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Taichung, Taiwan

Winbond Electronics Corporation is a Taiwan-based corporation founded in 1987 that produces semiconductors and several types of integrated circuits, most notably Dynamic RAM, Static RAM, microcontrollers, and personal computer ICs. Winbond is currently the largest brand name integrated circuit supplier in Taiwan, and one of the biggest suppliers of semiconductor solutions worldwide. Computer IC, Consumer Electronics IC and Logic Product Foundry of Winbond product lines have been spun off as Nuvoton Technology Corporation on July 1, 2008. Wikipedia.

Winbond Electronics | Date: 2015-09-15

A self-rectifying resistive random access memory (RRAM) cell structure is provided. The self-rectifying RRAM cell structure includes a first electrode. An insulator-metal-transition (IMT) material layer is disposed on the first electrode. A barrier layer is disposed on the IMT material layer. A second electrode is disposed on the barrier layer. The IMT material layer is separated from the second electrode by the barrier layer.

Winbond Electronics | Date: 2015-04-27

A flash memory device may operate from two supply voltages, one being provided externally, and the other being generated within the flash memory device from the external supply voltage. The flash memory device may be provided with a selectable-level buffer for interfacing with either low supply voltage or high supply voltage integrated circuits. To provide even greater flexibility, the flash memory device may be provided with the capability of receiving a second supply voltage from an external source, which may take precedence over the internally-generated second supply voltage or may be combined with the internally-generated second supply voltage.

Winbond Electronics | Date: 2015-02-11

A semiconductor memory device includes: a memory array; a data-maintaining component, maintaining data read from the memory array or maintaining data used for writing to the memory array; an external input/output terminal; an error correction component, coupling the data-maintaining component and performing error-detection or correcting the data input to the data-maintaining component or output data from the data-maintaining component; a compressing component, coupling between the external input/output terminal and the error correction component and compressing or extending data. The compressing component compresses data provided by the external input/output terminal, provides the compressed data to the error correction component, extends the data provided by the error correction component, and provides the extended data to the external input/output terminal.

Winbond Electronics | Date: 2015-02-26

Provided is a resistance memory device including a dielectric layer, a conductive layer, a bottom electrode, a top electrode and a variable resistance layer. The dielectric layer is disposed on a substrate and has a first opening constituted by a lower opening and an upper opening. The conductive layer fills up the lower opening. The bottom electrode is disposed on the bottom and on at least a portion of the sidewall of the upper opening. The top electrode is disposed in the upper opening. The variable resistance layer is disposed between the top electrode and the bottom electrode.

Winbond Electronics | Date: 2015-08-20

A resistive random access memory (RRAM) includes a top electrode (TE), a bottom electrode (BE), and a transition metal oxide (TMO) layer between the top and the bottom electrodes. The RRAM further includes a metal cap layer above the top electrode and a transparent metal oxide (TCO) layer between the metal cap layer and the top electrode.

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