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Xenus Srl | Date: 2014-03-20

Astringents for cosmetic purposes; non-medicated skin balms; depilatory wax; cosmetic powder, namely, solid powder for compacts; moisturizing concentrates, namely, moisturizing creams; facial concealers for use around the eyes; cosmetics for bronzing the skin; cosmetics for the treatment of dry skin; cosmetics for use in the treatment of wrinkled skin; skin care cosmetics; cosmetics for dermatological purposes; cosmetic oils; lotions for cosmetic purposes; cosmetic kits comprise of lipstick, eye shadow, rouge; anti-wrinkle cream; skin cleansing cream; cold cream; moisturizing body cream; facial cream; lip cream; beauty masks; anti aging cream; cosmetic creams; day facial creams and night creams; exfoliating creams; skin moisturizing creams; creams for reducing cellulite; firming creams; toning creams for face; body and facial scrubs; body and facial skin toners. Fumigating sticks; medicated lip salves; emollient creams for medical use; medicated moisturising creams for skin care; medicated creams for the lips; medicinal creams for care and protection of the skin; medicated creams for the body and the face; medicated face scrubs; pharmaceutical preparations for skin care. Cosmetic skin care services for the body face; consultancy in relation to aesthetician services and beauty treatments; hygienic and beauty care for human beings; cosmetic electrolysis; massage; beauty salons; skin care salons; artificial suntanning services; medical services for treatment of the skin; sun tanning salon services; cosmetic skin care services and beauty treatments, namely, beauty salon services.

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