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Zhu H.-J.,Yang Zhou University | You Z.-H.,CAS Xinjiang Technical Institute of Physics and Chemistry | You Z.-H.,Minority | Zhu Z.-X.,Shenzhen University | And 4 more authors.
Neurocomputing | Year: 2017

The Android platform is becoming increasingly[U+202F]popular and various organizations have developed a variety of applications (App) to cater to market trends. Due to the characteristics of the Android platform, such as supporting the unofficial App stores, open source policy and the great tolerance for App verification, it is inevitable that it faces serious problems of malicious software intrusion. In order to protect the users from the serious damages caused by Android malware, we propose a low-cost and high-efficient method to extract permissions, sensitive APIs, monitoring system events and permission-rate as key features, and employ the ensemble Rotation Forest (RF) to construct a model to detect whether an Android App is malicious or not. Specifically, a dataset containing 2,130 samples is used to verify the performance of the proposed method. The experimental results show that the proposed method achieves an high accuracy of 88.26% with 88.40% sensitivity at the precision of 88.16%. To further evaluate the performance of the proposed model, we also compare it with the state-of-the-art Support Vector Machine (SVM) model under the same experimental conditions, and the comparison results demonstrate that the proposed method improves the accuracy by 3.33% compared to SVM. The experimental results show that the proposed model is extremely promising and could provide a cost-effective alternative for Android malware detection. © 2017.

Liu H.,China University of Science and Technology | Yang L.,China University of Science and Technology | Zhang Z.,China University of Science and Technology | Pan K.,China University of Science and Technology | And 4 more authors.
Ceramics International | Year: 2016

Negative thermal expansion Sc2W3O12 thin films have been grown on silicon and quartz substrates by pulsed laser deposition (PLD). The effects of oxygen pressure, substrate temperature and annealing temperature on the morphologies and phase composition of the Sc2W3O12 thin films were systematically investigated using X-ray diffraction (XRD), atomic force microscopy (AFM) and field emission scanning electron microscopy (FESEM). The negative thermal expansion, optical and nanomechanical properties of the Sc2W3O12 thin films were characterized by high temperature X-ray diffraction, spectrophotometry and nanoindentation. The results indicate as-deposited Sc2W3O12 thin films to be amorphous. Orthorhombic Sc2W3O12 thin films were observed to form by heating at 1000°C for 7min in air. The Sc2W3O12 thin film deposited at 500°C under an oxygen pressure of 20Pa has the lowest root mean square (RMS) roughness value. Meanwhile it also shows the optimum optical performance with an average transmission of over 85%. The Young's modulus (E) of the Sc2W3O12 thin film is 153.40GPa and the hardness (H) is 8.62GPa. The orthorhombic Sc2W3O12 thin film exhibits an anisotropic negative thermal expansion with an average linear thermal expansion coefficient was calculated to be -3.0×10-6 K-1 in the temperature range from 25°C to 600°C. © 2016 Elsevier Ltd and Techna Group S.r.l.

Liu H.,China University of Science and Technology | Zhang Z.,Yang zhou University | Ma J.,China University of Science and Technology | Jun Z.,China University of Science and Technology | Zeng X.,China University of Science and Technology
Ceramics International | Year: 2015

Abstract Solid solutions of In2-xScxW3O12 (0≤x≤2) were successfully synthesized using the solid state reaction method. Effects of substituted scandium content on the phase composition, microstructure, phase transition temperatures and thermal expansion behaviors of the resulting In2-xScxW3O12 (0≤x≤2) samples were investigated using X-ray diffraction (XRD), field emission scanning electron microscopy (FESEM), and thermal mechanical analyzer (TMA). Results indicate that the obtained In2W3O12 ceramic undergoes a structure phase transition from monoclinic to orthorhombic at 248°C. This phase transition temperature of In2W3O12 can be easily shifted to a lower temperature by partly substituting the In3+ with Sc3+. When the x value increased from 0 to 1, the phase transition temperatures of In2-xScxW3O12 (0≤x≤2) samples decreased from 248 to 47°C. All the In2-xScxW3O12 (0≤x≤2) ceramics show fine negative thermal expansion below their corresponding phase transition temperatures. The negative thermal expansion coefficients of the In2-xScxW3O12 (0≤x≤2) ceramics change in the range from -1.08×10-6°C-1 to -7.13×10-6°C-1. © 2015 Elsevier Ltd and Techna Group S.r.l.

Zhao F.,Wuhan University | Zhao F.,Yang Zhou University
2011 IEEE 3rd International Conference on Communication Software and Networks, ICCSN 2011 | Year: 2011

New Zealand's Government Data Management Policies and Government Data Management standards are published during the process of E-government's developing, and they played very significant roles in its informatization and the development of the E-government. The article sums up the characteristics of the Policies and the Standards after introduces the backgrounds of developing them together with their main contents, with expectation to draw some inspirations for China's policy development on E-government. © 2011 IEEE.

Chen J.,Yang Zhou University
2011 International Conference on Electric Information and Control Engineering, ICEICE 2011 - Proceedings | Year: 2011

It presents the development process and key technologies of the intelligent design system for the overall layout design of bus body such as application of knowledge-based engineering technology into the development of the intelligent design system, object-oriented knowledge modeling, 3-d parameterized model building relying on the CATIA software platform, and secondary development with VB language and database technology. With this system, the idea of rapid overall layout design can come true. © 2011 IEEE.

Gu M.,Yang Zhou University
Bing du xue bao = Chinese journal of virology / [bian ji, Bing du xue bao bian ji wei yuan hui] | Year: 2010

Abstract:One H5N1 subtype avian influenza virus, A/duck/Shandong/009/2008 (Dk/SD/009/08), was isolated from apparently healthy domestic ducks in some live bird market in East China during our epidemiological surveillance. To investigate the genetic composition, Dk/SD/009/08 was subjected to genome sequencing. The amino acid motif of cleavage site was "PLRERRRK-R/GL", which was consistent with the characterization of the HPAIV. According to the newest unified nomenclature system of H5N1, Dk/SD/ 009/08 was classified into Clade 2.3.4. The BLAST results showed that four gene segments (HA, NA, NP and NS) had the highest nucleotide identities with H5N1 subtype AIVs whereas the remaining four (PB2, PB1, PA and M) displayed the closest relationship with H9N2 subtype. Therefore, Dk/SD/009/08 might be a natural reassortant virus. The phylogenetic analysis further indicated that G1-like H9N2 subtype AIVs which was prevalent mainly in quails of Southern China might provide the internal genes for Dk/ SD/009/08.

Yan S.,Yang Zhou University | Yun L.,Yang Zhou University | Luan L.,Yang Zhou University
2nd International Symposium on Information Science and Engineering, ISISE 2009 | Year: 2010

Based on the formal concept analysis, combining the rough set and semantic ontology, this paper proposes a formal concept similarity measurement by improving the original Tversky similarity model. The method used the hierarchical information of concept lattice in the lattice structure and its own semantic meaning to measure the similarity of from the structure information of the concepts and semantic information respectively, which reflect the true similarity of formal concept to some extent. © 2009 IEEE.

Pan Y.,Yang Zhou University | Chen R.,Yang Zhou University
Advanced Materials Research | Year: 2012

The mechanism of 304 stainless steel pitting corrosion was researched in chloride ions environment. The metallographic microstructure of areas near the pitting corrosion and far away from the pitting corrosion were observed by the metallographic experiment; Cr content of the sample was determined by EDXRF, to prove chloride ion impact on the element Cr of 304 stainless steel. Finally, corrosion rate of specimens was determined by piecewise experiment method to prove otherness for corrosion rate in different period of 304 stainless steel in chloride ions environment. © (2012) Trans Tech Publications.

Zhao F.,Yang Zhou University
2011 IEEE 3rd International Conference on Communication Software and Networks, ICCSN 2011 | Year: 2011

Digital libraries have been built all over the world. One of the main challenges in maintaining digital libraries is the digital preservation. The aim of digital preservation is to ensure that digital records are filed and are made available throughout time. Each digital library consists of different documents with different file formats. Due to rapid obsolescence in hardware and software technology it is necessary for the libraries to look into the details of the file formats. Thus the file format for long-term preservation plays a very important role during the practices of digital preservation. The article tries to analyzing the current situation of the file formats, then points out the standards in choosing the file format for long-term preservation based on generalizing the researches by scholars. After comparing the PDF and XML, the author thinks the XML file format is more suitable for long-term preservation. © 2011 IEEE.

Chen Q.,Yang Zhou University | Zeng L.,Yang Zhou University
Applied Mechanics and Materials | Year: 2013

A dynamic coupling model of the bearingless motor is established. This test does some simulations of motor displacement, no load speed and tracking accuracy under certain performance indicators. Analysis and simulation results show that the system has a control strategy of high precision as well as good dynamic and static performance. © (2013) Trans Tech Publications, Switzerland.

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