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Burbank, CA, United States

World Energy | Date: 2013-10-22

A wind turbine blade system having a main blade having a root and a tip, and at least one secondary blade secured to or formed integrally with the main blade about the tip, the at least one secondary blade being shaped and dimensioned to form, when the main blade is rotated, a shroud circumscribing a swept area of the main blade in order to improve the airflow past the main blade during operation of the wind turbine.

World Energy | Date: 2014-02-21

A control system for controlling the operation of a Downhole Steam Generator (DHSG) system includes a cascade control strategy for control of individual final control elements in communication with a local well master controller. The final control elements may control fuel, oxidant, feedwater, and/or carbon dioxide flow to the downhole steam generator. The local well master controller may monitor and adjust the flows to the DHSG to control the operating performance of the DHSG.

World Energy | Date: 2013-11-27

A system and method of measuring and controlling the operation of a downhole steam generator. The system may include surface and/or downhole control systems for sending and/or receiving control and measurement signals. The control systems may also communicate with and control surface and/or downhole equipment for supplying process fluids, gasses, and/or mixtures to the downhole steam generator. The control system may control operation of the downhole steam generator by storing, processing, and/or analyzing measured data corresponding to one or more downhole steam generator operations and/or one or more field, formation, reservoir, or other operating objective.

World Energy | Date: 2013-05-20

A blade for use in rotary machines such as a wind turbine blade has a plurality of dimples distributed over an area of a low pressure or suction surface of the blade which preferably extends from immediately adjacent to a leading edge of the blade at least partially towards a rear or trailing edge of the blade.

World Energy | Date: 2013-05-07

A wind turbine system having a street light having an upright support or post on which is mounted a canopy housing any suitable lighting gear, and a wind turbine mounted above the canopy and operable to generate electrical energy with which to power the light, the canopy being adapted to augment the flow of air through the wind turbine.

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