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Ji Y.,Shanghai University | Mo C.,Shanghai University | Ma W.,Tongji University | Liao D.,Wuhan Planning and Design Institute
Mathematical Problems in Engineering | Year: 2016

Empirical data from Yokohama, Japan, showed that a macroscopic fundamental diagram (MFD) of urban traffic provides for different network regions a unimodal low-scatter relationship between network vehicle density and network space-mean flow. This provides new tools for network congestion control. Based on MFD, this paper proposed a feedback gating control policy which can be used to mitigate network congestion by adjusting signal timings of gating intersections. The objective of the feedback gating control model is to maximize the outflow and distribute the allowed inflows properly according to external demand and capacity of each gating intersection. An example network is used to test the performance of proposed feedback gating control model. Two types of background signalization types for the intersections within the test network, fixed-time and actuated control, are considered. The results of extensive simulation validate that the proposed feedback gating control model can get a Pareto improvement since the performance of both gating intersections and the whole network can be improved significantly especially under heavy demand situations. The inflows and outflows can be improved to a higher level, and the delay and queue length at all gating intersections are decreased dramatically. © 2016 YangBeibei Ji et al.

Zhao H.-J.,Wuhan Planning and Design Institute | Lu J.,Nanjing Southeast University
Beijing Ligong Daxue Xuebao/Transaction of Beijing Institute of Technology | Year: 2013

To improve traffic efficiency and safety of freeway main segment and the connected roads, a method on locating of suburban freeway off ramp-street terminal was proposed. Based on analysis of land use within off ramp area, connected roads, function and category of access streets and the intersections, a macroscopic terminal locating method was studied. The recommended microscopic terminal locating approach was established considering access window, access spacing, access connections between terminal and intersections based on investigations and reasonable calculation methods. The method proposed in the paper is simple and practical, which could be a reference for traffic safety improvement of the current off ramp-street terminal.

Qin Y.,Wuhan University of Technology | Bo D.,Wuhan Planning and Design Institute | Liang W.,Wuhan University of Technology
Advanced Materials Research | Year: 2012

In this paper, we use the analysis of the time, knowledge and logic attributes of the risk, furthermore, to define, recognize and classify it based on the identification of the risk of large design enterprise project. We also put forward the thought and basic methods of building hall structural system of complex project risks, using it to establish hall structure system of large design enterprise project risks and point out the support that the system will provide for the risk assessment and strategy choice. © (2012) Trans Tech Publications.

Qin Y.,Wuhan University of Technology | Bo D.,Wuhan Planning and Design Institute
Applied Mechanics and Materials | Year: 2012

According to the statistics and analysis of the situation that administrative decrees reference technical standard, this paper find that there are several conclusive interactive relations between these two terms. Paper simulate the inner mechanism of the relationship between technical standard and administrative decree in the way of system dynamics and identify the key factors which has great impact on the correlation, point that there are three associated states of "strong, weak, zero" between technical standard and administrative decree and give the way of how to define them. Finally it makes a conclusion in the paper that we should construct an appropriate correlation depending on their needs. © (2012) Trans Tech Publications.

Luo Q.,Wuhan University | Luo Q.,Wuhan Planning and Design Institute
Energy Education Science and Technology Part A: Energy Science and Research | Year: 2014

In the process of urbanization, the relationship between electricity consumption and economic growth may change over time. This paper is to examine the relationship between electricity consumption and economic growth under urbanization in China during 1980-2009. The gross fixed capital formation and the employment level are incorporated to build a multivariate analysis framework. The main contributions of this paper include: (1) Using Cointegration Test, there is a long-run equilibrium relationship among those variables, and electricity consumption and economic growth under urbanization have the internality of relations. (2) By Granger Causality Test, there is a distinct bidirectional causality between electricity consumption and economic growth in China. The results show that urbanization in China Granger-causes electricity consumption. The research thus recommends that policies towards the expansion of electricity infrastructure should be intensified in China in order to meet the increasing demand exerted by the country's strong economic growth and rapid urbanization. © Sila Science. All Rights Reserved.

Li R.,Wuhan University | Liu S.,Wuhan Planning and Design Institute
2012 2nd International Conference on Consumer Electronics, Communications and Networks, CECNet 2012 - Proceedings | Year: 2012

This paper is about the space development characteristics of Qingyang town under the background of urban-rural integration. Through the analysis of urbanization strategies and urban planning in Qingyang, its spacial development characteristics of transportation, township and industries are concluded. And the importance of Qingyang's urbanization strategies and urban planning is explained. © 2012 IEEE.

Luo Q.,Wuhan University | Luo Q.,Wuhan Planning and Design Institute | Zhan Q.,Wuhan University
Advanced Materials Research | Year: 2012

This paper discusses the theory and practice of low-carbon communities. The paper suggests that the following points should be considered when constructing a low-carbon community: (1) mixed-functions; (2) public transport; (3) carbon fixation through forestry; (4) green building design; (5) water recycling; (6) energy-saving building design and the use of renewable energy sources. © (2012) Trans Tech Publications, Switzerland.

Zhao H.-X.,CAS Nanjing Institute of Geography and Limnology | Wang M.,Wuhan Planning and Design Institute | Duan X.-J.,CAS Nanjing Institute of Geography and Limnology
Zhongguo Huanjing Kexue/China Environmental Science | Year: 2012

The Taihu Lake Basin, with its well-developed industry clusters, water-intensive networks, and strong water environmental sensitivity, was used as an example to support a rational explanation for the constraint of water environmental capacity on industrial clustering. From an environmental geography point of view, several factors, such as geomorphic conditions, connection conditions to outside water bodies, water quality needs, water channel conditions, and current water quality, were selected for evaluating and regionalizing water environmental capacity, using GIS spatial analysis. Then, the special optimization of agricultural and industrial clustering was adjusted, according to the balance between industrial clustering space and water environment carrying capacity. The results showed that water environmental capacity in the Taihu Lake Basin with spatial differences, gradually decreased from the northeast along the Yangtze River to southwest of Taihu lake, in contrast, the pollution caused by industrial clustering distributed along Taihu Lake, Gehu Lake, and Changdang Lake. Furthermore, agricultural clustering space focused on optimizing key protected areas of Taihu Lake, the shores of Gehu and Changdang lake, optimal adjusting second protected areas and southern regions of the Taihu Lake, general adjusting urban district of Changzhou, Wuxi and Suzhou City; Industrial clustering space focused on optimizing the downtown of Changzhou, Wuxi, and Suzhou, optimal adjusting key protected area and second protected areas of the Taihu Lake Basin, general adjusting industrial concentrated area in townships.

Wu S.,Wuhan Planning and Design Institute | Kang D.,Wuhan Planning and Design Institute
2011 International Conference on Electrical and Control Engineering, ICECE 2011 - Proceedings | Year: 2011

The reasons why the mixed flow of rain and sewage of Fruit Lake region in Wuhan has formed was discussed, including lagging behind of initial sewage system construction, the slow reconstruction of distribution of rain and sewage of residential pipes, the misconnect of rain and sewage pipes of municipal engineering construction and a loose management etc. Thus we have proposed a number of solutions including projects and non-engineering countermeasures in order to ensure that the distribution of rain and sewage can function fully and Fruit Lake can be protected well. © 2011 IEEE.

Xia W.,Wuhan planning and design institute
Applied Mechanics and Materials | Year: 2013

In recent years, many cities have been severely affected by heavy rains, leaving the cities in bad condition. The cause of waterlogging in Wuhan is analyzed, which includes the influence of the extreme weather, the lagging drainage standard, the imperfection of pipe network system, the high hardening rate of the ground, the excessive construction sites and the reducing of the lakes. Then the countermeasures are proposed, which are improving the drainage standard, controlling and utilizing the rainwater source, upgrading the city drainage system, changing the hard ground trend of the city, preserving the natural water and establishing GIS database of the city drainage. © (2013)Trans Tech Publications, Switzerland.

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