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Pan Z.-X.,Wuhan University of Technology | Wang M.,Yantai Vocational College
Proceedings - 2016 International Conference on Industrial Informatics - Computing Technology, Intelligent Technology, Industrial Information Integration, ICIICII 2016 | Year: 2016

An optimization object detection method based on color image symmetrical frame-difference is proposed in order to solve the problem of motion multi-object detection difficult under complex environment. In this paper, firstly the color images distance is defined to calculate the frame-difference between two adjacent images. Then the before and after symmetrical image-distance of three adjacent images in difference frame interval step can be completed respectively. Secondly, an optimization binary method is designed to extract more object pixels. And the before and after object binary results of the adjacent images with the same middle (key frame) image are given respectively. At last, motion multi-object of the key frame image is achieved by the fusion result of logical AND between the before and after object binary results depending on three-frame-adjacent images with the same key frame. Actual color images from traffic surveillance system are used to test, the experimental result shows that the optimization object detection algorithm based on symmetrical frame difference in the proper step can extract motion multi-objects in different movement speed under complex environment and its accuracy and effectiveness of the proposed algorithm are verified. © 2016 IEEE.

Wang Q.,Harbin Institute of Technology | Wang Q.,CAS Institute of Physics | Pan Y.Z.,Harbin Institute of Technology | Huang S.S.,Harbin Institute of Technology | And 3 more authors.
Nanotechnology | Year: 2011

Dielectric oxides are traditionally used to fabricate resistive surface humidity-sensing devices, as well as capacitive sandwich-structured sensors. In the present work, relative humidity (RH) sensors were fabricated by employing vertically aligned TiO2 nanotubes array (TNA) film produced using electro-chemical anodization of Ti foil followed by a nitrogen-doping process, simultaneously showing resistive and capacitive humidity-sensing properties in the range of 11.3-93.6%. For the sample formed at optimized experimental conditions, the capacitance (CS) and resistance (RS) of the as-fabricated RH sensors made from nitrogen-doped TiO2 nanotubes film could be simultaneously obtained. Both the resistive and capacitive sensitivity (KR and KC) of the as-fabricated TiO 2 nanotube RH sensors show distinct dependence on the frequency of alternating current (AC) voltage signal and RH. At higher water coverage, water-water interaction will result in lowering of the water dissociation barrier, leading to an increase of conductance. With the increase of RH, the polarization of as-adsorbed water molecules will also occur, causing a sharp increase of capacitance. For an explanation of the frequency response of both CS and RS, ionic transport, as well as the polarization effect, should be comprehensively considered. The changes of capacitance and resistance at different temperatures are plausibly caused by thermal expansion and surface state modification by adsorption and desorption of oxygen and water. © 2011 IOP Publishing Ltd.

Deng X.,Yantai Naval Aeronautical and Astronautical University | Zhang L.,Yantai Naval Aeronautical and Astronautical University | Luo L.,Yantai Vocational College
Journal of Computers (Finland) | Year: 2013

An improved Ant colony optimization algorithm (PM-ACO for short) is proposed to solve the robot path planning problem. In PM-ACO, ants deposit pheromone on the nodes but not on the arcs, resulting in that the trails of pheromone become the form of marks, which consist of a series of pheromone points. After ant colony's tours, the iteration-best strategy is combined with an r-best nodes rule to update the nodes' pheromone. The stability of PM-ACO is analyzed and some advancement to the algorithm is proposed to improve the performance. Because the pheromone on several arcs is integrated into the pheromone on one node, a rapid pheromone accumulation occurs easily. It is the major causes to the instability. An r-best nodes rule is presented for regulating the pheromone distribution and an adaptive mechanism is designed to further balance the pheromone arrangement. In addition, to shorten the time wasted in constructing the first complete solution and get a better solution, an azimuth guiding rule and a one step optimization rule are used in local optimization. By establishing a grid model of the robot's navigation area, PM-ACO is applied in solving the robot path planning. Experimental results show that an optimal solution of the path planning problem can be achieved effectively, and the algorithm is practical. © 2013 ACADEMY PUBLISHER.

Xu L.P.,Yantai Vocational College | Wang C.D.,Yantai Vocational College
Applied Mechanics and Materials | Year: 2014

With more and more industrial robots used in machinery manufacturing enterprises, mechatronics career groups have also put forward higher requirements for vocational students to become familiar with industrial robots. This paper takes handling robots as an example to introduce how to prepare the robot programs for certain tasks and how to use robots to complete the tasks. Industrial robot is an important part of automatic production line, which has been applied in the production processes such as handling large items, spraying, welding, etc. to replace human beings to accomplish some works with such features as big batch, high quality and even risky. This releases human workers from onerous, repetitive, harmful and dangerous production operations. With the development of industrial robot technology, more and more enterprises adopt robots in their automatic production lines. This paper takes assembly station robot in modulated flexible Manufacturing System as an example to demonstrate how to complete material handling tasks and how to prepare the programs for the robot. © (2014) Trans Tech Publications, Switzerland.

Hou W.,Yantai Vocational College | Zhong S.,Yantai Vocational College
Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering | Year: 2014

In this paper, Hidden Markov Model is studied with great abilities to analyze time variant patterns and an abnormal behavior detection method around cash dispenser is proposed in order to increase the effectiveness of image information and improve the capability of recognizing the image sequences of human behaviors. The experiment results show that the method proposed in this paper is effective and feasible, and the appropriate HMM classifier can meet the requirement of practical construction. © Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 2014.

Xu L.P.,Yantai Vocational College | Wang P.,Yantai Vocational College
Applied Mechanics and Materials | Year: 2014

This article focuses on the tool setting methods and techniques of disk parts and hole parts, in order to improve the precision and efficiency of the tool setting, so as to improve NC milling machining quality and machining efficiency of Nc milling. © (2014) Trans Tech Publications, Switzerland.

Hao M.-L.,Yantai Vocational College | Cheng G.-J.,Yantai Vocational College
Applied Mechanics and Materials | Year: 2014

The vertical shaft impact crusher the material is accelerated, while the rotor bear complex dynamic loads, finite element method for three-dimensional modeling of the rotor body and modal analysis, discussion and analysis of results. Won the first 20 natural frequencies and mode shapes, as well as the weak link parts may exist, making the crusher prone resonance attention away from the source at work, as well as designers kinetic design provides some guidance basis. © (2014) Trans Tech Publications, Switzerland.

Zhao C.-X.,Yantai Vocational College
Proceedings of International Conference on Information Systems for Crisis Response and Management, ISCRAM 2011 | Year: 2011

Complexity of landforms in China makes natural disasters happen constantly. Recently China has done much successful work in rescue of natural disasters. However, we still have a long way to go, as there still lays a great deal of problems in. We can establish lawful framework combining basic law with single laws, set up a unified and specialized agency for natural disaster management, develop a perfect system of natural disasters management and so forth. Through these suggestions, the author hopes that they might improve capability in dealing with natural disasters, reduce losses and bring to the public citizens so as to protect people's lives and property. Only in these ways, we can maintain the stability and development of society. © 2011 IEEE.

Sun S.-J.,Yantai Vocational College | Wang L.,Vocational Secondary School | Zhang D.-F.,Shandong University | Wang H.-P.,Shandong University
Meitan Xuebao/Journal of the China Coal Society | Year: 2011

In order to explain the tension-compression alternating and zonal disintegration phenomena, the dynamic model of deep tunnel excavation were found for the deep tunnel excavation unloading. The equilibrium equations, physics equations, geometry equations and the boundary conditions were derived, which are satisfied by the disturbance stress, disturbance strain and disturbance displacement. The disturbance integral-variational equations were given out by Hamilton time domain variation principle. The steady-state time-response of the system was obtained using Duhamel integral in the given excavation unloading path and zero initial condition. The approximate analytic solutions of disturbance stress, strain and displacement of the system were obtained. The results of example show that the theory and method can correctly be reflected the dynamic process caused by excavation and effectively simulate the zonal disintegration phenomena of the rock mass.

Wang C.,Yantai Vocational College
ICCASM 2010 - 2010 International Conference on Computer Application and System Modeling, Proceedings | Year: 2010

In this paper, we describe our research into real-time configuration of e-commerce systems. We built an experimental multi-agent e-commerce system, in which agents will represent buyers, sellers, brokers and services of various kinds. The choice of system style has intrinsic appeal for demonstration and educational value, and also serves as a controlled tool for experimenting with alternative individual and group economic strategies, and for evaluating the effectiveness of e-commerce systems based on multi-agent. © 2010 IEEE.

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