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Xinzhou, China

Xinzhou Teachers University is a university in Shanxi, China under the authority of the provincial government. Wikipedia.

Li H.Q.,Xinzhou Teachers University
Asian Journal of Chemistry | Year: 2014

The interaction of Alizarin red and bovine serum albumin has been investigated by fluorescence spectroscopy. A 1:1 complex were found to form and the distance between the Trp-212 residues of bovine serum albumin and Alizarin red binding site was calculated to be 1.82 nm. The interaction force between Alizarin red and bovine serum albumin was suggested to be mainly van der Waals force and hydrogen bond through the calculated thermodynamic parameters of the reaction. Also ion strength effects, titration experiment of bovine serum albumin to Alizarin red were used to determine the force. Autodock research further proved the interaction mode. These experimental and theoretical data are of potential importance in understanding the mechanism of interaction between Alizarin red and bovine serum albumin. Source

Zhao S.,Shanxi University | Zhao S.,Xinzhou Teachers University | Wang X.,Shanxi University | Zhang L.,Shanxi University
RSC Advances | Year: 2013

An efficient and reusable protic-ionic-liquid solvent-catalyst system, HMTA-AcOH-H2O, has been developed and used in the Knoevenagel condensation reaction of aromatic aldehydes with ethyl 2-cyanoacetate. Under ultrasonic irradiation, the Knoevenagel condensation promoted by the protic-ionic-liquid solvent-catalyst system proceeds smoothly and cleanly. Moreover, the HMTA-AcOH-H2O solvent-catalyst system could be recycled for at least 6 times and no significant loss of activity was observed. This protocol has notable advantages, such as being eco-friendly, the ease of the work-up and reuse of the ionic liquid conveniently, which could help reduce disposal costs and contribute to the development of new catalysts for use in green and continuous chemical processes. © The Royal Society of Chemistry 2013. Source

Zhang H.-W.,Xinzhou Teachers University | Xue H.-B.,Taiyuan University of Technology | Nie Y.-H.,Shanxi University
AIP Advances | Year: 2013

The full counting statistics of electron transport through a quantum dot (QD) doped with a single magnetic impurity weakly coupled to one ferromagnetic (F) and one normal-metal lead (N) is studied based on an efficient particle-number-resolved master equation. We demonstrate that the current noise properties depend sensitively on whether the source-electrode is the ferromagnetic lead and the type of exchange coupling between the conduction electron and magnetic impurity spin. For the F-QD-N system, namely, the ferromagnetic lead as source electrode and the normal-metal lead as drain one, the super-Poissonian noise in the anti-ferromagnetic coupling case can appear; whereas for the ferromagnetic coupling case the super-Poissonian noise does not appear. As for the N-QD-F system, the super-Poissonian noise in the ferromagnetic coupling case can appear in a relatively large bias voltage range; while for the anti-ferromagnetic coupling case, the super-Poissonian noise appears only in a relatively small bias voltage range. These super-Poissonian noise characteristics can be used to reveal the type of exchange coupling between the conduction electron and magnetic impurity spin, and can be qualitatively attributed to the spin-blockade mechanism and the effective competition between fast and slow transport channels. © 2013 © 2013 Author(s). Source

Zhang X.,Xinzhou Teachers University | Shan G.,University of Lethbridge | Shan G.,Shaanxi Normal University
Scandinavian Journal of Medicine and Science in Sports | Year: 2014

One of the challenging skills in golfing is the driver swing. There have been a large number of studies characterizing golf swings, yielding insightful instructions on how to swing well. As a result, achieving a sub-18 handicap is no longer the top problem for golfers. Instead, players are now most troubled by a lack of consistency during swing execution. The goal of this study was to determine how to consistently execute good golf swings. Using 3D motion capture and full-body biomechanical modeling, 22 experienced golfers were analysed. For characterizing both successful and failed swings, 19 selected parameters (13 angles, 4 time parameters, and 2 distances) were used. The results showed that 14 parameters are highly sensitive and/or prone to motor control variations. These parameters sensitized five distinct areas of swing to variation: (a) ball positioning, (b) transverse club angle, (c) transition, (d) wrist control, and (e) posture migration between takeaway and impact. Suggestions were provided for how to address these five distinct problem areas. We hope our findings on how to achieve consistency in golf swings will benefit all levels of golf pedagogy and help maintain/develop interests to involve more golf/physical activity for a healthy lifestyle. © 2013 John Wiley & Sons A/S. Published by John Wiley & Sons Ltd. Source

Bai M.,Xinzhou Teachers University
Future Communication, Information and Computer Science - Proceedings of the International Conference on Future Communication, Information and Computer Science, FCICS 2014 | Year: 2015

International trade has become more frequent with economic globalization, but trade barriers and frictions have occasionally occurred. The work analyzed the influences of trade barriers on the current international economic situation. Based on the causes of international trade barriers, the influences were discussed in two aspects – tariff barrier and non-tariff barrier. It’s hoped to help the development of import and export trade in Chinese enterprises. © 2015 Taylor & Francis Group, London. Source

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