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Yaroslavl, Russia

The Yaroslavl Demidov State University is an institution of higher education in Yaroslavl, Russia. In 1918, Yaroslavl Demidov State University became a successor university to the Demidov Lyceum, originally founded in 1803. Wikipedia.

Kashchenko A.A.,Yaroslavl State University
Automatic Control and Computer Sciences | Year: 2013

In this paper, the stability of the simplest periodic solutions of a complex equation with large delay with cubic nonlinearity depending on the parameters is investigated. Sufficient conditions for the stability and instability of the periodic solutions are found. The geometry of the regions of stability and instability in the plane of parameters that define the main part of the solution is described. © Allerton Press, Inc., 2013. Source

Bashkin V.A.,Yaroslavl State University
Programming and Computer Software | Year: 2010

A new method for modeling distributed systems-nets of active resources-is presented. The expressive power of this formalism is similar to that of ordinary Petri nets, but its syntax relies on a different modeling principle: instead of partitioning model components (nodes of the graph) into agents and resources (transitions and places), partitioning of the ways of interaction (arcs of the graph) in terms of production and consumption is introduced. Direction of an arc determines whether the interaction is active or passive: one and the same component upon different firings may play role of both an agent and a resource. In nets of active resources and their syntactic extensions, there appears an opportunity for convenient formal- ization of various semantic properties, such as simultaneous work of agents, agent blocking, redundancy of the number of agents, a possibility of replacement of an unreliable node by a reliable one, and the like. A method for constructing distributed applications based on dynamically configured sets of executable modules is considered. It is shown that the use of nets of active resources allows one to specify their structure, as well as to formulate properties of such systems, in a natural way. Source

Gaifullin A.A.,Yaroslavl State University
Discrete & Computational Geometry | Year: 2014

In 1996 Sabitov proved that the volume (Formula presented.) of an arbitrary simplicial polyhedron (Formula presented.) in the (Formula presented.)-dimensional Euclidean space (Formula presented.) satisfies a monic (with respect to (Formula presented.)) polynomial relation (Formula presented.), where (Formula presented.) denotes the set of the squares of edge lengths of (Formula presented.). In 2011 the author proved the same assertion for polyhedra in (Formula presented.). In this paper, we prove that the same result is true in arbitrary dimension (Formula presented.). Moreover, we show that this is true not only for simplicial polyhedra, but for all polyhedra with triangular (Formula presented.)-faces. As a corollary, we obtain the proof in arbitrary dimension of the well-known Bellows Conjecture posed by Connelly in 1978. This conjecture claims that the volume of any flexible polyhedron is constant. Moreover, we obtain the following stronger result. If (Formula presented.), is a continuous deformation of a polyhedron such that the combinatorial type of (Formula presented.) does not change and every (Formula presented.)-face of (Formula presented.) remains congruent to the corresponding face of (Formula presented.), then the volume of (Formula presented.) is constant. We also obtain non-trivial estimates for the oriented volumes of complex simplicial polyhedra in (Formula presented.) from their orthogonal edge lengths. © 2014 Springer Science+Business Media New York. Source

Nevskii M.,Yaroslavl State University
Discrete and Computational Geometry | Year: 2011

Let S be a nondegenerate simplex in Rn. It is proved that the minimal possible σ>0, such that a homothetic copy of S of ratio σ contains [0,1]n, is equal to ∑i=1n1/di(S). Here di(S) denotes the length of a longest segment in S parallel to the ith coordinate axis. © 2011 Springer Science+Business Media, LLC. Source

Rumyantsev D.A.,Yaroslavl State University
Physics of Atomic Nuclei | Year: 2013

The Compton-like process γe ± → e ± e + e - involving the production of an electron-positron pair in the interaction of an ultrarelativistic electron with a soft x-ray photon in the vicinity of the polar cap of a magnetar is considered. It is shown that the amplitude for this reaction has a resonance character. A simple analytic expression is obtained for the electron-absorption coefficient. Possible astrophysical implications of the resonance process γe ± → e ± e + e - are discussed. © 2013 Pleiades Publishing, Ltd. Source

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