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Istanbul, Turkey

Yeditepe University is a foundation university situated in Istanbul, Turkey. Established by the Istanbul Education and Culture Foundation in 1996, Yeditepe University now claims to be the largest of the 27 foundation universities in Turkey. The aim of Yeditepe University is "...to educate the young group as enlightened individuals, fully capable of dealing with the demands of the contemporary modern world, culturally rounded with technological skills and dedicated to the ideals of secularism, progress and creativity inspired by Atatürk's principles. The educational programs are geared towards securing this objective in the light of rapid global developments of the 21st Century". Wikipedia.

The present invention relates to development of paint, plaster, cement and plastic construction materials containing silver, zinc and copper metal ion-charged zeolite ( 1/10 w/w). The new construction materials are antimicrobial and prevent microorganism growth and reproduction of fungi, yeasts and bacteria. The product, made from construction materials containing metallic ion-exchanged zeolite, provides hygiene by preventing microbial contamination in areas and surfaces for a long time. Furthermore, lifespan of the materials produced with this technology is longer since they will be protected from biological deterioration, corrosion and decays.

Yeditepe University | Date: 2010-09-14

The present invention relates to film strips which comprise natural product formulations and can be absorbed from oral mucosa. The said film strip can be used with the aim of preventing and treating diseases in a short time, by being absorbed rapidly when it is applied from the oral mucosa at lower dosages than the dosage forms known.

Yeditepe University | Date: 2014-04-08

The present invention relates to an anti-aging antimicrobial wound healing polymer based hydrogel. In the study of the present invention, a wound healing gel formulation is developed by combining poloxamer polymers and boron component at adequate concentrations in a carbopol based gel. The said gel exhibits fast action on the damaged area and prevents scar formation.

Yeditepe University | Date: 2013-10-11

The present invention relates to a spinal surgical table which is used during spine and spinal-related surgical operations and on which the patient is laid down. The spinal surgical table includes at least one carrying skeleton, at least one carrying connection member, at least one stand, at least six supporting pads, and at least one head rest. The present invention enables to decrease pressure-related complications by leaving the abdominal area on the hole, be connected to any kind of operation table, be accorded with different body sizes and be accorded with the position of the patient. The present invention can also be connected to other apparatuses which help position the patient.

Yeditepe University | Date: 2013-10-04

This invention relates to the contributions of the bone marrowand adipose tissuederived mesenchymal stem cells applied following the maxillary expansiona frequently used method for the orthodontic treatmentto the healing of the expanded bone tissues. In the invention, adipose tissue and bone marrow-derived stem cell applications increased the healing and quality of the bones following the maxillary expansion and the applied stem cells were involved in the bone structure. Thus, the relapse following the maxillary expansion treatment was avoided. This application will shorten the treatment period for patients undergoing the maxillary expansion treatment and the patients will not have to use apparatus for a long period of time.

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