Zaporozhye State Engineering Academy

Zaporizhzhya, Ukraine

Zaporozhye State Engineering Academy

Zaporizhzhya, Ukraine
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Belokon K.V.,Zaporozhye State Engineering Academy | Belokon Y.A.,Zaporozhye State Engineering Academy | Kozhemyakin G.B.,Zaporozhye State Engineering Academy | Matukhno E.V.,National Metallurgical Academy of Ukraine
Naukovyi Visnyk Natsionalnoho Hirnychoho Universytetu | Year: 2016

Purpose:. The improvement of the processes of pollution abatement at electrode production enterprises aimed to raise air quality and comply with the environmental standards established in Ukraine. Methodology:. The catalysts efficiency was tested in the stream of exhaust gases produced by kilns and graphitization furnaces in a laboratory at temperatures from 100 to 500 °C and the volumetric gas flow rate W from 30 · 103 to 120 · 103 m3/m3 · hr. In order to assess compliance with sanitary and hygienic standards of the area affected by the emissions, the ground-level concentrations of pollutants were calculated using the PLEINAIR-1.25 software before and after the introduction of the catalytic purification of exhaust gases. The software works in accordance with the document OH-86 "Method of Calculation of the Harmful Substances Concentration in the Air Polluted by Industrial Emissions" and was approved by the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of Ukraine. Findings:. The modeling of the pollutants dispersion in the air showed exceeding ground-level concentrations in the residential area taking into account the initial levels of carbon monoxide, naphthalene, and phenol, which are 1.05 MPC, 1.1 MPC and 1.14 MPC respectively. The results proved the need for measures to minimize the emissions of these substances. We carried out comparative tests using the existing and the newly developed catalysts for neutralization of the exhaust gases from the kilns and graphitization furnaces. The results of the comparative tests showed that the developed catalyst cycle life is 1.6 1.7 times longer than that of the known nickel catalyst. Application of the newly developed catalyst raised the degree of gases purification to 99.9%. The neutralization of the waste gases vented by the kilns and graphitization furnaces using the developed catalyst resulted in the decrease of the ground-level concentrations of pollutants in the residential areas to the background level. Originality:. We proved theoretically and confirmed experimentally that the catalytic neutralization of carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons by intermetallic catalysts results in the increase of environmental safety of the emissions. Practical value:. The method of deactivation of the waste gases containing carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons emitted from the kilns and graphitization furnaces by means of the intermetallic catalysts has been developed and recommended for implementation at the enterprise PAT "Ukrgrafit". © Belokon K.V., Belokon Y.A., Kozhemyakin G. B., Matukhno E.V, 2016.

Bytkin S.V.,Integrated Iron & Steel Works Zaporizhstal JSC | Kritskaya T.V.,Zaporozhye State Engineering Academy | Kobeleva S.P.,National University of Science and Technology "MISIS"
Russian Microelectronics | Year: 2014

The characteristics of low-power and power thyristors based on dislocation-free single crystals of germanium-doped silicon in the range of concentrations NGe ∼ (0.05–1.5) × 1020 cm−3 are presented. Using the methods of processing of the experimental data in STATISTICA and MathCAD medium the criteria parameters of thyristors were measured under the action of radiation and high temperature gradients. The expediency of using germanium-doped silicon to increase the thermal stability and radiation resistance of devices exposed to γ-radiation in the dose range up to 2.94 × 106 mSv was shown. © 2014, Pleiades Publishing, Ltd.

Bogomaz A.V.,SE Zaporozhye Titanium and Magnesium Combine | Krytskaja T.V.,Zaporozhye State Engineering Academy | Karpenko A.V.,Zaporozhye State Engineering Academy
Problems of Atomic Science and Technology | Year: 2013

The construction of a thermal knot of the growth vessel of apparatus of large-sized crystals of germanium growing by the immersible pivoted shaper method is developed and tested. In a construction as a bowl material carbon G{cyrillic}MZ{cyrillic}A-0 and carbon-carbon composite bodied by pyrolytic carbon BK-2U{cyrillic} are used. Series of advantages of bowls from BK-2U{cyrillic} in the part of assurance of the given allocation of temperature on a surface of a bowl, heightening of a mechanical strength and fraction soot impurities lowering in a crystal is fixed. In experimentalindustrial conditions crystals of germanium in diameter to 420 mm with high optical characteristic are received.

Zubko E.I.,Zaporozhye State Engineering Academy
Journal of Nano- and Electronic Physics | Year: 2012

Transmission and reflection spectra, refraction factor of the porous silicon layers produced in HF(48%): HCl:H2O and HF(48%):HBr:H2O solutions are investigated by the sample illumination and without it. It is established that layers produced by electrolytic anodizing in HF(48%):HBr:H2O = 16:2:80 mass% solution have the best antireflective characteristics and smaller optical transmission than other samples. © 2012 Sumy State University.

Oseledchik Y.S.,Zaporozhye State Engineering Academy | Prosvirnin A.L.,Zaporozhye State Engineering Academy | Lutsenko V.Y.,Zaporozhye State Engineering Academy
Functional Materials | Year: 2012

The phase diagram of strontium tetraborate SrB 40 7-lead tetraborat PbB 40 7 system was specified by means of improved DTA technique. Concentration dependence of phases formation, trigonal (5 or orthorhombic a, by low-temperature crystallization of the glasses (l-x)-SrB 4O 7-x-PbB 4O 7 (0≤x≤l) was studied. Only the metastable trigonal phase β-Sr 1-xPb xB 4O 7 for concentration x<0.2 is crystallized. The both high nonlinear phases of strontium-lead tetraborates (d eff (β-Sr 0.8Pb 0.2B 4O 7)≈d eff, (PbB 4O 7)) are perspective for use as the non-linear-optical crystals components of glass-ceramic materials on the basis of strontium tetraborate-lead tetraborate system. © 2012 - STC "Institute for Single Crystals".

Ivanovna Z.E.,Zaporozhye State Engineering Academy | Yakovlevich S.E.,Zaporozhye State Engineering Academy
2013 IEEE 33rd International Scientific Conference Electronics and Nanotechnology, ELNANO 2013 - Conference Proceedings | Year: 2013

Technological scheme for a formation of electron instrument compositions PcCu /por-Si/n-Si and PcAl/por-Si/n-Si has been developed. The data on the technological adaptation of the deposition and annealing of samples have been given. The effect of annealing for morphological and electrical characteristicks of the obtained compositions has been investigated. © 2013 IEEE.

Kolobov G.A.,Zaporozhye state engineering academy | Karpenko A.V.,Zaporozhye state engineering academy
Problems of Atomic Science and Technology | Year: 2016

Overview of technologies for the production of high-purity lightrare, rareearth, radioactivemetalsand their com-pounds: electrolytic refining, vacuum distillation, electron-beam and zone melting, directed crystallization, electro-transfer, extraction, ion exchange. © 2016, National Science Center, Kharkov Institute of Physics and Technology. All rights reserved.

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