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Portland, OR, United States

WILD Inc and British Petroleum | Date: 2012-04-25

A system for supplying a chemical dispersant to a subsea hydrocarbon discharge site comprises a dispersant source and a dispersant pump configured to pump dispersant from the dispersant source. In addition, the system comprises a first flow line coupled to the pump. Further, the system comprises a subsea dispersant distribution system coupled to the first flow line. Still further, the system comprises a dispersant injection device coupled to the distribution system and configured to inject dispersant from the dispersant source into a subsea hydrocarbon stream.

WILD Inc and British Petroleum | Date: 2012-06-14

A subsea connection device for connecting to an existing subsea joint comprises a body having a central axis, a first end, a second end opposite the first end, and a throughbore extending axially from the first end to the second end. The first end comprises a connector configured to couple the body to a capping stack. In addition, the device comprises a seal element mounted in the throughbore at the second end of the body. Further, the device comprises a latching assembly disposed about the second end of the body. The latching assembly includes a base coupled to the body and a plurality of circumferentially spaced latching members pivotally coupled to the base.

Zimmerman B.L.,Conservation Fund | Kormos C.F.,WILD Inc
BioScience | Year: 2012

A convincing body of evidence shows that as it is presently codified, sustainable forest-management (SFM) logging implemented at an industrial scale guarantees commercial and biological depletion of high-value timber species within three harvests in all three major tropical forest regions. The minimum technical standards necessary for approaching ecological sustainability directly contravene the prospects for financial profitability. Therefore, industrial-scale SFM is likely to lead to the degradation and devaluation of primary tropical forests as surely as widespread conventional unmanaged logging does today. Recent studies also show that logging in the tropics, even using SFM techniques, releases significant carbon dioxide and that carbon stocks once stored in logged timber and slash takes decades to rebuild. These results beg for a reevaluation of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change proposals to apply a Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation subsidy for the widespread implementation of SFM logging in tropical forests. However, encouraging models of the successful sustainable management of tropical forests for timber and nontimber products exist at local-community scales. © 2012 by American Institute of Biological Sciences. All rights reserved. Source

WILD Inc | Date: 2012-12-14

A poker game involving cards dealt to individual players and community cards used by all players, in which bets can be placed on whether a wild card is dealt into the hand of an individual player or as a community card.

In a submersible camera housed within a spherical, transparent enclosure with instrumentation for driving the camera to different positions in photographing underwater activity, a cleaning arm is mounted on the external surface of the enclosure and is magnetically driven either by single or multiple drive magnets driven around an interior circular wall of the enclosure; and in the case of multiple drive magnets the cleaning arm has slave magnets in alignment with one or more drive magnets of opposite polarity to cause the cleaning arm to traverse the external surface of the enclosure at periodic intervals one or more cycles each time that the drive magnets are activated.

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