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Sunnyvale, CA, United States

Yahoo Inc. is an American multinational technology company headquartered in Sunnyvale, California Wikipedia.

An extraction device according to the present application includes an acquisition unit and a notification unit. The acquisition unit makes a web search engine execute extraction processing based on an arbitrary query received from an information user and acquires, as an extraction result, the number of users corresponding to the arbitrary query from behavior histories of users to be processed. The notification unit notifies the number of users acquired by the acquisition unit to the information user who posts the arbitrary query. More specifically, based on a query related to setting of a condition about behavior or an attribution of the user, the acquisition unit acquires the number of users corresponding to the query.

A video fingerprinting algorithm extracts characteristic features from regions of interest in a media object, such as a video signal. The regions of interest contain the perceptually important parts of the video signal. A fingerprint may be extracted from a target media object, and the fingerprint the target media content may then be matched against multiple regions of interest of known reference fingerprints. This matching may allow identification of complex scenes, inserts, and different versions of the same content presented in, for example, different formats of the media object.

Yahoo! | Date: 2015-11-09

Systems and methods for generation of a relationship history or text for a new message. In one embodiment, a method includes: scanning, by a computing device, a set of messages to or from a user to generate a plurality of profiles for persons associated with the messages, each person being a sender or a recipient of at least one of the set of messages, and the persons including a first person; generating, via the computer, a relationship history using the plurality of profiles, wherein the relationship history is for a relationship between the user and the first person; and presenting the relationship history to the user.

A method and system for building an elastic cloud web server farm. The method includes registering a web application on a serving cloud and copying the web application to a distributed store. A load of the web application is specified, and a plurality of nodes is added for the web application based on the load. A web server corresponding to a node of the plurality of nodes is then initialized. A web request is received from a user and a web server is selected from a list of available web servers to process the web request. The web request is further transmitted to the web server. A web response, based on the web request, is transmitted back to the user. The system includes a central registry, a distributed store, a process coordinator, one or more web servers, and a router.

Automated systems and methods are provided for establishing or maintaining a personalized trusted social network for a community of users, with little or no input from any given user. To establish the personalized trusted social network, one or more trusted sources are identified for a given user. The identified trusted sources are added to a user profile for the given user. Also, identified are any annotations, bookmarks, or the like that the identified trusted sources have associated with any shared content. These annotations provide access to microcontent items that the identified trusted sources have integrated with the shared content to thereby enhance or enrich its context. One or more profiles are constructed or updated to track the associations between the identified trusted sources and their annotations. The profile information can be applied to enhance and personalize search and browsing experiences for the given user.

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