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Pearl River, NY, United States

The present invention provides a compound of formula I: wherein X

The invention provides an oil-in-water emulsion useful in the treatment of anorectal disorders comprising a local anesthetic, vasoconstrictor, glycerin and water, and method of preparation of the emulsion and a method for treating hemorrhoids using the composition of the invention.

Medical devices, and in particular implantable medical devices, may be coated with any number of biocompatible materials. Therapeutic drugs, agents or compounds may be mixed with the biocompatible materials and affixed to at least a portion of the medical device. These therapeutic drugs, agents or compounds may also further reduce a biological organisms reaction to the introduction of the medical device to the organism. In addition, these therapeutic drugs, agents and/or compounds may be utilized to promote healing, including the formation of blood clots. Also, the devices may be modified to promote endothelialization. Various materials and coating methodologies may be utilized to maintain the drugs, agents or compounds on the medical device until delivered and positioned. In addition, various polymer combinations may be utilized to control the elution rates of the therapeutic drugs, agents and/or compounds from the implantable medical devices.

Regent University and Wyeth | Date: 2012-02-02

The invention provides compositions containing hydroxyethyl starch and polypeptides, including therapeutic polypeptides such as interleukin-11, that provide for enhanced stability of the polypeptide following storage at room temperature or elevated temperatures.

Wyeth | Date: 2013-03-08

A portable moist heat delivery system comprising a water vapor generating portion comprising a water vapor source and a heat source; a water vapor-air regulating portion, said water vapor-air regulating portion comprising a water vapor-air mixing layer, and a water vapor-air distribution layer; said water vapor generating portion and said water vapor-air regulating portion being in fluid communication; and said water vapor-air regulating portion having a latent heat delivery surface disposed adjacent said water vapor-air regulating portion which delivers moist heat at a preselected temperature range wherein about 15% to about 95% of the moist heat is latent heat of condensation. Methods include delivering improved pain relief, blood flow, relaxation, and reduced cardiac workload.

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