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Hu G.,Tsinghua University | Zhang C.,Zhengzhou Institute of Light Industry
APCC 2012 - 18th Asia-Pacific Conference on Communications: "Green and Smart Communications for IT Innovation" | Year: 2012

In order to improve throughput and perform load balancing, many routing algorithms in WMNs (Wireless Mesh Networks) have been applied to take full advantages of multi-radio, multi-channel and multi-path of WMNs. Even though a lot of proposals have already shown their merits like LQSR, MR-LQSR etc., up to now, few schemes could universally achieve all of these objectives. In this paper, we present MR-OLSR, an optimized link state routing algorithm in multi-radio/multi-channel WMNs. It was improved by OLSR (Optimized Link State Routing) protocol in MANET. It can distribute data traffic among diverse multiple paths to avoid congestion, and improve channel throughput substantially. It uses the novel metric named IWCETT (Improved Weighted Culminated Estimate Transfer Time) to evaluate path quality. Besides, the proposed channel allocation strategy and path scheduling algorithm offer it the ability of loading balance. MR-OLSR is experimented in OPNET simulation environment, and the results prove that our proposal not merely maintains the merits of robustness and scalability in OLSR scheme. What's more, the proposal enhances the stability and reliability in the situation of links failing, and keeps the promise of increasing network throughput apparently. © 2012 IEEE.

Du W.-L.,Shanghai JiaoTong University | Du W.-L.,Zhengzhou Institute of Light Industry | Zhu R.-M.,Zhengzhou Institute of Light Industry | Li Y.-M.,Shanghai JiaoTong University
Guangdianzi Jiguang/Journal of Optoelectronics Laser | Year: 2010

The filtering algorithm based on wavelet transform is an important method in signal processing field. For the additive white Gaussian noise, a novel method to determine the optimal decomposition level in wavelet transform based on Kolmogorov-Smirnov test is proposed considering the characteristic of contaminated signal's wavelet transform. This method can improve the performance of the traditional method for the signal with different lengths and adaptively determine the optimal decomposition level. Simulation results prove that the method can reach the best capability with SNR and MSE. The results also show its robustness for different edge extension models.

Shi L.-J.,Zhengzhou Institute of Light Industry
Communications in Computer and Information Science | Year: 2012

Cultural study on curriculum, an important subject in the modern course study, is a way of thinking and research method in the curriculum study from the viewpoint of culture. The cultural connotations of sports curriculum can be understood by the interpretation of the concept and cultural identity of sports curriculum. The paper holds that the cultural research on sports course is the needs of curriculum reform and construction, and deals with its framework and content from the macro, meso-level and micro-level. © 2012 Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg.

Zhang L.,Xi'an Jiaotong University | Shao J.,Zhengzhou Institute of Light Industry | Han Y.,Xi'an Jiaotong University
Surface and Coatings Technology | Year: 2011

To understand the effect of substrate microstructure on formation of ZrO2 nanotubes, anodic oxidizations of commercially pure zirconium subjected to surface mechanical attrition treatment (SMATed-Zr), SMATed-Zr annealed at 550°C for 10h and unSMATed-Zr in an aqueous solution containing (NH4)2SO4 and NH4F were investigated. The SMATed-Zr and annealed SMATed-Zr exhibit nanocrystallized surface layers containing high density of grain boundaries compared with unSMATed-Zr. The anodization results show that the formed ZrO2 nanotube layer on the SMATed-Zr is slightly thicker than that on the annealed SMATed-Zr, but thicker than that on the unSMATed-Zr. It is indicated that nanocrystallized Zr is propitious to the growth of ZrO2 nanotubes; and grain boundaries, compared with dislocations, play the leading role in accelerating the reaction rate during anodization, in turn enhancing the crystallinity of ZrO2 nanotubes at top-end. © 2010 Elsevier B.V.

Hu C.,Zhengzhou Institute of Light Industry | Li G.,Zhengzhou Institute of Light Industry | Shi Y.,Zhengzhou Institute of Light Industry
Applied Mechanics and Materials | Year: 2011

The crystallization kinetics of Cu 47.5Zr 47.5Al 5 BMG was studied by differential scanning calorimetry (DSC) using the mode of continuous heating and isothermal annealing. It is found that T g, T x, and T p, display a dependence on the heating rate in the case of continuous heating. The activation energies, E g, E x and T p determined by the Kissinger method, yield 445, 264 and 285 kJ/mol, respectively. The local activation energy, E(x), was determined by the Doyle-Ozawa method, which gives the average activation energy 204 kJ/mol. On the other hand, the isothermal kinetics was modeled by the Johnson-Mehl-Avrami (JMA) equation, the Avrami exponent versus crystallization fraction was calculated at different temperatures. Details of nucleation and growth behaviors are discussed in terms of the local Avrami exponent and local activation energy during the isothermal crystallization. X-ray shows that the quenched BMG only includes the glass single phase. The BMG heated to 873 K has the precipitation of the body-center cubic (BCC) CuZr. © (2011) Trans Tech Publications.

Yangchun X.,Zhengzhou Institute of Light Industry
ICIME 2010 - 2010 2nd IEEE International Conference on Information Management and Engineering | Year: 2010

A variety of uncertaint ies are involved in the activities for the discontinuous technological innovation of equipment manufacturing industry.As a result, enterprises are faced with great challenges when implementing the discontinuous technological innovation. These uncertainties not only cover various fields, but also have a strong time-varying property.This paper summarizes the information monitoring models into four types, i.e. single concentrating information monitoring model, multiple discrete information monitoring model, multiple short-distance information monitoring model, and multiple coordination information monitoring model. An enterprise's selection of the model for dynamic monitoring on the information of uncertainties determines its dynamic configuration of innovation resources and further influences its innovation performance. © 2010 IEEE.

Zhang W.,Xi'an Jiaotong University | Shao J.,Zhengzhou Institute of Light Industry
Journal of Biomedical Materials Research - Part A | Year: 2010

The biomedical properties of novel biodegradable copoly(amino acid)s based on 6-aminocaproic acid and L-proline were analyzed in this article. The cytotoxicity of the copolymer films was tested in vitro using human embryonic kidney (HEK) 293 cells. The cell proliferation, cell cycle, cell apoptosis, and hemolysis of the polymers were also investigated. No significant cytotoxic response was detected statistically by cytotoxicity assay, and the results of cell apoptosis and cell cycle showed that there were no statistically significant differences in them. Generally, the cells spread and grew well on polymer film. Meanwhile, the extent of hemolysis on the polymers was acceptable. Evaluation of cytotoxicity by cell cycle and apoptosis as a supplementary assay is correspondingly discussed in this article. © 2010 Wiley Periodicals, Inc.

Su E.,Zhengzhou Institute of Light Industry
Advanced Materials Research | Year: 2012

This essay introduces the PHC pile of vertical bearing capacity, level of capacity, capacity and final pressure values, tensile properties, pile the stress mechanism, and the factors that influence bearing capacity, then the useful suggestions of how to design and construct are given. It has vital significance to direct engineer practice, optimize static-pressed pipe-pile foundation design. © (2012) Trans Tech Publications.

Zhang T.,Henan Institute of Science and Technology | Li W.,Henan Institute of Science and Technology | Zhang Y.,Zhengzhou Institute of Light Industry | Zheng E.,Henan Institute of Science and Technology | Ping X.,Henan Institute of Science and Technology
Information Sciences | Year: 2010

This paper presents a least significant bit (LSB) matching steganography detection method based on statistical modeling of pixel difference distributions. Previous research indicates that natural images are highly correlated in a local neighborhood and that the value zero appears most frequently in intensity differences between adjacent pixels. The statistical model of the distribution of pixel difference can be established using the Laplace distribution. LSB matching steganography randomly increases or decreases the pixel value by 1 when the message is embedded; thus, the frequency of occurrence of the value zero in pixel differences changes most dramatically during message embedding. Based on the Laplacian model of pixel difference distributions, this paper proposes a method to estimate the number of the zero difference value using the number of non-zero difference values from stego-images and uses the relative estimation error between the estimated and actual values of the number of the zero difference value as the classification feature. Experimental results indicate that the proposed algorithm is effective in detecting LSB matching steganography and can achieve better detection performance than the local extreme method under most circumstances. © 2010 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

Zhang L.,Xi'an Jiaotong University | Shao J.,Zhengzhou Institute of Light Industry | Han Y.,Xi'an Jiaotong University
Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology | Year: 2011

TiO 2 nanotube layers were prepared by anodic oxidation of commercial pure Ti in aqueous solutions containing 1 M (NH 4) 2SO 4 and 0.15 M NH 4F at 20 V for 2 h. The as-anodized layers were annealed at 450°C for 3 h, and a part of the annealed layers were subsequently irradiated by Ultraviolet (UV) light in air for 2 h at room temperature. Hydrophilicity and the apatite-forming ability of TiO 2 nanotube layers were evaluated. The results show that the as-anodized layer consists of self-organized TiO 2 nanotubes with amorphous structure, which transforms to anatase after annealing at 450°C for 3 h. The annealing treatment of the nanotube layer can significantly enhance its hydrophilicity and bioactivity. Furthermore, UV irradiation of the annealed TiO 2 nanotube layer does not alter its surface morphology and phase component, however, can improve hydrophilicity and bioactivity. The enhanced hydrophilicity and bioactivity are thought to result from the abundant basic Ti-OH groups on the UV-irradiated TiO 2 nanotube layer. Copyright © 2011 American Scientific Publishers All rights reserved.

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