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Xiao J.,Xian Aeronautical University
Chemical Engineering Transactions | Year: 2016

Dangerous chemical storage warehouse is one of the important links in the production safety of chemical enterprises. It stores a lot of raw materials, intermediates, finished products, etc., which leading to dangerous chemical warehouse is the most dangerous place, besides most of the chemical raw materials are flammable, explosive, toxic or high voltage storage. Therefore, it is very important to monitor the state parameters of the raw materials and the surrounding environment of the warehouse. This paper mainly designs the embedded remote monitoring system for liquid ammonia reservoir area. The design adopts ARM processor and Linux system as the core, combined with automatic positioning technology, modern sensing technology, to real-time monitoring the chemical parameters such asstorage pressure, storage level, ammonia concentration, temperature and others of liquid ammonia reservoir. The research results are of great practical significance for the establishment of the remote monitoring system and the dangerous alarm mechanism in the scattered dangerous chemical reservoir area. Copyright © 2016, AIDIC Servizi S.r.l.

Wang X.-Y.,Xian Aeronautical University
Journal of Computational and Theoretical Nanoscience | Year: 2016

This paper analysed the working principle of hydraulic jumbolter, the electronic loads outside of breakstone, stress distribution status, physical process of brokering rocks, established finite element model of hydraulic impact rotating the jumbolter crashing rock-soil system based on LS-DYNA. Analysed the effect of brokering rocks when drill moving forward, providing theoretical basis for impact characteristics research. Copyright © 2016 American Scientific Publishers All rights reserved.

Wang C.-H.,Xian Aeronautical University | Wang C.-H.,Xi'an University of Technology | Li W.-Q.,Xi'an University of Technology | Zhang H.-B.,Xi'an University of Science and Technology
Tien Tzu Hsueh Pao/Acta Electronica Sinica | Year: 2014

To clarify secondary electron (SE) yield and current characteristics of dielectrics due to low-energy electron beam irradiation, we propose an electron scattering, trapping, transport and self-consistent numerical model by combining the Monte Carlo method and the finite difference method. By establishing an improved SE detection platform, we measure the emission SE current of dielectric samples. Results show that, comparing with the impulse electron beam irradiation, the SE yield will decrease evidently under the continuous electron beam irradiation. With irradiation, the SE current and yield reduce to a stable value gradually. Moreover, the SE yield varies slightly with electron beam current, but increases with the increase in the sample thickness. The results provide the theoretical guidance to improve the imaging quality and suppress the charging effect in modern scanning electron microscopy and a new thought for the parameter measurement of dielectrics according to SE characteristics.

Liu Z.-Z.,Northwestern Polytechnical University | Liu Z.-Z.,Xian Aeronautical University | Wang F.-B.,Northwestern Polytechnical University
Guangxue Jingmi Gongcheng/Optics and Precision Engineering | Year: 2014

The application of Compressed Sensing (CS) theory to multiple target localization in Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) was explored. A CS reconstruction method based on Discrete Glowworm Swarm Optimization (DGSO) algorithm was proposed and the algorithm processing was designed. Different from the traditional reconstruction method, the DGSO algorithm is independent on the sparse K and can accurately reconstruct the original signal. The improved CS was applied to the multiple target localization in WSNs, and the WSNs application model was established. Then, a reasonable measuring matrix and a sparse matrix were constructed, and the relationship between measuring matrix and reconstructed results was analyzed. Finally, the multiple target localization was achieved in WSNs. The simulation results show that this method has better effect in the sparse signal reconstruction and multi target locating precision, and its location precision is better than those of Greedy Matching Pursuit (GMP), Orthogonal Matching Pursuit(OMP) and mum Likelihood Estimation (MLE). Moreover, it reduces the network communication data amounts, extends the lifetime of WSNs. The number of sensor nodes for localization of WSNs is reduced by 20%, and the anti-noise can reach to 20 dB.

Wang X.-Y.,Xian Aeronautical University
International Journal of Control and Automation | Year: 2016

This paper found the deficiency of classical Z-N method in optimization of PID parameters, proposed the intelligent optimization algorithm of PID parameters. The stimulation and experiment showed that the PID parameters getting from this algorithm are efficient, accurate and speedy. This paper used algorithm for hydraulic control system of jumbolter. The stimulation and experiment showed that when peak oil pressure of relief chamber is changed, optimum algorithm will find suitable and based on MAX power requirement to change displacement of relief surface, which lead to changing displacement of impact piston, at the same time, it will change the impact power and frequency of impactor, and realize impactor auto change working parameters based on the different situation under suitable parameters and MAX power working condition. The experiments show that it has a certain reference value for other control objects and control process. © 2016 SERSC.

Yue T.M.,Hong Kong Polytechnic University | Xie H.,Hong Kong Polytechnic University | Xie H.,Xian Aeronautical University | Lin X.,Northwestern Polytechnical University | And 2 more authors.
Entropy | Year: 2013

An AlCoCrCuFeNi high-entropy alloy (HEA) coating was fabricated on a pure magnesium substrate using a two-step method, involving plasma spray processing and laser re-melting. After laser re-melting, the microporosity present in the as-sprayed coating was eliminated, and a dense surface layer was obtained. The microstructure of the laser-remelted layer exhibits an epitaxial growth of columnar dendrites, which originate from the crystals of the spray coating. The presence of a continuous epitaxial growth of columnar HEA dendrites in the laser re-melted layer was analyzed based on the critical stability condition of a planar interface. The solidification of a columnar dendrite structure of the HEA alloy in the laser-remelted layer was analyzed based on the Kurz-Giovanola-Trivedi model and Hunt's criterion, with modifications for a multi-component alloy. © 2013 by the authors.

Wang C.,Xian Aeronautical University
Guti Dianzixue Yanjiu Yu Jinzhan/Research and Progress of Solid State Electronics | Year: 2015

The charging characteristics of the dielectric sample under electron beam irradiation were studied by applying the numerical model incorporating electron scattering, transport, trapping process and self-consistent field. The electron yield was measured with an experimental platform. Results show that, the space charge is distributed positively within the scattering region, but negatively outside the region due to electron drift and diffusion. With irradiation, the surface potential decreases to a stable value, and the electron total yield increases and approaches to unity, and therefore the transient process tends to equilibrium. The surface potential decreases with the increase of the electron beam energy, and decreases weakly with the increase of the beam current. For the sample with the irregular surface, the surface potential increases with the increase of the tilt angle. ©, 2015, NUAA Printing House. All right reserved.

Wei Z.,Xian Aeronautical University
International Journal of Simulation: Systems, Science and Technology | Year: 2015

This article studies on the safety assistant decision system of boiler in thermal power plant based on B/S architecture. The boiler safety is much more challenged by its super large-capacity, high-parameter and high-performance heat-resistant materials. Meantime, this paper suggested that boiler safety technical research should conducted on a comprehensive experimental platform, by an optimizing work team, along a new direction of combining technology of gas-solid two-phase flow and combustion, gas-liquid two-phase flow and heat transfer as well as metal material. Further, safety research would promote the development of scientific administration and management. So, researching on the safety assistant decision system of boiler in thermal power plant based on B/S architecture has important significance to the development of boiler industry. © 2015, UK Simulation Society. All rights reserved.

Liu D.,Xian Aeronautical University
2012 IEEE International Conference on Mechatronics and Automation, ICMA 2012 | Year: 2012

In order to construct the members of the supply chain, make the same status in the superior position of priority degree, this paper use fuzzy syntheses to evaluate the members of Supply Chain; then, based on polychromatic sets theory, can descript the collaboration partnerships strength of supply chain network formally, and avoiding the pseudo fuzzy evaluation of optimal solutions; the supply chain by building cooperation between the members of the combination mathematical model to determine the genetic algorithm fitness function, to improve supply chain network construction global stability; Finally, using this improved genetic algorithm on whole supply chain network optimization. © 2012 IEEE.

Dang W.,Xian Aeronautical University | Shen S.,Thermal Power Research Institute
World Information on Earthquake Engineering | Year: 2016

It is well established that the use of lateral confinement can significantly enhance the strength and ductility of high-strength concrete (HSC), and reasonable selection of constitutive model of HSC has largely effect on nonlinear analysis of structure elements. This paper presents a study on the behavior and modeling of the stress-strain curves of confined HSC under triaxial compression by collecting 281 test results. The peak stress and corresponding peak strain model are established. To evaluate the accuracy of proposed model, the calculated results are compared with results from other existing model, such as Attard and Setunge model, Candappa model, Lu and Hsu model and Jiang and Teng model. Based on the stress-strain equation originally proposed by Popovics model, a constitutive model for both the actively confined normal and high strength concrete is also established. It is eventually found that the peak stress and peak strain model shows more accuracy than other existing models for actively confined HSC. The stress-strain curves predicted by the analysis-oriented constitutive model are in close agreement with the experimental curves, which provided theoretical basis for the nonlinear analysis of structure elements. © 2016, Science Press. All right reserved.

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