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Wang W.,China University of Mining and Technology | Cheng Y.-P.,China University of Mining and Technology | Yuan L.,China University of Mining and Technology | Chen R.-Z.,Pingdingshan Tianan Coal Co. | And 2 more authors.
Meitan Xuebao/Journal of the China Coal Society | Year: 2016

In deeper underground short-distance upper protective seam extraction, substantial amounts of relief gas absorbed in the protected coal seam would influx into the working face of the protective seam through the floor mining-induced fractures, which might cause gas concentration exceeding the statutory limit. This paper takes the 5th Mine of Tianan Coal Co., Ltd. as a case, and studies the floor fracture evolution and relief gas drainage timeliness in deep underground short-distance upper protective seam extraction, using the methods of theoretical analysis, laboratory test, field survey and 3D distinct element numerical simulation. It concludes that the floor area could be divided into initial stress region, pressure relived and permeability enhanced region (PRPER), and re-compacted region. In the PRPER, the coal permeability enhancements was accompanied with its swelling, the mining-induced floor fracture became fracture gas channel connecting the protected coal seam to the protective working face. On the time scale, the PRPER occurred during the period between the initial extraction and the collapse of main roof. The fracture gas channel re-compacted and disappeared gradually with the collapse of main roof. During the normal excavation, the area of PRPER held a positive correlation with the periodic weighting, and reached its peak when the preliminary extraction proceeded. In the re-compacted region, coal and rock stratum would suffer the stress of loading-unloading-reloading, generating certain damage and failure, and finally contribute to the gas desorption as well as the shrinkage of coal. The PRPER is the primary space that relief gas generates and migrates, and it is thus the target area for highly efficient relief gas drainage. When proceeding gas drainage projects, it is advised to consider the effect of the time-space on the fracture evolution induced by mining. © 2016, China Coal Society. All right reserved.

Bao Q.-G.,China University of Mining and Technology | Bao Q.-G.,Zaozhuang Mining Group Co. | Cao K.,An Yun Mining Co. | Zhang S.-J.,Qingdao Port Shihua Crude Oil Terminal Co.Ltd
Energy Education Science and Technology Part A: Energy Science and Research | Year: 2014

In recent years, due to the gradual depletion of shallow resources, the underground mining is getting deeper and deeper and the ground temperature increases, which leads to more frequent coal spontaneous combustion disasters. However, there is almost no research that focuses on the effect of ground temperature on the low temperature oxidation process of coal at present. This work studied the variation of crossing point temperature (CPT) and oxygen consumption rate of coal during oxidation processes from different oxidation starting temperature (20°C, 30°C, 40°C). The results showed that the higher the oxidation starting temperature, the higher the CPT and the oxygen consumption rate is. The interaction process between coal and oxygen during 20 to 40°C could reduce the amount of the microscopic reaction sequence that oxygen participates in and the producing rate of the secondary groups at each temperature during the whole oxidation process. © Sila Science. All Rights Reserved.

Ma L.,China University of Mining and Technology | Zhang D.,China University of Mining and Technology | Zhang C.,China University of Mining and Technology | Cao X.,China University of Mining and Technology | Li Y.,Zaozhuang Mining Group Ltd
Advanced Materials Research | Year: 2011

ZTZL60000/25/45 Automatic End-Advanced Hydraulic Support is developed to meet the needs of the fully mechanized coal face with deep dip angle and large mining height, mechanizing the advanced support of the end and drift, while greatly reducing the construction personnel's labor intensity. Not only the end support strength is enhanced, which improves the safety and reliability of advanced support and generates methods to solve problems related to reserving triangle coal on the face that enhances the support efficiency and reduces support costs, but also more recovered coal resources become available since the height of roadway increases, spawning a certain amount of economic benefits.

Ma L.-Q.,China University of Mining and Technology | Li Y.-S.,Zaozhuang Mining Group Ltd.
Meitan Xuebao/Journal of the China Coal Society | Year: 2010

Based on the analysis of the source of coal mine underground gangue, established the coal with gangue underground separation system, mainly including screening, sorting and return to coal in process, and increased the fully mechanized top coal caving recovery, and solved the jamming problem in hoisting and transportation system, and improved cotrol flow of underground coal quality. In the implementation of the pressure tunnel filled with gangue under the surface construction, water body, railway unexploited coal zone, and gangue-based materials developed by the "pre-structure man-made wall, gangue replacement of narrow coal pillar" roadway driven along the goaf technology, formed a set of replacement of coal with gangue cleaner production technologies.

Ma L.,China University of Mining and Technology | Zhang D.,China University of Mining and Technology | Wang H.,China University of Mining and Technology | Li Y.,Zaozhuang Mining Group Ltd.
Yanshilixue Yu Gongcheng Xuebao/Chinese Journal of Rock Mechanics and Engineering | Year: 2010

To decrease the loss of coal pillar for thick coal seam, a new technique with preset packing body for thick coal seam without coal pillars is put forward based on the analysis of reasonable model of surrounding rock structure. The actual steps for mining are: (1) the entry-in packing should be preset ahead of the coalface, which is nearby the coal wall of the next coalface; and (2) the gob-side entry of the next coalface is driven along the packing body without coal pillars. If the new technique is applied for an old entry, which is excavated with normal cross-sections, the coal wall of the next coalface should be enlarged and supported also by cablet ahead of the coalface. The key technique is the materials chosen and their mixture ratios of the packing body to guarantee the stability of packing body, and also the entry surrounding rock under the premise of minimizing the width of packing body. The selected filling material is mainly supported by a small amount of waste rock slag cement, sand cement mixture of water body, cement, sand, slag waste rock according to the weight in proportion to the ratio 1:1:4.7. The results of industrial test and field measurement show that the technique is successful; and it can be applied to thick coal seam with similar conditions. Meantime, it can enhance the recovery rate of coal resources and the economic efficiency.

Ma L.,China University of Mining and Technology | Zhang D.,China University of Mining and Technology | Jia J.,China University of Mining and Technology | Li Y.,ZaoZhuang Mining Group Ltd.
Applied Mechanics and Materials | Year: 2012

We have independent developed ZY6400/25/53 two-leg high cutting hydraulic shield supports firstly, which width was 1.5 m could adapt to much complicated geological conditions, reduced the hydraulic support and accessories costs, and solved the problems of supports' stability efficiently. Industrial tests showed that the supports application were successful and effective. We realize the high efficient production, the average yield reach to the level of 10000 t/d, if mine system have working conditions, the coalface have the ability produce 5Mt coal annually. This hydraulic support greatly improve the coal resources mining rate, broaden the application range of the high cutting fully mechanized mining technology in China, and led the upgrade of mechanized equipment.

Ma L.,China University of Mining and Technology | Yu Y.,China University of Mining and Technology | Jin Z.,China University of Mining and Technology | Li J.,China University of Mining and Technology | And 2 more authors.
Caikuang yu Anquan Gongcheng Xuebao/Journal of Mining and Safety Engineering | Year: 2015

For solving the problem of low yield, poor-quality, long duration and low safety factor during longwall face pushing through fault, the technology of fast pushing through fault of the pre-driven roadway groups in fully mechanized top-coal caving face with big dip angle (FMTCFBDA) has been put forward. Considering the fault throw, mining conditions and support stability, the "exceptive horizon" of FMTCFBDA during pushing through fault has been determined and the multiple pre-driven roadways (pre-driven roadway groups) on the horizon has been designed, consequently, working face can directly push through pre-driven roadway groups to cross over the fault. It contains two key technologies: 1) Surrounding rock control technology of pre-driven roadway groups, including pre-driven roadways groups layout, rock pillars size and support parameters, etc; 2) Support stability control technology of FMTCFBDA during pushing through the fault. Considering the strike angle influence on support dip stability and the dip angle influence on support strike stability, hydraulic support instability mechanism has been analyzed during FMTCFBDA in dual inclined state pushing through the fault, the critical support resistance which is less likely to cause topple and slip has been calculated, and corresponding control technology has been put forward. The technology has been applied in 3up1101 FMTCFBDA of Gaozhuang coal mine, and the fault with throw of 13.5 m in 23 days has been fast pushed through successfully, ensuring yield stability of the dual inclined coalface during this period. ©, 2015, China University of Mining and Technology. All right reserved.

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