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Yawata, Japan

Kusumi K.,Steel Research Laboratories | Maki J.,Yawata Steel Works | Nomura N.,A-D Technologies
Nippon Steel Technical Report | Year: 2013

Production of parts by means of hot stamping process has increased. Applications of hot stamping contribute to the weight reduction of automobiles by the production of parts with both high strength and excellent shape fixability. In this report, basic formability and FEM analysis of hot stamping were presented. In addition, the corrosion resistance of hot stamped aluminized steels was discussed. Source

Pikula M.,Medical University of Gdansk | Zielinski M.,Medical University of Gdansk | Specjalski K.,Medical University of Gdansk | Baranska-Rybak W.,Medical University of Gdansk | And 6 more authors.
Chemical Biology and Drug Design | Year: 2016

Peptide-based drugs are promising group of compounds which are characterized by specificity to their in vivo targets and high potency of action (antineoplastic, immunoregulatory, antibacterial). The peptides, however, involve a relatively high risk of allergic reactions that are not predictable on the basis of their sequence and chemical properties. In this study, peripheral blood was obtained from 53 patients including 38 hypersensitive patients and 15 control patients. Basophil activation stimulated by two antibacterial peptides (camel, citropin 1.1), and acetylsalicylic acid was assessed by means of BAT (basophil activation test). Basophil activation stimulated by camel occurred in 7 of 38 patients with hypersensitivity (18.42%) as well as in 2 of 15 control patients (13.33%). Basophils were activated by citropin 1.1 in 7 of 38 hypersensitive patients (18.42%) and in none of the control patients. Using the Structural Database of Allergenic Proteins, we confirmed that the examined peptides share some structural similarities with common environmental allergens. Therefore, the cross-reactivity between potentially present anti-allergen IgE with examined peptides cannot be excluded. Our study proved that BAT, together with other biological tests and specific databases of allergenic compounds, may serve as an initial selection of new active peptides and proteins. © 2015 John Wiley & Sons A/S. Source

Yamaguchi S.,Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal Corporation | Maki J.,Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal Corporation | Kurosaki M.,Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal Corporation | Izaki T.,Yawata Steel Works | Izaki T.,Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal Corporation
Tetsu-To-Hagane/Journal of the Iron and Steel Institute of Japan | Year: 2013

This study was intended to investigate the effect of the amount of Mg and Si addition in the Al-Si coating in order to improve corrosion resistance of Aluminized steel sheets. A salt spray test using formed specimens proved that Al-8mass%Si-6mass%Mg-coated steel sheet having less cracks in the alloy layer after forming has the best corrosion resistance. This outdoor exposure test using unformed specimens for 10 years proved that corrosion weight loss of Al-8mass%Si-6mass%Mg-coated steel sheet was reduced to approximately 30% less than that of Aluminized steel sheets and approximately 70% less than that of 55% aluminumzinc alloy-coated steel sheets; thereby, it was possible to confirm that Al-8mass%Si-6mass%Mg-coated steel sheet has favorable corrosion resistance under a long-term atmospheric environment. This is supported to be the protective effects caused by corrosion products mixed with Si and Mg, since the current value of the cathode polarization method of the specimen of Al-8mass%Si-6mass%Mg-coated steel sheet after the outdoor exposure test in an artificial rain solution were reduced by approximately 40% less than that of aluminized steel sheet. Source

Briquet M.,University of Liege | Briquet M.,Catholic University of Leuven | Briquet M.,University Paris Diderot | Neiner C.,University Paris Diderot | And 33 more authors.
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society | Year: 2012

We used extensive ground-based multisite and archival spectroscopy to derive observational constraints for a seismic modelling of the magnetic β Cep star V2052 Ophiuchi. The line-profile variability is dominated by a radial mode (f 1 = 7.14846d -1) and by rotational modulation (P rot = 3.638833d). Two non-radial low-amplitude modes (f 2 = 7.75603d -1 and f 3 = 6.82308d -1) are also detected. The four periodicities that we found are the same as the ones discovered from a companion multisite photometric campaign and known in the literature. Using the photometric constraints on the degrees ℓ of the pulsation modes, we show that both f 2 and f 3 are prograde modes with (ℓ, m) = (4, 2) or (4, 3). These results allowed us to deduce ranges for the mass (M ∈ [8.2, 9.6]M ⊙) and central hydrogen abundance (X c ∈ [0.25, 0.32]) of V2052 Oph, to identify the radial orders n 1 = 1, n 2 = -3 and n 3 = -2, and to derive an equatorial rotation velocity v eq ∈ [71, 75]kms -1. The model parameters are in full agreement with the effective temperature and surface gravity deduced from spectroscopy. Only models with no or mild core overshooting (α ov ∈ [0, 0.15] local pressure scale heights) can account for the observed properties. Such a low overshooting is opposite to our previous modelling results for the non-magnetic β Cep star θ Oph having very similar parameters, except for a slower surface rotation rate. We discuss whether this result can be explained by the presence of a magnetic field in V2052 Oph that inhibits mixing in its interior. © 2012 The Authors Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society © 2012 RAS. Source

Sumida A.,Hokkaido University | Miyaura T.,Ryukoku University | Torii H.,Yawata Steel Works
Tree Physiology | Year: 2013

Stem diameter at breast height (DBH) and tree height (H) are commonly used measures of tree growth. We examined patterns of height growth and diameter growth along a stem using a 20-year record of an even-aged hinoki cypress (Chamaecyparis obtusa (Siebold & Zucc.) Endl.) stand. In the region of the stem below the crown (except for the butt swell), diameter growth rates (ΔD) at different heights tended to increase slightly from breast height upwards. This increasing trend was pronounced in suppressed trees, but not as much as the variation in ΔD among individual trees. Hence, ΔD below the crown can be regarded as generally being represented by the DBH growth rate (ΔDBH) of a tree. Accordingly, the growth rate of the stem cross-sectional area increased along the stem upwards in suppressed trees, but decreased in dominant trees. The stem diameter just below the crown base (DCB), the square of which is an index of the amount of leaves on a tree, was an important factor affecting ΔDBH. DCB also had a strong positive relationship with crown length. Hence, long-term changes in the DCB of a tree were associated with long-term changes in crown length, determined by the balance between the height growth rate (ΔH) and the rising rate of the crown base (ΔHCB). Within the crown, ΔD's were generally greater than the rates below the crown. Even dying trees (ΔD ≈ 0 below the crown) maintained ΔD > 0 within the crown and ΔH > 0 until about 5 years before death. This growth within the crown may be related to the need to produce new leaves to compensate for leaves lost owing to the longevity of the lower crown. These results explain the different time trajectories in DBH-H relationships among individual trees, and also the long-term changes in the DBH-H relationships. The view that a rise in the crown base is strongly related to leaf turnover helps to interpret DBH-H relationships.© The Author 2012. Source

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