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Agency: Cordis | Branch: FP7 | Program: CP-SICA | Phase: NMP.2012.2.2-6 | Award Amount: 5.12M | Year: 2012

Limpid aims at generating new knowledge on photocatalytic materials and processes in order to develop novel depollution treatments with enhanced efficiency and applicability. The main goal of LIMPID is to develop materials and technologies based on the synergic combination of different types of nanoparticles (NPs) into a polymer host to generate innovative nanocomposites which can be actively applied to the catalytic degradation of pollutants and bacteria, both in air or in aqueous solution. Single component nanocomposites including TiO2 NPs are already known for their photocatalytic activities. LIMPID will aim at going one big step further and include, into one nanocomposite material, oxide NPs and metal NPs in order to increase the photocatalytic efficiency and allow the use of solar energy to activate the process. One of the main challenge of LIMPID is to design host polymers, such as hybrid organic inorganic and fluorinated polymers, since photocatalysts can destroy the organic materials. The incorporation of NPs in polymers will allow to make available the peculiar nano-object properties and to merge the distinct components into a new original class of catalysts. At the same time nanocomposite formulation will also prevent NPs to leach into water and air phase, thus strongly limiting the potential threat associated to dispersion of NPs into the environment. Therefore nanocomposites developed in LIMPID will be used as coating materials and products for the catalytic degradation of pollutants and bacteria in water and air, i.e. deposited onto re-usable micro-particles, or in pollutant degradation reactors, and even onto large surfaces, as a coating or paint. In addition such new class of nanocomposites will be also exploited for the fabrication of porous membranes for water treatment. In order to fulfill its objectives, the LIMPID consortium has been designed to combine leading industrial partners with research groups from Europe, ASEAN Countries and Canada.

Xylem Water Solutions Herford Gmbh and Wedeco Ag | Date: 2007-11-13

Ultraviolet radiators for medical disinfection purposes. Devices for treatment of liquids, namely, ultraviolet sterilization units for disinfecting aqueous solutions and water; ultraviolet radiators for disinfection, not for medical purposes; apparatus for disinfection of aqueous solutions or water consisting of water filters, pipes being parts of sanitary facilities, and disinfection devices, namely water purifiers.

Xylem Water Solutions Herford Gmbh and Itt Water & Wastewater Herford Gmbh | Date: 2012-02-28

Apparatus for treating liquids, especially for disinfecting aqueous solutions and water by means of ultraviolet radiation or ozone; ultraviolet radiators for disinfection devices; water purification installations consisting of filters, piping and ultraviolet disinfection radiators.

Xylem Water Solutions Herford Gmbh | Date: 2014-03-25

Industrial surface treatment equipment, namely, corona discharge treatment systems comprised of a high frequency, high voltage generator, transformers, electrodes, ozone filter and treatment station and structural parts therefor. Measuring devices for measuring ozone concentration in fluids undergoing ozone oxidation treatment; electric and electronic control circuits for operating ozone generators, air driers and compressors in ozone treatment equipment; electronic devices for measuring and controlling water or air quality; measuring devices for determining the dew point and ozone concentration in water; parts therefore. Mobile and stationary ozone sanitizer systems for air and water; parts therefore.

Xylem Water Solutions Herford Gmbh, ITT Corporation, Wedeco Ag, Wbl Holding Gmbh and Wedeco Umwelttechnologie Wasser Boden Luft Gmbh | Date: 1994-10-18

disinfection, decontamination and/or degermination units to neutralize and/or separate harmful substances from liquids; namely, sewage, industrial or other waters, gases; namely, air, and soil, by means of chemical/physical treatment, combined UV light and ozone treatment and/or UV radiation treatment; ozone generators; units to irradiate flowing liquids with UV light. [ technical consultation in the area of chemical/physical treatment of liquids, in particular sewage, industrial and other waters, gases, in particular air, or the soil ].

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