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Lin Y.,Shandong Business Institute | Bai Y.,Yantai Longyuan Power Technology Co.
Jixie Qiangdu/Journal of Mechanical Strength | Year: 2015

The dynamic responses of the beam under the function of the moving loads are very important practical problem in the strength and stiffness designs and the strength and stiffness checks. The measuring technology of the sensors is no doubt one of the ripe methods in the detections of the structural stresses, The reasonable designs of the electrical measuring sensors are often based on the theoretical analyses, but the theoretical solution of this kinds of problems are often hard to be given. In this paper, the definite mathematical model was proposed before hand; and the model can be divided into two sub-problems considering of the linearity of the problem, then the method of separation of variables and the inherent function method were used to give the theoretical solutions respectively, an numerical example were introduced to give the deflection responses and the stress responses of the simply-supported beam and the dynamic responses of the capacitor of the sensor in order to illustrate the important effects of the dynamic effects. This method can be extended to study the dynamic responses of the beam with an elastic system moving on it., the given theoretical conclusions have some references to the designs of new electrical sensors. ©, 2015, Journal of Mechanical Strength. All right reserved.

Liu T.,North China Electrical Power University | Xu G.,North China Electrical Power University | Cai P.,Yantai Longyuan Power Technology Co. | Tian L.,North China Electrical Power University | Huang Q.,North China Electrical Power University
Renewable Energy | Year: 2011

CO2 emissions of the electricity supply sector in China account for about half of the total volume in the country. Thus, reducing CO2 emissions in China's electricity supply sector will contribute significantly to the efforts of greenhouse gas (GHG) control in the country and the rest of the world. This paper introduces the development status of renewable energy and other main CO2 mitigation options in power generation in China and makes a preliminary prediction of the development of renewable energy in the country for future decades. Besides, based on the situation in China, the paper undertakes a comprehensive analysis of CO2 mitigation costs, mitigation potential, and fossil energy conversation capacity of renewable energy and other mitigation options, through which the influence of renewable energy on the mitigation strategy of China is analyzed. © 2010 Elsevier Ltd.

Jin Y.,Zhejiang University | Zheng X.,Zhejiang University | Chu X.,Yantai Longyuan Power Technology Co. | Chi Y.,Zhejiang University | And 2 more authors.
Industrial and Engineering Chemistry Research | Year: 2012

Oil sludge from an oil storage tank was treated using a combined ultrasound and thermochemical cleaning method. The effects of cleaning temperature, cleaning time, ultrasound frequency, ultrasound power, and other factors on the oil recovery were investigated. Experiments on the screening and remixing of reagents were conducted and indicated that the best constituents of detergent solution were sodium silicate, sodium dodecyl benzene sulfonate, and fatty alcohol ethoxylates in a ratio of 1:1:1. The optimum conditions of the combined treatment system were also determined. The results showed that, under the optimum conditions, the oil content of oil sludge dropped from 43.13% to 1.01%, 0.53% of solids remained in the separated oil layer, and 99.32% oil recovery could be achieved when the concentration of detergent solution was to 2 g/L. Compared with traditional thermochemical cleaning, the oil recovery was 17.65% higher for the combined treatment system. © 2012 American Chemical Society.

Yantai Longyuan Power Technology Co. | Date: 2013-01-15

The present invention relates to a pulverized coal fired boiler with wall-attachment secondary air and grid overfire air. Primary burners including primary air spouts, secondary air spouts and close coupled overfire air spouts arranged at intervals along the height direction of a hearth are arranged on four corners of the hearth. Two-way wall-attachment secondary air spouts and one-way wall-attachment secondary air spouts are arranged from bottom to top in a primary combustion zone where the primary burners are located. One-way wall-attachment secondary air spouts are arranged in a reduction zone between the primary burners and the top overfire air spouts, and grid overfire air spouts are arranged in a burnout zone where the overfire air is supplied. By adopting the pulverized coal fired boiler with wall-attachment secondary air and grid overfire air according to the present invention, the NO amount generated in the hearth is reduced, the NO reduction rate along a flame is improved, the coke burnout rate is improved, less coke which is not burnt out enters into the burnout zone, slagging on the water-cooled wall is reduced, and ultralow emission of NOx may be realized on the premise that the combustion efficiency is not reduced, slag is not agglomerated in the hearth and the flue gas temperature deviation is small.

Yantai Longyuan Power Technology Co. | Date: 2010-03-23

A pulverized coal concentrator for a pulverized coal burner, the concentrator is fixedly arranged inside the pulverized coal burner and comprises a front part (102) and a rear part (101), wherein the front part (1020 is designed as a bowl-shaped structure, for guiding and concentrating an air-pulverized coal flow, and the rear part (101) is designed as a cylinder-shaped structure, for maintaining a proper extension of the dense phase zone of the air pulverized coal flow. Also a pulverization coal burner is provided comprising the pulverized coal concentrator, in particular an internal combustion-type pulverized coal burner. The pulverized coal concentrator increases the adaptability of burner to coal quality, air velocity and pulverized coal density.

A method for decreasing nitrogen oxides of a pulverized coal boiler using burners (2) of internal combustion type comprising: designing or changing all or part of burners of the pulverized coal boiler as internal combustion type burners (2), in which the ignition sources may be plasma generators (1) or ignition devices such as small oil guns etc., and the power thereof can be adjusted for controlling the ignition intensity in the burners (2). The burners (2) are interiorly divided into several stage combustion chambers (5) and are provided with pulverized coal concentrators (4) which do deep fuel staging in the burners (2). During the operation of the boiler, the ignition sources always keep in a working state, and the pulverized coal in the burners (2) is ignited stage by stage and is burnt in advance; decreasing the secondary air amount in the primary combustion zone (22) so that the primary combustion zone (22) is in a relatively strong reducing atmosphere and a high temperature and oxygen-deficient condition for inhibiting the generation of NOx is created; and supplying the remaining air from the upper of furnace of the boiler in the form of over-fire air, so that a deep air staging is carried out in the total furnace. Thus, the NOx generation of combustion can be effectively controlled on the premise of not decreasing the boiler efficiency.

Yantai Longyuan Power Technology Co. | Date: 2010-01-19

An anode of an arc plasma generator and the arc plasma generator are disclosed. The plasma generator is a multi-stage gas admission type arc plasma generator, and the plasma generator includes a cathode and an anode. The anode comprises at least two portions (201, 203), wherein any two adjacent portions of the anode are connected electrically with one another.

Yantai Longyuan Power Technology Co. | Date: 2010-04-07

This invention relates to a plasma ignition burner. Said plasma ignition burner comprises at least two stages of burner barrels and a plasma generator for igniting the pulverized coal in a first stage burner barrel of said at least two stages of burner barrels, wherein the burning flame of the former stage burner barrel ignites the pulverized coal in the next stage burner barrel, or further bums with the supplemented air in the next stage burner barrel, characterized in that the axial direction of said plasma generator is parallel to the direction along which the pulverized-coal-contained air flow enters into the first stage burner barrel and at the same time, parallel to the axis of the burner barrels.

Yantai Longyuan Power Technology Co. | Date: 2011-04-26

A pulverized coal burner and a pulverized coal boiler. The coal burner comprises a primary air cylinder (111) and a pulverized coal concentration device (112). The coal concentration device (112) makes the concentration of the coal flow gradually decrease from inside to outside along the radial direction, with respect to an axis (100) of the primary air cylinder (111). The coal burner further comprises a coal separating cylinder (113) and a coal guiding cylinder (114) located downstream of the device (112), the rear end of the cylinder (113) is connected with the front end of the coal guiding cylinder (114). The outlet of the cylinder (114) has a conical expansion portion (1141). The coal burner further comprises a divergent nozzle (115) connected with the rear end of the primary air cylinder (111) and whose cross-sectional area gradually increases along the flow direction of the coal flow.

Yantai Longyuan Power Technology Co. | Date: 2010-07-27

Current generators; steam turbines; foundry machines; elevating apparatus, namely, elevating work platforms; wind power engine facilities, namely, generators for wind turbines; wind power generation facilities; water power engine facilities, namely, generators of electricity; electrically operated brushes being parts of machines; wind power machines, namely, wind-powered electricity generators and fittings thereof; fittings for engine boilers; steam engine boilers. Power station automatization equipments, namely, industrial automation controls; electric apparatus for remote ignition, namely, rectifiers, electric voltage transformers for igniting at a distance; electrical transducers; electric regulating apparatus, namely, electrical controlling devices; whole set electric checkout equipments, namely, circuit testers; electric apparatus for commutation, namely, commutators. Plasma burners, steam air heaters.

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