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Haverhill, MA, United States

Zena Technologies Inc. | Date: 2015-05-05

Described herein is a device comprising: a substrate; one or more of a nanostructure extending essentially perpendicularly from the substrate; wherein the nanostructure comprises a core of a doped semiconductor, an first layer disposed on the core, and a second layer of an opposite type from the core and disposed on the first layer.

An image sensor comprising a substrate and one or more of pixels thereon. The pixels have subpixels therein comprising nanowires sensitive to light of different color. The nanowires are functional to covert light of the colors they are sensitive to into electrical signals.

Zena Technologies Inc. | Date: 2014-05-19

An embodiment relates to a device comprising a substrate having a front side and a back-side, a nanowire disposed on the back-side and an image sensing circuit disposed on the front side, wherein the nanowire is configured to be both a channel to transmit wavelengths up to a selective wavelength and an active element to detect the wavelengths up to the selective wavelength transmitted through the nanowire.

An embodiment relates to image sensor comprising one or more nanowires on a substrate of a cavity, the nanowire being configured to transmit a first portion of an electromagnetic radiation beam incident on the sensor, and the substrate that absorbs a second portion of the electromagnetic radiation beam incident on the sensor, wherein the first portion is substantially different from the second portion. The substrate could have a anti-reflective material. The ratio of a diameter of the cavity to a diameter of the nanowire could be at less than about 10.

Photodetector devices and methods for making the photodetector devices are disclosed herein. In an embodiment, the device may include a substrate; and one or more core structures, each having one or more shell layers disposed at least on a portion of a sidewall of the core structure. Each of the one or more structures extends substantially perpendicularly from the substrate. Each of the one or more core structures and the one or more shell layers form a Schottky barrier junction or a metal-insulator-semiconductor (MiS) junction.

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