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Qin Y.,Tianjin University | Qin Y.,Johns Hopkins University | Chen Z.,Tianjin University | Yang Q.,Zhejiang Hangxiao Steel Structure Co. | Shang K.,Architecture Design Co. of Tadi
Journal of Constructional Steel Research | Year: 2014

In this paper, four full-scale specimens of existing and proposed through-diaphragm connections to concrete-filled rectangular steel tubular columns were tested under cyclic lateral load. The variables in the experiments include the geometry of the through-diaphragm, the configuration of the weld access hole, horizontal stiffeners, and the methods of connecting beam webs to columns. Three failure modes were observed in the test. The strength, stiffness, ductility and energy dissipation capacity were evaluated at different load cycles. It is found that the moment-rotation hysteresis curves are all stable and plentiful and exhibit no obvious strength deterioration or stiffness degradation. The energy dissipation capacity of the proposed through-diaphragm connections are significantly improved when compared to the existing one. Although fabricated in poor condition with an extremely low temperature, the proposed connections could obtain more than 0.1 rad of the inelastic rotation capacity. This indicates that the proposed through-diaphragm connections show good seismic behavior and could be applied to composite ordinary moment frames. © 2013 Elsevier Ltd.

Huang H.,Xi'an University of Architecture and Technology | Zhu Y.,Xi'an University of Architecture and Technology | Guo J.,Xi'an University of Architecture and Technology | Feng X.,Zhejiang Hangxiao Steel Structure Co.
Advanced Materials Research | Year: 2012

The models of un-stiffened, cross stiffened and diagonal stiffened are established by the APDL language of ANSYS, then their reliabilities of stochastic finite element are researched. The result shows that, under the equal seismic forces, the reliability of the three models from childhood in order as is the un-stiffened, the cross stiffened and the diagonal stiffened. And the vertical pressure is the most effective factor toward the three models. Recently years, the study about the steel plate shear wall at home and abroad is almost the research [1, 2] of experience and hysteretic performance by the theory combined with experiences. Xianzeng Li [3], who discussed the feasibility of thin steel plate shear wall which is used in the seismic area, studied the stress structure feature and seismic feature of the thin steel plate shear wall under the drab and cyclic loads by finite element. The shear performance under one-way load and the hysteretic performance of the diagonal stiffened were researched deeply by Chunhua Cao [4, 5], and the result shows that it's an excellent part of resisting lateral force with full stability lag circle and high security reserve. In this text, the analysis about the reliability of steel plate spear wall is completed.

Hu L.,Chang'an University | Hu L.,Zhejiang Hangxiao Steel Structure Co. | Zheng H.,Chang'an University | Song X.,Chang'an University | Song J.,Chang'an University
World Information on Earthquake Engineering | Year: 2010

To realize the modulation of structural stiffness in a certain range and to exploit the performance of composite steel plate, a new anti-seismic reinforcing structure-composite deep beam is introduced. The cyclic loading model tests of two composite deep beam infilled steel frames were carried out, the hysteresis loops of the infilled steel frames are obtained. During the experiment, the concrete plate restrictes the deformation of steel plate, the plasticity of steel plate is developed ; the composite deep beam is failed first, then the steel frame is failed. The results are demonstrated that the steel plate of composite deep beam mainly sustains horizontal shear force and moment. The hysteresis loops are plump,and the skeleton curve has an apparent stage of plastic flow. The good ductility and the energy dissipation capacity of the tested models prove the fine anti-seismic behavior of the deep beam infilled steel frames. Regression analysis based on the test data,and restoring force model can apply to elastoplastic response analysis of the composite deep beam structures.

Zhao W.,Zhejiang University | Zhao W.,Zhejiang Shuren University | Zhao W.,Zhejiang Hangxiao Steel Structure Co. | Yang Q.-Y.,Zhejiang Hangxiao Steel Structure Co. | Tong G.-S.,Zhejiang University
Gongcheng Lixue/Engineering Mechanics | Year: 2010

The current design formula for the critical shear stress in JGJ99-98(Technical specification for steel structure of tall buildings) is applied mainly to the design of closely-stiffened plates. However, in practice, the steel shear walls are often stiffened with 1 or 2 longitudinal stiffeners. This paper presents a new study on the elastic buckling of the sparsely-stiffened plates under shear loading. More than 1,600 models are analyzed with the 3-D finite element method (FEM). The plates transversely stiffened with only 1 and 2 longitudinal stiffeners are analyzed. Formulas are presented, comparisons with the numerical results show that the accuracy is good and the formers are reasonably conservative. And the formulas can be applied to practical engineering.

Sun X.-Y.,Zhejiang University | Pan H.,Zhejiang Hangxiao Steel Structure Ltd Company | Wang H.-L.,Zhejiang University | Wang J.-X.,Beijing Construction Engineering Ltd Company
Zhejiang Daxue Xuebao (Gongxue Ban)/Journal of Zhejiang University (Engineering Science) | Year: 2012

In order to accurately evaluate the existing bridges durability performance under atmospheric corrosion, the research achievements related to rebar corrosion were integrated and combined with field measurement of existing bridges. A multi-factor time-dependent resistance model of bridge bending capacity was established with degradation in rebar area, yield strength and bonding considered. The system reliability was investigated based on practical current live load level and service time. The case study of one real existing bridge shows that the initial maintenance time predicted by multi-factor model is 31 years, which is consistent with the bridge management situation, that is earlier than the single-factor model prediction. The failure risk predicted from multi-factors model is obviously higher than that gotten from other models. The bonding degradation should be the significant factor in the bridge durability analysis.

Zhao W.,Zhejiang Institute of Communications | Tong G.,Zhejiang University | Yang Q.,Zhejiang Hangxiao Steel Structure Co.
Jianzhu Jiegou Xuebao/Journal of Building Structures | Year: 2012

In order to improve seismic performance of steel frame with prefabricated reinforced concrete infill slit shear walls (SFPCW), the ear bar device was used in the connection between the steel frame and the infill wall. Two one-bay, two story, one-third scaled models of SFPCW were tested with low cyclic load. The working performance of ear bar connection, the cracks development in infill walls and deformation performance of SFPCW were investigated. And the failure mode, hysteretic behavior, stiffness degradation, deformation and ductility and energy dissipation of composite structure were analyzed. Experimental studies show that no failure occurs in the connection between the steel frame and the infill wall because ear plates below and up the beam-to-column connections are added in the specimens, and the connection device of ear plate presents good working performance. The SFPCW has good ductility with the ductility factor greater than 3. And the failure of infill walls is caused by the penetrating crack along the root of slits.

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