Wanju, South Korea
Wanju, South Korea

Woosuk University is a university located in Wanju-gun, North Jeolla, South Korea. Wikipedia.

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Bae J.,Korea Institute for Advanced Study | Hwang W.-Y.,Chonnam National University | Han Y.-D.,Woosuk University
Physical Review Letters | Year: 2011

We provide a general framework of utilizing the no-signaling principle in derivation of the guessing probability in the minimum-error quantum state discrimination. We show that, remarkably, the guessing probability can be determined by the no-signaling principle. This is shown by proving that, in the semidefinite programing for the discrimination, the optimality condition corresponds to the constraint that quantum theory cannot be used for a superluminal communication. Finally, a general bound to the guessing probability is presented in a closed form. © 2011 American Physical Society.

Oh D.Y.,University of California at San Diego | Morinaga H.,University of California at San Diego | Talukdar S.,University of California at San Diego | Bae E.J.,Woosuk University | Olefsky J.M.,University of California at San Diego
Diabetes | Year: 2012

Macrophage-mediated inflammation is a key component of insulin resistance; however, the initial events of monocyte migration to become tissue macrophages remain poorly understood. We report a new method to quantitate in vivo macrophage tracking (i.e., blood monocytes from donor mice) labeled ex vivo with fluorescent PKH26 dye and injected into recipient mice. Labeled monocytes appear as adipose, liver, and splenic macrophages, peaking in 1-2 days. When CCR2 KO monocytes are injected into wild-type (WT) recipients, or WT monocytes given to MCP-1 KO recipients, adipose tissue macrophage (ATM) accumulation is reduced by ∼40%, whereas hepatic macrophage content is decreased by ∼80%. Using WT donor cells, ATM accumulation is several-fold greater in obese recipient mice compared with lean mice, regardless of the source of donor monocytes. After their appearance in adipose tissue, ATMs progressively polarize from the M2- to the M1-like state in obesity. In summary, the CCR2/MCP-1 system is a contributory factor to monocyte migration into adipose tissue and is the dominant signal controlling the appearance of recruited macrophages in the liver. Monocytes from obese mice are not programmed to become inflammatory ATMs but rather the increased proinflammatory ATM accumulation in obesity is in response to tissue signals. © 2012 by the American Diabetes Association.

Liquid chromatography-time-of-flight mass spectrometry (LC-TOF/MS) was established for the simultaneous separation, identification, and quantification of gingerol-related compounds in ginger products. The established method has been shown to provide a satisfactory linearity (r > 0.999) in a wide range (5-5000 ng/mL), low limits of detection and quantification, high precision, and inter- and intraday repeatability. The detection sensitivity of gingerols and shogaols by TOF/MS was 70-100 times higher than conventional UV detection at 288 nm. In this study, 19 ginerol-related compounds in the samples were identified and quantified by the established LC-TOF/MS method. The dried ginger powder products contained the highest quantity of gingerol-related compounds (7126.3-13789.0 μg/g), followed by fresh ginger products (2007.9-2790.0 μg/g), powdered ginger tea products (77.29-81.75 μg/g), and hot water ginger extracts (54.59-123.23 μg/mL). Shogaols were not found in fresh gingers. This paper represents the first report on the LC-TOF/MS analysis for the simultaneous characterization and quantification of gingerol-related compounds in ginger products. © 2012 American Chemical Society.

Lee Y.,Woosuk University | Bae E.J.,Woosuk University
Archives of Pharmacal Research | Year: 2013

Adipocytes are the key player in adipose tissue inflammation and subsequent systemic insulin resistance and its development involves complex process of proliferation and differentiation of preadipocytes. Fistein, a polyphenol flavonoid, is known to exert anti-inflammatory, anti-carcinogenic and anti-diabetic effects. In this study, we aimed to investigate the effect of fisetin on adipocyte proliferation and differentiation in 3T3-L1 preadipocyte cell line and its mechanism of action. We found that fisetin inhibits adipocyte differentiation in a concentration dependent manner, which were evidenced by Oil Red O staining and the protein expression of mature adipocyte marker genes fatty acid synthase and peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor γ. Moreover, the proliferation of preadipocytes was also markedly suppressed by treatment of fisetin for 24 and 48 h in the differentiation medium. We also found that fisetin inhibition of adipocyte differentiation was largely due to the effect on mitotic clonal expansion. Fisetin suppression of preadipocyte proliferation at early stage of differentiation was accompanied by the changes of expression of a series of cell cycle regulatory proteins. Altogether, our results suggest that the inhibition of adipocyte differentiation by fisetin may be at least in part mediated by cell cycle arrest during adipogenesis. © 2013 The Pharmaceutical Society of Korea.

Goo J.,Woosuk University
Fire Safety Journal | Year: 2012

Smoke affects fire detection and visibility as well as the number of fire victims through inhalation. The size distributions of smoke particles are prerequisites for understanding the characteristics of fire smoke. The purpose of this work is to find the characteristics for the development of the size distribution of smoke particles in a compartment fire. In this work, the dynamic equation for the discrete-size spectrum of particles was solved using the nodal method. The collision frequency function for the entire regime, reflecting the fractal dimension of the particles, was applied. The results were presented for each variation of the parameters such as the history of the heat release rate, smoke yield, and the size of primary particles. © 2011 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

Effects of green tea catechin (GTC, catechin content 61. 4%) on the formations of hydroperoxide, malonaldehyde, and volatile compounds, and losses of retinol and tocopherol in milk during light illumination were studied. GTC showed surprisingly high protective activity of milk photooxidation, in a dose dependent manner. GTC at 25 ppm exerted 82. 1 and 75. 0% inhibitions of hydroperoxide and malonaldehyde formation during 30 h light illumination, respectively. GTC at 25 ppm exerted 88. 7 and 94. 3% inhibition of hexanal and heptanal formation in milk during 30 h light illumination, respectively. The 25 ppm GTC greatly suppressed the losses of retinol and α-tocopherol, showing 53. 6 and 58. 7% protections of their losses in milk after 12 h light illumination, respectively. The protective activity of GTC was at least 4 times higher than ascorbic acid. The inhibitory activities of GTC and ascorbic acid against the photooxidation of milk were in consistent with their singlet oxygen quenching abilities. © 2011 The Korean Society of Food Science and Technology and Springer Netherlands.

Hwang J.K.,Woosuk University
IEEE Transactions on Power Delivery | Year: 2014

An electric power system is monitored and controlled on the basis of its phasor information, such as amplitude, phase angle, and frequency. This phasor can be measured through discrete Fourier transform (DFT) coefficients of its positive nominal frequency. Then, the frequency estimate can be calculated from time variation of the measured phasor angle. The accuracy of the phasor-angle measurement and the frequency estimation are severely affected by noise in the power system signal and the leakage of the negative fundamental frequency in DFT. This paper proposes a DFT-based phasor-angle measurement algorithm to cope with both the noise effect and the leakage effect. In addition, a frequency estimation algorithm is developed to use the same technique in the phasor-angle measurement algorithm. These algorithms introduce two digital filters for the reduction of the noise effect. The effectiveness of the proposed algorithm in the noise effect reduction is verified through simulations. © 1986-2012 IEEE.

Park J.-J.,Joongbu University | Lee J.-Y.,Woosuk University
IEEE Transactions on Dielectrics and Electrical Insulation | Year: 2010

A new electric application method was developed to prepare epoxy/organoclay nanocomposite for the electrical insulation in the ac electric fields and it could be also used in the field of various viscous polymer/organoclay systems. The applied ac electric field condition was as follows; (1) inter-electrode distance: 40 mm, (2) application voltage: 3-11 kV, (3) frequency: 60-1,000 Hz, and (4) application time: 0-60 min. To characterize the epoxy/clay nanocomposite, WAXS and TEM analyses were performed. In order to explain how the organic modifier affects the exfoliation phenomena, a mechanism of the oscillating collision of the quaternary ammonium head was proposed and the effects of the ac voltage and frequency and the organoclay content were studied. © 2010 IEEE.

Kwon M.H.,Woosuk University
Transactions on Electrical and Electronic Materials | Year: 2012

I studied the stability of organic photovoltaic cells in terms of P3HT:PCBM-71 blend ratio as a function of storage time. I obtained the best cell performance by optimizing the blend ratio of electron donor and electron acceptor within the active layer. In this study, I found that the more the P3HT:PCBM ratio increases within the active layer, the more the cell efficiency decreases as the storage time increases. As a result, the best optimized blend ratio was the 1:0.6 ratio of P3HT:PCBM-71, and cell efficiency of the device with the 1:0.6 blend ratio was 4.49%. The device with the best cell efficiency showed good stability. © 2012 KIEEME. All rights reserved.

Ruby Co. and Woosuk University | Date: 2013-09-13

The present invention relates to a golf navigation terminal and a golf navigation device using the same. One of the things people always care about when playing golf is scorekeeping. The present invention automatically calculates a score so that a golf player can concentrate on his or her play. When the golf player plays a game, while wearing the golf navigation terminal of the present invention on the waist, the golf navigation terminal automatically detects how the player is doing and sends this to the golf navigation device, and the golf navigation device then calculates the players score. Afterwards, the score is wirelessly communicated to the golf navigation terminal. The score is fixed after the players confirmation or correction. According to the present invention, the player may view his or her score from time to time, either through a display on the golf navigation terminal or on the golf navigation device.

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