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Alkilani A.Z.,Queen's University of Belfast | Alkilani A.Z.,Zarqa University | McCrudden M.T.C.,Queen's University of Belfast | Donnelly R.F.,Queen's University of Belfast
Pharmaceutics | Year: 2015

The skin offers an accessible and convenient site for the administration of medications. To this end, the field of transdermal drug delivery, aimed at developing safe and efficacious means of delivering medications across the skin, has in the past and continues to garner much time and investment with the continuous advancement of new and innovative approaches. This review details the progress and current status of the transdermal drug delivery field and describes numerous pharmaceutical developments which have been employed to overcome limitations associated with skin delivery systems. Advantages and disadvantages of the various approaches are detailed, commercially marketed products are highlighted and particular attention is paid to the emerging field of microneedle technologies. © 2015 by the authors; licensee MDPI, Basel, Switzerland.

El-Hasan T.S.,Zarqa University
2016 IEEE International Conference on Renewable Energy Research and Applications, ICRERA 2016 | Year: 2017

This paper presents the development of Axial Flux Permanent Magnet Generator to be used for wind turbines in the range below 5 kW power applications. The proposed generator that is to be directly coupled to the wind turbine, unlocks the potential for energy harvesting due to its outstanding merits such as high efficiency, low cogging torque, high power density and ease of manufacturing and assembly. In this paper, the analytical model for generator sizing is presented, main parameters to meet the requirements are defined. The generator is also modeled using Matlab/Simulink to predict its performance under certain operating conditions. In addition, generator model and simulation results are validated via experimental tests. The preliminary experimental results showed a good match with the simulation results hence demonstrate the concrete benefits of utilizing the axial flux permanent magnet generator in scavenging energy to generate electrical power from micro wind turbines. © 2016 IEEE.

Mahmoud K.W.,Zarqa University
2017 8th International Conference on Information and Communication Systems, ICICS 2017 | Year: 2017

Text passwords were and still an easy, common, practical and reliable authentication method. To ensure the desired goal of access protection, passwords should be implemented carefully. This study proposes a new mechanism to strengthen passwords through introducing time gaps (delays) between some password characters during the sign-up process. During sign-in, users should not only enter their correct passwords, but also they must leave time delays in the correct position(s) as it was designated during the sign-up process. Any attempt to login using a real password without adding time delays in the correct position(s) will be rejected. Laboratory experiments were conducted to test the proposed mechanism. These experiments are based on known password but hidden delay position(s). The obtained results show that the False Acceptance Rate (FAR) was 11.33% and the False Rejection Rate (FRR) was 17.3%. These ratios could be improved when users became more familiar with the system. © 2017 IEEE.

Suyagh M.,University of Jordan | Farah D.,Zarqa University | Abu Farha R.,University of Jordan
Saudi Pharmaceutical Journal | Year: 2015

Background: Adverse drug reactions (ADRs) are a major cause of drug related morbidity and mortality. Pharmacovigilance is the science that plays an essential role in the reduction of ADRs, thus the evolution and growth of this science are critical for effective and safe clinical practice. Objectives: This study is considered the first study in the region to evaluate pharmacist's knowledge, practice and attitudes toward ADRs reporting after establishing the national ADRs reporting center in Jordan. Method: A cross sectional study was used to evaluate pharmacist knowledge and attitude toward ADRs reporting. A structured validated questionnaire was developed for this purpose and a total of 208 pharmacists were recruited to participate in this study. Results: The majority of pharmacists have insufficient awareness and lack of knowledge about pharmacovigilance and ADRs reporting. Also the rate of reporting of ADRs was extremely poor. Several factors were found to discourage pharmacists from reporting ADRs, which include inadequate information available from the patient, unavailability of pharmacist ADRs form when needed, unawareness of the existence of the national ADRs reporting system. Also pharmacists think that ADRs are unimportant or they did not know how to report them. Conclusion: The results of this study suggest that pharmacists have insufficient knowledge about the concept of pharmacovigilance and spontaneous ADRs reporting. On the other hand, pharmacists had positive attitudes toward pharmacovigilance, despite their little experience with ADRs reporting. Educational programs are needed to increase pharmacist's role in the reporting process, and thus to have a positive impact on the overall patient caring process. © 2014 King Saud University.

Bekr G.A.,Zarqa University
ISEC 2017 - 9th International Structural Engineering and Construction Conference: Resilient Structures and Sustainable Construction | Year: 2017

This study involves with Building Information Modeling (BIM) and exploring the reasons behind the slow speed of implementing this method in the construction industry in developing countries in general and Jordan in specific. The aim of the research was achieved through a survey which considered 15 barrier factors and 13 driving factors. The study revealed that the level of BIM implementation in construction projects is generally low. In addition, the significant barriers affecting the adoption of BIM are lack of qualified staff to operate the software, difficulty learning BIM, the existing system fulfils the need, resistance to change and uncertainties concerning return on investment of BIM. Also, the study pointed out the most important factors that could help implementing BIM in the Jordanian construction industry. These are providing BIM training program, introducing BIM in the university curriculum and providing the efforts by the government to push implementation of BIM in their projects. Finally, the paper presented some recommendations if followed the level of (BIM) implementation in this country may be improved. Copyright © 2017 ISEC Press.

Al-Sha'er M.A.,Zarqa University
Der Pharma Chemica | Year: 2014

Antimicrobial activities of novel synthesized pyridinium derivatives showed prospective broad spectrum antimicrobial effect. The synthetic compounds were examined using agar well and dilution method. The antimicrobial effect was measured and represented as minimum inhibitory concentration (MIC). Halogentated pyridinium derivatives showed significant antimicrobial effect with MIC values ranged from 7.5 μg/ml to 180 μg/ml aganist ATCC strains and clinically isolated gram positive and gram negative microbes. P-flouro-derivative (79) was the broadest antimicrobial agent with MIC value = 7.5 μg/ml against Strep. B. Although, S.aureus, B.subtilis and C.albican are the most sensitive microbes , P.auregenosa, P.mirabilis and K.pneumoniae are the most challenging one.

Fei W.,Cranfield University | Luk P.C.K.,Cranfield University | El-Hasan T.S.,Zarqa University
IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics | Year: 2011

The rotor integrity design for a high-speed modular air-cored axial-flux permanent-magnet (AFPM) generator is presented. The main focus is on the mechanical parametric optimization of the rotor, which becomes a more dominating design issue over electromagnetic optimization at high operational speeds. Approximate analytical formulas are employed for preliminary sizing of the mechanical parameters of the rotor, which consists of the permanent magnets, retainment ring, and back iron. Two-dimensional (2-D) finite-element analysis (FEA) models are used to optimize the values of the parameters. Then, 3-D FEA models are developed to verify the final design. Finally, based on the final design, an AFPM prototype is built for experimental validation, and mechanical integrity tests for the rotor are undertaken. The results confirm the validity of the analytical and FEA models, as well as the overall design approach. © 2010 IEEE.

Daoud E.A.,Zarqa University | Turabieh H.,Zarqa University
Applied Soft Computing Journal | Year: 2013

Despite the excellent applicability of kernel methods, there seems to be no systematic way of choosing appropriate kernel functions or the optimum parameters. Therefore, the performance of support vector machines (SVMs) cannot be easily optimized. To address this problem, a general procedure is suggested to produce nonparametric and efficient kernels. This is achieved by finding an empirical and theoretical connection between positive semidefinite matrices and certain metric space properties. The Gaussian kernel turns out to be a special case of the new framework. Comprehensive experiments on eleven real-world datasets and seven synthetic datasets demonstrate a clear advantage in favor of the proposed kernels. However, several important problems remain unresolved. © 2013 Elsevier B.V.

Hasan L.,Zarqa University
International Conference on Communications and Information Technology - Proceedings | Year: 2012

This research evaluated the usability of educational websites. In particular, it focused on nine Jordanian university websites. Evaluation criteria for assessing the usability of educational websites were developed; these consisted of five categories: navigation, architecture / organisation, ease of use and communication, design and content. Then 237 students were asked to provide ratings for nine Jordanian university websites using the developed usability criteria and their categories. Students were also asked to report qualitatively what they liked and disliked regarding the design of the tested websites. The results provided detailed information for each tested website regarding their conformance with the developed usability criteria. The results showed that the majority of the students were satisfied with the usability of the Jordanian university websites. Specifically, the results showed that the students were satisfied with the content and navigation (ease of use) issues of the tested websites, but were dissatisfied with the design of the websites. Common and unique strengths and weaknesses related to design issues of the investigated websites were identified based on the quantitative results and the qualitative data obtained from the open-ended questions. © 2012 IEEE.

Diabetes is a chronic disease that requires routine and complicated self care. Although self care can be managed by most diabetes patients, there are many variables that may make diabetes self-management difficult. The study examined the relationship between clients' demographic variables and diabetes self-management in diabetic clients in Amman city/Jordan. The data were collected through a self-completed questionnaire developed by the researchers and combined with the perceived diabetes self-management scale (PDSMS). The sampling of the investigation comprised 178 diabetes clients from Amman city/Jordan. There was proportional little relationship between income level and diabetes self management, and reversely proportional low relationship between duration of diabetes and diabetes self management. Other variables had no relationship with diabetes self management. The demographic variables related to diabetes self-management in this study are income level and duration of diabetes. As income level increases, diabetes self-management become better, and the longer the duration of diabetes, the worse is diabetes self-management.

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