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Wang W.,Dalian University of Technology | Wang W.,Yinchuan Energy Institute | Li X.,Dalian University of Technology | Wang A.,Dalian University of Technology | And 2 more authors.
Topics in Catalysis | Year: 2017

A series of mixtures of NiCl2, hypophosphites (NaH2PO2 and NH4H2PO2), and additives were used as precursors (denoted as x additive:y hypophosphite:z NiCl2, where x, y, and z represents the molar ratios of the compounds) for the synthesis of Ni2P both in N2 and H2 plasma. The catalytic performances of the obtained catalysts were evaluated by the hydrodenitrogenation (HDN) of quinoline (Q) and decahydroquinoline (DHQ). Ni2P was stoichiometrically synthesized by the treatment of 1.0NH4H2PO2:2.0NiCl2 with N2 plasma at a low total power input of 8 W (40 V × 0.2 A). In H2 plasma, the precursor was over-reduced to a mixture of Ni and Ni2P, with Ni2P as the minor phase. The over-reduction can be inhibited by the addition of proper amount of alkali-metal chloride (NaCl or KCl) or P2O5. CaCl2 facilitated the reduction of nickel salts to Ni. KCl was the best among the additives investigated. Both the surface and bulk over-reduction of 1.0NH4H2PO2:2.0NiCl2 was inhibited by KCl, while P2O5 mainly inhibited the bulk over-reduction. The addition of KCl strongly suppressed the hydrogenation of Q to DHQ, but facilitated the HDN of DHQ. On the other hand, not only the hydrogenation of Q but also the dehydrogenation of DHQ was substantially inhibited by P2O5. © 2017 Springer Science+Business Media New York

Zhou D.,Chengdu University of Technology | Zhou D.,Southwest Jiaotong University | Xu N.,Yinchuan Energy Institute | Wang F.,Chengdu University of Technology | Li Z.,Chengdu University of Technology
Chemical Engineering Transactions | Year: 2017

The main function of geographic information system (GIS) is to collect, store, manage, retrieve, process and analyze geospatial data. The function of GIS depends on the acquisition of location information, and the integrated navigation technology can provide more accurate navigation and positioning information. In this paper, combined with GIS positioning and fluorescent chemical sensor, the debugging software of upper computer is designed and implemented. The positioning information of the navigation panel is transmitted to the computer through the serial port. Further analysis and research will help to provide feedback on the navigation controller and improve the design. After the design is completed, the integrated navigation system will be put into application. Based on the research of GPS navigation technology, map matching technology and traffic flow, this paper explores the navigation system which can meet the traffic characteristics from the technical point of view. Copyright © 2017, AIDIC Servizi S.r.l.

Liu J.,Yinchuan Energy Institute | Yao J.,China University of Petroleum - Beijing | Wu D.,Yinchuan Energy Institute | Wu R.,Yinchuan Energy Institute | Lu W.,Three north Construction Bureau of State Forestry Adminstration
Nongye Gongcheng Xuebao/Transactions of the Chinese Society of Agricultural Engineering | Year: 2015

Caragana korshinski, an shrub species, is very important to soil and water conservation. Korshinskii not only can be used as wind-break and sand-fixation can also be deemed to be economic crops. However when age increases, some problem exist, such as the decrease of growth and beneath and so on. The stubble technology in Caragana growth, not only to make it more robust growth can also produce a large number of korshinskii. Caragana is a high-value crop economy, is often used as livestock feed, as have better combustion characteristics to be used as fuel. Northwest of Chinese Caragana yield is large, it can replace coal, for power generation. Caragana utilization technology can not only improve its economic value, increase revenue for the local, but also reduce environmental pollution. Ningxia region has a large Caragana, but usually used as domestic fuel, which value low. It's a study of caragana korshinskii in Ningxia province. Through the growth index, industry analysis, sulfur analysis, calorific value, and thermal gravimetric analyzes. The results indicated: 1) Three years later after stumping, plant height, basal diameter and number of branches were higher than CK by 16.67%, 11.54% and 160.00%. This shows take appropriate stumping period can make korshinskii grow more vigorous, and korshinskii production increased more than doubled.2) By analyzing the calorific value of five students Caragana were compared, Korshinskii heat value increases with it's age, korshinskii and found 3-5 years old Caragana heat better, but it was not much difference; Caragana through different months from October to December harvest harvesting Caragana found most beneficial.3) From the analysis of the sulfur content, Caragana sulfur content is 1/12 times of bituminous coal.4) Industry analysis and thermo gravimetric analysis showed that caragana korshinski and coal ash generated as compared, Caragana ash is 1/9 times of bituminous coal, Dust is a major pollutant of the city. Dust is mainly produced by burning coal, including power plants, combustion boilers. PM2.5 and PM10 is due primarily to burn a lot of coal, the coal will not only generate large amount of dust, but also produce many sulfide and nitrogen oxides and other harmful substances. So it should be possible to reduce the use of coal. Korshinskii contain small amounts of sulfur compounds and ash, it is a good substitute for coal, which benefits the environment.5) Kinetics parameters of activation energy E and frequency factor A were deduced by reaction kinetics equations. It indicated that biomass has lower E value. So it's easy to be ignited. The activation energy korshinskii 3 years old and above growth cycle is relatively low, the escape of volatile combustion stage and the activation energy in the 2.31-2.77 kJ/mol range, fixed carbon combustion stage activation energy of about 35.26-40.45 kJ/mol in the range. In summary, by stumping for a period of three years of caragana are most suitable as a thermal power plant fuel. © 2015, Chinese Society of Agricultural Engineering. All right reserved.

Liu H.,Ningxia University | Han L.,Ningxia University | Han L.,Yinchuan Energy Institute
Yingyong Lixue Xuebao/Chinese Journal of Applied Mechanics | Year: 2017

Concrete is regarded as a non-homogeneous composite consisting of cement mortar and coarse aggregate. A plane two-gradation circular aggregate random distribution program of concrete is designed to simulate the dynamic properties of concretes. The influences of middle size and maximum size of coarse aggregate on the dynamic properties of concretes are analyzed. Numerical simulation shows that the peak stress of concrete increases firstly, then declines with the medium size of coarse aggregate. When the medium size of coarse aggregate is equal to 15mm, the peak stress of concrete reaches maximum value. However, the peak stress of concrete declines with the maximum value of coarse aggregate. © 2017, Editorial Department of CJAM. All right reserved.

Wu Y.,Yinchuan Energy Institute | Wang W.,Yinchuan Energy Institute | Liu X.-R.,Yinchuan Energy Institute
Zhongguo Youse Jinshu Xuebao/Chinese Journal of Nonferrous Metals | Year: 2017

In order to identify the main reactions that effect the formation of silicon in the hydrogen reduction reaction system of Trichlorosilane by the Siemens method and derive the intrinsic-kinetics equation, some classified analysis of all the possible reactions by choosing the appropriate and reliable thermal chemical data were made, the reasonable calculation plan was designed, and the Gibbs free energy and Standard equilibrium constant between the reaction temperature zone and the nearby temperature zone were contrasted. Coupling reaction theory being used and coupling effect through related reactions being analyzed, the theoretic confusion about the lack of basis in the main reaction of SiHCl3(g)+H2(g)=Si(s)+3HCl(g) is confirmed as the main reaction, and also determined that these two thermal reactions which break down and produce Si(s) and SiCl4(g) shouldn't be ignored and should be regarded as significant reactions. On the basis of this, the intrinsic-kinetics equation (-rAs=ksc1cA+ksc2cA 2+ksc3cA 4) of reduction-CVD was derived by applying the L-H uniform surface adsorption theory and heterogeneous gas-solid-phase catalytic reaction model approach. This linearized transformation is simplified into equivalent irreversible kinetic model (-RAs= ksc,djcA,dj), Simple plan writing(-RAs =ksccA), which is not only good for the determination of kinetic parameters, but also for the subsequent establishment of the macro-dynamics model. © 2017, Science Press. All right reserved.

Wang W.-H.,Ningxia University | Wang W.-H.,Yinchuan Energy Institute | Meng Y.-F.,Ningxia University | Meng Y.-F.,Yinchuan Energy Institute | Wang D.-Z.,Ningxia University
Kemija u industriji/Journal of Chemists and Chemical Engineers | Year: 2017

Effects of rice husk ash (RHA) on the strength and temperature resistance of concrete were investigated. Different amounts of cement in concrete were replaced by RHA and fly ash (FA), used as mineral admixtures, under the condition of a constant binder content. The compressive strength and temperature resistance were tested at different temperatures. The results show that mixing concrete with the appropriate amounts of RHA can improve its compressive strength. At 800°C, the strength is 50 % greater than that of normal concrete (NC). Thus, RHA can improve the strength and temperature resistance of concrete.

Cui H.,Ningxia University | Cui H.,Yinchuan Energy Institute | Zhang Y.-H.,Ningxia University
Huanjing Kexue/Environmental Science | Year: 2016

The fenced measures could improve the ecological environment of degraded grassland, it's a main measure for restoration of degraded grassland vegetation in China. Soil respiration (Rs) is an important component of an ecosystem's carbon cycle and the main pathway for carbon moving from the ecosystem to the atmosphere. In order to explore soil respiration characteristics and influencing factors of the different fenced years in arid desert grassland, we continuously observed Rs rate and environmental factors in the growing season of fenced enclosure 11 a, 7 a and no fenced (CK) desert steppe in Ningxia. The results showed that: (1) Both the diurnal and seasonal variations of Rs rate showed a single asymmetric peak changing in fenced enclosure of 11 years, 7 years, CK desert steppe. On the daily scale, the maximum and minimum values of Rs rate were found in the periods of 12:00-16:00 and 00:00-06:00, respectively. On the seasonal variation scale, the maximum value of Rs rate occurred in August with suitable precipitation and temperature conditions. And the Rs rate of the growing season of different fenced enclosure years was in the order of 11 a [0.143 g·(m2·h)-1]>7 a [0.138 g·(m2·h)-1]>CK [0.106 g·(m2·h)-1]. (2) According to statistical analysis, it indicated that Rs rate had a significant exponential positive relationship with air and soil temperature in fenced enclosure of 11 years, 7 years, CK desert steppe (P<0.01). The order of the correlation of Rs rate and temperature was shown as soil surface temperature (R2: 0.408-0.413)>air temperature (R2: 0.355-0.376)>5-20 cm soil temperature (R2: 0.263-0.394). The temperature sensitivity coefficient Q10 increased gradually with the soil depth, and Q10 of different fenced enclosure years was showed as 11 a (2.728)>7 a (2.436)>CK (2.086). (3) A significant quadratic function model (P<0.05) was observed for the relationship between Rs rate and relative air humidity, soil moisture content of fenced enclosure 11 a, 7 a and CK desert steppe in the whole growing season. Rs rate had a significant linear negative correlation with air carbon dioxide concentration (P<0.01), a linear positive correlation with the wind speed (P<0.05), and a significant weak linear positive correlation with light intensity (P<0.01). (4) It showed that Rs increased with increasing fenced closure years in arid desert steppe, and temperature sensitivity coefficient Q10 also increased with increasing fenced enclosure years. To sum up, 0-20cm soil temperature and moisture were the main influencing factors of soil respiration of arid desert steppe. This study has important implications to understand the role that different fenced enclosure years play in carbon emission. Such information will lay a foundation for assessing carbon source or carbon sequestration of different fenced enclosure years in desert steppe. Therefore, our research results have important function for better managing grassland in desert steppe in Ningxia and other arid and semiarid areas of North China. © 2016, Science Press. All right reserved.

Cao X.,Lanzhou Jiaotong University | Cao X.,Yinchuan Energy Institute | Ma C.,Lanzhou Jiaotong University
Journal of Bionanoscience | Year: 2014

In order to solve the problem of hazardous materials supplier selection of enterprise, this paper firstly used the intuitionistic fuzzy sets to describe evaluation index, and filtered the supplier evaluation index through the ISM model. Secondly, it used interval intuitionistic fuzzy multiple attribute decision method based on cross-entropy to calculate and model the weight of multi-attribute value of each hazardous materials supplier, and to get the right weight of each evaluation index. Thirdly, it obtained the optimal supplier by a grey relational analysis approach. Finally, the method was validated through a case, the results showed that the hazardous materials supplier selection method based on cross-entropy and grey relation is feasible and effective. This paper built the decision method which based on cross-entropy interval intuitionistic fuzzy sets and a grey relational analysis approach can satisfy the enterprises to choose the most suitable supplier as their own hazardous materials suppliers. Copyright © 2014 American Scientific Publishers.

Wu Y.,Yinchuan Energy Institute
Zhongguo Youse Jinshu Xuebao/Chinese Journal of Nonferrous Metals | Year: 2016

On the basis of derived intrinsic-kinetics equation producing the Si-CVD of the hydrogen reduction reaction system of trichlorosilane in the bell furnace, the concentration distribution differential equation (the zero order Bessel equation), integral equation (the zero order Bessel function) and deposition rate model of Si were derived by combining the basic material flow characteristics of the gas phase and transferring reaction-CVD process and analyzing the concentration distribution of key component in the cylindrical silicon core CVD layer with the classical theory of reaction engineering, then the deposition rate model of Si-CVD was established. If CVD player concentration distribution is taken into consideration, the average deposition thickness model and the deposition quality model will be included. If not, the two simplified models will be included. © 2016, Science Press. All right reserved.

Cui Y.-H.,Yinchuan Energy Institute | Chen J.-W.,Yinchuan Energy Institute | Wang W.,Yinchuan Energy Institute
Xiandai Huagong/Modern Chemical Industry | Year: 2015

Fe2O3 is directly dissolved from pyrite slag by mixing concentrated nitric acid and aid leaching agent. The effects of the leaching temperature and the acid concentration on the crystal structures of Fe2O3 are studied by XRD. The results show that nitric acid can achieve better leaching effect and has slight influence on the change of crystal structure. By contrast, the leaching temperature has a much greater influence. © 2015, China National Chemical Information Center. All right reserved.

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