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Golos P.,Zaklad Zarzadzania Zasobami Lesnymi
Sylwan | Year: 2013

Paper concerns the valuation of forests under all forms of ownership on the basis of the first stage of the Large-Scale Forest Imentory completed in 2009. The total value of Polish forest resources (land and stands) at the end of 2008 amounted to nearly PLN 189 billion, of which 80% was the value of the forest resources available for wood supply. Forest resources of the highest value (PLN 145 billion), including those under the management of the State Forests (PLN 137 billion) are the property of the Treasury. Timber resources account for 85% of the value of forest resources, while the remaining share ineludes forestland resources (PLN 29 billion). Basing on the obtained results, the average value of forests in Poland is about 21,000 PLN/ha.

The study was based on the empirical material collected from 78 beech-pine stands located in the territory of the Milomtyn (46 plots) and Stare Jablonki (32 plots) Forest Districts. On the basis of the collected material, a breast height diameter growth model has been developed for the beech growing in the understorey of pine-beech stands. The developed function is an integral part of the growth model for mixed beech-pine stands.

Wysocka-Fijorek E.,Zaklad Zarzadzania Zasobami Lesnymi
Sylwan | Year: 2013

The aim of the paper was to develop a concept of private-public forest company. Suggested management model in private forests differs significantly from the one that is currently functioning. General partnership as business entity was analysed. Concept of partnership was developed and assumptions necessary for its functioning were considered.

Increment of growing stock is one of the key indicators useful in forest management. In the State Forests in Poland, up to now it is estimated using growth and yield tables elaborated a century ago. Paper presents results of study concerning current annual increment of Scots pine stands. Basing on repeated measurements of stand volume increment was estimated to 14.5 m 3/ha for stands in age from 37 to 60 years and to 6.2 m 3/ha for stands aged over 140. Increment estimated by measurements was 30-80% higher than increment evaluated using growth and yield tables for particular age classes.

The studies were based on the empirical material collected from 88 sample plots located in 78 beech-pine stands and 10 pine stands with beech undergrowth. The effect of the competition of beech trees from the understorey and pine trees on the radial increment (Δr) and basal area increment (Δg) was investigated. The strength of the competition was determined using distance-independent indices, which did not take into account the position of a tree in the stand. The effect of the competition on the basal area growth of both beech and pine trees was found to be greater than on the radial growth.

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