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News Article | May 21, 2017
Site: news.yahoo.com

A New Jersey father and son graduated college together on Friday – the first to do so in their family. The pair, Benjamin Jeanty, 27, and his dad, Duvinson Jeanty, 63, graduated from William Patterson University after a long journey for both of them. “It was really emotional. Just being with him and getting our education together, graduating with him was an indescribable feeling,” Benjamin told InsideEdition.com. Read: 3 Generations of Women in One Family Graduate Together: 'It's Actually Overwhelming' Benjamin first started attending Rutgers University in 2008 after graduating high school but stopped going and took on a full-time job. Benjamin’s father emigrated to the U.S. from Haiti in 1983 and hadn’t gotten a high school diploma. But he eventually made the decision to get his education and by 2007, he began taking classes to get his associate’s degree. “He was taking one class at a time because he was working a full-time job and taking care of my grandmother,” Benjamin said. In 2013, Duvinson graduated with his associate’s degree and retired, deciding to go back to school full time and get a bachelor’s degree. Benjamin said seeing his dad work hard to get his education eventually inspired him to go back to school himself. Read: Graduate Who Uses Wheelchair Walks Across Stage to Receive His Degree The father and son ended up going to the same school because it’s close to their home, Benjamin said. Benjamin studied psychology while his dad studied finance so they rarely ever saw each other on campus, but the experience still brought them closer. “He was my biggest cheerleader and inspiration. There were sometimes I’d come home from work or class late and I’d see him studying and it would encourage me,” Benjamin said. “Seeing him walk across the stage and get his diploma was indescribable.” Watch: Mom Beats Cancer Twice, Graduates From College At Same Time As Daughter

News Article | June 21, 2017
Site: www.prweb.com

Delia Associates, an award-winning business branding firm, announced the addition of Jamie Rosen as Director of Art & Design. In his role, Rosen will lead the development of digital, print, video, graphic and interactive experiences for the firm’s clients. “We’re delighted to welcome Jamie to the team,” commented Ed Delia, President of Delia Associates. “He brings a wonderful attitude, and has immediately proven himself as a thoughtful artist whose work is on brand and on point with our B2B clientele. Jamie has a deep understanding of brand fundamentals, which will help us carry out our mission to be the leading East Coast resource for brand development.” Jamie brings with him an impressive background and proven track record of creative achievement to Delia Associates. Throughout his 15-year career, he has worked with well-known clients such as AT&T, Colgate, PepsiCo, Levi’s, as well as a number of global B2B brands. During his time at React2Media and Marketing Dynamics, he held creative roles of increasing leadership and responsibility. Jamie has coordinated creative departments, directed national and global design and production teams, and participated in the launch of many successful integrated marketing campaigns throughout his career. He holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree (BFA) from William Patterson University. Upon joining Delia Associates, Rosen commented, “Creating great looking work is just one piece of the puzzle. Ensuring that a design captures a brand’s personality and intrigues audiences is equally, if not more, important. Delia Associates has a long-standing reputation for creating strong and successful brand strategies for clients representing a wide range of industries. I’m excited to join their team, and look forward to building upon their already excellent reputation as a leading business branding firm.” Outside of his professional career, Jamie enjoys exploring the great outdoors with his wife and two children. Founded in 1964 and based in New Jersey, Delia Associates is a second-generation lead business branding and marketing firm specializing in brand development, website development, content and search marketing. Clients range from global to regional business-to-business organizations in specialty manufacturing, packaging, technology, engineering, energy, pharmaceutical, and industrial services. The firm’s proprietary Brand Leadership Solution™, a unique brand-based marketing platform, has helped hundreds of brands establish market distinction, generate increased demand, and achieve rapid growth. For more information, please visit http://www.delianet.com.

Bouck E.C.,Michigan State University | Weng P.-L.,William Patterson University | Satsangi R.,George Mason University
Journal of Visual Impairment and Blindness | Year: 2016

Introduction: Digital textbooks are increasingly marketed and used, yet little research examines this medium. Within the limited research, even less investigates the role of digital textbooks in mathematics—a challenging content area for many students, but especially for students with visual impairments. Methods: Through a qualitative analysis, this study sought to understand the nature of the use of a digital algebra textbook to support secondary students with visual impairments in algebra. Results: The results suggest three main themes: (a) students’ dependence on their traditional textbook medium, (b) educators’ reactions to the technology, and (c) the benefits of using the digital textbook despite resistance. The three themes culminate in clear student preferences for traditional textbooks. Discussion: The general resistance to use of the technology warrants caution in terms of schools moving forward with the adoption of digital textbooks, and it suggests that additional examination of the topic is needed. Implications for practitioners: Practitioners can consider using digital textbooks, but they will need to ensure that they and their students are both properly motivated and adequately trained to use such technology. © 2016 AFB, All Rights Reserved.

Lopez E.M.,CONICET | Tagliaferro P.,CONICET | Onaivi E.S.,William Patterson University | Lopez-Costa J.J.,CONICET
Synapse | Year: 2011

Cannabinoid effects are mediated through two receptors, CB1 and CB2. In the retina CB1 has been reported in bipolar cells, gabaergic amacrine cells, horizontal cells, and inner plexiform layer. CB2 receptor mRNA localization was shown in photoreceptors, inner nuclear layer, and ganglion cell layer by using RT-PCR. The aim of this work was to localize CB2 receptor in the rat retina by using immunocytochemistry. Our results showed that CB2 receptor was localized in retinal pigmentary epithelium, inner photoreceptor segments, horizontal and amacrine cells, cells localized in ganglion cell layer, and in fibers of inner plexiform layer. These results are in agreement with studies using RT-PCR and provide some additional information about the distribution of CB2 receptor. Further studies are needed to clarify the role of this cannabinoid receptor in the retina. Synapse, 2010. © 2010 Wiley-Liss, Inc. Copyright © 2010 Wiley-Liss, Inc..

Reeves J.M.,University of Ballarat | Bostock H.C.,NIWA - National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research | Ayliffe L.K.,Australian National University | Barrows T.T.,University of Exeter | And 18 more authors.
Quaternary Science Reviews | Year: 2013

The tropics are the major source of heat and moisture for the Australasian region. Determining the tropics' response over time to changes in climate forcing mechanisms, such as summer insolation, and the effects of relative sea level on exposed continental shelves during the Last Glacial period, is an ongoing process of re-evaluation. We present a synthesis of climate proxy data from tropical Australasia spanning the last 30,000 years that incorporates deep sea core, coral, speleothem, pollen, charcoal and terrestrial sedimentary records.Today, seasonal variability is governed largely by the annual migration of the inter-tropical convergence zone (ITCZ), influencing this region most strongly during the austral summer. However, the position of the ITCZ has varied through time. Towards the end of Marine Isotope Stage (MIS) 3, conditions were far wetter throughout the region, becoming drier first in the south. Universally cooler land and sea-surface temperature (SST) were characteristic of the Last Glacial Maximum, with drier conditions than previously, although episodic wet periods are noted in the fluvial records of northern Australia. The deglacial period saw warming first in the Coral Sea and then the Indonesian seas, with a pause in this trend around the time of the Antarctic Cold Reversal (c. 14.5ka), coincident with the flooding of the Sunda Shelf. Wetter conditions occurred first in Indonesia around 17ka and northern Australia after 14ka. The early Holocene saw a peak in marine SST to the northwest and northeast of Australia. Modern vegetation was first established on Indonesia, then progressively south and eastward to NE Australia. Flores and the Atherton Tablelands show a dry period around 11.6ka, steadily becoming wetter through the early Holocene. The mid-late Holocene was punctuated by millennial-scale variability, associated with the El Niño-Southern Oscillation; this is evident in the marine, coral, speleothem and pollen records of the region. © 2012.

Barr R.,Georgetown University | Rovee-Collier C.,Rutgers University | Learmonth A.,William Patterson University
Memory and Cognition | Year: 2011

In two experiments with 6-month-old infants, we found that prior learning of an operant task (remembered for 2 weeks) mediated new learning of a modeling event (remembered for only 1 day) and increased its recall. Infants first learned to associate lever pressing with moving a toy train housed in a large box. One or 2 weeks later, three target actions were modeled on a hand puppet while the train box (a retrieval cue) was in view. Merely retrieving the train memory strengthened it, and simultaneously pairing its retrieved memory with the modeled actions potentiated their learning and recall. When paired 1 week later, deferred imitation increased from 1 day to 4 weeks; when paired 2 weeks later, it increased from 1 day to 6 weeks. The striking parallels between potentiated learning in infants and the prior knowledge effect in adults suggests that the prior knowledge effect originates in early infancy. © Psychonomic Society, Inc. 2010.

PubMed | University of Minnesota, William Patterson University, Spinal USA and Kessler Institute for Rehabilitation
Type: Journal Article | Journal: Obesity (Silver Spring, Md.) | Year: 2015

To determine visceral adipose tissue (VAT) volume (VATvol) by dual energy X-ray absorptiometry (DXA) in spinal cord injured (SCI) and able-bodied (AB) participants and to explore the relationships between VATvol and routine anthropometric measures.Sixty-three subjects with SCI and 126 healthy male AB controls were stratified as low risk [LR: waist circumference (WC)<102 cm] and moderate to high risk (MHR: WC102 cm) for identification of risk for cardiometabolic disease: AB-LR, SCI-LR, AB-MHR, and SCI-MHR. Anthropometrics and standard body composition measurements by DXA with analysis to derive VATvol were performed.Comparison of the four subgroups demonstrated the highest subcutaneous adipose tissue volume (SATvol) in the AB-MHR group (P<0.01), and the highest VATvol in the SCI-MHR group (P<0.01). Furthermore, when compared to the AB group, participants with SCI had a 27% increase in VATvol for every centimeter increase in WC and a 20% increase in VATvol for every unit increase in BMI.Because cutoff values for the routine surrogate measures of adiposity underestimate visceral adiposity in persons with SCI, the risk of adverse metabolic consequences would also be underestimated, which necessitates adjustment of the these cutoff values or, preferably, to perform its direct measurement.

PubMed | William Patterson University, Spinal USA, Kessler Institute for Rehabilitation and James ters Va Medical Center
Type: | Journal: Lipids in health and disease | Year: 2015

Persons with spinal cord injury (SCI) often have low levels of physical activity, which predispose to increased adiposity and decreased high density lipoprotein cholesterol (HDL-C) concentrations, and, generally, normal low density lipoprotein cholesterol (LDL-C) concentrations. In spite of the mixed lipoprotein profile, the SCI population has been reported to have an elevated risk of cardiovascular-related morbidity and mortality. Nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy may permit a more precise quantification of lipoprotein particle (P) species, enabling a more accurate inference of risk for cardiovascular disease (CVD) in the SCI population.Fasting blood samples were obtained on 83 persons with chronic SCI and 62 able-bodied (AB) subjects. Fasting plasma insulin (FPI), triglycerides (TG), and P number and size of VLDL (very low density lipoprotein), LDL, and HDL subclasses were determined. AB and SCI subjects were stratified based on HDL-C (i.e., Low <40 and Normal 40 mg/dl): AB-Normal (n = 48), AB-Low (n = 14), SCI-Normal (n = 49), and SCI-Low (n = 34). Factorial analyses of variance were performed to identify group differences in lipoprotein measurements. Pearson correlations were performed between the number of P by lipoprotein subclass, size, FPI, and TG.The SCI-Normal group was not significantly different from the AB-Normal group for body composition, FPI, TG or LP-IR and had negligible differences in the lipoprotein P profile, except for fewer number and smaller size of HDL-P. The SCI-Low group had a similar lipoprotein profile to that of the AB-Low group, but with a lipid P composition associated with a heightened atherogenic risk and greater tendency toward insulin resistance by the Lipoprotein-Insulin Resistance (LP-IR) score. In the SCI-Low group, the decreased number and reduced size of lipoprotein P were more prevalent and may be associated with increased waist circumference (i.e., abdominal adiposity), relatively elevated TG values (compared to the other subgroups), and an underlying subclinical state of insulin resistance.Prolonged sitting and restricted physical activity in individuals with SCI had the most profound effect on the HDL-C and its lipoprotein P subclasses, but not on LDL-C, however its P subclasses were also unfavorably affected but not to the same degree. The quantification of lipoprotein P characteristics may be a potent tool for the determination of risk for CVD in persons with SCI.

PubMed | William Patterson University, Duke University and Rutgers University
Type: Journal Article | Journal: Journal of traumatic stress | Year: 2015

An infrequently studied and potentially promising physiological marker for posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is pupil response. This study tested the hypothesis that pupil responses to threat would be significantly larger in trauma-exposed individuals with PTSD compared to those without PTSD. Eye-tracking technology was used to evaluate pupil response to threatening and neutral images. Recruited for participation were 40 trauma-exposed individuals; 40.0% (n = 16) met diagnostic criteria for PTSD. Individuals with PTSD showed significantly more pupil dilation to threat-relevant stimuli compared to the neutral elements (Cohens d = 0.76), and to trauma-exposed controls (Cohens d = 0.75). Pupil dilation significantly accounted for 12% of variability in PTSD after time elapsed since most recent trauma, cumulative violence exposure, and trait anxiety were statistically adjusted. The final logistic regression model was associated with 85% of variability in PTSD status and correctly classified 93.8% of individuals with PTSD and 95.8% of those without. Pupil reactivity showed promise as a physiological marker for PTSD.

PubMed | Kennesaw State University, William Patterson University and Emory University
Type: Journal Article | Journal: The Journal of school nursing : the official publication of the National Association of School Nurses | Year: 2015

Increasing exercise in children and adolescents through academic classes is an understudied area. Potential benefits include associated improvements in health, psychosocial, and quality-of-life factors. A sample of 98 students (M(age) = 14.3) from high school health education classes received six, 40-min lessons incorporating cognitive-behavioral methods to increase exercise over 6 weeks. Significant within-group improvements in exercise, mood, and body satisfaction were found, with slightly larger effect sizes identified for the boys. Increase in exercise was significantly associated with reduced mood distress ( = -.17, p < .001). For the girls only, change in body satisfaction significantly mediated that relationship, and a reciprocal relationship between changes in mood and body satisfaction was also identified. Incorporation of lessons emphasizing goal setting and self-regulation within high school health education classes may foster increased exercise and associated improvements in mood and body satisfaction. For girls, the positive effects may reinforce one another.

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