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Taoyuan City, Taiwan

An improved structure of backside copper metallization for semiconductor devices and a fabrication method thereof, wherein the improved structure comprises sequentially from top to bottom an active layer, a substrate, a backside metal seed layer, a high-temperature sustaining buffer layer, a backside metal layer and at least one oxidation resistant layer, wherein the backside metal seed layer contains Pd and P, the high-temperature sustaining buffer layer is made of Ni, Ag or Ni alloys, and the backside metal layer is made of Cu. The semiconductor chip using the structure provided by the present invention can sustain high-temperature operations.

WIN Semiconductors Corporation | Date: 2015-03-31

The present invention relates to a compound semiconductor integrated circuit chip having a front and/or back surface metal layer used for electrical connection to an external circuit. The compound semiconductor integrated circuit chip (first chip) comprises a substrate, an electronic device layer, and a dielectric layer. A first metal layer is formed on the front side of the dielectric layer, and a third metal layer is formed on the back side of the substrate. The first and third metal layer are made essentially of Cu and used for the connection to other electronic circuits. A second chip may be mounted on the first chip with electrical connection made with the first or the third metal layer that extends over the electronic device in the first chip in the three-dimensional manner to make the electrical connection between the two chips having connection nodes away from each other.

WIN Semiconductors Corporation | Date: 2015-05-27

A compound semiconductor integrated circuit with three-dimensionally formed components, such as three-dimensionally formed bond pads or inductors, positioned above an electronic device. The dielectric layer inserted between the electronic device and the bond pads or inductors thereon has a thickness between 10 to 30 microns, so that it can effectively mitigate the effect of the structure on the device performance. A SiN protection layer can be disposed to cover the electronic devices to prevent contamination from the bond pad or inductor material to the electronic device, and therefore the lower cost copper can be used as the bond pad and inductor material. The three-dimensional bond pad can be used in wire bonding or bump bonding technology.

WIN Semiconductors Corporation | Date: 2014-07-17

A high breakdown voltage metal-insulator-metal capacitor for compound semiconductor integrated circuit comprises a substrate, an isolation layer, a first metal layer, a dielectric layer, an adhesion layer and a second metal layer. The dielectric layer is formed by alternately stacking plural HfO

WIN Semiconductors Corporation | Date: 2013-02-06

A structure and method for air cavity packaging, the structure comprises a carrier having plural die pads and leads, plural dies, plural wires, plural walls, and a lid. The dies are mounted on the die pads. The wires electrically connect the dies to the leads. The plural walls are disposed on the carrier and form plural cavities in a way that each cavity contains at least one die pad and plural leads, and each wall is provided with at least one air vent for exhausting air to the outside. The lid is attached on the plural walls via an adhesive agent to seal the plural air cavities, so that the plural connected air cavity packages are formed.

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