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Chen G.-J.,Hydrogeology and Geoengineering Investigation Institute of Hubei Province | Chen S.,Wuhan Architectural Design Institute
Diqiu Kexue - Zhongguo Dizhi Daxue Xuebao/Earth Science - Journal of China University of Geosciences | Year: 2010

To ensure the geological security for the development of urban planning of facility-sliding strata of Badong Formation in the Three Gorges reservoir area, we discuss the geological environment development and protection issues in abnormal slope areas by means of system analysis and analogy. Loess landslide in Badong City is a super complex deformable body formed by multi-stages, and systematic analysis indicates that under the condition of the operation of Three Gorges reservoir, the loess landslide is nearly in whole stability except the front which can be put to restrictive use.So part of relocation is necessary and appropriate. Generally speaking, the new site area and the loess landslide share similar geological environment, belonging to the slope geological environment of the Three Gorges reservoir area characterized by facility-sliding strata of Badong Formation and consequent slope structure. The development of a large number of influential landslides reveals a more vulnerable side of the geological environment, and as a result it can only be subject to restrictive use. Strengthening the construction of geological disaster prevention system and risk management can control the risk level of the planning and development in allowed geologically secure conditions.

Yan W.-H.,Chang'an University | Tai J.-Z.,Wuhan Architectural Design Institute
Gongcheng Lixue/Engineering Mechanics | Year: 2012

Numerical investigations of folding camping shell structure under steady wind fields have been conducted in this paper using the computational fluid dynamics code Fluent 6.3.The computational domain, the mesh size and turbulent flow model used in the numerical simulation were determined according to the wind tunnel test data. The surface pressure distribution of folding camping shell under different wind directions was obtained. The shape coefficient for the folding reticulated shell was calculated and compared with that obtained from the wind tunnel test, showing good agreement. It can be found from the results that the wind directions have significant influences on the wind load shape coefficient while the wind speed have little effect. The shape coefficient obtained in this study can provide reference for the design of this kind of structure.

Li L.,Huazhong University of Science and Technology | Chen Y.,Huazhong University of Science and Technology | Ye Z.,Wuhan Architectural Design Institute | Yin P.,China Power Engineering Consulting Group Corporation
Huazhong Keji Daxue Xuebao (Ziran Kexue Ban)/Journal of Huazhong University of Science and Technology (Natural Science Edition) | Year: 2010

The tests were designed and carried out to investigate the self-damping characteristic of conductor, the anti-vibration property of stockbridge dampers and wire dampers were investigated. Then some theoretical analysis results were compared with the test. The results indicate that the conductor tension has a great impact on its self-damping and the improvement calculation theory for conductor self-damping power is reliable; the installation position of the stockbridge damper influences its elimination vibration effect. Furthermore, it puts forward that the modal analysis of transmission line with stockbridge damper is necessary for the anti-vibration design. The results also show that the length of wire damper has an influence on its anti-vibration effect. These conclusions can provide references for the research and anti-vibration design of ultra-high voltage(UHV) transmission line engineering.

Xu K.,Wuhan University of Science and Technology | Lei X.,Wuhan University of Science and Technology | Meng Q.,CAS Wuhan Institute of Rock and Soil Mechanics | Zhou X.,Wuhan Architectural Design Institute
Yanshilixue Yu Gongcheng Xuebao/Chinese Journal of Rock Mechanics and Engineering | Year: 2012

For the limitation of the experimental technique, those formulas may not apply to the seepage field calculation of water and hydropower projects or other particular engineering applications. In view of the seepage analysis for hydropower engineering, the effective formula for β is obtained by means of numerical simulation tests based on the results of previous studies in theoretical and experimental analysis. The influence of the coefficient value on the nonlinear characteristics in seepage field is discussed. It is essentially a method to obtain a calculating formula of inertial coefficient which is suitable for those particular application fields by filtrating and summarizing the data of the previously reported experiments by using the numerical methods. The conclusions have significance in the engineering application and the theoretical study of non-Darcy seepage flow.

Nie P.,Wuhan University of Technology | Zhou J.,Wuhan University of Technology | Tong B.,Wuhan Architectural Design Institute | Zhang Q.,Hunan University | Zhang G.,Hunan University
Procedia Engineering | Year: 2015

Indoor environment affects human's health directly. In residential buildings, natural ventilation can be applied as an effective way of ventilation. Different window-opening behavior results in different indoor environment. Five window-opening behavior of a common residential building in Changsha were compared and analyzed by using Airpak. Energy consumption of building with different orientation was calculated by DesignBuilder according to the Changsha typical meteorological data. A new evaluation index was proposed to compare the design schemes with consideration of the performance of natural ventilation and the building energy consumption. The optimal scheme combination of the building orientation and the opening's position was obtained by the index. © 2015 The Authors. Published by Elsevier Ltd.

Liu H.-Y.,PLA Air Force Aviation University | Wang Y.-Y.,Wuhan Architectural Design Institute
Proceedings - 2nd IEEE International Conference on Advanced Computer Control, ICACC 2010 | Year: 2010

This paper puts forward a adaptive inverse saleh function predistorter based on direct learning architecture according to the feature of saleh model to compensate for the nonlinearity of Power Amplifiers (PA). In this paper, we focus directly on a particular PA model and building a corresponding predistorter, After approximating the nonlinear static part by the four parameters function, Memoryless inverse saleh function model are adopted according to the saleh model. its parameters are estimated by using the intelligent algorithm. The identification technique of the predistortion is easy. It is proved to be correct through Matlab simulation. © 2010 IEEE.

Song W.-W.,Wuhan University | Liang S.-G.,Wuhan University | Zou L.-H.,Wuhan University | Wen S.-Q.,Wuhan Architectural Design Institute
Zhendong yu Chongji/Journal of Vibration and Shock | Year: 2014

Wind tunnel tests of surface pressure scanning with a rigid model and vibration measurement with a stick-like aero-elastic model for a 100-meter-high monument with diamond-shaped cross-section were conducted, and then its frequency domain wind load model was established based on the pressure measurement data and the wind-induced response of the structure was calculated with the method of random vibration theory. Meanwhile, the aerodynamic damping ratio were identified by applying the random decrement technique (RDT). When the aerodynamic damping ratios were considered in the structural complex frequency response function, the calculation results of the wind-induced dynamic responses agreed well with the aero-elastic model test ones. Due to the difference between the structural actual modal shape and the linear modal shape of the stick-like aero-elastic model, modal shape correction factors were adopted to modify the aero-elastic model test results, and then the actual structural responses were acquired. The analysis results showed that the frequency domain response analysis method of a actual high-rise structure with a wind load model established using the surface pressure scanning test of a rigid model, combined with an aerodynamic damping identification using the aero-elastic model vibration measurement test, can be used to accurately assess the wind-induced aero-elastic responses of high-rise structures with low frequency small damping under strong wind actions.

Yang H.,Chongqing University | Chen J.-K.,Chongqing University | Chen Y.-S.,Wuhan Architectural Design Institute
Sichuan Daxue Xuebao (Gongcheng Kexue Ban)/Journal of Sichuan University (Engineering Science Edition) | Year: 2012

Based on the regular and symmetrical reinforced concrete typical spatial frame, 8 kinds of infill walls arrangements were selected out for comparison including plane and/or vertical irregular configuration. Based on the OpenSees framework, flexibility method based fiber model was adopted to simulate the nonlinear responses of columns under biaxial bending and varying axial forces, and equivalent model with diagonal compression strut was adopted to simulate the infill walls. Nonlinear responses analyses of the each spatial frame under rare earthquake excitations were carried out. The results showed that reasonable arrangements of infill walls could effectively decrease seismic responses of spatial frames. Vertical irregular configuration of infill walls will significantly increase the seismic response of frames, and story side-sway mechanism always develops at the floor that infill walls were lessened or abolished. Plane irregular configuration of infill walls occurring similarly at every floor could decreases the seismic responses of frame to a certain extent, but plastic deformations will concentrate on some local plane locations where the infill walls were abolished. Plane and vertical irregular configuration of infill walls will also result in the plastic deformations concentrating on specific floor, the effects of concentration of plastic deformations caused by vertical irregular configuration will remarkably surpass the adverse effect of nonlinear seismic responses due to plane irregular configuration of infill walls.

Tong M.,Wuhan University | Tong M.,Wuhan Architectural Design Institute
Applied Mechanics and Materials | Year: 2012

Connection joint with penetrated diaphragm, which is better for the stressing state of the welding connection, is a new type joint for the beam and column connection. Static test and pseudo-static test are put to 17 crossing joints. The stress distribution of the steel beam and the penetrated diaphragm are discussed. The experiment shows that the penetrated diaphragm transfer most tension force of the steel beam's upper flange to the core region of the joint, which could effectively decrease the stress and strain gradient within the connection area of the steel beam's upper flange and steel tube column. As the result, the shear force of the core region is decreased. The front weld is avoided being surfing great tension. The ductility of the joint and the energy dissipation capacity of the structure are then increased. The type and the size of the penetrated diaphragm show great affection to the stress distribution of steel beam and penetrated diaphragm. The study achievement enriches the joint connection type of the composite structure with concrete-filled steel tube. © (2012) Trans Tech Publications.

Sun S.,Chang'an University | Zhao J.,Chang'an University | Wei X.,Chang'an University | Xiao H.,Wuhan Architectural Design Institute
Advanced Materials Research | Year: 2011

The ultimate load-bearing capacities of axially-loaded steel tube composite column filled with steel reinforced concrete under three-dimensional stress based on the unified strength theory are analyzed in this paper. The influence of thickness-length ratio and scale effect are considered by introducing the reduction factor of equivalent constraints and concrete strength reduction factor, respectively. The nonlinear three-dimensional finite element analysis of the steel tube composite column filled with steel reinforced concrete is performed by the finite element software ANSYS. The numerical and the analytical results are compared with experimental results and good agreement can be observed. A series of numerical simulation technologies is studied and described in detail, such as selecting element type, defining material model of steel and concrete, establishing global finite element model with discrete reinforced bars elements, applying loads to the specimens, and setting solution controls option. The results indicate that ANSYS finite element software may well simulate the behavior of the steel tube composite column filled with steel reinforced concrete under axial compression through reasonably selecting parameters. © (2011) Trans Tech Publications.

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