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Kurobe, Japan

YKK Corporation | Date: 2014-12-30

There is provided a slide fastener and a method for manufacturing a slide fastener. A slide fastener is provided with: a pair of fastener tapes; a pair of fastener element rows provided respectively on the opposing tape-side edges of the pair of fastener tapes and having a plurality of fastener elements; and a slider configured to engage and disengage the pair of fastener element rows with and from each other. Each of the fastener element rows is composed of a monofilament which is made of synthetic resin. The monofilament has, on the surface thereof, a surface layer which can be colored with dyes. A roughened surface having a number of concaves is formed on the surfaces of the surface layer.

Disclosed is a support guide for sewing a decorative topstitch on a seam with a slide fastener, the support guide including a first top surface; and a second top surface, the first top surface coplanar with the second top surface and spaced apart from the second top surface by a distance sized to accept the slide fastener.

Various embodiments include a male surface fastener member configured for being molded onto a surface of a foaming resin mold body. The male surface fastener member includes a plurality of male surface fastener strips connected with each other in an end-to-end relationship via a connecting portion that is integrally formed with at least the end portions of each male surface fastener strips. Each male surface fastener strip includes a base material having a first surface from which a plurality of engaging elements extend upwardly and first and second substantially lateral resin intrusion prevention walls that upwardly from the first surface along a width direction of the base material between the first and second longitudinal resin intrusion prevention walls. Each of the lateral resin intrusion prevention walls comprises a plurality of engaging elements that are arranged in series in a width direction of the first surface.

YKK Corporation | Date: 2015-10-08

Provided is a molding hook and loop fastener, in which a barrier erected near left and right side edges of a substrate includes at least two rows of vertical wall arrays, and the vertical wall array includes a plurality of vertical walls disposed alternately. Between the two adjacent, rows of the vertical walls disposed alternately, each of the vertical walls disposed on one row is connected to two vertical walls disposed on the other row via a connecting part, and the connecting part connects one end portion of one vertical wall disposed on the adjacent row and the other end portion of the other vertical wall. Due to this, in the molding hook and loop fastener an outer side and an inner side of the barrier can be divided by the vertical wall array and the connecting part, and flexibility of the molding hook and loop fastener can be improved.

YKK Corporation | Date: 2015-03-09

A slide fastener slider has a body including an upper wing, a lower wing and a coupling pillar mutually coupling the respective upper and lower wings. The slide fastener slider has been cast molded to have a configuration where the post to which a pull is attached extends over the upper wing substantially in parallel with the upper wing, and then a logo or a pattern or the like has been engraved on the upper surface of the post.

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