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Dmitriev V.S.,Zaporizhzhya State Engineering Academy
Journal of Nano- and Electronic Physics | Year: 2017

The methods for manufacturing devices with Schottky barrier should provide the required structure of the interface and the ability to produce high-quality "metal-semiconductor" layers over a large area. It is of interest the separation boundary structure control of the contact between a metal and a semiconductor, which is achieved by thin-film structures annealing. The contacts to epitaxial n-type GaAs layer (111) a few micrometers thick with a carriers mobility of more than 5000 cm2/(V.s) and the electrons concentration ne.l. = 2.1016 cm- 3,that was grown on highly doped substrates (n ~ 1018 cm-3) are investigated. The deposition of silver was produced on the GaAs-substrate by vacuum deposition at a residual pressure of about 2,66.10-3 Pa. Produced structures Ag/n-GaAs were annealed in the 723...873 K temperature range. The optimum depth of silver penetration into gallium arsenide contact region is found at an annealing temperature of 823 K during 10 min., φBn = 0,95 V. The structure of contacts metal films is polycrystalline, finegrained, in composition it mostly corresponds to sprayed material. © 2017 Sumy State University.

Pereverzev A.V.,Zaporizhzhya Institute of Economics and Information Technologies | Lytvynenko T.M.,Zaporizhzhya State Engineering Academy
Technical Electrodynamics | Year: 2015

Adduced description and results of experimental research of high-voltage transducer. It is shown that the formation process of charge of the first capacitor storage energy with using IGBT devices leads to reduction of energy losses and increases the efficiency of the high-voltage converter. Done the comparison of experimental data with simulation results. Testing the experimental sample showed a significant efficiency of the developed high-voltage converter for neutralization of sulfur dioxide.

Kobilyanskiy B.,Ukrainian Engineering and Pedagogical Academy | Mnukhin A.,Zaporizhzhya State Engineering Academy
Metallurgical and Mining Industry | Year: 2015

At the present stage of technical development all complex systems of industrial production and particularly the coal industry require automating of entire process including the work of mining and transport equipment, which can not be done without a detailed mathematical description of specific phenomena characterizing the specific production. Therefore, for the first time to solve the problem of complex technology management, multifactorial systems, it is suggested to use non-parametric statistics, which was not reflected in the national literature. Nevertheless, such mathematical approaches allow to perform correct forecast of the phenomena in question beyond the available experimental data with sufficient accuracy to solve the most practical problems, especially in those cases where the amount of data is relatively small.

Nikolaev V.A.,Zaporizhzhya State Engineering Academy | Vasilyev A.A.,Zaporizhzhya State Engineering Academy
Metallurgical and Mining Industry | Year: 2010

Results of theoretical investigation of rolling process parameters when using one-roll drive are presented. Effect of reduction, roughness of rolls and rolling rate on the friction coefficient, forward slip and average normal contact stress at symmetric and asymmetrical rolling (with one power-driven roll) is shown. The possibility to use one-roll drive on the sections of unsteady-state processes for improvement of strip quality and reduction of metal waste is shown© Metallurgical and Mining Industry, 2010.

Skachkov V..,Zaporizhzhya State Engineering Academy | Berezhnaya O.R.,Zaporizhzhya State Engineering Academy
Materials Science | Year: 2015

We study the influence of elliptic fatigue cracks of the fracture toughness of high-strength steel and the influence of static and low-cycle loading on the process of crack growth. © 2015, Springer Science+Business Media New York.

Nikolaev V.A.,Zaporizhzhya State Engineering Academy | Zhuchenko S.V.,Zaporizhzhya State Engineering Academy
Metallurgical and Mining Industry | Year: 2010

Reduction of uneven deterioration of roll bodies, broad-strip mill downtime and manufacture of precise transverse section of strip are caused in many respects by application of rational types of grooving of work and back-up rolls in four-high mill stand. Rational roll grooving needs defining the actual length of contact between work and back-up roll. The latter defines sizes of end slopes of back-up rolls and enables to raise accuracy of calculation of work roll natural deflection and values of roll crown out (crown in). The calculation model for determination of rational length of active part of back-up roll body length is suggested in the paper. © Metallurgical and Mining Industry, 2010.

Nikolaev V.A.,Zaporizhzhya State Engineering Academy | Matyushenko D.A.,Zaporizhzhya State Engineering Academy
Metallurgical and Mining Industry | Year: 2010

The methods to decrease longitudinal gage interference of strips under hot rolling are considered. Implementation of these methods does not require significant material expenses. © Metallurgical and Mining Industry.

Skachkov V..,Zaporizhzhya State Engineering Academy | Berezhnaya .R.,Zaporizhzhya State Engineering Academy
Materials Science | Year: 2015

We propose a model of low-temperature compactification of the porous structure of carbonized coal plastic in a flow slab reactor and develop a procedure for the determination of the distribution of pyrocarbon over the thickness of the wall of the compactified coal plastic. © 2015 Springer Science+Business Media New York

Revun M.P.,Zaporizhzhya State Engineering Academy | Kayukov Y.N.,Zaporizhzhya State Engineering Academy | Cheprasov A.I.,Zaporizhzhya State Engineering Academy
Metallurgical and Mining Industry | Year: 2013

The results of the research and development of partial premix burners are given, their design and operation are described, and the results of tests of operation of thermal and heating chamber furnaces equipped with burners of this type are shown. ©Metallurgical and Mining Industry.

Kulik D.I.,Zaporizhzhya State Engineering Academy | Pavlik S.I.,Zaporizhzhya State Engineering Academy | Oseledchik Yu.S.,Zaporizhzhya State Engineering Academy
International Conference on Mathematical Methods in Electromagnetic Theory, MMET | Year: 2016

We consider an electron wave packet evolution in the external deterministic electric field with Gaussian white noise addition. An explicit expression was given for the averaged probability flux with Gaussian initial wave function. We show that the noise addition increases wave packet spreading rate, which has a significant influence on flux amplitude and may play both destructive and constructive role. This depends on the form of external deterministic field. © 2016 IEEE.

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