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Taipei, Taiwan

Wistron Corporation is a major original design manufacturer in Taiwan. It was the manufacturing arm of Acer Inc., which was spun off in 2000.Wistron employs over 60,000 people worldwide. As an ODM Wistron designs and manufactures products for other companies to sell under their own brand name. Wistron focuses on ICT products, including notebook PCs, desktop PCs, servers, storage, LCD TVs, and handheld devices. Wistron provides a variety of technology services within the design, manufacturing, and after-sales service functions tailored to meet customers' specific requirements.In July 2011, Wistron and Microsoft entered into an agreement that offered coverage under Microsoft's exclusive rights portfolio for Wistron products including tablets, mobile phones and other devices running the Chrome OS or Android platform. In September 2011, Wistron signed a patent licensing agreement with Intellectual Ventures. Wikipedia.

A measurement device with electroencephalography (EEG) and electrocardiography (ECG) functionalities includes a shell and a turning structure. The shell includes a first contact and a second contact located at a first side of the shell; and a third contact. The turning structure, disposed on the shell, is utilized for adjusting the third contact to be located at the first side when the measurement device is in an EEG mode, and adjusting the third contact to be located at a second side of the shell when the measurement device is in an ECG mode, wherein the second side is substantially opposite to the first side.

Wistron Corporation | Date: 2015-07-21

A positionable lift stand includes a support structure defining a first positioning hole, a sliding member slidably engaged with the support structure and defines a second positioning hole, an elastic member, and a fixing member. The elastic member is connected between the support structure and the sliding member, while provides a restoring force enabling the sliding member to move against the support structure. The fixing member passes through the first positioning hole of the support structure and the second positioning hole of the sliding member. By utilizing the fixing member and various positioning holes associated with the lift stand, the lift stand can be fixedly held to occupy the least amount of space for packaging or storing purpose. Such attribute is achieved by using fewer parts and processing steps, which means fewer parts need to be manufactured, more cost savings, and less assembling time.

Wistron Corporation | Date: 2015-02-04

A Pushlet IM method for pushing a message from a first client device to a second client device includes the steps of: providing a Java-based web service; receiving a message from the first client device, the message including information of a recipient entity; verifying identity of a sender entity who intends to send the message to the recipient entity using the first client device; and creating a thread according to the information of the recipient entity for pushing the message to the second client device that is associated with the recipient entity.

A locking mechanism selectively suitable for security locks with different design includes a first locking component, a second locking component and a pivoting component. The first locking component includes a first body, a first stretching portion and a second stretching portion. A first locking hole is formed on the first body. A first piercing hole, a first constraining hole and a second constraining hole are formed on the first stretching portion. A second piercing hole and a slide slot are formed on the second stretching portion. The second locking component includes a second body whereon a second locking hole, a third piercing hole and a third constraining hole are formed. The pivoting component includes a shaft, a first block and a second block. The shaft pieces through the foresaid piercing holes. The first block and the second block are movably switched between the foresaid constraining holes and the slide slot.

Wistron Corporation | Date: 2015-04-30

A wireless communication device includes a metal frame, a mechanical part on which a ground is formed for providing grounding, and at least one antenna, wherein each one of the at least one antenna includes a radiator, a feed terminal electrically connected to the radiator, disposed adjacent to the metal frame and for feeding a radio-frequency signal, a first ground terminal disposed at a first side of the feed terminal for electrically connecting the metal frame with the ground of the mechanical part, and a second ground terminal disposed at a second side of the feed terminal for electrically connecting the metal frame with the ground of the mechanical part, wherein an area enclosed by the metal frame, the mechanical part and the first and second ground terminals forms a first slot.

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