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Windesheim University of Applied science is a Dutch vocational university. It offers multiple studies at the bachelor's level. Windesheim is home to a total of ten different schools:School of Built Environment & TransportSchool of Business & EconomicsSchool of EducationSchool of Engineering & DesignSchool of Health CareSchool of Human Movement & SportsSchool of Information scienceSchool of Management & LawSchool of MediaSchool of Social WorkWindesheim has a partnership with the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam, resulting in Windesheim Honours College. Wikipedia.

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van der Veer L.,Windesheim University of Applied Sciences
European Food and Feed Law Review | Year: 2017

Since 13 December 2016 it is obligatory to state the nutritional value on food labels1, but consumers are more willing than ever to pay for ignorance.

Van Den Pol-Grevelink A.,Zilverschoon | Jukema J.S.,Windesheim University of Applied Sciences | Smits C.H.M.,Windesheim University of Applied Sciences
International Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry | Year: 2012

Objective The positive effects of person-centred care on older clients have been demonstrated. However, relatively little is known about the effect that giving person-centred care has on caregivers. This literature review examines the job satisfaction of caregivers who deliver person-centred care in nursing homes. Design The research questions are: Do the various forms of person-centred care affect job satisfaction differently? Which particular dimensions of job satisfaction have been evaluated in studies on person-centred care, and does their sensitivity to person-centred care differ? Using the search engines Pubmed, Cinahl, Psychinfo and Embase up to August 2010, 46 efficacy studies were found, seven of which satisfied our criteria. Results Emotion-oriented care, snoezelen, and small-scale care most often show positive effects on job satisfaction. Person-centred care has been shown to have positive effects on general job satisfaction, job demands at psychogeriatric wards, emotional exhaustion and personal accomplishment. Conclusions Taking into account the fair-to-moderate quality of the studies included, it is concluded that there are limited indications that person-centred care has a positive effect on a number of dimensions of caregivers' job satisfaction. Further study is required to expand and to support these tentative conclusions. Copyright © 2011 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.

Boschman F.,Windesheim University of Applied Sciences | McKenney S.,University of Twente | Voogt J.,University of Amsterdam
Computers and Education | Year: 2015

Research shows the bene fits of collaborative design activity by teachers are that in their conversations (design talk) they develop technological pedagogical content knowledge (TPACK). While more and more teachers engage in collaborative design, little is known about how they use TPACK during design. The main question of this study was: "What is the nature of design talk of a group of teachers during the design of technology-rich early literacy activities?" Using a holistic case study on design talk, the analysis focused on the topics that were under discussion and how these topics were discussed. Three phases of coding were applied: (a) how design represents any of the seven domains of TPACK knowledge (Pedagogical, Content, Technological, Technological Pedagogical, Technological Content, Pedagogical Content or Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge); (b), how design talk represented three aspects of reasoning (external priorities, practical concerns and existing orientations); and (c), and what levels of inquiry are reached (no-depth; sharing ideas; analyze; and plan). Findings indicate that design talk reflects moments in which teachers reach deeper levels of inquiry. Findings also indicate that TPACK was mostly linked to expressing practical concerns. However when engaging in deeper inquiry, teachers existing orientations featured more prominently in the conversations. External priorities hardly seemed to play any role in design talk. Also, when addressing TPACK or PCK, design talk mostly reflects practical concerns. Pedagogy was addressed not as a single knowledge domain, rather in conjunction with the other two domains. Practical implications are discussed regarding how to support teachers during collaborative design. © 2014 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

van der Maas L.C.C.,Windesheim University of Applied Sciences
Clinical Journal of Pain | Year: 2015

BACKGROUND:: The results of a recently performed RCT (1) showed that the effect of a multidisciplinary treatment of chronic pain patients on body awareness, catastrophizing and depression was improved by adding psychomotor therapy (PMT), an intervention targeting body awareness (BA). No significant effects were found on quality of life and disability. The present follow-up study aims to explore the relationship between improvements in BA and multidisciplinary chronic pain rehabilitation treatment outcome across treatment conditions and the possible mediating effect of BA between treatment conditions. Furthermore, the hypothesis that patients with low BA benefit more from PMT was investigated. METHODS:: 94 patients with chronic pain participated in a RCT comparing multidisciplinary treatment as usual (TAU) with TAU plus PMT. Outcome variables were health-related quality of life, disability and depression. Self-efficacy and catastrophizing were the process variables of treatment and the potential mediating factors in the relationship between BA and the outcome variables. The data were analysed by linear mixed model analysis. RESULTS:: Improvements in BA were related to improvements in all outcome variables across treatment conditions. The relationships were partly mediated by self-efficacy and/or catastrophizing. In the regression model with depression as the outcome variable the regression coefficient of treatment (i.e. PMT vs. TAU) decreased with 34% and became non-significant when BA was added as a potential mediator. Patients with low body awareness seemed to benefit more from PMT than patients with high body awareness, especially on depression, body awareness and catastrophizing. CONCLUSIONS:: BA might be an important target of treatment to improve the multidisciplinary treatment outcome in chronic pain patients. Furthermore, PMT is an intervention that appears to provide its benefits through improving BA and may be especially beneficial for patients with low BA. Copyright © 2015 Wolters Kluwer Health, Inc. All rights reserved.

de Jong E.,Windesheim University of Applied Sciences
International journal of obesity (2005) | Year: 2012

Sleep duration has been related to overweight in children, but determinants of sleep duration are unclear. The aims were to investigate the association between sleep duration and childhood overweight adjusted for family characteristics and unhealthy behaviours, to explore determinants of sleep duration and to determine with sleep competing activities. A cross-sectional study was carried out in 2006 among 4072 children aged 4-13 years in the city of Zwolle, The Netherlands. In these children, data were available on measured height, weight and waist circumference, and from a parental questionnaire, on socio-demographic characteristics, child's sleep duration, nutrition, physical activity and sedentary behaviour. Associations were studied in 2011 using logistic and linear regression analyses, adjusted for potential confounders. Short sleep duration was associated with overweight for 4-8-year-old boys (odds ratio (OR):3.10; 95% confidence interval (CI):1.15-8.40), 9-13-year-old boys (OR:4.96; 95% CI:1.35-18.16) and 9-13-year-old girls (OR:4.86; 95% CI:1.59-14.88). Among 4-8-year-old girls no statistically significant association was found. Determinants for short sleep duration were viewing television during a meal, permission to have candy without asking, not being active with their caregiver and a late bedtime. For all children, short sleep duration was strongly associated with more television viewing and computer use. Association between sleep duration and overweight is not explained by socio-demographic variables, drinking sugared drinks and eating snacks. Parents have a key role in stimulating optimal sleep duration. Improving parenting skills and knowledge to offer children more structure, and possibly with that, increase sleeping hours, may be promising in prevention of overweight.

Van Der Vegt W.,Windesheim University of Applied Sciences
Olympiads in Informatics | Year: 2013

In the Bebras contest questions are marked as easy, medium or hard. Sometimes contestants perform other than expected. Since pretesting is impossible, we want to find out what kind of tasks were misplaced and develop some guidelines for predicting the difficulty level. © 2013 Vilnius University.

van der Cingel M.,Windesheim University of Applied Sciences
Nurse Education Today | Year: 2014

This article discusses the impact of selected findings from a PhD-study that focuses on compassion as a guiding principle for contemporary nursing education and practice. The study, of which the literature review and empirical findings have already been published, looked at compassion as perceived within the relationship of nurses and older persons with a chronic disease. The patient group was chosen because daily life for them is characterized by long-term dependency on care. The literature review resulted in a theoretical framework of compassion that also explores other closely related concepts such as suffering and empathy. The empirical part of the study, in which 61 in-depth interviews and 6 group interviews with patients and nurses took place, showed that compassion is a mirroring process in response to grief. Compassion consists of seven dimensions such as attentiveness and presence, in which saliency, so as to anticipate patients' needs, is of major importance. Compassion is perceived by participants as an indispensable aspect of care, which helps to reveal relevant information in order to establish appropriate outcomes of care. This article focuses on the aspects of the PhD-study in which an analysis of compassion in the context of both modern as well as the history of nursing took place. Currently evidence based practice is regarded as the standard for good quality care. Nevertheless there is an on-going debate about what constitutes good quality care. Within this debate two opposing views are apparent. One view defines good care as care supported by the best scientific evidence. The other view states that good care takes place within the nurse-patient relationship in which the nurse performs professional care based on intuitive knowing. It is suggested that compassion is the (missing) link between these views. © 2014 Elsevier Ltd.

Van Der Vegt W.,Windesheim University of Applied Sciences
Olympiads in Informatics | Year: 2012

In the Dutch Olympiad in Informatics theoretical subtasks are used to tests some of the skills needed for algorithmic design. The results were somewhat discouraging. An analysis for future use of theoretical tasks is performed. © 2012 Vilnius University.

Heerink M.,Windesheim University of Applied Sciences
HRI 2011 - Proceedings of the 6th ACM/IEEE International Conference on Human-Robot Interaction | Year: 2011

It is generally recognized that non perceptual factors like age, gender, education and computer experience can have a moderating effect on how perception of a technology leads to acceptance of it. In our present research we are exploring the influence of these factors on the acceptance of assistive social robots by older adults. In this short paper we discuss the results of a user study in which a movie of an elderly person using a social assistive robot was shown to older adults. The analysis of the responses give a first indication on if and how these factors relate to the perceptual processes that lead to acceptance.

Prins H.,Windesheim University of Applied Sciences | Hasman A.,University of Amsterdam
Methods of Information in Medicine | Year: 2013

Objectives: We performed a systematic review to investigate the quality of diagnostic hospital discharge data (DHDD) in order to gain insight in the usefulness of these data for medical practice assessment. We investigated the methods used to evaluate data quality, factors that determine data quality and its consequences for medical practice assessment. Methods: We selected studies in which both completeness (or sensitivity: SENS) and correctness (or positive predictive value: PPV) were measured. We used the random-effects model to calculate mean SENS and PPV and to explore the effect of a number of covariates. Results: The 101 included studies were very heterogeneous. We distinguished six typical study designs. We found a mean SENS of 0.67 (95%CI: 0.62- 0.73) and PPV of 0.76 (95%CI: 0.73- 0.79); SENS was significantly lower for comorbidity and complication studies than for some single disease studies. PPV was significantly higher for Scandinavian countries than for other countries. Recoding compared to re-abstracting of the medical record as a gold standard gave a significantly lower PPV. Diagnostic data were considered appropriate by the authors of the studies for quality of care purposes when both SENS and PPV were at least 0.85. Only 13% of the studies fulfilled this criterion. Conclusions: Variability in quality of care between settings can easily be overshadowed by variability in data quality. However, the use of DHDD by physicians to evaluate their own medical practice may be useful. But only if physicians are willing to critically interpret the meaning of the information for their medical practice assessment. © Schattauer 2013.

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