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Tongshan, China

Liu C.,Jilin University | Yu L.,Xuzhou Heavy Machinery Co. | Gao X.-H.,Jilin University
Applied Mechanics and Materials | Year: 2013

On the basis of multi-axle vehicle 3-DOF dynamic model, and using leaning stiffness of each wheel and external disturbance as uncertainty parameters, variable structure control theory was used to make the actual variable model track the optimal theoretical model primely. The results of the simulation indicate that this method is feasible, and the impact to the system stability from parameters perturbation and external disturbance could be overcome by this control system. © (2013) Trans Tech Publications, Switzerland. Source

Gu Y.,Changan University | Lu P.,Changan University | Shan Z.,Xuzhou Heavy Machinery Co.
Qiche Gongcheng/Automotive Engineering | Year: 2014

Firstly the research status quo of the design and modeling of vehicle leaf springs are reviewed. Then the advantages, disadvantages and applicability of four types of leaf spring model, i. e. equivalent coil spring model, beam element model, ANSYS model and SAE 3-link model are systematically analyzed with their degree of complexity, simulation speed and parameterization compared. Finally, with an 8×4 heavy truck as example, vehicle models with four different leaf spring models are built respectively to conduct ride comfort and handling stability simulations and their results are compared with real vehicle tests. The results show that among four leaf spring models, SAE 3-link model has best overall performance. ©, 2014, SAE-China. All right reserved. Source

Yu H.-Y.,Henan Mechanical and Electrical Engineering College | Zhou H.-L.,Henan Mechanical and Electrical Engineering College | Sun Y.-X.,Xuzhou Heavy Machinery Co.
Zhuzao/Foundry | Year: 2013

The common problems in the tundish-cover spheroidizing process for the ductile iron, such as the difficulties of loading and unloading the ladle cover, the splash of molten iron in spheroidization, the difficulties of fixing the iron amount, and the bad tightness of the ladle cover were summarized, and the solutions were put forward. The practice results show that adopting optimization design of spheroidization device and technology in the tundish-cover spheroidizing process, production stability is better, operation is more convenient, and its adaptability is better. Source

Gu Y.,Changan University | Lu P.,Changan University | Shan Z.,Xuzhou Heavy Machinery Co. | Cao L.,Changan University
Nongye Jixie Xuebao/Transactions of the Chinese Society for Agricultural Machinery | Year: 2014

Projection-to-plane model of the Steering linkage has low accuracy. Multi-body dynamics model is inconvenient to use complex optimization algorithm. To deal with these difficult problems, a spatial structural nonlinear modeling of the steering linkage in an 8×4 type heavy duty truck was developed using the rotation vector method of the spatial RSSR four-rod mechanism. The steering-wheel angle was the model input, and the steering wheel deflection was the model output. The steering linkage was broken up into six spatial RSSR four-rod mechanisms according to the angular displacement transfer path. Through establishing each RSSR mechanism model and then integrating them, the angle relationship between the steering-wheel and steering wheels was acquired. The simulation and test results showed that the Ackerman deflection errors of the right steering wheels of the first and second steering axles reduced 50% and 28.6% respectively in the spatial model comparing with the projection-to-plane model. The results also showed that the maximal deflection error of the spatial model in all the steering wheels was 1.8° relative to the test results, while the error of the projection-to-plane model was 3.9°. In the whole steering-wheel angle, the spatial model had high accuracy. The spatial model described the mathematical relationship of each moving component in the steering linkage distinctly. The model may provide theoretical foundation for analyzing the moving interaction between the suspension and steering linkage and the optimal design of the steering linkage. Source

Chen J.,Jilin University | Liu X.,Jilin University | Zhang C.,Jilin University | Dong Q.,Xuzhou Heavy Machinery Co. | Zhao F.,Jilin University
Proceedings - 3rd International Conference on Measuring Technology and Mechatronics Automation, ICMTMA 2011 | Year: 2011

This paper models and studies the dynamic characteristics of slewing system of 80T truck crane. Analyzing the composition and working principle of the hydraulic system, and building the model of slewing system based on AMESim, then testing the model. And the simulation analysis results indicate the factors which affect the dynamic characteristics of the system and propose the measures to improve them. The results show that adopting the bypass circuit makes the shock pressure reduced 18 percent when the system operates; besides, changing the system's control strategy and installing one-way throttle enhance the stability of braking obviously. Source

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