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Zhaotong, China

Wang P.,National University of Defense Technology | Wan P.,Zhaotong Teachers College
International Journal of Physical Sciences | Year: 2011

A novel genetic algorithm is proposed to improve the effectiveness of management measures of information security systems. In this work, the information security management measure is evaluated via simulation systems. The genetic algorithm is used to adjust the information security management measure, and obtains the satisfied information security management measure. The experimental results suggest that this proposed approach is feasible, correct and valid. ©2011 Academic Journals. Source

Xu H.,Jilin University | Wan P.,Zhaotong Teachers College
International Journal of Physical Sciences | Year: 2011

Simulation optimization studies the problem of optimizing simulation-based objectives. Simulation optimization is a new and hot topic in the field of system simulation and operational research. To improve the search efficiency, this paper presents a hybrid approach which combined genetic algorithm and local optimization technique for simulation optimization problems. Through the combination of genetic algorithms and with the local optimization method, it can maximally use the good global property of random searching and the convergence rate of a local method. This study considers the sampling procedure based on orthogonal design and quantization technology, the use of orthogonal genetic algorithm with quantization for the global exploration, and the application of local optimization technique for local exploitation. The final experimental results demonstrated that the proposed approach can find optimal or close-to-optimal solutions, and is superior to other recent algorithms in simulation optimization. © 2011 Academic Journals. Source

Zeng C.,Kunming University of Science and Technology | Gong A.,Kunming University of Science and Technology | Luo Y.,Zhaotong Teachers College
International Journal of Modern Physics B | Year: 2011

In this paper, we study the effect of asymmetry of the potential in a bistable system with quantum fluctuations. Within the quantum Smoluchowski regime, the expressions for the mean first passage time (MFPT) and signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) of the system are obtained, respectively. Based on the MFPT and SNR, we consider both, the overdamped quantum case and its classical counterpart, the effects of the quantum fluctuations and the asymmetry of the potential on the MFPT and SNR are discussed. Our main results show that (i) the quantum fluctuations facilitate the particle to reach the destination from its original position, (ii) the resonant activation (RA) phenomena can be observed with varying asymmetry of the potential, and (iii) the quantum effects in an asymmetric bistable system about SNR are prominent for lower temperatures and smaller asymmetry of the potential. Moreover, the quantum effects enhance the stochastic resonance (SR) of the system. © 2011 World Scientific Publishing Company. Source

Zhiyong H.,Changsha University of Science and Technology | Pu W.,Zhaotong Teachers College | Hao X.,Jilin University
International Journal of Physical Sciences | Year: 2011

Express logistics problem is a typical optimization problem. Considering the macro-allocation optimization problem and the micro routing scheduling problem, a bi-level CARP-based optimization modeling which the objective is to determine a set of feasible vehicle trips of minimum total cost has been constructed to describe the express logistics problem. Furthermore, an optimization method has been proposed based on the ant colony algorithm (ACA). Case studies shows effectiveness of methods. ©2011 Academic Journals. Source

Luo K.,Shaoyang University | Zhou F.,Zhaotong Teachers College | Gao W.,Yunnan Normal University | Gao W.,Soochow University of China
Advances in Intelligent and Soft Computing | Year: 2012

This paper studies the scenario where the observations are drawn from a stationary φ-mixing sequence, a widely adopted assumption in the study of non-i.i.d. processes that implies dependence between observations weakening over time. In this paper, the stability of φ-mixing and β-mixing processes in replacement case is investigated, notions of stability for φ-mixing and β-mixing processes in replacement case is defined, and the generalization bounds of stable φ-mixing and β-mixing processes are obtained. © 2012 Springer-Verlag GmbH Berlin Heidelberg. Source

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