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Yamazaki Mazak Corporation | Date: 2012-06-15

The present invention provides a machining center that efficiently machines a long workpiece using two pallets. A machining center

A carriage is moved in a direction including a Y axis component in order to move a turning process tool that is attached to a tool spindle along a horizontal line that is perpendicular to a Z axis, and thus, a turning process is carried out on a workpiece which is attached to a workpiece spindle.

Yamazaki Mazak Corporation | Date: 2015-07-27

A machine tool includes a main machine, a pallet change unit, a main body cover, a machine entry door, an internal machine cover, and an internal entrance area. The main machine is configured to machine a workpiece. The pallet change unit is adjacent to the main machine. The main body cover is provided on the pallet change unit. The machine entry door is provided in the main body cover. The internal machine cover is connected to the machine entry door. The internal entrance area is defined by the machine entry door and the internal machine cover. The machine entry door and the internal machine cover are constructed to sweep the internal entrance area.

Yamazaki Mazak Corporation | Date: 2015-03-30

A machine tool includes a tool attachment device, a workpiece attachment device, a controller, a mode selector, an axis selector, a cover, a window, and a manual operation auxiliary display device. The controller is configured to control movements of at least one of the tool attachment device and the workpiece attachment device with respect to a target axis. The mode selector is configured to select a manual operation mode or an automatic operation mode. The axis selector is to select the target axis among a plurality of axes in a case where the mode selector selects the manual operation mode. The manual operation auxiliary display device is configured to display directions of the plurality of axes included in the machine tool as an axis configuration model in the window in a case where the manual operation mode is selected.

Yamazaki Mazak Corporation | Date: 2014-09-23

A vertical machining center includes a machining table on which a first pallet is placed and which moves in an X axis direction. A spindle head includes a spindle and moves in a Z axis direction. A rotary pallet exchanger exchanges the first pallet with a second pallet in a setup area. In a pallet rotational movement area, the first and second pallets are rotated. An oil pan is below the second pallet in the setup area, accommodates a part of the pallet rotational movement area, and includes a cutout portion. Space exposed to the cutout portion forms a cutout area. A door partitions a machining area from the setup area. An amount of offset in the X axis direction from the axial center of the spindle to the rotational center of the pallet exchanger is equal to or less than a width of the first pallet.

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