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Universitas YARSI is private Islamic university located in Cempaka Putih, Central Jakarta. Wikipedia.

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Soursop (Annona muricata) has numerous traditional medicinal uses in South American and the Caribbean, and it has become a popular nutritional medicinal supplement. In the other hand, pearl grass (Hedyotis corymbosa (L.) Lam.) has long been used traditionally as an anti-inflammatory. In this study, soursop and pearl grass combined to obtain extracts that have anticancer effects and anti-inflammatory effects, as most patients with cancer, particularly advanced breast cancer often experience inflammation. Two types of combination of extracts made by different solvents ie ethanol extract combination (CSEPE) and water extract combination (CSWPW) have been used. The anticarcinogenic properties of both extracts have been studied by using MTT assay. The antioxidative activity of the extracts which could contribute to their cytotoxic properties was also studied by using DPPH assay. The results showed that the combination extract of ethanolic extract of soursop and pearl grass (CSEPE) has potential anticarcinogenic properties and the properties was decreased during the increment of incubation time but increased with the increasement of doses. However, the combination extract of water extract of soursop and pearl grass (CSWPW) did not displayed the potential anticarcinogenic properties. The anticarcinogenic properties of CSEPE could be due to their high antioxidant activities. © 2015, Malaysian Journal of Analytical Sciences. All rights reserved.

PubMed | Ministry of Public Health, University of Tokyo, Pasar Rebo General Hospital, Gadjah Mada University and 3 more.
Type: Journal Article | Journal: Journal of human genetics | Year: 2016

Drug-induced liver injury (DILI) is the most common adverse drug reaction in the treatment of tuberculosis (TB). Several studies showed that patients with TB and the slow-acetylator phenotype caused by NAT2 variants are highly susceptible to DILI caused by anti-TB drugs, hereafter designated AT-DILI. However, the role of NAT2 variants in AT-DILI has never been assessed for an Indonesian population. We recruited 50 patients with TB and AT-DILI and 191 patients with TB but without AT-DILI; we then used direct DNA sequencing to assess single-nucleotide polymorphisms in the coding region of NAT2. NAT2*6A was significantly associated with susceptibility to AT-DILI (P=7.7 10(-4), odds ratio (OR)=4.75 (1.8-12.55)). Moreover, patients with TB and the NAT2-associated slow-acetylator phenotype showed higher risk of AT-DILI than patients with the rapid- or intermediate-acetylator phenotypes (P=1.7 10(-4), OR=3.45 (1.79-6.67)). In conclusion, this study confirms the significance of the association between slow-acetylator NAT2 variants and susceptibility to AT-DILI in an Indonesian population.

PubMed | Red Cross, Banyumas General Hospital, Jenderal Soedirman University, Sardjito Central General Hospital and 2 more.
Type: Journal Article | Journal: Hematology/oncology and stem cell therapy | Year: 2016

Thalassemia is a monogenic hematologic disease that has the highest prevalence globally. In addition, there is complexity of the genetic background associated with a variety of phenotypes presented among patients. Genetic heterogeneity related to fetal hemoglobin (HbF) production has been reported as an influencing phenotypic factor of -thalassemia (-thal). Therefore, this study aimed to find the effect of these genetic modifiers, especially in the XmnI locus, rs11886868, rs766432 (BCL11A), and rs9399137 (HBS1L-MYB), among -thal and HbE/-thal patients in Indonesia, according to laboratory and clinical outcomes, including HbF levels and clinical scores. This study was also designed to compare these modifying effects among -thal and HbE/-thal patients in Indonesia.A total of 189 patients with genotyping of -thal and HbE/-thal were included in this study. The erythrocytes index and Hb electrophoresis measurements were calculated using appropriate methods. The severity of -thal and HbE/-thal was classified based on the Mahidol score. Polymorphism of the XmnI locus, rs11886868, rs766432 (BCL11A), and rs9399137 (HBS1L-MYB) was determined using polymerase chain reaction-restriction fragment length polymorphism (PCR-RFLP) and amplification refractory mutation system (ARMS) methods.The distributions of minor allele in the XmnI locus, rs11886868, rs766432, and rs9399137 were 14%, 22%, 19% and 18% respectively. The variation allele in the XmnI locus, rs11886868, and rs766432 showed a significant value for modifying HbF and clinical score in HbE/-thal patients, but rs9399137 did not demonstrate such features. In -thal patients, however, no correlation was found for any single-nucleotide polymorphisms and clinical appearance.The XmnI locus, rs11886868, and rs766432 have a modifying effect on HbF and clinical score in HbE/-thal patients in Indonesia, but not in -thal patients.

Panjaitan R.G.P.,University of Tanjungpura | Zulfan,YARSI University
Indian Journal of Traditional Knowledge | Year: 2015

The roots of Pasak bumi have been used as a traditional medicine as tonic after childbirth in Indonesia. However, the usefulness of its is still empiric. The aim of this research is to evaluate the effect of pasak bumi roots methanol extract and its derived fraction to haematological profile of lactating mice. Each mouse was administered methanol extract and its derived fractions (n-hexane fraction, chloroform fraction, ethyl acetate fraction, and methanol-water fraction) at dose 500 mg/kg rat body weight for 21 consecutive days in lactation period. Positive control group received Moloco+B12 at dose 0.13 gm/kg rat body weight, negative control (placebo) group received 2 mL/kg rat body weight of aquadest daily, and normal control group. There were no significant differences in erythrocytes count, haemoglobin, and haematocrit value among the groups during the study (p>0.05). On the contrary, leukocytes count of methanol extract was higher than normal control, placebo, positive control, and derived fractions of methanol extract (p<0.05), but the differentiation of leukocytes (neutrophils, eosinophils, basophils, lymphocytes, and monocytes) were not significantly different (p>0.05). It can be concluded that the methanol extract haematological profile is more similar to physiological value. © 2015, National Institute of Science Communication and Information Resources (NISCAIR). All rights reserved.

Tundjungsari V.,YARSI University
Proceedings of 2016 13th International Conference on Remote Engineering and Virtual Instrumentation, REV 2016 | Year: 2016

This paper aimed to propose e-Learning model as an educational concept to teach introduction to programming for secondary school students. The objective of the model is to determine the components involved by applying collaborative learning in e-Learning, to enhance students' motivation and understanding in the subject Information and Communication Technology/ICT, specifically in topic introduction to programming. The model is developed because the need of fast-paced informatics competencies as it mentioned in Indonesians Secondary School 2006 Curricula. In addition, ICT subject is considered as attractive yet a difficult subject to learn. Therefore, approaches and methods to teach in ICT subject should be designed and delivered carefully. © 2016 IEEE.

Wuryanti S.,YARSI University | Andrijono,YARSI University | Susworo,YARSI University | Witjaksono F.,YARSI University
Acta medica Indonesiana | Year: 2015

AIM: to identify the effect of high-PUFA dietary supplementation on inflammatory status of patients with advanced cervical cancer.METHODS: a randomized double-blind clinical trial was conducted in patients with advanced cervical cancer who had undergone external radiation therapy at Department of Radiotherapy, Cipto Mangunkusumo Hospital, Jakarta, between April 2013 and April 2014. The inflammatory status was evaluated based on serum prostaglandin E2 (PGE2) levels using ELISA method. The dietary supplementation was isocaloric, isoprotein and contained PUFA with a ratio of -6: -3 fatty acid = 1.27:1 and supplementation without PUFA. Data were analyzed with statistical tests, including Shapiro-Wilk test, independent T-test and Mann-Whitney test.RESULTS: there was statistically no significant difference on PGE2 level between treatment and control groups (p=0.127). However, there was clinically significant difference, in which the treatment group had reduced PGE2 level by 8.9%; while the control group had increased level by 28.1%.CONCLUSION: dietary supplementation enriched with PUFA can reduce inflammatory status in patients with advanced cervical cancer. Reduced PGE2 level will lower the survival of cancer cells; therefore dietary supplementation enriched with PUFA with a ratio of -6 : -3 fatty acid = 1.27 : 1 along with radiation therapy may improve tumor response to radiation.

The research was conducted to determine the anticarcinogenic properties of "rumput mutiara" (Hedyotis corymbosa (L.) Lam) and "pohpohan" (Pilea trinervia (Roxb.) Wight), by the microculture tetrazolium salt (MTT) assay on the human breast carcinoma dependent-hormone (MCF-7) cell lines. The preliminary results showed that the "rumput mutiara" extract displayed the cytotoxic effects against MCF-7 with IC 50-value of 22,67 μg/ml. However, the "pohpohan" extract did not show the IC 50-value against MCF-7 cell lines. The antioxidative activities of the extracts which could contribute to their cytotoxic properties were also studied. The "rumput mutiara" extract was found to have higher antioxidant activity compared with "pohpohan" extract. The strong cytotoxic properties of the "rumput mutiara" extract could be due to its high antioxidant activity. © 2011 Academic Journals.

Tundjungsari V.,YARSI University | Yugaswara H.,YARSI University
Proceedings of the 2015 International Conference on Technology, Informatics, Management, Engineering and Environment, TIME-E 2015 | Year: 2015

Assessing information quickly and accurately in order to respond in any emergency situations is vital. This paper proposes an approach to provide information exchange in the emergency situation. We propose a scheme focusing on information collection and distribution between heterogeneous organizations who involved in the emergency response system. Our scheme uses peer-to-peer concept in order to support better coordination and cooperation. P2P file sharing works when a peer initiates request to other peers and responds to incoming request from other peers on the network. Thus, it suits an emergency situation where information exchange is urgent and should be delivered fast. However, the decentralized and anonymous characteristics of P2P environments make the task of information sharing and peers' access controlling more difficult. Our approach employs reputation-based trust management P2P file sharing to distinguish good file providers in order to ensure the quality of file sharing between peers and minimize time wasting of downloading poor file quality. We believe that by implementing our proposed approach, the complexity of the problem during emergency response situation could be handled efficiently. This is because our proposed approach not only facilitates information sharing in emergency situation, but also enables efficient process of resource allocation and management in hierarchical manner. In this paper we also illustrate the mechanisms of file discovery, file exchange, and peers allocation in an emergency response situation. © 2015 IEEE.

Diana N.E.,YARSI University | Saputra O.A.,YARSI University
ACM International Conference Proceeding Series | Year: 2015

The existence of an application for monitoring the current position of product shipment can build user trust for the agency. Here, we have an application which simulates the status of travelling position. We assume that this application can be applied in shipment tracking problem. User experience describes the significance of the application on the end-user. Additional questionnaire items were given to participants for examining the merit of current application with shipment position monitoring. User Experience Questionnaire (UEQ) is employed to support a quick assessment of user experience for the product. Cronbach's Alpha value was measured to see the consistency of items of the scales and the relevancy of questionnaire items to the context. Copyright © 2015 ACM.

Rachmawati U.A.,YARSI University | Suhartanto .,University of Indonesia
International Journal of Software Engineering and its Applications | Year: 2014

As the fourth most populous country in the world, Indonesia has many challenges in e-Government development because of its many scattered island. The country needs Information and Communication Technology for communication and fast access to information to create good governance and clean government. Grid technology could be a solution for resource sharing and interoperability of e-Government systems. We have proposed the Indonesia e-Government Grid service topology model in which is an adjustment based on the framework of existing e-Government and also the form of government in the country. We have designed and simulated the topology of Indonesian e-Government Grid services based on function group from e-Government application solution map to connect the ministry/agency/department /institution and also based on the province and population in the country. In this paper we simulate and analyze the result of the e-Government services topology based on population using Friedman Test. The results shows that scenario involves three types of routers that are configured hierarchically which consist of leaf routers, edge routers and core routers using Self-Clocked Fair Queuing (SCFQ) scheduling algorithm give the best results. The setting of time delay make the waiting time for packets in Grid simulation queue become shorter. © 2014 SERSC.

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