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Gujba, Nigeria

Singh V.V.,Yobe State University | Gulati J.,Mewar University
Proceedings of the 2014 International Conference on Issues and Challenges in Intelligent Computing Techniques, ICICT 2014 | Year: 2014

This paper deals with the reliability and cost analysis of two unit standby redundant complex system under different repair facility. The system consists of two units' main unit and standby unit connected in standby redundancy. The main units as well as standby unit are assumed to go under two types of failure-partial failure and complete failure. Whenever main unit fails completely, the standby unit takes its load via switch over device. The failed unit goes under repair, if repair facility is available or waits for repair if facility is not available. The system will completely break down if the main unit is under repair and standby unit fails. The failure rates are constant and assumed to follow exponential distribution. Repair follows two types of distribution-general distribution and Gumbel-Hougaard family copula distribution. The system is studied by using supplementary variable technique and Laplace transform. The various measure of reliability has been discussed. Evaluations for some special cases have also been highlighted © 2014 IEEE. Source

Abdullahi Y.Z.,University Putra Malaysia | Abdullahi Y.Z.,Kaduna State University | Rahman M.M.,University Putra Malaysia | Shuaibu A.,University Putra Malaysia | And 6 more authors.
Physica B: Condensed Matter | Year: 2014

In this paper, we have investigated stable structural, electric and magnetic properties of manganese (Mn) atom adsorption on armchair hydrogen edge-terminated boron nitride nanoribbon (A-BNNRs) using first principles method based on density-functional theory with the generalized gradient approximation. Calculation shows that Mn atom situated on the ribbons of A-BNNRs is the most stable configuration, where the bonding is more pronounced. The projected density of states (PDOS) of the favored configuration has also been computed. It has been found that the covalent bonding of boron (B), nitrogen (N) and Mn is mainly contributed by s, d like-orbitals of Mn and partially occupied by the 2p like-orbital of N. The difference in energy between the inner and the edge adsorption sites of A-BNNRs shows that Mn atoms prefer to concentrate at the edge sites. The electronic structures of the various configurations are wide, narrow-gap semiconducting and half-metallic, and the magnetic moment of Mn atoms are well preserved in all considered configurations. This has shown that the boron nitride (BN) sheet covered with Mn atoms demonstrates additional information on its usefulness in future spintronics, molecular magnet and nanoelectronics devices. © 2014 Elsevier B.V. Source

Aliyu F.M.,King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals | Mabu A.M.,Yobe State University
IEEE International Conference on Adaptive Science and Technology, ICAST | Year: 2015

Research is the key to success in any society; technology on the other hand is the fastest vehicle to reach it. As such, for speedy development of any society the two have to be coupled, that is why research and internet cannot be separated. Due to the fact that the internet consists of an ever increasing interconnection of hundreds of millions of computers makes it frustrating to search for information. Even though search engines were invented to solve this problem, one needs to know how to query them in order to find the desired information in the shortest possible time. This is why it is necessary to develop a software that can optimize users query before passing it to a search engine in order to increase efficiency in search results. This paper reports in details how one of such software was successfully developed. © 2014 IEEE. Source

Kumar S.,Motilal Nehru National Institute of Technology | Agarwal S.,Motilal Nehru National Institute of Technology | Prasad R.,Yobe State University
Proceedings - 2015 2nd IEEE International Conference on Advances in Computing and Communication Engineering, ICACCE 2015 | Year: 2015

In genome sequence alignment problem, a reference string and number of query strings referred as short reads, are given, goal is to seek out occurrences of these query strings in the reference string. Huge amount of reads generated by new sequencing technologies (Illumina/Solexa) need the development of an efficient algorithm requiring both less memory and computational time. There are number of indexing and string matching techniques to align short reads on reference string (genome). Size of index of the reference string in each of existing techniques is large. In this paper, a new self compressed index technique (BWT-WT) is proposed. BWT-WT scheme is based on Burrow Wheeler Transform (BWT) and Wavelet tree (WT). BWT-WT also supports exact alignment of DNA sequence reads. Performances of BWT-WT with other BWT based tools of short read alignments are compared. Experiments show that BWT-WT based program achieves more compression and also faster searching in comparison to other existing tools. © 2015 IEEE. Source

Aghwan Z.A.,University Putra Malaysia | Aghwan Z.A.,University of Mosul | Bello A.U.,University Putra Malaysia | Bello A.U.,Yobe State University | And 3 more authors.
Meat Science | Year: 2016

Traditional halal slaughter and other forms of religious slaughter are still an issue of debate. Opposing arguments related to pre-slaughter handling, stress and pain associated with restraint, whether the incision is painful or not, and the onset of unconsciousness have been put forward, but no consensus has been achieved. There is a need to strike a balance between halal bleeding in the light of science and animal welfare. There is a paucity of scientific data with respect to animal welfare, particularly the use of restraining devices, animal handling, and efficient halal bleeding. However, this review found that competent handling of animals, proper use of restraining devices, and the efficient bleeding process that follows halal slaughter maintains meat eating quality. In conclusion, halal bleeding, when carried out in accordance with recommended animal welfare procedures, will not only maintain the quality and wholesomeness of meat but could also potentially reduce suffering and pain. Maintained meat quality increases consumer satisfaction and food safety. © 2016 Source

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