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Redwood City, CA, United States

A method for providing data over a network using an application server having off-heap caching includes receiving at an application server coupled to a network a request for requested data, using an key index stored on the application server to locate where the requested data is stored in off-heap memory of the application server, retrieving the requested data from the off-heap memory of the application server, and resolving the request.

A video display apparatus including a processor, non-volatile memory coupled to the processor storing binary code segments, an Internet interface coupled to the processor, and a video display coupled to the processor capable of displaying an advertisement received via the Internet. Example binary code segments include client code segments, board support package (BSP) code segments, player support package (PSP) code segments, application support package (ASP) code segments, and application code capable of interacting with the client code segments and the ASP code segments. A multi-platform advertising system provides a web server for concurrently communicating with two or more display devices to derived demographics of a common user for the purpose of delivering a targeted video advertisement.

The present invention provides method and system for associating an advertisement with one or more content on Internet. The method comprising gathering one or more feeds associated with the one or more content from a plurality of content. The method further comprises categorizing the one or more content into at least one general web-based category belonging to a set of general web-based categories based on the one or more feeds. Thereafter, the set of general web-based categories is translated to a set of pre-defined categories, such that one or more general web-based categories are translated to a pre-defined category. Finally, the advertisement is associated with the one or more content in one or more pre-defined categories based on at least one predetermined criterion.

A system, method, and computer program determine bias in survey results due to non-responsive and/or erroneous survey response data, assess the impact of bias introduced by non-responsive and/or erroneous survey data on the survey results, and analyze the survey results accordingly to provide a more accurate assessment of the impressions of viewers of content (e.g., advertisements) viewed by the persons being surveyed. The analysis allows an advertiser to modify an advertisement to better promote a product or service and enable the advertiser to increase the probability of success of an advertising campaign and the cost-effectiveness of the campaign.

A method includes displaying a front slate advertisement on a screen of a mobile display device. If a flip-screen command is detected, an animation is displayed on the screen which flips the front slate advertisement to the back slate advertisement. Optionally, a flip-screen command detected while in the back slate advertisement will cause an animation to be displayed on the screen which flips the back slate advertisement back to the front slate advertisement.

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