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Jing X.-F.,Chongqing University | Yin G.-Z.,Chongqing University | Yin G.-Z.,University of the Southwest | Wei Z.-A.,Chongqing University | And 3 more authors.
Yantu Lixue/Rock and Soil Mechanics | Year: 2011

Based on the physical model experiment and the design data of Xiaoda'e tailings impoundment, the course of tailings dam gravitational collapse in flood was modeled with the field tailings. The water system is controlled to model the tailings impoundment to suffer the flood situation, through the technique of side displacement points, water level measurement pipes, stress transducers and digital photography measurement, a series of important test data are obtained; such as displacements, saturation line, stresses and the broken processes, The mechanism and mode of tailings dam failure in flood are explored. The results indicate that: (1) the character of saturation line change has a time lag of the water level of tailings impoundment; (2) in the processes of the flood into tailings impoundment to the maximum water level of tailings impoundment design data in flood, the horizontal stress increment is larger than that of vertical beside dam slope center, and it is one of the important cause of dam failure; (3) the seepage force, buoyant force, gravity and pore pressure are increased by flood; then the cohesion of tailings dam is weakened and the load of dam is augment; then the stability of tailings dam is reduced; (4) the broken mode of tailings dam performs progressive failure; the failure of tailings dam happened in the toe of the dam and evolved from toe to upstream; it is shown pull-typed behavior, the failure slippage faces are composed of multi-arc faces. The model experiment results can provide significant data for deep study the mechanism of collapse and broken mode of such tailings dam in flood, so as to provide useful information for the prevention and control measures in flood disaster. Source

Li Y.-J.,Yunnan Phosphate Chemical Group Co.
Advanced Materials Research | Year: 2014

With the largest open-air phosphate mining company-Yunnan Phosphate Chemical Group Co., LTD (YPCG) as engineering background, phosphate rock mountains belonged to YPCG are all located in the surrounding plateau Dianchi Lake with great ecological pressure on the environment. According to ecological fragile district in the mining area, to carry out rehabilitation and reconstruction for ecosystem function is the priority requirement for enterprise development. With the enterprise's subordinates Kunyang, Jinning, Jianshan and Haikou four phosphate rock mountains as actual study, environmental protection is the basic point in the green mine construction. Based on development and utilization of phosphate resources, for instance YPCG mining in open-air phosphate rock mountain and land reclamation, our group focuses on phosphate rock land reclamation, ecological restoration and other key technologies. Besides, these key ecological restoration technologies would be integrated and demonstrated in YPCG green mine construction process. Related research could provide technical or theoretical guidance and demonstration projects for the green mining construction of phosphate industry in China, which contributes important practical and instructive significance for promoting green mine construction. © (2014) Trans Tech Publications, Switzerland. Source

Li Y.-J.,Yunnan Phosphate Chemical Group Co. | Hu S.,Kunming University
Applied Mechanics and Materials | Year: 2014

On basis of the geology mining condition of the deep ore bodies of north mining area of Two-hang hau of Jingning mine of Yunnan phosphate group Co. Ltd, the strata behavior regularity of the working-face in the process of underground mining was systematic research with the dip angle of twenty degreen and fity degren. The result showed that: (1)after the underground mining of the phosphorus ore, the stress bearing of the excavation phosphate rock transfer to the surrounding rock mass, the initial rock stress was disturbated, this process has been extend outward with the expansion of the excavation space, deformation and failure problems has been happened, and the new stress equilibrium will be formed in the last, mined-out area was formed after ore body's excavation, near the gob roof area formated stress unloading area, stress formed in certain areas ahead of the stope roof pressurization district, with the excavation of the ore bodies, the roof stress pressurization district dynamic forward position, the pressurization district scope and degree of pressure also decreases as the excavation scope of mined-out area space and gradually increase, and is located in the rear area of the stope deformation of old goaf roof damage fracture belt and the abscission zone was gradually closed. and in the mined-out area space range after reaching a certain size tends to be stable,then recovery section stress and to support its upper part of the gravity of overburden rock. (2)As the orebody dip Angle increases, the same excavation space range, goaf in front of the maximum stress concentration factor was reduced, unloading of overburden rock and concentrated area of the whole range becamed smaller, the rock pressure activity becamed easing as a whole. Relevant results can provide Yunnan phosphate group co., LTD., subordinate to the mines and mining under similar conditions of phosphate rock mountain project to provide certain reference basis. © (2014) Trans Tech Publications, Switzerland. Source

Zheng W.-B.,Tongji University | Zhuang X.-Y.,Tongji University | Li Y.-J.,Yunnan Phosphate Chemical Group Co. | Cai Y.-C.,Tongji University
Yantu Gongcheng Xuebao/Chinese Journal of Geotechnical Engineering | Year: 2013

The widely-used analysis methods for slope stability based on the limit equilibrium conditions have limitations. In the limit equilibrium method, the constitutive model for soils or rocks cannot be considered, and assumptions are needed between slices of soils/rocks. The strength reduction method, another dominant method for slope stability analysis, requires iterative calculations and cannot represent the effect of stress paths. Besides, it does not give the slip surface directly. Based on the current stress state of slopes, the numerical manifold method, which can unify the continuum analysis and discontinuum analysis with its dual covers, is adopted to calculate the stress distributions of soil slopes or rock slopes with joints. Then the slope stability analysis is converted to a graph problem, and the Bellman-Ford algorithm is used to obtain the slip surface and the safety factor which is defined as the ratio of the resistant force and the slip force along the slip surface. The proposed method removes the difficulties in iterative calculations and unifies the stability analysis of rock/soil slopes, and is capable of including the effects of stress paths. Source

Li X.,Yunnan Phosphate Chemical Group Co.
Electronic Journal of Geotechnical Engineering | Year: 2015

Taking the Haikou phosphate rock of the largest open-air phosphate mining company-Yunnan Phosphate Chemical Group Co., LTD (YPC) as engineering background, its mining transport process was studied on the basis of the ore body characteristics of the open pit mine and the specific conditions of mining technology, and combine the mining transport process of the domestic and foreign similar conditions of surface phosphate mine. The results showed that: (1) With the continue increasing of oil prices, energy consumption, labor cost and the transportation distance, the single car intermittent transportation process will gradually be eliminated, the continuous and semi-continuous combined transport process with higher degree of mechanization and automation will be carried out in the deep mining stage. (2) Along with the national requirements on environmental protection is increasingly severe, electric double energy harvesters and pure electric car hydraulic drives are the future development direction of mining transportation equipments. (3) Large scale, digital and intelligent is the ultimate direction of mining transportation equipment in the future. It is also the main direction of mining transport process optimization. Related research could provide technical and theoretical guidance for the selection and optimization of process mining transportation of Yunnan Phosphate Chemical Group Co., LTD and a large number of similar occurrence conditions of open phosphorus mines at home and abroad. © 2015 ejge. Source

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