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Xi'an, China

Chen X.,Xijing University
Lin chuang er bi yan hou tou jing wai ke za zhi = Journal of clinical otorhinolaryngology, head, and neck surgery | Year: 2013

To investigate the injury of button battery to nose and discuss its management. Thirteen cases with button battery in nose were reviewed. After the removal of button battery, nasal cavity irrigations were carried out carefully by nasal endoscopy in all cases. Gelfoam full of erythromycin eye ointment was used to cover the injured mucous membrane. Among all the cases, 10 got full recovery without any complication. There are 2 cases of synechia nasal and 1 case of septum perforation. Removal as soon as possible, careful cleaning and systemic drug are necessary. Nose bleed, septum perforation, adhesion and rhinostenosis should be noticed.

Zhu J.Y.,Xijing University
Zhonghua gan zang bing za zhi = Zhonghua ganzangbing zazhi = Chinese journal of hepatology | Year: 2011

To observe the efficacy of ursodeoxycholic acid (UDCA) combined with glucocorticoids in the treatment of autoimmune hepatitis-primary biliary cirrhosis (AIH-PBC) overlap syndrome. 19 patients with AIH-PBC overlap syndrome were divided randomly into two groups: initiate combined group and initiate UDCA-monotherapy group. Biochemical responses and pathological features before and after treatment were analyzed retrospectively with student's t test, Wilcoxon rank sum test and Fisher's exact method. In the initiate combination group, biochemical responses in terms of AIH features (ALT decline to normal, IgG is less than or equal to 16 g/L) and PBC features (ALP decline ≥ 40% or to normal) were achieved. In UDCA-monotherapy group, no statistical difference existed in biochemical responses before adding glucocorticoids, whereas the levels of ALT, AST, GLB and IgG decreased significantly when combined with glucocorticoids. No statistical difference of rates of biochemical responses eixted between the two groups, whereas variance could be seen in different pathological stages. Alleviation of inflammatory infiltration after therapy appeared in 3 patients. Combination therapy of UDCA with glucocorticoids could be suitable for AIH-PBC overlap syndrome. Early treatment is of benefit for achieving better biochemical response and pathological improvement.

Wei Z.,Wuhan University | Wang Z.,Xijing University
Kybernetika | Year: 2013

By introducing a feedback control to a proposed Sprott E system, an extremely complex chaotic attractor with only one stable equilibrium is derived. The system evolves into periodic and chaotic behaviors by detailed numerical as well as theoretical analysis. Analysis results show that chaos also can be generated via a period-doubling bifurcation when the system has one and only one stable equilibrium. Based on Lyapunov stability theory, the adaptive control law and the parameter update law are derived to achieve modified function projective synchronized between the extended Sprott E system and original Sprott E system. Numerical simulations are presented to demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed adaptive controllers.

Zhang Y.,Xijing University | Zhang Y.,Southwest Jiaotong University
Journal of Modern Transportation | Year: 2012

The aerodynamic drag on a train running in an evacuated tube varies with tube air pressure, train speed and shape, as well as blockage ratio. This paper uses numerical simulations to study the effects of different factors on the aerodynamic drag of a train running at subsonic speed in an evacuated tube. Firstly, we present the assumption of a steady state, two dimensional, incompressible viscous flow with lubricity wall conditions. Subsequently, based on the Navier-Stokes equation and the k-ε turbulent models, we calculate the aerodynamic drag imposed on the column train with a 3-meter diameter running under different pressure and blockage ratio conditions in an evacuated tube transportation (ETT) system. The simulation is performed with FLUENT 6.3 software package. An analyses of the simulation results suggest that the blockage ratio for ETT should be in the range of 0.25-0.7, and the tube internal diameter in the range of 2-4 m, with the feasible vacuum pressure in the range of 1-10000 Pa for the future subsonic ETT trains. © 2012 JMT. All rights reserved.

Xi Y.-N.,2nd Hospital of Yulin | Xin X.-Y.,Xijing University | Ye H.-M.,2nd Hospital of Yulin
Asian Pacific Journal of Tropical Medicine | Year: 2014

Objective: To analyze effects of high mobility group AT-hook 2 (HMGA2) on malignant degree, invasion, metastasis, proliferation and cellular morphology of ovarian cancer cells. Methods: Three methods were applied to observe the effect on HMGA2 expression in ovarian cancer cells and ovarian epithelial cells. Results: After the application of siRNA-HMGA2, number of T29A2-cell clones was decreased, there was significant difference compared with the negative control Block-iT. After application of let-7c, number of T29A2+ cell clones was decreased significantly, however, after the application of Anti-let-7, the number of clones restored, and there was no significant difference compared with the negative control group. After interference, the number of T29A2- cells which passed through Matrigel polycarbonate membrane were significantly lower than the negative control group. After the treatment of siRNA-HMGA2, let-7c and sh-HMGA2 respectively, growth and proliferation of T29A2-, T29A2+ and SKOV3 were slower, and the phenomenon was most obvious in SKOV3. Stable interference of HMGA2 induced mesenchymal-epithelial changes in the morphology of SKOV3-sh-HMGA2. Conclusions: HMGA2 can promote malignant transformation of ovarian cancer cells, enhance cell invasion and metastasis, and promote cell growth and proliferation of ovarian cancer cells, which can cause ovarian cancer to progress rapidly and affect the quality of life. © 2014 Hainan Medical College.

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