones. Indirect costs based on patients were larger than the ones of caregivers.

Cheng Z.,Zhengzhou University
Zhonghua yi xue za zhi | Year: 2011

To discuss the regulating mechanism of iron regulatory protein-2 (IRP2) in the iron metabolism of lung cancer. The cultured A549 cells were divided into 3 groups: liposome group (including liposomes 20 mg/L), random oligonucleotide group (SCODN group) and antisense oligonucleotide group (ASODN group). And the liposome-mediated transfection was employed with the liposome and SCODN groups as controls. Reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) and Western blot were used to examine the mRNA and protein expressions of iron metabolism-related transferring (Tf), transferrin receptor (TfR) and ferritin (Fn) genes, etc. After a 48-hour transfection, the mRNA expression of Tf had no statistically significant difference among three groups (F = 2.18, P = 0.078); the mRNA expression of TfR in the ASODN group was significantly lower than that in the liposome and SCODN groups (P < 0.05). The expression of Fn mRNA in the ASODN group (0.56 ± 0.06) was higher than that in the liposome (0.36 ± 0.05) and SCODN groups (0.39 ± 0.03) (P < 0.05). After a 48-hour transfection, the IRP2 protein expression of the ASODN group was significantly lower than those of the liposome and SCODN groups (P < 0.05). The Tf protein expression was not statistically different in three groups (F = 2.67, P = 0.088). The TfR protein expression of the ASODN group was lower than those of the liposome and SCODN groups (P < 0.05). And the Fn protein expression of the ASODN group was higher than those of the liposome and SCODN groups (P < 0.05). IRP2 may affect the expressions of TfR and Fn in lung adenocarcinoma A549 cells by changing the amount of protein and regulating the iron metabolism.

Xuan H.,Zhengzhou University
Applied Mechanics and Materials | Year: 2011

This paper studies a class of hybrid flowshop scheduling problem characterized by release time, transportation time and transportation capacity of one unit for each transporter. This problem is formulated as an integer programming model and a Lagrangian relaxation algorithm is designed to solve it. Testing results on problems of small to medium sizes show that the Lagrangian relaxation algorithm can obtain an acceptable near optimal schedule within a shorter CPU time. © (2011) Trans Tech Publications.

Ji J.,Hefei University of Technology | Gao Z.H.,Hefei University of Technology | Fan C.G.,Hefei University of Technology | Zhong W.,Zhengzhou University | Sun J.H.,Hefei University of Technology
International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer | Year: 2012

A set of burning experiments were conducted to investigate the effect of vertical shaft height on natural ventilation in urban road tunnel fires. Two special phenomena, plug-holing and turbulent boundary-layer separation were observed, both of which will influence the effect of smoke exhaust. When shaft height is relatively small, the boundary layer separation is significant and vortexes form in the upstream region inside the shaft, causing the backflow of gas mixture and preventing the throughflow of smoke. With the increasing of shaft height, the boundary layer separation becomes inconspicuous and the plug-holing occurs, leading to the ambient fresh air beneath smoke layer being exhausted directly, which will strongly decrease the smoke exhaust efficiency. Therefore, it is not the case that the higher the vertical shaft, the better the smoke exhaust effect, there exist a critical shaft height in which the boundary layer separation can be diminished to a large extent and overmuch entrainment of fresh air such as plug-holing can be avoided. In addition, the critical shaft height related to better effect can be determined by the new criterion of Ri′(Ricritical′=1.4) proposed in this paper. © 2012 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

Ji J.,Hefei University of Technology | Fan C.G.,Hefei University of Technology | Zhong W.,Zhengzhou University | Shen X.B.,Hefei University of Technology | Sun J.H.,Hefei University of Technology
International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer | Year: 2012

In former studies, fires were always assumed to occur at the longitudinal centerline of tunnels. In fact, fires will occur at any locations in tunnels, with different distances to the sidewall. A set of model scale experiments were carried out, to investigate the influence of different transverse fire locations on maximum smoke temperature under the tunnel ceiling. Results show that the restriction effect of the sidewalls of tunnels cause the maximum smoke temperature rise under the ceiling to increase compared with the unconfined space, even fires occurs at the longitudinal centerline. The maximum smoke temperature rises above the fire keep almost unchanged with the fire moving closer to the sidewall at the beginning and then increase significantly after the distance between the fire and the sidewall decreases to a certain value. For small pools of wall fire, the "mirror" effect is reasonable, and for large pools, will bring a relatively large error without considering the influence of the equivalent diameter of a wall fire, resulting in underestimating the mass flow rate of fire plume and then overestimating the smoke temperature. Under all fires, the maximum smoke temperature rise under the ceiling decreases exponentially as the longitudinal distance from fire increases. Correlations for related parameters are proposed. © 2012 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

Zhang Y.,Zhengzhou University
2011 International Conference on Electric Information and Control Engineering, ICEICE 2011 - Proceedings | Year: 2011

To implement effective jamming on the linear frequency radar, this paper proposes one smart noise jamming realization scheme based on multiplication modulation. This kind of jamming not only could avoid the process of coherent radar for blanket jamming to improve the utility of jamming power, but also own better jamming effect than pure deception jamming. The jamming principle is discussed. The jamming effectiveness is analyzed. The design of the jamming parameters is discussed. The paper also gives the simulation results. © 2011 IEEE.

Zhu G.-Y.,Henan University of Science and Technology | Shi B.-Z.,Henan University of Science and Technology | Li Y.,Zhengzhou University
European Review for Medical and Pharmacological Sciences | Year: 2014

BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES: Glioma accounts for most of primary malignant brain tumors and usually results in poor survival. However, the key signaling networks regulating glioma cell proliferation remain poorly defined. The forkhead box M1 (FoxM1) is a key transcription factor regulating multiple aspects of cell biology. Prior studies have shown that FoxM1 is overexpressed in glioma and plays a critical role in cancer development and progression. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Western blot and Real-time PCR assays were used to determine the regulation roles of FoxM1 on Sirt1 (Sirtuin1) expression. Small interfering RNAs (siRNAs) were used to silence the expression of FoxM1. Luciferase assays were used to measure binding of FoxM1 to the promoter region of Sirt1. Direct binding of FoxM1 to promoter of Sirt1 was assessed by chromatin immunoprecipitation (CHIP) assays. RESULTS: We found that FoxM1 positively regulated mRNA expression of Sirt1. FoxM1 overexpression promoted while its knockdown inhibited Sirt1 expression. Besides, we identified a minimal FoxM1 binding site on the promoter region of Sirt1. CONCLUSIONS: Our results for the first time add a new FoxM1-Sirt1 connection that mediates cell proliferation in glioma.

Xia L.,Zhengzhou University
Journal of Spinal Disorders and Techniques | Year: 2014

STUDY DESIGN:: This is a retrospective study.OBJECTIVE:: The treatment of severe spinal deformities is still a difficult surgical challenge. It is generally significant to identify the related complications performed to a consecutive series of patients with severe spinal deformity and managed by one-stage posterior spinal osteotomy.SUMMARY OF BACKGROUND DATA:: We investigated data from 147 consecutive patients (75 males and 72 females) with severe deformity and managed by Smith-Petersen osteotomy, pedicle subtraction osteotomy or vertebral column resection between years 2006 and 2012 with more than 2 years follow-up. Mean age was 21.2 (range=14–51 y) years at operation.METHODS:: The patients underwent standing anteroposterior and lateral radiography before and after scoliosis surgery. Age, sex, diagnosis, surgical approach and centrum, all the related complications, treatment and pre- and postoperative Cobb angle in the coronal and sagittal planes were recorded at final follow-up.RESULTS:: There were 17 (11.6%) cases with complications in 147 patients, including spinal cord-related complications in 7 cases (4.8%), superior mesenteric artery (SMA) syndrome in 5 cases (3.4%), broken rod and unstable screw hat in 3 cases (2.0%) and infection in 2 cases (1.4%). Among the 17 cases, 15 cases recovered completely and two cases recovered partially.CONCLUSIONS:: The total complication rate of severe spinal deformity after one-stage posterior spinal osteotomy without fusion was about 11.6%. Except for the major complication of neurologic deficit, spine surgeon should also pay more attention on other related complications, especially SMA syndrome. Large scale and long term follow-up was warranted to find out more subjective complication rates.LEVEL OF EVIDENCE:: Level IV, prognostic study. See the Guidelines for Authors for a complete description of levels of evidence. © 2014 by Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, Inc.

Zhang W.,Beijing Institute of Pharmacology and Toxicology | Zhang Z.,Zhengzhou University | Zhang Y.,Beijing Institute of Pharmacology and Toxicology
Nanoscale Research Letters | Year: 2011

Among all cancer treatment options, chemotherapy continues to play a major role in killing free cancer cells and removing undetectable tumor micro-focuses. Although chemotherapies are successful in some cases, systemic toxicity may develop at the same time due to lack of selectivity of the drugs for cancer tissues and cells, which often leads to the failure of chemotherapies. Obviously, the therapeutic effects will be revolutionarily improved if human can deliver the anticancer drugs with high selectivity to cancer cells or cancer tissues. This selective delivery of the drugs has been called target treatment. To realize target treatment, the first step of the strategies is to build up effective target drug delivery systems. Generally speaking, such a system is often made up of the carriers and drugs, of which the carriers play the roles of target delivery. An ideal carrier for target drug delivery systems should have three pre-requisites for their functions: (1) they themselves have target effects; (2) they have sufficiently strong adsorptive effects for anticancer drugs to ensure they can transport the drugs to the effect-relevant sites; and (3) they can release the drugs from them in the effect-relevant sites, and only in this way can the treatment effects develop. The transporting capabilities of carbon nanotubes combined with appropriate surface modifications and their unique physicochemical properties show great promise to meet the three pre-requisites. Here, we review the progress in the study on the application of carbon nanotubes as target carriers in drug delivery systems for cancer therapies. © 2011 Zhang et al; licensee Springer.

Xu X.,Zhengzhou University | Hou J.,University of Reading
Mechanics of Time-Dependent Materials | Year: 2011

Creep and stress relaxation are inherent mechanical behaviors of viscoelastic materials. It is considered that both are different performances of one identical physical phenomenon. The relationship between the decay stress and time during stress relaxation has been derived from the power law equation of the steady-state creep. The model was used to analyse the stress relaxation curves of various different viscoelastic materials (such as pure polycrystalline ice, polymers, foods, bones, metal, animal tissues, etc.). The calculated results using the theoretical model agree with the experimental data very well. Here we show that the new mathematical formula is not only simple but its parameters have the clear physical meanings. It is suitable to materials with a very broad scope and has a strong predictive ability. © 2010 Springer Science+Business Media, B. V.

Chen C.,CAS Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics | Shi S.,CAS Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics | Wang M.,CAS Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics | Ma H.,CAS Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics | And 2 more authors.
Journal of Materials Chemistry A | Year: 2014

A surface organic modification strategy is utilized to design and prepare a series of superhydrophobic SiO2-based nanocomposites with cobalt ions in the bulk phase and different organic groups on the surface. Physical properties such as BET surface area, surface hydrophilicity/hydrophobicity, and water adsorption amount changed significantly with the introduction of organic groups of various chain lengths, which was confirmed by TEM, SEM, FTIR, 29Si-NMR, N2 adsorption-desorption, sessile water contact angle, and TG-DTA measurements. Surface hydrophilicity/hydrophobicity altered from hydrophilic to superhydrophobic with an increase in carbon chain length, which showed an obvious effect on the catalytic performance in selective oxidation of hydrocarbons such as ethylbenzene. Superhydrophobicity was guaranteed for high catalytic activity, and the carbon chain length of the organic group was also an important factor. Superhydrophobic Pr-Co-SiO 2 that contained the propyl group was the most efficient catalyst, and the conversion of ethylbenzene reached 70.4% with O2 as an oxidant under solvent-free conditions at 393 K for 7 h, which is nearly nine times that of the hydrophilic Co-SiO2 without surface organic modification. This journal is © the Partner Organisations 2014.

Dong X.-P.,Zhengzhou University
Yantu Gongcheng Xuebao/Chinese Journal of Geotechnical Engineering | Year: 2012

To deal with the extreme deformation and damage during the construction of large-span tunnels, one case study of large-span tunnel with shallow overburden, constructed by double-side drift method, is conducted, and the FEM results are verified according to the measured data. The effect of unsymmetrical support parameters of side drift on the settlement of ground surface and transfer of internal force of supports is analyzed. It is demonstrated that the Timoshenko laminated beam theory is suitable for calculating the internal force of the primary supports. The unsymmetrical support design has a great effect on the settlement of ground surface and the distribution and transfer of internal force of supports during the excavation phase of central drift. When the stiffness of inner wall is reduced to some extent, the settlement of ground surface will grow rapidly.

Xu P.,Zhengzhou University
Gongcheng Lixue/Engineering Mechanics | Year: 2011

The conformal mapping method of complex functions and expansion methods of wave functions were adopted, the coupling scattering properties of P wave and SH wave were considered, the boundaries of the cavities without radial formal stresses and shear stresses were assumed to be free, and then the theoretical solutions for the two-dimensional multiple scattering problems of incident plane P and SH waves were obtained by the discontinuous barriers composed of several rows of cylindrical cavities. By studying the normalized displacements which are the ratios of the displacements caused by both the incident and scattered waves to those only by the incident waves, the isolation effects of the barriers composed of several rows of cylindrical cavities were analyzed, which were also compared with those of a row of rigid piles, and some important conclusions were drawn out. They are: (1) the isolation effects increase with the rows of cylindrical cavities, and (2) in order to get better isolation effects than that of a row of rigid piles with the same radius, the space distance and total barrier width to cylindrical cavities, two rows of cylindrical cavities are needed for incident P waves, and three rows for SH waves. And these conclusions provide some theoretical basis and references for the vibration isolation design of several rows of cylindrical cavities.

Zhu X.-L.,Zhengzhou University | Wang Y.,Nanyang Technological University | Du X.,Shanghai University
Optimal Control Applications and Methods | Year: 2014

This paper studies the problem of stability analysis for continuous-time systems with two additive time-varying delay components. By taking the independence and the variation of the additive delay components into consideration, more general type of Lyapunov functionals are defined. Together with a tighter estimation of the upper bound of the cross-product terms derived from the derivatives of the Lyapunov functionals, less conservative delay-dependent stability criteria are established in terms of LMIs. Combining with a reciprocally convex combination technique, the newly obtained stability conditions are also less complex. Two numerical examples are given to illustrate the effectiveness and the significant improvement of the proposed method. © 2013 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.

Zhai M.,Zhengzhou University
KGK Kautschuk Gummi Kunststoffe | Year: 2011

The quality of an injection molded part is largely affected by geometric parameters associated with gate design. A methodology is presented in this paper to find the optimum gate location to achieve balanced flow so that a good quality part can be produced. The objective function is expressed in terms of injection pressure from the point of view of energy consumption. The coordinates of the gate location are chosen as design variables. A method is also proposed to determine the possible feasible space for gate location. The resulting optimization is solved by iterative search in the constrained space based on sequential linear programming algorithm. Examples are given to demonstrate the effect of the proposed method.

Guo C.,Zhengzhou University
Advanced Materials Research | Year: 2011

The application of phase change materials (PCMs) is very promising in buildings because it allows the storage and discharge of considerable quantities of cooling and heating energy, dumping the air temperature swings within the building so that the indoor air temperature is closer to the desired temperature for a longer period of time. In order to account for the good characteristics of Alumina nanoparticle-in-paraffin as phase change material, based on enthalpy-porosity model and numerical analysis, detailed phase fields and heat flux are obtained, compared with that of pure paraffin. And study demonstrates that room with ENPCM ceiling is a good way of saving cool energy in summer. © (2011) Trans Tech Publications.

Tang Y.,Zhengzhou University | Tang Y.,Saint Louis University
Digestive Diseases and Sciences | Year: 2015

Nonalcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH) is the advanced form of nonalcoholic fatty liver disease, which is often accompanied by obese and/or type II diabetes mellitus. Approximately one-third of NASH patients develop hepatic fibrosis. Hepatic stellate cells are the major effector cells during liver fibrogenesis. Advanced liver fibrosis usually proceeds to cirrhosis and even hepatocellular carcinoma, leading to liver failure, portal hypertension and even death. Currently, there are no approved agents for treatment and prevention of liver fibrosis in human beings. Curcumin, the principal curcuminoid of turmeric, has been reported to show antitumor, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory properties both in in vitro and in vivo systems. Accumulating data shows that curcumin plays a critical role in combating liver fibrogenesis. This review will discuss the inhibitory roles of curcumin and update the underlying mechanisms by which curcumin targets in inhibiting hepatic stellate cell activation. © 2014, Springer Science+Business Media New York.

Liu Y.,Zhengzhou University
Zhongguo ji sheng chong xue yu ji sheng chong bing za zhi = Chinese journal of parasitology & parasitic diseases | Year: 2012

To investigate the sensitivity of Anopheles sinensis to DDT, cyfluthrin, malathion and deltamethrin. In June 2009, 417, 421 and 433 mosquitoes were respectively captured from the fields of Tongbai county, Huaibin county, Yongcheng city, and tested by the adult Anopheles filter contact method recommended by WHO. The KT50 and the mortality rate of 24 h-post-exposure to 4% DDT (1.428 g/m2), 0.15% cyfluthrin (0.0 534 g/m2), 5% malathion (1.78 g/m2), 0.05% deltamethrin (0.0 178 g/m2) were calculated. The resistance level was graded as sensitive group (S) with a mortality rate of 98%-100%, preliminary resistance group (M) with mortality rate of 80%-97%, and resistance group (R) with mortality rate lower than 80%. The KT50 of An. sinensis to DDT in Tongbai, Huaibin and Yongcheng were 206.13, 877.04 and 826.81 min, respectively; the KT50 to cyfluthrin was 206.43, 85.39, and 427.60 min, respectively; the KT50 to malathion was 19.98, 48.05 and 97.79 min, respectively; the KT50 to deltamethrin was 1122.50, 89.65, and 960 min, respectively. The mortality rate of An. sinensis in 24h-post-exposure to 4% DDT was 82.52%, 57.41%, and 65.69%, and the resistance degree was judged as M, R and R, respectively. That to 0.15% cyfluthrin was 91.89%, 85.00%, and 72.73%, with a resistance degree of M, M, and R, respectively. That to 5% malathion was 95.10%, 95.37%, and 93.16%, all with a resistance degree of M. That to 0.05% deltamethrin was 92.08%, 77.14%, and 63.46%, with a resistance degree of M, R and R, respectively. An. sinensis in Henan Province has developed high degree of resistance to DDT, cyfluthrin and deltamethrin, and certain degree of resistance to malathion

Zhang L.,Tsinghua University | Zhang L.,Zhengzhou University | Li C.,Tsinghua University | Liu A.,Tsinghua University | Shi G.,Tsinghua University
Journal of Materials Chemistry | Year: 2012

Graphene oxide/polypyrene (GO/PPr) composite films were prepared by electrochemical co-deposition of GO and PPr from the organic electrolyte of propylene carbonate (PC). The effects of the GO content in the electrolyte and the deposition charge density on the formation of GO/PPr composite films were studied. Blending with GO improved the mechanical properties of the powdery PPr and gave the composite a continuous and porous morphology with an uninterrupted conducting phase. A chemoresistor-type vapor sensor based on the GO/PPr composite film demonstrated a fast, linear and reversible response to toluene with a high normalized sensitivity of 9.87 × 10 -4 ppm -1. The mechanism of sensing the organic vapors with the GO/PPr composite film was also discussed. © The Royal Society of Chemistry 2012.

To explore the value of transthoracic echocardiography(TTE) combined with partial pressure of end-tidal CO2 (P ETCO2) monitoring in preventing venous air embolism(VAE) during hysteroscopy operation. From August 2010 to August 2012, 300 cases undergoing hysteroscopic surgery under general anaesthesia were enrolled in this study. With the echocardiography combined with P ETCO2 monitoring during hysteroscopic surgery, the time of VAE appearing in the right atrium , the extent of air embolism(grade 0-4), the changes of P ETCO2, peripheral oxygen saturation (SpO2), blood pressure (Bp), the amount of fluid intravasation and the blood loss were recorded in detail . Take the 24 cases that the grades of VAE in grade 3 or above and a decrease in P ETCO2 ≥ 5 mm Hg (1 mm Hg = 0.133 kPa) as intervention group. Stop operation immediately, the left side and raise your right shoulder, oxygen inhalation and dexamethasone 10 mg intravenous drip were given to the intervention group; the control group (5 cases in grade 3 or above and a decrease in P ETCO2<5 mm Hg) only stop operation immediately, observation patient's condition closely. (1) The occurrence of VAE: air embolism occurred in 34 patients among all 300 patients, all of 34 patients had evidence of gas embolism in the inferior vena cava, right atrium(RA) and right ventricle chamber, and 29 patients had evidence of continuous groups of gas emboli. There were 32 cases with the decrease in P ETCO2 > 2 mm Hg, 14 cases with SpO2 less than 95%, and 4 cases with a drop in Bp ≥ 20%. (2) The change of the decrease of P ETCO2 and the grades of VAE: the decrease of P ETCO2 and the grades of VAE were positively correlated (r = 0.601, P < 0.01), continuous groups of gas emboli signal in RA, when the drop of P ETCO2 ≥ 5 mm Hg, 8 of the 34 cases whose drop of P ETCO2 ≥ 10 mm Hg, 7 cases in grades 4. The decrease of P ETCO2 [(7.5 ± 2.4) mm Hg versus (11.1 ± 4.1) mm Hg], the amount of fluid intravasation[(688 ± 150) ml versus (925 ± 268) ml] and the blood loss[(71 ± 36) ml versus (127 ± 56) ml] all had statistical difference in grade 3 and 4 (P < 0.05) . The sensitivity of P ETCO2 was better than SpO2 and Bp in detecting of VAE. (3) The cases of P ETCO2 continue to decline and recovery time between the two groups:2 cases' P ETCO2 continued to decline in the intervention group, but 4 cases in the control group. The recovery time of the two groups was (4.8 ± 1.6) and (8.3 ± 1.9) min, respectively, which reached statistical difference between (P < 0.05). TTE combined with P ETCO2 monitoring can effectively predict the occurrence of air embolism in hysteroscopic surgery; Continuous groups of gas emboli signal in RA accompanied by a decrease in P ETCO2 ≥ 5 mm Hg indicates that the occurrence of air embolism; the more the amount of intravasation of distension fluid and the blood loss, the more the air into the body. Timely intervention can effectively prevent the development of air embolism when the VAE in grade 3 or above accompanied by a decrease in P ETCO2 ≥ 5 mm Hg.

Liu B.,Zhengzhou University
Sheng li xue bao : [Acta physiologica Sinica] | Year: 2010

Mandarin vole (Lasiopodomys mandarinus) spends almost all of its life underground and must have evolved remarkable adaptations to cope with the subterranean hypoxic stress. The aim of present study is to explore the adaptation mechanism through the comparison of hemogram changes under chronic intermittent hypoxia in Mandarin vole and Kunming (KM) mouse (Mus musculus). Mandarin vole and KM mouse were treated with chronic intermittent hypoxia (10.0% oxygen), which was maintained by an oxygen cabin, for 4 h per day during four weeks. Then blood samples from the animals with and without hypoxia treatment were analyzed by a hematology analyzer. The results showed that under normoxic condition mean corpuscular volume (MCV), mean corpuscular hemoglobin (MCH), white blood cell count (WBC) and platelet (PLT) in Mandarin vole were significantly lower than those in KM mouse. On the contrast, red blood cell count (RBC) and mean corpuscular hemoglobin concentration (MCHC) in Mandarin vole were higher than that in KM mouse. After four-week chronic intermittent hypoxia treatment, the hemogram changes were as following. MCV and HCT were elevated in Mandarin vole, not affected in KM mouse. Both hemoglobin (HGB) content and MCH in KM mouse increased, while only MCH increased in Mandarin vole. No obvious changes of WBC and PLT were found in two species. These results suggest that the adaptive mechanism of blood system in Mandarin vole responding to hypoxic conditions is different from that of KM mouse. As a subterranean vole, the Mandarin vole has a better tolerance to hypoxia.

Lu Q.,Soochow University of China | Lu Q.,Tufts University | Zhu H.,Beijing Institute of Technology | Zhang C.,Soochow University of China | And 3 more authors.
Biomacromolecules | Year: 2012

Silkworms and spiders generate fibers that exhibit high strength and extensibility. The underlying mechanisms involved in processing silk proteins into fiber form remain incompletely understood, resulting in the failure to fully recapitulate the remarkable properties of native fibers in vitro from regenerated silk solutions. In the present study, the extensibility and high strength of regenerated silks were achieved by mimicking the natural spinning process. Conformational transitions inside micelles, followed by aggregation of micelles and their stabilization as they relate to the metastable structure of silk are described. Subsequently, the mechanisms to control the formation of nanofibrous structures were elucidated. The results clarify that the self-assembly of silk in aqueous solution is a thermodynamically driven process where kinetics also play a key role. Four key factors, molecular mobility, charge, hydrophilic interactions, and concentration underlie the process. Adjusting these factors can balance nanostructure and conformational composition, and be used to achieve silk-based materials with properties comparable to native fibers. These mechanisms suggest new directions to design silk-based multifunctional materials. © 2012 American Chemical Society.

Li G.,Zhengzhou University | Wang Y.,CAS Beijing National Laboratory for Molecular | Mao L.,CAS Beijing National Laboratory for Molecular
RSC Advances | Year: 2014

As one of the most promising and efficient approaches for remediating the deterioration of natural environments, semiconductor-based photocatalysis has received considerable attention. To date, numerous efforts have been focused to explore novel materials for highly efficient photocatalysis under visible light or sunlight irradiation. Among them, Ag-based compounds are emerging to be a promising candidate because of their excellent visible light-responsive photoelectrochemical properties. This review summarizes the recent progress in the design and fabrication of Ag-compound-based semiconductor photocatalysts and their applications in the photocatalytic decomposition of organic molecules. Initially, the mechanisms of the related photocatalytic reactions will be discussed, and then we will highlight some of the recent progresses in Ag-based micro- or nano-structured material fabrication that exhibit enhanced photocatalytic performance. These novel and highly efficient photocatalysts mainly include Ag2O, Ag2S, AgX (X = Cl, Br, I), Ag2CO3 and Ag3PO4. We expect that the present tutorial review will provide insights in the direction of the future visible-light photocatalyst design. This journal is © the Partner Organisations 2014.

Wang Z.,Zhengzhou University | Zhang Y.,CAS Northwest Institute of Plateau Biology
Gene | Year: 2012

Erythropoietin (EPO) is a glycoprotein hormone, expressed mainly in fetus liver and adult kidneys. EPO plays an important role in enhancing red blood cell formation in bone marrow under hypoxia. Plateau zokor (. Myospalax baileyi), an subterranean burrowing endemic rodent inhabiting areas of 2 800-4 200. m above sea level on Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, is a typical high hypoxia tolerant mammal with high ratio of oxygen utilization in adaptation to the harsh plateau environment. To investigate the possible mechanisms of adaptation of plateau zokor EPO to high altitude, the complete cDNA and amino acid sequences of plateau zokor EPO have been described. Phylogenetic tree of Epo showed the convergence of the . Spalax and . Myospalax, indicating that, the convergent evolution was driven by similar hypoxic ecological niches. Our results showed that some common sites under positive selection in zokor (116M and 144A) and . Spalax (102R, 116M, 144A and 152P) are the important sites for Epo biological activity. This study thus reports a gene level observation which may be involved in adaptation to underground life at high altitude. © 2012 Elsevier B.V.

Qi Y.,Zhengzhou University | Yang Y.,New York University
The Journal of neuroscience : the official journal of the Society for Neuroscience | Year: 2015

It remains largely unknown whether and how hunger states control activity-dependent synaptic plasticity, such as long-term potentiation (LTP) and long-term depression (LTD). We here report that both LTP and LTD of excitatory synaptic strength within the appetite control circuits residing in hypothalamic arcuate nucleus (ARC) behave in a manner of hunger states dependence and cell type specificity. For instance, we find that tetanic stimulation induces LTP at orexigenic agouti-related protein (AgRP) neurons in ad libitum fed mice, whereas it induces LTD in food-deprived mice. In an opposite direction, the same induction protocol induces LTD at anorexigenic pro-opiomelanocortin (POMC) neurons in fed mice but weak LTP in deprived mice. Mechanistically, we also find that food deprivation increases the expressions of NR2C/NR2D/NR3-containing NMDA receptors (NMDARs) at AgRP neurons that contribute to the inductions of LTD, whereas it decreases their expressions at POMC neurons. Collectively, our data reveal that hunger states control the directions of activity-dependent synaptic plasticity by switching NMDA receptor subpopulations in a cell type-specific manner, providing insights into NMDAR-mediated interactions between energy states and associative memory. Significance statement: Based on the experiments performed in this study, we demonstrate that activity-dependent synaptic plasticity is also under the control of energy states by regulating NMDAR subpopulations in a cell type-specific manner. We thus propose a reversible memory configuration constructed from energy states-dependent cell type-specific bidirectional conversions of LTP and LTD. Together with the distinct functional roles played by NMDAR signaling in the control of food intake and energy states, these findings reveal a new reciprocal interaction between energy states and associative memory, one that might serve as a target for therapeutic treatments of the energy-related memory disorders or vice versa. Copyright © 2015 the authors 0270-6474/15/3513171-12$15.00/0.

Li W.,Zhengzhou University
Lecture Notes in Computer Science (including subseries Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence and Lecture Notes in Bioinformatics) | Year: 2016

Mobile Internet technology development, driven by the intelligent terminal equipment fast update, the application scenarios and achieve the diversity will become more endless. Change the traditional computer based terminal system, terminal value-added application value creation, with the operators more open access capability, which requires communication operators should not only to open the Internet learning thoughts also need to combine their own advantages, integration platform for the ability of their own, can drive the channels of the interconnection and interaction to create mutually beneficial and win-win. © Springer International Publishing Switzerland 2016.

Jinhua Z.,Zhengzhou University | Ying C.,University of Manchester
Advanced Materials Research | Year: 2011

In this study a method to deposit a-Si:H-DLC film at room temperature has been explored by CVD. The interface structure of a-Si:H-DLC film and the compositions of DLC film were studied, the adhesion strength of DLC film deposited directly on metal substrates was very poor, there was an almost complete crack at interface between DLC film and metal substrates, the local shedding could also be observed on surface of DLC film. After inserting a-Si:H intermediate material into the interface, the adhesion strength of a-Si:H-DLC film was improved well, the a-Si:H intermediate layer with about 0.2μm thickness was formed, and was very impact. In addition the structures of DLC film mainly were graphite structure with SP2 bonding, and contain a certain amount of diamond structure with SP3 bonding. Load capacity of a-Si:H-DLC film deposited on the metal substrates was also evaluated, as the contact stress (Hertz stress) was less than 544MPa for the film with 1μm-thickness, the failure life was up to 100 million cycles or more by using "ball-on-disk" wear testing machine, therefore it could be used in practice. Changes in load had little effect on friction coefficient. © (2011) Trans Tech Publications, Switzerland.

Zhu S.,Zhengzhou University | Liu J.-H.,Central Hospital of Wuhan
Pharmacology | Year: 2015

This study was conducted to explore the effect of zerumbone, isolated from Zingiberzerumbet Smith, on apolipoprotein A-I (apoA-I)-mediated cholesterol efflux from THP-1 macrophages. THP-1 macrophages were treated with different concentrations (10-100 μmol/l) of zerumbone and cholesterol efflux was measured. The involvement of ATP-binding cassette (ABC) transporters ABCA1 and ABCG1 and ERK1/2 signaling was checked. Notably, zerumbone caused a concentration-dependent induction of ABCA1 but not ABCG1, coupled with enhanced phosphorylation of ERK1/2. Pre-treatment with PD98059 (a potent ERK1/2 inhibitor) significantly blocked the upregulation of ABCA1 by zerumbone. Small interfering RNA-mediated downregulation of ABCA1 but not ABCG1 significantly impaired the promotion of apoA-I-mediated cholesterol efflux by zerumbone. Taken together, zerumbone has the capacity to facilitate apoA-I-mediated cholesterol efflux from macrophages through the activation of ERK1/2 signaling and upregulation of ABCA1. © 2015 S. Karger AG, Basel.

Haiyan Y.,Zhengzhou University
Proceedings - 2015 7th International Conference on Measuring Technology and Mechatronics Automation, ICMTMA 2015 | Year: 2015

When adopting the texture algorithm, the color difference of the corresponding pixels of two matching blocks requires to be considered. For the traditional synthesis algorithms, the size of the sample block needs to be set by manual. Thus, after the synthesis, generally it will cause disorder in the feature of the texture and lacks the self-adaption. In order to solve the above-mentioned issue, a new texture synthesis algorithm of texture block is proposed, it takes the color difference of the texture and gradient structure information as the standard to measure the similarity of two matching blocks and the influence of the best matched texture block on the synthesis is deeply analyzed. According to different texture self-adaptions, the size of the texture block is confirmed so as to improve the rate and quality of the texture synthesis. Comparatively ideal effect has been obtained after the experimental verification. © 2015 IEEE.

Lei L.,Zhengzhou University | Lei L.,TU Munich | Plank J.,TU Munich
Cement and Concrete Research | Year: 2012

Conventional PCEs are known to easily incorporate into the layer structure of clay by means of their pendant PEO side chains, hence their dispersing ability in concrete is much impeded by clay impurities. Here, modified PCEs possessing hydroxy alkyl lateral chains were synthesized from methacrylic acid and hydroxy alkyl methacrylate esters (alkyl = ethyl, propyl and butyl), characterized and tested for their dispersion performance in cement in absence and presence of montmorillonite clay. The novel PCE type was found to disperse cement well, even when clay was present. Similar to polycondensate superplasticizers it is much less affected by clay than conventional PCEs. A mechanistic study including adsorption and XRD experiments revealed that the novel PCE only adsorbs on the surface of clay and does not incorporate into the layer structure of alumosilicates. This behavior explains its high tolerance against clay contamination. © 2012 Elsevier Ltd.

Xie J.-J.,University of Valencia | Xie J.-J.,Zhengzhou University | Wilkin C.,University College London
Physical Review C - Nuclear Physics | Year: 2010

The total and differential cross sections for associated strangeness production in the pp→pK+K-p and pp→pK +π0Σ0 reactions have been studied in a unified approach using an effective Lagrangian model. It is assumed that both the K-p and π0Σ0 final states originate from the decay of the Λ(1405) that was formed in the production chain pp→p(N*(1535) →K+Λ(1405)). The available experimental data are well reproduced, especially the ratio of the two total cross sections, which is much less sensitive to the particular model of the entrance channel. The significant coupling of the N*(1535) to Λ(1405)K is further evidence for large ss components in the quark wave function of the N *(1535). © 2010 The American Physical Society.

Cuiye Y.,Zhengzhou University
RISTI - Revista Iberica de Sistemas e Tecnologias de Informacao | Year: 2016

For a long time, traditional approaches to English Teaching in middle schools due to various problems and shortcomings and widely criticized, Ministry of Education promulgated a new "English curriculum standard" also on the reform of English Teaching in middle school proposed new requirements, but the crisis is often also means that a turn for the better, with advance of the integration of information technology and English course, the application of artificial intelligence in the field of teaching for middle school English teaching process optimization and bring new opportunities, intelligent, individualized English teaching environment for the creation of a new platform for.in order to improve the teaching ability of English teachers. Method: artificial intelligence technology. use expert system and natural language recognition technology of AI to construct a new teaching system of English class. from the practice of the use of teaching system of English class, we can see that the English teachers' classroom teaching ability has been strengthened, and the students' learning ability has been improved. The reason is that the teaching system of English class based on artificial intelligence can create a classroom environment with strong interactive, situational and more in line with the development of students' personality development, which helps to improve students' learning enthusiasm. the expert system and natural language recognition technology used in the process of improving English teachers' teaching ability is effective.

Wang F.,Zhengzhou University | Wang F.,CAS Institute of Theoretical Physics | Wu L.,University of Sydney | Yang J.M.,CAS Institute of Theoretical Physics | And 2 more authors.
Physics Letters, Section B: Nuclear, Elementary Particle and High-Energy Physics | Year: 2016

We propose to interpret the 750 GeV diphoton excess in deflected anomaly mediation supersymmetry breaking scenarios, which can naturally predict couplings between a singlet field and vector-like messengers. The CP-even scalar component (S) of the singlet field can serve as the 750 GeV resonance. The messenger scale, which is of order the gravitino scale, can be as light as Fφ~O(10) TeV when the messenger species NF and the deflection parameter d are moderately large. Such messengers can induce the large loop decay process S→γγ. Our results show that such a scenario can successfully accommodate the 125 GeV Higgs boson, the 750 GeV diphoton excess and the muon g-2 without conflicting with the LHC constraints. We also comment on the possible explanations in the gauge mediation supersymmetry breaking scenario. © 2016 The Author(s).

Zhang S.,Zhengzhou University | Yang S.,Hefei University of Technology | Zou X.,Hefei University of Technology | Shi B.,Hefei University of Technology | Guo G.,Hefei University of Technology
Physical Review A - Atomic, Molecular, and Optical Physics | Year: 2012

Single-photon entanglement provides a valuable resource for quantum communication and quantum repeaters. However, single-photon entanglement is sensitive to photon loss. In this Brief Report, we show that a noiseless linear amplifier is an efficient tool for protecting single-photon entanglement. The performance of ideal noiseless linear amplification as well as the nonideal amplification with on-off detectors and heralded single photons are also investigated. © 2012 American Physical Society.

Jia L.,Zhengzhou University
Zhong yao cai = Zhongyaocai = Journal of Chinese medicinal materials | Year: 2010

To study the chemical constituents of Abelmoschus esculentus. The chemical constituents were isolated and purified by chromatography on silica gel and recrystallization. The chemical structures were elucidated on the basis of physicochemical properties and spectral date. Twelve compounds were isolated and identified as 9,19-23 (Z)-cycloart-23-en-3beta, 25-diol(1), ergost-7,22-diene-3beta,5alpha,6beta-triol(2),5alpha, 6alpha-epoxyergost-8(14), 22-dien-3beta, 7alpha-diol(3), 5alpha,8alpha-epidioxyergost-22-en-3beta-ol(4), stigmast-5-ene-3beta,7alpha-diol(5), stigmast-5, 22-diene-3beta,7alpha-diol(6), stigmast-4-en-3beta,6beta-diol(7), stigmast-4,22-diene-3beta,6beta-diol(8), stigmast-4-ene-3, 6-dione(9), stigmast-4-ene-3-one (10),beta-sitosterol(11), daucosterol(12). Compounds 1-10 are obtained from the plant for the first time and also from the genu for the first time.

Yuan Y.Q.,Zhengzhou University
Zhongguo ji sheng chong xue yu ji sheng chong bing za zhi = Chinese journal of parasitology & parasitic diseases | Year: 2010

To study the influence of iron ion on the growth of Trichomonas vaginalis in vitro. Quantitative pure incubation of T. vaginalis trophozoites with an initial density of 1 x l0(5)/ml was carried out at 37 degrees C in TYM (trypticase-yeast extract-maltose) medium (pH 6.0) with additional 100, 200, 300, and 400 micromol/L iron ion, respectively, and in TYM medium without additional iron ion as control The numbers of live and dead trichomonads were counted under an optical microscope after trypan blue staining, and the growth curve and survival rate of T. vaginalis were drawn to calculate the generation time of T. vaginalis. The minimal lethal concentration (MLC) of metronidazole was tested by serial dilution method when the trophozoites of T. vaginalis were incubated in TYM medium with 200 micromol/L iron ion and in control group without additional iron ion. The maximum densities of 2.9 x 10(6), 3.2 x 10(6), 3.1 x 10(6), and 2.8 x 10(6)/ml were obtained when the trophozoites were incubated for 40 h in TYM medium with 100, 200, 300, and 400 micromol/L iron ion, respectively, while the maximum density was achieved at 50 h in the control, which was 2.5 x l0(6)/ml. The generation time was (6.8 +/- 0.7) h in 400 micromol/L iron ion group, longer than those in the groups with 100-300 micromol/L iron ion, which were (4.8 +/- 0.3), (4.8 +/- 0.2), and (5.0 +/- 0.4) h, respectively (P < 0.05). While the generation times in 100-400 micromol/L groups were all shorter than that of the control [(10.2 +/- 3.1) h] (P < 0.05). MLC of metronidazole for T. vaginalis in TYM medium with 200 micromol/L iron ion was (23.44 +/- 11.56) microg/ml, significantly lower than that of the control [(31.25 +/- 15.44) microg/ml] (P < 0.05). In TYM medium with 100-400 micromol/L iron ion, T. vaginalis trophozoites reproduce faster, and the MLC of metronidazole to the parasites is lower.

Ma J.,CAS Institute of Physics | Zhang X.,Zhengzhou University | Wang W.H.,CAS Institute of Physics
Journal of Applied Physics | Year: 2012

Molding of micro components from thermoplastic polymers (TPs) has become a routinely used industrial production process. To find hard, ductile and durable material for mold insert and to fabricate the mold insert are two big challenges for the thermoplastic polymers fabrication techniques. We report that a Pd-based metallic glass (MG) mold insert was readily fabricated in its supercooled liquid region, and the atomic force microscope measurement and time-temperature-transformation analysis show that the metallic glass mold insert has very fine surface quality and long service life. We show that the metallic glasses, which have remarkable mechanical properties and excellent thermoplastic forming ability, are new ideal materials for hot embossing mold insert of thermoplastic polymers. © 2012 American Institute of Physics.

Xu R.,Zhengzhou University
Wei sheng yan jiu = Journal of hygiene research | Year: 2010

To research the effect of fluorine on the expression of Fas protein, then study the mechanism of male reproductive toxicity induced by fluoride on molecular level. Thirty Wistar male rats were divided into control group, low-dose group and high-dose group. The NaF dosage for every group were 0,2 and 4g/L. The content of NaF in testis was measured by using fluorine selective electrode. Changes of testosterone and Fas protein were observed using the methods of radioimmunoassay, in situ hybridization. In addition, we observed the quality of spermatozoa. The testis fluoride content of two fluorine treatment groups were higher than that of control group (P < 0.05), and had a dose-dependent effect. The level of testosterone, the number and the livability of the spermatozoon in fluorotic groups were lower than those of control rats (P < 0.05), and the above indexes decreased with the incrase of dosage. The expression of Fas in spermatogenic cells and the sperm aberration of each fluorotic group were higher than control group (P < 0.05), both of them increased with the increase of dosage. Fluorin could reduce the level of serum testosterone, then activated the Fas/FasL system, which caused damage to the reprodutive system.

Xu R.,Zhengzhou University
Wei sheng yan jiu = Journal of hygiene research | Year: 2010

To study the influence of fluorine on the transcription level of androgen binding protein (ABP) and inhibin B (INHB) mRNA in testis sertoli cells of Sprague Dawley rats. A method was set up the model to culture the Sertoli cells. Use a series of concentrations of NaF solutions of 2.5, 5.0, 10.0 and 20.0 mg/L to poison the cells and then, measure the relative expression amount of ABP and INHB mRNA by RT-PCR method. (1) Compare the relative expression amount of ABP mRNA of each group of different concentration with the control group. 2.5 mg/L group was higher than that in the control group, and the difference has the statistical significance (P < 0.05). The 5.0 mg/L group was also higher than that of the control group, and the difference has no statistical significance (P > 0.05). (2) Compare the relative expression amount of INH B mRNA of each group of different concentration with the control group. Both the 2.5 mg/L group and the 5.0 mg/L group were higher than that in the control group, and the difference has the statistical significance (P < 0.05). The rest 2 groups were lower than that in the control group and the difference has no statistical significance (P > 0.05). In the range of concentrations between 2.5 and 20.0 mg/L, no distinct influence of fluorine on the expression of androgen binding protein (ABP) and inhibin B (INHB) mRNA in testis sertoli cells of Sprague Dawley rats.

Wang S.W.,Zhengzhou University
Zhongguo ji sheng chong xue yu ji sheng chong bing za zhi = Chinese journal of parasitology & parasitic diseases | Year: 2010

To observe the effect of sera from mice immunized with excretory-secretory (ES) antigen or surface antigen of Trichinella spiralis larvae on the invasion of intestinal epithelial cells in vitro by the larvae and on their development. HCT-8 cells grown to confluence were overlaid with the larvae suspended in semisolid medium (RPMI 1640 medium +1.75% agarose), and the larvae were then observed by using an inverted microscope after being incubated at 37 degrees C under 5% CO2 for 12, 24, 36, 72, 96 h. The larval development and its invasion into intestinal epithelial cells were observed under inverted microscope after 15 min when HCT-8 cells were overlaid with the larvae suspended in semisolid medium supplemented with immune sera. Finally, the 1st stage and 2nd-4th stage larvae were observed and enumerated by indirect fluorescent antibody test (IFAT) after 36 h incubation. When the larvae were cultured in semisolid medium, they invaded the HCT-8 cell monolayer and molted 1-2 times at 36 h to 72 h of culture. Early adult was observed at 96 h of culture. Cephalic caps on larvae were found at 15 min of culture when the larvae were cultured with medium containing immune sera, but the caps were not observed on those cultured with sera of normal mice or without sera. And the larvae with cephalic caps did not invade the cell monolayer. When the larvae were cultured with immune sera for 36 h, the percentage of 2nd-4th stage larvae (2.25%, 2.20%) were significantly lower than that of those cultured in normal sera (24.7%) (P < 0.05). The sera from mice immunized with excretory-secretory antigen or surface antigen of T. spiralis larvae prevent the invasion of the larvae into intestinal epithelial cells in vitro and impede the development (ecdysis) of the larvae.

Mills K.T.,Tulane University | Xu Y.,Tulane University | Xu Y.,Shanghai JiaoTong University | Zhang W.,Zhengzhou University | And 5 more authors.
Kidney International | Year: 2015

Chronic kidney disease (CKD) is a major risk factor for end-stage renal disease, cardiovascular disease, and premature death. Here we estimated the global prevalence and absolute burden of CKD in 2010 by pooling data from population-based studies. We searched MEDLINE (January 1990 to December 2014), International Society of Nephrology Global Outreach Program-funded projects, and bibliographies of retrieved articles and selected 33 studies reporting gender- and age-specific prevalence of CKD in representative population samples. The age-standardized global prevalence of CKD stages 1-5 in adults aged 20 and older was 10.4% in men (95% confidence interval 9.3-11.9%) and 11.8% in women (11.2-12.6%). This consisted of 8.6% in men (7.3-9.8%) and 9.6% in women (7.7-11.1%) in high-income countries, and 10.6% in men (9.4-13.1%) and 12.5% in women (11.8-14.0%) in low- and middle-income countries. The total number of adults with CKD was 225.7 million (205.7-257.4 million) men and 271.8 million (258.0-293.7 million) women. This consisted of 48.3 million (42.3-53.3 million) men and 61.7 million (50.4-69.9 million) women in high-income countries, and 177.4 million (159.2-215.9 million) men and 210.1 million (200.8-231.7 million) women in low- and middle-income countries. Thus, CKD is an important global-health challenge, especially in low- and middle-income countries. National and international efforts for prevention, detection, and treatment of CKD are needed to reduce its morbidity and mortality worldwide. © 2015 International Society of Nephrology.

Guo P.,CAS Beijing National Laboratory for Molecular | Chen P.,CAS Beijing National Laboratory for Molecular | Chen P.,Zhengzhou University | Liu M.,CAS Beijing National Laboratory for Molecular
ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces | Year: 2013

Surfactant-assisted self-assembly (SAS) has received much attention for supramolecular nanoassemblies, due to its simplicity and easiness in realizing a controllable assembly. However, in most of the existing SAS protocols, the employed surfactants work only as a regulator for a controllable assembly but not as active species for function improvement. In this paper, we report that a porphyrin, zinc 5,10,15,20-tetra(4-pyridyl)-21H,23H-porphine (ZnTPyP), could be assembled to form one-dimensional (1D) supramolecular nanostructures via a SAS method, wherein graphene oxide (GO) plays a fascinating role of sheetlike surfactant. We show that, when a chloroform or tetrahydrofuran solution of ZnTPyP is injected into an aqueous dispersion of GO, 1D supramolecular nanoassemblies of ZnTPyP with well-defined internal structures could be easily formulated in a controllable manner. Our experimental facts disclose that the complexation of ZnTPyP with the two-dimensional GO nanosheets plays an important role in this new type of SAS. More interestingly, compared with the 1D ZnTPyP nanoassemblies formulated via a conventional SAS, wherein cetyltrimethylammonium bromide is used as surfactant, those constructed via our GO-assisted SAS display distinctly enhanced photocatalytic activity for the photodegradation of rhodamine B under visible-light irradiation. Our new findings suggest that GO could work not only as an emergent sheetlike surfactant for SAS in terms of supramolecular nanoassembly but also as functional components during the performance of the assembled nanostructures. © 2013 American Chemical Society.

Kobakhidze A.,University of Sydney | Wang F.,Zhengzhou University | Wu L.,Nanjing Normal University | Wu L.,University of Sydney | And 3 more authors.
Physics Letters, Section B: Nuclear, Elementary Particle and High-Energy Physics | Year: 2016

The top and bottom seesaw model, which extends the top seesaw in order to accommodate a 125 GeV Higgs boson, predicts vector-like top/bottom partners and these partners can be bounded to form several neutral and charged singlet composite scalars by some new strong dynamics. In this letter, we use such a singlet scalar to interpret the 750 GeV diphoton resonance. This singlet scalar is dominantly produced through the gluon fusion process induced by the partners and its diphoton decay is induced by both the partners and the charged singlet scalars. We show that this scenario can readily account for the observed 750 GeV diphoton signal under the current LHC constraints. Further, this scenario predicts some other phenomenology, such as a strong correlation between the decays to γγ, Zγ and ZZ, a three-photon signal from the associate production of a singlet scalar and a photon, as well as some signals from the partner cascade decays. These signals may jointly allow for a test of this framework in future 100 TeV hadron collider and ILC experiments. © 2016 The Authors.

Nie B.,Zhengzhou University
Journal of magnetic resonance imaging : JMRI | Year: 2010

To automatically extract regions of interest (ROIs) and simultaneously preserve the anatomical characteristics of each individual, we developed a new atlas-based method utilizing a pair of coregistered brain template and digital atlas. Unlike the previous atlas-based method, this method treats each individual as the target image, and the template and atlas are each transformed to register with the individual. To evaluate the accuracy of this method we implemented it in extracting the hippocampus from two groups of T(2)-weighted structural images with different spatial resolutions and a group of T(2)*-weighted functional images. Furthermore, the results were compared against a manually segmented hippocampus and an atlas-derived hippocampus. Jaccard similarity (JS) reached 84.7%-90.5%, and relative error in volume (RV) was 4.8%-12.7%. The consistency observed between the results of the proposed method and manual drawing was therefore considerable. We developed a new atlas-based method for ROI extraction that can automatically extract ROI and simultaneously preserve each individual's unique anatomical characteristics.

Tesfatsion D.A.,Zhengzhou University
Immunotherapy | Year: 2014

As with many other types of malignancies, sustainable eradication of leukemia has been a challenge. This is related to the inevitable failure of conventional chemotherapeutic agents and radiation therapy to target the relatively quiescent leukemia stem cells, which are believed to have multidrug resistance, antiapoptotic capacity and enhanced DNA repair mechanisms allowing them to evade the immune system. Considering other therapeutic options that are minimally toxic to normal cells and effectively target not only the majority and more differentiated cancer cells, but also the rare residual leukemia cells, is of paramount importance. A number of immunotherapeutic options have been proposed to counter this challenge. One of the remarkable achievements in the field of immunotherapy has been the successful use of antigen presenting cells as vehicles of tumor/pathogenic antigens to the T-cell compartments. This review will focus on advances and perspectives of this arm of immunotherapy against leukemia. © 2014 Future Medicine Ltd.

Li Z.,Zhengzhou University
Zhonghua gan zang bing za zhi = Zhonghua ganzangbing zazhi = Chinese journal of hepatology | Year: 2013

To evaluate the clinical value of iodine[131I] metuximab infusion combined with transcatheter arterial chemoembolization (TACE) for treating cases of post-intervention relapse of mid or advanced stage hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC). Sixty patients who were diagnosed between March 2009 and June 2010 with relapse of mid or advanced stage HCC following previous intervention with various standard clinical methods were recruited for study. The patients were randomly and equally divided into a control treatment group (CG; receiving TACE therapy alone) and an experimental treatment group (TG; receiving TACE combined with iodine [131I] metuximab injection). For all patients, licartin was first perfused into the tumor feeding artery and then the TACE procedure was performed 20 min later. Liver function markers and routine blood parameters, including alpha-fetoprotein (AFP) and clotting time, were examined at one week and one month after the treatment. Enhanced computed tomography or magnetic resonance imaging of the liver was performed at one month after treatment and thereafter on a bi-monthly follow-up schedule. The World Health Organization's tumor evaluation standard was used to assess the therapeutic effects in each group. Results of laboratory tests (pre- and post-treatment), reported complications, and side-effects were evaluated for their contributions to time of tumor progression (TTP) and survival time. Patients in the TG and CG groups had similar blood cell counts at pre-operative and 1-week postoperative time points. The TG group showed a significantly reduced level of AFP following treatment, but it was not significantly different from the level in the CG group. The TG group did however show significantly different levels of liver functional parameters (all P less than 0.05) and significantly higher TTP (4.84+/-4.11 vs. CG: 2.54+/-2.08 months; t = -2.13, P less than 0.05) and average survival time (7.05 vs. 5.15 months; x2 = 4.24, P = 0.039). The rates of partial response (PR), slight remission (MR), unchanged status (SD) and progressive disease (PD) were 16.7%, 37.5%, 25.0% and 20.8% in the TG group, and 8.7%, 17.4%, 21.7% and 52.2% in the CG group. The therapeutic effect rate (CR + PR + MR) and reaction rate (CR + PR + MR + SD) was significantly different between the two groups (P = 0.048). No serious adverse effects were reported. TACE combined with iodine [131I] metuximab injection is a safe and effective procedure for prolonging the survival and TTP of patients with HCC relapse following prior therapeutic intervention.

Shen D.,Cedars Sinai Heart Institute | Shen D.,Zhengzhou University | Cheng K.,Cedars Sinai Heart Institute | Marban E.,Cedars Sinai Heart Institute
Journal of Cellular and Molecular Medicine | Year: 2012

Despite mounting pre-clinical and clinical evidence of the beneficial effects of cell-based therapy, optimal cell dosing and delivery approaches have not been identified. Cardiospheres are self-assembling three-dimensional (3D) microtissues formed by cardiac stem cells and supporting cell types. The ability of cardiospheres to augment cardiac function has been demonstrated in animal models of ischemic cardiomyopathy. In this study, we studied the dose dependence of the benefits of human cardiospheres, delivered via intramyocardial injection, upon cardiac function and ventricular remodelling in SCID mice with acute myocardial infarction. Four doses of cardiospheres were used: 1 × 104, 5 × 104, 1 × 105 and 5 × 105 (expressed as number of plated cardiosphere-forming cells). Acute (24 hr) cell retention rates in all groups were similar. Functional assessment and quantitative heart morphometry indicated benefit from higher cell doses (≥5 × 104) in terms of ejection fraction, infarct size and capillary density. Histological analysis indicated that the dose-dependent benefit was primarily because of indirect effects of transplanted cells. The results provide scalable data on cardiosphere dosing for intramyocardial injection. © 2011 The Authors Journal of Cellular and Molecular Medicine © 2011 Foundation for Cellular and Molecular Medicine/Blackwell Publishing Ltd.

Ping X.,Zhengzhou University
Electronic Journal of Geotechnical Engineering | Year: 2012

The conformal mapping method of complex functions and expansion method of wave functions are adopted, the stresses and displacements at the cavity boundary are considered as continuous, and then the theoretical solutions are obtained about the 2-dimensional scattering problem of incident P wave from a fluid-filled arbitrary cavity. The elliptical and circular cavities are taken as examples, and some factors that influence the scattering amplitude and DSCF (dynamic stress concentration factor) are studied, such as the length ratios of minor axis to major axis, whether they are filled with fluid or not, the incident frequencies, and the cavity geometry. © 2012 ejge.

Zhang Y.-P.,Zhengzhou University
Journal of Clinical Gastroenterology | Year: 2016

BACKGROUND:: The role of physical activity in preventing gallstone disease independent of its effect on the body weight has not been well established. We performed a systematic review and meta-analysis of cohort and case-control studies to analyze this potential association. METHODS:: We searched PubMed and EMBASE to identify all published studies in English through April 2016. We pooled the relative risks (RRs) or odds ratios (ORs) and corresponding 95% confidence intervals (CIs) from individual studies using a random-effects model to investigate associations between physical activity and the risk of gallstone disease. RESULTS:: A total of 16 studies comprising 19 independent reports of approximately 260,000 participants met the inclusion criteria, including 6 case-control studies and 13 cohort studies. In a pooled analysis of cohort studies, physical activity (in a comparison of the highest-level and the lowest-level groups) was associated with a reduced risk of gallstone disease (RR=0.85; 95% CI, 0.78-0.92; I=79.5%). For men, the RR was 0.76 (95% CI, 0.60-0.97), and for women, the RR was similar (RR=0.77; 95% CI, 0.66-0.91). In a dose-response analysis, the RR of gallstone disease was 0.87 (95% CI, 0.83-0.92; I=1.0%) per 20 metabolic equivalent-hours of recreational physical per week. In comparison, case-control studies yielded a stronger significant risk reduction for gallstone disease (OR=0.64; 95% CI, 0.46-0.90; I=76.6%). CONCLUSIONS:: This study suggests an inverse association between physical activity and gallstone disease in both men and women; however, these findings should be interpreted cautiously because of study heterogeneity. Copyright © 2016 Wolters Kluwer Health, Inc. All rights reserved.

Liu B.-C.,Xian Jiaotong University | Liu B.-C.,Chinese Academy of Sciences | Xie J.-J.,Chinese Academy of Sciences | Xie J.-J.,Zhengzhou University
Physical Review C - Nuclear Physics | Year: 2012

Recently, we reported a theoretical study on the K -p→ηΛ reaction near threshold by using an effective Lagrangian approach. It was found that the description of angular distribution data measured by the Crystal Ball Collaboration needs a D 03 resonance with mass M=1668.5±0.5 MeV and total decay width Γ=1.5±0.5 MeV, which is not the conventional Λ(1690) or other Λ state listed in the Particle Data Group book. In the present work, we study the Λ polarization in the K -p→ηΛ reaction within the same framework. The results show that the existence of this narrow D 03 state is also compatible with current Λ polarization data and that the more accurate Λ polarization data at P K -=735 MeV can offer further evidence for the existence of this resonance. Furthermore, the role of the Λ(1690) resonance in this reaction is also discussed. © 2012 American Physical Society.

Bajaj A.,The Wright Center for Graduate Medical Education | Rathor P.,Zhengzhou University | Sehgal V.,The Common Wealth Medical College | Shetty A.,The Common Wealth Medical College
Heart and Lung: Journal of Acute and Critical Care | Year: 2015

The objective our meta-analysis is to update the evidence on the efficacy of noninvasive ventilation (NIV) compared with conventional oxygen therapy after planned extubation. We did a systematic literature review of database, including Pubmed, EMBASE, and Cochrane. We included randomized controlled trials comparing NIV with conventional oxygen therapy after planned extubation in medical intensive care unit (ICU) in our analysis. The results of our meta-analysis is consistent with the results of previous reviews and show that NIV decreased reintubation rate significantly as compared to conventional oxygen therapy in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and patients at high risk for extubation failure; COPD (RR, 0.33; 95% CI, 0.16-0.69; I2 = 0), high risk (RR, 0.47; 95% CI, 0.32-0.70; I2 = 0). However, in a mixed medical ICU population, there was no statistical difference of reintubation rate between the two groups (RR, 0.66; 95% CI, 0.25-1.73; I2 = 68%). Our study suggests that use of NIV after planned extubation significantly decreases the reintubation rate in COPD patients and patients at high risk for extubation failure, confirming the findings of previous reviews. There is no difference in the reintubation rate between the two groups in the mixed medical ICU population. © 2015 Elsevier Inc..

Kuo H.-Y.,National Chiao Tung University | Pan E.,Zhengzhou University
Journal of Applied Physics | Year: 2011

Rayleigh's formalism is generalized for the evaluation of the effective material properties in multicoated circular fibrous multiferroic composites. The derived solution is applied to the special three-phase composite in which coated fibers are embedded in a matrix. For composites made of piezoelectric (BaTiO3) and piezomagnetic (CoFe2O4 or Terfenol-D) phases, we find that the magnetoelectric effect in the composite made of CoFe2O4 coated BaTiO3 in matrix Terfenol-D is five times larger than that in the composite made of BaTiO 3 coated Terfenol-D in matrix CoFe2O4. Furthermore, in each case, with appropriate coating to the circular fiber, the magnetoelectric effect in the coated composites can be enhanced by more than one order of magnitude as compared to the corresponding noncoating composite. © 2011 American Institute of Physics.

Yang C.,Zhengzhou University
Journal of Computational Methods in Sciences and Engineering | Year: 2015

Based on the characters of information, a model of information utilities indifference curve has been build which combined information abundance and rechness. The information utilities indifference curve has been explained and discussed, and then analyses how enterprise choose information combination based on cost bind, that is the equilibrium condition of enterprise realizing the most satisfactory information utilities combination, and points out that the formed equilibrium must be broked by the advancement of information technology, this impels the change of enterprise's behavior model and organization structure, the new equilibrium comes into being. © 2015 - IOS Press and the authors. All rights reserved.

Wu J.-P.,Zhengzhou University
Communications in Theoretical Physics | Year: 2010

Based on the Hirota bilinear form, a simple approach without employing the standard perturbation technique, is presented for constructing a novel N-soliton solution for a (3+1)-dimensional nonlinear evolution equation. Moreover, the novel N-soliton solution is shown to have resonant behavior with the aid of Mathematica. © 2010 Chinese Physical Society and IOP Publishing Ltd.

Li W.,Zhengzhou University | Li S.,Zhongyuan University of Technology
International Journal of Systems Science | Year: 2015

We study the online batch scheduling of equal-length jobs on two identical batch machines. Each batch machine can process up to b jobs simultaneously as a batch (where b is called the capacity of the machines). The goal is to determine a schedule that maximises the (weighted) number of early jobs. For the non-preemptive model, we first present an upper bound that depends on the machine capacity b, and then we provide a greedy online algorithm with a competitive ratio of 1/(b + 1). For the preemption-restart model with b = ∞, we first show that no online algorithm has a competitive ratio greater than 0.595, and then we design an online algorithm with a competitive ratio of. © 2013 Taylor and Francis.

Sagar S.K.,Zhengzhou University
Saudi journal of kidney diseases and transplantation : an official publication of the Saudi Center for Organ Transplantation, Saudi Arabia | Year: 2013

The objective of this study was to detect the expression of Angiotensin-II (Ang-II), Hypoxia-inducible factor-1α (HIF-1α) and Endothelin-1 (ET-1) in the kidneys of patients with diabetic nephropathy (DN) and to investigate their relationship with renal interstitial fibrosis (RIF). A total of 47 paraffin specimens of patients with DN and six controls were enrolled in this study, and all were diagnosed by histopathology. We studied the expressions of Ang-II, HIF-1α and ET-1 by immuno-histochemical staining and the level of RIF by Masson staining. The following results were found: (a) RIF existed in the kidneys of patients with DN, (b) the expressions of Ang-II, HIF-1α and ET-1 were lower in the control group but increased significantly in the DN group, (c) the expression of Ang-II, HIF-1α and ET-1 in tubular epithelial cells directly correlated with RIF (r s = 0.659, 0.633, 0.716, P <0.01) and (d) the expression of Ang-II, ET-1 and HIF-1α in the kidneys of patients with DN positively correlated with serum creatinine (Scr) levels (r s = 0.391, 0.594, 0.531, P <0.01) but they did not correlate with the 24-h urinary protein, blood glucose and serum albumin levels. These results provide new insights suggesting that over-expression of Ang-II, HIF-1α and ET-1 promote the progression of RIF in DN. Thus, targeting reduction in the expression of Ang-II, HIF-1α and ET-1 can delay RIF in DN. Further studies are needed to validate this observation.

BACKGROUND: Fast resting heart rate might increase the risk of developing type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM). However, it is unclear whether resting heart rate could be used to predict the risk of undiagnosed T2DM. Therefore, the purposes of this study were to examine the association between resting heart rate and undiagnosed T2DM, and evaluate the feasibility of using resting heart rate as a marker for identifying the risk of undiagnosed T2DM.METHODS: A cross-sectional survey was conducted. Resting heart rate and relevant covariates were collected and measured. Fasting blood samples were obtained to measure blood glucose using the modified hexokinase enzymatic method. Predictive performance was analyzed by Receiver Operating Characteristic (ROC) curve.RESULTS: This study included 16, 636 subjects from rural communities aged 35-78 years. Resting heart rate was significantly associated with undiagnosed T2DM in both genders. For resting heart rate categories of <60, 60-69, 70-79, and ≥80 beats/min, adjusted odds ratios for undiagnosed T2DM were 1.04, 2.32, 3.66 and 1.05, 1.57, 2.98 in male and female subjects, respectively. For male subjects, resting heart rate ≥70 beats/min could predict undiagnosed T2DM with 76.56% sensitivity and 48.64% specificity. For female subjects, the optimum cut-off point was ≥79 beats/min with 49.72% sensitivity and 67.53% specificity. The area under the ROC curve for predicting undiagnosed T2DM was 0.65 (95% CI: 0.64-0.66) and 0.61(95% CI: 0.60-0.62) in male and female subjects, respectively.CONCLUSIONS: Fast resting heart rate is associated with an increased risk of undiagnosed T2DM in male and female subjects. However, resting heart rate as a marker has limited potential for screening those at high risk of undiagnosed T2DM in adults living in rural areas.

Kong K.L.,University of Hong Kong | Kwong D.L.W.,University of Hong Kong | Chan T.H.-M.,University of Hong Kong | Law S.Y.-K.,University of Hong Kong | And 5 more authors.
Gut | Year: 2012

Background: To understand the involvement of micro- RNA (miRNA) in the development and progression of oesophageal squamous cell carcinoma (ESCC), miRNA profiles were compared between tumour and corresponding non-tumour tissues. Methods: miRCURY LNA array was used to generate miRNA expressing profile. Real-time quantitative PCR was applied to detectthe expression of miR-375 in ESCC samples and its correlation with insulin-like growth factor 1 receptor (IGF1R). Methylation-specific PCR was used to study the methylation status in the promoter region of miR-375. The tumour-suppressive effect of miR-375 was determined by both in-vitro and in-vivo assays. Results: The downregulation of miR-375 was frequently detected in primary ESCC, which was significantly correlated with advanced stage (p=0.003), distant metastasis (p<0.0001), poor overall survival (p=0.048) and disease-free survival (p=0.0006). Promoter methylation of miR-375 was detected in 26 of 45 (57.8%) ESCC specimens. Functional assays demonstrated that miR-375 could inhibit clonogenicity, cell motility, cell proliferation, tumour formation and metastasis in mice. Further study showed that miR-375 could interact with the 39-untranslated region of IGF1R and downregulate its expression. In clinical specimens, the expression of IGF1R was also negatively correlated with miR-375 expression (p=0.008). Conclusions: This study demonstrates that miR-375 has a strong tumour-suppressive effect through inhibiting the expression of IGF1R. The downregulation of miR-375, which is mainly caused by promoter methylation, is one of the molecular mechanisms involved in the development and progression of ESCC.

Jie L.,Zhengzhou University
International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology | Year: 2013

The mechanism of an interlayer gap formation and the influence of an interlayer gap in drilling of stacked metal materials were investigated. The interlayer gap formation is due to material bending by interlayer thrust force. The simplified analytical model was developed in order to show the relationship of the interlayer gap and the various factors, and the minimization of the interlayer gap depends mainly on the push-up force, the interlayer thrust force, and the flexural rigidity of each layer. The experimental research indicated that the interlayer gap size has a significant effect on interlayer burr size. When the interlayer gap is small enough, the effects of the material behavior and the cutting parameters will be attenuated. The different spatial size of burr formation causes the difference between the interlayer burr morphology and the surface layer burr morphology. © 2013 Springer-Verlag London.

Xiang L.,Zhengzhou University
Zhonghua yi xue za zhi | Year: 2011

To explore the technique of endovascular therapy for ruptured intracranial very small aneurysms and evaluate the feasibility and safety of endovascular treatment of such aneurysms. Twenty-two intracranial very small aneurysms in 22 patients with subarachnoid hemorrhage undergoing endovascular therapy were reviewed retrospectively. Their clinical, imaging, interventional and follow-up data were analyzed. Among them, there were 13 males and 9 females with a mean age of 54.5 years old. The Hunt-Hess grade was as follows: Grades I and II (n = 12) and Grades III and IV (n = 10). The locations of aneurysms were as follows: anterior communicating artery (n = 7), middle cerebral artery (n = 2), posterior communicating artery (n = 8) and internal carotid artery (n = 5). All aneurysms were embolized with coils. Among them, 7 received stent assistance and 2 balloon remodeling. Among 22 coiled aneurysms, complete occlusion was achieved in 17 aneurysms, neck remnant occurred in 1 patient and aneurysm remnant in 4 patients. Two aneurysms ruptured during coiling and one patient died from it. One patient had transient hemiparesis. All patients received a follow-up of 3 - 36 months and there was no recurrent hemorrhage. Endovascular treatment of ruptured intracranial very small aneurysms seems to be technically feasible, relatively safe and practically effective. An appropriate selection of interventional materials and use of sophisticated techniques yield an excellent outcome.

Zhao Y.Z.,Zhengzhou University
Zhonghua wei chang wai ke za zhi = Chinese journal of gastrointestinal surgery | Year: 2011

To investigate long-term survival after multivisceral resection in patients with locally advanced right colon cancer. The clinical data and survival of 13 patients with locally advanced right colon cancer were retrospectively analyzed. There were 8 males and 5 females with a mean age of 58.6 years. Location of the primary tumor included hepatic flexure(n=6), transverse colon(n=2), and ascending colon(n=5). Three patients had duodenal invasion alone, 9 had involvement of duodenum and other organs, and 1 had pancreas and stomach involvement. Right colectomy and pancreaticoduodenectomy and(or) resection of other organs were performed. The 1-, 3-, and 5-year survival rates were 69%, 54%, and 30%, respectively. Right colectomy combined with multivisceral resection is a promising procedure for selected patients with locally advanced colon cancer.

Xia C.,Henan Normal University | Xue B.,Henan Normal University | Wang T.,Henan Normal University | Peng Y.,Henan Normal University | Jia Y.,Zhengzhou University
Applied Physics Letters | Year: 2015

The electronic characteristics of arsenene-graphene van der Waals (vdW) heterostructures are studied by using first-principles methods. The results show that a linear Dirac-like dispersion relation around the Fermi level can be quite well preserved in the vdW heterostructures. Moreover, the p-type Schottky barrier (0.18 eV) to n-type Schottky barrier (0.31 eV) transition occurs when the interlayer distance increases from 2.8 to 4.5 Å, which indicates that the Schottky barrier can be tuned effectively by the interlayer distance in the vdW heterostructures. © 2015 AIP Publishing LLC.

Lin Y.C.,Central South University | Chen X.-M.,Central South University | Zhang J.,Zhengzhou University
Polymer Testing | Year: 2011

Polymer-based conductive adhesive materials have become widely used in many electronic packaging interconnect applications. Uniaxial ratchetting behavior of anisotropic conductive adhesive film (ACF) was studied by uniaxial cyclic tension experiments. The effects of mean stress, stress amplitude and loading history on the ratchetting response of ACF material were analyzed. Results show that (1) the ratchetting strain amplitude and ratchetting strain rate of the ACF material increase with increasing stress amplitude or mean stress; (2) the ACF material has a strong memory of loading history. Prior stress cycling with higher mean stress or stress amplitude restrains the ratchetting strain in subsequent cycling with lower mean stress or stress amplitude. Prior stress cycling with higher stress rate will accelerate the plastic deformation of subsequent cycling with lower stress rate for the ACF material. © 2010 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

Zhang G.P.,Renmin University of China | Zhang G.P.,Iowa State University | Qin Z.J.,Zhengzhou University
Physics Letters, Section A: General, Atomic and Solid State Physics | Year: 2010

The transport property of zigzag graphene nanoribbon (ZGNR) connected by two normal metal contacts is investigated by Landauer-Buttiker formula combined with transfer matrix method. In addition to even-odd parity, we found that the conductivity is completely determined by the width-to-length ratio. For certain wide ZGNR with even number carbon atoms in the width direction, the conductivity dependence on the length changes from linearly to inversely, when the length approaches the thermodynamic limit, as the transport property is quite different for different aspect of ZGNR. © 2010 Elsevier B.V.

Yang L.L.,Zhengzhou University
Zhongguo shi yan xue ye xue za zhi / Zhongguo bing li sheng li xue hui = Journal of experimental hematology / Chinese Association of Pathophysiology | Year: 2013

This study was aimed to investigate the clinical features of CD56(+) patients with acute monocytic leukemia (AML-M5) and their prognostic significance. The data of 76 newly-diagnosed patients from our hospital were analyzed retrospectively. Patients were divided into two groups: CD56(+) group (21 patients) and CD56(-) group (55 patients). The clinical features, CR rate, relapse rate, the duration of CR, and survival time of patients between the two groups were compared. The results indicated that the CD56(+) antigen was observed in 21 patients (27.6%), their median age was 51.5 years and with a range 16 - 70 years. Of the 21 CD56(+) patients, the high WBC count was found in 57.1% CD56(+) patients (12/21), but it only in 15% CD56(-) patients (P < 0.05). The extramedullary infiltration was seen in 13 CD56(+) patients, and accounted for 62% (13/21), meanwhile this infiltration was found in 18 CD56(-) patients (18/55) and accounted for 33% (P < 0.05). All cases immunophenotypically highly expressed CD13, CD33, CD64, CD11b, cMPO, CD38, in which only the expression frequency of CD11b was positively related with CD56 (r = 0.59, P < 0.05). The CR rate in CD56(+) group accounted for 60.0%, and had no significant difference in comparison with that in CD56(-) group. In CD56(+) group the relapse rate was 75% (P = 0.042), the mean duration of CR was 5.5 months (95%CI, 3.1 - 8.6, P = 0.002), the median overall survival time was 10.1 months (95%CI, 2.3 - 16.3, P = 0.001). and all these had statistical significance as compared with that in CD56(-) group. It is concluded that CD56(+) AML-M5 patients always complicate with high WBC count and extramedullary infiltration, their CR rate and duration of CR are lower and shorter respectively, their relapse rate and prognosis are high and poor respectively.

Yang X.,Zhengzhou University | Wang J.,Henan University
Physics Letters, Section A: General, Atomic and Solid State Physics | Year: 2010

The Lax pair of a lattice equation is given by a discrete spectral problem and the negative Kaup-Newell spectral problem. Based on the Lax nonlinearization technique, they are transformed into a symplectic map and a Hamiltonian system, which are integrable in the Liouville sense and are straightened out in the Jacobi coordinates. An algebraic-geometric solution of the lattice equation is obtained by the Riemann-Jacobi inversion. Explicit solutions of the associated lattice hierarchy are given. © 2010 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

Yang X.-J.,Zhengzhou University | Yang X.-J.,China University of Mining and Technology | Baleanu D.,Cankaya University | Baleanu D.,King Abdulaziz University | Baleanu D.,Romanian Space Science Institute
Thermal Science | Year: 2013

This paper points out a novel local fractional variational iteration method for processing the local fractional heat conduction equation arising in fractal heat transfer.

Wang F.,Zhengzhou University
Nan fang yi ke da xue xue bao = Journal of Southern Medical University | Year: 2010

To explore the expression of stathmin gene in esophageal squamous cell carcinoma (ESCC) and its correlation to oncogenesis of ESCC. Three ESCC cell lines, 75 ESCC samples, 25 tumor-adjacent samples and 30 normal esophageal mucosa samples were examined for the expression of stathmin mRNA and protein by in situ hybridization and immunohistochemistry, respectively. The correlations of stathmin expression to the clinicopathological features of the patients were analyzed. Overexpression of stathmin mRNA and protein was found in 3 ESCC cell lines EC9706, Eca109 and EC-1, with the positive expression rates exceeding 80%. The positive rates of stathmin mRNA and protein in ESCC samples were 82.7% and 81.3%, respectively. There were significant differences in the relative contents of stathmin mRNA and protein among normal mucosa tissue, tumor-adjacent tissue and cancer tissue (chi2=19.204 and 25.03, respectively, P<0.01). In addition, a positive correlation was noted between stathmin mRNA and protein expressions in ESCC (r=0.413, P=0.000). The relative contents of stathmin mRNA and protein were significantly correlated to the differentiation degree, lymph node metastasis, invasive depth and TNM stage of ESCC (P<0.05). The expression of stathmin mRNA and protein is upregulated in ESCC with correlation to the differentiation degree, lymph node metastasis, invasive depth and TNM stage of ESCC, suggesting the possible involvement of stathmin in the oncogenesis of ESCC. Combined detection of stathmin mRNA and protein may prove valuable for early diagnosis and prognosis of ESCC, and stathmin may serve as a potential molecular target for biotherapy of the tumor.

Zhang H.Y.,Zhengzhou University
Nan fang yi ke da xue xue bao = Journal of Southern Medical University | Year: 2010

To study the role of S100A4 in the carcinogenesis, development, invasion and metastasis of esophageal squamous cell carcinoma. Immunohistochemistry was used to detect the expressions of S100A4, MMP-2 and E-cadherin proteins in 100 cases of surgically resected esophageal squamous cell carcinoma specimens. RT-PCR and Western blot were used to detect the expressions of S100A4 mRNA and protein in esophageal squamous cell carcinoma line EC-1 and TE-1. Boyden-chamber model in vitro was utilized to detect the invasion ability of EC-1 and TE-1 cells. The positivity rate of S100A4 protein was 52.0% was in esophageal carcinoma tissues, significantly higher than that in normal tissues (26.0%) (P<0.01). The expression of S100A4 was related to tumor grading, invasive depth and lymph node metastasis (P<0.05). In esophageal carcinoma, the expression of S100A4 was positively correlated to MMP-2 expression (P<0.01), but inversely to E-cadherin expression (P<0.05). The expressions of S100A4 mRNA (0.894-/+0.021) and protein (0.897-/+0.053) in EC-1 cells were significantly higher than those in TE-1 (0.812-/+0.040 and 0.645-/+0.089, respectively, P<0.01), and the invasion ability of EC-1 cells was significantly higher than that of TE-1 cells (91.00-/+17.44 vs 61.80-/+11.10, P<0.01). The overexpression of S100A4 in esophageal squamous cell carcinoma tissue and highly invasive EC-1 cells may contribute to the carcinogenesis, development, invasion and metastasis of esophageal squamous cell carcinoma.

Yuan J.,Zhengzhou University
Journal of Scheduling | Year: 2016

For single machine scheduling to minimize the number of tardy jobs with deadlines, Lawler showed in 1983 that the problem is binary NP-hard. But the exact complexity (unary NP-hard or pseudo-polynomial-time solvability) is a long- standing open problem. We show in this paper that the problem is unary NP-hard. Our research also implies that the scheduling problem for finding an optimal schedule to minimize the number of tardy jobs that also satisfies the restriction of deadlines is unary NP-hard. As a consequence, some multi-agent scheduling problems related to minimizing the number of tardy jobs and maximum lateness are unary NP-hard. © 2016 Springer Science+Business Media New York

The current study intended to examine the signal transduction pathway of N1-(quinolin-2-ylmethyl) butane-1, 4-diamine (QMA) in antiplatelet aggregation. Rats were divided randomly into five groups: control group; QMA-treated groups (0.3, 1, and 3 mg/kg); and r-Hirudin-treated group (0.3 mg/kg). Sample groups intravenously injected the corresponding agents once a day for 5 days; control group took 0.9% NaCl in the same way. Ten minutes after the last injection, blood samples were obtained from the rat abdominal aorta. Aggregation ex vivo was tested after irritating platelets by 1.5 U/ml thrombin for 5 min with a platelet aggregometer. Malondialdehyde production, activity of superoxide dismutase and nitric oxide production were determined by the microplate reader. Measurement of [Ca2+]i was performed using a fluorescence spectrophotometer. Thromboxane A2, cyclic adenosine monophosphate and cyclic guanosine monophosphate levels, vasodilator-stimulated phosphoprotein, and mitogen-activated protein kinase phosphorylation were measured with ELISA kits. Phospholipase C γ2 and protein kinase C were observed by immunoblotting study. QMA inhibited thrombin-induced platelet aggregation ex vivo. QMA significantly elevated superoxide dismutase activity, levels of cyclic adenosine monophosphate, cyclic guanosine monophosphate, nitric oxide, and subsequently promoted vasodilator-stimulated phosphoprotein phosphorylation. Meanwhile, QMA suppressed phospholipase C γ2, protein kinase C and mitogenactivated protein kinase phosphorylation, as well as malondialdehyde, thromboxane A2 formation and [Ca2+]i mobilization. QMA has a strong antiplatelet potential via its multitarget mechanism. Copyright © 2014 Lippincott Williams & Wilkins.

Lu H.Q.,Zhengzhou University
Zhonghua yu fang yi xue za zhi [Chinese journal of preventive medicine] | Year: 2012

This study aimed to investigate the effects of gene polymorphism of heat shock protein 70-2 (HSP 70-2) 1267A/G on the mRNA level HSP 70-2 mRNA and the protein level HSP 70 in human lung cancer. Forty six lung cancer patients diagnosed histopathologically between February and August 2008 from a hospital in zhengzhou were enrolled as the subjects in this study. Gene polymorphism of HSP 70-2 1276A/G in 46 patients with lung cancer was detected by PCR-RFLP. The mRNA levels of HSP 70-2 mRNA and the protein levels of HSP 70 in lung tissue and para-cancerous tissues of these subjects were determined by RT-PCR and Western blotting respectively. The expression levels of HSP 70-2 mRNA (1.02 ± 0.30) and HSP 70 protein (0.44 ± 0.12) in the lung cancer tissues was significantly higher than that in para-cancerous tissues (0.19 ± 0.04, 0.12 ± 0.02). The relative levels of HSP 70-2 mRNA in the subjects with AA genotype (1.32 ± 0.22) were significantly higher than the patients with AG genotype or GG genotype (0.95 ± 0.17, 0.70 ± 0.16) at the site of 1267 (A/G) (P < 0.01); however, the relative protein levels of HSP 70 were 0.47 ± 0.13 (AA genotype), 0.42 ± 0.11 (AG genotype), 0.45 ± 0.11 (GG genotype), respectively, which showed no statistically significant difference (P > 0.05). The polymorphism of HSP 70-2 1267 (A/G) is highly associated with the transcription level of HSP 70-2 mRNA, but not with the expression level of HSP 70 protein.

Zhao B.,Luoyang Normal University | Zhu W.,Zhengzhou University
Chinese Journal of Organic Chemistry | Year: 2014

The main focus of this review is on the supramolecular calixarene-tetrathiafulvalene chemistry. The general aspects of molecular design of calixarene-tetrathiafulvalene systems are reviewed on the attachment of tetrathiafulvalene unit(s) on the calixarene framework through the upper rims or lower rims, and the structually related thiacalixarene and calixpyrroles and so on. This survey is also presented from the view of supamolecular application of calixarene-tetrathiafulvalene systems in electrochemically molecular recognition, ion-mediated electron transfer, molecular assembly, molecular switches and devices etc. © 2014 Chinese Chemical Society & SIOC, CAS

Ma H.,Zhengzhou University
Stem Cell | Year: 2014

The stem cell is the origin of an organism's life that has the potential to develop into many different types of cells in life bodies. In many tissues stem cells serve as a sort of internal repair system, dividing essentially without limit to replenish other cells as long as the person or animal is still alive. When a stem cell divides, each new cell has the potential either to remain a stem cell or become another type of cell with a more specialized function, such as a red blood cell or a brain cell.

Ji A.F.,Zhengzhou University
Zhonghua nei ke za zhi [Chinese journal of internal medicine] | Year: 2012

To explore the association of C20orf54 gene rs3746804 position single nucleotide polymorphism and susceptibility to esophageal squamous cell carcinoma (ESCC). Purification of genomic DNA from whole blood was used the Maxwell(16) System. rs3746804 in C20orf54 was detected by direct sequencing in 434 ESCC patients from Changzhi (Shanxi province) and Linzhou (Henan province) and 554 healthy controls from Changzhi, Linzhou and including immigrators from Linzhou to Changzhi. For rs3746804, the genotypic frequencies of CT (37.5% vs 51.0%, 37.5% vs 52.0%), CC (44.2% vs 34.8%, 44.2% vs 33.0%) in Changzhi ESCC patients showed significant differences with healthy Changzhi controls and the healthy immigrator controls (all P < 0.05), and the frequencies of TT (18.3% vs 4.1%) and CC (44.2% vs 54.6%) in Changzhi ESCC patients showed significant differences with Linzhou ESCC patients (all P < 0.05). The genotypic frequencies of TT (4.1% vs 15.0%), CT (41.2% vs 52.0%) and CC(54.6% vs 33.0%) showed significant differences between Linzhou ESCC patients and the healthy immigrator controls (all P < 0.05), and the frequencies of TT (4.1% vs 14.1%) and CC(54.6% vs 34.8%) showed significant differences between Linzhou ESCC patients and Changzhi healthy controls (all P < 0.01). Meanwhile, there were significant differences between ESCC patients (including Changzhi and Linzhou ESCC patients) and healthy controls (including the healthy Changzhi, Linzhou and immigrator controls) in genotypic frequencies of CT (39.2% vs 48.7%) and CC (48.8% vs 38.2%) (all P < 0.01). CT and CT + TT genotype could decrease the risk of ESCC compared with the CC genotype (OR = 0.630, 95%CI 0.481 - 0.826; OR = 0.654, 95%CI 0.507 - 0.844). There is a closed relationship between SNP rs3746804 in C20orf54 and susceptibility to ESCC.

Zhu G.,Nanjing Medical University | Lou W.,Zhengzhou University
Head and Neck | Year: 2014

Background Because of ease of harvest and low immunogenicity, xenogeneic acellular nerve graft (XANG) may be an alternative to autologous nerve to repair facial nerve defects. Methods Facial nerve defects of Wistar rats were repaired by XANG, and nerve gap regeneration was investigated by electrophysiological test, horseradish peroxidase (HRP) retrograde tracing and histomorphometric analysis, as compared to autograft. Results Twenty weeks after the grafting, electrophysiology showed that whisker pad muscles responded to the electrical stimuli given at the site proximal to the transplantation in 2 groups. Some HRP-labeled facial motorneurons were located on the facial nucleus of the operated side, and an abundance of myelinated axons were found at the middle of the grafts and obvious motor endplates in the target muscles in 2 groups, although they were inferior to the contralateral side in numbers. Conclusion XANG represents an alternative approach for the reconstruction of peripheral facial nerve defects. © 2013 Wiley Periodicals, Inc.

Zhao L.,Colorado State University | Zhao L.,Zhengzhou University | Sullivan M.N.,Colorado State University | Chase M.,Colorado State University | And 2 more authors.
American Journal of Respiratory Cell and Molecular Biology | Year: 2014

Proliferation of airway smooth muscle cells (ASMCs) contributes to the remodeling and irreversible obstruction of airways during severe asthma, but the mechanisms underlying this disease process are poorly understood. Here we tested the hypothesis that Ca2+ influx through the vanilliod transient receptor potential channel (TRPV) 4 stimulates ASMC proliferation. We found that synthetic and endogenous TRPV4 agonists increase proliferation of primary ASMCs. Furthermore, we demonstrate that Ca2+ influx through individual TRPV4 channels produces Ca2+ microdomains in ASMCs, called "TRPV4 Ca2+ sparklets." We also show that TRPV4 channels colocalize with the Ca2+/calmodulin-dependent protein phosphatase calcineurin in ASMCs. Activated calcineurin dephosphorylates nuclear factor of activated T cells (NFAT) transcription factors cytosolic (c) to allow nuclear translocation and activation of synthetic transcriptional pathways. We show that ASMC proliferation in response to TRPV4 activity is associated with calcineurin-dependent nuclear translocation of the NFATc3 isoform tagged with green florescent protein. Our findings suggest that Ca2+ microdomains created by TRPV4 Ca2+ sparklets activate calcineurin to stimulate nuclear translocation of NFAT and ASMC proliferation. These findings further suggest that inhibition of TRPV4 could diminish asthma-induced airway remodeling. Copyright © 2014 by the American Thoracic Society.

Zhou T.,Zhengzhou University
Wei sheng yan jiu = Journal of hygiene research | Year: 2013

To explore the influence of water fluoride exposure on sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG) and testosterone in adult male. Cross-sectional study was conducted in three villages of Tongxu county including high fluoride group (HFG), defluoridation project group (DFPG) and control group (CG) based on the fluoride concentration in drinking water. Adult male who were born and raised in the village and aged 18 - 50 years old were recruited using cluster sampling. Fasting blood and morning urine samples were collected. The fluoride levels in drinking water and urine were detected by fluoride-ion selective electrode method. Serum SHBG level was determined using enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA). The chemical luminescence immune analysis method was used to detect serum testosterone content. Serum SHBG level was 47.85 nmol/L in CG, 31.37 nmol/L in DFPG and 24.52 nmol/L in HFG respectively. There were significant difference among of three groups (P < 0.05). Serum testosterone level was 3.69 ng/ml in CG, 4.61 ng/ml in DFPG and 4.83 ng/ml in HFG respectively. Serum testosterone level in HFG was significantly higher than that in CG (P < 0.05). Serum SHBG level in HFG has positive correlation with serum testosterone (r = 0.230, P = 0.049), which has not been observed in DFPG and CG. Long-time fluorine exposure may affect serum SHBG and testosterone level in adult male.

Xie P.,Henan Agricultural University | Guo F.,Zhengzhou University
Current Organic Chemistry | Year: 2011

A brief review on the development of dye-sensitized solar cells (DSSCs) is presented, with the main focus on ruthenium complexes, as photosensitizers of nanocrystalline TiO2 films. In a DSSC, the charge separation is initiated at the adsorbed dye, which is bound at the interface of a TiO2 film. Careful modification of the dyes can tune the spectroscopic, electrochemical properties and photovoltaic performance of the solar cells. It is necessary to optimize the properties of the dye in conjunction with other factors in order to best exploit and be fully compatible with other cell modifications in the development of cheap and efficient photovoltaic systems. In this review, current strategies for the molecular design of the ruthenium complexes including improving the light harvesting in the visible and near-IR region, increasing high optical extinction coefficients and increasing the charge separation and stability of the dyes are discussed. © 2011 Bentham Science Publishers.

Zhao X.-H.,Zhengzhou University
International Eye Science | Year: 2016

AIM: To explore the application of 25G vitreous cavity perfusion in phacoemulsification for cataract after vitrectomy. METHODS: Forty-eight patients (50 eyes) with cataract after pars planavitrectomy in our hospital from September 2013 to September 2014 were selected to receive phacoemulsification and implantation of artificial lens with 25G vitreous cavity perfusion. Best corrected visual acuity (BCVA), intraocular pressure (IOP), postoperative discomfort, healing of scleral puncture and postoperative complications were observed. RESULTS: All patients underwent surgery successfully. Compared to before operation, there was less patients with BCVA ≤0.1, more patients with BCVA 0.3-0.5, >0.5, >0.3 (P<0.05). The visual acuity of 1 eye decreased because of vitreous hemorrhage caused by original fundus lesion recurrence. The mean IOP before operation and at 1, 7 d, 6 mo after operation were 14.67±0.62 mmHg, 14.75±0.56 mmHg, 14.86±0.58 mmHg, 14.88±0.59 mmHg, respectively. There were no statistically significant differences of IOP between that before operation and those at 1, 7 d, 6mo after operation (P>0.05). No obvious eye discomfort and severe complications after operation were observed. CONCLUSION: The effect of 25G vitreous cavity perfusion in phacoemulsification for cataract after vitrectomy is good and it can maintain IOP, keep anterior chamber stable and decrease the complications risk. Copyright 2016 by the IJO Press.

Strunk T.,University of Western Australia | Strunk T.,Neonatal Clinical Care Unit | Inder T.,Washington University in St. Louis | Wang X.,Gothenburg University | And 6 more authors.
The Lancet Infectious Diseases | Year: 2014

Preterm birth and infectious diseases are the most common causes of neonatal and early childhood deaths worldwide. The rates of preterm birth have increased over recent decades and account for 11% of all births worldwide. Preterm infants are at significant risk of severe infection in early life and throughout childhood. Bacteraemia, inflammation, or both during the neonatal period in preterm infants is associated with adverse outcomes, including death, chronic lung disease, and neurodevelopmental impairment. Recent studies suggest that bacteraemia could trigger cerebral injury even without penetration of viable bacteria into the CNS. Here we review available evidence that supports the concept of a strong association between bacteraemia, inflammation, and cerebral injury in preterm infants, with an emphasis on the underlying biological mechanisms, clinical correlates, and translational opportunities. © 2014 Elsevier Ltd.

Dong Y.,Zhengzhou University
Computers and Mathematics with Applications | Year: 2010

Consider any conjugate gradient method for finding a zero point of a given gradient whose function is implicit. We propose two different types of conditions for selecting the step length using the gradient information only. One is used for re-proving known convergence results under the same gradient-Lipschitz assumption. Moreover, if the gradient is merely continuous then we are still able to get some interesting convergence results. The other also allows for convergence of the resulting conjugate gradient methods, with an application to convergence analysis of the FletcherReeves conjugate gradient method. Preliminary numerical experiments show the efficiency of our proposed step length rules in practice. © 2010 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

Wang Y.,Nanjing University | Xia H.,Wannan Medical College | Xia H.,Jinan University | Zhuang Z.,Soochow University of China | And 3 more authors.
Cell Death and Disease | Year: 2014

The involvement of Axl kinase in non-small cell lung cancer's (NSCLC) acquired resistance to tyrosine kinase inhibitors (TKIs) gefitinib or erlotinib has been identified recently, but the mechanism by which Axl contributes to TKI resistance is largely unknown. MicroRNAs (miRNAs) repress gene expression and their critical role in tumorigenesis has been implicated. To investigate the role of miRNAs in the Axl-mediated acquired gefitinib resistance, we examined the Axl-mediated miRNA changes in gefitinib-resistant lung cancers. A panel of Axl kinase-altered miRNAs was identified. In this study, we validate and report that miR-374a and miR-548b modulated by Axl have essential roles in cell cycle arrest, gefitinib-induced apoptosis, epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition, migration and tumorigenesis of gefitinib-resistant lung cancer cells in vitro and in vivo by targeting Wnt5a and CCNB1 genes, respectively. Of clinical significance, high expression of Axl and miR-374a and low expression of miR-548b are associated with poor disease-free survival postoperatively. These findings indicate that the modulation of specific miRNAs may provide a therapeutic target to treat or reverse gefitinib resistance in NSCLC with high expression of Axl in the future. © 2014 Macmillan Publishers Limited.

Chen T.-S.,Zhengzhou University
Blood Coagulation and Fibrinolysis | Year: 2016

Herein we present a case of hypereosinophilic syndrome with a unique clinical presentation. A 32-year-old man was admitted because of fever, hemoptysis and chest pain. The main clinical features include hypereosinophilia, deep vein thrombosis, pulmonary embolism, thrombocytopenia and recurrent bone cysts. The plain film of the left foot revealed dissolvent bone destruction. The histological findings of bone cysts include eosinophilic infiltration and tissue necrosis. According to the case history and literature, it is possible that hypereosinophilia itself may be a risk for thrombogenesis and the bone destruction. Copyright © 2016 YEAR Wolters Kluwer Health, Inc. All rights reserved.

Tian P.,Zhengzhou University
Neurology India | Year: 2012

Background: Single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) in the Reelin gene (RELN) are likely candidates to confer risk for autism. The objective of the present study is to investigate the association of RELN gene SNPs with autism. Materials and Methods: A total of 367 Chinese Han subjects were recruited, including 186 autism patients and 181 unrelated healthy controls. Polymerase chain reaction-restriction fragment length polymorphism (PCR-RFLP) and DNA sequencing methods were used to detect RELN gene polymorphisms. The association between SNPs and autism was analyzed in this study. Results: The g.333509A>C in intron12 and g.504742G>A in exon60 were detected in the RELN gene and a significant association was found between the g.504742G>A polymorphism and autism. Allele and genotype frequencies for the g.504742G>A polymorphism in autistic patients were significantly different for healthy subjects. There was no significantly difference in g.333509A>C polymorphism and autism in the studied populations. Conclusions: Our findings indicated that g.333509A>C was not significantly associated with autism. The g.504742G>A polymorphic variant in the RELN gene might affect subjects susceptibility toward autism in Chinese Han population. Copyright © Wolters Kluwer 2012.

Wu S.,Zhengzhou University | Wu S.,University of Chinese Academy of Sciences | Pu Q.,Tongji University | Wang S.,Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications | He D.,Wuhan University
Information Sciences | Year: 2012

We revisit the communication-efficient three-party password authenticated key exchange protocol recently proposed by Chang et al. We show it is insecure against partition attacks, whereby the adversary can guess the correct password off-line. Thereafter we propose an enhanced protocol that can resist the attack described and yet is quite efficient. Furthermore, we prove its security in a widely accepted model. © 2012 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

Huagn Y.,Zhengzhou University
Nan fang yi ke da xue xue bao = Journal of Southern Medical University | Year: 2010

To examine the effect of estrogen on the expressions of phosphorylated Tau (P-Tau), ChAT and nerve growth factor (NGF) protein in the brain tissue of rat models of Alzheimer disease (AD). Rat models of AD were established by injecting Aβ1-42 protein fragments in the right lateral ventricle. Two weeks later, 17β-estradiol tablets were implanted subcutaneously at the neck of the rats and maintained for 30 days. The pathological changes in the rats' brain neurons and alterations in the expressions of P-Tau, ChAT and NGF proteins were observed using HE staining and immunohistochemistry, respectively. In the AD rats, neurofibrillary tangles occurred in the brain tissue, and estrogen treatment significantly reduced the formation of neurofibrillary tangles. Estrogen treatment also resulted in lowered P-Tau expression and increased ChAT and NGF protein expressions in comparison with those in the AD model rats. Estrogen can up-regulate ChAT and NGF and down-regulate tau protein expression, thus producing obvious therapeutic effect on AD in rats.

Kong D.-R.,Zhengzhou University
Chinese Journal of Tissue Engineering Research | Year: 2015

BACKGROUND: Post-core restoration of dental defects can restore the morphology and function of the teeth. Glass fiber post and casting metal post are commonly used in the post-core restoration, and have different repair effects. OBJECTIVE: To compare the effect of glass fiber post and metal post restoration for dental defects. METHODS: 97 patients of dental defects in 146 teeth were divided into two groups, glass fiber post group (49 cases, 74 teeth) and casting metal post group (48 cases, 72 teeth). All patients were followed up for 12 months. Periodontal alkaline phosphatase levels, integrity of dental prosthetics, edge matching condition, color matching condition, crown post rupture, prosthetic loosening and dental root rupture were observed before repair and 24 hours after repair. RESULTS AND CONCLUSION: At 24 months after repair, alkaline phosphatase levels in the casting metal post group were significantly increased compared with before repair (P < 0.05), and were obviously higher than that in the glass fiber post group (P < 0.05), there was no significant differen ce in the glass fiber post group before and after repair (P > 0.05). The edge matching condition and color matching condition in the glass fiber post group were significantly better than that in the casting metal post group (P < 0.05). Six teeth in the glass fiber post group and 17 teeth in the casting metal post group appeared crown post rupture, and the successful repair rate in the glass fiber post group was significantly higher than that in the casting metal post group (91.9%, 76.4%, P < 0.05). Compared with casting metal post, glass fiber post can restore better appearance, better mechanical functions, higher success rate and fewer impact on periodontal tissue. © 2015, Chinese Journal of Tissue Engineering Research. All rights reserved.

Yu R.,Georgia Institute of Technology | Dong L.,Georgia Institute of Technology | Dong L.,Zhengzhou University | Pan C.,Georgia Institute of Technology | And 7 more authors.
Advanced Materials | Year: 2012

The transport properties of GaN nanobelts (NBs) are tuned using a piezotronic effect when a compressive/tensile strain is applied on the GaN NB. This is mainly due to a change in Schottky barrier height (SBH). A theoretical model is proposed to explain the observed phenomenon. © 2012 WILEY-VCH Verlag GmbH & Co. KGaA, Weinheim.

Li Y.,University of Minnesota | Li X.,Zhengzhou University | Dong Z.,University of Minnesota
Biochemistry | Year: 2014

In this work, we investigate the dynamic motions of fatty acid binding protein 4 (FABP4) in the absence and presence of a ligand by explicitly solvated all-atom molecular dynamics simulations. The dynamics of one ligand-free FABP4 and four ligand-bound FABP4s is compared via multiple 1.2 μs simulations. In our simulations, the protein interconverts between the open and closed states. Ligand-free FABP4 prefers the closed state, whereas ligand binding induces a conformational transition to the open state. Coupled with opening and closing of FABP4, the ligand adopts distinct binding modes, which are identified and compared with crystal structures. The concerted dynamics of protein and ligand suggests that there may exist multiple FABP4-ligand binding conformations. Thus, this work provides details about how ligand binding affects the conformational preference of FABP4 and how ligand binding is coupled with a conformational change of FABP4 at an atomic level. © 2014 American Chemical Society.

Cen S.,Zhengzhou University
Open Biomedical Engineering Journal | Year: 2015

Monitoring air pollutants via plants is an economic, convenient and credible method compared with the traditional ways. Plants show different damage symptoms to different air pollutants, which can be used to determine the species of air pollutants. Besides, pollutants mass concentration scope can be estimated by the damage extent of plants and the span of polluted time. Based on the domestic and foreign research, this paper discusses the principles, mechanism, advantages and disadvantages of plant-monitoring, and exemplifies plenty of such plants and the minimum mass concentration and pollution time of the plants showing damage symptoms. Finally, this paper introduced the human health effects of air pollutants on immune function of the body, such as decrease of the body's immune function, decline of lung function, respiratory and circulatory system changes, inducing and promoting human allergic diseases, respiratory diseases and other diseases. © Shihong Cen; Licensee Bentham Open.

Zhao Y.-X.,Swedish Medical Center | Zhao Y.-X.,Zhengzhou University | Shaw A.,Swedish Medical Center | Zeng X.,Swedish Medical Center | And 3 more authors.
ACS Nano | Year: 2012

In the assembly of DNA nanostructures, the specificity of Watson-Crick base pairing is used to control matter at the nanoscale. Using this technology for drug delivery is a promising route toward the magic bullet concept, as it would allow the realization of complex assemblies that co-localize drugs, targeting ligands and other functionalities in one nanostructure. Anthracyclines' mechanism of action in cancer therapy is to intercalate DNA, and since DNA nanotechnology allows for such a high degree of customization, we hypothesized that this would allow us to tune the DNA nanostructures for optimal delivery of the anthracycline doxorubicin (Dox) to human breast cancer cells. We have tested two DNA origami nanostructures on three different breast cancer cell lines (MDA-MB-231, MDA-MB-468, and MCF-7). The different nanostructures were designed to exhibit varying degrees of global twist, leading to different amounts of relaxation in the DNA double-helix structure. By tuning the nanostructure design we are able to (i) tune the encapsulation efficiency and the release rate of the drug and (ii) increase the cytotoxicity and lower the intracellular elimination rate when compared to free Dox. Enhanced apoptosis induced by the delivery system in breast cancer cells was investigated using flow cytometry. The findings indicate that DNA origami nanostructures represent an efficient delivery system for Dox, resulting in high degrees of internalization and increased induction of programmed cell death in breast cancer cells. In addition, by designing the structures to exhibit different degrees of twist, we are able to rationally control and tailor the drug release kinetics. © 2012 American Chemical Society.

Dong L.,Georgia Institute of Technology | Dong L.,Zhengzhou University | Niu S.,Georgia Institute of Technology | Pan C.,Georgia Institute of Technology | And 4 more authors.
Advanced Materials | Year: 2012

The piezo-phototronic effect on transport properties of flexible CdSe NW devices is investigated. An optimum sensitivity of the flexible CdSe NW devices can be achieved by adjusting the applied strain and illumination intensity. The piezo-phototronic effect under compressive strain increases the internal electric field of the Schottky barrier, and assists the separation of the photo-excited electron-hole pairs, resulting in the increase of photocurrent. A trap-mediated mechanism is responsible for the decreased hole separation when the strain is larger than the critical strain. Copyright © 2012 WILEY-VCH Verlag GmbH & Co. KGaA, Weinheim.

Yu J.,Zhengzhou University
Zhonghua shi yan he lin chuang bing du xue za zhi = Zhonghua shiyan he linchuang bingduxue zazhi = Chinese journal of experimental and clinical virology | Year: 2010

To study the clinical efficacy of PEG-Interferon alpha-2a combined with ribavirin in eldly chronic hepatitis. Forty patients with chronic hepatitis C were divided into treatment group and comparative group. The twenty eldly patients of treatment group receive peg-interferon alpha-2a 135-180 microg subcutaneous injection every week combined with ribavirin 600-1000 mg/d for 48 weeks, and twenty adult patients of control group receive peg-interferon 135-180 microg subcutaneous injection every week combined with ribavirin 800-1200 mg/d for 48 weeks. The rapid virological response (RVR) rate, early virological response (EVR) rate, end of treatment virological response (ETVR) rate, sustained virological response (SVR) rate, nonresponder rate, relapse rate and the side reaction was assessed, then to compare the differences between the two groups. The RVR rate, EVR rate, ETVR rate, SVR rate, nonresponder rate, relapse rate was 60%, 70%, 75%, 60%, 10%, 10% respectively, accordingly the rate in control group was 75%, 80%, 85%, 75%, 5%, 10%. The difference between the two group were not statistically significant (P > 0.05). Compared with the control group, the rate of neutropenia was higher in treatment group (P < 0.05). There was no difference between the two groups in influenza-like side effect, anemia, thrombocytopenia and gastrointestinal side reaction. The eldly patients with Chronic Hepatitis C using general dose peg-IFNalpha-2a combined with lower dose ribavirin can still obtain the similar efficiency and excellent tolerance when the basic diseases such as hypertension, diabetes and side effects were treated successfully.

Yan H.-S.,Nanjing Southeast University | Xue C.-G.,Nanjing Southeast University | Xue C.-G.,Zhengzhou University
Expert Systems with Applications | Year: 2012

This paper deals with an approach to the automatic construction and optimization of the knowledge mesh (KM) based on the user's function requirements. Once a KM multiple set operation expression is obtained, a new KM can be inferred from the expression by the developed KM-based inference engine and transformed into its corresponding KMS (knowledgeable manufacturing system) software automatically by the developed automatic program construction software so as to realize the self-reconfiguration of the KMS. Thus, the automatic construction and optimization of a KM multiple set operation expression is equivalent to the automatic construction and optimization of its corresponding KM and KMS software. To explore the automatic construction and optimization of the new KM by the user's function requirements, an automatic construction procedure of a KM aiming at the user's maximum function-satisfaction is proposed. Firstly, the fuzzy function-satisfaction degree relationships of the users' requirements for the KM functions are defined, and so are the multiple fuzzy function-satisfaction degrees of the relationships. Secondly, operations (union, intersection and minus) on both fuzzy and multiple fuzzy function-satisfaction degrees are proposed and clarified, along with the proof that there exists a one-to-one mapping between the KM multiple set operation expression and the KM-function-satisfaction degree expression. Then, the optimization model of the KM multiple set operation expression is constructed and proved to be very NP-hard. And finally, the KM multiple set operation expression is optimized by the hybrid genetic-tabu algorithm, with the steps of the KM's automatic construction presented in detail as well. Based upon the above, the KM's automatic construction and optimization are illustrated by an actual KM example which corresponds to the management information system (MIS) software used in a vehicle body plant. The proposed approach proves to be very effective. © 2011 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

Jiang X.,Zhengzhou University
Advance Journal of Food Science and Technology | Year: 2015

This study introduced the network sales model of agricultural products from the view of business to business e-commerce and analyzed the features, we found the sales model was featured by pattern diversity which was however of low level; the existing e-commerce operation scale of agricultural products is small and the anti-risk capacity is weak; its resource integration capacity is insufficient and thus it can't make full use of the advantages of e-commerce. Based on this, this study established sales chain of fresh agriculture products based on business to business e-commerce, i.e., to trade on the internet; the products are delivered to consumers by third-party according to the delivery of producing area and wholesale market of sales area and then collected by consumers themselves. Meanwhile, we should establish information center of price demand for online trading market and modern refrigeration base of wholesale market, accelerate the development of specialized rural cooperative or industrial company and assure the long-term operation of e-commerce of agricultural products circulation in the future. © Maxwell Scientific Organization, 2015.

Li Y.,Chinese PLA General Hospital | Li Y.,Zhengzhou University | Zhang S.,Chinese PLA General Hospital | Zhu J.,Chinese PLA General Hospital | And 2 more authors.
Arthritis Research and Therapy | Year: 2012

Introduction: Literature data suggest that sleep disturbances are prevalent among patients with ankylosing spondylitis (AS) and have a close correlation with pain. Other studies indicate that sleep disturbances are constantly accompanied by depression and anxiety in AS, but their interrelations are poorly understood. This study was designed to evaluate sleep disturbances and their association with demographic variables, pain, disease-specific variables, functional status, covering depression and anxiety in AS patients.Methods: The 314 patients with AS and age- and sex-matched controls took part in the study, completed a battery of questionnaires, and participated in long-term follow-up. Blood samples were taken to measure C-reactive protein (CRP) and the erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR). The association among sleep, pain, disease activity, functional status, depression, and anxiety were assessed by using Pearson/Spearman correlations and multiple regression analysis.Results: The Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index (PSQI) score of the Chinese version was significantly higher in the AS group than in the control group (P = 0.020). Of the 314 patients with AS, 184 (58.6%) had a high risk for sleep disturbances. The PSQI score was associated with age, years of education, ESR, CRP, overall assessment of health, pain, morning stiffness, Bath Ankylosing Spondylitis Disease Activity Index (BASDAI), Bath Ankylosing Spondylitis Functional Index (BASFI), depression, and anxiety (all P < 0.001), but were not associated with disease duration, fingertip-to-floor distance, and Bath Ankylosing Spondylitis Metrology Index (BASMI) (P > 0.05). In hierarchic multiple regression analysis, the medical and psychological variables contributed significantly to the variance in sleep-disturbances scores, adding an additional 23.9% to the overall R2beyond that accounted for by demographic variables (R-square, 8.5%), resulting in a final R2of 42.6%. Multiple stepwise regression analysis revealed that anxiety was the maximal statistical contribution in predicting sleep disturbances (standardized coefficients, 0.287).Conclusions: The prevalence of sleep disturbances in AS patients is higher than it is generally thought to be. Depression, anxiety, nocturnal pain, and total back pain are the major contributors of sleep disturbances in AS. © 2012 Li et al.; licensee BioMed Central Ltd.

Wang L.,Zhengzhou University | Wang L.,NRC Institute for Fuel Cell Innovation | Zhang L.,NRC Institute for Fuel Cell Innovation | Zhang J.,NRC Institute for Fuel Cell Innovation
Electrochemistry Communications | Year: 2011

Carbon-supported non-noble metal catalysts with Fe as the metal and tripyridyl triazine (TPTZ) as the ligand (Fe-TPTZ/C), synthesized through a heat treatment process at 900 °C, were employed to coat an electrode surface and form catalyst layers in order to optimize their catalyzed ORR activity. The formed catalyst layers containing different catalyst loads of 100, 200, 300, 400, 500, and 600 μg•cm-2 were tested using both rotating disk electrode and rotating ring disk electrode techniques. It was found that as the electrode catalyst loading increased, the ORR activity rose monotonically in the loading range of 100 to 500 μg•cm-2, then reached a saturation point with higher catalyst loading, indicating that raising the electrode catalyst loading could effectively improve the catalyst's ORR activity. In addition, the overall ORR electron transfer numbers for Fe-N x/C catalysts were found to be in the range of 3.7-3.9 at different loadings, suggesting that the ORR process was mainly dominated by a four-electron transfer pathway to produce water. © 2010 Elsevier B.V.

Song Y.,Zhengzhou University
Zhonghua er bi yan hou tou jing wai ke za zhi = Chinese journal of otorhinolaryngology head and neck surgery | Year: 2010

To investigate the effects of multiple short hairpin (shRNA) expression vectors, targeting VEGF, c-myc, survivin and hTERT, genes on the xenografted human nasopharyngeal carcinoma (CNE-2Z) in nude mice. The shRNA expression vectors were constructed and subsequently transfected by direct injections into the tumors formed by CNE-2Z cells implanted in nude mice. The expressions of the targeted genes in tumor tissues and the apoptosis of tumor cells were evaluated. NPC CNE-2Z cells were successfully inoculated and subcutaneous tumor was formed in all nude mice. Under fluorescence microscope, tumor tissues showed the expression of each vector with green fluorescence. The expression of multiple shRNAs led to the decreases in the expressions of VEGF, c-myc, survivin, hTERT mRNA and proteins. Multi-gene silencing was better than single gene silencing in inducing the apoptosis of tumor cells. Tumor growth curves showed that the tumors treated with the shRNAs, including VEGF, c-myc, survivin, hTERT or the combination of 4 shRNAs, grower slowly obviously compared with control tumors. Inhibited rates of tumor growth by VEGF-, c-myc-, survivin- and hTERT-shRNA were 46.2%, 48.5%, 51.9% and 46.8% respectively. The combined application of 4 shRNA produced the more significant inhibitory rate (82.4%) than single shRNA application. The application of vector-based RNAi targeting multiple genes is a promising therapeutic modality in the gene therapy of nasopharyngeal carcinoma and multi-gene silencing is a new strategy for tumor therapy.

Yu J.,Zhengzhou University | Sun R.,PLA Fourth Military Medical University | Zhao Z.,Chinese PLA General Hospital | Wang Y.,PLA Fourth Military Medical University
International Journal of Biological Macromolecules | Year: 2014

In the present study, the anticancer activity of Auricularia polytricha polysaccharides (APPs) towards A549 human lung cancer cells and its underlying mechanisms were investigated. APPs significantly inhibited the proliferation and DNA synthesis of A549 cells in a concentration-dependent manner. The compound also induced apoptosis in A549 cells by arresting cell cycle progression at the G0/G1 phase. Western blotting assay demonstrated that APPs significantly increased the expression of cyclin-dependent kinase (CDK) inhibitors p53 and p21, whereas the expression of cyclin A, cyclin D, and CDK2 were decreased by treatment with APPs. This apoptotic induction in APPs-treated A549 cells was also associated with the release of cytochrome c from mitochondria to cytosol, which in turn resulted in the activation of caspase-9 and -3, and the cleavage of poly (ADP-ribose) polymerase (PARP). Furthermore, the inhibitory effect of APPs on the growth in BALB/c-nu nude mice bearing A549 cells was also proven. These findings suggested that APPs might be a useful chemotherapeutic agent for lung cancer. © 2014 Elsevier B.V.

Yang C.,Zhengzhou University
Communications in Computer and Information Science | Year: 2011

In this paper, the seeking method of enterprise cooperatively technical innovation risk has been analyzed, and the method of calculating risk regulation gradient is expatiated in detail. The wavelet transformation of the decomposition displays the good time frequency localization characteristic and the multi-criteria function, therefore the wavelet nerve network based on the wavelet decomposition and the nerve network has the good fault-tolerant ability and the non-linearity approaching performance. And based on this, a complete controlling risk model of cooperatively technical innovation is brought forward, and the algorithm of risk control model is discussed. © 2011 Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg.

Chen W.,Wuhan University | Chen W.,Zhengzhou University | Yang Y.,Wuhan University | Shao H.,Wuhan University
Journal of Power Sources | Year: 2011

New applications such as hybrid electric vehicles and power backup require rechargeable batteries to combine high energy density with high charge and discharge rate capability. In this study, the core-shell Ni(OH) 2@CoOOH composite is constructed via a simple cation-exchange route at moderate conditions. X-ray diffraction (XRD), X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS), scanning electron microscopy (SEM) with energy dispersive X-ray (EDX), and inductively coupled plasma (ICP) are used to characterize the resulting Ni(OH)2@CoOOH composites. The Ni(OH)2@CoOOH electrode exhibits high power, higher capacity and longer life cycle when it is chosen as an positive electrode material for rechargeable alkaline MH-Ni battery. The enhanced electrochemical performance is attributed to the seamless combination of the CoOOH shell and the Ni(OH)2 core, avoiding the contact resistance between them at a large current density. It is believed that our methodology provides a simple and environment friendly route to a variety of core-shell materials with different composition and novel function. © 2010 Elsevier B.V.

Liu B.-C.,Xian Jiaotong University | Xie J.-J.,Zhengzhou University | Xie J.-J.,University of Valencia
Physical Review C - Nuclear Physics | Year: 2012

We report on a theoretical study of the K -p→ηΛ reaction near threshold by using an effective Lagrangian approach. The role of s-channel Λ(1670), t-channel K *, and u-channel proton pole diagrams are considered. We show that the total cross section data are well reproduced. However, only including the s-wave Λ(1670) state and the background contribution from t and u channels is not enough to describe the bowl structures in the angular distribution of the K -p→ηΛ reaction, which indicates that there should be higher partial waves contributing to this reaction in some energy region. Indeed, if we considered the contributions from a D 03 resonance, we could describe the bowl structures; however, a rather small width (∼2 MeV) of this resonance would be needed. © 2012 American Physical Society.

Zhang E.,Vrije Universiteit Brussel | Zhang E.,Zhengzhou University | Pintelon R.,Vrije Universiteit Brussel | Schoukens J.,Vrije Universiteit Brussel
Automatica | Year: 2013

This work deals with the identification of dynamic systems from noisy input-output observations, where the noise-free input is not parameterized. The basic assumptions made are (1) the dynamic system can be modeled by a (discrete- or continuous-time) rational transfer function model, (2) the temporal input-output disturbances are mutually independent, identically distributed noises, and (3) the input power spectrum is non-white (not necessarily rational) and is modeled nonparametrically. The system identifiability is guaranteed by exploiting the non-white spectrum property of the noise-free input. A frequency domain identification strategy is developed to estimate consistently the plant model parameters and the input-output noise variances. The uncertainty bound of the estimates is calculated and compared to the Cramér-Rao lower bound. The efficiency of the proposed algorithm is illustrated on numerical examples. © 2013 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

Shi W.,Zhengzhou University
Journal of Electrical and Computer Engineering | Year: 2015

It is well known that the Internet application of cloud services may be affected by the inefficiency of cloud computing and inaccurate evaluation of quality of experience (QoE) seriously. In our paper, based on construction algorithms of cooperative cognitive cloud platform and optimization algorithm of opportunities weight particle swarm clustering, the QoE guarantee mechanism was proposed. The mechanism, through the sending users of requests and the cognitive neighbor users' cooperation, combined the cooperation of subcloud platforms and constructed the optimal cloud platform with the different service. At the same time, the particle swarm optimization algorithm could be enhanced dynamically according to all kinds of opportunity request weight, which could optimize the cooperative cognitive cloud platform. Finally, the QoE guarantee scheme was proposed with the opportunity weight particle swarm optimization algorithm and collaborative cognitive cloud platform. The experimental results show that the proposed mechanism compared is superior to the QoE guarantee scheme based on cooperative cloud and QoE guarantee scheme based on particle swarm optimization, compared with optimization fitness and high cloud computing service execution efficiency and high throughput performance advantages. © 2015 Weihang Shi.

Li N.,Zhengzhou University
Zhonghua lao dong wei sheng zhi ye bing za zhi = Zhonghua laodong weisheng zhiyebing zazhi = Chinese journal of industrial hygiene and occupational diseases | Year: 2010

To find the effects of lead taken by pregnant mice on learning and memory and the expression of synaptosomal-associated protein (SNAP)-25 mRNA and protein, in order to reveal the mechanism of neurotoxicity induced by lead. Lead exposure was conducted through freely drinking the corresponding lead acetate solutions with dosages of 0.3, 1.0, 3.0 g/L respectively. Each group was composed of 10 mice. 7, 14 and 21 days after their birth. The lead contents in blood and hippocampus of the offspring were determined. At the 21st day the expression of SNAP-25 mRNA and protein in hippocampus of all the offspring in various dosages groups were determined by RT-PCR and immunohistochemistry assay. The lead contents in blood and hippocampus of various lead exposed groups were significantly higher than those of the control group (P < 0.05). The lead levels in blood and hippocampus changed accordingly to the days of growth. In Water Morris Maze experiment, the result of 0.3 g/L group was not significantly different from that of the control group (P > 0.05), however, the results of 1.0, 3.0 g/L groups (5.89 ± 0.54, 9.53 ± 1.03) were significantly different from those of the control group (1.73 ± 0.07) (P < 0.05, P < 0.01). The expression of SNAP-25 mRNA and protein was lower in lead exposed groups than that of the control group (P < 0.05). Maternal lead exposure may induce the damage in the ability of learning and memory of the offspring. The neurotoxicity of lead may be induced by decreasing the expression of SNAP-25 mRNA and protein so as to affect the release of neurotransmitter from presynaptic terminal resulted in nerve damages.

Liang D.,University of Oslo | Ma Y.,University of Oslo | Liu J.,Zhengzhou University | Trope C.G.,University of Oslo | And 3 more authors.
BMC Cancer | Year: 2012

Background: To study whether hypoxia influences the stem-like properties of ovarian cancer cells and their biological behavior under hypoxia.Method: Ovarian cancer cell lines ES-2 and OVCAR-3 were cultivated in different oxygen tensions for proliferation, cell cycling and invasion analyses. The clonogenic potential of cells was examined by colony formation and sphere formation assays. Stem cell surface markers, SP and CD44bright and CD44dim cells were analyzed by flow cytometry. Protein expression of HIF-1α, HIF-2α, Ot3/4 and Sox2 were investigated by Western blotting.Results: Both cell lines cultivated at hypoxic condition grew relatively slowly with extended G0/G1 phase. However, if the cells were pre-treated under 1% O2 for 48 hrs before brought back to normoxia, the cells showed significantly higher proliferation rate with higher infiltration capability, and significant more colonies and spheres, in comparison to the cells always cultivated under normoxia. CD44bright cells expressed significantly higher levels of Oct3/4 and Sox2 than the CD44dim cells and formed significantly more clones and spheres examined in vitro. Hypoxic treatment of the cells resulted in stronger CD44 expression in both cell lines, and stronger CD133 expression in the OVCAR-3 cell line. In parallel with these findings, significantly increased number of side population (SP) cells and up-regulated expression of Oct3/4 and Sox2 in both ES-2 and OVCAR-3 cell lines were observed.Conclusion: We conclude that ovarian cancer cells survive hypoxia by upgrading their stem-like properties through up-regulation of stemness-related factors and behave more aggressively when brought back to higher oxygen environment. © 2012 Liang et al.; licensee BioMed Central Ltd.

To investigate the modulation effects of mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) implantation on the collagen remodeling in myocardial infarction. Acute myocardial infarction (AMI) was induced in SD rats by left anterior descending coronary artery ligation, and the animals were assigned randomly into the Sham group, MI + PBS group and MI + MSCs group. Echocardiography and hemodynamic examinations were performed to evaluate the cardiac function. HE staining and Masson trichrome staining were used to evaluate the myocardial infarction size. Infarcted area and infarcted expansion index were calculated. The expression of collagens in infarcted hearts was evaluated by immunohistochemistry, RT-PCR and Western blot. (1) Infarct area was significantly reduced post MSCs transplantation [MI + MSCs vs. MI + PBS: (38.27 ± 2.70)% vs. (46.20 ± 3.17)%, P < 0.001]. (2) Cardiac function was significantly improved post MSCs transplantation [MI + MSCs vs. MI + PBS: FS(%): 29.98 ± 4.50 vs. 23.43 ± 3.34, P = 0.005; LVSP (mm Hg, 1 mm Hg = 0.133 kPa): 113.63 ± 10.81 vs. 99.25 ± 16.76, P < 0.05; LVEDP (mm Hg): 12.10 ± 4.28 vs. 20.08 ± 4.26, P < 0.05; +dp/dtmax (mm Hg/s): 4616.63 ± 363.34 vs. 3912.75 ± 248.79, P < 0.05; -dp/dtmax (mm Hg/s): 4254.63 ± 324.34 vs. 3530.88 ± 309.71, P < 0.05]. (3) Collagen synthesis was enhanced in infarcted area and decreased in non-infarcted area post MSCs transplantation (P < 0.05). MSCs transplantation could enhance the collagen synthesis in infarcted area while decrease the deposition of collagen in non-infarcted area in this MI model. This may be one of the mechanisms by which ventricular remodeling is attenuated post MSCs transplantation.

An X.,New York Blood Center | An X.,Zhengzhou University | Schulz V.P.,Yale University | Li J.,New York Blood Center | And 8 more authors.
Blood | Year: 2014

We recently developed fluorescence-activated cell sorting (FACS)-based methods to purify morphologically and functionally discrete populations of cells, each representing specific stages of terminal erythroid differentiation. We used these techniques to obtain pure populations of both human and murine erythroblasts at distinct developmental stages. RNA was prepared from these cells and subjected to RNA sequencing analyses, creating unbiased, stage-specific transcriptomes. Tight clustering of transcriptomes from differing stages, even between biologically different replicates, validated the utility of the FACS-based assays. Bioinformatic analyses revealed that there were marked differences between differentiation stages, with both shared and dissimilar gene expression profiles defining each stage within transcriptional space. There were vast temporal changes in gene expression across the differentiation stages, with each stage exhibiting unique transcriptomes. Clustering and network analyses revealed that varying stage-specific patterns of expression observed across differentiation were enriched for genes of differing function. Numerous differences were present between human and murine transcriptomes, with significant variation in the global patterns of gene expression. These data provide a significant resource for studies of normal and perturbed erythropoiesis, allowing a deeper understanding of mechanisms of erythroid development in various inherited and acquired erythroid disorders. © 2014 by The American Society of Hematology.

Gyekis J.P.,Pennsylvania State University | Yu W.,Peking Union Medical College | Dong S.,Zhengzhou University | Wang H.,Shandong University | And 3 more authors.
American Journal of Medical Genetics, Part B: Neuropsychiatric Genetics | Year: 2013

Major depressive disorder (MDD) is a complex psychiatric condition with strong genetic predisposition. The association of MDD with genetic polymorphisms, such as Val66Met (rs6265), in the brain derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF), have been reported in many studies and the results were conflicting. In this study, we performed a systematic literature search and conducted random-effects meta-analysis to evaluate genetic variants in BDNF with MDD. A gene-based analysis was also conducted to investigate the cumulative effects of genetic polymorphisms in BDNF. A total of 28 studies from 26 published articles were included in our analysis. Meta-analysis yielded an estimated odds ratio (OR) of 0.96 (95% CI: 0.89-1.05; P=0.402) for Val66Met (rs6265), 0.83 (95% CI: 0.67-1.04; P=0.103) for 11757C/G, 1.16 (95% CI: 0.74-1.82; P=0.527) for 270T/C, 1.03 (95% CI: 0.18-5.75; P=0.974) for 712A/G and 0.98 (95% CI: 0.85-1.14; P=0.831) for rs988748. The gene-based analysis indicated that BDNF is not associated with MDD (P>0.21). Our updated meta- and novel gene-based analyses provide no evidence of the association of BDNF with major depression. © 2012 Wiley Periodicals, Inc.

Wu Q.G.,Zhengzhou University
Zhonghua jie he he hu xi za zhi = Zhonghua jiehe he huxi zazhi = Chinese journal of tuberculosis and respiratory diseases | Year: 2011

To evaluate concentrations of stromal cell-derived factor 1 (SDF-1) and IL-17 in induced sputum supernatants from asthmatic patients before and after treatment with glucocorticosteroids. Induced sputum was collected from 30 healthy controls and 99 patients with chronic persistent asthma from 2009-2010. Sputum samples were obtained before and after 4 week treatment with inhaled glucocorticosteroids. The sputum concentrations of SDF-1 and IL-17 were measured by ELISA. The FEV(1)% and the asthma control score of patients with severe asthma were decreased as compared with patients with moderate persistent and mild persistent asthma (F = 457.448 and 79.271, all P < 0.01). The concentrations of SDF-1, IL-17 and the percentage of eosinophils were increased in asthma group compared with control subjects (all P < 0.01), but the percentage of sputum neutrophils was lower than that in the healthy controls (P < 0.01). The percentage of sputum neutrophils and eosinophils and the level of SDF-1 and IL-17 in patients with severe persistent asthma were significantly higher than those in patients with mild persistent asthma (all P < 0.05). The percentage of sputum neutrophils and eosinophils were negatively correlated with FEV(1)% (r = -0.409 and -0.316, all P < 0.05). The levels of IL-17 and SDF-1 were positively correlated with the percentage of sputum neutrophils and eosinophils (all P < 0.01). The levels of IL-17 were positively correlated with the levels of SDF-1 (r = 0.872, P < 0.01). After glucocorticosteroid therapy, the percentage of eosinophils and neutrophils, the levels of IL-17 and SDF-1 decreased significantly in all patients (all P < 0.01), while the percentage of sputum neutrophils and the levels of IL-17 and SDF-1 in uncontrolled patients increased significantly compared with the controlled and partly controlled groups (all P < 0.05). SDF-1 and IL-17 may contribute to airway inflammation in asthma by chemotactic activity towards neutrophils. The concentration of SDF-1 may be used to evaluate the inflammation and the therapeutic effects.

Fan R.T.,Zhengzhou University
Nan fang yi ke da xue xue bao = Journal of Southern Medical University | Year: 2011

To investigate the effect of mannatide injection (MI) in enhancing the efficacy of radiotherapy in two therapeutic schedules in mice bearing Lewis lung cancer. C57BL/6 mice bearing Lewis lung cancer xenograft were assigned randomly into control group, fractionated schedule (FS) group, nonfractionated schedule (NFS) group, MI group, FS+MI group, and NFS+MI group (n=10). MI (4.5 mg/kg) or saline was given intraperitoneally for 14 consecutive days in the corresponding groups. Radiation with 8 MeV electron beam was delivered in a single 4 Gy dose in NFS and in 4 fractions (total dose 4 Gy) in FS. Tumor inhibition rate and the spleen and thymus index were calculated after the treatments. MI significantly enhanced the efficacy of radiotherapy with a tumor inhibition rate reaching 70% in FS+MI group (P<0.01). FS resulted in a significantly higher tumor inhibition rate than NFS (P<0.05), but the rates were comparable between FS+MI and NFS+MI groups. The spleen index and thymus indices were significantly higher in FS+MI and NFS+MI groups than in FS and NFS groups (P<0.05). MI can enhance the efficacy of radiotherapy with different therapeutic schedules in mice bear Lewis lung cancer, and MI plus fractionated radiation produces the optimal effect.

Toxic cyanobacterial blooms in freshwater have been considered as threats to human health. Microcystins are a family of cyclic polypeptides produced by cyanobacteria and are toxic to plants and animals. Microcystin-LR (MC-LR) is the most toxic variant among the microcystin family and could cause oxidative stress in various organs, including the reproduction system. The aim of this study was to investigate the effect of MC-LR on apoptosis of Sertoli cells that play an essential role in the development and maturation of sperm cells. Sertoli cells were isolated from healthy immature rats and cultured with MC-LR. The viability of Sertoli cells was decreased after treatment with MC-LR at 10 μg/ml for 24 h (P < 0.05). Moreover, the MC-LR-treated cells exhibited condensed chromatin and fragmented nuclei, features of apoptosis, as judged by Hoechst 33258 staining. We also analyzed the mRNA and protein levels of three apoptosis-related genes, p53, bax and bcl-2, using reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction and Western blot analyses, respectively. Both p53 and bax function as promoters of apoptosis, while bcl-2 is an apoptotic suppressor. The mRNA and protein expression levels of p53 and bax were increased in Sertoli cells treated with MC-LR at 10 μg/ml compared with the control group (P < 0.05), while the bcl-2 protein levels were decreased in cells treated with MC-LR at 10 μg/ml (P < 0.05). Moreover, caspase-3 activity that is involved in the induction of apoptosis was significantly increased in Sertoli cells treated with MC-LR. These results indicate that MC-LR induces apoptosis of Sertoli cells.

Yao F.,Zhengzhou University
Wei sheng yan jiu = Journal of hygiene research | Year: 2011

To study the preventive and therapeutic effects of Quercetin (Que) on hyperuricemia and renal failure in rats. Seventy rats were divided into ten groups, normal control group, model control group, allopurinol group and seven Que groups (50, 40, 30, 20, 10, 5 and 2.5 mg/kg). Hyperuricemia and renal failure in rats were induced by adenine and ethambutol hydrochloride intragastrically, and then Que was given for 3 weeks. The items related to high serum uric acid and renal injury were observed. Levels of serum uric acid (SUA), serum urea nitrogen ( SUN), serum creatinine (SCr), malonaldehyde (MDA) and the activity of xanthine oxidase (XOD) in liver were lowered effectively by Que, and the activity of superoxide dismutase (SOD) in serum was increased. The better results of lowering serum uric acid and protecting against renal failure were at the dosage of Que between 10 and 20 mg/kg. Hyperuricemia and renal failure in rats could be intervened by Que. The possible mechanism might be inhibiting the activity of liver XOD and improving the ability of clearing oxygen free radicals and reducing lipid peroxidation, which might play an important role in reducing serum uric acid level and protecting kidney.

Xin Z.M.,Zhengzhou University
Zhonghua nan ke xue = National journal of andrology | Year: 2012

To investigate whether the day of embryo transfer (day 2 or day 3) affects clinical pregnancy outcomes in poor responder patients. We retrospectively analyzed the pregnancy rates of 265 initial fresh cycles of in vitro fertilization-embryo transfer (IVF-ET), all transferred on day 2 (n = 169) or day 3 (n = 96) irrespective of quality because of an extremely low number of available embryos. Among the poor responders aged < 35 years, a higher rate of clinical pregnancy was achieved in the day-3 than in the day-2 group (50% vs 32.43% ; RR = 0.65, 95% CI: 0.43 - 0.99), and among those aged years, the two groups showed similar pregnancy outcomes. Shortening the time of embryo culture has no obvious benefit for the pregnancy outcome. For the poor responders under 35 years of age, day-3 embryo transfer may afford an even higher rate of clinical pregnancy.

Zeng R.-C.,Shandong University of Science and Technology | Zeng R.-C.,CAS Shenyang Institute of Metal Research | Hu Y.,Shandong University of Science and Technology | Guan S.-K.,Zhengzhou University | And 2 more authors.
Corrosion Science | Year: 2014

The effects of anions in saline solutions on the corrosion behaviour of magnesium alloy AZ31 were investigated using hydrogen evolution, pH and potentiodynamic measurements. The results demonstrated that adding bicarbonate and sulphate ions to saline solution accelerated the corrosion, whereas hydrogen phosphate and dihydrogen phosphate retarded the corrosion and decreased the open-circuit potentials. A model involving the magnesium hydroxide and magnesium carbonate film formation mechanism was proposed. The change in the solution pH over time did not reflect the corrosion rates of the magnesium alloys due to the influence of anions. © 2014 Elsevier Ltd.

He X.,Shanghai Normal University | Lu H.,Zhengzhou University
Nanotechnology | Year: 2014

By depositing a graphene layer on the metallic film with subwavelength hole arrays, the tunable extraordinary transmission property based on the metal-dielectrics-graphene (MDG) structure has been investigated in the terahertz (THz) and near-infrared (NIR) regimes. The influences of operation frequency, composed materials, and the Fermi level of the graphene layer have been taken into account. The results show that by varying the Fermi level of the graphene layer, the transmission of the MDG structure can be tuned in a wide range and the modulation depth of the peak value of the transmission can reach more than 50%. But the tunable mechanisms in the THz and NIR regimes are quite different. In the infrared (THz) regime, the graphene behaves like the dielectric (metallic) layer; its dielectric constant decreases (increases) with the increase of Fermi level, resulting in the transmission increasing (decreasing). Compared with the metallic structure, the transmission of the semiconductor structure can also be modulated by using the doping or varying temperature; its peak position can also be changed in a much broader range. The results are very useful to understand the mechanism of the graphene plasmonic devices and to design novel filters, switchers, modulators, and sensors. © 2014 IOP Publishing Ltd.

Guo J.,Zhengzhou University
Acta Geodaetica et Geophysica | Year: 2013

Deletion diagnostics have been widely adopted to evaluate the influence of one or more observations on the adjustment outputs. Both the case-deletion model and the mean-shift outlier model can be used to develop multiple case-deletion diagnostics for linear models. These two multiple outlier detection models are identical from the statistical point of view. However, the mean-shift outlier model, in which the underlying observations are implicitly deleted, outweighs the case-deletion model in term of computational efficiency. The influence of outliers on the adjustment outputs is also addressed. It reveals that the precision, minimal detectable bias (MDB) measure and dilution of precision metric (DOP) are all overestimated when outliers exist but were neglected under the assumption that a priori variance factor is known before. © 2013 Akadémiai Kiadó, Budapest, Hungary.

Yu T.,Xinxiang University | Jiang X.,Zhengzhou University
Food Control | Year: 2014

Listeria monocytogenes, an important foodborne pathogen, is the causal agent of listeriosis. In this study, a total of 954 food samples originating from raw meat, cooked meat products, seafood, and vegetables purchased from supermarkets and open-air markets in Henan province, China, were analyzed for the presence of L.monocytogenes. All L.monocytogenes isolates were subjected to serotyping, pulsed-field gel electrophoresis (PFGE), and antimicrobial resistance. The overall percentage of L.monocytogenes prevalence was 6.2% (n=59) with the highest rate of 7.4% for cooked meat products followed by raw meat (6.7%). The isolates belonged to five serotypes (1/2a, 1/2b, 1/2c, 4b, and 4c), with serotype 1/2a being predominant (55.9%). PFGE revealed a low genetic diversity among the isolates, irrespective of their sources, suggesting that dominant clones are widespread in different food products in Henan. Resistance to cefotaxime (30.5%) and ciprofloxacin (13.5%) was most often, whereas resistance to tetracycline, trimethoprim/sulfamethoxazole, and erythromycin was observed less frequently. The presence of L.monocytogenes in food products and antimicrobial resistance among the isolates represents a potential public health risk. Our results indicate that effective hygienic measures and bacteriological controls are necessary in China to reduce the contamination of retail food samples by L.monocytogenes. © 2013 Elsevier Ltd.

Cheng G.,Huaqiao University | Zeng X.,Huaqiao University | Shen J.,Huaqiao University | Wang X.,Huaqiao University | And 2 more authors.
Angewandte Chemie - International Edition | Year: 2013

About specifics: A method for the regiospecific synthesis of the title compounds through an unprecedented Michael addition/deacylative diazo transfer/cyclization sequence has been established. The simple and practical method can be used for the modification of primary amines including chiral α-amines. The process involves the formation three covalent bonds and the cleavage of two covalent bonds (see scheme, Ts=4-toluenesulfonyl). © 2013 WILEY-VCH Verlag GmbH & Co. KGaA, Weinheim.

Xu B.,CAS Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics | Zhou L.,Zhengzhou University | Wang F.,CAS Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics | Qin H.,CAS Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics | And 2 more authors.
Chemical Communications | Year: 2012

Hierarchical Ti-aluminophosphate-5 molecular sieves templated by glucose have been synthesized and applied as a potential adsorbent for the first time to selectively capture phosphopeptides from complex peptide mixtures prior to MALDI-TOF MS analysis. © 2012 The Royal Society of Chemistry.

Huang W.L.,Zhengzhou Institute of Aeronautical Industry Management | Cheng Z.X.,Zhengzhou University
IEEE Transactions on Dielectrics and Electrical Insulation | Year: 2010

Flashover occurring under repetitive pulsed voltage perhaps may not happen at the first pulse of applied repetitive pulses. Thus, studies of flashover stressing time (FST) are important to comprehend the flashover mechanism under nanosecond-pulsed voltage. In our experiments, the pulsed power source was SPG200, based on semiconductor opening switch (SOS). Solid dielectrics employed were polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) and polyamide 1010, and liquid dielectric was transformer oil. The dispersion of FST was statistically large at invariable or variable voltage amplitude and frequency of repetitive pulses. Furthermore, the dispersion of FST decreased, and concurrently, the odds of that flashover arising at the first pulse of repetitive pulses increased, with the increase in the voltage amplitude of repetitive pulses whose frequency was invariably retained. The flashover tended to occur at the tail of the pulse waveform, and the mean value of FST was found to gradually reduce. Moreover, the extent of reduction was prominently decreased after about 200 Hz, when the pulse frequency increased, which simultaneously restricted the variation of the voltage amplitude of the applied repetitive pulses. Thus, it was demonstrated that longer FST is the ultimate factor, which induces lower flashover field strength under repetitive nanosecond pulses. © 2010 IEEE.

Xue C.,Zhengzhou University
Journal of Software | Year: 2013

In order to reveal the factor impact on the advanced manufacturing mode diffusion, the influence of various factors in the diffusion process is studied from the perspective of system dynamics. To this end, firstly, factors in the advanced manufacturing mode diffusion are identified, which include both macro and micro factors from the perspective of whole industry and single enterprise respectively. Secondly, based on the factor analysis and system dynamics, both a macro and a micro system dynamic model of the advanced manufacturing mode diffusion are established. Then, the models are simulated by Vensim, and different parameter settings of the models are discussed. And then, the sensitivity analysis of factors is conducted. Finally, based on the results of system dynamics analysis, conclusions about the impact of these factors on the advanced manufacturing mode diffusion are drawn, which not only verifies the proposed models, but provides foundation for understanding the diffusion mechanism of the advanced manufacturing mode. © 2013 Academy Publisher.

Zhang Q.,CAS Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry | Sun J.,CAS Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry | Zhu Y.,CAS Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry | Zhang F.,Zhengzhou University | Yu B.,CAS Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry
Angewandte Chemie - International Edition | Year: 2011

Persuaded with gold: The title reaction in the presence of [Ph 3PAuNTf2] (Tf=trifluoromethanesulfonyl) led conveniently to the corresponding nucleosides with excellent regioselectivity (see scheme). Even purine derivatives underwent this transformation owing to the mild conditions, which enabled the use of protecting groups that would not usually be compatible with N-glycosylation conditions. Copyright © 2011 WILEY-VCH Verlag GmbH & Co. KGaA, Weinheim.

Das A.,New York Medical College | Liu D.,New York Medical College | Liu D.,Zhengzhou University
Experimental Hematology and Oncology | Year: 2015

Target specific oral anticoagulants (dabigatran, rivaroxaban, apixaban, and edoxaban) are changing the landscape of anticoagulation. The major drawback is the absence of an effective antidote for severe bleedings and/or prior to procedures. Currently there are a few promising antidotes undergoing clinical trials. This review summarized the latest development in idarucizumab, andexanet alpha and PER977. © 2015 Das and Liu.

Zhu M.,CAS Beijing National Laboratory for Molecular | Chen P.,CAS Beijing National Laboratory for Molecular | Chen P.,Zhengzhou University | Liu M.,CAS Beijing National Laboratory for Molecular
Langmuir | Year: 2013

We report herein that Ag/AgCl-based plasmonic photocatalysts with controlled size and shape could be easily formulated by a one-pot approach via a precipitation reaction between AgNO3 or Ag(NH3) 2NO3 and NaCl. It is found that near-spherical and cube-like Ag/AgCl nanoarchitectures of 500 nm could be fabricated at lower and higher temperature, respectively. Fascinatingly, when graphene oxide (GO) nanosheets are introduced into the synthesis medium, the size of the formulated near-spherical and cube-like nanostructures, Ag/AgCl/GO, could be 2.5 and 5 times reduced to ca. 200 and 100 nm, respectively, when AgNO3 and Ag(NH3)2NO3 are employed as the silver source. The series of our Ag/AgCl-based nanostructures could be used as visible-light-driven plasmonic photocatalysts for the photodegradation of methyl orange pollutants, wherein the cube-like Ag/AgCl/GO nanoarchitectures of 100 nm display the highest catalytic activity. It is disclosed that the synergistic effect of size, shape, and GO nanosheets plays an important role for their boosted photocatalytic performances. The investigation reveals that GO nanosheets work not only as a capping agent for a controllable fabrication of Ag/AgCl nanostructures, but also as catalyst promoter during the photocatalytic performances, leading to an enhanced catalytic activity. Our unique GO-assisted method likely paves a facile avenue and initiates new opportunities for the exploration of GO-hybridized high-performance catalysts. © 2013 American Chemical Society.

Guo R.X.,Zhengzhou University
Zhonghua fu chan ke za zhi | Year: 2011

To investigate the effects of signal pathway inhibitors PD98059 and LY294002 on cell proliferation, apoptosis, expressions of phosphorylated extracellular signal-regulared kinase (p-ERK) and phosphorylated protein kinase B (p-Akt) in endometrial carcinoma xenografts. Human endometrial carcinoma Ishikawa cells were cultured in vitro. The effects of PD98059 and LY294002 on proliferation, apoptosis, and cell cycle distribution of endometrial cancer cells were detected by monotetrazolium (MTT) assay and fluorescence-activated cell sorting technique. The models of xenografted tumor were established by the subcutaneous inoculation in 24 nude mice, and then they were randomly divided into 4 groups (n = 6), normal saline group, PD98059 group (PD group), LY294002 group (LY group) or PD98059 + LY294002 group (PD + LY group) by intraperitoneal injections, respectively. The anti-tumor efficacy was evaluated by measuring tumor volume and tumor growth status. The histopathological change of tumor specimens was observed using HE staining and terminal deoxynucleotidyl transferase-mediated dUTP-digoxigen in nick and labeling method (TUNEL) testing and the expression levels of p-ERK and p-Akt were detected by immunohistochemistry method. (1) The proliferation of Ishikawa cells were suppressed after treated by PD98059 and(or) Y294002, in which A(570) values of cells decreased showing both time-dependent and concentration-dependent manner (LY294002: F(group) = 9.801, P = 0.002; F(time) = 10.398, P = 0.001. PD98059: F(group) = 8.213, P = 0.015; F(time) = 6.839, P = 0.036). Cell cycle distribution analysis revealed that percentage of Ishikawa cells at G(0)/G(1) phase (F(time) = 35.049, P = 0.004; F(group) = 32.024, P < 0.01) increased and percentage of S phase cells (F(time) = 7.789, P = 0.049; F(group) = 30.132, P < 0.01) decreased significantly. The percentage of apoptotic cells increased significantly among PD group, LY group and PD + LY group, in which there were significant difference [(63.3 ± 0.5)% vs (30.7 ± 20.1)% vs (40.8 ± 1.3)%; F = 621.059, P < 0.01]. (2) Compared with the control group, the increasing of transplanting tumor volume in the treated groups were obviously (F = 23.545, P < 0.01), and the inhibited rate of the tumor was higher in PD + LY group than that in PD group or LY group [(68 ± 9)% vs (32 ± 16)% or (38 ± 17)%; F = 10.283, P < 0.05]. (3) HE staining shown that there were different degrees of necrosis for endometrial carcinoma cell in different groups. The apoptosis of tumor cells were significantly increased in treated groups by TUNEL testing [(13.7 ± 1.5)%, (14.1 ± 1.2)%, (29.0 ± 1.8)%; F = 320.344, P < 0.01]. Immunohistochemistry results demonstrated that the expressions of p-ERK and p-Akt in treated groups were lower than that in control group, of which LY + PD group was the lowest one. The signal pathway inhibitors PD98059 and LY294002 could inhibit the growth of human endometrial carcinoma in vivo and in vitro, in which may induce cell apoptosis.

Gao B.,Zhengzhou University
Procedia Environmental Sciences | Year: 2011

Henan Province is China's big province with large population, abundant resources, and promising economics. The total GDP was 1.9367 trillion Yuan in 2009, ranking in the fifth in China. In recent years, economic growth has accelerated in Henan Province, and the impact on the resource environment is also growing. But there is a deep contradiction between those two elements. This article analyzes from the Environmental Kuznets Curve, make a quantitative analysis on the economic growth in Henan Province impacted on the resource and environment. © 2011 Published by Elsevier Ltd.

Liu Y.,Henan Provincial Peoples Hospital | Xiao E.,Zhengzhou University | Yuan L.,Henan Provincial Peoples Hospital | Li G.,Henan Provincial Peoples Hospital
DNA and Cell Biology | Year: 2014

Triptolide (TPL) is a major active component isolated from the natural herb Tripteryglum wilfordii Hook. F. It has proved to possess a variety of pharmacological effects including anti-inflammatory and antitumor activities. The aim of the present study is to explore the efficiency of combination therapy with TPL and oxaliplatin (OXA) and identify the in vitro and in vivo cytotoxicity on colon cancer lines and mice model. Cell viability was measured by MTT assay and cell apoptosis rate was analyzed by FACS assay after treatment with TPL and OXA alone, and TPL combined with OXA in colon cancer cell line SW480. The results demonstrated that combination therapy of TPL and OXA could effectively inhibit the proliferation of colon cancer cell line SW480 and induce cell apoptosis of colon cancer cells. It was partly induced by inhibiting nuclear translocation of β-catenin and the expression of the target genes in cell cycle, which was detected by western blotting and real-time PCR. Moreover, in nude mice model, tumor growth was significantly suppressed in the group treated with TPL in combination with OXA. There was no obvious cytotoxity in mice analyzed by normal blood test and liver and kidney toxicity test. In conclusion, our result revealed that the combination therapy with TPL and OXA exerted synergistic antitumor effects at low concentration in colon cancer cells, with less cytotoxity, which exhibited high potency for clinical applications. © 2014 Mary Ann Liebert, Inc.

Lu T.Y.,Zhengzhou University
Zhonghua nei ke za zhi [Chinese journal of internal medicine] | Year: 2010

To observe the relationship between expression of retinoic acid receptor-β(RAR-β) in esophageal squamous cell carcinoma (ESCC) and chemotherapy response. Fifty-two cases advanced ESCC patients treated by DDP and 5-FU, DDP 80 mg/m(2), divided into 5 days; 5-FU 375 mg/m(2), d1-5. Immunohistochemistry was used to examine the expression of RAR-β in ESCC. Fifty cases normal esophageal tissue were used as controls. RAR-β immunoreactivity was recognized in both cytoplasm and nucleus, RAR-β positive rate was lower in ESCC compared with normal tissue (61.5% vs 92%, P < 0.05). The 52 cases ESCC patients were treated 228 chemotherapy cycles, the overall response rate (OR) was 71.2%. The OR in RAR-β positive patients was 84.4% (27/32), significant higher than RAR-β negative patients 50.0% (10/20) (P < 0.05). The time-to-progression (TTP) for RAR-β positive patients was 5.9 months, the median survival period was 12.1 months, 2 years survival rate was 56.7%; whereas TTP for RAR-β negative patients was 2.1 months, the median survival period was 5.8 months, 2 years survival rate was 32.9%. There was significant difference between the 2 groups (P < 0.05). RAR-β protein expression by immunohistochemistry may be a useful indicator to predict the chemotherapy response and clinical outcome for ESCC, meanwhile it may be an avenue for target therapy.

Liu Q.,Zhengzhou University
European Review for Medical and Pharmacological Sciences | Year: 2014

AIM: To explore the heart protection effects by RNA interference of Caspase-3 on rat acute myocardial infarction (AMI). MATERIALS AND METHODS: 45 SD rats were randomly divided into sham group, AMI group and Caspase-3-siRNA group. Animal model of AMI was established by ligation of anterior descending branch (LAD). Rats of sham operation group and AMI group were administered with lentivirus harboring empty vector into myocardial tissue. Rats of Caspase-3-siRNA group were administered with lentivirus harboring Caspase-3 RNA interference vector. After 72 hours, the heart function were evaluated by echocardiogram analysis. Then the rats were sacrificed and the myocardial tissue were collected. The expression level of Caspase-3 mRNA and protein in each group were analyzed by RT-PCR and Western blot, respectively. Moreover, the infarct size was analyzed by triphenyltetrazolium chloride (TTC) staining and the apoptosis index of myocardial cells were analyzed by TUNEL assay. RESULTS: Compared with the sham operation group, the expression levels of Caspase-3 mRNA and protein were significantly upregulated (p < 0.05) and the Caspase-3 activity was enhanced (p < 0.05) in AMI group and Caspase-3-siRNA group. However, the Caspase-3-siRNA group showed lower expression levels of Caspase-3 mRNA/protein and weaker Caspase-3 activity, compared with AMI group (p < 0.05). Furthermore, the apoptosis index and the infarction range of myocardial cells were enhanced in AMI group and Caspase-3-siRNA group (p < 0.05). The apoptosis index and infarction range of myocardial cells in Caspase-3-siRNA group were decreased (p < 0.05). Interestingly, the Left Ventricular End-Diastolic dimension (LVEDd) and the Left Ventricular End-Systolic diameter (LVESd) in AMI group and Caspase-3-siRNA group were improved (p < 0.05), but the Ejection Fraction (EF) and Fractional Shortening (FS) in AMI group and Caspase-3-siRNA group were reduced (p < 0.05). All the LVEDd, LVESd, EF and FS in Caspase-3-siRNA group significantly improved than that of AMI group (p < 0.05). CONCLUSIONS: The downregulation of Caspase- 3 mediated by lentivirus interference can decrease the infarct size of myocardial tissue and the apoptosis index of myocardial cells. It also can improve heart function in rats with acute myocardial infarction.

Pan Y.-L.,Zhengzhou University
European review for medical and pharmacological sciences | Year: 2014

OBJECTIVE: This study aimed to investigate the effects of glycyrrhizin on acute pancreatitis in mice.MATERIALS AND METHODS: Sixty Balb/c mice were randomly divided into four groups as control group, model group, low dose group and high dose group (n=15). Acute pancreatitis was induced by intraperitoneal injection of Caerulein (100 µg/kg) hourly for 6 times. Mice in low dose group and high dose group received intraperitoneal administration of 15 mg/kg and 45 mg/kg glycyrrhizin respectively 4 hours before Caerulein injection. Mice in four groups were sacrificed in three equal lots at 8, 16 and 24 hours after model construction. High Mobility Group Box-1 (HMGB1) expression and serum levels of amylase, TNF-α and IL-6 were determined. The pancreatic tissues were taken for histopathologic analysis.RESULTS: Amylase, TNF-α, IL-6 and HMGB1 levels were significantly higher and pancreas lesion was severer in model group than in control group. However, Amylase, TNF-α, IL-6 and HMGB1 levels in low dose group and high dose group decreased significantly compared with model group. The pancreas lesion was also improved after administration of glycyrrhizin.CONCLUSIONS: Glycyrrhizin could decrease the levels of pro-inflammatory cytokines and downregulate the expression of HMGB1 which finally improved the pancreas lesion in mice with acute pancreatitis.

Xuan H.,Zhengzhou University
Jisuanji Jicheng Zhizao Xitong/Computer Integrated Manufacturing Systems, CIMS | Year: 2012

Based on the integrated production operation of steel-making, continuous casting and hot rolling in steel industry, a new three-stage hybrid flowshop scheduling problem with serial batching machines was presented which the second stage contained several serial batching machines and other stages contains several discrete machines. The batch processing time was equal to the sum of processing times of all jobs in this batch at stage two. Moreover, the practical production features such as setup time were considered. The minimize total weighted completion time was used as objective function to built mathematical model for proposed problem. Based on workpiece decomposition strategy, Lagrangian relaxation algorithm was constructed. Machine ability constraint and batch processing constraint were relax into objective function by introducting Lagrangian multiplier, thus the formed relaxation problem was decomposed into several workpiece sub-problems, which were solved by dynamic programming algorithm. Heuristic algorithm was designed to convert solution of relaxation problem into feasible solution of primary problem. The simulation results showed that the designed algorithm could obtain better solution quality within acceptable computation time.

Liu C.,Zhengzhou University
Genetics and Molecular Research | Year: 2014

This study aimed to find an optimal treatment for intracranial aneurysm rupture in elderly patients. We adopted endovascular embolization and combined it with mini-invasive aspiration, vascular stenosis stenting, and rehabilitation training to treat 13 elderly patients with intracranial aneurysm rupture. When the 13 patients were discharged and evaluated by the Glasgow Outcome Score (GOS), 7 patients were grade 5, 4 patients were grade 4, and 2 patients were grade 2. We found that a combination of endovascular embolization with mini-invasive aspiration and vascular stenosis stenting allowed us to adapt this treatment to various types of aneurysms. Our approach is especially suitable for elderly patients, because it reduces the occurrence of complications, improves patient prognoses, shortens the duration of hospitalization, and improves the quality of life. © FUNPEC-RP.

Islam F.,Griffith University | Qiao B.,Zhengzhou University | Smith R.A.,Griffith University | Smith R.A.,Queensland University of Technology | And 3 more authors.
Experimental and Molecular Pathology | Year: 2015

Cancer stem cells (CSCs) are a subset of cancer cells which play a key role in predicting the biological aggressiveness of cancer due to its ability of self-renewal and multi-lineage differentiation (stemness). The CSC model is a dynamic one with a functional subpopulation of cancer cells rather than a stable cell population responsible for tumour regeneration. Hypotheses regarding the origins of CSCs include (1) malignant transformation of normal stem cells; (2) mature cancer cell de-differentiation with epithelial-mesenchymal transition and (3) induced pluripotent cancer cells. Surprisingly, the cancer stem cell hypothesis originated in the late nineteenth century and the existence of haematopoietic stem cells was demonstrated a century later, demonstrating that the concept was possible. In the last decade, CSCs have been identified and isolated in different cancers. The hallmark traits of CSCs include their heterogeneity, interaction with microenvironments and plasticity. Understanding these basic concepts of CSCs is important for translational applications using CSCs in the management of patients with cancer. © 2015 Elsevier Inc.

Zhang R.T.,Zhengzhou University
Nan fang yi ke da xue xue bao = Journal of Southern Medical University | Year: 2011

To investigate the expressions of metastasis-associated in colon cancer-1 (MACC1), hepatocyte growth factor (HGF), and C-met proteins in epithelial ovarian cancer and their significance. The expressions of MACC1, HGF and C-met in 20 specimens of normal ovarian tissues, 19 specimens of benign epithelial ovarian tumor and 52 specimens of epithelial ovarian cancer were measured by immunohistochemistry and Western blotting. The correlations of the expressions of MACC1, HGF and C-met protein to the clinicopathologic characteristics of epithelial ovarian cancer were analyzed, and the correlations between the expressions of the 3 proteins were also evaluated. The positivity rates of MACC1, HGF and C-met proteins were 73.1%, 63.5% and 78.8% in epithelial ovarian cancer with relative expressions of 0.72∓0.05, 0.64∓0.04 and 0.79∓0.04, respectively, showing significant differences from those in normal ovarian tissues and benign ovarian tumors (P<0.05). In epithelial ovarian cancer, the up-regulation of MACC1, HGF and C-met expressions were associated with advanced FIGO stage, poor differentiation and lymph node metastasis (P<0.05). MACC1 expression was positively correlated to HGF (r=0.350, P=0.011) and C-met expressions (r=0.429, P=0.002), and the latter two was also positively correlated (r=0.487, P=0.000). MACC1 may serve as a potential biomarker for advanced ovarian cancer. Deregulation of MACC1, HGF and C-met proteins may synergistically participate in the malignant progression of epithelial ovarian cancer.

Kou Y.,Zhengzhou University
Zhonghua wei chang wai ke za zhi = Chinese journal of gastrointestinal surgery | Year: 2013