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This paper researches a new photoelectric detection method to weaken or eliminate the influence of the muzzle’s flame or light in photoelectric detection target. According to the work principle of photoelectric detection targetin muzzle, paper researches the output signal characteristics of muzzle’s flame or light, analyzes the differences between flying projectile’sinformation and muzzle’s flame or light, proposes double array photoelectric detector that was divide into master detection area and slave detection area to design detection screen, set up the design model of anti-muzzle’s flame or light disturbance by the relation for flame or light signal, projectile’s information and circuit noise signal, and study the algorithm of projectile information recognition and time extraction when projectile passing through the detection screen. Through experiment and analysis, the results show the new design method of photoelectric detection target can weaken muzzle’s flame or light disturbance and recognize projectile’s information. © 2014, National Institute of Optoelectronics. All right reserved. Source

Xi'an University of Technology | Date: 2012-02-06

A macro-micro actuated distended guide rail precision rotation apparatus, having a housing of a torque motor and a bearing housing, both fixedly arranged on an upper surface of a base, and a bearing sleeved on the bearing housing. The inner ring of the bearing sleevingly connected to an intermediate rotating body connected to a bearing inner ring cap. A grating is provided at a lower end of the bearing inner ring cap. A connecting piece is arranged on the upper surface of the housing of the torque motor. The lower end of the connecting piece is fixedly connected to a rotary shaft of the torque motor. The connecting piece and the intermediate rotating body are both connected to the lower end of a fine movement mechanism fixedly connected to a rotary worktable. The rotation apparatus allows for highly precise macro-and-micro linked control, and for rotation control of great rotation range.

A serially-connected ball screw pair and piezoelectric actuator macro-micro driving and guiding device includes, from the bottom to the top, a sliding seat (

The present invention discloses a device for detecting axis coplanarity of orthogonal rotary shafts having a built-in intersection, wherein a front assembly rotary body is coaxially connected on a front assembly housing, the front assembly rotary body and a rear assembly housing are fixedly connected with each other, the rear assembly rotary body is mounted in the rear assembly housing, a first three dimension movement fine tuning mechanism is mounted at an end of the rear assembly rotary body, the first three dimension movement fine tuning mechanism is connected with a standard sphere through a connecting rod, the three dimension movement fine tuning mechanisms are provided in the horizontal direction of the standard sphere and below the standard sphere in vertical direction, and two non-contact displacement sensors are mounted on said two three dimension movement fine tuning mechanisms respectively. The present invention also discloses a precision measurement method for measuring axis coplanarity of the orthogonal rotary shafts having a built-in intersection by using the above device, having a feature of high measurement precision, which is adaptive to coplanarity detections for the cantilever-type orthogonal shafts having a built-in intersection and the clamp-type orthogonal shafts having a built-in intersection.

Disclosed is a processing center multi-axis joint deflection loading apparatus comprising a load-receiving test piece and a load-exerting component. The load-exerting component is constituted by a steel ball, a cap, a ball socket, a bent board, a force sensor, a connection component A, and a connection component B. The connection component A is fixedly connected to a blade handle of the processing center; the blade handle is pulled tight within a bored hole on a main axle; and the connection component A is connected to a main housing via the connection component B. In a method using the apparatus for an inspection of static stiffness distribution, by means of a multi-axle joint movement, moving the load-exerting component and the load-receiving test piece to a preset loading position, allowing the normal at a load-receiving point on a load-receiving face of the load-receiving piece to be aligned with the axis of the ball socket; with the amount of shift measured by position-shift sensors fitted on the main axle, the main axle housing, and a working platform, and the amount of simulated load measured by the force sensor of the loaded-exerting component, deriving a stiffness measurement of the load-exertion position under a simulated load; changing the load-exertion position by means of a multi-axle joint movement, repeating in sequence the previous steps, thus deriving a stiffness distribution under the simulated load.

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