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Guan E.T.,China University of Mining and Technology | Guan E.T.,Zhengzhou Coal Industry Group Co.
Applied Mechanics and Materials

On the basis of different damage forms of surface water in coal mines, various prevention and control countermeasures to water hazard in different landforms, such as mountainous area, plain area and hilly area, were proposed. In general, the objects to be governed include river banks, plashes, slopes, gullies and surface collapses due to underground mining or karst cave to avoid the hazard. The principle is cutting off the relationship or passage between surface water and underground mining. Furthermore, advices and techniques on water passage detection were put forward to carry out the following work. © (2013) Trans Tech Publications, Switzerland. Source

Jinshen C.,Henan University of Technology | Lei W.,Henan University of Technology | Hairong P.,Engineering and Technology Co. | Wenzheng W.,Zhengzhou Coal Industry Group Co.
Jingangshi yu Moliao Moju Gongcheng/Diamond and Abrasives Engineering

The content of Sn in Cu-based metal bond is quite high. Chemical analysis of Sn content needs quite large amount of reagent and the steps are tedious. This paper determined the content of Sn in the Cu-based metal bond by using atomic absorption spectrophotometry, which needn't separate the matrix of Cu. In this way, we could determine the content of Sn straightway. The mathematical processing results of the data proved that the analysis was accurate, reliable, and reproducible. Source

Gao Z.,Wuhan University of Technology | Gao Z.,Zhengzhou Coal Industry Group Co.
International Journal of Mining Science and Technology

It is an emerging realistic problem on how to promote a high level of technology in the coal industry, find new upgrading powers and create new competitive advantages, which are also the core problems to efficient transformation pattern of economic growth for coal industry in the "twelfth five-year" period, involving the key to China's energy supply and energy security. Through field surveys and inductive analyses, analyzing of the content of upgrading the coal industry as an entry point, this paper analyzes the sustainable development mechanisms for the coal industry from the aspects of work force, power, methods, goals, and so on; and puts forward corresponding developmental modes according to the mechanisms which can improve resource recovery and mineral resources utilization rates by putting them into practice. © 2012 Published by Elsevier B.V. on behalf of China University of Mining & Technology. Source

Li P.T.,China University of Mining and Technology | Li P.T.,Zhengzhou Coal Industry Group Co. | Jia X.,China University of Mining and Technology | Zeng Y.F.,China University of Mining and Technology
Advanced Materials Research

Hydrological exploration tests are designed and field data are acquired. By combination of theories and experiments, hydro geological condition and water filling factors of Mayingbao coal mine field are analyzed systematically aiming to ascertaining threatening degree of water hazard of the mine field and studying theory of mine water hazard prevention and control. According to coupling theory between GIS and AHP, models of "water abundance index" and "vulnerability index" are founded respectively. By methods of "three maps-double predictions" and "vulnerability index", water inrush probability from roof and floor of chief exploitable coal seams in the mine field are evaluated quantitatively. Comprehensive regionalization of roof water filling probability and evaluation regionalization of floor water inrush vulnerability of the seams are formed. Based on above study, water inflow of first mining area is predicted and suggestion of water prevention and control for safety production is put forward. Nonlinear and multivariate theory in present geoscience research is improved because of the above results and the research provides necessary basic data for the mine designing, preliminary and feasibility research and subsequent safety production. © (2014) Trans Tech Publications, Switzerland. Source

Ai S.,Zhengzhou Coal Industry Group Co. | Wang Y.,Hebei University of Engineering
Communications in Computer and Information Science

The genetic algorithms (GAs) are broadly applicable stochastic search and optimization techniques. However, there exists premature convergence phenomenon in some GAs. To overcome the deficiency, two improved genetic algorithms are proposed in this study. The first one is a hybrid algorithm of the genetic algorithm and downhill simplex method, while the second one is the combination of genetic algorithm and conjugate gradient method. Then, the mathematical optimization model of the 10 bar truss is built and both of the improved algorithms are identified by the numerical example and compared with the simple genetic algorithm. The simulation results indicate that the two purposed techniques show stronger robustness in finding feasible optimum designs than the simple genetic algorithm. © 2011 Springer-Verlag. Source

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