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Gundogdu M.,Yuzuncu Yidotlessl University | Muradoglu F.,Yuzuncu Yidotlessl University | Sensoy R.I.G.,The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs | Yilmaz H.,Ahievran University
Scientia Horticulturae | Year: 2011

This study was carried out to determine the organic acid content, phenolic compound content, sugar content, vitamin C (ascorbic acid) content and total antioxidant capacity of white mulberry (Morus alba L.), black mulberry (Morus nigra L.) and red mulberry (Morus rubra L.) fruits grown in Van province of Turkey. It was determined that the chief organic acid in these mulberry species was malic acid ranging from 1.32 to 4.47g 100g-1fw, followed by citric acid ranging from 0.39 to 1.08g 100g-1fw. Looking at the contents of phenolic compound, chlorogenic acid and rutin had come to the fore ranging from 0.12 to 3.11mgg-1fw and from 0.85 to 1.42mgg-1fw, respectively. Fruit glucose contents of the studied species were higher than their fructose contents, varying between 6.07 and 7.75g 100g-1fw. Total antioxidant capacity and vitamin C contents of the mulberry species ranged from 4.49 to 13.99μmol TEg-1fw and from 11.30 to 24.42mg 100g-1fw, respectively. © 2011 Elsevier B.V.

Andic S.,Yuzuncu Yidotlessl University | Tuncturk Y.,Yuzuncu Yidotlessl University | Genccelep H.,Ondokuz Mayidotlesss University
Journal of Dairy Science | Year: 2011

The effects of packaging methods (nonvacuum and vacuum) on biogenic amines (cadaverine, putrescine, tyramine, tryptamine, phenylethylamine, and histamine) and organic acids (citric, lactic, formic, acetic, propionic, and butyric) during storage for 180 d at 4°C were investigated in Kashar cheese. Dry matter, titratable acidity, total nitrogen, water-soluble nitrogen, trichloroacetic acid-soluble nitrogen, phosphotungstic acid-soluble nitrogen, free amino group (proteolysis), pH, fat, and acid degree value were also determined. Storage period had a significant effect on all of the biogenic amines. When compared with vacuum packaging, nonvacuum packaging resulted in no large differences among the amounts of biogenic amines. Vacuum-packaged cheeses had more lactic, formic, acetic, and butyric acids than did cheeses packaged without vacuum. Water-soluble nitrogen, trichloroacetic acid-soluble nitrogen, phosphotungstic acid-soluble nitrogen, proteolysis, pH, and acid degree values of the cheese samples increased continuously until the end of the ripening in all the samples. No significant change was observed in total nitrogen, dry matter, or fat content within the ripening period, whereas titratable acidity values changed significantly in vacuum-packaged cheese and decreased slightly in the non-vacuum-packaged cheeses. The results of this study showed that storage period and packaging method had significant effects on the quality of Kashar cheese. © 2011 American Dairy Science Association.

Akkiraz M.S.,Dumlupidotlessnar University | Akgun F.,Dokuz Eylül University | Orcen S.,Yuzuncu Yidotlessl University
Journal of Asian Earth Sciences | Year: 2011

This study describes the stratigraphic and palaeoenvironmental significance of the Lower-' middle' Oligocene sediments based on the fauna from the Delikarkasi Formation and the microflora from the İncesu Formation of the İncesu area (northern part of the western Taurides, Isparta province, Turkey). In the area, the Oligocene sediments show a regressive succession, which begins with the limestones of the Delikarkasi Formation indicating marine conditions followed by conglomerates, sandstones and coaly mudstones of alluvial and fluvial (shallow marine-continental) origin. A well preserved foraminiferal assemblage including Nummulites intermedius, Nummulites vascus and Halkyardia maxima proves an Early Oligocene age for the Delikarkasi Formation. Due to palynological markers such as Boehlensipollis hohli, Slowakipollis hippophaëoides, Dicolpopollis kockelii, Magnolipollis neogenicus ssp. minor, Plicapollis pseudoexcelsus, Caryapollenites simplex and Intratriporopollenites instructus the İncesu Formation, which concordantly rests on the Delikarkasi Formation, may be assigned to the Early-' middle' Oligocene. From the palynomorph assemblage, three zones have been recognised according to abundance of species. Zone 1 is characterized by predominance of C. simplex and Momipites punctatus and rarely presence of tricolpate and tricolporate pollen. Zone 2 consists mainly of Inaperturopollenites dubius, Leiotriletes maxoides ssp. maximus, Verrucatosporites favus, Verrucatosporites alienus and infrequently marine dinoflagellate cysts. Zone 3 is characterized by a high percentage of ferns such as Echinatisporis?chattensis and Polypodiaceoisporites saxonicus. The presence of marine dinoflagellate cysts like Apectodinium sp. and Cleistosphaeridium sp., back-mangrove elements such as Acrostichum aureum and lepidocaryoid palms (e.g. Longapertites discordis, Longapertites punctatus and Longapertites psilatus) in the sediments of the İncesu Formation imply coastal or near-coastal conditions. Terrestrial palynomorphs in more inland settings were transported by running water towards the sea. Conifers are represented by poorly preserved and rare pollen grains of Pityosporites, Cathayapollis and Piceapollis which may have been transported by wind. In this study, the terrestrial climate of the İncesu Formation is also discussed on the basis of the Coexistence Approach method. The climate was warm at the coast (over 20. °C), as evidenced by A. aureum and lepidocaryoid palms, whereas there was a mean annual temperature of 17.2-17.4. °C must be assumed for the upland environment(s). © 2010 Elsevier Ltd.

Milanlioglu A.,Yuzuncu Yidotlessl University
Dusunen Adam | Year: 2012

Restless legs syndrome is a movement disorder characterized by complaints of a strong urge to move the legs predominantly during the periods of rest or inactivity. It is observed as a side effect related to the administration of antidepressants in 9% of patients. A case reporting restless legs syndrome symptoms associated with venlafaxine 75 mg/day is decribed. The patient was a 44-year-old woman affected by chronic migraine headaches with depressive symptoms. Her symptoms had began during a course of venlafaxine and resolved with its discontinuation. Based on this report, venlafaxine should be added to the list of agents that can induce restless legs syndrome.

Ozdemir P.G.,Yuzuncu Yidotlessl University | Selvi Y.,Yuzuncu Yidotlessl University | Aydin A.,Yuzuncu Yidotlessl University
Dusunen Adam | Year: 2012

Organic personality disorder after aneurysm surgery: a case report Complex and persistant neuropsychiatric symptoms may appear due to different causes affecting certain parts of the brain. They may sometimes present as a psychiatric disorder without neurological symptoms. Organic personality disorder is one of the psychiatric disorder following traumatic brain injury. Affective instability, impulsivity, agression, apathy or paranoid thoughts are basic symptoms. In this paper, we report a case with psychiatric symptoms developed 2 months after the middle cerebral artery aneurysm surgery and considered due to the possible damage of the right medial temporal lobe.

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