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Bangalore, India

Wipro Limited is an Indian multinational IT Consulting and System Integration services company headquartered in Bangalore, India. As of December 2014, the company has 154,297 employees servicing over 900 large enterprise & Fortune 1000 corporations with a presence in 61 countries. On 31 March 2014, its market capitalisation was approximately 7px1.27 trillion , making it one of India's largest publicly traded company and seventh largest IT services firm globally.To focus on core IT Business, it demerged its non-IT businesses into a separate company named Wipro Enterprises Limited with effect from 31 March 2013. The demerged company offers consumer care, lighting, healthcare and infrastructure engineering and contributed to approx. 10% of the revenues of Wipro Limited in previous financial year. Recently Wipro has also identified Brazil, Canada & Australia as rapidly growing markets globally and has committed to strengthen the presence in the respective countries over the next 5 years. Wikipedia.

Wipro Technologies | Date: 2015-07-17

An adjustable shelving assembly includes at least two support rails, at least one geared rack provided in each of the at least two support rails, and an actuating mechanism placed adjacent to the at least one geared rack. The actuating mechanism is configured to support at least one shelf and facilitates movement of the at least one shelf along the at least two support rails. The actuating mechanism includes a pinion mating with the at least one geared rack, a plurality of permanent magnets mounted coaxially inside the pinion, ferromagnetic disks provided on either ends of the pinion, and a shaft placed axially in the pinion, connecting the permanent magnets. The permanent magnets magnetize or demagnetize the ferromagnetic disks when the shaft is rotated for locking or unlocking the at least one shelf.

Systems and methods for managing operations in a project management model are described herein. In one example, the method comprises receiving a project specification of a project, and generating a resource allocation model for fulfilling the project specification. The method further comprises identifying one or more processes associated with at least one of a project management model or a project delivery model that have efficiency or productivity indices less than a pre-defined threshold, and amending the identified processes based on at least one of lean techniques or six sigma techniques, wherein the amendment enhances the efficiency or productivity indices to equal or exceed the pre-defined threshold. Also, the method comprises modifying one or more portions of a workbench for at least one of the plurality of resource entities, based on the resource allocation model and the amended processes.

A system and method for port performance ranking in a multi-protocol switch includes monitoring one or more first parameters, the one or more first parameters associated with operating condition of one or more ports of the multi-protocol switch. Each of the one or more first parameters is compared with an associated predefined criterion to determine deviation from the associated predefined criterion. One or more eligible ports is determined from the one or more ports based on non-deviation of each of the one or more first parameters from the associated predefined criterion. For each of the one or more eligible ports, each of one or more second parameters is compared with an associated predefined threshold, the one or more second parameters associated with port traffic statistics. The one or more eligible ports are ranked based on the comparison between each of the second parameters and the associated predefined threshold.

Wipro Technologies | Date: 2014-03-07

A method, non-transitory computer readable medium and data optimizing computing device for optimizing data for transmission obtaining data set for transmission. One or more configuration rules associated with the obtained data set are obtained. The obtained data set is optimized based on the obtained one or more configuration rules for transmission. A client code and a server code associated with the optimized data set are generated. At least one of the generated client code is transmitted to a client computing device or the server code is transmitted to a server computing device.

Wipro Technologies | Date: 2014-03-05

This disclosure relates to methods and systems for determining user attributes. In one embodiment, a method performed by an electronic device for determining user attributes receiving a touch input is disclosed, the method comprising: determining one or more sets of touch parameters based on the touch input, each set associated with a user attribute; identifying, for each of the one or more sets of touch parameters, an associated set of stored touch parameters from among a plurality of stored touch parameters based on a predefined criterion of match between the set of touch parameters and the plurality of stored touch parameters; determining, for each of the one or more sets of touch parameters, the associated user attribute based on the associated set of stored touch parameters; and providing the determined user attribute associated with each of the one or more sets of touch parameters.

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