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Yan P.,Xian International University
RISTI - Revista Iberica de Sistemas e Tecnologias de Informacao | Year: 2016

physical education teaching in colleges and universities is to teach students of institutions of higher learning sports skills of important process. Over the years, the teaching reform steps never stop, the traditional sports teaching mode has gradually cannot adapt to the development of The Times, the introduction of modern science and technology teaching is imperative. Using multi-agent systems solve the problem of practical application, have the very strong coordination and reliability, and have higher efficiency of problem solving. Based on the multi-agent technology to build a suitable computer network platform to assist in the sports teaching, is to improve the teaching efficiency, cultivating students' lifelong sports awareness of the important way, establish the platform computer network auxiliary teaching is more conducive to a more comprehensive quality-oriented education, improve the teaching quality, cultivate the students' lifelong sports consciousness.

Lei N.,Xian International University
Chemical Engineering Transactions | Year: 2015

Under the background of the globalization, the competition among the enterprises becomes more and more fierce. And the speed of the product circulation is faster than before. Under this background, if the company forecasts the product demand more accurate, the company can plan the product planning according to the demand. The companies can improve the competitiveness. In this paper, we apply the chaotic forecasting theory to forecast the product demand. Aiming at the defect of the traditional c-c method, we combine the Elam neural network model and put forward a new forecasting method. The method is ICCELMAN. We apply this method to forecast the product demand. Finally, the numerical analysis results show that the method can forecast the trended fluctuation for the actual demand accurately. The method has good forecasting accuracy. Copyright © 2015, AIDIC Servizi S.r.l.

Zhang P.,Xian International University
Journal of Convergence Information Technology | Year: 2012

With the rapid development of economy in and out of China, environments our companies are faced with become more and more complicated and internationalized. In the face of the complicated and dynamic market environment, adapting market changes rapidly and constantly through the constant marketing capability has become an important problem that many companies achieve sustainable development. Based traditional marketing theory and marketing capability theory, and combined with analysis on competitive condition between many companies in China, this paper educes model of sustainable marketing capability, and discusses structure of the model and meaning of every element. In this paper, we investigate the multiple attribute group decision making (MAGDM) problems for for evaluating the enterprise's marketing ability with 2-tuple linguistic Information. Then, a model based on the 2-tuple weighted geometric (TWG) operators to evaluate the enterprise's marketing ability is presented. In this model, alternative appraisal values are calculated by the aggregation of 2- tuple linguistic information. Thus, the ranking of alternative or selection of the most desirable alternatives is obtained by the comparison of 2-tuple linguistic information. Finally, an illustrative example for evaluating the enterprise's marketing ability is given to verify the developed approach and to demonstrate its practicality and effectiveness.

Tongke F.,Xian International University
Research Journal of Applied Sciences, Engineering and Technology | Year: 2013

Based on features of distance education and its disadvantages in terms of learning evaluation, this study uses Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) and fuzzy mathematics theory to study distance education. First, an electric file is generated for each learner. Then a practical multi-hierarchy evaluation model is built based on AHP. Finally, evaluation of on-line education is done based on information collected by the model with fuzzy comprehensive evaluation method of fuzzy mathematics. It helps to evaluate students' learning more quickly, accurately and scientifically. © Maxwell Scientific Organization, 2013.

Feng-Quan L.I.,Xian International University
International Journal of Security and its Applications | Year: 2015

With the rapid development of computer technology and information technology, information has been a new asset of the enterprise and played more and more important role. How to protect information security is the problem that all companies need to solve together. In this paper, we propose a novel method to evaluate the enterprise's information security management under intuitionisitc fuzzy environment. The intuitionistic fuzzy set which considers not only membership and non-membership, but also hesitancy can express the decision maker's preferences more precise. The extended TOPSIS approach with correlation coefficient instead of distance measure is introduced in the procedure of decision making. Finally, the application and comparison analysis are demonstrated to verify validity and reliability of the method. © 2015 SERSC.

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